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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, October 03, 1912, Image 5

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' is visiting at 1 Mr. and Mrs. • Miss R e n a M iner hom e .of h e r parents, F. Lawson. Mr. knd Mrs. M arshall K e eslar, of C o n k lin Hill, visited th e ir daughter, Mrs. Chauncey Lewis, recently. T h e Ladies’ Aid Society of this place attended the Ladies’ Aid Society a t th e hom e of Mrs. M arshall Kees- ler, a t Conklin Hill, Sept. 14th. A fine dinenr was served. The day was sp e n t in visiting, and music. A t 6 o'clock th e p a r ty took the train for home, happy,all voting Mrs./Kessler a first-class hostess. Mr. and Mt-s. John Kemp, of Union, visited h is fa th e r , Mr. J. K e m p , o i th is place, one day la s t w e e k . M rs. Rose M abius is visiting a t the hom e of Mrs. Florence Keilam . Jed th is :tra m eetings will be contin week from Tuesday night. PIKE COUNTY. Shohola. Shohola, > Oct. 1.— ^Word has been received: from Mr. E r n e s t Ijgrupp, of H o b o k e n , N. J., announcing th e death of hie m o ther on Sept. 25th, afte r an illness of th ree m o n ths. Mrs. K rupp the Silver a form e r ow n e r of B a k e House \ T h e H o hlauser a €d to th< fam ily have re tu r n - to t h e ir hom e a t R o ckaw ay Beabh fo r th e w inter. The house here h a s been re n te d to several gentlem e n , who are establishing a B a c h e lor's H a ll. Mies V iolet M allock nas returned to P o r t Jervis, afte r spending a few w e eks w ith Mrs. Josepn Vogt, M rs. J. K ipp, of New Y o rk City, is m o v ing into th e newly snished cot­ tag e In th e valley. Mrs. E lizabeth E c k h a r t is staying w ith h e r daughter, Mrs. Jacob R u eg- ger, in M atam o ras, Pa., who is ill w ith dropsy. h e r hom e in V a n d e rgrift last Wednes- daj% afte r spending th e p a s t two m o n ths w ith Mr. and Mrs. Jo h n Cort- ^ r . W right, of Hawley, was a p ro ­ caller here on Saturday. a turdaj RISE OF A ONE­ TIME W L MAN C. C. Rose, Former Port Jervis Resident, Now Prominent in Coal Industry. WITH DELAWARE & HUDSON B o rn in Ellenville, N. Y., H e €ain«' Helx^ a t an E a r ly an d H a s H a d a K c m a rkable C areer Sim-e T h a t T in i^ HYaiEXEAU. Dick—^McCormick. , of he re on S iVestfall and son Her! ervis,rvis, spentp< two daj ert, o f P o r t Je s w ith Air. and Mrs. John Adams. Mr. F red C o rtright spent T h u rsday m o rning in P o r t Jervis. and Mrs. Josep h T igue. M. C. R o w land, of Kim bles, caller in town on M onday. Dr. Brown, of Dunm o re, was fessional caller here on Mondi R u n Over by Steam R o ller. W h ite S u lphur Springs, Sullivan Co., Sept. 30.— W h ile w o rking on the state road last week. W ill Lawless,son of Mr. and Mrs. Jam e s Lawless, cau g h t his legs under the steam roller, the fro n t roller passing over both legs below the knees. No bones ■were broken, b u t his legs were badly bruised. It is th o u g h t th a t the heels on his shoes saved him from serious Pai*teidge Foimd Near Residence. A p a rtridge still w a rm was found n e a r the R y all residence on E lizabeth street Tuesday m o rning presum a b ly having been driven from th e woods by the hu n ters taking ad ­ v a n tage of the opening day of th e season. T h e re was no evidence of a wound on the bird and it is thought to have fallen from exhaustion from its unaccustom ed flight. Hair Brushes and Combs. We have recently received a new line of the finest quality hair brushes and combs. We have the short, medium and very long bristles. The light and the heavy comb -or brush. If you need anything in this line we are sure we can please you, both as to quality and Jones’ Drug Store Coal Age, one of the official publi­ cations of the Coal Trade, In a cur­ rent issue m akes C, C. Rose, general superintendent of the coal department of the D e law are and Hudson, th e sub­ ject of a sketch in a colum n , \ W h o ’s W ho in Coal M ining.” A fter an intro­ duction in w h ich the w riter sets forth Mr. Rose’s unwillingness to hrought into the spotlight of puiblici ■ ty, the article continues as follows: ■■ C. C. Rose is th e type of m an who likes best to go about his -work in his own peculiar way, getting w h a t result.