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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, November 28, 1912, Image 2

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iN ADDRESS ON DOMESTIC SCIENCE M iss Browning of Cornell, Ex­ plained Its Principles to Tourist Club. HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS PRESENT — ^ ------- Science of Dressing. Cooking, Shelter. H o u s e D e coration, Etc., so In - . '{terested tlie D a tter They W a n t Such a Course H e re. Miss C lara W . Browning, a rep re­ sen tativ e from the Hom e Econom ics D e p a rtm e n t a t Cornell University, addressed the m em b ers of The T o u r­ is t Club, and th e ir guests, th e hold­ ers of Ladies’ tickets from the D e er- p a r k Club, and th e teachers and girls Of the H igh School, a t Deer- p a r k Club Hall, W e d n esday after- The reg u lar session of the Tourist Club was held a t th ree o’clock, the president, Mrs. Stephen S t John, presiding, 'A f ter routine business, Mrs. St John spoke of attending the convention of th e Federation of W o ­ m e n ’s Clubs a t Albany last \Week and th e r e m e e ting Miss C lara W. Brow n ­ ing, th e speaker of the afternoon. She th e n introduced Miss Browning, w h o by h e r enthusiasm in h e r sub­ ject, held the in terest of the girls and w'omen fo r about an hour and a Miss Browmlng first spoke of hav ing found som e years ago a little .book, (R u s k in ’s “E thics of the D u s t ” ), w h ich greatly interested her, vand she read som e extracts from it w h ich bore directly on the subject In hand. A teach e r and som e girls are discussing th ree \irtu e s . The first is th a t of being so intensely happy th a t th e sp irit of happiness speaks jP the .re a d in e s s of hands, feet and voice to teli th e story of happlnesg to and to help others. The second v irtue is th a t of alw a y s being dressed attractively, w h ich mfeahs sehsibly, quietly, and wdth sim p licity of style and trim ­ m ing, Cooking, he m entions as the th i r d virtue. And under this head h e classed the economy of our grand- iublhers w ith th e science of today; th e English th o ro u g h ­ ness w ith the F ren c h A rt and the A rabian hospitality. In sh o rt each one is to be a “lady” in the sense of helping others, having som ething nice to p u t on and of giving them som ething, nice to eat. These three Virtues really com p rise H o m e Econr omics, h u t they, each one, are com ­ posed of m any other subjects w h ich are Included in the fo u r years' col- -lege course of H o m e Ecom^mics. D u ring th e first two years < oUege girls study Physics, Chem istry, Biol­ ogy, Bacteriology. In order to talk intelligently one m u s t know of the chem istry of the foods^ and learn to hppjy to every flay life at hom e and on th e street th e theories of these subjects as learned in th e lab o ra­ tories. One m u s t study Physiology *0 iipderstana the human body and its needs; Bacterloiogy, to knOW w h a t real celanliness is and h.otv to apply it. These sciences help in the cook­ ing and planning of m eals. Sewing m e a n s a study o£ th e various kinds o f dress goods and th e proper p lan ­ ning and com b ining into Wearing ap ­ parel. S h e lter also is considered, learning th e proper planning o f . hom es to save steps, fuel, etc, H^^use 1 decorations gives a i^Eyflv of simple, n o t extrcvvag^_'^^^_ ^^^^gs w h e rew ith ^ ^ u r ho’'-^^^ m.ade beautiful. The purpose of th is” g roup of sub- jeote Ig th a t We m a y have bet.tvir hom es; know bOw' to use int.i«iigeht- ly th e m a n y imprhVeiYwhls w h ich we have; th a t betl&f Tronm ents m ay m a k e bettei- chufabters fo r our peo­ ple and a better nation. Our gran d ­ m o thers did as well w ith th e ir con­ ditions as we m a y be doing with, ours. B u t each generation has so m a n y m o re advantages and inven­ tions th a t th e people of this genera­ tion ought to accontplish m o re th a n th e last and help to carry on the good w o rk started by our parents an d grandparents. The w o rld m u s t prrj.gress and each one h a s some w o