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PERSONAL AND SOCIAL NOTES (F rom Daily Union of July 26). A ttorney F r a n k Lybolt and fam ily retu r n e d hom e on T h u rsday afte r ­ noon from a delightful outing at Ocean Grove, N. J., of two weeks. They m ade the journey across New P o r t Jervis, Friday, and spent the day- street, have retu r n e d to P o r t Jervis from the cam p at iSackett Lake, Sul­ livan county. Mr. M ax L a m b e rt and Miss Fannie Stillwell, of EHenville, m o tored Jersey by autom o b ile. Rev. Jo h n J. M orris, who has been a t R o ckaw ay P a rk , L. I., for several weeks, h a s re tu r n e d hom e m u c h im ­ proved in health. w ith Mr, L a m b e rt’s sister, M rs. F ran k Noe, of C a tharine street. A. J. Craw, of B ingham ton, were in ' iting friends in New York City and town on business today. I Kingston. I Mr. F red Treuleben, of W a shing- j Mrs. C h arles C h ant and son. H e n - ton, D. C., arrived in town Saturday ry, m o tored to W arwick, N. Y., to join Mrs. Treuleben and their son, | S unday, w h e re they visited relatives St. John, fo r a visit with Mr. and ' o f Mrs. C h ant, am o n g them Miss Re- M rs. Stephen St. John, of W e st Main ! b e k a h S h o rter, who is 103 years old. street, and o ther, relatives and friends ’ Miss ^ h o r ter is rem a rkably well p re­ in P o r t Jervis. This is Mr. Treule- • served despite h e r great age, which is ben’s first visit to P o r t Jervis in a [ a m a tter fo r m arvel to all who visit num b e r of years. I th e place and m e e t her. Mr. W illard Young, who visited J. T, A itken, th e P ik e street pho- w ith his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irw in ' tographer, returned from P h iladel- Y'oung, of U lster Place, over the week pliia on Tuesday, w h e re he has been ,end, retu r n e d to Yonkers today. Mrs. M. M. Van E tten, of Palo Al- Mrs. C h a rlotte A. N e arpass, who jg visiting Mrs. A, M, Met- has been visiting h e r parents. M ayor j ^ler, o f ' p a c h a r d street. ' Mr. V a n s t ­ and Mrs. w. H. Nearpass, for the p a s t '.ten is a nephew of the late Mr. Amos M essrs. R . H . Tracy and A llen M y - j w e e k s, retu r n s to N e w Y o rk CityK-g^n E tten, and, also, of Mrs. M et­ ers spent the early part of the w eek ' afternoon. The first of A u g u st tie r ’s husband. in a successful fishing, trip up in the N e a rpass will resum e h e r p o s i - 3 Mr. and Mrs. F ran k Anderson, w ith hills of Sullivan county, N. Y., a t tbe New York Library, F if th I th e ir m o ther, Mrs. Ayers, of W est- Lebanon Lake. They cam e back w ith a fine catch of fish. Messrs. W illiam F ranklin, C h arles B e rry and F r a n k B erry, of Brooklyn, N. Y., are guests a t “Camp R u m m y ” on the H a rry E. P h illips farm M o ntague, N. J. I th e ir m o the r, Mrs. Ayers, o f W est- A^enue, 40th to 42nd streets. Mra, town, m o tored to P o r t Jervis Satur- N e arpass accom p anies h e r daughter day and spend the day w ith Mrs. A. to the city, and will visit tvith h e r fo r m . M ettler, of R ichard street. On ^h e ir re tu r n hom e they w e re accom ­ panied by Mrs. J. C. Davis, of S c ran­ ton, Pa., and h e r granddaughter, lit­ tle Miss H e le n Dean, of W ilkes-B a r­ re, who have been visiting Mrs. M et- severai days. Mr. and Mrs. G. K a sten, who have- been visiting their sbn. Rev. P a u l j Kasten, pastor of the G e rm ap Lu- tler fo r sev eral days. Mrs. Ayers and Ferguson, M rs. Davis a r e sisters of Mrs. M et- — tier and all three greatly enjoyed this A r tist E d w a rd A. M arsh, of New ! tberan Church, at th e parsonage on York City, is spending a few w e e k s ' Suss^ex street during th e p a s t week, sketching th e beautiful vistas