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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, July 18, 1912, Image 5

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PERSONAL AND SOCIAL NOTES j J r ., a t Cragsm o o r, n e a r Ellenville, N. (F rom Daily Union of Ju ly 11). Mrs. Jesse Dexheim er, who was op- j T ., have been received from Miss L a ­ erated upon fo r appendicitis a t th e vinia W h ittington, who is cam p ing D e e rpark S a n itarium abou£ two weeks w ith relatives and friends on the ago, has so f a r recovered as to be able m o u n tain at Cragsm o o r. to retu r n to h e r hom e in B eaver Mrs. Benj. Ryall, of Elizabeth B rook on Thursday. She was ac c o m - ' street, is a t Liberty, and will spend j)anied by h e r husband an d Mrs. E . ' som e tim e th e re w ith h e r sister. Mrs. D exheim er, of th e B alsam House. j Gerow. Mr. David Q. H am m o n d , of S p a r-! . row b u sh, is visiting relatives in W a - ainw right Holt, of 27 W est terbury. Conn. Main street, accom p anied by h e r The O rder of Owls contem p lates S randdaughter. Miss Jessie H o lt, of th e establishment of a nest in this Jervis, and Miss Gladys Holt, of city. M e ^ r s . George E. Allen a n d j ISi Utley, N. Y., have gone to Lib- C h arles N.' Brown. Special Organizers spend som e tim e a t th e hom e from the H o m e N e st of The O rder of j of h e r sister, Mrs. J. R. Gerow. Owls, arrived in th e city last night! Mrs. R o b e rt P. Allen, of Peekskill, and are quartered a t B a u e r’s Inn, is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. W illis M un- w h e re they will rem a in for som e tim e, nich, a t th e ir hom e on M ary street. T h e pelicy of The O rder of Owls is^ M rs. Allen is a sister of Mrs. M un- to w o rk in harm o n y w ith all o ther ■ nich. organizations, w ith “good will tow a rd all and- m alice tow a rd none.’’ ^ The condition of E rie Conductor Ira B. Cole, form e rly of P o r t Jervis, w h o has been ill a t his hom e in E l ­ m ira, is m u c h im p roved. Miss M ay Lord, who has been de­ tained a t h e r hom e on P ike street w ith a severe attack of rheum a tism , is again able to be out of doors. Mrs. Jo h n C h am b ers, of W e s t Main street, visited in New Y o rk City fo r a few days w ith h e r daughter. Mrs.j nephew, Hon. and Mrs. W illiam Stiles H o race H e ctor. On h e r re tu r n hom e; B ennet, a t th e ir sum m e r cottage she was accom p a n ied by h e r little Glen Ridge, N. J. g randdaughter, P a u line H e ctor, w h o Mrs. Mi^s H a rriet Baldwin, of Roselle, *N. J., and a form e r resident of P o r t Jervis, is visiting relatives here for a few days. Mrs. A lexander Stites, of Brooklyn, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. C. E. Cuddeback and other relatives in town, w e n t to M iddletown today for a short visit w ith h e r brother, Dr. Theodore Mills. Mrs. Irving Elston returned hom e today afte r a visit w ith h e r niece and will visit h e r g randparents fo r sever- , al weeks. Miss Alice Lundelius Is spending ; the summer with her mother, Mrs. A. Lundelius, a t th e ir hom e on Sussex j street. Fowler, of E a s t Main en, of Bethel, N. Y., are visiting t h e ir ; will determ ine if th e 29,000 locomo- niece and nephew, Mr. an d Mrs. tive engineers of E a s tern railroads Chas. Wood, of E a s t Main street. are entitled to an increase in wages. Mrs. Jos. \Wiingett of Newton, N. Mr. K e lly is th e chairm a n of th e J., h a s been visiting h e r cousin, Mrs. grievance com m ittee of the englM ers C h arles Wood, of E a s t Main street, j of the E rie railroad and has had a M essrs. P. D u n n igan, A. H. Pick- | -^vdde experience in labor affairs, ens, C. Newm an, L. H a rretty, Jr., Miss Lillian Fowler, of Newburgh, John M iller, C h arles H a h n , W illiam ' Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. F