rk to do fo r its advancem e n t. Miss Brow-ning spoke of the F a rm e r s ’ C o n v ention held a t Cornell each y e a r about F e b ru a ry first, w h e re fo r a week people from all over the .state assem b le to see the exhibits and h e a r th e lectures on F a rm ing, S a n itation and Domestic Science. T h e r e is a F a rm e r s ’ R e a d ­ ing Course w h ich sends out to those applying, bulletins of general in- AGED EARNER NEAR MILEORD, SEASHES WRISTS AND DIES M ilford, Pa., Nov. 22. — Jacob Or- I To the doctor Mr. Orben adm itted ben, for nearly 60 yeai-s a prom inent Biat he had cut his wrist, but assign- and esteem ed resident of Dingm an for his rash act. The cut . , . ''’ks m ade tvith a razor. It is beliived township, died at his hom e on the I , , • inanv ' C rben becam e despondent over questions propounded. W h e n she in- Tavern road a t about 10 o’clocli. 1 h is illness and his m ind was aifected. quired ho\v m any of the H i\h School m o rning from loss of blood as T h a t the jolly old Germ an was dead form a tion interesting to those in ev- I ery home. The opportunities to I y o u n g women who have graduated from the H o m e Econom ics D e p a rt­ m ent are great. There are positions w ith excellent salaries, such as teachers, superintendents of cafe- tarias, tea rooms, and the planning of m eals for patients in the hospitals and m any o th e r equally good posi- A general discussion followed and Miss Brow n ing answ ered quired ho\v m an y of th e H ig h School girls w o u ld like a course of Dom es­ tic Science installed in the curriculum Of the school, almost every hand w-as raised, and m a n y of the girls were very enthusiastic and rem a ined to speak w ith Miss Browning after the close of the m eeting. W h ile in P o rt Jervis Miss Brow n ­ ing was the guest of the Misses A n ­ na and Genevieve B u llivant. ‘ the result of a wound in his wrist, ' cam e as a g reat surprise |o his m any self-inflicted some tim e during the friends here, where he was a regular early morning hours. He wa.s aged I weekly visitor. years and 7 m o n ths. Mr. Orben was a m e m b e r of A^an- Mr. Orben, since the death of his d e rm a rk Lodge of Odd Fellows of this wife nearly IG years ago, had lived j place, which he joined in the fall of alone on a farm adjoining th a t of his 1873. In politics he was a staunch 1200 CASES O F TOMATOES SEIZED W e re Stored a t N ew b u rgh AVlth L a ­ bels N o t Coinplyino- Avitlx Law. Because a lazy p r in ter left out the Words “Packed for’’ and an incomi- peten proof read e r failed to catch the omission on labels which were to be placed on tom atoes packed for the New H a rtfo rd Canning Company, of New H a rtford, N. Y., 1,200 cases of tom a toes were seized on F rid a y atth e N e w b u rgh storehouse of G. E. H o w ­ ard & Company on an order issued by the F e d e r a l Court. The seizure was m ade by U n ited States M arshal W illiam Henkel. E.xplaining the seizure Mr. Howard said th a t when the labels were p rin t­ ed they should have borne the words “Packed fo r” to com p ly w ith the provisions of the F e d e r a l P u re Food! Law. H e said th a t the ease is one of technical violation only and th a t the goods will not be confiscated or de­ stroyed. Instead the labels on thei cans in the 1,200 cases will be strip ­ ped and the woyds “packed fo r’’ will be added w ith a rubber stam p . Then the seized goods will be placed on th e m a rket. .G, E. Howard & .Com p a n incident­ ally are freed from all biahie In the m a tter by the F e d e r a l Court. The com p a n y m erely stored the cases for the New H a rtfo rd C anning Company of w h ich the late V ice-President Jam e s S. Sherm a n was th e head. son Edw a rd H. Orben. He was a jov­ ial Germ an, always of a happy dispo­ sition and always looking on the bright side of life. Of late he had been in failing health, due to kidney trouble, and was under the care of D em o crat, and for several years serv­ ed his tow n ship as Supervisor; for 1.3 years he was also a school director. The funeral was held from the hom e on Tuesday