on the | retu r n to th e ir hom e in H o b o k - Phililps farm in M o n tague, N. J. afternoon. Mr. and M rs. P. H. Schroeder, of | Miss Florence H a n n a h , who has jTeunion. Ne-w Y o rk City, retu r n e d hom e on ‘ detained a t h e r hom e on H a m - M a s ter Russell Holt, the younger Monday, afte r spending ten days with •' m o n d street by a slight illness, h a s ! son, of Mr. and Mrs. Edw in J. Holt, Mrs. sch r o e d e r’s sister, Mrs. Lena ■ to h e r duties at tbe office of [ o f 27 West Main street, has returned K a d e l, on O range St. j C. N. Skinner. D u r ing M iss TIan- I hom e , a f t e r a h a p p y vaca t io n v i s i t of Mr. J o h n and Miss Florence Schroe- ! n a h ’s illness. Miss Alice Crane was her several weeks w ith his grandm o ther, d e r and t h e ir friend, Mr. John Scheld, I ’^'cry capable substitute in the Doc- Mrs. W. R. Cooke, and his aunt, Mrs, of New York City, are enjoying a j t o r ’s office. E. J . Laffey of B a s t Orange, N, J. .tw o weeks’ vacation a t the hom e of Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Swinton and Mrs. H. B. Sw artw o u t and son, H e r- Mrs, Lena Kadel, on Orange St. | family, Mr. Jo h n H. Woods, and Miss bert, and Mrs. Sw a rtw o u t’s parents, Mrs. E d g a r J. Storms, Jr., returned C lara M arch w e n t to their cam p a t . Mr, and Mrs, George Peck, m o tored to h e r hom e in B r o o k lyn, Thursday, ' S and Pond, n e a r H ighland Lake, S ul- j M o n tgomery and N e w b u rgh ^ on on train P o u r, afte r a three w eeks’ . livan county, fo r a stay of two weeks. r e tu r n in g th a t evening, visit w ith h e r parents, Air. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W m. Adams have re- {This was th e first visit of Mr. and Lave* W a idler, on Sullivan avenue. j turned from Orange Lake, a f t e r , M rs. P e c k to their form e r home,- Mrs. A lm arin Phillips and son, spending a delightful week w ith Mr. M o ntgomery, in m any years. attending the 32nd annual convention of the Professional P h o tographers’ Society of Am erica. He reports a good tim e and a successful conven­ tion. One day was spent by the dele­ gates at A tlantic City, and over 1,500 enjoyed a pleasant tim e a t this fa ­ m o u s resort. A b r a n c h . o f the Asso­ ciation is com p o sed of 50 or m o re of ■Protfessional W o m en photographers, a num b e r of whom ran k am o n g the best in the U n ited States. Mr. A itken retains some unique souvenirs th a t he is showing to his friends today. Misses W ilhelm ina McCloud, Sadie C lark and itm a n d a Cubberly, o f Stat- Island, are the guests o f th e ir Miss Uois G raham , of Clyde, N. Y,, Js visiting h e r friend. Miss K a th e r­ ine Stevens, of U lster Place. Mrs. Eugene L. Cochrane, of B rooklyn, N. Y., arrived in P o r t J e r ­ vis S a turday to visit fo r several weeks w ith her^ p a rents, Mr. and Mrs. John R o b e rt, left T h u rsday m o rning for B. H. Coonrod and family. Ocean Grove, N. J., for a vacation so- Miss Carolyn Ketohel, departed on journ, * W ednesday for P o r t Jervis, w h e re - A son was born Thursday m o rning l-she will sojourn fo r two weeks w ith to Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Van Inv\'e- 1 relatives.