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hr ■were standing on their tails and play­ ing with each other. Both were kijl- ed at one time. Lightning ran down a wire on the depot at Mast Hope and into the ground. Mr, Molusky and another man were standing near and the shock made them both jump. Mr, Josephoseph W isler’ssler’s guests on Sun- Mr, J W i Jay were Mrs. Maud \ Miss Llndridge, WEEK-END PERSONAL AND SOCIAL NOTES I>acka\s Lackawaxen, sink celebration v tended and all presen The Mini- largely at- ! elsewhere in the paper of lek written by a Union report- seemed to pass full account (Prom Daily Union of July 18). Miss Aileen Hulse, daughter of the late Hamilton Hulse, is visiting at the home of Mrs. Louis Robinson on W ashington Ave. Miss Hulse is known in the theatrical world as Bet­ ty Leslie. She was formerly with Madame Genee’s Silver Star Com- Mrs. Payne and family, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Riffenburgh at 96 Railroad lam es killed a large | avenue, returned on Erie train Two rattlesnake last Thursday on the old W ednesday afternoon to their : Port Jer- *earl Barnes, Mrs. J. W. Chamberlain and Mrs. C. L. Steinhart attended Eastern Star Lodge in Hawley last Friday night road leading to the Minteink battle g r o u n d . T h e s n a k e m e a s u r e d o v e r four feet in length with thirteen rat- Mrs. L. E. Bock, of Cocheeton, was In. town for Monday’s celebration. The Van Akin party entertained the following persons at Cliff House, York Lake, at different times last week : S. L. Van Akin, Sr., J. D. Van Akin and wife, and daughter, E s­ ther, Mrs. Pauline Deim, Misses Mar­ garet Twichell and Martha Metz, Mrs. J. W. Chamberlain and daughter, Ma­ rlon, and Mrs. C. L. Steinhart. The party broke camp Monday morning, after a delightful week's outing. Mr, R. W. Kelley, of Kimble, Pa., was a visitor at Monday’s celebra­ tion as the guest of Mrs. W esley Miss Olive Twichell, of Port Jervis, has gone to the Perry bungalow at York Lake, for the summer. M a r k « t R e p o r t s . New York, July 21. BT7TTER — Firm; rec«-Ipts. S.S31 pack- creamery, extras, lb.. 27827140: iconds, 25a25^c.: thirds. ages: crea firsts. 26a26 good to prime. 24a25c.; common to fair. 21%a23c.: process, extras. 25c.; firsts, is'^a atiic.: seconds, 22a22V4c.: factory, current make, firsts, 22a23c.; seconds. 21a2IVic.; thirds, ,19%a20c.; packing stock, current make,. No. 2, 20c.; No. 3. 19al9%c. CHEESE— Steady; receipts. 6.799 boxes, sta te , whole milk, new, specials, white, lb., 1614al5%c.; colored. 15V4c.; average fan­ cy, white, 15c.; colored, 15al5t4c.; under- grades, ISalt^c.; daisies, 13?4al6c.; sta te Skims, new. specials, white. 12^al2V4c.; colored, I2%al2%c.; fa ir to choice. 9allViiC.; undergrades. 314a8V4c. EGGS—Irregular; receipts. 17,688 cases, fresh gathered, extras, doz., 23a24c.; firsts, 20a22c.; firsts, lS%al9t4c.; 'secbnds. 17al8c.; dirties, 10al6c.; checks. 7al3e.. state, Pennsylvania and nearby, hennery whites, fancy large. 28a28c.; fair to good. 24a27c.; hennery browns, 24a25c.; gathered brown and mixed colors, 20a24c. HAY AND STRAW-Qulet; timothy. 100 lbs., 90c.a31-40.; shipping. 75a90c.; clover, mixed, 80c.atl.10; long rys straw. 60a80c., oat, 35a40c.; small bales 5al0c. less. ' D RESSED P O U L T R Y - P r e s h killed, firm in fowls, chickens, dry picked, Phil­ adelphia broilers. SOaSlc.; Pennsylvania broilers, 27a28c.; w e stern broilers, 24a27c.; fowls, dry packed, western boxe?. I5al7c ; bhls.. iced. 141,ialt5c.; old roosters, TaUlfec.: spring ducks, nearby. ISalSl^c.; squabs white, dozen $l-50a3.50; dark. $1.25; fro turkeys. No 1. chickens, roasters fed. 19a20c.; fowl! Ia23c.; No 2. 14 s. milk fed, 21a24c.; co 1 5 lbs each. 1 POTATOES—F irm ; southern, new. No 1, bbl.. $2.50a3.25: culls, $lal.50: sweets, eouthern. yellow, bbl.. $2.50a4; red. bbl., $2.76a3 50; yam s. bbl.. $2.50a3.50. Live Stock Markets. P ittsburgh, July 24. CATTLE—Supply light, market steady: choice, $8.75a9.25; prime. $8.25a8.65: good. $7.75a8.15; tidy, $7.25a7.85; fair. $6a7; com­ mon, $5a6.25; heifers. $5a7.50: fresh cows and springers, $25a55. S H E E P AND LAMBS — Supply fair, m a r k e t steady; prime w e thers, $4.7oa5; good mixed, $4.25a4.