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The Schenectady cabinet, or, Freedom's sentinel. (Schenectady, N.Y.) 1839-1849, July 23, 1839, Image 1

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VOLUME XXX.} SCHENECTADY, TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 23, 1839, JL af aaaaanable and feakioMble A W In g r a m « n J S n perfine C a r p e tin g f 6*4 a n a 4 - 4 M a t t i n g ; P a p e r H a n g ings a a d B o r d e r in g * ; •If of whieh In ifb r i wholesale i m retail a t tha a t todoood price*, « | No. 73, Steto-sireot. •plO JOHN OHLEN. T T oopp ly of —mo—M» andfeohireabls , i>u y u - o o * , which bo — doUcaua—l to —U — tho moot ooa—aahio tenae, a t his old stead, N*t Ufa St*—- . Aa—• ( . Mo •-ortm ent a rt Broadwlothe, Oamimerts, SoRsmstS, Vest- Mjr*. DriUo, Bi——ty, Silk 4 Cktio rn Maudherehitfo, Skirt- Galifllfl* lilg a i a > 1 — MMM— —— April 8 . J83K S L TEAL COM 2 ! Ma —I 11 m ,'L60*M m GLASSES, AS. ^HANGING LAMP'S, TEA TRATS,k< Al—»—» 00 —raiaaanrto— » « f Gaotloa— *a aod La- . and Child too* a BOOTS — SEtOCSwf oras* des­ cription, raitabla — r tho ooaooo, a t tl— Now 8 loro, No. 17 f t — d — t, a f a o i o M t o a il M a F e m l m U April M. 1838. , - __________________ M e w H a r d - W a r e S t o r e . T HE oak— ribers r— assSfcllt waaaanae to tha nab- lia — thsy h a t , es—h—eos 4 tti»fl«4iT ir»B a - aiao— la —aw—tloa witbTbeateaufret tiring of Tin and 0 h—t-lron W in, at tbo state ia tho geo building next door to Jamoa Walker, No. 109, Ntato-atr—t, whore thojr iiiite —toaUoa to their poaoral ataorla—at oi • T t i m , S'FO V JS F U l t f f l l T U B M , aad HOUSE KEEPING ARTICLES, — gawerel^of which -ibsp iaiaod keeping a M MWhr, JAMBS WALKER, Ja. Pet. 1 . 1838. JOHN EDWftRPd. 8 0 G A M A M S C O P F f i E , A W f all aorta, a targseupply; togathar with a gaaorai — rtaaaot of FAMILY GROCERIES, hopt. A Jrataapafcteda—dfcr sale fly U M E 8 W a l k e r , toe - io ! s t a u - - . H r . A c d r e w T r m x 9 Mo. 117, State -street, ( porlh wd.) end doer —at o f W. MaCad>«ar p ilG o e d a Store, WHOLEftAUAMltTARMAUlttN HWMcddWr It (Ctosstv _ J W g i i l > W L m cawM—aa— — z—, —«w . a— — <e e s — 1 —rg, MwdrewMH-sst-C-stogl-aft — —pHMPp— »cy m r I H X f i , I V A / 8 T i l ® . —Two jontaoyaraa CABINET v f MAKERS, to who— good wag— and ooaotaat 0 —P—f a—at will bt (ivea. I—airo at my ferajiate •hop, ooraer o f SUte-»t. aad H id e a lane. . DANIEL C. PRICE. Match 19, 18»; 3 rWt«T i | R C 8 lV S D < - A frooh sopply of leitT, Mass, 0 —ftr, 4*> whieh will ba aold lor cash, unu o—lip cheap, at 40 sltato-atreet. B tpt II. A. VAN SANTVOdND. H O G S L A H D .-5 0 0 lb Hoga lard for aale at 1 h'Uto-at. JOSEPH SPIER. d!7 153 __ . C H INA P B l N G J f S K A T . A Q BUSH. China Spring WbBst feat reeolrad aad A P Q f e r a a l a by G. faT CARLEY. Fob. 95. O N B d N S P L I T P J S A S —ehakar'a prejpar ad Swaot Corn; ftssb Oat btaal, aad Pearl Bar. Jaat received aad Br —lo by JAMES WALKER, March IB 186 A 104 BteteusL O N p R R l f l i P k A N T I i S N J O H I K B . R dim barrow h r plutiag hr—— corn sssd—for oalo at tbo Sehea—tady rhod *tsrs,bv J a m e s w a l k e r . April 89. 1839. a T K A S . A LARGE aapply of vory ehoieo Green J m . and Blaok Toaa,‘just receired aad for -•la i o by JAMES WALKER, Sopt, 5. and • by WALKER, 188 a id 104, Suto rL B Y I W S 8 H , O L Afifi, o o a m r a a B Y , * c . * c . B T A t ALBANT PRICE*, £ g W t H B G W G R A S S . Bodlbrd, Saw——, aad Ctewn'dWiodew Glass , ofa vary superior quality, which fcrtranop—oney,thioba—c d ear ao —y aad brilttsnaj of snrfeeo# —nnot ba A l A M S . — 10 0 0 weight now oa—bod I t Shoulders, far aii# a l 168 Slata au d»r J o s e p h H aaw and SPIER. J U S T R E O E I V E D - I O O B a x — 7 b p 8 , aad 9 by 16 WINDOW GLASS, for - l o at factory pri ANDREW TRUAX, 1)7 8 tate-.tr—t. Nor. 97. C U B L S —C IT K L S —C I T R L S . J BERTRAND, No. 119, State*!. woald . ly infer—* tho ladt— of Soboneotady and that N haa t«»( e l —taraad heat NewYork, aad that ly iafcr—p tho ladt— of Sahoaeetady an vlciaity, j reternad feess Nev-York, aad that ha im now am b l— to p — n t a-—are e x ts a e i— mmmotimmnt of HAIR, eouiating ia p a r taf Rvtriaatiaf Carla, t ’arl* Ml and Plain Front*, Erorlaatiog Kinglet., n f t on eomho, Childrea'e Naif, aad diAreiit alyl— 6 f RUtglaU of tbo tat—t fcsliiow.—April 8 . 1839. ' oalo a t Fnoferp M m . Gor—an, Rone—tier, Afpa, New- Tork State, Mohawk and Crliador Qla— o f all eisoa, fra— 6 bj 8 ta iR b j 86 # a t J tlaay trim * gPAU Modiotn— aaoyataly p—pared and p— rip- li— n—tlv pnl ap, artry day ia tha w—k aad at all hoora of the night »agi4:7U A* P A » T 8 R » # «R CWffOWtt tSHBTtAl Pit OF «UMH»1 r f r a u I j h 4 ini—j f bio Oil has been *h« p-odnet of Aft—a j t o n of axporience in the city o f Ne w York, where I h—o h - i prnetiringtho hair batting baoineaa. In thet period, 1 never knew any peraon who liao a—d lt, wh—n hair hao n o t boon t—provad by tbo tl— o f Uric Co—aoond: and the MUie — r i d r on it, that A- H R B 1 W B COMPOUND OIL la the whole— art Iwdt— Oil fcr thmfuHr, make* it grow thick and long, — — --j {t, m i ; , ! o g n r taraiag p o p , —d a rm ifhair y p M f c t k G wbpgu i a h u t tJU tbr mo bp • — it will •Mr ktoie it to iU natural w iw i aloa pra to torn IjPJr ■* enah a nouriohor to tho hair, nf thadluL. S t o r i n g klanl oolor., and hair cloan; pro—otw oyabrowa and Far aale by J , BERTRAND. hasia hhir f r o - bp— Ng ■ b a ^ wbiek ia a gr—t dtp- 8 g — awthc y n o n g I r i — (• w r l r i i M l w » * ■ > i t— » RwiRf— «o it to Hanatnral eolor clear the—arf, and U p B i M m IZLgw wl^MRRai 6 M . t 4 . i S a No. 118, State at, H l k C B - W A I I i : M T O K E . 