afternoon a t 1.3,, Rev. C. A. W h ite officiating. In ter- Dr, Em erson. A little g randdaughter m e n t in M ilford Cem etery, in charge discovered the aged m an. I of the Odd Fellows. SULLIVAN COUNTY JURORS. M cii AVlio W ill S e r v e a t D c e c inbcr T c im o f S u p r e m e Coiii-t. List of G rand Ju r o r s fo r the De­ cem b e r term of the Suprem e Court, which convenes at Monticello, D e­ cem b er 2nd, 1912, Judge Cochrane, presiding: S. S. Leavenw o rth, Eldred. A rchibald B. Page, W estbrookville. H e n ry Bauernfeind, Callicoon. Joseph ij, Fisher, M onticello Daniel F. Buckley, M onticello. K. D. Albee, Roscoe. F ran k King, St. Joseph’s. H a rvey Everett, Neversink, Thom as Cuiligan, Ferndale, M. F. E rnst, Jeffersonville. George AVamsIey, Beaverkiil. Casper Engert, F rem o n t Center. George A. Lockwood, AVinterton. Calvin Millen, Bethel. AA’alter B. Styles, Eldred. Riley Curray, Graham sville. AA’illiam Keller, Barryville. W’\ J. 13ejtnodum, Lake H u n tington. C h arles W. W ilfort, Jeffersonville. P e ter Canfield, Pond Eddy. RECENT BRIDEGROOM INJURED. Condition A fter Autu Accident, Jo h n L, Hayes, -of M iddletown, dis­ trict agent for th e R a m b ler Autom o ­ bile Company, was severely injured on T h u rsday afternoon, .while driving a new car about one m ile out of H u d ­ son, on the state road from .that city to Scottsville, and lies in a precarious condition in the Hudson Hospital. Mr. Hayes’ car skidded as he was trying to pass a wagon and overturned,pin­ ning the three occupants underneatfe.. An auto party which was behind j them , succeeded in extricating th e j three m en from the wreck, and they ' were h u rried to the Hudson Hospital. There it was found th a t Mr. Hayes was the m o st seripugly injured of the three. He suffered infernal injuries about the stom a ch; one leg was crush- * ed, and the rig h t arni and sltOlllder ‘ were broken. The docstors were of the ' THE BEST PROOF Given by a P o r t Jci-vis Citizen. D o a n ’s K idney Pills w e re used- they brought benefit. The story was told to P o r t Jervis residents. Tim e has strengthened the evi- H a s proven the result lasting. The testim o n y is hom e testim o n y — The proof convincing. It can be investigated by P o r t J e r ­ vis residents, G. H e n d ershot, 10 H a m m o n d St., P o rt Jervis, N. Y., says: “Several years ago I publicly recom m ended D o a n ’s Kidney Pills and at the p r e s ­ ent tim e am glad to confirm every word I then said in th e ir favor. I was so severely troubled by kidney com p laint, t h a t m o re th a n once I had to craw l on m y hands and knees until I was able to reach a chair. The dull pains in th e sm all of m y back caused me intense suffering and other sym p ­ tom s of kidney com p laint added to my distress. 1 was at a loss to know the cause of my complaint until finally noticed th a t the secretions from my kidneys were unnatural. I began using Doan’s Kidney Pills and they cured me. I have not had a re ­ tu r n attack of th e trouble.” F o r sale by all dealers. P rice 50 cents. Foster-M ilburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole ’agents fo r the U n itea States. ! R e m e m b e r the nam e —^Doan’s— and tak e no other.—>Adv. POPDUS MECHMOCS NSan'let’Mu'tS: DhTnTSVners, f Tidal Jiiror.s. A'an K e u ren, Montic( Law rence, Jefferson Liberty^ Tjericl^^ F red Gorton, I Ben Reiber, Callicoon, C. B. N. Hull, Li Vi:ngston H e n ry K a rsten, Ceintreville John Bohn, MIL ASSE31BLY3IAN E.ALANS ILL, Sullivan C o u n ty's R e p resentative C o u ldn’t A ttend D inner in H is Honor. South Fallsburgh, Nov. 20.