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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, November 28, 1912, Image 4

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- __ r u u llsh e d W e e k ly (T h u r s d a y ) a t i: P ik e S treet, P o r t Jervis. N. Y., by mr-iSTATEs p u B u s H m a co „ me. R , Salmuoa, ° P res, and Tre^s. Sat® re4 as Second Class M all MtU- «F a t th e Postofflee, P o r t J«rvis, J e N. T. StTBSCBIiPTIOK P R I C E : THURSDAY, NOVEM B E I^ 28. 1912. TIU \N K S G I\TN G . And let tliese altars, wreathed with ■ flowers '' And ipiled with fruits, awake again T h a n k s g ivin g ’ f o r th e gold e n hours. T h e early and th e latter rain ! ‘ — ^Whittier. THAXKSOIVXN'G. i Once m o re the aging y e a r calls from th e brow n mead.*}, from the leafless trees, fro m the ^host.s ot flowers floating on the chilly winds, and from th e clouded skies of th e f/hortened days, and says: \Give th a n k s , O m an! L ift up your thoughts! L ife is brief, b u t tim e ?s long, an d th e fires of gratitude In the h e a r t send u p a sm o k e th a t Is as g ratefu l Incense to th e Pow e r th a t guides you. and toils fo r you, and fills to overflowing your cup of bless­ ings! ” Det us heed th e voice of the faith f u l year, w h o se forces have w r o u g h t fo r us through the seasons, budding Spring, bloom ing Sum m er, fru itin g A u tum n and resting W inter, whose sunlight an d show e rs and chem istries have turned 'th e soil and th e elem e n ts into ^wondrous things fo r our delight. Let us give thanks! G r e a t cause have w e fo r rejoicing and confessing and acknowledging our debt to the Unseen Power on this golden T h a n k s g iving D a y .' O u r land is blest and h a r p y above all other lands. O u r people are able to sit ih peace am id plenty. The y e a r h « k e p t w a r an d pestilence fkr front us. O u r granaries are full. O u r m essag^ to th e w o rld is peace and goodw ill O u r free sun shines to the farthest p a r ts of earth, and m en in all lands tu r n th e ir eyee to o u r loved flag, and o u r gates s w ing inw a rd to adm it th¥ throngs o f those who seak> a hom^ •where th e rulers are th e 'r u l e d , an^ w h e re th e doctrine o f / t h e e q u a lly and brotherhood of m en Is finding practical dem o n s tration and appUcaj tion. Dull is th e m ind, cold is the h e a rt, th a t does n o t see and feel t h | m e a n in g of T h a n k s g iv in g Day in ou? favored land. L e t us give th a ’n ks! H p w ? In t h | high exercise of o u r highest emo^ tlons, in acknow ledgm e n t th a t th^ good things sp iritu a l and m a terial w h ich m a k e us contented and com e not from ■within us. b u t ■ from w ithout us, th a t to a P o w e r \highet th a n ourselves we are Indebted fo f all th a t w e c a ll our.s. T h a t P o w e r if beyond our ken. but it has m a n ifest;; ed its nearness to ns, and we respond to it w ith em o tions of pure gratitude, reaching o u t into th e m y s­ tery to touch p e r c l^ n c e th e 'potent hand that guides \i.s :^^d swings out world in its o rb itj^ W e can give th a n k s in th e church an d In the hom e, and around th e festal board th e fam ily reunions will m a r k the chief fcatvire of the day. O u r th a n k s for W^psings will be doubly sincere and ^ordial and be^ com ing if for blessingj^w e give bless­ ings. The poor we have alw a y s w ith ue. O u r skies are ‘ b rig h ter than theirs. W e can lighten and brighten th e ir skies. T h e ir lard e fs a r e leaner th a n ours. \We can sh|%e w ith them o u r good things. T h e ir su rround­ ings a r c cheerless,- e can im p a rt cheerfulness to them and th u s double o u r own cheer. . W e can m a k e Thanksgiving D a y a day to be re ­ m em b e red ’by them , an opening of new vistas to them , a glim p se of a new w o rld to them , a tim e of new and h ig h e r thoughts to them , p e r ­ haps a startin g point in a b e t t e r life to them . / L e t us give t h a n k s in all ways and in all degTees. T h ^ d f y is em inently s. joyous day. W e glV© t h a n k s fo r w h a t w© have because w e have it, h e a lth an d stre r g th an d prosperity. W e give t h a n k s f o r w h a t w e have not because we have it not, illness and w e a k n e ss and suffering and ad ­ versity. W e give th a n k s fo r success and fo r failure, fo r gains an d for losses, f o r joys an d fo r sofro-ws, b e ­ cause w e know th a t a l l th a t com es to us m ay b e useful in bur develop­ m e n t and In building o u r character. I t is T h a n k s g iving Day! M ark Jt well w ith chastened cheer, w ith re ­ new al an d strengthening of fam ily ties, w ith outreaching an d uplifting ch a rity fo r o u r fellow beings, and With exalted thinking. Thanksgiv­ ing fo r t h e year, f o r Its gifts, fo r life, fo r friends, fo r freedom , fo r every­ thing that has made ys better, purer, tru e r , b r a v e r and Vnpr© liberal! L e t U8 least, sing, give apd rejoice! L e t us m a k e th e world b e tter because of Thanksgiving Day.