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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, August 15, 1912, Image 2

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MNDSOMf UNIFORMS AND MARTIAL MUSIC CALORF IN DRUM CORPS MFFT hundreds of .Visitors in Town for the Parade and Contests, With Accompanying Street Carnival and Dance That Made Wednesday a Gala Day in This City. POUGHKEEPSIE CORPS TAKES THE BIG HONORS OF THE CONTESTS Musicians From the Hudson River City Looked Well and Flayed Well and Carried Away More Cups Than Any Other One Corps. W e d n esday, A u g u st 7tli, 1912, was a <flay long to be rem e m b e red in P o r t Jerv is on account of th e big celebra­ tio n and p a rade of th e fo u r th annual convention of th e New Y o rk State A ssociation of Fife, D rum and Bugle C o rps, w h ich took place during the afternoon and evening, und e r favor­ a b l e conditions of w e a ther and was w itnessed by practically th e entire p o p u lation of th e city besides hu n d ­ re d s of visitors- from th e surrounding country. The parade had been wide­ ly a/dvertised and being th e first of ,5ts kind to be held in P o r t Jervis a t ­ trac t e d enorm o u s crowds w h ich w e re w e ll pleased w ith the excellent m u sic fu r n ish e d by th e 15 organizations of over 300 finely uniform e d m e n in line. In every feature, th e parade w a s a success and reflected cred it up ­ o n th e m a n a g e m e n t of th e M u n n lch B ro th e rs’ Fife, D rum and Bugle C o rps, who certainly m a d e good in h a n d lin g the arrangem e n ts fo r th e convention and entertainm e n t, of the visiting m u sicians. On th e retu r n to Orange Square about 3.30, a dense throng of people. With m a n y carriages and automobiiles, occupied alm o s t all th e available space on the Square, the streets, resi­ dences and churches to w itness th e prize contests w h ich w e re to tak e place in fro n t of th e band stan'(J. A t th e conclusion of th e p a r a d e a. sh o rt address of a congratulatory n a ­ tu re was m ade by A ttorney W ilton B ennet, chairm a n of the com m ittee o f judges. The various com p e titors for the prizes w e re then heard, m u ch to the pleasure of the large and orderly crowd. Seated in th e band stand w e re th e judges, Messrs. W ilton Ben* net, B ailey F. A lart, R. G r a n t Thorpe, L. D. H o rn, George J. H u b b a rd, of this city, and Mr, M ack Allen, of Monticello, Several young ladies in patriotic costum es also reviewed th e m u sicians from seats in the band stand. The contests w e re concluded about six o’clock and th e com m ittee of judges adjourned fo r consultation and A f ter dinner had been served by i c o m p ilation of th e list of prize win- C a terer T e ller in th e dining-room s of 't h e M echanics’ H a ll and th e Dondero B u ilding on F r o n t street, th e various •organizations began to assem b le a t O range S q u a re fo r the form a tion of th e p a r a d e w h ich was scheduled to s t a r t a t one o’clock. The Square and ad j a c e n t territo r y was filled w ith liu n d red s of spectators long before tb e parade started. B u t little d.'l.iy w a s occasioned as th e com p a n ie s ••were prom p t to respond, and shortly a f t e r th e h o u r th e p a r a d e started on ■Sussex s tr e e t w ith two autom o b iles in ch a rg e of C o n rad H. D iehl and H a rry H o w e ll conveying M ayor W . H. N e a r- 3 >ass, A lderm e n Sehauer, Hogan, B ishop and Brown, City Engineer H ig h ter and M aster K e n n e th Diehl. M a r s h a l H. Oliver W ine rode a t head o f th e line w ith th e m ilitary bearing o f a com m a n d e r of a cavalry regi- '•‘The finest” was represented by C h ief o f Police John F. L a tham , Ser- igeant E. V. Moorehead, Patrolm e n C am p b ell, M ulvany, B u rr, Higgins, G r a n t and H e rr. The rem a inder of th e p a r a d e was in th e following order : F IR S T DIVISION. 