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The Schenectady cabinet, or, Freedom's sentinel. (Schenectady, N.Y.) 1839-1849, October 01, 1839, Image 1

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VOLUME XXX*] SCHENECTADY, TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 1, 1839. [NUMBER 1524. C|e Aefjnuctattfi ea&inrt, 19 nW L U H U IT I 1 T TV U M T IVK91HO, B Y R i a O S 4c N O R H M i No. S3 Union-street. TERMS.—Two Dollar* per annum to city subscribers; One Dollar and Fifty Cents to country subscriber*, if paid within the year, otherwise Two Dollars will be charged. ADVERTISEMENTS—Filly Cent# for the first insertion of every square of fifteen lines or less, and Twenty-Five Cent# for every continuation. * # * T h e s e term s will be rigidly adhered to. B L ANKS of almost every description for Lawyers nnd Jus­ tices of the Peace, neatly printed on first quality of paper. B O O K & JO B P R I N T I N G executed with neatness and despatch. __________ __ C O P A R T N E R S H I P * .. . W M. McCAMUS has tak e n in to copartnership in th e Dry G o o d i b u s in e s s , Sam u e l M. V a n s a u t Toord. .-The b u s in e s s hereafter w ill be c o n d u c ted under the fim of Wm. McCamus & Co. WM. McOAMUS, March 4,1839. S. M. VAN SANTVOORD. N. B. AU persons indebted to Wm. McCamus, will please call and settle. 88 \ 1 0 0 . 0 0 0 Genuine Chinese Morus Multicaulus Trees , Now Growing in one o f the Southern States. J O H N 9 . B O N V Y , will enter into contract with purchasers, for the above trees and cuttings deliverable next October, or at any other period in the Fall or next Spring, before planting time. These trees will measure from 3 to 7 feet in height, and will be warbintko to be the Genuine Chinese Mo­ rus Multicaulus. Prices and terms-for the Trees and Cuttings will be forwarded to all who may apply for them by mail. Let­ ters to receive attention must be post paid. Specimens of silk in a raw state, made by worms fed the leaves ofthe Moras Multicaulus, may be examin­ ed a t my store, No. 60 State-street, Schenectady. John S. Bonny has ju s t returned from New Je . . • .u . al Mulberry pit obtaining the most tions exp Jersey, where he has visited all the principal Mulberry plants' xpressly for the purpose of obtaining th e most approved information relative to the growing of the Mulberry trees, and ia now engagB (as one of a com­ pany) in preparing the land and cartings for planting. Persons desirous o f obtaining such information, can re­ ceive it by calling on him, as above. April 23, 1839. ____________ - Hfetlce o f A p p r a isem e n t 4c A s s e s s m e n t. I N obedience to a Retolution of the Common Coun eil ofthe City of Nthenectady, passed August 6 , 1839, and by virtue thereof—Notice is hereby given, in paraaanee of the act, entitled “ An act to amend sever­ al acta relative to the City of Schenectady,” passed April 23, 1839, that the following described ground, with the appurtenance#, are required for the purpose o f of straightening, widening and otherwise improving the eaatern portion of State street, in said c itr, to “ all that certain piece or parcel of land, With the buildings and appurtenances, aituated in the 4th ward of the aaid City, on the south side of State street afore­ said, being the north part of the lot now possessed by John Kelly, bounded «e follow* : on the north by State street, on the esst sod weet by property now or lately owned or possessed by Isaac M. Schermerhorn,dt on tbe south hy the residue o i the aforesaid lot, now in the pOS- ssssion of the aaid John Kelly, being 33 feet in front and rear, and 40 feet deep;\ ana that ojn the