— H. A. V a n P red - enberg In th e New Y o rk F a rm e r . CHANGING T H E B IB L E . This denom ination o r t h a t cult m ay elim inate from th e Bible w h a t they choo.q© or change th is or th a t ex- >1 , • 1 ‘1 ii » itarc i C.-} ’ r-n ^ ., Th. 3i le is in effect hum* n a tu re in words— a glim p se of wh.u. we are, w h y ■we’re here, and w h ithw ■We’re going as only inspired men could give It O u r idea of som ething not to vtorry' about -tre the em a il de­ tails of Jo n a li’s ekperlenee, and as to ju s t w h a t nam e i.s given to the suf ferlngs of hum a n ity th a t has sinned. Call It holl, the im d erworld, or som e­ thing else, no m an needs to be con vlnced th a t there a r e law s deep in his being which disobeyod, m ean .suffer­ ing, m isery, reniors<*, as certain, at: ob e y e d t h e y m e a n p e a c e . J t m a y bt Important that occlo.8iasts should quibble about thi.s or that point, but m eanw h ile th e pnper.s daily tell oi suickle.s, murder.s, and rtistro.«.s a n i mi.sery in a thou.-iand form.s whicli this same old iJiblo in the liearLs oil m en woviUl prevent and relieve. Kvery hum a n being i.s a w a lking iJible, w h e ther Hell Is u.*}ed in the text oi not or -u-hether .fon.a.li wa.s swallowedl by a whale or not. 0£ coui’se it is m o n strous to b,-li» vc :c cr(‘ato r whu keeps -worlds in .*}pacc, wlio eontrob- sun, stars and. jnnon, who rears the tree from the acorn and -whose m ira­ cles are increasing and over present could haVe liad a m a n swallowed by 1 lish to bring about His own purpose in th e early hlstorj* of the race. M on­ strous indeed. L e t who will reject it but let no one im agine th a t the o il Bible is changed any thereby. It lives bocau.se it’s tru e and it has survived generations and centuries of men whose'\ e a rthly fram e s are now dust, each one of whom literally lived its truth, which all alive arc now living. THE NEW HAVEN SITUATION, A monopoly in any line anybody is w r o n g . I t m e a n s m o r e or less of ib u s e , sla c k n e s s and inefficiency. I t ’s Che clash and contact with other men chat com p e ls any man to measure up to -b is bc-st. I t ’.s Unp keen com p e tition with other stores in the sam e Hm* litat m akes a etorc,. I t ’.*} Iho pain of being jcooped by another paper th a t m akes i new’apaper. i t ’s the sham e of being out-syripped by o ther pupils that .nakes. the sluggish ^ n d indifferent jttuiy. Big business is no different ,’rom little business in this regard,bc- iau.se m en m a k e both and- m en with­ o u t Competition follow th e ir own in- flinations.* T h e ir inclinations m ay be jf th e Scrooge sort to grab and to squeeze and to clutch a n d 't o save un-, .il th e equipm e n t of a railroad is un ­ safe, until the mana.gem ent of a rail- oad is inefficient, until the railroad irouses com m ent, because w recks are io frequent t h a t the public which has -o ride on it is a larm e d . ** B’o r a long tim e the New Haven lailro a d in w h ich J. P ierponi Mor- ,an and W illiam Uockefellcr are -*}aid o be the largest stockholders has practically controlled the New Bng- and field. The G rand Trunk, th e Ca- ladian railroad, has n o w proposed •unning its line dow n through New Sngland to New York, Of COUI’KC iTie ■!&w Havem, w-iLh the unlim itcct j\lor- ;an and UockeEeller wo.alih at ids ack. w ill not sec a n y su c h pl.an put hrotigh if m o n ey can stop it. Again he governm e n t has proper right, it would seem from the standpoint of nen not M o rgans or Rockefellers, to •tep- in and prevent any \811011 stop­ page. The good of New Jinglanri de- nan d s th a t th e New H a v en have proper com p e tition to Keep its sorv- ce to the people w h a t it should ho. an d A ttorney G e n eral vrielinrshaTn las one of the best jobs of h i s a d n i i n - stration for th e people, to see to it h a t th e G rand T runk plan is not stopped by New H a v en money. ----------------- 4 . 