— Haw lej' Times, gen, of Brooklyn, N. Y, Rev. Jam e s A. M cW illiams, of Os- Miss Grace L e o n a rd returned hom e ■ sining, N. Y., a fox-mer p a s to r of the W e d n esday from S a c k e tt Lake, n e a r P resbyterian Church, of P o r t Jervis, . o f W a shington avenue, and M onticello, w h e re she has been cam p - j was a visitor in' this city today. | tvith Mr. C o chrane’s m o ther, Mrs. ing for som e time. Miss Helen M er- M rs. P e a r l C a rm e r H a llock lies se- ! A lice Cochrane, of M atam o ras. Mr, riam and brother. H a rold, and Miss | riously ill a t the hom e of h e r parents J C o chrane will join M rs. C o chrane la- C h a riotte N e a rpass are at the sam e | a t 30 O range-st. [ t e r for a vacation of a few weeks. cam p . H a rold- M erriam and Jacob Mr. P a y e tte W. W h itney, who re- Airs. Jam e s H o rnbeck and daugh- H o rnbeck, the latter from the H o rn- 1 c e n tly resigned as P rincipal of P o rt j tei% Miss G e rtrude, of Ferguson ave- beck bungalow, recently rode here j Jervis High School, is not going to tone, who h a v e been visiting Airs, from Sackett Lake on bicycles. j Ellenville. The position of Superin- ! H o rnbeck’s parents. Air, andf Airs. Aliss A n n a Votsch, of W arwick, N j tendent in th a t place has been taken' i Bi-anning, of Namrowsburg, have re- Y., w^ho has been spending a week’s j by W. Floyd Harris, recently of turned home, vacation w ith Airs. AI. Alorgan, of 53 , v o n ia, N. Y. Ball street, returned hom e this m o rn- Aliss Olive Lundy and sister, Katli’-' ing on train 30, accom p anied by Airs, j ryne, left town last night for Bruns- AI. Alorgan, who will spend a few days wick and P o rtland, Alaine, w h e re they' visitng friends in W a rw ick. will visit Prof, and Airs. Roys for a Aliss M y rtle Conkling, of Alonticel- short time, lo, is visiting w ith Aliss H e le n Aler- j Airs. W a inw right Holt, Aliss H o lt riam , of B a s t Alain street. | and M aster W a inw right Holt, of W e st Aliss A n n a Nolan, of Aliddletown, Alain s treet, and Aliss Gladys H o lt and N. Y., is visiting h e r aunt, Airs. Alar- ! M aster R e g inald Holt, of W e st N u t- garet Morgan, of 53 Ball street, for a ley, N. J., are th e guests of Airs. W. few v,-eeks. j H. C h a n t a t the Ryall Camp, Twin The Jeffersonville R ecord of J u l y ' Lakes, P ike count.v, Pa. 25th says on W ednesday night the p a - j Air, and Airs. F r a n k Butterfield, of trnn.c: nf thp lVff>snr»?r» Tnhiloci onf/aT'- Siiinpv *V* «nrl A T\,T» tc trnn s of th e Alasonic Jubile e ente r- | Sidney, N. Y., an d A ttorney and Alr.s. tainm e n ts in Jeffersonville had th e , F ran k A. Taylor and son, Lewis, of great pleasure of w h a t m u s t be re- 1 Hancock, visited friends in this city, g a r d e l, from an artistic standpoint, while on a trip by autom o b ile aero.ss as the treat of the season in the re - 1 bTew Y o rk State and Alassachusetts. cital given by Aliss Josephine Lyon, th e highly accom p lished and talented young daughter of the Hon. Jo h n W. Lyon, of P o r t Jeivis, who thrilled her large and attentive audience w ith ad ­ m iration and delight from beginning to end of the m iscellaneous program . Aliss Lyon’s readings were very clear and distinct, and h e r character de­ lineations rem a rkably accurate, which, (From Daily Union of July' 29), Mr. Le Roy Lam o reaux, who h a s been visiting a t the hom e of his pa­ rents, Air. and Airs. A. E. Lam o reaux, fo r several weeks past, retu r n e d last evening to E a s t Saginaw, Alich. E rie Police Lieutertant F , A.. Brown. (F rom Daily Unikm of July 3©V. Am o n g the arrivals ‘ a t the H o tel H u g u e n o t for several weeks are Miss- Bessie Resnikoff, o-f New Haven.,, Gcnn,, Fannie N a b u t, Alary Schweits:- er,. Fannie Finklestein,, and Alessrs:. Plenvy Cohen, Benjam.u2 Cohen, E d - wardf. G, Goodman, all of New York. Mr.- a.nd Airs, F red G.