eighth day of Ootober next, st the City Ilall in said city, before the Court of Common Pleas o fthe county of Schenectady, the damages and recompense which tne owner or own- tr# of such ground, with the appurtenances, ahsll be en­ titled to for the same, will be inquired into and assess­ ed; and such damages and recompense apportioned and assessed among tbe owners or occupants of the houses and lota of ground, and other real estate which are to be benefitted by the intended public use of the ground witb the appurtenances, which are required as aforesaid by a Jury to be summoned and returned for that pur­ pose at the time and place last aforesaid.—Dated Sche­ nectady, the 3i*t day of August, 1839. T. R. V A N JN GEN , Attorney for Common Council. ELECTIO N NOTICE. f - H i R i r / ' i O f f i c e , City and county of Schenectady, Aug. 26,1839. A GENERAL Election is to he held in the county of hchcnectady, on the 4th, 5th and 6lh days of Novem- nest, at which will be chosen the officers mentionod in the notice from the Secretary ol State, o f which a cony is annex­ ed, MYNDERT M. R. WIMPLE. Sheriff S t a t k or N e w Y o r k , Secretary’s Office, Albany, Aug. 15,1039. To Ike. Slur'ff o f the county o f Schenectady. yir-tNolico is hereby given yon, that the term of service of James Powers, n .senator for the Third Senate District of this Mute, will expire on the last day of December next, and that a Senator is tu be dioaen in that District, to which llio county ol which yon are Sheriff belong*, at the general elec­ tion to be held on the fourth, fifth and sixth days of Novem- ber next. You will also take notice, that a vacancy has been caused in tbe representation of the Third Senate District by the death of Noadiah Johnson, a Senator from that District, whose term of office would have expired on the last day of December, 1840, and tlmt a Senator to supply the said vacan­ cy is to be chosen at the said next general election. You W ill also take notice, tb a t a p.-oposed amendment to the Constitution is to be submitted to the people, at the said election, a t w hich the electors srs to vote *' For the election of mayors by the people;” or, “Against the election of may­ ors by the people.” A t the same election, the following officers are to be cho­ sen, vix: one member of Assembly, and a Coroner in tbe »lace o f George B. Badgley, elected in 1837, bot who neg­ lected to qualify. Respectfully yoors, *ug27 JOHN C . SPE N C E R , Secrelnry of State. r; W ' MORTGAGE SALE. 'H E R E A S Nicholas. P. Van Vranken and Peter _ _ N. Van Vranken, of tho town of Niskayuna, in the county of Schenectady, did on the 28th day of July, in tbe year of our Lord 1832, mortgage unto the Wardens and Vestry of St. George’s Church, in the city o f Schenectady, all that certain farm situate in the town of Niskayuna aforesaid, a t a place palled Rosen- dale, being the whole farm of the said Nicholas P, Van Vranken, and bounded northerly by land of Claus Van Vranken, westerly by land of Derick Van Vranken, southerly by land of John Vau Vranken, and easterly by land o f Peter J. Van Vranken, containing by estim a­ tion about one hundred and sixty acres more or less; which said mortgage is duly recorded in the office of the clerk of the county of Schenectady, in book K. of mortgages, pages 370, 371 and,372; on which said mort­ gage there is claimed to be due on the day of the first publication of this notice, the sum of eight hundred and eighty-nine dollars and nine cents for principal and interest.