9 ig * g f d e Pndl—A, Rb. 57 8 — (• 1 tnbeerih irha* reccntiy row o rcd bis Hoad- W are Sta—, (a tha aew bnHftaga, No. S7 Stata street —beta ho la now receiving end will keep ronatantly on hand, a gonarai aonort—ant of Hard.«are, Cutlery, Ih H irt). B M — t m ' aad Jaliu n r Toola, Loekfag fit—aw, 1— B a t h , Iron# Stool, Noih, fro. which ho cBh—fcr oalo on the — t roaonnaklp Mta». Atfcb K gatooralnpoort—ont o f STOVES Of the now. cat .aaiaa— appro pod patteraa, Stmm flj— 3 h d A —, C—w r mttd i u l k n , together mith a g— wL a—out. n a n of Dp.NMtX Coal Stores aad Patent T in Ore— a —nab a#p—t od aaid vary oeoao—leal u l k U h t bahiag and 8Tfinvfhf tnad work— in hia a—plop a t Sb—11. m. Tin and Copper, ho will oxopnte an job — and a t abort notih*. thaboot ApriM* HSR j iBM. JL. VAN VORST. f O I U l l E C T A Y F U R N A C E AJVJD IK E S H O P . m SLB T B h u i i l f Inap eaasUntly on hand, aad a—nnfceta— — ardor, STEAM ENGINES, LATHES f r MACHINERY; Fkaioaod Apia Are—. Wagon, Cart and Pipe Box—; M m Cranks and Saiadl—; Now andff——en d Bark, Corn and Plaatar Mill*; Mttl a n d C W lW . Sa— ■; Railroad Car Wh—it; Ptnnpb GnotingO, Cider Mill*, Nat* and Screw* ; HoNow Wa— o f nN do—riptionai All M - iio f B—ao# Copper and Co—p—Ition Culinga. N. h M— l t i l l WocM do well to enll and axa—ino p thoa oolraa. April 91,1887 Nvs2^^25iBl^EE5!ff^2^23QS£5flEk^M7—\^nfrRRdE2iSEHiBfrH1 b m t O w M m l I V W P i S T O V l i l 2 S POOR'S PATENT COOKSTOVES, lor Coal—a nowand doohahlaarUclo; abb, Acatia'a 8 ix flats Stwvon, in—roe—rod nnd foranloat 119 8 t*u-*troot, by riapfcR 1837/ _____________ JOHN BENEDCT. |h I 6 6 0 L U T l 0 M . - T h i eepartaonkip hdrito. J t F b i * * d n i * | between the n t w r i - n , mndvr thO 6 r— of h d k A R L m U , m thi* day dtMolved bjr mu- ta t l 098 — 8 1 . Tbo b—iacoo of tbe firm will br nettled I/. P. t v i u . w | * « f t l l j nnlboriaed to collect aod pay tbedaku of tbo firu. N.SWITS, i>, M c D o n a l d . 8 eh ■ nectady, May 98, IBM. A ot .T—TkiTOftOwLftT * PROVISION b—in h - will lib carried on a t the Old otkad, earner of rhomb aad >t*f -vtreel*. by 161 N, 8W IT8. i ' A H f w r n A i L i m r A fr fi. BROWN ecntlnm the Cmtout Malumg Sto- « —a—.in all itsrariooabranobos, at No. 58 State* trooi, • fear doors wa— fro— tbo Poet Oftee, who— they —onafaetnm SOFAS, BUREAUS, SECRETARIES, TABLES , ST AMDS, BEDSTEADS , 4*. +9. in the 6 rst *tyl* of workmanehipand ftaiobi all o f which will ba aoM on the — t aeearamodating terms. inly I, 1837. _______________________________ - 8 F R l K G V l l i l . f e S c r e w & W i r e W o r k s * 6 TRHE sobscribcrs arc proparad to fbrolsb tbair frionda <JT aad anatom era with Wood Sarowo, of all tha ra­ tio— i l r n aad longtho in eomaon oaa. Tbey ba— en hand a oowplOU aaonrtmont o f 10.996 f — tn wbieb tboy arc awUng d—ly ndditloaa. They will al— —aka to —dor Wire, of —tin trariooo oixca, b rigbtor an. M il— All erda— dir—led tn or loft with Uatragents, 3 mm—. M. Yan Alstyac f r dan, Albany, or tho oaboari will bo punoloallj ■Uondwrt to. F. H. HAMILTON f r Co. Sobeao—ady, Jan.1,1M B ______________ 97 . C O A C H M A K I N G . W W aRVET U WARD, baring c aa—onoad tha a- H R . hbo— kali——, a t tho old itaad a t Vm4 4 Bom, w —ate — it, a fcw dnnw rn*tnf tto* 1 — - *j»hwf* — head tad o ak— te ardtr, ali kiada of CARRIAGES nag WAGONS nf n onporiar nnnUty. Liknwt— «U W a n t BLE1GH8 •ndCUTTERS. of tbo l a t e - pat Uroa; —RlL-ftOAD CARA, o f all do—ripik—a# -ad/* to orOer a lg tert notie* and on ran*enable term*.. Al! kindt af B f . A C K O I H I T H l x X O ta d rapairiag, dono -M i n—»aa— had doapateh. jUm, mmtm and aold by tho rnbeenber, BStm FmUmtmd EUytk rfcrhir* fcr all kiado o f Wagon* and Cnvrlag— Lik—rfca, JKaer’f Pate— f —f i for WOW — Cio* tarn*, — annfr—orod by H. Wa«—a fr Co. Troy, and fcr m li by H. L. Bebenoctady, A u g n a tl3,1838 69 D — n l n l B « * t . H 7 # . # S STATErSTREP.T, dimoUy m t h of tha A n Sch— lady Bank, koopa — taolly oa band for •ale— Ftr—al—*• Reap aad Caodl—; Coar— aad F iat Salt; A general a—ortment e f Floor and Feed; Oat*. Corn aad ladiaa Meal; Alto, an a—ortment of G a o tsaiu; Schenectady. Joly 3, 1838. ___________ ______ _ ^7 —I h h U — R — I S s R —h f r J P p t # —low ~ fH lH E aobaeribar oflbra for aale hia valuable —al —- JL tale otiuated oa the ooraer of State aad Ferrr- otroots, in tho business part ol the city, and within 85 rods of the eootemplsted canal basin. The said prop—- ty wifi rent for M ,r the iaUrsst oa RSO.OOO. Owe ball of the pc—ba— —oner —a —main on bood tad —art* gago f— tbe term o f 1 » years, th* intereel to b* paid an- noally; and thnro—aiaoar inaasy iastnlnwats. Pbsees elan given on th* lot o f |l*y next. For terms inonire of tba snbseriber. MYNDERT VAN GUY 8 UNG. Feb.85. r | t O P A T I f t —MM A N D T H E P U B L I C , JL For— e ti—o poet tho sab—ribor has pnl in prae. tie# th* principlo of s—wstfisn te —yowitoa, and ho finds that it n — oneeoodad beyond hia most sanguine expee tatioaa. Ha d— a it, therefore, so obligatory duty to return bis ——t sin—r* thanks aa wall aa to g«vs tasti- ■ S n s t of bosh»e— Whan 1 eo— eoeed the experimeat, tha pm*pc H waa Meak aad obeorioos: but thsnks to the lib­ erality af tbo— who di—oantenanaa erory thing like i—po—tina, it is now fair and battering. I still evatin- ua to — ako all kiado o f garmouts at jouraaytaen'a pri. eoa, which 1 shall warrant to fit aad be finisned Ut the —oat fcshionablo atylo. ET Catling done lower than nny where else in the cily, at the short—t anti—, aad warranted to fit if pro* perly maps up. JOHN FEATH EH.8TONE, No. 48 8tet* str—t, one door oast of Mr. Van asnt- vdord'o ohoa ate—.