(J0; fa ir mixed, $3.50a4; yearlings, $3a5.o0; spring lambs. $L50a.7.25; veal calves, $9.50al0; heavy and thin. $Ha7. HOGS—Receipts light, m a rket heavy: heavy, $8.25a8.30; mixed, $8.35a8.40; medium, heavy and light Yorkers, $8.50a8.55; pigs, $8.25; roughs, $6.75a7.2o; stags, $Ca6.50. Tw© Men Injured hy Runaway. Messrs. W, J. Collier and Chauncey Decker w^ere slightly injured near Greenville in a runaway accident on Tuesday night, caused by the horse, which they were driving, becoming frightened, upsetting the wagon, and throwing them to the ground. They cam e to this city, where they were treated by Dr. H. B. Swartwout at the Port Jervis Hospital. Mr. Collier’s injuries consisted of a scalp wound and slight bruises and Mr. Decker was bruised about the back. After treat­ m ent tkey went to their respective homes in this city. Statistics During May. There were 17 deaths and 14 births in Port Jervis during May, according to statistics filed with the State Health Department. Never can tell when you’ll maah a iinger or suffer a cut, bruise, burn or ecald. Be prepared. I>r. Thomas’ Ecle«tl« Oil Instantly relieves the pain—quickly cures the wound. Park & Tilford’s Candy. Delicious chocolates, bonbons, peppermints, candied ginger, Jordan almonds, etc. Fresh every few days. In half pounds, pounds and $1 boxes. Also Belle Mead Sweets. Jones' Drug Store home in Passaic, N. J. Judge and Mrs. Frank Lybolt and t h e i r f o u r c h ild r e n , l e f t f o r A s b u r y Park this morning in the Judge’si au­ tomobile. They expect to be away about two weeks, making Asbury Park their headquarters and taking a u t o tr i p s to p o i n t s n e a r b y . Miss Corinne Weller, of Neversink avenue left town on Wednesday for visit with relatives and friends in Ravena, Albany county, N, Y. A son was born on W ednesday night to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Luckner at their home in Sparrowbush. Mrs. E, S. Starr and son, Carlton, left town this morning for a few weeks’ visit in Warren county, N. J., and Monroe county. Pa. Mrs. Harry Churchill, of Paterson, J., arrived in town on Monday evening for a visit with her mother, Mrs. J. B. Crissman, at 18 E a st Main Howard G. Bennet, Esq., of Great F a l ls , M o n t a n a , a r r i v e d in to w n on Tuesday night and will remain in town for a week visiting his relatives and many friends in this city. Mr. Almarin Phillips and son, W endell Phillips, of 234 E a st Main street, will sail from New York City on Saturday morning, July 20th, on the steamship Cameronia of the An­ chor Line for Glasgow, Scotland. They will spend about two months in Great Britain and Europe. Rev. Louis Happ, of Brooklyn, Is visiting a t the home of relatives at Sparrowbush. Mrs. Robert S. A llen , of P e e k s k i ll , is Visiting her sister, Mrs. W illis Mun- nich, on Mary street, this city. Mrs. W. A. Baker, of W ashington, D. C., and young daughter, are visit­ ing at the home of Mrs. Baker’s pa­ rents, Dr. and Mrs. E. V, Lambert, on Elizabeth street. Mrs. John Goodsir, of Ellenville:, N. Y., and the Misses Sadie and Jennie Lehman, of Rutherford, N. J., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Emory Teller at 64 W est Main street. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Tuscano and daughters. Rose and Elizabeth, have returned from an automobile trip to Chicago. Mr. and Mrs, Edward H. Douglas and two children, of Brooklyn, are visiting Mrs. Douglas’ parents, Mr. and Mrs, Daniel Devere, on Kingston avenue. Erie New York Division Superin­ tendent R. S. Parsons is in town to­ day on business. (From Daily Union of July 19). Mrs. John McCormick and son Harry, of Port Jervis, have returned home after a week spent with friends in this city.— Newburgh News. Mrs. Edward P. Smith, wife of Prof. Edward P., Smith, of the North Tonawanda High School, near Buf­ falo, and their little son, Payson, left town W ednesday afternoon in com­ pany with Mrs. Sm ith’s sister, Mrs. Lester. Layton, for her home in New­ ton, N. J., where they will spend! a week or ten days. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Layton have had an enjoyable visit w ith their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Goodrich, on Ulster Mrs. L. H. Yergey and two chil­ dren, of Wisconisco, Pa., returned home Thursday from an enjoyable visit of three weeks with the parents of Mrs. Yergey, Mr. and Mrs. W ill­ iam Boner, on Kingston avenue. Mrs. Yergey was accompanied home by her sister,® Miss Irene Boner, who will spend a few weeks of her summer’va­ cation with the fam ily of her sister. Rev. L, H. Yergey was recently tising department of Scribner’s Maga­ zine, holding an important and re­ sponsible position. Attorney David L. Hardenbrook, of Jamaica, L. I., who is now in promi­ nence in the New Y'ork dailies on a c­ count of endeavoring to secure a wife for a millionaire elient, at one time operated and managed Shohola Glen, at one time a noted summer resort along the Erie Railroad. Mr. and Mrs. W illiam Schoonmaker returned to Port Jervis on Wednesday evening from a brief wedding trip to Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Canada. Mr. Schoonmaker is a member of the popular business firm of Hoffman and Schoonmaker, painters and decorat­ ors on Front street. Mr. and Mrs. Schoonmaker will begin housekeeping at once in their home recently pur­ chased by Mr. Schoonmaker at No. 3i F r a n k l i n s t r e e t . Erie Police Inspector W. B. Glass, of Passaic, N. J., was in town todg,y on business. Miss Lillian Swart returned to her home in Deposit on Brie train One to­ day after a visit with her grand­ mother, Mrs. Tillie V. Lamb, and her uncle Mr. Sidney Lamb, of Kingston avenue. Mr. Allen McDonald, of Buffalo, an Erie engineer running between B u f­ falo and Jamestown, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan W ell­ man on Mt. W illiam street. _ A handsome new' distributing wag­ on of the National Biscuit Co., at­ tracted much attention on the streets to d a y , w i t h M r. C. W . F r e d e r i c k , th e local agent, who succeeded Mr. Har­ ry Barnard, in this city, in charge. The wagon, which is an up-to-date one was manufactured in Hanover, Pa„ and is to be stationed here. Mr. Frederick is being assisted in his work by Mr. Edward Young, of Young’s livery. Former Alderman Charles Will and fam ily of Ferguson avenue left town today for a stay of two months at their cottage at W estcolang Lake, Pike county. Pa. Erie Police Captaifi Robert Tous- saint, of Huntington, Indiana, is vis­ iting friends in town. He was former­ ly an Erie police officer in this city. (From Daily Union of July J20), Dr. Fred Wells, of Des Moines, Iowa, is in the city visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Wells. He expects to go to Twin Lakes next week to visit with his sister, Mrs. Frank Malven, at her cottage there. Miss Josephine Lyon w ill give a miscellaneous program of readings on W ednesday evening a t Jeffersonville, N. Y. The Masons there are holding a Jubilee Pair all next week with an entertainment each evening. Miss Martha Johnson left town on Erie train One this morning for a visit of several weeks with friends and relatives in Susquehanna, Elmira, Big Flats, Corning, and Buffalo. On her return to the city she will resume her former position as cashier in the Orpheum Theatre on Front street. M iss K i t t i e M o r g a n o f t h e c e n t r a l nffice of the Port Jervis Telephone Company is spending a week’s vaca­ tion in New York Cit Mrs. George' Krouse, of Lansing, Mich., a former Honesdale lady, is visiting relatives in this township. Later she will visit at Tanners Falls, Port Jervis, N. Y.. and at Monticello, N. Y., returning here again for a brief stop and another stop at Long Eddy, N. Y., thence to her home which she intends to reach some time near the middle of August.— Honesdale Citizen. Mrs. Krouse is a former resident of Port Jervis. Mrs. George Kintner, of Sussex, N. J.,'is'the guest of her cousins. Misses Clara and Charlotte Buckley, of W est Main street. Mrs. Grace Peck, Mrs. Charles Chant and Miss Elizabeth W hittaker have returned from Nova Scotia. They report a delightful trip and a charm­ ing country. Miss Beatrice Toth and Miss Jose­ phine Moore, of Port Jervis, and Miss Lulu Moore, of W esttown, chaperoned rents, Mr, and Mrs. E. A, Wells, o f ' of people from New Y^ork and else- j B all street. | w here are a t Jeffersonville during the j Mr. W ilson Small, wife of W ilson present week, attending the anniver- I Small, M. D., of Brooklyn, and Hew- j sary,and Miss Lyon furnishes the en- . lett, L, I., who has been v isiting with ' tertainment for this evening. Mrs. I the fam ily of Mr, A. Sedillo, returned ' John W. Lyon accompanied her ;«to Hewlett, this morning. Mrs. Se- daughter. Miss Lyon will proceed to idillo is a sister of Doctor Small. Niagara Falls, N. Y\. to