rederick D. Gibbs, E d w a rd R u ttenber, P. H a rri- ^ F o w ler a t th e ir residence on F e rg u ­ son, J. Judge, W. Sheehan and Q. Fo- | son avenue. She is a sister of Mr. garty, all N e w b u rgh Elks, a u t o ^ ' to ^ F o w ler. this city on Sunday, dined a t th e Ho- ' Dr. J. J. Mills is m a k ing his friends tel M itchell and w e re guests a t th e ' envious carrying a larg Japanese um - E lk s ’ Hom e on P ike street. The party . b rella as a protection from the sum - was chaperoned by Asa (Long Divi- m e r sun. The sunshade was pur- sion) Bell. j chased in Jap a n by a cousin of the Mrs. Irving Young, of U lster Place, | Doctor, returned hom e Saturday evening, af- | Miss A n n a W a lthers, a native of ter a delightful visit w ith Mr. and Copenhagen, D e n m a rk, who has been' Mrs. Jam e s S. B radley, a t th e ir hom e , v isiting Miss C h a rlotte N e a rpass at in Ridgewood, N, J. Mrs. B radley is the hom e of h e r parents. M ayor and the younger daughter of Mrs. Y o u n g Mrs. W, H. N e arpass, on C atherine and is rem e m b e red by h e r m any street, on Sunday, returned to h e r friends in P o r t Jervis as Miss Leila hom e in New York City. Miss W a lth- Young, th e accom p lished pianist. ‘ ers has been in A u stralia, A frica and F ran k Cox, forem a n of the job m o st of th e countries of Europe, F o r' printing d e p a rtm e n t of the Ttim e s- th e p a s t th ree years she has been in th e U n ited States, and traveled ex­ tensively th r o u g h o u t the states and Canada. A n n o u n c em ents have been received in this city of the m a rriage of Miss Adeliza Andrus, of H a rtw ick, N. Y., to Mr. W illiam Schoonm aker, of P o rt Jervis, on F riday, July 12th. Mr. and Mrs. Schoonmaker will be at home after Septem b er 1st, a t 34 Fi-anklin street, this city. E rie Engineer H. A. M cAllister, 168 W est Main street is running trains 30 and 267, the Honesdale and P o rt Jervis Express, in the place of Engin eer M. F. Fritz, who is taking a vaca­ tion of 30 days. s treet, is visiting in L iberty a t the hom e of Mrs. J. R. Gerow, w ith Mrs. Benj. Ryall. M essrs. L. C. Senger, H e rb e r t Sen- ger, W a lter C. Senger and Mr. C h arles H a m m o n d left town this m o rning on E rie train One for Buffalo, w h e re th e y will tak e a steam e r fo r a journey across the G reat Lakes as fa r as D u ­ luth, M innesota. Mr. Levi D a v e n p o rt and Miss Ida, from Newfoundland, N. J., spent a week w ith th e ir cousin, Mrs. H a ttie D ecker, 18 R u m sey street. Mr. John M assaker, who fdr 312 day fo r a w e ek’s vacation in p o u g n - years was a forem a n in th e E rie keepsie, w h e re he will enjoy several, shops in this city, and who now re­ autom o b ile and boating trip s along sides in Illinois, is visiting friends th e H u d son valley. This is Mr. K e l- (F rom Daily Union of July 12). Miss W inifred Holm s, of K ingston inue, is enjoying a visit w ith rela- ' es in M iddletown, N. Y. Mrs, P r a n k Nise, of Brooklyj cousin, Mrs. A n d rew Hensel, on Cul­ v e r t street. Mr. Jerem iah K e lder left tow n to ­ da y fo r a w e ek ’s vacatio n in P o u g h - d e r’s first vacation in ten years. Dr. an d M rs. C. O. W ilkin and son, and Miss E leanor V a n Sickle, who have been visiting in New Y o rk City, a r e guests a t th e hom e of Mr. and M rs. E m m e tt V a n Sickle, on Sussex street. Mr. F r a n k K e lly still rem a ins special policem a n of the city of P o r t Jervis. Mrs. N. L a m b e rt and daughter, Elizabeth, of 5 W h ite street, left town th is m o rning on train 30 for a few w e e k s ’ visit w ith h e r m o th e r and brother, of Long Island City. Messrs. Samuel S. McLaughlin andj County C lerk George ~ - M onticello, m o tored to P o r t Jervisj P ress at M iddletown, w a s l n town to­ day for a sh o rt tim e on his wa!y to