—Notice io therefor© hereby given, that de­ fault having been made in the payment of the princi­ pal and interest dae on said mortgage, and by virtue of a power o f sale contained in said mortgage, the m o rt­ gaged premises will be sold a t public vendue, on the filth day of March, 1840, a t 10 o’clock in tho forenoon, at the court house in the city o f Schenectady.—Dated September 17 th, 1839. PLATT’ PO T T E R , Attorney f o r th* Wardens i f Ves­ try q f S t. George's church in the city t f Schenectady. D EFAULT having been made in the condition of a cer tain mortgage bearing date the second day of Novem­ ber, 1816, made between Robert Sister, late of Rotterdam, ia the county of Schenectady, o f the first part, and Jacob I. Sehermerhorn of the same place, of the second part, which mortgage is recorded in the office of tho clerk of Ihe eonnty of Schenectady, in liber D of mortgages, page* 41, 4 c . No­ vember 2d, 1816—and which mortgage by an instrument un dcr the hand and seal of tbe said Jacob I. Sehermerhorn, da­ ted November 20th, 1816, lie duly assigned to one Jacob Houck, oi Bethlehem, of ihe county of Albany, for a valua­ ble consideration: and the said Jacob Houck, by on instru­ ment under hi* hand and seal dated December 31, A D. 1833, duly assigned the said mortgage and his interest in the •aid mortgaged premises unto James Slater, now. of the city o f Schenectady, for a valuable consideration, on which mort­ gage is claimed to be due at the time of the first publication <uf this notice, the sum of six hundred and ninety dollars: . , gaged __ ora therein described as follow* :-m il that certain tract of ‘ iring and being in th^nird ward of the city of (now Rotterdam) about six and a half mile* and the lands end premises mortgaged by the said mortgage or* tboroin Uo#c :u- * ' \ - - - Joed situate, lyii from the DatcL Church and on the south side of the Mo­ hawk rivov, beginning at an oak tree marked I. V. V., and runs thenoo eooil»o**enty-two degrees west, fifteen chains to a white onfc WOO worked I. V. V.: thence north ten degrees west, twelve ehaine nnd fifty links: thence north four de­ grees west, four chaise and sixty-one links neara beech tree marked I. V. V.: lhaoen north seventy-seven degrees east, two chains and twenty-two links; thence north fifty-nine degrees east, seven chains end fifty links: thence north sev­ enty-one degrees east, tea chains and twenty-three links to s block oak tree marked L V. V.: thence eoulh ton degree* estst, six chains: thence aootltkthirty-three degrees east, fourteen chains to Curry’s bush rood: thence south ten de­ grees east, five chains and fifty links to o walnut tree mark­ ed 1. V. V.: thence west ten chains and twenty-eight links too black okk stump: thence south seven chains, to the , .. Bnd thirty-four l rent to tho Mayor, Alder- ------------------------ „ of Schenectady, of an an­ nual rent of One and a half bushels of good merchantable Wheat,' or the- value thereof in gold or silver-—Notree >* therefore given, that the said mortgaged premie** wnl ns sold at public vendue on the 22d dayef January next, at ten o’cUckA. M. a t the dwelling house of Reiolved Gitsni, in the ctij of Schenectady. — Dated July 17th, 1839. JAMES SLATER. Assignee. o T r r i i t . t D a g g e t t , A t t o r n e y . Brandy; N E W FRESH STO C K OF GROCERIES. & C . T HE subscriber, having taken the atore No. 154 State-st. nearly opposite Given’s Hotel, and lately occupied by J. M. Moyston Sc Co. has just returned flora New-York, having purchased an entire new and fresh stock of Grnce- rict, Liquors and Wines, al the very lowest wholesale pri­ ces, he is now open, and offera them to the public at whole­ sale or retail, at a very small advance from N. York whole­ sale cash prices. Hi* assortment consists, in