—Aaguot 91 8 6 N E W T H B O R l f ! io A n d a p p l i c a b l e t o t h e in t e r e s t i n g AFFLICTED WITH Dike a—s o f the Stomach, or A mcrvct; Seth ot Dypmtim, mtkrr Cknmie or Coomml, undor tho . . . . . •«# . tkoVtmgt BUimre aad SpmmmoEe; Cortmomooof Wormo qf teary omriotyt Shoe- n— 8 mn, toJuihtr Aoeto or Chronic; logethor with Gout, Scrqfalm. Potto in tho Hetd, Bode, IJmho tnd Sidt, l g d w f —r, SctrUt Furr, Putrid Sort Throat, Ft-' err and Aguo, Sptrmodic Ptlpitttion q f the Hetrt and Arteries, Ifenoeo knOnhiUty, Nervous Ifetkuess, Hys­ terica, Tie Demiomromx, Crtmpo, Fomolo Ohstmcttoos, Heerthem, Hotdttho, Cough, tho Common or Humid, und the Dry or tho Whooping ; Asthma, Gractl tad bas hitherto boon considered by Empi. - ricks snd others, — tho g n a t regulator ot the hu­ man oysto—, and such io thodovotedness o f th* adher- •nte to that orronedaa doctrine, tbat they eontent themselves with tho simple poeeesaion of this fnlla- eioos opinion, without onouiriug into tbe primary > from whence Life, Health, and rigour eruan- —a, aad s i— versa, paia, sickness, di—a— and death. N o t so with Dr. H e a t, who— extensive res—reh and practical expsrieaee so eminently qualify bim for the pmfe—ion o f which he has been one of the m—t net. fhl members. H e contends—and a momsnt’s reflec- tion w ill convince anyreaeoning mind o f the correct, nose o f bis visw s ^ t h s t ths stomaeh, liver, and tbs as. sociated organs a— tbe primary and gr—t regulators o f health, aad tbat tha blood in rorv many instances is totally di—oaaaated with tha 8 rst and sue—ding stag— e r disease, aad that a a le — a medioine reaches tba root ofth* di—a—, tiie superficial anodynes usually ]>rescribed, serve but as foils to cover the ravag— ol fw p r o e t o f maladies. Under these eonrietione, at the expan— o i year* o f elo— applioatiua, th* doctor diccorsroa a medtcin* who— —arching power* arc irresUtible, and in proscribing, it is with a fir - eouvktion o f its being a radical au— in the various dis I ol—ody anaoM—fed, erea I f applied in tbe moet •riliaai —s—, hut ho do— not protend lo ascribe to H U R T ’ S P A L L S supernatural agency, although fro— pooitir* proofs within tbe knowledge o f hundreds, bo io prepared to ahow, that whea every other — rtbfy remedy hue fail­ ed, H U N T 3 FILLS hay# never b—a known to All in eftectiag tw o vory gratifying r—nits, tbat o f raising; i t a g the bed o f atokae— anu diooa— tho— who bar* tooted their oAcaoy, and thos amply rewarding Dr.. #ant fcr his long and aasioaa study to attain this per- fsctien in the U u i u o A a r. B r . B n t ’f C t M r a t B d P i l l s , f t r Contempt ten, Dyqmptim, and IMor Compimiat, f r A 8 tha sajoys—at o f haaith depoado oa pro—rriag £1 |l th* Amotion* o f tbo Stomath, tin t , BUestinaaand Lungs, in a healthy aad vigeroaa state, through the oporstiono o f which the body — ir— Its C W P A I K T R B t t S H l P . W M. McCAMUi b— taken into eopartnorobip in tl— Dry Goods basin***, Susotl M. Van 8 aat voord. Tha buai— her—ft— will ba eondaeted nnder tha fir— of Wm. BleCamov f r Co. WM. Mc 'AMUS, March 4.1836. 8 . M. VAN 8 ANTVOORD. N. & AU porsoos indebted to Wm. MeCamua, will plea— d l and —ttla. 881 D IH G O L U T IO IV .—Tbe *o.partn*«hip tofor* sxMting belween J. fr G. Ohlea is this day dis—hrad by mntnal con—ot. Tbo business of the firm will bo —ttlod by George Ohlea. JOHN OHLEN. GEORBF. OHLEN. Schenectady, April 8, 1839. The baal— wiH bo continued at the old pla—, No. 47, Slato-ot. by GEORGE OHLEN. 1PI0G G L U T IO IV . THE cop—tnerabip karatofora axistlag between Van Horns 4 Osanut, is this day dissolved by motanl consent. Tha bamascs of tbs firm wilt b* —ttlod by Ja— E. V»n Hors*. J. E. VAN HORNE, W. B. CONANT. Sdwnoetadv. Feh. 19,1836. 1 7 Tha bosiaes.i will be continued at tha old stand' by t?