Scranton. Mr. Cox was form e rly fore­ m an jn the Gazette’s job room . P h o tographer Gus. K rauss is enter­ taining his sister. Miss C a rrie K rauss and h e r friend. Miss Em ily B a u m a n n and his little brother, Paul, of New­ ark, N. J., at his new bungalow, “Sun- syside,” w h ich is nearly com p leted, on the Elm b e n d o rf estate. Mr. H a rry Holtz and Mr. Louis Struck, of New Y o rk City, are visiting a t the hom e of th e ir parents in this Mr. C h a rles H a r t R u tan, of Ball street, is in New York visiting rela­ tives an d friends. H e will be out of town for several days. Mr. and Mrs. H a rry M elber and daughters, Florence and Lillian, are visiting th e fam ily of Mrs. M elber’s brother, Mr. Moses R u tan, of H a m il­ ton street. B efore retu r n in g to th e ir hom e in Jersey City they will vHH the o ther b rothers and relatives of Mrs. M elber in and n e a r P o r t Jer\t‘s. Mrs. M elber was form e rly Miss A n n a R u tan. Mrs. M ary Gray, of \Chicago has retu r n e d from M onticello and will be in P o rt Jervis fo r several weeks. Principal F. W. W h itney, of the H igh School, retu r n e d to P o r t Jervis today on a brief business trip. Miss E thel A llerton has returned from Syracuse. A fter the close of the U n iversity Miss A llerton visited w ith relatives a t th e Thousand Islands, of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. B reese on Rui sey street. Mr, George Sharp, of J e rsey City, is visiting his fath e r, Mr. Jo h n S h a rp. Mrs. M ary C alkins has retu r n e d to h e r hom e on Orange street after passing two weeks among friends in P e lto n , of I New York City. P o r t Jervis Mr. Jo h n Buckbee, of H u d son, N. early this m o rning startin g from the Y., arrived in this city today on his -Sullivan county seat about 5.30 and -way to his hom e a t Cahoonzie, w h e re enjoying a cool trip th rough F o rest- he will pass the week-end. here, Mr, M assaker is now 75 years old, A niece accom p anies him . Mr. W illiam Shaw, of the W a lker C o n struction Company, which is en- ^gg j-here a t th e tim e of th e fire, gaged in constructing a section of during which th e cottage w h e re she State H ighw a y No. 4 in the southern gg staying was burned. W h ile in tier, is visiting his m o ther, Mrs. W. A llerton was the Shaw, a t Tri-States. guest of th e Misses Agnes, E d ith and Mr. and Mrs, F r a n k Yerger, Alice Crane. Today she started .fo r Buffalo. N.-Y.. are guests a t the hom e parents. P h o - o f M r. an d Mrs. A. J. B reese on R u m - g„^ Allerton. b u rg in Mr. M cLaughlin’s new au to ­ m obile. They rep o rt com p a ratively cool nights on th e hill. Iter, Mi , who : mann, who have been residents of Maspeth, L. I., for the past ten months, have returned to this city and will occupy their former home on W e s t M ain street. Mr. and M rs. W illiam J. Lam b have re tu r n e d from th e ir wedding journey and are a t hom e a t No. 34 W e s t M ain street. Mrs, G. F . M anthei, of Los Angeles, C alifornia, is visiting h e r ' m o ther, M rs. S. A. C a rpenter, a t No. 9 W e st B room e street. She m a d e th e jo u r ­ ney from th e Pacific Coast by w a y of New Orleans and steam e r up th e A t­ lantic C o ast to New Y o rk City, Miss D o rothea Swartz, of New Y o rk City, is the guest of Miss M inetta De- puy, on Broom e street. Mr. L. Totten, of Hillside, n e a r B arryville, was in P o r t Jervis on bus­ iness on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stum p returned to this city last evening from a cam p ing trip of five weeks in Canada. They reported pleasant w e a ther and an enjoyable time. Mr. H a rold Johnson, of Sparrow- bush, retu r n e d hom e on T h u rsday from Easton, Pa., w h e re he is taking a course in Lafayette College. He will pass his vacation -wnth his p a ­ rents, M r. and Mrs. L. A. Johnson. (F