® he can and keeping his success bottled for those directly interested in his services. In his position as general m a n a g e r of the coal departm e n t of the D e la w are an d H u d son Company he has attained to a place of em inence in the an th racite Industry. “ Mr. Rose -was bo,rn in Ellenville, a little town up n e a r Kingston, N. Y. It w a s here th a t his early education was obtained. During the daj's of the old canal system he becam e connect­ ed w ith the Delaware and Hudson Company and has never had occasion to reg ret the choice m ade. A t an early age he left Ellenville and w e n t down to P o r t Jervis, N. Y., an d for fifteen years was engaged in various duties connected -with canal -work. M uen D e la w are and H u d son coal wasi ca r ­ ried through the old w a te rw a y , and when he was placed in charge of the shipping Mr. Rose m ade m any chang­ es which were so successful in their outcom e th a t the way -was paved for his fu tu re success. F rom P o r t Jervis h e w e n t to the Lake C h am p lain region, w h e re the Delaw are and H u d son Com p any plac­ ed him in charge of its coal ship­ m ents in t h a t territory. His success in this new position w a s ju s t as pro­ nounced as it had been at P o r t J e r ­ vis, and his em p loyers m a rked Mr. Rose fo t fu tu re advancem e n t to m o re im p o rtant work. H e is not a college m an, b u t has se­ cured for him self a broad education from private study, which, coupled w ith his yeai-s of practical business experience, has rounded him into a m an superior in the m a tter of general education to m a n y of those who boast a college degree. His real opportunity cam e when he was placed in the en­ gineering departm e n t of the D e la w are and Hudson Company, and it was in this line of w o rk th a t his ability was m o st noticeable. / His precision and an unusual tal­ ent for m a s tering details w e re the two elem e n ts in his m a k e u p which were chiefly responsible for a rapid advance throvigh the m inor positions on the com p a n y 's engineering corps. W h en the Delaware, L a c k ^ v a n n a and W e st­ ern. Riiilroad Company was badly in need of a division engineer, its atten ­ tion was called to C. C. Rose, and the offer m ade him was sufficiently a t ­ tractive to wean him aw ay from his first love. The L a c k a w a n n a people retained his services only a few years, when the Delaware and Hudson Com­ pany cam e to realize th a t it had p e r ­ m itted one of its self-m a d e and m u ch needed m en to depart from its employ. As a resu lt h e w e n t b a c k to the com p any which gave him his first start, and it looks as though he re ­ turned for good. Sixteen years have elapsed since he took hold of the m a n a g e m e n t end of the D e la w are and Hudson mines, and’ the progress of this com p a n y is suf­ ficient proof th a t the confidence and tru s t im p o sed in him w e re entirely justified. U n d e r his charge he bias an arm y of workm en, and am o n g those who kni>w him best he is recognized as a real boss— n o t one of the kind who is obliged to sw e ar a “ s u lphur streak ” to get woi'k accom p lished. Tusten, Sept. 30. — On Tuesday evening, Septem b er 34 th, a pretty home wedding took place at theresi- dence of Mrs. M ary Dick, w h e n h e r eldest daughter, Agnes M a rgretha, was united in m a rriage to Mr. Sw artz ! was in a peculiar R. AIcCormick, of Ozone P a rk, L. I. ' d e n t a t W ilsonville. Prom p tly a t 8.30 the bridal party m a rched into the parlor where. HUNTER MANCLED BY ELY WHEEL Of MOTOR BOAT ENGINE MAY DIE Dr. George C. Lindsay, of Scranton, j threw him against th e fly wheel of J m o tor boat acci -1 engine. P rojecting from the ♦ TTawiov wheel is a handle used to crank up 2 . ’ the engine to sta r t it. IO _ _____ ______ last Saturday, having suffered two j L indsay fell against the revolv-j § the p resence of m any relatives and fractu res of his left leg. one a t the wheel, the handle of w h ich x friends, the ring cerem o n y was p e r- knee, the other a t the m iddle of the c a u g h t and fractu red his left leg. Un- You Can Always Do Better | AT ^ ? THE HUB STORE.! Has Become a Household W rd in This Ylcinity! | form e d by the Rev. Mr. B a u m g a rt- thigh. In addition, th e limb was badly ner, of Barryville. j 'bruised. The bride was becom ingly attired ' T h e accident occurred when Dr. in a gown of w h ite satin and allover Lindsay’s party, Dr. F o rd h a m and lace., a bridal veil arid w reath. j Lewis Healey, were about to' go duck The couple were attended' iss hunting.. H e aley and F o rdham w e re Sophia Dick, sister of the bride, bridesmaid, and Frederick W. Muel- er, cousin of the bride, as best m an. T h e bridesm a id w o re a dress of em - bi'oidered n e t over pink. An alcove in the parlor was decor­ ated for the occasion w ith a bank of ferns and autum n leaves, in the cen­ ter of Which was a gold monogram of “M,” and \D and a large wedding bell hung from fh e center of the al- cove. After the ceremony the hridal party, w ith relatives and friends, en­ joyed a delicious supper. Mr, Fred­ erick M u eller was toastm a s ter and m a n y pleasing and ap p r o p riate speeches were made. The tables were tastefully decorated w ith ferns and th e w e d d ing cake was prettily o r­ nam e n ted. A fter the w e d d ing supper dancing m u sic furnished by H e n ze’s or­ chestra was enjoyed by all until dawn, w h en all departed for th e ir several hom es extending to the bride and groom countless good wishes for luck, happiness and prosperity. The 'bride and groom were the recipients m any beautiful and costly gifts consisting of cut-glass, silver and The groom ’s gift to the bride was sunburst of pearls w ith opal cen­ ter, and to the best m an, a pearl stick in the boat and Dr. Lindsay was get- I ting in when a lurch of the craft able to move, the crank kept h itting him and thus horribly fractu red the _ v v n t J t iw '->■ vw ..u> bone and m angled the flesh. H e was A i ^ • n ' i dragged from the m a c h inery and Dr. ® SVggeSl ? Q u i t r e a d i n g a n d gO Rodm a n , of Hawley, sum moned. He was then rem o v e d to Dr. Burnsl hos­ pital In Scranton, w h e re he rem a ins in quite a critical condition. ANNIVERSARY OF Matamoras C flgregation Cele­ brates Completion of 20 Years With Services This Week. PORT JERVIS P m O R S SPEAR Interesting Exercises of Music and Special Addresses by Neighbor­ ing Clergjinen—Church Bish­ op Will Give a Lecture. M atam o ras. Oct. 2.— Hope Church celebrating its tw e n tieth an n i­ versary w ith special services during the week, the first of w h ich was held on Tuesday evening and w a s atten d ­ ed by a large congregation. Appropriate anthems were render- —I by the choir and Miss B e a trice pin. The bride’s gift to the groom wag ’ Thomas sang a fine soprano solo. a Masonic button, and to the brides­ m aid, a pearl necklace. The pastor. Rev. W. spoke briefly in slating K e tner, th a t the The b ride’s traveling dress was of _ E v angelical Association had sustain- blue satin trim m e d w ith black and relations w ith various other white, w ith long blue serge coat and denom inations and th a t h a t to m atch. Mr. and Mrs. 'McCormick left propriate a t this tim e th a t other neighboring churches should be NEW RULES IN HIGH SCHOOL It T a k e s 54 C o u n ts-to Get In to the Senior Class And Then Some to G r a d u a te—O rher Classes A re AiTectecl. It isn’t going to be any snap to graduate from P o r t Jervis High School under a new set of rules fram e d by Mr. Roys and endorsed by the B o ard a t Tuesday nig h t’s m e e t­ ing. L e t the rules speak for th e m ­ selves. A little later they will be p rin t­ ed and each pupil will have a copy to look at seriously if peradventure tearfully. H e re they are ; Rules and regulations regardii