4 * ----------- - — A NEW SOCIETY. A Society fo r th e P revention of Useless Giving h a s been form e d in New York, th e object of w h ich is to \elim inate th rough co-operative ef­ fort th e custom of giving Indiscrim ­ inately a t C h ristm a s, an d to fu r th e r in every t^’^ay t h e tru e C h ristm a s sp ir­ it o f unselfish and independent thought, good will and sym p a thetic understanding of th e real needs of others.” T h e society proposes to en­ list in its ran k s any num b e r of girls and w o m en in t h e big city. The title of th e organization gives Its m e m ­ bers th e ready nam e of Spugs and th e Spugs prom ise to becom e num e r- T h e re is little useless giving am o n g m en so they scarcely need th© pro­ tection of a society to keep from use­ less giving, but the woman who toils all the year to remember “forty- lev e n ’’ rela t iv e s and \ friends” w ith th in g s that a p o s t card or a n o t e o f genuine Christmas goofl will would happily substitute- for, should wel­ come the uprising of the Spugs. T h e re should be m o re h a p p y people on C h ristm a s day because of the Spugs. T H E N E X T ST E P FOBW AHD. The local C h a u tauqua Circle is studying som e thing of E u ropean h is­ tory, w h ich, like all history, show s the social progress pf m en. O n e of the things they’ve learned is th a t conditions have Im p roved as m o re people hav e achieved th e rig h t to ex- ^ ”ess them s s ’v s in th e ir govern- t n> t’\'e n 't 'o n is limited by the iient with the ballot. This is a fact --'o th an 1 East rivers and the of history, and one of the m o st po- | V\ pstoho.^ter county line, also have a ten t argum e n ts in favor of g ranting i p.aironizing iihd jo.shing attitu d e to- the ballot to women, T h e re was a ! war..l U. The attorney.^ ho-wever on tim e w h en only i.ropei’ty holder.-, j both sUi.-s have preserved th e dignity cptiid vote. Ob-viously la-vv-' were op- (.Jrange county justice and are con- pressive to the peopb* not properry <;ase in an able m a n n e r, holderc. They w.ui- laws fo r p r o p - ' rppp ju rors no doubt realize the sol- erly m o re than ivir men. .Vs the duiv th a t ro.sts upon them and franchise wa.s cxl. m i d to m.-n, re- jr..<?pUe the unfortunato “cap and bell” gardless of prop.-rlj, 'awe. favoring j,i,,ppstion th a t creeps into som e of m en cam e into foree .snd condition-, new spaper reports of th e trial, bettered accordingly. T h e next verdict will be in keeping with step I.*} doubtle.s.s votes fo r \\ omen. ^ inlelllgenoe .and integrity of the W o m en’.s interesia m ay be com m o n they are reprosenling tliere in interest.*? with m e n , but if all of th-*j^j^., box. women in thl.*: country volod it ' ---------------- *.4 ---------------- im a g in e that cliildrm i difficult would be oppres.sively burdened in the factories, th a t any less than n fair living wage would be }>:iid to any girl Or woman earning her i>wn liv­ ing, o r to any m an .<?ut»r>'>rting a fam ­ ily. C h ildren are now w o rking m faclorie.s and iiiill.s wlio oughtn’t to be there, .and they .are there because adnlts can ’t earn enough to .support them . Girls and women are w o rking for w ages so snm ll th a t they are piti­ fully poor. Tliej’c are. ten mllliun actual poor, it is estiniatetl, in thi.^ country, n o t speaking- of paupers en­ tirely dependent, or of people who have enough to live com fortably, but not quite so m u ch as som eone else. Ten m illion w’ho, .because they can’t get w o rk to do or can’t get enough for their w o rk or through dis­ ability are partly unfitted fo r work, are so poor they are deprived of p rop­ er food, clothing and shelter. If wo­ m en voted, with th e ir finer and m o re intim a te sym p atjiies, who can doubt th a t num b e r would be greatly lessen­ ed and th a t -we’d all enjoy o u r food, clothing and sh e lter the m o re fo r i t V ----------------- ►-f ------ ---------- OUR BEST TNVESTIVIENTS. The fact th a t th e cost of conduct­ ing the courts of Or.ange county ha.i Increased $10,000 in ihc- last fo u r years as shown hv the re,i)Ort of the County T reasurer, m ay be in p a r t at. tributed to the !