ro m Daily Union of J u ly 13). Cards, showing the handsome resi­ dence, w ith th e lawns and terraces surrounding, of Mr. George Inijess, Lew is* Lice AND F ly D e s tr o y e r . Sure death to all vernim -on poultry, dogs, cattle, hogs,sheep and all domestic animals. Sold by the quart or gallon. Also the sprayers to apply the same. Sold at Jones’ Drug Store Mrs. F ry and Mrs. Van Sickle, of N e w ark, N. J., who have been guests for several days past at the hom e of Mrs. D. C. Hallock, on E a s t Maim street, returned to th e ir hom es today. Miss Leona Lam o reaux who has been visiting for the past two weeks among friends in New City, N. Y.,has returned to her home on Orange Mrs. Thom as M atthew s of B rook­ lyn, N. Y., is the guest of Mrs. A. Pow rie at 91 F ran k lin street. (F rom Daily Union of July 15). Miss Esther Rankin, chief operator of the Port Jervis Telephone Com­ pany, retu r n e d hom e on Sunday even­ ing from a week’s visit w ith friends and relatives in M ontclair, Jersey City and New’ark, N. J., and New York City. Mr. Jam e s V. L a tham , of Passaic, N. J., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W illiam L a tham , on Buckley W. R. Grubb, editor and proprietor of th e B angor, (P a .,) News, was Jn town on Sunday. Miss E d ith R. Corwin, of W yoming, W y o m ing county, N. Y., is visiting h e r uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Yaple on H u d son street. Mr. John Duffey, of New York, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thom as Duffey, of W e st M ain street. Mrs. C h arles Beckw ith, and so’Ji, Luther, of W e ehaw k en, N. J., have been guests for several days of Mir. and Mrs. E. Schoonm aker, of U lster Place, the parents of Mrs. Beckw ith. Mr. Beckw ith spent th e w e ek-end in P o rt Jervis, he and Mrs. B eckw ith re ­ tu rn in g hom e this m o rning. L u ther rem a ins for a longer visit. ■ M r. W ilton B ennet, Jr., returned hom e today from Roanoke, Virginia, for the sum m e r vacation. Miss Myra Wallace, of New York City, Misses Hazel, Bessie and Olive B e n n e t laft town today fo r an outing of three weeks at Twin Lakes, Pike county. Pa., w h e re they will camp. Miss M a rguerite Crosier, sten­ ographer in th e store of Stevens, W h itney and Denton, left town today for a visit of two weeks w ith relatives in Thom p son, Susquehanna county. Misses Lillian Lundbeck and AlP- hilda G u stafson and Messrs, Gordon U rner and E g b e r t Schweicklmim er, who are stopping a t The W a tson a t Twin Lakes, enjoyed today “seeing” P o r t Jervis under the guidance of Mr. Russell Salmon. Mrs. A. E. Dubois and son, Steph- (F rom Daily Union of July 16)‘. Mr. A r th u r Hogehoom, of New Y o rk City, spent Sunday w ith his wife, who is visiting a t th e hom e of h e r m o ther, Mrs. M o rris K ane. Miss K. E. Palm e r, of Boston, Mass., is the guest of Mrs, Josephine W a g n er, on H u d son street. Miss B e a trice Sanders, of Sullivan avenue, is visiting h e r aunt. Miss B e r­ th a Hocks, a t Cuddehackville. Mr. and Mrs. F. V, Chase are cam p ­ ing in tents along the D e la w are river above Sparrow b u sh. Mrs. B. H a lstead, of P ittsford. N. Y., is visiting Mrs. Geo. H a m ilton, of P e a r l street. Mr. and Mrs. Thom as Challinor, and th e ir little daughters, Dorothy and Prances, are again a t hom e, after a vacation of two weeks spent at their cam p a t W e stcolang Lake Mr. and Mrs. C h arles B randm a n and son, H a rry, are enjoying the pleasures of the season a t A tlantic City. They m ade the trip in th e ir au ­ tom o b ile and expect to be absent about th ree weeks. Miss K a te New’man,- of Orange street, left town this m o rning for a visit of several weeks w ith h e r sister, Mrs. E'm m a Sprout, a t h e r hom e in Rockville Centre, Long Island. Miss A n n a Holm es and Miss Grace Ryall retu r n e d hom