(i J. E. VAN HOKNE. J . A E W G O O D 4 . B E R T R A N D , No. 119, State street, has ju s t to- _ Utfotfi from New* York with m site naive assort- ■seat o f GOOD*, consisting t a part o f Ladies and Gen- tlemtaa* Dressing Cases: eilhar Peaeils; Silver Twee n n j DUvar Bpcctacl— ; Spy Gtesaca; Battladpors; Di—nrtail Tnnlaa Plain Coral and Raga Neelclaees; ru t G lu i aed GtllBeadx; Sirawhnd L m U m MUU cq I m . Cabara; 'i r a a .p a r .at S tate.; Portfolio.; Silk and Read Purs—; Bball, Twist and Side Combs; Smelling Bot- tiaa; Milk o f Ran—; Spirit d o .; S w e a t Bags; Fariaaa; Cologne, French aad Lavender Wat—: John—n’a B—r Oil; Rswlaad’e Manss—r do.; Pastor’s do.; Ro— do.; Cold Cf— ; J. Gillot’s Patent Metalie Pens ; Pearl White B e # — Will—ton's IadeliMelnk; Cork and Ola— ink 8 tands; IvOry Whistles; Gom Rin| f Seep; 8 haviag Box—; Haxora In cases; In—; Compound > having igs; Ivery Dom- Snci, Tcbacco and Rasor Straps: Pea- fcniraa;- Fine Scissors; Powder FI—be; Hair, Tooth, Nail, Cloth— and Shaving Brushes ; Ivory Fine aaid Dra—Cofrhf; Efekotd*.; Acoordeoos, Violins, Flute*, nibs aad Flageolets, with laatroclions for tbs same; Goiter ahd Violin Strings, Steel and Bra— Pirtolv; Motto Vera—; VisitiagaadCoarenatioaCarda; WrH- ing and Letter Paper; Letter Stamps; Whalebooo and B n —Busks; Whalebone and Craohod Walking Canes; UfkWdlM: fijraol Maude; PiMuahioM; Saacla— ; TaUotet Bag Patterns; Emery Bags; Lnnking Gi—ae*; Drawiaff Cards; Paint aad Faaey Box—; Qatlla; Fine LendPvnetie; MnUnSeals; Whit# Wax; Italian Cravats; Satis and Ba—haai— Stooks; Glov—; Raffled and Plain Bonne—; Collar*; 8 —poador*; Bra— and India rubber Pantalooa Strap*. Always On band, a general assort­ ment of TOYS. Aloe, Traveling B—kets and Trunk* of ait else*.—April 8,1839. A L B A N Y LO C K H O S P ITA L , x—axbuaxn ix . 1830. \A word to lha wus,” DR. COOKE CMrruois to aa cuhvitkv coxfioxntiai . lt , No. 3, Norton s i, Albany, N. Y. TlROFESSOft COOKE, M. D. D. D. L L. D. Chancel X tar o f tho University and President o f tbe Medical De­ part SMOt of th* Celiac* of Ripley, Fellow ol lb* Koval College otRavgeone ana Phyaician*. and cortespending Vac. einaior of tbelvalinaal Va—ino Eetehluha—nt in London: Oeneral Coaenlting Pbyviei.n and Uurgoon Accoucheur may ba aoafidantmlltf — akad neiaonally or by letter, in each depart**—i of Pbysi* and Surgery, at bis itsideneo i\o. 33 Gram sir—t Albany. N. Y. ____ F i t AUK. P L A N E l M a CHINTM AM D P L A 8 T E B M I L L . r |t U T E fr HOAO arc preptrod to plane, tongue and I r grosve luor plank end butrd. of every desenption.— Aba# FiaaaadSpru— PLANK; fr—h ground Nova Seoiis and Western PLASTER, eonatsntly nn hand end for sale at tbair steam mill, ears— ef Pine bad Foada streets. C. C. CLUTE, C. F. HOAG. Schenectady, Nov. 96,183t. 74j£ growth, its nutrition, ita aappnrt, it can no longer ho astomeh- ing tbat whan tha— via—ra era doraagod, and —anot ! torfcrm their p—par fractions, tho wool* oysto— suf- : ora aad beeo— dlaorderod. Knowing thia to ba a —und and demonstrated tact, in soigne* and oxpari- en—, D octob H pxt ' s Srrrxn e r P xactwx la io laithfol acsordance with it. He aims to k—p th* Stomach, . Mags and tbe Liter, in vigorous aad h—Ithy —tion, as the three gr—t fountain* of h—Ith and life.-— 'or thiv purpo— his pills era compounded of herb*, wbieh Kn ag—— end efuaiim tbe action of the heart, •ad give aa t—pal— of d n s ^ f i to the arterial eyetom, a t the — e Una qeiekeo tha action of tho ab—rbcat aud discharging ves—to; cad csall the a— tious are drawn : ro— the blood, any morbid action which —ay bare ta­ lk— pin— is removed, all obstroetioae are overcoat*, tbehiaad to pacified,and tbo bod v as—mas c hesLhtal state. Th—e pills give too* to lb* stomach, in— the appetite, aad emu—ally expo! all .—rid. or morbid a—tter throogb the o'xecrotory daota into tbe passage of tbo bowels. In aH cao— o f Consumption, tndigso- dan or Dutprmia, MMbreo Afoctkons, or User Com- plaints, Hmartbura, Soumooo or Acidity In tke Stomach, Tightness at tho Chest, Lose t f Appetite, Sisk Head Ache, Pata so tha Head, Back, JUimho and Side, flatulence, Ty- phuc and Scarlet A n t, Pmtrid Sore Throat, Fetor aad • Ague, or laterautdag Fevers, Gout, Rheumatism, Lamb* i S T S I S L e ^ . . . a o r P « J * w h i le Lies.’ Mr. r t a i u m vngV, Ta3aO, TS Chlorosis — Urotn Siehtuss, and Rejections t f Food, and Costieeness, Colic, whether JUtulsnt or Billions, follow lhe DiaxCTioxs. Dose. —Take from three to ten pills, til! tbey operate, It/ o or throe tint— daily. Tho use of tho pills must b* persevered in till a our* is effected. Price, 26 Cents per Box. 0 7 This medicine is for —la by Dr. WM. EVANS, No. 1991. batham-et. New-York, and by Ibt.foUowiug agent*: J. M. VAN SLYCK, No. 76 SUtovL Schenectady. Win. Seaver, Burnt Hilla. G. M. Davie—, 8 xratogo Springs. 8 . Vaa Scbsiek, South Market-st. Alb—y. Z. Clark, Riv— at, Troy. Samuel Wsstcott, Hudson. Cornelius 8 wartw—t, Gen—oe^L Utica. May 23, 1839— y l. EVAY9! CAMOMILE P I LLP. Tba Camomilo Bowor, (or — it b offleiaHv called An- themis aobilis, or CbsmcsflMlum, from tho Greek words. Xmmsd, on th* gr—nd, and Melon, — apple; ba—u— it J row* oa tbo ground, and *100110 like an apple) is ot a ull whitomolor, of a fragrant odor, and of a better ar­ omatic taste. Camomilo is a mil I tonic, in small doom acceptable and eorrobcrant to tbo stomaeh. It i* especially ap­ plicable te that condition of go— I debility with lan­ guid appetite, whieh often attends convalesce boo from idiopathic fevers. TO T H E N E R V O U S A N D D E B ILITA T E D . T O K I t ! P I L L S . The powers of Evans' Camomile Pill* arc *uch, that the palpitating heart, the tremulous hand, tha d iuy eye, and the fluttering mind, vanieh before their effect* like nox—■ vapors before tho bonign iufluene* of tbo morning sun. They heve been I—g successfully used lor th* euro of Intermittent*, togetbtr with feycra o f th* irregular nervous kind, aecompanisd with Visceral obstruction*. , This tonie medicine i* for nervoua di—a—*, general dehility, iadigostian and it* son—qvane—, a* want of appetite, dislsatioa of tho stowech, acidUy, uapteasaat taate in the inoath, rumbling noi— in Ilia bowel*, aer pons symptoms, languor, when th* minu Income* irrita ble, dtspoadiag, thoughtful, msfaarkofy sad dtjtcUd.