■• nnral le.s.senod p u r­ chasing -power of the dollar and the consequent increa.'5ed .scramble for the dollar on th e p a r t of all connect­ ed -w'lth the m a c h inery of the courts a« w ith others. Hut when all is said on th a t point it m u s t be conced­ ed th a t so large an increase in the courts’ cost also m eans the courts have had m o re work. T h e building of the acqueduet a t the o th e r end of the county and the crim inal cases attrib u tab le thereto in p a r t explains this. The county seems to have had an unusual num b e r of m u rd e r cases of late. This Gibson case, in w h ich tlie ju ry disagreed bn Tuesday a t Goshen, alone m eans a considerable sum expended. It m u st he obvious to ta.xpayers in this county as everyw h e re else th a t the m a intenance of schools, librarie'j, roads, fire departm e n ts , boards of health and all agencies of progress and protection is not w h a t constitutes th e e c o n o m ic d r a i n . On a d o l l a r a n d c e n t s b a s is, n o c o m m u n i t y c a n a f f o r d ito lower its moral tone or abate roUgiou.s activitie.s. Generally speak­ ing It m ight be .said th e county is §10,000 less fine th a n i t w a s in 1908—- a proposition for everyone to ponder upon beyond the^ m e re increased m o n etary cost, j ’eople with g m ind fo r figures m ight ])rolitably dete.-- m ine ju s t w h a t, in dollars and cente, to a c o u n ty th e size o f O r a n g e , is th e loss on a boy who goes wrong. R o u g h ly speaking every one who keeps right, saves m any thousands of dollars, we venture to say, to hi.s Mei.gh'bors in the county. I t ’s a sordid speculation and no boys will ever b e / k e p t rig h t by an>- V)ody who tries to'.keep them rig h t to Slave him self or anj’body else’s money, b u t it tends to show th a t the best in vestm e n ts in Orange county are its churches, its Y. M. C. A.’s, and wha..- ever or w h o e v er is striving fo r gen nine righteousness. A N IN T O L E R A B L E PR O P O S A L . W h o will he the finst ex - P r e s id e n f of the U n ited S tates to step up, h a t in hand, to the T h a n e of .Skibo and let th a t m o d est and unostentatious son of P lu tu s drop $25,000 a year therc- T h e re is certainly no reason w h y a fo r m e r P resid e n t of the U n ited S tates should be a parasite on a dropsical private fo r tu n e m ade out of o u t­ grow n com m ercial vices like rebate.’}, out of an outgrow n system like pro ­ tection for protection's sake, fines levied on th e m a jority to give ono little s t r u t t i n g p l u t o c r a t Im m o r t a l opportunity for advertising:. It w'ould be intolerable and dishon­ orable.— ^New Y o rk Sun. T H E GIBSON TRIAL, F ro m p a r ts of rep o rts of th e Gib­ son trial one m ight sui>pose a case involving 49 cents or so w e re being ^ oniy iempoi-.-i.iy. vauu tried instead of one involving a m a n ’s 1 there are th e firem en’s claim s to hlgh- llfe in re tu r n fo r th a t of a w o m an I ev pay. These will have to be settled. 1 And other classes of railroad labor wl.om he la aharEod w ith m u rderm R Gllbson him self seem s In “ AXTHAT T H E P A P E R S SAY. 1 (The Now York W o rld.) | !l was the public th a t was m o st | deeply intero.str-d in the peaceful KelUement of the controversy be- tua-e.n Uie EasLoni railroad.s and their loeomoUve engiriefr.s which cam e .so m-.ar rr-.snlting in a ruinou.s .strike la.st S p r i n g . 'I’haL fael wa.s so obvioias th a t al the critical ju n c tu re when the ra il­ roads had refused to m a k e any conces- sion.s and 93 p e r cent, of th e engin­ eers by ballot had declared them - .selves ready to go on strike, both sides agreed to llic appointm e n t of an im p a rtial board to ad ju s t Iheir dif­ ferences. In tile natu re of things th e aw ard of arb itratio n is a com p rom ise. The engineers gain fa r le.ss th a n they de­ m anded, luit they are Granted increa-s- ed com p e n s a tion in certain respects and are jjrotectcd by the establish­ m e n t of a m inlnium wage for the en­ u r e E a s tern district. It is the m en now receiving tlie lowest pay, the* m en w o rking u n d e r ibe severest condi­ tion.-?, -who are to receive the chief benefits of the r-^w scale. The level­ ing-up ts don e .- t the bottom rathe.r than foi* the ben.‘lU of th e be.st-paid men. A general increase of tvages on all roads, th e arb itrato r s declared very positively, was not w a rranted by the evidence prc-.enled on the engin­ eer’s .side. The engineers will abide by the awtird, tind, though il runs for only one year from l.