19th Separate Co., F . D. & B. C„ Poughkeepsie, N, Y. M unnich Bros. Fife, Drum and Bu- ble Corps, P o r t Jervis, N. Y. Royal F. D. & B. C., Elizabeth, isr. J. D u tchess P. D. & Landing, N. Y. (Socialist P. & D. C., Jersey City. Yalesville F. D. &i B. C., Yalesville, A fter th e prize contests, th e m u si­ cians w e n t to th e respective halls w h e re dinner was served. The early p a r t of th e evening w a s devoted to all sorts of fan tastic p a r a d e s an d in­ form a l concerts on P ike and F ro n t A b o u t ^ight o’clock th e Munnilch B rothers’ D rum Corps, wearing th e ir handsom e new green uniform s, gave a fine concert in fro n t of headquart* ers in th e Dondero B u ilding on F r o n t street. T h a t thoroughfare was pack ed w ith people an d traffic moved w ith difficulty. P rep a ratio n s fo r announcing th e w inners and distributing th e prizes h a d been m a d e and a large num b e r of m u sicians adjourned to M u lraln’s Academy, w h e re afte r an excellent speech by C h a irm a n W ilton B e n n e t of th e com m ittee of judges, the prizes of 28 silver cups were announced and distributed to the follow ing-nam e d w inners : B est playing fife, drum and bugle corps outside of the Association, first prize— Royal D rum Corps, of E liza­ beth, N. J. B e st playing corps w ithout bugles, first prize— S o cialist D rum Corps, of Jersey City, N. J. B est playing ancient corps, first prize— Yalesville D rum Corps, of 'Yalesville, Conn. Individual fifing, ancient or m o d - first prize—^Mr. Froescher, of So- ~ um Corps, of Jersey City, ern, first i T, cialist Dri B. C., Fishkill^ ]sf. j . B est m o d e rn appearing g le Corps, K ingston, N. Y. ^ Jo g g l e s F. D. & B. C., M iddletown Donohue F. D, & B. C., P o r t Jervis N. Y. SECOND DIVISION, F r a n k Adams, A ssistant Marshal. L a n c r a f t D rum Corps, New H a v en C o u rt Storm K ing P. D. & B. C. C o rnw a ll, N. Y. H igham P . D. & B. C., Middletown; ; B. C.. P ishkill N . y : C h a n ler P. ‘ . Y. corps (non- ■ps, first n, Conn. abeth, N. J. Best appearing anciej prize— ^Lancraft, of New Haven, B est appearing association m a jor in line, first prize— R h inebeck D rum Corps, of R h inebeck, N. Y.; second prize, 19 th S e p a rate Co. D rum Corps, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. T a llest drum m a jo r in line, first prize— R h inebeck D rum Corps. of R h inebeck. N, Y. Corps having m o st m en in line, first prize— 1 9 th Separate Co., of P o u g h ­ keepsie, 31 men. Corps traveling greatest n u m b e r of miles, first prize— Yalesville, of Yales­ ville, Conn. Short M iddletown, N, Fancy drilling, first prize— 19th Separate Co. Corps, o f Poughkeepsie, N. Y. B aton sw inging — F irst prize, J. S h e p a rd, of Socialist Corps, Je) M a tam o ras F. & D. C., M atam o ras, P a . R h inebeck F. D. & B. C., R h ine beck, N. Y. F o r two hours, th e p a r a d e r s trav e rs­ ed a goodly section of th e city, th r o u g h th e well decorated streets an d w h ich gave th e visiting m u sicians a good opportunity of “seeing P o r t Jerv is.” The large num b e r of hom es appearing asso tastefu lly decorated w ith flags and j first prize— 19 th Sepj \bunting well indicated th e interest tak e n by citizens and householders in th e success of the parade, w h ich took place as follows ; F irst division form e d on Sussex and N o rth B room e streets. Second - divis­ io n on Sussex and South Broom e .streets. N. J. Poughkeepsie: second prize, D u tchess D rum Corps, of Pishkill Landing, N. Y, B est playing corps, first prize S e p a rate Co., of Poughkeepsie; ond prize, C h arles H igham D; Corps, of M iddletown. , Individual bugling, first prize— Mr. I Quackenbush, of C o u rt Storm King I C orps, of Cornwal), N. Y. T h e line of m a rch was on Sussex to | Individual snare drummi] H a s t M ain street. E a s t.M a in to Pike, P ik e to Ball, B all to Owen, Owen to rp , o x Jersey avenue., to F ront, to P ike to M ain to G rand; counterm a rch to F e r r y , to W a ter, to Pike, to Main, to E lizabeth, to B room e and disband. Shocking Sounds \in th e earth are som etim e s heard be- -fo re a terrible earthquake, th a t w a rn •-of th e com ing peril. N a tu r e ’s w a rn- 'In g s are kind. T h a t dull pain or ache in th e back w a rns you th e Kidneys jieed atten tio n if you w o u ld escape th o s e dangerous m aladies, Dropsy, ■Diabetes or B right’s disease. Take Jlleetric B itters a t once and see back- _ ache fly and all your best feelings re- j la r e drum m in g , first Gallagher, L a n c raft rps, of New H aven, Conn. Individual bass drum m ing, first prize— 'Mr. Leing, L a n c raft Corps, of New H a v en, Conn. Individual fifing, first prize — Mr. Myers, of H igham D rum Corps, of M iddletown, N. Y. Individual sn a r e drum m ing, first prize— Mr. Jones, of H igham D rum Corps, of M iddletown. Youngest organized corps in line, first prize— Ruggles Drum Corps, of Middletown. Juvenile organization, first prize—■ Donohue Drum Corps, of P o r t Jervis. H