eligibility to the and graduation ] H igh School. Eligibility F o r Classes. F resh m a n — PrelinDinai’y cejrtiflca or its equivalent. Sophom o re ■— N ineteen aeaderr counts, but may be conditioned in o: subject. ' Junioi T—Thirty-six academ ic counts, but m ay be conditioned in one sub­ ject. Senior— F if ty-four academ ic counts, but m ay be conditioned in one subject. - - Detober, students the class afte r the Jani u a ry exam ina- ft tiohs a t the discretion of the principal j and the faculty. O Conditions of G raduation. Students m ay qualify as candidal for graduation upon m eeting ah th e following conditi< the requirem t nem b e rs m ay be admitte* 5 a f te r th e Jart i. H a v ing anm v e rs- ; m e n t examij m g ( ig na: W e d n esday fo r a w e d d ing to u r to vited to participate in th e a n m v e r s - ; m e n t exam in a tions i: New H a v en, Conn., and points of in- celebration. H e then introduced ' gating 54 academ ic terest in th e east. A fter th e ir re- ^he Rev. Joseph. Y. Irw in, pastor of w h ich no R e g ents examiinations tu r n they will reside in Ozone P a rk . | P o r t Jervis B a p tist Church. w h e re Mr. M cCormick follows his | extended the congratula- trad e of carpenter. The 'bride will be tory greetings of the B a p tist Church, POUND DEAD IN BED. Mr. Thomas Da^is, of Wcstbi-ook- \-ille, Succumbs to Heart Disease. W e stbrookville, Sept. 30. — Mr. Thom a s Davis was found dead iin bed Thursday m o rning, Sept. 26th. C o r­ oner Cauthers, of M onticello, was sum m o n e d and pronounced death due to h e a r t disease, from w h ich th e de­ ceased had been suffering fo r some Mr. Davis is survived by his widow and five sm all children, Clara, Id a May, H a rry, Edw a rd and W a lter. T h e funeral was held on Sunday. Rev. J, E, Crane, of W u rtsboro, offi­ ciating. * The pall-bearers w e re Messrs. George D u rland, H a rry Griffin, F red Bensinger, Harry Moore and George M cCarter, of W estbrookville, and W illiam J. Smith, of P o r t Jervis. -------- ---------- - A fter a hea\w m eal take a couple Of Doan's R egulets, and give your stom a ch, liver and bowels th e help they will need. 'R e g u lets bring easy, reg u lar passages of the bowels.— ^Adv. m issed in h e r old hom e a t Tusten, as she is a friendly young wom an as well as a com p e tent housekeeper. Am o n g the out of town guests w e re : Mr. and Mrs. P e t e r Saul, Mrs. Frederick Mueller, Miss Barbara Saul, Miss E, H e a th, Messrs. P e ter Saul, F rederick and H a rry Mueller, of B rooklyn; Mr. F red Adolph, of Ozone P a r k ; Mr. and M rs.'H . T. Dip- pold and Mr. J. A. Dippold, of New Haven, Conn. ------ 4— - Beiiu'Ose—^Lewis. Goshen, Sept. 26.— ^Announcement is m ade of the m a rriage of Raym o n d J. Bemrose, of this village, to Miss W inifred D. Lewis, of Rockiet, Or­ ange county. The m a rriage occurred A u g u st 29, 1911, a t th e B e thany Congregational Church, New York City, Rev. Dr. W illard F, O tterson ^ p e rform ing the cerem ony. Lucas—^Winfield, Cards have been received in this city conveying the news th a t Mrs. Em ily E. W infleid, widow of th e late B e n jam in Winfield, of P o r t Jervis, had been m a rried to Mr. Edw a rd Hugo Lucas, and th a t Mr. and Mrs. Lucas would be a t hom e afte r Sept. 24th a t 1,152 Bannock street, D en­ ver, Colorado. Mrs. Lucas is an au n t of Mr. Celim Seymour, of M atam o ­ ras, and Mas m any friends in this V an Duzei'—^Ivctcham. The m a rriage of Miss Illda Belle K e tc h am , d a u g h ter of Mrs. Thom as K ing DeW.itt, of M iddletown, and R a lph D. \Van Duzer, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Van Duzei’, of M iddletown, occurred a t noon Tuesday a t the chantry o f Gi-ace Church, New York Mr. Van D u zer is district land and tax agent of the Lehigh Valley R a il­ road, and treasu rer of the E. W. Van Duzer F u rn itu r e Company, of M iddle- H e is a m e m b e r of the Old O rch­ ard Club, the Orange County Golf Club, and th e D. K. B. fraternity,and served as assistant treasu rer of the Orange C o u n ty A g ricultural Society for the past two years. The couple will live in Newark. 