- Sm ith and family,, of Passaic, N. who have been visiting Air. Sm ith’s mother.AIrs. N. WellMatn, of Alt. WiUSsuMi street, returned, to- th e ir home- yesterday. Today they go to A tlantic (3Lty for the rem a ining days of Air. Sm itlt’s vaca- Alrs. Alait? Alapes, of Clfsijt street, is again at hom e, afte r a fe-w weeks' sojourn at. Rio,. N- Y. Aliss Alarigiret Speidel resT?ira;ed h e r duties in New Yovk City, Al'offiday, af- a delightful vacation of five weeks spersti witEt h e r mothen-. Airs. 15. Speidel, of I;^e^laware street, EtiOid v isit­ ing w ith h e r m any friends in; P o rt left town on E r ie train F ive on Sum- Jervis, day evening for a business trip to> with h e r charm ing personality an 'i Cleveland, Ohio, grace, elicited rapturous applause, as I Alisses Alary E , Wlsite andi L.ucy each num b e r was g iven. Aliss Lyon, 1 B u rch, of Scheneetacf.v,. N. Y,,. are- who is just fairly started on h e r his- i q u ests a t the hom e of AI t . and! Alrs- trionic career, gives prom ise of a j L eonard H a p p . b rig h t future indeed. I Mrs. AT. H. Alaison atiid h e r y o u n g j Sadie Chamb-uas-.. They Misses Josephine F a rnum and Anna j son have gone te HonesGale few a vise-; Poi-t Jervis and retu r n in Mr, StrolVs K u y k e n d a ll returned W e d n esday e v e - ' of several w e eks-w ith Al'rs. A,l!ason”s ; 'a u t o going by. way of Easton,, In Kill P a r k , ' near Parents. . | August they vv,--l.l m o tor to Atlanluc I Alessrs, H e rb e r t Sender, Cha.rles!t ^-jty to s p end, s everal week&j *1 th a t Air. and AI es , CBtarles OrRiea &trivh, and Air. Robt-rt Ashm an, of F-teeUvad. Pa., who hava- been visiting: w ith Air. and Airs, tthurk Y etter, o f W e st Alain street, szeturned to thoLn- hem e this m o rning,, accom p anied by Aliss mc'tocedi to ning from Green K ill P a rk , K ingston. They had occupied - ------- tage there for two weeks w ith M isses' H a m m o n d and L . GT. Senger have re- Nellie F a rnum and Id a H o rnbeck, of Earned from a trip through th e (M jat Lakes from Buffalo to Ghlcagi.**,. T h e y i rep o rt having had a detlTghtfuE tStoei. Aliss Alarguerlte- Crotrier,. Balli street, h a s returned fi'orn. a. voi'catiojai spent w ith relatives att Tho>m.pso!i, Sustiuelianna councty, Pai„ amil todau resum e d h e r duties- as- stenographier- P o r t Jervis, Mrs. Josephine W h itney, of Hont-sdale, Pa., and Aliss K a te Rose, of Ellenville, N. Y. Aliss Nellie F a rn u m and Airs. M’hitney will m ake a sh o rt visit in New York before re ­ tu rn in g to th e ir respective homes. Aliss H o rnbeck returned hom e a w e e k j ^ ^ ^ U 'pew riter itr tire store off Ste-w- \ m I ss Lavinia W h ittington, of H a st | ™ ; ; S r A ^ T ^ r A I b a ^ y . , i s Alain street, returned Thursday a H e r - , m oon from C ragsm o o r, K. Y„ w h e r e , , siim.va.ni aivemie. fo r several w e e k s , sh e w a s ca m p in g 1 t e s t e r SedMlo;, o f N e w Yorlt,, is w ith her aunt, Airs. Alary Y a tes, '-^.j.gjtjng h is parents. Ate. and Alrs^ A. fa m ily, of N e w B r u n sw ick, N. J. iS e d illo, .of Alouratain. aivenue. M r. and M rs. F r e d G. Sm ith and j W m s e A.ikl.e, afi t^,ushin(g. L. ch ild r e n , o f P a s s a ic, N. J., are \ isitin'< | v isitin g fM a fe w w e e k s, w ith Air. S m ith ’s m o ther. Airs. N a t h a n . frien d . M iss I t o Sedillcv, of b e l l m a n , o f Alt. \N illiam street. M o u n tain t-uveriiue.. A r c h it e c t C. I'. L o n g ,of Jeisey Cit>, y.Iiss Atay Lt<cdi, whio. h a s b«i-ert a t h e r hom e on PiSce- sttreei fo r several w e e k s , sufferim g fnotit an atta c k of rh e u m a tism , {liiis- mo.rsiLng, i-esiim ed her p o s ition im! th e wtfiioe. of D r . R. F. Aledrick. Mrs. J o h n D a ley , Sr., and dau g h - K ingston avenue. Airs. W. H. Kent, of P a terson, N. J., a form e r resident of P o r t Jervis, is the guest of Airs, Ed. Langley, of M'est Alain street. Policem a n W illiam L, B u rr is ta k ­ ing his annual vacation and Special Officer Ed^vard H a rrig-jn i» worKing in his place in the F irst W a rd. (From