— T u es­ day nig h t there was a big dinner giv­ en a t the H o tel R y an here, in honor f of Assem b lym an Evans, of this dis­ trict. Fifty persons were present. A. R o s e n s traus was toastm a s ter. A m o n g those who were called up- i and delivered addresses a t the conclusion of th e banquet w e re Dis­ trict A ttorney George L. Cooke, As- sem b lym a n -elect AA’’. T. Doty, of the second district of O range county; Sheriff Kinnie, County Clerk George D. Pelton and A, M, Scriber, of M on­ ticello. Thf} com m ittee in charge of the affair was composed of George J. Kline and Arch. Rosenstraus, of this village. It was expected that Assemblyman Evans would he present, until a dis­ patch was received from him , in New York, .stating th a t he had been tak e n suddenly ill in th a t city and was in a hospital. M adison M erriitt, Charles G. Bee I M anor, i Statior • H a sbrouck. !cker, Eldred. A 285 P o u n d B e a r KiUed. Philip T. W right, of W arwick, w h ile visiting his cousin, M arcus Kimball* ftf *=ib3'ekhoim, iast Week, w e n t libOti hunting S a turday b i g h t , cerley. E u reka. W hite, I*ake H u n tington. C h ester G. Yager, Jeffersonville. George Piel, M onticello, A r th u r T. H a tc h , South Fallsbui’gh. Stephen DuBois, Bethel. \\ illiam LeRoy, Jeffersonville. Davi.l Carr, Long Eddy. H. Knack, AA’hite Sulphur Springs. J, S. Kile, H u rley\ille. Sam u el 'Thomas, Fiallsburgh. AA’iniam Doyle, M o u n taindale, C, A- Atwell, C enterville Station. • ■' ----- MonlKcello. ... 'rley„ Cooley. Joseph Bailey, Kiametiica. Irving F. Hanyen, Philkv^port, ,'illis A rm strong, Long Eddy Willis A rm stron g , Lon g ; George Turner, Divine Corners. George Maus, T e n a n n a h fL.<ake. John Yager, Jr., Callicop-ti Center. Isaac O. Smith, Monticello. Andrew R o h rbach, Liberty. P. VVortlen. W h ite S u lphur Springs. Augustus Hasbrouck, Liberty. AA'irt M o u lthrop, KynOKa Lake, Chris. Alaus, Fei'ndaie. Tr.ying- to R evive R a c ing Circuit. The New York Herald notes that Percy W. B arton, of Monroe, and Geo. A, Coleman, of Poughkeepsie, are m a k ing an effort to revive the old M o h awk and H u d son R iver Cii lo be am p u tated. The other occupants of the car were n o t injured so badly, and were able to go to their hom es the next Mrs. Hayes, who was Miss E d ith Highara, of Middletown, and to whom Mr. H ayes was wedded two weeks ago Thursday, was notified of th e acci­ dent, and left for Hudson Thursday afternoon. AATNS BEAUTY PRIZE. Young AA’oniaii Known in Matamoi’as to Apxiear on New Y'ork Stage. M atam o ras, Pa., N o v e m b e r 23.-^ Miss L a u r a Hill, of B lairstow n , N. J., a cousin of Mrs. H a rry Billm an, on Avenue L, and a niece of Mrs. Les­ ter Pitney, on P e n n s y lvania avenue, received first * prize in th e beauty' contest of the New Y o rk Sunday j Am erican, Misg Hill, the w inner o f , the first prize, am o n g whom w e re j thousands of contestants, on being- n o ­ tified of h e r good fortune, presented herself a t the office of Sam and Lee Shubert, Inc., proprietors of th e New York AA’’inter Garden, and proved to be even a greater beauty th a n h e r photograph h a d prom ised fo r her. She is barely 21 years old, of the blonde type, and a beautiful figure. According to the terms of the con­ test, the Winner of the first prize gets an engagem ent of a t least four weeks a t th e New York W inter G a rden a t a P o p u lar M e c h a n ics M a g a z ine «WRITTCN SO YOU CAN UNPENSTANO IT” A GREAT Conimiieil StoiY af tke W orld’* Progress which you may begin reading at any time, and which will hold your interest forever. 250 PAGES EACH MONTH 300 PICTURES 200 ARTICLES OF GENERAL INTEREST $1.50 PER YEAR. SINGLE CCPiES 15 CENTS Ask your newsdealer, or WRITE FOR FREE SAMRI.E COPY TODAY POPUXAR MECHANICS CO. Forest STEV E N S , Superior Mills W H IT N E Y Table U derwear &DENTON Linen I Coats! Coats! i i There never has been such a splendid opportunity r'- X I fered you beiore in the history ol dry ^oods selling in Port t f Jervis, as at the prejent time in which to purchase your J X new winter coat. The stock is irnmense. The variety of X J styles almost bewildering. There is a coat here for pretty X ^ nearly everyone as to style, 6t, size and material. With all X ^ the variety to select from, there is hardly any two alike. 