part, of the followingorttcles, vix: TEAS—Hyson Skin, Young and Old Hyson, Souchong in papers, Imperial, Gunpowder, Ac. SUGARS—Loaf A Lump, crushed, Porto Rice, St. Croix, White and Brown Havana, New Orleans. MOLASSES—New-Orleans, Trinidad, St. Croix, Sugar House and Syrup. COFFEE—Old Government Java, Rio, St. Domingo, and Laguiro, green, do. roasted and ground, in bulk, and put up in 1 lb, ^ lb; and J lb papers. TOBACCO—Cavendish, Plug, and fino cut chewing of Mrs Miller's, Chapman Sc Sargeant's and A. Campbell’s manufacture; Snuff and Cigars of the finest quality. Olives; Capers; Olive Oil; Sweet Oil; Wiiol’d Barley; Rice; Indigo; Blueing; Ground Pepper,Alspice,Cloves and Cinnamon, in { lb and 4 lb pdpers; Capia; Cloves; Nutmegs; Ginger; Pimento; Salteratua; Cayenne Pepper; Pepper Sauce; Allum; Copperas; Dye Woods, Madder; A not to; Shot; Flints; Percussion Capa; Powder; Blacking; Pipes; Mats; Rope; Fish Semes and Fliot; Fish Hooks; Chalkj Shoo and Horse Brushes; Ink; Black Sand; Wafers, Wrapping Twine; Can die I-Vick; Coffee Mills; W hits Bnr, Variegated in Ball*; and Shaving Soap; Hull Sc Son’s Patent Candles; Spermaceti Candles; Lamp Oil; LIQUORS—Otard, Signette and French Brandy; Hol­ land and American Gin; St. Croix and Cherry Rum. W INES —Port, Sherry, Madeira, Muscat, Malaga, Samos: Bottled Wines of different kinds; Champagne of Various brands; London Brown Stout and American Porter. RAISINS—Bunch and Bloom, in whole, |ond 4 boxes; Sultana tnd Keg. Figs, Citron, English Currants, Cranberries, Mace, Carroway, English Mustard; PeAiuti, Filberts, Soft and Paper Shelled Almonds, Or­ anges and Lemons. FISH—Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel, in whole and half bar­ rels, Dried and Pickled Cod, Connecticut Meat Shad, Dutch Herring in kegs, Herring in boxes. Pork, Hams, Smoked Beef, Shoulders; Sounds and Tongues, Butler, Lard: Soda, Batter, Sogar, Milk and Utica Crackers: Fine and Coarse Salt, Flour, Ac. Ac. The subscriber invites his friends and the public general­ ly to cull and examine his articles and prices before purchas­ ing elsewhere. The highest price* will at nil times be paid for all kinds of Country Produce, either in exchange for good* at cash prices, or for cash. JAMES COURTER. July 1. __________________________ II S T O K E , CORXBR OF ST ATX AND CHURCH STS. G . Q . C A R L E Y , HAS just returned from N. York, with a new and choice assortment of GRO­ CERIES , which, together with his for- mer stock, he offers for sale a t reduced prices: among which are the following:— Old Cogniac, White and American Bran Holland and Baltimore Gin; Jamaica, Cherry, St. Croix and New Ruin; Alcohol, 82 per ct- above proof; Old Irish Whwkey, Madeira, Sherry, Sicily, Port, Malaga, Champaign, Muscat Scuppemong ana other Wine*; Imperial, Hyuon, Young tiyeon, Tonkay, and Pou- f-hong Teas; Double Loaf, Loaf, Lump,-St. Croix, Porto Rico, and W hite and Brcwn Havana Sugars ; Pepper, Pimento, Cloves, Nutmegs, Mace, Cinamon Maderia, and Italian Citron ; Maccaba Snuff by the Jar or smaller quantity ; Sperm, Mould and Dipt Candles by the ooX ; Glass, 7 by 9 aud 8 by 10; Lamp Oil, winter and fall strained ; Bordeaux Olive O il; Sugar House, New Orleans and New Iberia Molaeses: Lemons and Oranges ; Almonds and Filberts ; Brazil, Madeira and Pea Nuts ; Bunch Bloom and Sultana Raisins; Dye Woods, Alum and Copperaa; ■ Spanish float indigo; Western, Superfine and Fine Flour, by the barrel or smaller quantity; Java, St. Domingo and Green Coffee; London Brown Stout and Philadelphia Porter. Black Lead: Salt Petre; American and Russia Hemp Rope; English Mustard; Poland Starch ; Castile, Bar and