e a rty and well deserved applause by th e audience and various stunts by the lucky prize-w inning com p anies g reeted these announcem ents. T h e prize drill by the corps from tu r n . “My son received g r e a t benefit ^ P o u g h k eepsie, und e r D rillm a s ter fro m th e ir use fo r kidney and b lad ­ d e r trouble,” w rites P e ter Bondy, S o u th Rockwood, Mich,, “It is cer- lain ly a g r e a t kidney m edicine.” Try 60 cents a t All Druggists. H a u b ennestel, was skillful w o rk and was greatly appreciated by th e audi- F u lly 400 people attended the dance w h ich followed; th e excellent m u sic being furnished by A lart’s o r­ chestra. Traffic on the streets during the pa­ rade was well handled by Special Of­ ficers H o rnbeck, Riffenburgh, H a rri- gan, Steinbach and Kelly. E rie Officers Brown and Wood were on duty a t the E rie station w h e re th e re was a large passenger The special train of seven cars conveying the visitors and m u sicians back to New b u rgh and interm e d iate points left this city a t 10 p. m., and m ade schedule tim e, arriving in New­ burgh a t 11.50 p. m. A noticeable feature of th e cele­ bration was the good order w h ich p re­ vailed, th e re being only one case for the police took after, th a t of a m an loitering in public places, who was arrested by Officer Campbell, and was released by Justice B evans afte r a hearing in police court on T h u rsday m o rning. M erchants, hotel and resta u r a n t keepers and business m en generally rep o rt a considerable volum e of bus­ iness during parade day. Excellent postal card pictures of the parade a t various po.ints were se­ cured by P h o tographers K rause and Aitken. The R h inebeck and Poughkeepsie Drum Corps retu r n e d to their hom es in D u tchess county Thursday m o rn­ ing in th e ir big autom o b iles. The Socialist Corps of Jersey City, livened up P ike and F r o n t streets by a p a rade and concert a t noon T h u rs­ day, They returned to Jersey City in th e afternoon. The Yalesville D rum Corps sere­ naded Mr. R. H. T racy a t his hom e on Elizabeth street on Tuesday night, Mr. Tracy was a fo r m e r resident of Yalesville, Conn. The Street Caralval. People m a k e a carnival and not* a carnival the people. A study of P ike and F ro n t streets during th e carnival period of the afternoon and evening was a study of types, of w h ich P o r t Jervis contributed som e and its vis­ itors m o re. Loudest and m o st in evi­ dence was the m erely exuberant an i­ m al youth who found joy in a tin pan or a horn, happiness in confetti, satisfaction in a fool band on his h a t and fun in everything. His running m a te was th e girl from here, th e re and everywhere, not averse to w e a r­ ing such legends as “I’m All Alone, ’ “ I ’m Single and \Willing to be Mar­ ried,” etc., and w ith apparently no deeper th o u g h t th a n could be found in th e fro th of an ice cream soda. There was th e boy from the coun­ try, sunburned, sturdy, and w ith a wholesom e look in his eyes th a t be­ tokened his safe re tu r n hom e. The people of the carnival crowd each found th e ir own level in due tim e ,as people in every other crowd seem to, let them g a th e r w h e re they will. This process of leveling w e n t on to the accom p a n im e n t of all th a t goes to m a k e a carnival from Coney Island to K a n k a k e e . It is gratifying to note th a t th e re was no ap p a ren t vicious disorder, few conspicuously drunk, and no fights, all Indications th a t people and therefore carnivals are grow ing better. People w a lked the streets and th e streets were w h a t the individual w a n ted them . The girl who invited fam iliarity was accom m o d a t­ ed, th e girl who didn’t h a d little com p laint. Good n a tured fun and noise was th e day’s program aside from the official proceedings, in w h ich all joined in fact or in appro­ bation. Poughkeepsie Corps Lost in \VV’oods on W ay B[onie. Ellenville, Aug. 8.— T h e 19th Sep­ arate Co. D rum Corps of Poughkeep­ sie, had a g reat tim e in getting hom e from the convention a t P o r t Jervis. The corps left P o r t Jervis in an au to ­ m o b ile tru c k late W e d n esday night. They lost the road and afte r visiting Centerville Station and Fallsburgh, Sullivan county, they arrived a t E l­ lenville in tim e fo r b reak fast this m o rning. I t w a s a tired bunch which left Ellenville a t 7.30 this m o rning fo r Kingston and it is supposed th a t they got to Poughkeepsie som e tim e BOY MFFTS DFATH Blam ed a Good Worker. “I blam e d my h e a r t fo r severe dis­ tress in m y left side fo r two years,” w rites W. Evans, Danville, \Ya. “but I know now it was indigestion, as Dr. K ing’s New Life P ills com p letely cur­ ed m e.” B est fo r stom a ch, liver and kidney troubles, constipation, head­ ache or debility. 