1 I Prices are as low as it is possible \-o sell th* ra at, consistent with reliabl'* merchandise, and we ofi'eryon nothing except X~- what we can stand back ot. Price range from $7.50 up. X- I Men’s, Women’s and Chil-1 dren’s Underwear. I This is the time, this is the place to supnly yoursd-f with ^ underwear. The variety of styles, the dift rent weights of > goods and the large range of prices is such that most any- ^ one can be ple'ased. Prices on Women’s underwear range J X from 25c up. Men’s from 50c up. Children’s from 25c ‘up. ^ Blankets cuit of trotting meetings which wrecked by the professional book- winning $ 1 , 000 , with m a k e rs a decade ago. WTth M onroe, costum es provided. Chester, Goshen, Middletown, and visited irl possibly Newburgh, members of a lo- Miss H ill has cal circuit th a t includes also P o u g h - kei^psle kfid other places, a revival of wVtfi young K im b all and Jesse Crahe. ' iiatiless racing for sport's sake of Stockholm . They ranged th e woods and swam p s n o rth of Stockholm, p e n e trating the big sw’binp th a t lies between the Clintott reservoir and D u n k e r pond, a few m iles south from Wawayanda Lake. tWhile in this swam p the dogs treed a bear which the h u n ters brought down w ith two shots. A fter he struck the greund the bear show’ed sp irit and an ax$ finally dispatched him . The befi'\ weighed 2S5 pounds. prom ised th a t ought to iU«ur’6 for the m eetings th e pick of the harness rac­ ers. W ith the bdheful pool-sellera banished and i-acing conducted on Its merits e.nfl not as an aitjunct to a Derain sure thilag gam b ling proposition, th e . . -- ___ . ______ h e r m a n y frieu»l£ and relatives m u ch plertSed to learn of h e r suc­ cess, dhd tender th e ir congratula tiolls. — S. Dead Doe F o u n d in Woods* j A doe deer, shot by dfi 'unknown | 1 h u n ter in P o rter townfe’hip, was sport V*,x'omises to rival baseball in pop.’i'larity because of popular con Big Orange Sliipmein KV-tiil. New York fru it buyer- have come to term s w ith the fru it brokers, us to the cost of cartage over w'hich there w.us a di.'^yute, and the ir,(j carload.-! of oranges in the E rie’s freight term ­ inal, the fir.st shipm e n t of the sea.son from California, will be taken <-are of. There is an im mense eroi, of C alifor­ nia urange.s. The refusal of New York l)uyers to pay increased c-iirtage rates threatened to leave the big shipm e n t to rot. The m a tter was settled at a m e e ting l-etween the luiyers and thi- distributers who employ the earmeii. T h e Dem o n s of Tlie Swam p a r e mosquitos. As they sting they p u t deadly m a laria germ s in th e f'ojhere could be no b e tter medicine blood. Then follow the Icy chills and | j^g;n C h a m b e rlain’s Cough Rem edy, th e fires of fever. The appetite flies | j^jy ch'ldren w e re all sick w ith an d th e strength fails; also m a l a r i a , whooping cough. One of them waa n paves th e w’ay for deadly ty- in bed, had a high fevc*r and B u t E lectric B itters kill and coughtry up blood.. phoid. cast out th e m a laria germ s from the blood; give you a. fine appetite and renew your strength. “A fter long suf­ fering,” w rote W m . Frefw ell, of Lu- cam a, N. C„ “th ree bottles drove all th e m a laria from m y system , and I’vw h a d good h e a lth ever since.” B est fo r all stom a ch, liver and kidney ills, .iO cts. a t iJ l D ruggists.— Adv. ■r an d \was r ”- u p blood. O u r doctor gave them C h a m b e rlain’s Cough Rem edy and th e first dose eased them , an th ree bottles cured them .” says .Mr: R. A. Donaldson, of Lexington, F o r sale°by All Dealers.- “ Kal.ston H c a ltli Slioe.s” are Ka- del’s leaders in m a n ’s footw e ar All kinds of leather, all the^ latest styles^ • in its fairne.«s.—Goshen Dem.- I and Frank, lh6 -State forest ranger, ! on. Monday and th e following day it j was ■brpu.gkt to this village by a state j -galWe -warden and turn e d over to j H e a lth Officer Wood, who will ta k e . , th e carca.es to th e tem p o rary state j H a rriinan O range Co. Property XX O rth hospital a t Shohola Falls, w h e re $750,000. eight patients, all lum b erm en, are under treatm e n t.— M ilford Dispatch. Go.shcn, Nov. 21.