e this m o rning from a w e ek’s visit a t Twin Lakes, Pikes county, Pa. Mrs. E d g a r Storm s, Jr., nee Miss M aude W a idler, of F latbush, B rook­ lyn, is th e guest of h e r parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W a idler, 13 Sullivan ave­ nue. She will visit in P o r t Jervis about th ree weeks. Miss R ita S tartup and Miss Daisy Cisco, of C u lvert street, are visiting friends and relatives at Oyster Bay, N. Y. Mrs. W. H. B u rns re tu r n e d to h e r hom e in Ridgewood, N, J., Saturday last on train 30. She was accom p a n i­ ed by h e r little cousin. Miss M arian Percival, of New Y o rk City, afte r a m o n th’s visit w ith Mrs. B u rns’ p a ­ rents, Mr. and Mrs. F ran k Percival, of M ary street. P rom a letter recently received it is learned th a t Mr. John B runs, who was form e rly assistant stew a rd of the E lk s ’ Club, in this city, is now engag­ ed as chef in the E lks’ Club of Jersey City Lodge, No. 211,-B. P. 0 , E. Mr. B runs and his fam ily w e re residents of M atam o ras, Pa. Mrs. A. A ltm an, son, R ichard and little daughter, B eatrice, are visiting h e r parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Scha- fransky, of C atherine street. Miss R u th V an Noy, who has a po­ sition a t th e Capitol, Albany, retu r n s tom o rrow m o rning, afte r a w e ek-end visit w ith h e r parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. P. V a n Noy, of B a ll street. Mr. H u b e rt A. Kelly, of E rie street, is one of the representatives of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engine­ ers before th e arb itratio n com m ission in session at Manhattan Beach, which (P rom Daily Union of J u ly 17). Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Duryea, their daughter. Miss W illa, of Mt. W illiam street, and M iss C a rrie P a n tley, of Hudson street, have returned home o fter a visit with relatives and friends a t Slate Hill. They m ade the journey there and retu r n by autom o b ile. Miss Jennie Snider, of Mt. W illiam Street, is enjoying a w e ll-earned va­ cation from h e r arduous duties as a nurse, w ith friends a t Slate Hill. M aster F red G./ Smith, Jr., of P a s ­ saic, N. J., is visiting w ith his grand­ parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. W ellm an, of Mt. W illiam street. The Misses Lucy and M ildred Jam es, of R u therford, N, J., are again renew ing th e ir friendship w ith the young people of P o r t Jervis. They are the guests of the Misses B eatrice and H a r r iet DeBerhle, of Hudson Mrs. Jo h n H a w k ins and Miss Mol- lie M u h lenbrink, of K ingston avenue, are entertaining their cousin. Miss Miss B e rtha Riefe, of New York. Mrs. R o b e rt Allen, of Peekskill,w h o has been the guest of h e r sister and brother, Mr. and Mrs. W illis M unnich, of M ary street, fo r the past week, re ­ turned hom e this m o rning.. Miss M ildred Denton and h e r b ro th ­ er, M aster E a r l Denton, of U lster Place, left town today for Lafayette, N. J., w h e re they will visit for two weeks w ith th e ir au n t and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson. Mr. R o b e rt H ickok left this city to­ day for a brief outing a t H ighland Lake. H e will stop a t the L a k e View House, w h e re his son Gilbert, has been a guest for some time.. Mr. W illiam McNab, of New York City, is passing his sum m e r vacation a t th e hom e of Mrs. Nancy R y a n on R y an street. Mr. Cornelius Cuddeback, who is a student a t the U n iversity of M ichi­ gan, a t Ann Arbor, is a t his hom e here fo r th e vacation period. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Carr, Jr., of Jersey City and New York, are visit­ ing Dr. 