Detroit, and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver D. Squires and | Battle Creek, Mich, where she w'ill daughter, Hope; Mr. and Mrs. S teph-| spend her summer vacation witn en Cisco, of this city, and Mr, and , college classmates, returning later in Mrs. James McKeag and son, James, ' the season to take up her work in Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa., visited the New York City in .Seplember. Delaware Water Gap, Pa., on Sunday, by automobile, returning home in the evening. MATAMORAS. turned home, after spendinj weeks at Old Orchard, near P< Ale. signed to the charge of the church in , by Mrs. Hallock, of Port Jervis, this place and expects to visit here in j enjoying camp life at feeen v ille. Fri- the late fall. Miss Elsie Kadel, of the Port Jer­ vis Library, has returned home from a visit at Oquaga Lake, Broome county, N. Y„ near Deposit. Mr. anU Mrs. Waillaun H. Woleott, of Walden. N. Y.. are vlslling friends and relatives in town- S u n d a y d i n n e r s a r e b e in g e n jo y e d quite frequently at Pine Cliff Inni Ijy residents of this city, who after din­ ing at this summer resort pass the afternoon under the shade trees about the grove and* a long the Dela­ ware river. Among those who dined there last Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dunn and child, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Denton and little son, and Miss Mary Marvin, of Port Jervis. Pine Cliff and the farm house are both filled with summer guests and a prosperous season Is anticipated. Mrs. Tillie V. Lamb, of Kingston avenue, went to Deposit today for a short visit. day evening Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Toth and M rs. Minnie Moore motored over to call upon them, and found them situated in the old Grange Hall. To­ day the young ladies expect to visit rela-t.v-es in Westtown. Rev. E'zva T. Sanford, a former pas­ t o r o f th e B a p t i s t C h u r c h , Is se r i o u s ­ ly ill, n e c e s s i t a t i n g h i s re m o v a l to th e hospital at Tuxedo. Rev. Sanford is p a s t o r o f W e s t 1 1 t h s t r e e t . B a p t i s t Church, New York. The family are at p r e s e n t a t t h e i r su m m e r b u n g a lo w C h e s ter. Miss Helen W illiams, of Sullivan a v e n u e , le f t to w n e a r l y th i s m o r n in g for Butler. N. J.. to visit for a week w i t h th e fa m i l y o f h e r b r o t h e r , M r. H o w a r d N. Williams. Miss Minnetta DePuy is entertain­ ing at a house party over the end.Miss Lulu Kirby and Miss Grace Case, of Middletown, and Miss Alice Furey, of Cornwall, Rev. Stephen Connelly, who has A daughter wa^ born on W ednes- t>een visiting relatives in this city day. July 17th. to Mr. and Mrs. • returned to his duties as as^stont Chauncey Earl, of 116 Front street. Pastor o f St. John s Church in Kings- Miss H a ttie Baldwin, of Roselle, N. ton this morning. J,, formerly an employe of The Union, returned home this morning, after visiting friends in the city. Miss Mr. and Mrs, Harry Leighton Wil- HOW MUCH DAMAGE WILL BRIDGE DO? Conductor Cornelius W hitaker is confined to his home on W est Mai.n street by illness. Mr. Hei’man Wurm, of New York City, is visiting friends in this city. Mrs. John Lord, of Washington avenue, with her daughters, Irene and M a r g a r e t , v i s i te d re l a t i v e s and friends in Elmira and Binghamton last week. Miss Irene remained to vis­ it her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Cole, and her cousin, Mrs. Theo­ dore Shay. Mrs. Lord and Margaret returned home on Saturday. Mrs. Oscar C. Kenyon, o£ Syracuse, is visiting her mother, Mrs. O. P. Howell, of East Main street. Miss Mabel C. Edwards, o f (Orchard street, left town for a visit of two weeks with relatives in Sullivan coun­ ty, N. Y.. at Hillside. Photographer J. T. Aitken leaves today for Philadelphia to attend the National Convention of the Profes-' sional Photographers’ Association, of America. He expects to be away all the week. During his absence the Studio will be ip charge of Airs. Ait- Mr. Charles Taylor, of Winthrop, N.. y.. Is guest of his sister, Mrs. E, J. Holden, Jr„ dn Orange street Miss Gertrude Brown is a visitor at the camp of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. De- Witt near Milford. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet A. Browne left this morning for Asbury Park, N, J„ for a two weeks’ sojourn. In­ cidentally this is the first real garden variety vacation Mr. Brownq has in­ dulged in in 30 years, during all of which tim e he has been with the New York Store, of which he is at present manager. liams, of Scranton, have returned , Harry Lilley, on Avenue K. from their wedding tour, and are at I W illiam Sampson on Avenue Matamoras, July 20.— Mr. H. D. Burrows on Avenue G and Mr. P. ^ Hamilton, of Port Jervis, visited Mar­ tin s Lake on Tuesday morning and QueStlOIl That AgitatCS thC COUIlty captured a large bass weighing 5% pounds. Mrs. W illiam Hackett and children, of Rutherford, N. J., arrived in town today and are the guests of her sis- and F rank Pierson, of Otisville. home at 532 Madison avenue, Scran­ ton. Air. W illiams is the only child of Air. and Mrs. L. J. Williams, of Scranton, and as the associate of hi's father in the firm of AYilliams and AIcAnulty, he ranks with the most aggressive of the younger business m e n o f t h a t v a lle y , sa y s th e S c r a n to n T im e s . H e is a g r a n d s o n o f th e la t e Andrew Leighton and Harriet Dun- mng Williams, of Branchville, and <3 nephew of Mrs. A. M. Mettler, of Port Jervis, Aliss Mary Mettler, of Port Jervis, was in attendance at the wed­ ding. of Air. and Mrs. Williams, re­ turning home Alonday of this w e e k . She was accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. J. C. Davis, of Scranton, and her little cousin. Miss Helen Dean, of Wilkesbarre, Pa. The fam ilies of Messrs. Charles Cortright, John Winfield, Graham S. DeAVitt, R o s c o e B r a n c h , S a m S h a r p e , A. L. Linley, Mrs. Ed. Langley and Airs. Sharpe and Mrs. Eber, went to the Bathing Beach Tuesday after­ noon for a picnic. They en­ joyed the bathing and various other amusem ents until about seven o’ c lo c k w h e n th e g e n tle m e n jo i n e d them for supper. The many good things prepared' by the ladies were partaken of wiith the zest engender­ ed by a day of exercise and pleasure. Dancing, music and games were in­ dulged in during the evening. Anoth­ er party of about 12 enjoyed tl\e pleasures of the Beach the same a f­ ternoon. They were under the chaper- onage of Mrs. Charles Angle. ■Mr, and Mrs. J. S. Dunning, of Mid­ dletown, and Dr. Charles Dunning, of Arkansas City, Kan., are visiting with A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. j the fam ily of Fred R. Salmon at the Stratford, of New York City, at the Salmon cottage at Twin Lake's, Pa. home of Mrs. Stratford’s grandmo­ ther, Mrs. Connelly, in Alatamoras. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Earle at' their home on Orchard street. Miss Luella Lanioreaux returned to her home on Orange street on Sunday evening from a brief visit among friends in Grooville and Middletown, N. Y. Dr. George A. Hammond has re- Prof. and Mrs. ,0. A. Benedict and Miss Marion Benedict, of North Tar- rytown, N. Y., who have been the guests o f Mr. and Mrs. P. F. \Van Noy on Sullivan avenue, left town on Monday to spend the remainder of the summer with relatives in Sher­ burne, Chenango county, N. Y. Rev. Robert Bruce Clark and a parfy of friends participated in an enjoyable picnic at Cahoonzie. Park two on Tuesda: (From Daily Union of July 22). _ Mrs. Frank Malven, with her son Baldwin is connected with the adver- and daughter, are visiting her pa- (From Daily Union of July 23). Miss Pearl Simons, of 122 Ham­ mond street, was very pleasantly sur- jprised by 25, of her friends, on Sat­ urday, July 20, in honor of her birth­ day. The evening was devoted to games and music. Refreshm ents were served and all departed at a late hour, having had an enjoyable time, and wishing Pearl many happy birth- Miss Reba Martin, of Jersey City, is visiting with her friend. Miss Roberta Swinton, on Sullivan avenue. Mrs. Twichell, Mrs. Denton, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Dever, Mrs. Toth, Mrs. Rutan and Miss Ethel Dever, of this city, visited Mrs. Diem, at Minisink Ford, N. Y., on Monday and also a t­ tended the celebration of the Mini­ sink battle on the battle ground. Miss Anna Case, of East Main street, is a guest at Rye Breeze Cot­ tage, in Barryville, N. Y. Mr. Franklin Cleary, the popula clerk in Mowitt’s drug store, has re signed his position and is now con nected with the mechanical depart ment of the Erie Railroad Company. Hon. C. Orion Stroh and wife and Mr. Ashland, of Freeland, Pa., mo­ tored to Port Jervis yesterday via. Stroudsburg and Pocono mountain, and are the guests of Mr. Stroh’s un­ cle and aunt, Mr, and Mrs. Clark Yetter, No. 58 W est Main street. To­ day they will go to visit Mr and Mrs. Wm, H. Canfield, of this city, at their “ Henrietta Camp,” near Rio. They will return via. Easton, Allentown, Alauch Chunk and Hazletoh. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hurst, of the Hurst Publishing Company, New York City, and Air. and Mrs. Alden Goldsmith, of Chester, are the guests of Mr, and Mrs. P. H, M itchell at the Hotel Mitchell. Miss Dorothy Ludlum left this morning- t(j visit her aunt, Airs, W yc- koff, of Holyoke, Mass., for a few weeks. Miss Mary Gaillard, accompanied by her little nephew. Master Sylves­ ter Nolan, left Sunday night on train 5 for Toronto, Canada, to visit her sister, Mrs. Al. Randal. While there they will visit the Thousand Islands and view the ruins of the fire that re­ cently occurred. They will return the first week of September. Mr. S. J, Conkling, of Indianapolis, Ind., is visiting relatives in town. Air. and Mrs. Harry B. Denton.and Master W alter Denton, of East Main street, are enjoying an outing this week at W estcolang Lake. (Prom Daily Union of July 24). Miss Josephine W. Lyon left or Erie train One today for Jefferson­ ville, Sullivan county, where she gives an evening of readings tonight under the auspices of the Masonic fraterni­ ty holding its 50th anniversary re­ union in that section. A large number Mrs. Fred Treuleben, and sen, Alas- ter St. John, of W ashington, D. C., are visiting her parents, Air. and Mrs. S. St. John, of W est Main street. Miss Ruth Millspaugh, of Port Jer­ vis, was the guest of honor at a Five H u n d r e d p a r t y g i v e n b y h e r cousin. Miss Grace Salmon, Monday after­ noon.— ^Honesdale Independent. Mrs. Wm. H. Chant went to Twin Lakes today and will remain at the Ryall Cottage there until about the first of September. She will be join­ ed there Thursday by her aunt, Mrs. W ainwright Holt, and the latter’s g r a n d c h i l d r e n . ---- - --- ---------- ; HYMENEAL. Alontevei’de-^Van Aken. Airs. Philander Horn, of this city, received a telegram W ednesday an­ nouncing the marriage of her daugh­ ter, Lillian Sylvia Van Aken, to Mr. Louis G. Monteverde, at Los Angeles, Cal. Guinaer—^Hennings. The marriage of Prances H, H en­ nings, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hennings, of 14 W est 104th street, New York City, and C. Earl Gumaer, son of Andrew J. Gumaer, of Guy- mard, N. Y„ was quietly solemnized on Wednesday, July 17, at 12.30 noon, in Brooklyn. The ceremony was per­ formed by the Rev. T. Young, In the presence of only the bride’s immedi­ ate family. They were attended by Miss Ida Eden and Paul Hennings. The couple left for a trip to Sara­ toga, Albany, Stillwater and other points of interest. They will reside for the present at Guymard, N, Y. The bride is a m ost attractive and accomplished young lady, and the groom is a member of one of the old­ est fam ilies In the county, of French Huguenot descent. He is a popular memlier of tlie Masonic Jjoflge, of P o r t Jervis. ------ 4 ------- Steele—Springer. Air. Lancelot Armstrong Steele, of M ilford, P a . , a n d . M iss I d a L o u ise S p r i n g e r , of N e w a r k . N. J., w e r e m a r ­ rie d a t th e re c t o r y o f G r a c e E p is c o ­ p a l C h u r c h , in th i s city, a t 9 o’clock, Tuesday evening, by Rev. Uriah Sy- monds. Witnesses were Louis -de Berlhe and Elizabeth Lattimore. Air. and Mrs. A. Crone and family, I thinks the amount Is excessive, ahd of Newark, N. J., are visiting rela- ■ <^ontests the award. Forirter 'Senator ^ tives in Matamoras and Port Jervis. John C. R. Tas’lor, of Middletown, Cards have been received from Aliss appeared for Mr. Pierson and re- Emily Latimer, a former teacher in Quested that the award be approved, the Matamoras High School, from ^ercy V. D. Gott, representing Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she and the county, protested against, its ap- her mother, Mrs. Latimer, of Ding- Justice Al.orschauser says he mans. Pa., are spending a few weeks ^ ^ “ 1 investigate the. matter ana an- with relatives. j nounce his views later. __________ Mrs. Albert Eckert and daughter, of Shohola, Pa., are visiting at the I Bushkill, Pa., who have been visiting home of Mrs. Jacob Ruegger, on at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Avenue M. j Hornbeck on Avenue N, for the past . , Mrs. Charles Unger and sons, ^ w’eek, have returned home. Charles and William, of Jersey City, Air. and AIi*s. S. D, Wheeler, for- are spending the, summer' in a cot- mer residents of Alatamoras, but who tage on First street, uptown, in Alata- have been located at Bakersfield, Cal., .