'V , Paint Now If you ought to have painted last year and w a ited for p a in t to com e­ down, how m u ch do you th in k you m ade? You’ll buy an extra gallon this year. T h e re’s $5 or $6 fo r paint and labor. You th in k you won’t, b u t you Will; you can’t stretch paint. It is always eo: th e longer you wait, the m o re p a in t and wages . Be­ sides w h a t p a in t is for. W h a t is for? D E V O E . Jones’ D rug Store sells it.— ^Adv, Hope Clmrcli, 3Iatainoras, Pa„ which is Celebrating Its Twentieth Anniversary This Week. and spoke in an interesting m a n n e r on the im p o rtance of th e preaching Of the Gospel, the great teachings and helpfulness of the Bible, and th e ex­ ample of the life of Jesus Christ, which was a blessing to mankind. The Rev. W illard C o n g er bore the greetings of the R e form e d D u tch C h u rch of D e e rpark (175 years of age), the oldest church in this sec­ tion of the country, to one of the youngest w h ich is not yet of age, and, if it were, the political cam p a ign of 1912 affords a great variety of parties and candidates who desire th e 'votes of th e people. Mr. C o n g er’s address was optim istic, encouraging, and full of inspiration to h igher and b e tter achievem ents in th e C h ristian life by reason of th e needed gospel of cheer­ fulness, m a k ing things attractive and being w e ll-m inded. On Thursday evening, O ctober 3d, the Rev, Sam u el Jones, pastor of the Drew M. E. Church, will deliver an address, and on Saturday evening, O ctober 5th, Bishop S. D. Breyfogel will lecture on “A Tour A round The W o rld.” GETS BACK $1,000 EARRINGS. Ml'S. P r a n k I. A’an d e r B e e k D idn’t K n o w They H a d B e e n Stolen. New York, Oct. 2.— Mrs. F ran k I. V a n d e r Beek, of 762 St. N icholas avenue, didn’t know th a t h e r pearl and diam o n d earrings had been stolen until Detective F itzpatrick w a lked in with them yesterday. Their value is $1,000. F itzpatrick saw C h arles J. Kust, at 201 E a s t N inety-third street, trying to pawn them at Tenth avenue and F o r ­ ty-sixth street. H e arrested K u st. who adm itted th a t he got them from a wom an who had done cleaning for Mrs. V a n d er Beek. Mrs. V a n d er Beek says she won’t prosecute anybody. Mr. and Mrs. Vander Beek have th e ir sum m e r hom e a t Glen Spey, Sullivan county. Itching, to rtu rin g skin eruptions, disfigure, annoy, drive one wild. D o an’s O intm ent brings quick relief and lasting cures. F if ty cents a t any drug store,— ^Adv. id year s I, subject. 2. Taking jects aggr counts. ied the State Depart- in subjects aggre- lunts. Subjects l are 1 the regular c rating 18 Been re iriinjf the C lothing advertisem e n ts in th e new s- ^ papers, sir ? It v ‘>u have you m u st he in a quandary as to ^ where to g o to Imv your FALL OUTFiTFING . M a y we itJggest ? Quit reading and g o to look in g Com e here t o f. ee w h a t we have in store. We are n o t offering $20 Suits f' ^ for $4.99^ tiUt We are shpvvihg's ;fae.(of ^ I Sutls at $6.50 to $2£50 I ^ th a t the ijioaev tvs'r hoi.)>ht ® S ---------- - -------- ;----------- - --------------------------------------------------- ? § We also carry a nice tine of BOYS* and C H IL - f z D R E N * S S U I T from $2 to $6 good values. I I In conjunction with Clothfng we carry a fulUine of M«ii's | I and Boy’s Shoes and other outfittingstoonnm^rons I I to mention, all money savers. | o ----------------------------------------------: ----------------- a 9 Come in and Learn the Value of Your Dollar. 