-- ffyfofhon4riwwm, constmftiOH) d m m t t f riffri dstiry ■am, end nil other nervous sym p tom s, these pills w ill produce t ufe and permtneui cure. Evans' Cam o m ile P ills were first introduced in A n e r - c i i n 183S. E V A N S ’ FA M ILY A P E R I E N T PILLS Are purely vegetable, com p o sed w ith tb s strictest prs- cision of aeience and of art; they never produce nausea, snd ars warranted tn core th* tallowing disenses, which arias from impurities of th* Mood, vi*;— Apoplexy, Bil­ ious A f cations, Coughs, Colds . Ulcerated Here Throat, Scarlrt Fever, Asthma, Cholera, User Complaints, diseases tf the Kidarys and Bladder, Afecdoua peculiar to femoles and all tho— di—ao— ot what*—vor kind to which hu­ man nature is subject, where the stomach is affbelod. OEXEBAL DISECTtORg. Dr. Wm. Evans' Camomile Tonie Pill* aro to be ta* kta throe before each meal. Dr. W. Ev—a* Family Aperient Fillaare to b* taken four at night, and should they not operate, two or three iu the morning — — to produce a copious evacuation. Principal Offiec for the United State**. 100 Chatham •t. Now York.wbera Dr.Evan* can always be consulted. B7 Tbo— Medicine* arc for ails by Dr. WILLIAM EVAN3, No. 100 Cbatam-at. New-iork, and by lhe following agent* : J. M. VAN BLYCK, No. 76 StajaaL Schenectady. Wm. Sourer, Burnt Hill*. G. M. Dsvison, Saratoga Springs. 8 . V— Sehaick, 8 —th Msrkat-sL Alb—y. Z. Clark, River-sL Troy. Samuel Westcott, Hudson. Cornvliu* Swartwout, G*nesee-st. Utica. May 83, 1839— y l. _______ rffllH E subscribers beg leave to in* *\* form the inhabitants o f Schenec­ tady and its vicinity, that they have in connection w ith their H a rd-W a re bu­ siness, com m enced the manufacture and repairing of Guxa.RifLKt, F owl * ina-PiECEs, dec. Gun-Trim m ing* or all kind* kept constantly on hand. W A L K E R & E D W A R D S . Feb. 5, 1839. N E W C H B E f l f i . J UST lUcsivsd from New York, a number of boxes of Now Ex*tern CHEESE, a fine article, for sale by J. M. VAN SLYCK, July 2. No. 76 State et. corner of Mill Lane. From ths Knickerbocker for April. T O M Y ■ r KEV. georoe w . bethune , B. d . My Mother! manhood’* anxious biow, And sterner cares, bsve long been mine, Yet turn I fondly to thee now, As when, upon tby bokdm’s shrine, My infant griefs wets gently bushed to icst, And thy loto whispered prsyers my Slumbers blest. I never call that gentle mine, My Mother t but I am again E’en as a child J tbe Very same That prattled at thy knee, sad fain Would 1 forget, in momeutsry joy. That I no mors can be thy boy. Thins artless boy, to whom thy smile Was sunshine, and thy frown sad night, (Though rare tliat frown and brief the while, It veiled from me thy loving light,) For well-conn’d task, ambitition’s highest blits, To win from thy approving lips a kiss. I’ve lived through foreign lands to roam, Aud gazed on'many a classic scene, Bnt lift tbe thought of that dear home, Which once was ours, would intervene, And bid me close my languid eye, To think of tliee, and tbo— swoet days gone by. That pleasant borne of fruits and flowers, When by the Hudson’s verdant side, My sisters wove their jasmine bowers, And me we loved, at eventide, Would hastening come, from distant toil, to bless, Thine end bis children’s radiant happiness ! Those scenes are fled ; (he rattling car O’er flint paved street* profanes the spot, Where o’er tbe sod we sowed “ Tbe Star Of Bethlehem” and “ Forget-me-not.” O, Wo to Mammon’* desolating reign, We ne’er shall find on earth a home again ! I’ve pored o’er many a yellow page, Of ancient wisdom, and have won Perchance, a scholar’s name; yet snge Or poet ne’er bath taught thy son Lessons so pure, so fraught with holy truth, As those bis mother’s faith shed o’er his youth. * If e’er, through grace, my God shall own The offerings of my life snd love, Metbinks, when bending close before his throne, Amid tbe ransom’d hosts above, Tby name on my rejoicing lip* shall be; And I will bless tbat grace for heaven and th— ! For tbes and heaven—for thou didst tread Tbe way tbat leads to that bjest land; often wayward footstep* led. By thy kind words and patient band. And when I wandered for, tby faithful call Restored my soul from sin’s deceitful thrall! I have been blest with other ties, Fond ties and true, yet never deem Tbat I tbe less thy fondness prise: No, MOTHER ! in the warmest dream Of answered pession through this heart of mine, One chord will vibrate to no name but t h i i i ! Mother ! tby name is widow—well I know no love of mine csn fill Tbe waste place of thy heart, nor dwell Within one snered recess, still Lean on the faithful bovotn o f ihy son, My parent!—thou art more—my ON LY one! . But Mi** L eigh differed from faim io opinion. ‘If a® Ptaty as it might bo, Abby*» aaid obe— . , ,m colored feathers are not ao am rafcd a t to produce tbe best effect.' ‘Are they not?’ said M i - Eustace, I have tr—d to make itas pretty as possible. Bat you are cor—et, Augusta,’ added she, after holding the screen ia diflT- ereut point, of view; ‘I t is really a gaudy looking thing. I will give it to some child who needs • fan, add will be delighted with its gay colors, another for my friend.’ \O do , Abby,’ said Mrs. Atkins, * you shall oot take loat tnMible. This is really a handsome screen.' ‘So I thought,’ said Mi— Eustace, 'until Auguste helped me toopen my eyes to Us glaring defects.— No, no, I will make aooiher for you. Should you carry this, it might be thought tbat a Sachem had rob­ bed some fair one e f bio tnbe, and laid tfae speiis at your feet. I should take do pleasure io giving you any thiug so ill-lookiag—in such a bad taste.' 'IlU tS S van nl..M > L a n ' u U A.I.; __ am •ay ____ tace aa she resumed her seat, and at the same time her taciturnity. » Miss Leigh was peculiarly happy this evening.— Mr. Chauocey did not, it is true, converse with her any more than usual, nor ray any thing to h e r that he might not have raid to another: but there w—some­ thing in his manner, in the too* of his voice, and in the expression of his eye* that betrayed bis admira­ tion, his growing preference. Mrs. Atkios observed it wilh much pleasure. She truly loved Mi— Eus­ tace, aod would oot have been dissatisfied, had abe become the object of Mr. Chauncey’s ohoiee; yet her cousin Augusta was (he one she had fa her own mind selected for his wife. But Mr. Atkins saw it with someihiug like regret. Though he really thought that Miss Leigh was, as he had said to Mr. Chauo- cey, h fine, a nobla minded girl, yet she w u not his favorite of the two young ladies. lie loved Mr. Chauocey with a warm att. cbmeot; and Mi— 1 us- tace according to his opinion, was the veiy person to secure his happiness. After Mr. Chauncey took leave, Mr. Atkins and If iss Eustace chanced to be left alone a short time when the former abruptly said— ‘ You really vex me, Abby.’ ‘Yex you! how? I am very sorry,’ said Mist Eustace. ‘ Why, here is my friend Horace, who is decidedly the finest fellow I ever knew, whom you are per­ mitting Augusta to carry off, without one effort to con­ test the prize!’ ‘ Effort! Mr. Atkins?’ said Mi— Eustace.— Would you have me moire an effort to attract his at­ tention ?’ ’No—not exactly make an effort;—but I would tave you do yourself justice—would have you let tint see a little what you are. W hy cannot you talk ac much when he is here, as you do at other times?' ‘ You are nq| laughing at me.” said Mi— Eustace. I have been quite ashamed of my—If ever since I t — k e s n x o r c: By th* AMtksrsm of “ Tba CoUajrs ia ths GIm,” “ 8—iibility,'’ ‘ L m u i aad W ia x ia * * F u luou U , aad tTxttakiooobta Wife.\ etc. (COSTIMPEO.) . At an early hour in the evening, Mr. Chauncey was seated aruid his circle oT friends in Mr. Atkin’s parlor. Before tea was brought io, and while at the table, con­ versation flowed as usual; and it was conversation— the exercise of the^mind, the collision of wit, tbe in­ terchange o f opinion, the expression of sentiment, and not tiie idle aod frivolous chitchat, not the oftentimes mischievous aod envenomed gossip that is sometimes so miscalled. After the tea ihings were re : oved, and the ladies had settled themselves to their — veral em- loyinenrs, Mr. Chauncey, at the request of Mrs. kAe*foe*<> totc«rvtfc\. highly interesting aud instructive,’ Mi— iecl, ‘ but not faultless.’ ons*T». o^A i White Lies.’ Mr. Cbauocey’s voice Was rich aod mellow, his intonations and emphasis perfect, so that whatever he read produced the full effect the author intended. His present little auditory paid hitn the compliment of tne most profound silence, till he had finished the tale and closed the volum e. * T hat is a faultless story,’ said Mr. Atkins. ‘ Do you not think.so I ’ A ll except M iss Eustace express­ ed their approbation of it iu warm terms. Site re­ mained silent. ‘ What rays m y little Abby lo it raid Mr. At­ kins, ‘ Dues she dissent from the common opinion ?* * I think li Eustace repli ‘Pray poiut out the faults,’ said Mr. Atkins.— ' Let us have tbe benefit of your critique upon it.* Mi— Eustace blushed and begged to be excused. She was very sorry she had expressed any foelingof di— pprobadun. But Mr. Atkins persisted she should point out tbe defects she discovered, to which hew— joined by tbe rest of tbe circle. Bjusfaiog still more deeply, Mt— Eustace raid— * C lara could not have felt true friendship for E lea­ nor, or she would not have manifested joy where the latter was proved so ba—.’ ‘ C lara's ow n explanation that abe had a dearer friend, at whose escape she rejoiced, was a sufficient apology.* T h is opinion, though differently expressed, w a s ut­ tered by everyone at tbe same moment, M r. Ckaun- cey excepted. ‘ T hat as I think, is another defect,’ u id Mis* Eustace. ‘ Wax there no indelicacy iu her permit- tiug that dearer frieod to see tbet site loved him, and talculated on the offer of his hand while he bad yet nade do declaration of attachment to her?’ ‘ Her amiable sincerity would atone for that fault, if it could be called a fault,’ said Mr. Atkins. ‘ Hardly, 1 think,’ said Mi— Eustace. ‘ I always was sorry the passage was writteu, especially a* it was written by a woman, and have ever been inclin­ ed to jump ir when rending the tale, t like not lh*t female delicacy should be sacrificed even at theshrine »f sincerity' But Mtsi Cfie not unfrcqueoily lias a* gainst tbe more refined arid xetiriog delicacy of her tex.” “ In wbat other instance do you think she has done it, M i— E u s tace?” asked Mr. C h a u n cey. “ O, in many,” Mi— Eustace replied. “ Any one who understand* the true fem a le character, and who Will read her work*carefully, w ill e a sily d etect them .’ ‘ O name them, name them, Abby,’ said Mr. At- lins. ‘ Yes, name some others,” said Mrs. Atkins.— ‘There is one in Manduline that now occurs to in*,’ laid Miss Eustace, ‘ that struck me as grossly indel­ icate, and, indeed, not true to nature. Maodaline lays of her>elf, that she rang loader than usual one tveniug when she supposed that Mr. Falconer was isteiiing behind the hedge, that he might hear her.’ ‘ Was that f Ise to uaiure as well as indelicate, kbby ?’ asked Mr. Atkins. Coloring more highly than ever, while her silken hshes fell over her eyes, as if to expre— their deep txpre—iou, she replied— 41 should have supposed tbat the idea of the prox- in iiy o f one so dear to her, under such circumstance* voutd have rendered it impossible for her to sing as bud as usual, if indeed she could sing at all.’ Mr. Atkins who was seated by her, whispered in ler ear,—4 W bat happy fellow taught you so much cf the effect of the lender passion, Abby ?” T h is question covered her whole face and neck ▼ith a'glow o f carmine ; but in a low and som ewhat rem u lous tone, site said— * May not instinct teach a woman how she would Ie affected under such circumstances ?’ * P o ssibly, ’ said Mr. Atkins# * but for all that, I do aispect you .1 ost grievously.’ All the party continued toconverse in the most an- iuated manner, M i— Eustace excepted. She was (taking a feathered screen for Mr*. Atkins, and she mw applied her— If to her work with the most dili­ gence, uud in perfect silence. ‘ Do let us hear the sound of your voice again, Ab­ by,’ said Mr. Atkios iu an under lone. You have niaintuinod a most profound silence for more than au hour. Pray, speak ouce again.’ ‘I w ill,’ raid M i— Eustace, ‘ for l a m just going to ask Augusta i f m y screen w ill do.’ ‘ I can te'l you that it will,’ said Mr. Afaius, ‘ it is very handsomely made.* to say so much inywit •boat Mrs. Opto’* was drawn on works.’ * The only time you have spoken this evening! raid -M r. Atkins. Truly you have great cause |o be asha­ med of our loquacity! W hy, Augusta said more words to bim in halt an hour to-night, than be has heard you utter since yon have beeo here I’ ‘ It may be so,' raid Mi— E ustace; * but you may depend upctu it, Mr. Atkins, that 1 will never speak a word when 1 should otherwise be silent, nor say any thing different from what I should otherwise say, to •ecure the attention, or meet the approbation of any gentleman in tbe world!' 'Y o u are incorrigible 1’ said Mr. Atkins. ‘ And another thing—either you dislike Horace or are at­ tached‘to some other man. I suspect the latter.— I have watched you a little this eveoiog, and noticed a shade of sadness—of melancholy, on your brow, tbat j ngvet r a y before. I do not wish, m y .dear Abby, rrom tJTe curiosity, .to pry into the secrets of your heart—but tell me—is not my suspicion correct I ‘I do most truly a—ure you that it is not;' Mis* Eustace had just time to reply, ere Mi— Leigh re­ entered the parlor, aod the format immediately left tbe room. ‘ O, bow thankful 1 am,’ thought she, as abe shot herself in herowu chamber—4 how thaskful I am tbat he framed his question as be did, otherwise wbat could I have done? Dislike Horace Ghauacey ! Love some other mao! O, would tbe former were true! Would 1 had passed through tbe same Lethe In which he seems to have been plunged! But no mat­ ter—I will soon go home and then strive to gro' forgetful of myself; for never will I try to refresh hia memory! Sad! raid Mr. AtkioS? . 1 will not bo so if I can help i t !’ Hamming a cheerful air, which, however, loot something iff ita sprightfalde—, though none of ita melody, as she returned tn the parlour. e a e a i i p a i i i t e b tkbm fcaswjMo fra grraaast affuaa A.I tfcifriilB e i r e f e a t M*. g r o - a f t W p w i B i i Wills US baauty, mod I Its gMtpjsCihm Chaancoy wmtfkmmA fr*bcixktt aod praisahastpw e d sol. _ Xtkher.Raaafr&agtbo ab#)l*,_-_ fingers that Sited them in tSwir _ hw* all admired 4h«,Rowe* that tocttocarry o a a “ J care and iagemihjr, t d # h g te engage in any sutJeflLrfflM oige to her employment. . 0 8 9 marafag a s Mfaa La^ftt cesa which was derated sa bar pyramid, Mi— Ki<stera ewsssj. _ to overlook b c c fiva frwakbupim, silence for ‘ It is the iw. But is i t . * Perfectly ra,' ‘ Perhaaa it —the pushfasj itjhm makei it soaaa to lean a Bade] •aid Mias Eastaoe. fi i»» saM ¥ l si I pf t Ju ■ cwely pBtRwdir alhr. ' . , „ ‘It is rwaljy th* meat b—afffcl S i s i 1 repeated Mitt P a r i a n t pgg amm refer g the otbar side o f the m ‘ Shahad bean bnSa .1 ___ when Mr. Cbauncoy meda l pessiog tbe eetnplintents o f the ch.ir towasd* Ifoes LetghfateMfct beside her. * W bat ate y ea r e td # tone of surmise, as sore aa.l that instead of addfag i liberately removing ri— r. mistake?' ‘ Abby has, beeo fitwliiig replied. H crw m d es ter eye* sparkDld burned on ber chsch, ‘ F ault, wbat CnttUV ■ Ia an inataM M m Kus>s>^ <i<h| aod catching the hand dutBfflBl other shell, she criad.— * D ear ADgustAw 6 fll J 9 .Mll. remove another shell f c r i tbii 1 W h i t a moijofr i withdrew her I •dance proceeded so 'Dopersoada bet tace^ whhk esuteriM— Mr.1. S Si ‘Dib. this work (Fdreroction . 