Daily Union of J u ly 31').. Air. and Airs. H. E. R ichards, of 12 M o u n t W illiam street returned h o m e on Alonday from sl week’s visit with relatives and friends- a t H a n - cock, D e la w are county, N, Y, The Union has received postals from P rof. L. C. Fenner, who recen t­ ly attended the G rand Lodge- off Elks; in P o itlan d , Oregon, and is now trav ­ eling along th e Pacific Coast i n Ckli- fornia and through th e southwest. Air. G. AI. Babcock, o f New Y\ork was an over-night guest of his daugh­ ter, Airs. P e ter F. Van Noy, returning to New T'ork this m o rning. Air. and Airs.. K. S, Salijlioni- o f Honesdale, this m o rning, w e n t to Alarblehead on th e A lassachusetts coa.-ift for a stay of' two \Weeks; Mr. and Airs. W illiam B u rr and son Jo h n , in com p a n y with friends are campiiag at Yajlkee Pwn’d, Air. C h arles Rhodesy o f Hudsom street, fs taking- a w e ek’s vacation, visiting relatives In G a rdiner, Ulster- county, Y. Aliss M o ra Spencer,, who- h a s bee.n visiting f5tr several weeks w ith h e r sister, AIr!« AT. F3 Witz,, s-f Honesdale,. retu r n e d to P o r t Jerv is Tuesday m o rning. W h ile aw ay Aliss Spencer, with M rs. F ritz and h e r son, Mr. W a l­ te r F riU , now of New York, and friends from Honesdale and New Yoi'k, enjoyed some weeks of camp life a t Sand Pond near Venoge. Miss Lillian Fowler, of Newburgh, his returned hom e after visiting for two w eeks with h e r b rother and sis­ ter, Air. and Airs. F. D. Fowler, of Ferguson avenue. Aliss P e a r l Winfield, of Sussex- street, returned hohie last evening from A sbury P a rk , \where in com ­ pany with relatives from P a terson, she had been boarding for the past CHIEf STONE IS ELOQUENT AT CLOSE Defends labor in General and is Applauded After a Stir­ ring Speech^ MONTHS BEFORE DECISION Awards- off thDe Arbitratioit Board' Hearing: Engineers’ Cause Will be Effective as of May 1, 1912, However; with) Esreeptions. Prof. Edw a rd Payson. v S mith, of N o rth Tonaw anda, is visiting witii Mrs. Sm ith at the hom e of h e r pa­ rents, Air. and Mrs. H. Goodrich, Sr., o f U lster Place. Mrs. Smith, who has been, visiting w ith h e r sister, Mrs. Lester Laj'ton, of Newton, returned to P o rt Jervis Alonday, to m eet the P rofessor here. Aliss H e n rietta C u n n ingham , o f ' eloquently and tc Spring street, is in Alilford visiting j ^oo6 effect at the closing ses- with h^r aunt. Airs. John Biddis, arb itratio n ai Miss Amy Campbell, w h o has been ' G rand Chief W a rren S. Stone th e B rotherhood of Locom otive I th a t h a s eve'* been h e a rd In th is country. Mr. Stone did not confine him self to the cause of his organization alone, b u t m ade a defence of all labor o r­ ganizations. H e said • th a t when, those of the o ther side m a d e sta t e ­ m ents derogatory to organized lab o r in ^general, and to th e B rotherhood Of Locomotive E n g ineers in p a r ticu ­ lar, he would prove 2’ecreant to his sworn duty did he fail to challenge \ them . H e seem ed especially nettled at statem e n ts th a t the b ro therhood's fi^rst need was to weed out th e ineffl- Gients and drunkards from th e ranks. “D rink has no place in our, m o d e rn railroad,” he said, “and this organiza^. tion will go fu r th e r th a n any railro a d in trying to crush it out.” Chief Stone traced the lab o r m o v e­ m e n t back to its inception. Using the ancient feudal system as a. basis for his argum e n ts, he said the sys­ tem had always applied to th e ra il­ road m a g n a te, “a king in his o-wn rig h t and who ruled w ith an iron The speaker stated th a t the* rail- , r o a d employes- -were discharged on .ach Saturday, th a t he was d.p- and w ithout sun opportunity to de- vlsiting