-i.st May, Chief Stone mu.st see the unwi.sdom of soon .agi­ tatin g again fo r a general inorea.se. He w e n t as far as he dared last spring in inciting a general sti-ike,and was oniy checked by the force of pub­ lic opinion. If he had been I'ash enough to give the word, he would have throw n 30,000 engineers out of work on the 02 railroads e a st of C h i­ cago th a t operate m o re th a n one- fourtli of t^m total m ileage of the United f? t a w and serve nearly 38.- 000. 000 ptiople. W h a t siu-li a convulsion of trade and indii.stry would have m e a n t to m illions of w o rkers is appalling tJ think. Never wa.s arbitration, as a m easure o f protection for Lh<- public, mor,^ ju.sUiicd by the event. (New York Sun.) T h e record o f a n ti-tru s t en.actrnents ha.*i been eon.siprcuous for llie earc with which labor, organlzation.s, trade union.s a n d I’a r m c r .s’ nllianoe.s hrtve been j^rotected from their btirden. Capital and com b inations of capital have boon the e.xclu.sive object of ]eg- 1. slativ<- atlhek.*?. T h e su g g e s tion ih.at il l.abor m onopol.v should bo treated like an y other has been intolevivble. Th,- •• c o r 7 joring’’ o f ih e ir crop.s by farmer.-? an d the w ith h o ld in g of their I-rodiiet,-? from the m a r k e t by p lan ters lo force T,rices up h a v e been h e a r tily .seeom led by .some o f the lo u a e s t d e ­ nouncers o f m o n o p o ly. B u t o f self- d e fonee nc-ce.ssitates the r'^gulation by th e (lo t c v n m e n t of one end of the rnilro.ad.s, doe.s it n o t foreshad,'>w the Com ing o f regu lation at the oth e r (New York Tribune.) The mo.?c im p o rtant recom m e n d a ­ tion of th.; arb itrato rs between the railroa.l.s and th e ir engineers is th a t state and federal wage com missions he created w ith authority to settle .similar wage disputes for th e future. T h a t is, as Mr. Morrissey, the repre- .sentatite of the engineers am o n g the arbitrators, points out in disagreeing with th e m ajority, th e rep o rt favors com p u lsory arb itratio n in labor dis­ putes of public service corporations. The circum stances of this dispute give force to this recom m endation. A strike* u p o n all th e railroads in tlfe northern section of the country east of Chicago has been averted only by Uie intervention of public authorities and by m o n ths of labor on th e p a r t of the public .spivilod men who m ade up t h i s b .-ard r.f .a r b itra tio n . lJu t th e award ol’ the arbitrators is binding only until next May. In May th e en- •gineers, who have obtained only a sm all p a r i of -what they asked for,will be fre e to re n e w th e i r d e m a n d s . I t may be that the weight of this pres­ ent determ ination w ith the public will hr enough to prevent the m en from threatening to strik e again. B u t peace is only tempor.-xry. And m eanw h ile give t h a t atm o s p h e re to the trial, and because it happens to be in a place a few m iles out of New York City some o f the New York reporters who Im- T h e New R e s tau ran t. TOWNANWUNTRY Special Letters to The Tn-States Union From Three States, New York, New jersey and Fennsylvania. [O u r eorre.spt)ndents are urged to .send in t-heir news leHers early in the week. J^etter.s m u s t reach The ’['ri-States Union not later th a n Tues­ day evening to insux’e publication the sam e week, if a news letter does not appear it is only becau.se it reached us too late for publication.—^Editor]. SULLIVAN COUNTY. \ F r e n c li Wood-s. F rench W oods, Nov. 2G—^Irs. Clay­ ton Thom as and children left for M iddletown last week, w h e re they expect lo m ake th e ir hom e fo r the present. M iss Irene Shea, of Handsome. Hollow, spent Sunday a t the hom e of France.