— T h e appraisers selected to appraise the property of the late E. H. Ilarrim a n in this coun­ ty have filod their sttitemont with the repre.sent.ative of the state co m p troll­ er in this county, H a rry W. Gha- deayne, of Coi’nw’all. The tota ls about tbr<'e-quart>TS of a m ill­ ion. The apprai.sei'-; wen- Hon. M. N. Kane, of W arwicl.; George F. Pick- en, of New Yoi’k. a n d .T.icol) T.#. Hick.s, of Ilighland.s who is forem an of the Gib.soh jury. J i i s f R e c e i v e d A n - o t l ie r I k v o i c e of Itie B. B.Chase Medicated Shoes for wumeii, The most comfortable shoe made* Ask the m a n or w o m an who w e a rs them . CHASE’S CASH SBOt HOUSF, 115 Pike-St., Port Jervis, N, Y. Blankets are really a specialty with u.s, and we know X positively that there is nothing on sale anywhere at no X matter what price they may be ofiered you, that equals X J ours in quality, size and price. An inspection will prove X X this to you. Prices range from 59c up. ' - X i t I Comfortables | You can not make a mistake in choosing your comfort- X ^ able from our stock as we allow nothing but the very best ^ X goods to be placed on our shelves. 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But it m ight have been I ____ __ w o r s e . — H a n cock Herald. --------------------- -------------------------- I T h e g r e a t P r e s id e n tial cam p a ig n -wll I , , , o « I soon begin an d you w ill w a n t th e new s ac- I Is your husband cross? An irrita- promptly. The wona long t o f r a d”s \ ? to e f X S a c h . A mM find,’’ he w rites, “th a t Dr. K ing’s New Life Pills surely p u t new life and energy into a person. W ife and I believe they are the best m a d e .” Excellent for stom a ch, liver or kid­ ney troubles. 2 Gets, a t All Druggists. _een perm a n e n tly cured of stom a ch trouble bv taking C h a m b e rlain’s Tab- I C h ildren Cry FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORIA edition. th e w eek, except Sunday. I t w ill be of p a r ­ tic u la r v a lue to you now. T h e T h rice-a- le t s “ \ * W r % \ a l T b v T l T ‘D e a i e r I ^ W o rld also abou n d s In o th e r strong -f-T __ —A I featu r e s , serial stories, h u m o r , m a r k e ts, oar- I toons: In fact, e v e r y th in g th a t is to b» I found In a first-class dally. I T H E T H R ICE-A --’;\’E E K W O R L D ’S regn. I la r su b s c rip tio n o r lce Is only $1.00 pet ,an d th is pay s fo r 15C p a p e r s . W e offet lequalley n e w s p a p e r a n d T H E TRl- S T .\T E S -UNION to g e th e r fo r one y e a r for $1.90, pay a b le stric tly In advance. T h e re g u la r su b s c riptio n p r ice of th e two p a p e r s is $2.50. A d d ress all orders U N IO N , P o r t Jerv is. N , Y. If yolir feet ai'c troubling you, no latter w h e ther it is eorn.s, luinions or tender feet, we have the shoe.s that I will give yon solid com fort. Try the ' B. B. Chase M edicated Bhoes. Mo.st eom fortaide made, .^.sk the m an or woman who wi’ur.s them . Sold only at C h ase’.s Cash Shoe Hous.-, P o rt Jervi.s, N. Y. -A d v . Try Rutan’s for loaded shells.—^Adv OTa-STA'C®8 J; and see us if you have aujr plumbingor heat, ing work to be done. Our work is guarded in such a manner that it is* impossible for any dissatisfaction to result when we com­ plete a job. We employ none-but sMlled me­ chanics and use only the best materials. We do the best work at a price no great­ er than charged by others for- inferior work. P e c k ’s H a r d w a r e Store, 43 FRONT STREET. 4-0^0K5K5^0K5>O-fO>0'K5K5K5K5K5K5'K5K5’t-€5-f-G-»-O^+0-ft5.'tO.-f-f5^ I LINOLEUMS’ I I We have just received a new and up^to-date $ D line of the above and there has never been such g J a demand as at the present- • Put a new one on 5 ? that kitchen floor for the winter. $ Our line of BLANKETS and COMFORT­ ABLES is very complete. Look at them and get our prices before buying. We have an extra stock of DRESSERS and CHIFFONIERES that we will sell at a very low figure. W e have four special SIDEBOARDS tnat we will sell at cost. Buy one now for the holi­ days. Stoll Johnson & 92 PIKE ST. t 4-e-f ©-f'0-f-04^’0 ‘f'0-f0-K3-f O-f O-f O f O-f O-fO-f O-f 0 > 0=f0-f O-fO-f O-fO-fO-fO-t-

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