-moras. | for some time,, are now located at Air. John Masten and niece, Miss Willowbrook, (fal. — S. Carrie Minkley, o f Mendota, 111., vis- ------- ‘ Eligible as Special Excise Agents, Albany, July 23. — The following candidates from Orange county have passed the recent competitive civil service examination for the position of special agent in the state excise department at an annual salary of ?1,000 : N e w b u r g h — John B . AleCabe, John J. Fallon. C irclevilh K, who has been very ill at her home, is improving. Mrs. M. Myers on Avenue H is hav­ ing her cottage repaired. A new roof is being put on. Mr. Harry Rosen- cranse is doing the work. Mrs. Jackson Nyce on Avenue L, ■who h a s b e e n ill a t h e r h o m e , is im ­ proving. Mr. Frank Dauman on Avenue G, contractor, has been repairing the residence of Mr. H. Bull, near Mil­ ford, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Vandervort and Miss Gertrude- Vandervort on Avenue L, who have been-spending two weeks at Westcolang Lake, have returned Miss Anna Burns, of Newark, N. J., w^ho has been visiting relatives in Matamoras for the past week, has re­ turned home. COMMISSION DECIDES $3,000 County of .Orange .Thinks .This a leather Steep Estiniate on Three- Fonrths of an Damages Included. Newburgh, July 24. — W hen the county of Orange directed that a bridge 22 feet in height should be erected over the Erie tracks- near Otisville, in front of the residence of Frank Pierson, it laid the- foundation for • litigation that promises to be quite expensive. To start with, the county and Air. Pierson could not agree as to the amount of damages done and the value of three-quarters of an acre of land taken in order to provide approaches. The matter was Miss Olivia Barlow, of Paterson, N. ' taken to the Supreme Court aiid Jus- J., is visiting relatives and friends in t^ce Morschauser appointed a com- . Matamoras, j mission, consisting of James ' G. My- Miss Lulu Prescott, of Philadelphia, ! Matteawan; Charles T. Dun- Pa., arrived in town today and will bing, of Goshen, and George R. Vail, spend her vacation at her home on Chester, to hear testimony and Avenue K. j award. i Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Marsh ’ on i commission took testimony, at Pennsylvania avenue, xeceived. the \ Which it was shown th a t the bridge congratulations of their friends on offensive to the owner of the Friday, July 19th, in honor of their lands, that it caused him continued 5.0th wedding anniversary. Their expense m Conducting his business, many Ifriends in Matamoras all hope his view from the house and they may live to celebrate many more necessitated the construction of anniversaries. I approaches to the residence in. Mrs. Nelson Hall, of Newark, N. J., o^^er th a t he may get to and from is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. home. The testimony of experts Charles Genung, on Delaware Drive. Mrs. John Cook, of Bushkill, Pa., is visiting relatives in Matamoras. Mrs. Marshall Pettit and little son, who have been visiting relatives I placed the damages at from $3,700 to $5,000. The commission on Saturday last, at special term, Poughkeepsie, ported to Justice Morschauser in vor of granting Mr. Pierson $3,000, Callicoon, N, Y., for the past weel^ [ the commission looked upon have returned home. a low figure. The county of Orange ited at the home of Air. and Mrs. A. C. Van Etten, on Avenue L, on Sun- Alatamoras, July 24. Air. C. A. Ackerson, of New York City,, who has been visiting his sister. Airs. John Miss Alartha Amstalden and friend, Simpson, on Avenue K, has returned Aliss AI. Cooley, of Jersey City, arriv- j home. ed in to w n on S a t u r d a y a n d a r e -Mr. J . M. F r o m e l, o f P a s s ic , N . J , , - guests at Proctor’s Inn, Matamoras. airived in town on Monday to spend Aliss A m s t a ld e n w a s fo r m e r l y a re s