-? Thom as. (Mrs. F r a n k N e a ring and children spent th e past w eek a t th e hom e of H e n ry 'Nearing, Cochecton Centre. Cochecton C entre, Nov. 2 5. — Mr. John Derm ody, of Cochectou. who w a s a form e r resident of this place dropped dead on M onday. Nov. IS. H e was a prom inent m em b er of .St Lucy’s ' R . C. C h u rch a t Cochecton. w h e re Requiem services w e re held on Thursday a t 10 a. m„ afte r which his body was interred in the B. G. “ letery a t South Cochecton. Quit im b e r of his m a n y friends of this a nu m b e r o f h is m a n y f place attended his fun( survivedived byy his wife, ee b d^yghtei seven sons j on e uayK n ier. M r.'G e o rge Keith, of this place, has gone to spend som e tim*? w ith rela­ tives and friends in New Yo ork rk City. T b e • ----- ______ _____ J in New Y < . T b e m em b ers of th e L ad ies’ Guild have a t last selected a spot on which to have th e shed fo r th e M. E h u rch built. The m en have 'been ■orkihg on it fo r ■the p a s t week and w o rkin g on hlave.m a v e , m a d e a d e fine progress. Quite a large num b e r from thiP place attend© the dance a t O a k lau” H a ll a t 'N a rrow sburg last Friday '*'ouf ^ a t the M. E. Fosterdale, ■Foeterdale, -Nov, 25.—Geoi-ge H e n ­ ry took an auto p a r ty to Liberty last week to the S u n d a y School Conven­ tion. Those in th e p a r ty w e re Miss K a te Henry. Mr.s. B. Calkins, Mis: :r.s, B. Calkins, M iss N o rdhauson. and Mis.s Eaverson, of I.ak e H u n tington; M rs. O, -F .- Olsen and M rs. Jo h n A b p lanalp. of this A rnest M o d ersohn and son, Louis, of Lotus F a rm , w e n t to New York ^^SchoofTlbseg here on Wednesday f o r th e T h a n k s f d v i n s v a c a t io n - Mi.s.s E, ,M. Storj' is visiting re la­ tives a t Milanville, Pa. Good Old F a t h e r Wiinter Is here ^^Miss Lillie E d e lm a n n Is spending a few weeks in New Y o rk City. Bethel, Nov. 25, — Miss Della M. F o s t e r h a s closed h e r h o u s e h e r e and returned to h e r hom e in New York last' week. Miss Sophia D u tcher, of New’ Y'ork, h a s ' been visiting Mr.s. phine Tacy 'fo r a few days. ‘Postoffice Inspector M. E. D u ryea fo r a few < ^ostoffice Inspecto r M o nticello, an d P o s tm a s ter < Boyce, of Liberty, were in town T h u rsday night. M r. and M rs, P. Schm idt, of J fersonville. w e re in town Friday. ildrs. S. R. Spriggs has been H u d son. N. Y., the pa.st w’eek givi lectures on Alaska, Westbrookville. kville, Nov. 24.— Mrs and son spent a few letown. (Westbrook’ nis B a k e r an d so n spei a t M iddletow n. Mr. George V a n K e u ren has p u r ­ chased an autom o b ile 'M rs. F r e d Zausch sp e n t M o n d ay a t iddletown. recovered sufficiently to retui r n hoi :Miss Belle King, of Forestburg, cently visited friends here T h e chicken supper ' ’n church basem e n t was ce, who under an operation a t P o r t Jervis, hai ifficiently to re tu h ^ ld i well attendt BarryviUe. B arryville, Nov, 26. — Miss Bess Allington, who is visiting Mrs. Jam W.' Smith, spent M o nday calling ' friends in P o r t Jervis. Miss A n n a -Meyer, ■« _____ m in H o b o k e n . — . rned to their home Monday even- '\\Sliss Leila Smith, who is attending t h e h i g h sc h o o l a t A t h e n s . R a .. Is Spending h e r Thanksgiving vacation w ith h e r (parents. Dr. and M rs. F , I- Sm ith, of Shohola, Pa. • Rev. 'William B a u m g a r tner is hold­ ing special m e e tings a t Bond Eddy L. Cross gave h e r friend, Mrs. P ran k W a lton, a surprise party Prida-<' evening in honor of her tw enty-first birthday. Mrs. W a lton received a verv handsom e cu t - g la s s pitcher as a gift from h e r frien(3s. Those p resent w e re Supt. and Mrs. Jam e s B rennen, ‘Mr. and Mrs. R ich­ ard Dietz. Mrs. Edw a rd Kalbfus, of Shohola. P a .; Mrs. B. H a n k ins. Miss Susie G a rdner. Miss Minnie A u s tin. •Mr. and Mrs. Edt\'ard Smith, 'Mias ,E lla W a tson. Mr. Geb. W atson. Mrs. Sarah Mabee and, Mr. and Mrs. A. •L, Cross and family.. Mrs. F ran k M cD erm o tt spent a I p a r t o f la s t w e e k v isitin g frien d s h» Port Jervis* Mi.S3 E d n a Stickles, of P o r t Jerv.’s, w’as a .week-end guest of h e r aunt. .Mr.a. F ran k M cDermott. (.Vir. John K e r r (passed aw ay a t his h o m e in th is v i l la g e M o n d a y m o r n ing after an illness extending over a year, Mr. R e r r w a s n o t a n a t ive o f this town. His llliiess had been of lo n g stan d in g and h is p r e sence w ill be greatly mi,ssed by his fam ily and friends. His funeral w a s held a t th e M. E. C h u rch Wedne.sdny a t three o’clock. In term e n t in the M o ntoza iMr. and Mr.s. M artin Dilr^ and daughter, H a n n a h , and Mrs. W illiam K e ller m o tored to B e a v e r B rook and v icin it y F r id a y . ,Sarn H a n k ins, the cigar m an, rolled into tow n M o n d a y even in g and look ­ ed up p'^me of his old friends. Supervisor W a lte r , T ether, J who if attending a session of th e B o ard o’ Supervisors a t th e county seat, spen: Sunday w ith his family. Miss M ary Rixton, of H o n esdale Pa., is spending lier Thanksgivin.t vacation w ith h e r parents. ‘Mr. an Mrs. H e rm a n J. Rixton, ----- 1';. — SUSSEX CO u I n TY. Layton. Layton, Nov. 26. — In a form e m m u n ication I spo by R u sh, W. Lake, a form e r pasto at thi.s place. T h e ’ second was Mis B e a trice Depue. of Layton, to C h ari e- P e rry, of VVantage, ‘B o th m a rriage rere on W ednesday- l a s ' gave reaa appreciate. church on W ednesda^ - M iss T a y l o r , o f NOwt(5n, ings tiiat were highly A b o u t $14 w a s realized. ip. O. Inspector ‘ J l H. 