9 TRADE WITH A CA^H STORE. We Operate a Cr a ln of Stores. | THE HUB STORE. I The Store That Saves You Money.” ± 70 PIKE STREET, ,PORT JERVIS, N. V. I Store Formerly Occupied by Flanaganr 9 Johnson & Stoll’s! 92 PIKE ST. urse sub- Ldditional 3. The entire 72 counts shall be so distributed as to m e e t the conditions of the academ ic diplom a granted by th e S tate D e p a rtm e n t, 4. An average of not less th a n (75 p e r cent.) seventy-five per cent, m u s t be m a intained during the Senior year in each subject, A student falling be­ low 60 per cent, in any estim a te or test, m ay be dropped from the senior class im m e d iatelj’. Stiidents who secure the required 72 counts as a result of the June ex­ am inations m ay become candidates for graduation at that time, although not having previously enjoyed the privileges of the senior class. Pro­ vided, however, th a t they have p u r ­ sued the subjects, m aking an aggre­ gate of 72 counts fo r the full tim e re­ quired by the Regents. E n tran c e to R e g e n ts exam inations shall be determ ined by the joint .ludg- m e n t of the teacher and princirtal. Subjects in w h ich no exam inations are given by the R egents B o ard may be counted in the aggregate if the sec­ ond year’s work is being taken. These rules, it is said, will reduce the Senior Class a t present from about 40 m em b ers to 12 m em b ers. Sales Agents for the Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Restwell Silk Floss M attress^ I PRO H IB ITIO N TIC K E T NAMED, Alexander M eNioholl o f New York, P u t Up F o r Governor. Olean, N. Y., Sept. 30.— T h e State Prohibition ticket as nom inated here Septem b er 25'th follows : Governor— Dr. Alexander McNich- oll, of New York. Lieutenant-G o v e ror— C lark Allis,of Secretary of State— B en D. \Wright of l.ockpcrt. Co: - \ Bingham ton. T reasuier— A itliur A. Amidon, Jameslcvvn. A ttorney-G eneral— E rnest A.W ood­ ruff. <.f Olean. Stale Er-feineer— V. C. Mott, of B u f­ falo. Associate Justices of the C o u rt of Appeals— E . J. Baldwin, of Elm ira, and G ilbert Elliot, of Kings. 'i’he ticket was nom inated a t the close oi one of the m o st enthusiastic convention • in the history of the P ro- luhitio.n paity. The delegates assert th a t 'the party will double the num ­ ber of votes cast a t the preceding State election. A m o v em ent to raise money for party purposes resulted in the contribution of $12,000 on the floor of the convention hall. OiKMiiug of Union House. Mr. Jam e s E. Corbett, an experi­ enced hotel m an of New York City and Nqwburgh, has leased the Union H o u se a t No. 18 W e st Main street and, afte r m a k ing extensive repairs and im p rovem ents to the house, will soon move to this city and open it as a first-class hotel. D a n ce of D e law a re D rum Corps. Delaw are Fife and D rum Corps, of M atam o ras, held an enjoyable dance in Kaufman’s Hall, Matamoras, on Tuesday evening w ith over 50 cou­ ples in attendance, including m a n y from P o rt Jervis. M usic was fu r ­ nished by Miss Corwin and Mr. Mid- daugh. ^ I H a n n a h . I Johnson St Stoll. | In tire Face of t Cold Weattter! J One of our new fail over- + coats in colors black, grey. ^ tan and rich oxford grey, t Some of them silk faced and silk lined for added elegance, t Fall Suits i Rich browns and greys, 4^ many imported fabrics and ^ all the new models for^ fall t and winter. f Young Bros. Hats $3 i Knox Hats $3.S0 | Sweater Coats i 5enj.niin Underwear I J.M.DeWitt,Cor. Pike &Ball Sts., Port Jervis | FIXIWTEIB GUILD O F F ICERS. P i’esbyterian Ghureli Society Elects F o r E n s u ing Y e ar. The regular m o n thly m e e ting of the Flow e r Guild of the F ir s t P res­ byterian Church -was held on Tues­ day evening a t t h e 'home of Miss Bes­ sie Goble, '82 Orange street. There was a large attendance of member#. The annual election of officers took place and resulted as follows : Second Vicie-President- ence C h ant, S e c retary — h a r d t A ssistant n a M ulford, : -Miss Flor-s Miss F lo r e - c e Burifc- Secretary—^Miss Georgfe- ,n n a M ulford, T reasurer— ^Mies Bessie M artin. The next reg u lar m e e ting is to be in th e form of a Hallow e 'en social. R e freshm e n ts w e re served a t ’Bn® close of th e business session. >Iilk P rice R is e s % Cent. B e g inning Oct, 1, the price of miik. delivered a t B o rden cream e ries ad­ vanced from to 3% cents.

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