25c. a t All D rug- Tliirty Days For Petit Lai’ceny. Eugene K e lder was tak e n to Go­ shen by Officer Steinbach on B rie train 30 S a turday to serve a term of 30 days in th e county jail on the com m itm e n t of Justice W. S. Bevans, afte r a tria l in police court, K e lder had been arrested on F riday on th e com p laint of M r. R e inhardt, of M on­ tague, fo r th e larceny of 50 cents The arrest w a s m a d e by Policem an Cam p b ell and M ulvany. Mr. W’. S. Gunsalus, a farm e r living n e a r Flem ing, Pa., says he has used C h a m b e rlain’s Colic, C h o lera and Di­ arrh o e a R em edy in his fam ily for fourteen years, and t h a t he has found It to be an excellent rem edy, and takes pleasure in rec sale by All D e a l •ecommending Accidental Discharge of a Rifle Ends Life of Montrose, Pa., Lad. C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORl A WAS WITH CAMPING PARTY Ti’agic Accident Brings Sadness to Party at E lk’s Lake— ^Boy’s Fath­ er Hastens to Camp to Find Son Dead. M ontrose, Pa., Aug. 8.— B ruce H a r ­ rington, 15, only son of Jo h n H a r ­ rington, of M ontrose, accidentally shot and alm o st instantly killed him ­ self With a rifle while on a fro g -h u n t­ ing tram p through th e woods near E lk Lake, late W e d n esday afternoon. Young H a rrington h a d left th e cam p of a dozen young fellows, situated n e a r the lake. In com p a n y w ith M er­ ritt Press, son of C. F, Pross, of th e ^Farm ers’ B ank, of M o ntrose. , They had borrow ed a gun to shoot th e frogs on th e lake shore. Tiring of the pastim e, th e H a rrington boy started to show his com rade a m a n u a l of arm s he h a d learned. As “grounded” th e rifle it exploded. The bullet pierced his abdom e n and scream e d , “Oh, I’m shot; oh, .how it h u rts.” The Pross boy excitedly tried to s t a r t him tow a rds th e cam p , but he could take h u t a few steps. H e fell Y o u n g Pross ran back to th e cam p . My. H a rrington w a s notified of the accident to his son and started for the lake in his autom o b ile. \While enroute th e car was w recked b u t M n H a rrington escaped un h u rt. He reached the cam p finally only to find the child dead. The boy’s body was rem o v e d to his hom e in M ontrose. The cam p ing p a r ty of boys had spent one w e ek of w h a t was planned to be a two weeks’ outing on the shores of E lk Lake, w h ich is nearly seven \miles from M ontrose. Today the saddened lads stru c k th e ir tents and re tu r n e d to th e ir hom es; -------- ^ -------- BENNET POSTCARDS COUNTY. Asks 86,276 Enrolled Republicans W liat They Think of Him. To each of the 86,276 enrolled R e ­ publicans of New Y o rk county ex- C o n g ressm an W illiam S. B e n n e t m a il­ ed on Aug. 8, a postcard w ith a r e tu r n card on w h ich th e voters are to say w h e ther o r not they like Mr. B e n n e t as a candidate fo r the Governorship nom ination. P resident Finley of the College of th e City of New Y o rk Will canvass th e retu r n s and publish the result. “Believing th a t the enrolled R e ­ publicans ought to he consulted m o re directly th a n they have been in the p a s t,” says. Mr. B e n n e t on the post­ card, “I will he obliged if you will let me know w h a t you th ink of my can­ didacy,” 'Mr. B e n n e t says th a t “this is th e first tim e in the history of New York City politics th a t any candidate has appealed directly to all th e enrolled voters of his party.” One of his planks is “Down w ith th e gangs,” and on this point he said: “Gov. Dix can b reak up the gangs in October. Let him instruct Sheriff H a rb u rg e r to have reliable deputies w a tch every know n ‘g u e r rilla’ leader, such as Sam P a u l and Jack Zelig, during the registration period. Then th e r e will be no illegal registration, and w h e n th e ‘guerrillas’ can n o t de­ liver frau d u len t votes the politician to whom he has been necessary will w ithdraw th e protection w h ich in the past his services have entitled him to com m and.” '' -------- ^ -------- - M o v em ents of Tribune “F r e s b Airs.” On car 1051 of E rie train 30,east- bound, last F