'and Mrs. Leroy Culver, a t th e ir sum m e r residence on Broom e street. The “I. T.” Club will be en tertain ­ ed this evening a t the hom e of Miss H a n n a b e l R ichardson, No. 26 C h u rch street. Miss L o retta McCormick, so­ prano soloist, will render several se­ lections. Mr. Stephen Lee and Miss Helen F a rr e ll, of New Y o rk City, are the guests of Miss Mollie Reilly, on P ike street. Mrs. Lydia Norwood and daughter, Lydia, left town today and will re ­ side in Lakeview, N. J., near P a t e r ­ son, w h e re Mr. C h arles Norwood has a position w ith th e E rie railroad com p any. T h e ir m any friends regret th e ir leaving P o r t Jervis, b u t wish them every success in th e ir new ^ -------- O u ting of T iibune “ Xkesh-Airs.” A party of 98 children in charge of Miss G a rrett, representing th e New York Tribune F resh Air F u n d , w e n t w e st on E rie train 32 a t 11.40 F riday m o rning en route to Deposit, w h e re, for two weeks they will rusticate in the hills of Broom e county, N. Y. -------- ^ --- ----- One Dead, A n o ther M ay Die, F l’om . Heat. M arlborough, Ju ly 11.— George Sol- inovics is dead and Joseph Rosen­ berg is not expected to live as th e re ­ sult of th e intense h e a t here Tues­ day. Solinovics was w o rking on state road. He was an A u strian, years old. Rosenberg was picking berries when he becam e violent from th e heat, and his condition is now critical. - ------- ---------- “ Dr. Thom as’ Eclectic Oil is th e best rem e d y for th a t often fa ta l dis­ ease— croup. H a s been used w ith success in our fam ily for eight years.” —Mrs. L. Whiteacre, Buffalo, N. Y. The M ilford baseball team defeated the P o r t Jervis nine by 8 to 1 in gam e played a t M ilford on T h u rsday afternoon. -------- ^ 4 ^ -------- H E A R IN G ON TAXES. Pi-oposed to Tax P o r t Jervis Special Fi-anchises a t 75 Pei* Cent. Notices to 26 cities are being sent out by the New Y o rk S tate B o ard of Tax Comm issioners • s tating th a t the annual hearing for the equalization of taxes on special franchise property in those cities, will be held next 'Wed­ nesday at the department’s headquar­ ters in Albany. If the cities wish to protest the relative valuation placed by the board they are requested to have representatives present at the hearing to state th e ir objections. *' The list of cities including the com ­ parative percentage a t w h ich it is proposed to tax special franchise property for th e com ing fiscal year, follows : Albany .90, Schenectady .82, Rome .81, D u n k irk .80, L a c k a w a n n a .80, | L o c k p o rt .75, New b u rgh .75, N o rth Tonaw anda .75, Glean .74. P la t ts ­ burgh .55, P o r t Jervis .75, Geneva .76, Hudson .84, N iagara P a lls .75', W a tertow n .80, Poughkeepsie .85, K ingston .80, B ingham ton .83, Syra­ cuse .88, W a tervliet .90, C o rtland .82, E lm ira .74, F u lton .81, Oneida .83, Y o n k ers .85, M ount Vernon .85. ---------------------- H * --------------------- M aJdng A loiing ITotures Nearby. T h irty m em b ers of th e Gem Mov­ ing P icture Company, of New York City, arrived a t Cuddehackville, Sun­ day, and will pose for films in th a t vicinity. ------------------- 4 - f --------------^ ---- > F a c tories R e s u m e W o rk. Operations were resum e d at the K n ickerbocker Silver P latin g factory and a t C h arles C h a n t’s glove factory M onday m o rning, afte r a week’s 'vacation. PO R T JE R V IS WON TWO GAMES. T rinuned M ilford 14 to 7 on Saturday. 