'McCabe m .<?pected all offices ift this valle- W e fo u n d / h i m affabl It th e ' exam inatio H aines togeth courteous, b u t th e ' e x a m ina rigid and thorough.. T h e shooting m ^ tch — ------- ville on F riday last brought toge er a large crowd, but the prizes w m o stly to parties east of the m o u n t ain. O u r shooters \were not in it. The m u sicale a t the hom e of M rt Kyte, n e a r Bevans. on F riday even­ ing, w a s a big success. T h e attend ance w a s large and the selection were finely rendered. Israel Struble, ,fr., of Layton, left on M onday of last w eek to go to a New Y o rk hospital fo r an operation fo r appendicitis. 'No word has been received, a t th is w riting, as to h - condition. W. C. Gunn and fam ily moved from B ranchville last w eek to occu py the \M ary A.- K u tan” house Hfl,inesville, recently purchased f th e heirs I GUnn’s u n n ’s dau recently purchase d fron ____ Mrs. W e n tw o rth, M? da u g h ter. ’ T h e G range uane© in th e ir hall .at al, was a grand suc­ cess, some 43 m em b ers being sold ■The success of these dances is due t( the good order m aintained. A dance will be’ h eld in the Mon tague G range hadl on the even! th e 29 t h Inst. The first-class music. alw a y s have WAITNE OPUNTY. Tyler HUL ler Hill, Nov. 25.— Mr. and Mrs F riday - m me e on ;een were Tj’le r Hill, C. D. F o rtn a m spent Honesdale. iMrs. H. C. Jackson entertained \M o ther’s M eeting’-' a t h e r hom Thursday afternoon. Ninet* present. M r. and Mrs. H. R. Lord spent W e d n esday in Honesdale. iMrs. G e o rge . ^Mitchell recentlj spent W e d n esday’,in Honesdale. Mrs. George M itchell recently spent a few days w i t h h e r daugncci a t Callicoon. (Mrs. Jo e A b raham spent last weei. in B ingham ton. . ______ entertained th Tyler H ill Ladies’ Aid and the D a m a scus Aid a t th e parsonage F o rty w e re in attendance and a (pleasant day was spent. The schools are having a vocation and the ch ild ren -are happy. 'Mrs. Thos. F o rtpam returned F r i­ day from a six w e e k s ’ visit with friends an d relatiyes in Scranton B e thany and Honesdale. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Smithei's. Mis Van Vleck an d R o s a Gaston spent F riday a t W h ite Lake. M rs, L. D. Tyler returned hom e F riday from a visit w ith h e r sister W h ite Lake. C. iM. P e th ick was called to Nev York F riday bv telegram to see hit brother, Howard.*- 'who is th e re fo. treatm e n t. Prof. P e thick. of Ithaca, accom ­ panied his fa th e r to New York. Mrs. W ill Balkcom , of P o r t Jeiwis spent a few days here w ith h e r mo- - -- W h ite Mflls. W h ite Mills, .Nov. 26. — -Mrs. J. W right, of Ravenswood, Long Islanc City, N. Y., is spending a few days at th e hom e of Mr, and Mrs. Aug. Kel-ch Mr. Joseph Bellman, Sr„ died ai h is h o m e F r id a y n ight, N o v . 22. T h e funeral wag held Tuegday morni!i a t St, J o s e p h ’s C h u rch. In term e n t •»?> the Hillside iCenaetery a t Hawley. A son arrived a t th e hom e of Mr. and Mrs. W m. Herjel, recently. The F irem e n ’s F a i r and B a z a ii held Nov. 2x, S2, S3 In The Florence was 'SL g reat success. Otto Bellman, of R o chester. N. Y, form e rly of this place, attended the funeral of hia fath e r , Mr. Jos. Beil- man, Sr. iMr. and M rs. A u g . K e lch , J f .. are rejoicing over the arrival of a son. U l a Owens and friend, of Seeley- ville, spent S a turday and Sunday at th is place. Miss E v a Silsby, who h a s been teaching school a t Lookout, and Al b e r t H a g g erty, vice-principal of Lak<- Como school, have returned hom e th e ir schools bem g closed on account of sm allpox. *' 'Miss Helen Bailey, of Honesdale, is spendinir A treek a t th© hom e of Hel- ler Shaffer and F red retu r n e d to th( e ir htom© m PIKE COUNTY. Mill Rift. M ill R ift, N o v . 