M r. and Airs. D o rr on W e st \ Plauded by m any women and m en j theinselves,, and when a new of- Alain s treet, has retu r n e d to h e r hom e th e audience, some of whom | ^ brought his in P a terson, N. J. , ascended th e Platform and ^^^isted . Aliss Estelle Birney, of New York ® a k m g his hand. M any of 1 always get th e best runs, he City, is the guest of Miss R u th B u ch- ! ^^ese persons congratulated Chief lan a t 158 P ike street j S tone upon his m asterly arraignm e n t Aliss Lois Graham , of Clyde^ N. Y .,' E a s tern railroads and predict- v isitin g w itn tn© fa m i ly of, Mr. i su c c e s s of h is cause. S a turday was the sum m ing up day sunshine and between th e representative of the.'gj.^y fifty-two E a s tern railroads and Chief ^t^ e r side Stone, fo r the engineers. W. M. Dun- Lloyd Stevens. Air. and Airs. W illiam Stoll are en­ joying a trip to A tlantic City, N. J. Airs. C. H. N o rris returned hom e “T h e B r o t h e r h o o d o f L o c o m otive Engineers,” declared C h ie f Stone, “blazed the w a y fo r t h e o ther organ- ; Sion for the last two -w'eeks. B o th sides have been requested to j file briefs w ithin two weeks, in addi- I tion to th e argum en nis ts already pre- wholesom e respect for us.” from a visit in New Y o rk,C ity, M o n - the case of the rail- roads, after which Chief Stone AUs. Eugene Cochrane, of New ; ^he ^0 The York is spending the sum m e r with ! arftrtration h a s been in ses- h e r parents. Air. and Airs. John Lord, | of AVashington avenue. Prof. A. J. Dem a rest, S u p e rintend- .. , .... i Lion to tn e arsu iiie aireaa y p r e - 1 ent of Schools of Hudson county, N. | been*done th e [handcar in th e P o r t J e n i s yards. J., and wife, m o tored to F o r t Jervis I ^experts of the board will i ------ --------- w ith Prof. E. W. Oliver, P rincipal o f ! condense the exhibits'' school No. 7, Hoboken, N. J., in Mr. engineers have* Oliver’s C h alm ers car, and are stop-! probably re- ' ping a t Hotel M itchell for a few days, j m o n ths, of time, Air. and M rs. Jam e s Fling and two ■ b efore a decisi'on can be reached. The sons, of New York City, are guests to- | ^ o ard agreed Saturday night, howev- day at th e H o tel Alitchell. Air. Fling ; th a t its' a w a rds w o u ld be effective is one of th e trustees of the AYallace | of May 1’, 1912, w ith such exeep- estate in this city. tions as m ay be deem ed proper. Aliss Phoebe Gordon is visiting w ith Besides tihie usual num b e r of rail- Alrs. L. O. Rose in C arbondale, Pa., [ road m en at Saturday’s . m eeting, the Injury of Ei*ie TraelE Foreman. E rie track forem a n Jam e s D avid­ son was treated at the P o r t Jervis Hospital M onday fo r an injury to his shoulder, received by falling from a Trackmen’s Wages Increased. for several weeks. X son w a s horn to M r. and Mrs. j room s were crowded by m a n j’ I and m e n g u e s t s o f th e hotel, Avcnibald AI. TV ooclruff at th e ir hom e ■ w ord had gone fo r th th a t a fiery ses- in N e w ark, N. J., on Tuesday. Alr.-s. j sion m ight be looked' for, and tho'se W o o d ruff was form e rly Aliss E leanor who attendled w'ere not disappointed. B. Van E tten, of this city. | i t was the opinion of m any of those f H igh lan d M ills, Ju ly 27.— ^The w a ­ ges of track m e n all over th e N e w York Division of the E rie will be in ­ creased from $1.50 to $1.60 a day be­ ginning next m o n th. The rise has been unsolicited,. a lthough it will be very welcome to the men, and it is believ­ ed the com p any has been induced' to g ran t it by the scarcity of this class of ^ ----------------- If you haven’t th e tim e to exercise regularly, D o an’s R egulets will p re­ vent constipation. They induce a m ild. nets . B ^ r t Avery, of Roselle,--N. J., | who listeimed to Chief Stone’s a r g u - | easy, healthful action of the bowels is visiting w ith relatives in this j m e n t t h a t he had m ade the m o st able ; w ithout griping. Ask your druggist city fo r a few days. i presentaiti-oh of the cause of labor for them . 