i - h i s v a c a t io n a t th e h o m e of M r. a n d d e n t o f M a t a m o r a s , a n d h e r fr i e n d s M rs. J o h n S im p s o n , On A v e n u e K . are pleased to see her here again. At the business meeting of the C. E. S., connected with Hope Church, which -was held on Friday evening, the following officers were elected” for the next six months : Van President— Rev. W. L. Ketn ^ Vice-President—Miss Vivia: jeretary— Miss Emma Schultz, prresponding Secretary— Miss An- Organiist— •easurer- n -Aliss Ren Miss Nelli< sna Prescott. Brasefield. Mrs. Froemel has been spending sev­ eral days with her sister. Airs. John Simpson. Mr. and Mrs. E. Ladd and Air. W al­ ter Ruby, of Jersey City, who ha%’e been guests at Linden Cottage on Avenue F, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Kimball, have returned Mr. Harold Gamier and Air. James Rundel, of Brooklyn, N. Y., who have been guests of Air. and Mrs. E. M. Kimball at Linden Cottage on -Yve- Alatamoras, July 23.— Mrs. Georsa nue E, have returned home. Burnett, of Middletown, visited with Mrs. Fred Green, Miss Florence her parents, Alv. and Airs. Robert Green and Miss Alice Little, all of Skinner, on Avenue L, on Sunday. j Middletown, N. Y., who have been Miss Lucia London on Avenue M i \’isiting at the home of Aliss Minnie visiting relatives at Brooklyn, L. I. , A. Van Akin on Avenue H, for the for a few days. ! week, returned home on Satur- Aliss Pearl Roberts, of Port Jervis <3ay, accompanied by . Miss Edna Van visited her grandmother, Mrs. C. P. Akin, who will spend some ef her va- Lilley, on Avenue I, a few days last cation in that city, I Mrs. Phoebe Rhodes, of Kent, Ohio, \ , , • ^ • -in- and her sister, Mrs, Lizzie Reeves, of Cards have been received in Mata- „ „ ’ . „ „ ,;r- -r^i- V, ' Howells, N, Y., are visiting at the moras from Miss Elizabeth M. Ender- ’ ’ ° , , , , ,, home of Mrs. Charles Nichols on Ave- ly and Mrs. George Clark, who are - nt * -u i K. Mrs. Nichols is a cousin of spending a few days at Buffalo and ..f. T*. ,, these ladies. They will also visit at Niagara Falls. They will go to Mead i ^ ville. Pa., this week. They repoit ' having a pleasant time. River View Farm on the Delaware a b o v e M a t a m o r a s . A m o n g th e n u m ber are Mr. and Mrs. S. Hunton, •^he h o m e o f M rs. Ir w i n H u n t on A v e ­ nue H and Mrs. Theodore Durant on Avenue M, before returning to t^ieir homes. C ircle v ille — ^ W alter F . C r a n s . Port Jervis—^Albert S. Hetzel, E d - ’ Mr. ward J. Flanagan. } ohildr( I»rof. and Mrs. T. H. Woodley, of Middletown, N. Y., are rejoicing over the arrival of a young son, born July ^ayonne, a . o .. ^ 22. w e i g h in g e i g h t p o u n d s . M r. a n d B I^ o llh o n e r . o f N e w Y o r k C ity, a n d Mr. and Airs. M. G^rretson and and their many friends. q 151 -ti' d u h 'tender their congratulations. Prof.? Mrs A g. gchultz and little daugh-| prlneiptd of' ter, of New York City, anived Matamoras High gchooi. - \ to w n to d a y to v i s i t a t th e ^ o m e o f | A v e ^ e K . Mrs. John Fredensteln. -on Delaware sci-aitan ? -. Drive. Mrs. Schultz is a sister of ^ H o n e |^ l6 , Pa., b e f o r e r e t u r n i n g h o m e . Mrs. D. J. Van Zant and two dMl- dren, of New York City, -whe have been visiting at the home ef her m e- ther, Mrs. D. B. Owen, on Avenue K, for the past two weeks, returned to the city today. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert E. Nichols and eon, James, of New York City, arriv­ ed in town today to visit at the home of Mrs. N ichols’ parents, Mr, end Mrs. L. Hornbeck, on Avenue N. Mr. a n d M r s . N i c h o ls a n d so n ha-ve b e e n spending a few das’s at New B ed­ ford, Mass., before coming t* Mata- Mrs. Fredensteln. Mr. and Mrs. Kinshorn, of Big Flats, Pa., are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Conrow, on Avenue Iv Mrs. L. Hornbeck on Avenue N, ae companied by Mrs. John Cook, visit ed relatives at Livingston Alanor, N Y., a few days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Levi Decker on Dela ware Drive are visiting for a few day in Middletown. Mr. Lament Hornbeck, of Ne York City, spent Sunday with his pa rents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Hornbeck, o Avenue N. and Mrs. John C o o k and •en and Miss May Cook, all of moras.

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