13 to 7 on Sunday. M ilford ball players visited Tracco P a r k on S a turday and Sunday afte r ­ noons and m ade an attem p t to play ball w ith the P o r t Jervis nine, hut the latter were easily victoriousj^. Sat­ urday’s gam e having resulted in a score of 14 to 7, and Sunday 13 to 7 favor of the hom e team . The not .arouse The players were as follows : M ilford— Stock, p.; W a lter, c.; Mid- daugh, s. s.; E. Stock, l b.; Mc­ Laughlin, 2 b.: Devoe, 3 b.; Steele, r. f.; Dingm an, c. f.; Gurley, 1, f. P o r t Jervis— M arch, p.; Mtilvaney, c.; Connelly, s. s.; Campbell, 1 b.; B u rkert, 2 b.; R eagan, 3 b.; M clver, r. f.; Yost, c. f.; Eagan, 1. f. The battery fo r P o r t Jervis on Sun­ day w a s -B u rk e r t and Carrigan. Mr. R eagan was th e um p ire. gam es lacked skill and did i m u ch interest from th e patr< SNAKE UNDER SOFA PILLOW . F ive F o o t R e p tile Discovered in M on­ tague Townsliip Hom e. Miss A n n a H a rtrim , daughter of Al­ fred H a rtrim , of M o n tague township, near Newton, N. J., took a nap o: couch in the dining room yesterday afternoon. She had difficulty in keep­ ing the piliows in place and sat up to re-arrange them . One of them rolled .to the floor, and with it a blacksnake th a t raised its head in a threatening m anner. The girl’s s c ream s brought h e r father.W ith a pitchfork he finally cornered the snake, catching it hetweef( the tines. It m easured five feet. The snake ha-I crawled in through an open window •close to the couch.— New York H e r- Ti“OUeys Mow Down >flddletow n er’s ago a valuable cow owned by <7, W. Earle, was killed -by a trolley car while out a t pasture, and Sunday night, July 14, a valuable road m a re was killed by a trolley car. BULL FAM ILY REUNION. To C elebrate A d v e n t of M r s t W h ite W o m a n Into: O range County. A m e e ting of the officers and: a few of the m e m b e rs o f the B u ll F a m ily Reunion Association was held in th e hom e of H a rry Bull in Ham p ton^' burgh on F r id a y evening to consider the advisability o f celebrating th e 200th anniversary of the advent of Sarah W ells in t e O range county. I t was unanim o u sly decided to h a v e such a celebration and to hold it a t the “Old Stone H o u se” in H a m p ton- burgh instead o f the picnic ground's Campbell H a ll, on W e d n esday, A u g u st 28. Sarah W e lls was- th e first ite wom an to step foot into Or­ ange county, and as she w a s th e wife of W illiam Bull, the first one of t h a t nam e to com e to this country, she becam e the m a ternal p a r e n t of all those who bear the nam e of Bull. F o r a mild, easy action of th e bow­ e l s ; 'a single dose of Doa;n’s R e g u lets is enough. T reatm e n t cures h a b itu a l constipation. 25 cents a box. Ask your druggist fo'r' them . i r ONLY CO S T S FIVE CENTS FOR FUEL to oook a m e a l on tho RCUAMOE BLUE OIL STOVE. $ 3.30 TRY LAIDLEY’S FLAVORING EXTRACTS! THE BEST AND STRONGEST. Extract Lemon, Extract Orange and Extract Vanilla. Pure Food Goods. $8 a gallon. Pints $1.25. We also make a good strong Vanilla Flavoring Com­ pound. $4 a gallon. Quarts $i.25* Try us. E. T. LAIDLEY, DRUQQIST and STATIONER, 76 Pike Street. JOIN THE MERRY CROWD. AT THE HUB STORE! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS! \ Our P rices Arc Cooling In This Torrid W eather.” A FEW SPECIALS. NUMEROUS OTHERS. S p e c ial No. 1. An assortment of Men’s and Youth’s Fine Suits, tailored well, good fitting garments. A beauti­ ful lot of Blue Serges, Grays and Brown Mixtures. Former prices of suits $8.00 to $25.00. All to go at a great reduction. $5.48 Up to $16.48 S p e c ial No. 2. An assortment of Boy’s Suits. Styles are'the latest. These suits are built to stand hard wear. For­ mer prices of suits $3.00 up to $7.00. To go at $2.19 Up to $4.98. 25c Underwear Special 19c 50c Shirts Special 39c $1.00 Shirts, Special 77c $2.00 Working Shoes, Special $1.43 $3.00 Wool Bathing.Suits, Special $1.69 50c Children’s Rompers, Special 43c $1.50 Butcher Coats. Special 98c $2.50 Dress Shoes, Special $1.98 50c and 75c Children’s Straws. Special 44c One-Third Ott Former Prices on Straw Hats and Panam as Wc Operate Ten Stores. **Hub ClothIng The Store That Siives 70 Pike street. Store Formerly Occupied Store,” You Money. Port Jervis, N. Y. By Flanagan. Honest Values Always.

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