1V quite perpendicular, aad Rei observation tbat made^lt Augusta,' she added, th friend's neck, * do desisti I wish 1 bad kept m j kbow out how sorry X «UM,tl|flly \'B u tM f r a r self ftoai U f a ] work o f demolitsoa, ♦ I shall tako it to pfaere J # — that any thieg should go film has ways, if pomible, secured ; if that was occupied, the of her chair frequently afforded him a M[ He iaterested himself in all her pursuit*—look back tupport. ed over the book sl;e wa* r e a d in g -exam in e d and admired her work—and never seemed completely happy uoless near her, and having some object of mutual interest. M eantim e, despite M i— Eustace's resolution, she was frequently aad; and notwithstanding ber efforts at concealm ent, which led her to appear unnaturally gay, Mr. Atkins raw i t H j was observing her close­ ly, and silently; oot even suggesting to Mix, Atkina, tbat any change was coming over her frtead. But he ooticeJ the' moment after the 'frolic or the joke waa passed a seriousness rested upon her features, as unnatural to them as frtvoity was to her msonetfc— When Mr. Chauncey was present, she indeed ap­ peared not much different from formerly, except that iter cheek w a s le— d im p led w ith a sm ile, her e y e s were more intently fixed nn her work, aod her silence if possible, was more profound than ever. Some­ times when a pang of peculiar bitterness shot through ficr bean, she would revive on clonog ber viiit im- mediately ; but when she fainted tbe intention to .'1 re. Atkins, that lady seemed so much hurt, aud so stren­ uously opposed to such a measure, that she abandon­ ed the idea. Y e t how could she s tay three months longer—which was the term originally fixed for her visit,— that w h ich w a s cpustaotly chancing causing her disquietude ! Often in the retirement o f ber chamber, she would take herself to task,—4 Hotv fool­ ish—how worse than foolish 1 have been, th«M year after year, to let one idea engro— my heart, without ever looking forward, for a moment, to a result-like this !— Common sense, com mob prudence, cOfnmoa discretion would have taught me b etter! Yet 1 con­ sulted neither,: but permitted my foolish imagination to indulge itself at the expense of my peaee. Child­ ish imagination: But I will thus indulge myself no longer. This attachment shall be rooted out! He and Augusta will make a noble couple ! I see it— much as my heart rebels against it. They will love and be happy i W b at if she will not study bia aveiy wt*h, as 1 could not help doing, and loos her very being io his ! he will love her; and the observation of her shining qualities, w ill leave no lim e to regret the absence ol‘ trifling and minor .attention to virtues. I must, I will forget this dream uf yeare, which else will involve roe in misery, if not inguilt. Too much has my heart already been divided between heaven aud earth! and richly do 1 deaerve this *offcriug, for permitting a creature, however exalted iu virtue- and O, how exalted he i*! how far above a ll ethers that I have seen! yethow wicked I haveMaflSoper­ mit him to engr ss so much of that which before His sacred altar, 1 promised should be the first of all for1 my God! »Father,’ she cried, while she raised fr*r tearful eyee to heaven, ‘ draw *ny affectionate ®y* self, though my heart-strings should be sevwai J* Both Mi— L c igb aud Mi— Eustace v e r t m uch attached to Mr*. Atkins, a n d were fr e q u e n t l y em p loy­ ed in making some fancy article—some elegant tri­ fle, to leave behind U— in ae tokeoo o f their regard— M i- Eustace had finished a floreen, which could got but satisfy the m m delicate lastfc and was now flu- I ' ... 1 ,!J • _ — m mmmXnlern eetlfl Mllftulfr .Cr%M is not perfect!’ ‘Tbat ia a right priaripla,* ‘and is anexcuse for—**' * found hiaoseifia d a s g v tl ped by the emotim—eflfii the pyramid, h e foil hate A ‘ it is quite p w fpsr\^*— raid Mi— Eustace, tbe object he Seemedwb' quite peqMadietdar f*: 4 It is out.* f ate Mr.. ^ rated question to exo—tue^ pal eye—‘R ia o o ti ■s(Ln, tilt led toW is re ■light' titet few |(flfltegfl II.* , £ \ ^ - * You win MS udtatkte, Eustace In iff e o u ___ Mise LctghremeVod from her and turaiag It carofrilly. ‘Yas, lo u r e t e k p far.’ s s B d to . dflfiu * T he defect Ja r e t .re Evetyooe will o fa-rvf It# •elf as • • • • • • f i r e d youn o ticed itre ____ ttlaoqs my ill huaratv •be added.asabefoeka |r s t on ber featnros, —! •I abe placed warvaki— of Mr. Chan from*# . . Y e t aetwi _ Cbouaeey's visit waa to - M . , Leigh fleemed a *6 itffmitop tafiflK to converse Witb her mfcfl couoteoance wear, sion. In a few minuteo given, a look f f boot ber eyafl flre-nnnn not attractrve. T h e - f t e . of her mootfi. that iredsflfld l . .. .. usual. Att thia might h a r e flaiff # | rantaete u f rha task o f takfafifat had put together with ap asusli ba the cauaa wbat k might, Mr.,! alvaed by tbe effect. He mfl 6 e osfl'or cohvertatloo, aa he found siiflBefi He tasted not tfaff rich anfaytp—| wl had, wfaHe ritting fa.neneet «U—to of hi* sdmiratiofc But hi* efforts Id unav^.iUng, aa M — Leicti Ij4 y 4 — t t s wished ._ _____ butfiw had rciumed bcrifiM fitt ^ er si<|e o f the row s, . usual. 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