Shaving Soap; English, India and American Gun Flints and Purcuxsion Caps; Orange Gunpowder and Shot; Ladies' Twist, Cut and Plug Tobacco; Stoughton Bitters; Crockery, Glass and Stone Ware, &c. Stc. May 21, 1839. n e w t j a s O r o c e r T s T r e , P r o v l H o n s , F 'rssit, G r a i n a n t i F l o u r . JESSE M. VAN SLYCK, H AS removed his slore lo No. 76, corner of State-street and Mill Lane, where he has agnin resumed the Gro eery Business, and is now receiving and offers to his old cus­ tomers and the public, a very choice assortment of ; F a m i l y G r o c e r ie s , w h i c h h e is e n a b l e d lo s e l l , w h o l e s a l e a n d r e t a i l , a t r e d u c e d p r i c e s — or a sm a l l p e r c e n l a g e fo r c a s h o n l y , a s h e in t e n d s to d o business on that principle at least for a season. The fo l lo w in g c o m p r i s e s a p a r t o l h i s e x t e n s i v e a s s o r t m e n t ■ SUGARS —St. Cioix, Forta Rico, New Orleans, Bastar, White and Brown Havanna, Lou! and Lump. TEAS —Gunpowder, Imperial, Old Sc Young Hyson, Hyson 8 kin, and Souchong und 1 ’ou- M BB cliong Black. COFFEE —Old Java, Rio, Bt. Domingo, and Laguiia Grttn, alto Java, ftio and l-aguira. Rousted and Ground, in bulk and 1 lb. I lb. and 4 lb. papers; Sugar House and other .Vlolnsses; Honey; Pepper, Alspice, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, nnd Cuycnc Pepper, in bulk and 1 lb. 4 lb. and 4 lb. papers; Snuff and Cigars, TOBACCO— Cavendish, Plug, Ladies' Twist, A Smoking and Chewing of A. Campbell’s, Mrs. Millers’, and Chap­ man A Sargeant’s manufacture; Winter nnd Fall Strained Lamp Oil; CANDLES —'Tallow and 3perin, S. Judd’s Patent and Co­ lored Sperm, and & Son's patent refined Sperm; W h ite, Brown and Shavip Soap; Chocolate, Starch, Indigo, Blueing; Corn and Indian Broome, Brushes; Vitroil, Glue, Sal Nitre; Glass and Putty, Allum, Copperas; Dye Woods, Saleratus, Pearlash, Liqourice; Annatta and Madder, Castor and Sweet Oil; Powder and Shot, Colored Wafers; English A American Mustard, in various packages; Lee & Thompson’s and other Blacking, Prepared Cocoa, Confectionary; Snuff Boxes, Long and Short Pipes; Alicant, Hemp and Manilla Mats; Bed Cords, Clothes, Fish and Chalk Lines; Traee and Halter Rope, Brown Twine; Hemp and Manilla Halters; Red and Black Ink, Black Sand and Sand Boxes ; Comic and Webster’s Almanacks; Quills, Writing and Wrapping Paper; Silver and Wooden Lead Pencils; Pina and Needlea, Dusters; BRUSHES—Counter, Shoe,'Horae, Shaving, Clothes, Hair, White-wash and Scrubbing; Butter Ladles and Stamps, &c. Ac. &c. F R RAISINS —Bunch & Bloom, by the whole, half & quar ter box or pound, Smyrna, Malaga and Sultana; Figs, Prunes, Dates and Tamarinds; Currants and Cianberries, Cocoanuts and Filberts; Peanuts, soft, paper and hard shelled Almonds; Brazil and Madeira Walnuts and Chestnuts; Mace; Carroway; Coriander and Annis Seed; Nutmegs; Citron ; Oranges and Lemons; Sweet Meats, Ginger Preserves in Jars; Preserved Pickles (assorted) in glass J a rs: Ac. Ac. Table Knives and Forks, and Table and Tea Spoons; Pocket, Pen and Bread Knives; Slates and Slate Pencils; Curry Combs and Horse Cards Skates; Faucetts; Knitting Pins; Jews llarpa; Iron and Steel Tobacco Boxes ; Coffee Mills; Shovels and Spades; Field and Garden Hoes; Manure Forks, Ac. &c. FISH— Nos. 1,2 and 3 Mackerel, in bbli. 4 bbls. Jbbl*. and K its; Connecticut and Maine Shad; Dryed and Pickled Cod; Digby and Scaled Herring ; Smoked Salmon; Large and Small Utica Crackers ; Soda and Milk Bii- cuit; Pork; Sausages ; Butter and Cheese ; Liverpool, and Western Fine and Course Salt; Smoked Beef and Lard; Hams, Shoulders and