2 6.— Mr. a n d M rs. John Sawyer and son. Millard, of M iddletow n , a r e s-pending a tw-> weeks’ vacation at their homes here. Mrs. J o h n Q u inn w a s a ca ller in P o r t Jervis Saturday. Mrs. hos. H a n raiian is serio^usly ill a t h e r hom e. Dr. Kelley, of P o r t .Jervis, is the attendim Mr. P ran k G ler- Y„ is visiting 1 Mrs. E. Clarke. 'Messrs. Elme: M iners re tu r n e d to th Tunkhannock, Pa., afte r a successful H u n ting trip. Mrs. Jessie Kent, of Sparrowbush, called on Mrs. B. W. A d a m s one day last week. ■Mr. W ilber Sawyer, of N ewark, N. > J., is spending a few days enjoying che hunting a t this place. Miss N o ra Gill, of P o r t Jervis, is visiting a t th e hom e of Mrs. Thos. dfanrahan. Mr. Sam u el W ilson, of R o chester, N. Y., was called hom e by th e sudden ilness of his m o ther. Mrs. Wm. K ennedy and Mrs. P a u l M arshall, of P o r t Jervis, visited th-elr friend, Mrs. Jo h n R o ach, on S a tur- M aster Jo h n K e n t spent S a turday (Vlth rela t iv e s In Sparrow b u s h . Mrs. Phebe Wilson, wno has been very ill a t th e hom e of h e r sister, Mrs, J. H e n d ershot, retu r n e d to h e r nome M ondav som e w h a t im p roved. Mrs. M. J. Hazelton sp e n t S a turday a p o r t Jervis. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence K e n t, bf P o rt Jervis, retu r n e d hom» M o nday -ving spent a w e e k w ith h e r m o - er, Mrs, Ed. E a rl. Mr. A lbert Clevelai er Shaffer were each looting a large buck. Mrs, M. Van Kuren LUgUtc— Mrs. Howard 3ek. and Mr. El- p'lceessful In visited uer A llen . la,=t Hallock, of T u n k h a n n o c k , Pa., in town o'!© day last week looiv- ng afte r a lum b e r track. W e are pleased to h e a r th a t Mr. John Quinn is able to be out again, Mrs. Jo h n Davey is soendm g two •eeks in the m e tropolis . / Miss K a te H ayes and two nieces spent S a turday and Sunda^«’ in h e r angalo here. . Large Bucks Itilled by Sci’antou H u n ters. Jeranton h u n ters are now taking jm e some fine bucks. George Scham - jrg and party killed three bucks in ike county. F o rm e r Sheriff C h arles iobinson and son, Carl, retu r n e d from Ike county on Saturday, bringing • ith them a five-prong buck th a t aighed 192 pounds. M ayor Jo h n Von .ergen, Scuyler G ernon and D irector f Public W o rks C h arles Terwilliger,. /ho are m em b ers of a p a r ty a t the •amp of Stephen Spruks, in P ike ounty, have killed two .bucks. The jarty will retu r n hom e ’this week. P lay by Hai^itaker d u b . M isses B e a-lrice Toth, Lulu Moore, ind Jessie H o lt; Messrs. Donald iaring, Edgar Van Sickle, Burton b a s e and H e n r y W h it t a k e r o f th e ‘Haritaker” Club will produce the arce-com edy, “The^ D o c tor,” m D eerpark Club H a ll, on Tuesday -vening, December 10th. P o r t Jervis October Statistics. T h e re were 15 deaths in P o r t Jer- is during th e m o n th of October, i’our wei-o under one year of ago, hree I)ecween 20 and 40, fo u r be- ween 40 and 60, and fo u r 60 o r ovei. ’yphoid claim e d one, pulm o n a ry tu- -erculosis one, accidents two, an d here was one suicide. ^neC e n ta W o rs ’OR e a c h INSERTION. NO AL VERTISEM E N T TAKEN POl LESS THiVN 15 CENTS AND CASs OR POSTAGE STAMPS MUS'J BE SENT W ITH EV E R Y ORDER M a l^ it know n if you have anv ’ting you w a n t to buy, sell, rent, •» •xchange, anytliing you have lo.si o had stolen, through o u r \ 1 CENT-A-WORD ” colum n iielow ■ you will g e t quick returns. Thi- uinn is designed to bring the b - and seller together on sales that lot w a r r a n t \large expenditures W a n ted— A sm all farm suitable for the poultry business w ith option of •enting or buying.— L eon C. Happich. North B ranch. N. Y, ________ FOr Sal(V-Two fresh cows an(3 t o o <3 w o rk horses. Inquire of S, GRANGER. Clove R o a d.— Adv. _____ _ R E G I S T E R E D Tam ivvrth P ig s foi ale. O rders taken, spring d “g is tered H a m p s h ire and Ta:m 'a v o r t b 'ivs. A d d r e ss B o x S12. M ilford, P a . F o r Sale— E ight room house, barn,, Ight acres o f land, spring o f pure vater, plenty of fru it and sh a d t rees, located in Lacka-waxen, Pa. \acing the L a c k a w a x e n river, 500 feet Tom the D e law a r e House. Prict 12,500. E. E. Hoxle. Edm eston, N. Y D HOLBROOK, real estate office established 35 years. 12? P ike S t Port Jervis, N.-Y. kneoxfitaodi

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