25 cents. w a s in th e city today, i Mrs. Wm. Dolun, who has been vis­ iting the L ieutenant’s m o ther, Airs. Jennie Dolan, at Cold Spring, N. Y., has re tu r n e d to P o rt Jervis and is again visiting h e r parents, Air. and Airs. C h arles C a rley, o f B r o o k lyn j Bialey. o f TVest Alain Alain retu r n e d th is m o r n in g from Monroe, arriving in. P o r t Jervis in street, who has been visiting h e r son, M ichael, at Toledo, Ohio, for a m o n th, returned hom e this m o rning. H e r Uaugh-ter-in-law, Airs. Alichael Kadel. accom p anied her. (F r o m D a ily Onion of July 27). Air V illard Young, of Yonkers,will arrive in P o r t Jervis this afternoon to spend the week end w ith his pa- 'rents, Air. and Airs. Irw in TToung, of U lster Place. Aliss C h a rlotte N e arpass, of New York Oity, Aliss Helen M erriam and Airs. H a rrfm a n ’.s priv a te car. On Saturday evening Miss E v a p a r tici­ pated in a n en tertain m e n t and euchre givOn a t Idle H o u r In n , Alonroe, giv­ ing som e readings in her inim itable m a n n e r. The entertainm e n t was for the benefit of the church at Alonvoe, and the audience com p rised m any of th e notables of New York City's cial life. Air. and M rs, H. B. D enton have retu r n e d from an outing a t Westco- lang Lake. E rie Police In.si)ector W. B. Glass. popular waten&g, place. R e v . a n d Aliss,. C h a r l e s S. ifclA e w e ll a n d ch ild r e n ,, a n d Airs. W y lie, o f B in g h a m t o n , iime th e g u e s ts; off Atr. a n d Airs. JairiM& A- W y lie oai AEary-st. Air. Frank. Ver Nooy, uff Newarf;, N. J., is th e - s n e s t of his uanHe, Air. C h arles A. Pbamey at 63 (>iiajmge-sL State Garrnj- P ro tecto r Dr.. TVillefi Kidd, of N e‘vl:iuxvgh, was iisi tcf-wii to ­ day on bu.siia*iss. Aliss A n n a Wilson, nieC'O' off Airs. P. J . Gaudy, aettsm ed to itfa:- fiome in Buffalo, Ahiindiiy afternaoOi, a l t e r .a visit of a j&w weeks in P o r t Jervis. Aliss Hbfen TVilliams;. o-ff Sullivan Avenue,, ae-temed honin' Saturday af- tea-noon,; B/euin a visit •;id'tla the fam ily of h e r brother, Air. t&>ward Williams, o f Butleir,. N. J. Yes4a?i’day Aliss TVil- liam s rvsianied h e r tjtfsltion in the o f­ fice off Mr. H. H. Fai;'iiutm. MCi and Mrs. Eifwavd D. Johnscyi, and dlattghters, AliiMred and Alice, of New- York City, f&>mier residents of P o r t Jervis, are guests at Pine Clift Mr. and Alrv. Guy Bowen and son. 25'enas, of H a m n iond, Ind., are vM tlng tJlr-. Jo h n Btiwen and fam ily on Sec­ ond street. • Airs. E rn e s t H e rrm a n n and chil­ dren, H a rold and Helen, of New York 'Ciity, are visiting Airs. H e rrm a n n ’s brother. Air. C h arles Alolusky, a t 6 1 ‘/a H:udson street. She will also visit her sister-in-law , Mrs. TV. T u rner, on Bumnell street. Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Y. Irw in left town this m o rning on E rie train 28 for a m o n th ’s visit in Ocean Grove, N. J. Mrs. M. TVest retu r n e d to h e r hom e on P rospect street on Sunday eve- M asL r H a rold M erriam , of E a ^ t M ain of New Yofk Cit.y, nn.d PoUce C a p tain hihg after passing several days vis- THE HUB STORE'S iMID-SUMlHGLEIlRtNCESIlLieOIEi All u n a n im o u s ly d e c la r e Ihi'- s a l e t h e g r e a t e s t t h e y e v e r h a d the qood lortu n e t » a t ­ ten d . C o m e ! P la c e y o u r exp e c tation a s h ig h a s yoair im a g in a t io n w i l