riday, was a p a r ty of 97 little girls retu r n in g from Deposit to New York City, in charge of Miss Ewing. They were New York Tribune “ F resh A irs,” who had been a t the Devereaux Hom e a t Deposit, for two weeks. A n o ther party went through to Deposit from New York on E rie train 43 a t 11.40 th a t m o rning, w h e re thtey will enjoy an outing of two weeks. -4cting- F o r Moving- P ictures a t M ilford M ilford folks and city guests are talking about little else th a n moving pictures, due to the fact th a t a' troupe of nearly 60 people is now at M ilford actively engaged in m a k ing pictures. Aviator at Walden. M any people attended the \Wall- kill Valley fair a t W a lden Thursday and enjoyed im m ensely the flights of W a lter Johnson, the Thomas aviator. A v iator Johnson m ade two very successful flights. H e handled his m achine w ith great skill and clever­ ness, and was the big attractio n of the day a t the W a lden celebration. ----------------- --------- One of th e m o st ci th a t hard w o rking w ith is lam e back. Iain’s Linim e n t twi om m o n ailm ents lOple are afflicted Apply C h am b er- a day and n ighly a t each Bladder Trouble Causes Terrible Pains i| A fter taking a trial bottle of D r K ilm e r’s Sw am p -R o o t w h ich yofl tor- w a rded to me, I purchased some from a local drug store and after using j | th ree dollar bottles I can tru th fu lly •, ‘ say th a t I was cured of all the terri­ ble pains I had in m y back, side and head, caused by bladder trouble. I had the w o rst kind of kidney trouble and suffered so th a t I could not even Stay in bed w ith the pain. Dr. K il­ m e r’s Sw am p -R o o t m ade md feel just like a new person and I am glad to r'eeommend it to anyone suffering as I did. Very truly yours, MISS MARY ARDNER, 807 W a shington St. Defiance, Ohio. Sworn to before me and in my pres­ ence subscribed by the said Miss M ary A rdner, this 16th day of July, 1909, F. L. RAY, N o tary Public. Letter to Dr, Kilm er & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. Prove ■ W hat Send to D r. K ilm e r & Co., Bing- !; ham ton, N. Y., fo r a sam p le bottle. It ‘ > Will convince anyone. You will also receive a booklet of valuable inform ­ ation, telling all about the kidneys and bladder. W h e n w riting, be sure and m e n tion The Tri-States Union. R e g u lar fifty-cent and one-dollar size bottles for sale a t all d rug stores. 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DEWITT’S SEMI-ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE presents the m o st decisive, genuine, far-reaching price reductions on- ,M E N ’S, YOUNG MEN’S, BOY’S and C HILD R E N ’S SUITS th a t P o r t Jervis men have seen. ALL REDUCED 20%. NOTHING. RESERVED. Mark-Down Sale Boy’s Wash Suits [ Boy’s 50c W a sh-Suits a t ........ . ....................................................... .. .......... ............ .. . 39e • Boy’s 75c W ash Suits a t ......................................................... ............................. 59e • .B o y ’s $1.00 W a sh Suits a t .......... .....................................................................79c ; Boy’s $1.25 W a sh Suits a t ..................................................................................98c ■ Boy’s $1.50 W a sh Suits a t ........................... ■ ................................................ $1.15 ■ .Boy’s $2.00 W ash Suits a t .................................................................. . ................... 1.39 I Every Straw Hat j Reduced Way Down ! I $2.00 Straw H a ts a t ................................................................................ . ................... $1.33 X 3.00 Straw H a ts a t ......................................................................................... 2.00 ♦ 3.50 Straw H a ts a t .............................................. .. ................................................... 2.33 T 4.00 Straw H a ts a t .................................................................................................... 2.67 T 5.00 Straw H a ts a t ........................................................................................ 3.33 J. M. DEWITT, Cor. Pike and Ball Sts., Port J e r v is , N. Y. OoOOCKXXX30C«OOOOCX»OOOOOOOOOv>CWXKM;tfVfjotx:*Or;JODOOOOO€«00 New Perfection OIL Cook Stove NO SMOKE NO ODOR Absolutely Safe! SW1NT0N & e©. SOLE AGENTS. 300000000000CX9CX9000C3000000QOOOOO«^|

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