l perm it It c a n ­ n o t be a s h ig h a s y o u w i l l rea l z e at t h is sa l e . AU s e a s o n a b l e in e r c h a n d ise m u s t g o to m a k e room for ou r f a ll sto c k co m io g in. Some of Our Bargains ! In Fact, a Store Full! MEN’S AND YOUNG MEN’S SU J S r n P P A Watch Coat Chain Given Free W i t h D n r r 1 i l D D Every Men's and Young Men’s S u it! 1 l l D D A m am m o th Stock of Alen’s Suits, the season’s new est and best styles and m ade from the best of durable fabrics. -One Lot of Linen Suits Gaing F a s t ........................................................ $ 2.89 $ S.OO SUITS .................................................................................................. 4.48 $10.00 SUITS .................................................................................................. 6.48 $12.00 SCITS ............................................................................ 8.48 $13.50 SUITS ................................................................................................. 8.98 $15.00 SUITS.................................................................................................... 9.4.8 $20.00 SUITS ____ .1............................................................................................................ 11.4S $25.00 SUITS.................................................................................................... 14.48 BOY’S AND JUVENILE SUITS Large A ssortm ent, styles are the latest and ah abundance of p a t­ terns and colors to choose from. Come early to get your pick. $1.0 0^ Linden S u its.....................................................’ ............................... 5 5 cen,ts_ $3.00 SUITS .................................................................................................‘..$1.75 $3.50 and $4.00 SUITS.................................................................................. $2.35 $5.00 SUITS ................................................ ^2.98 $6.00 SUITS ..................................................................................................... $3.89 $7.00 SUITS........................................................................................................ $4,48 BOY’S K EE PA MTS . Good Strong P a n ts to stand hard knocks. Fine Assortm ent. 25 cent and 35 cent Values . .................................................................19 cents cent Values 75 cent Values $1.00 Values . . $1,50 Values . . . . . . 37cents ..5 5 cents ..6 7 cents . . 98 cen ts Remember, It’s the New Store. Don’t be Misled M en’s and Y o u ths' P a n ts. M en’s S h o e s and O x fords. F u r n ish in g s . Good Stout W o rk Pants. None better made. $$1.00 and $1.25 PANTS ....................................85 cents E x tra Pine Trousers for spare and dressy occasions, $1..50 P,\N T S ......................................................... 98 cents Our Shoes are the “ Talk of the Town.” Alen’s W o rking Shoe.s, Big Reductions $1.39 $1.69, $1.98, $2.19 2.5(c B albriggan U n d e rw e a r. . . . 50c Balbriggan U n d e r w e a r .... 50c Shirts ......................................... 10c Socks ......................................... . ,15c . ,33c . .37c $2.50 PANTS ................................................................$1.69 $2.00 Alen’s Dress S h o e s ............................. $1.48 $2 50 and $3 00 M en’s Dress Shoes ........... $1.9S 25e Boy's W aists ........................... . ,19c 1 ^ o w B e in g R e c o g n ized a s Port J e r v i s ’ L a r g e s t V a lue G iving Store THE HUB STORE “The Store That Saves You Money.” 70 Pike St, Port Jervis, N. Y Formerly Occupied by Flanagan.

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