Chops; Superfine and Fine Flour, by the barrel; Rye Flour; Buckwheat, Barley and Indian Meal; Oats; » Corn; Peas and Beans. He will at all times pay the very highest Albany market > price*, in cash or barter^ for most kind* of Country Produce, such as Provisions atui Grain. Schenectady, May 21, 1839. G R O C E R I E S Ac P R O V I S I O N S . T HE subscriber, o f ths late firm o f Spier & Lockwood, will continue the Grocery and Provision business st the store formerly occupied by said firm, a few doors east of the Rail-road, No. 153 .state street, lie is now receiving from New-York, a general assortment ofohoice Family Groceries and Provisions , which, together with his former stock, makes his sup­ ply complete; all o f which he offers for sale at reduced prices—among which are the following articles: L IQ U O R S .—Cogniac Brandy, Holland nnd Baltimore Gin, Jamaica, St. Croix and Nevv-England Ruin, Whiskey and Alcohol. W I N E S .—Old Port, Madeira, Sherry, Malaga, Muscat, Champagne, Cordials, and other Wines. T E A S , A C .—Old Hyson, Imperial, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, Gunpowder, Pouchong, and Bohea ; Loaf, Lump, St. Croix, N. Orleans and Muscovada Sugars; Syrup, Sugar House, and New-Orleans Molasses; Coffee, Chocolate, Rice, am! Indigo; Ginger, Pepper, Alspice, Nutmegs, Cloves and Cinnamon: Virginia, Plug, and Cavendish Tobacco; Pipes and Cigars; Alum, Copperas, and Saltpetre; Lorillara’s Maccoboy and Scotch Snuff; Bar and Shaving Soap; Candles and Soap; Coarse and Liverpool S a lt; Pearlash and Saleratus ; Writing, Letter and Wrapping Pnper; Codfish and Scaled Herring ; Sulphur and Epsom Salts ; Filberts, Almonds, Madeira, Brazil and Pea Nuts; Raisins, Pepper Sauce, Lemon S y rup; besides many other ■ rticles loo numerous to mention. gjf’Butter, Cheese, Lard, Pork, Hams and Eggs, will b# received in payment for goods at Cash prices. The subscriber returns his sincere thanks to his friends and customers for past favorst and still solicits a shart of public patronage. JO S E P H SPIER. Schenectady , A u g u st 1. 1837. U N I O N - 8 T H E E T . J O H N F U L L A G A R , Corner t f Union and Ferry-streets, S OLE agent in this city, for the sale of Portable Gas, Gas Lamps and their F ixtures, will keep con­ stantly for sale, at the manufacturers prices, the first quality of G A S , GAS LAMPS and TUBES ofalUizes; the Tubes will be fitted to Oil Lam ps for burning Gas, gratis. H r. ALSO KEKF FOR SALE D R Y G O O D S A N D G R O C E R I E S , AMORS W HICH ARK . # © Hyson, Young Hyson and Skin Teas; Loaf, Lump and Brown Sugars; Vinegar o fth e first quality; Flour and Meal; Nutmegs; Coffee and Chocolate; Butter and Cheese; Family Medicines; Pepper, Pimento, Ginger, Cinnamon and Cloves, ground and whole; Box and Keg Raisins; Course and Fine Salt; Alum, Copperas and Salt Petre; Dye Woods; Lamp Oil and Lamps; Mould and Dipt Candles; Bar and Shaving Soap; Cut and Plug Tabacco; Mustard ana Starch; Brooms and Paila; Crockery, Glass, Stone W ars and Furnaces’ And almost every other article in the Grocery line of business. jy25- ____________________ _ D p . Andrew T ruax, No. 117, State itreet, (north side) one door east of w. McCamus* D ry G oods Store, WHOLESALE and retail dealer in D R U G S A M E D I C I N E S , DYE WOODS, GLASS, P U T T Y , O I L , P E R F U M E R Y , A C . A C . O -A T ALBANY PRICES,_m w m m w w Redford, Saranac, and Crown’d Window Glass, o f a vsry superior quality, which for transparency, thicknessclear- ness, a n d brilliancy o f aurface, cannot be surpassed—lor sale a t Factory Prices. German, Rensselaer, Alps, New* York rftale, M ohawk and Cylinder G lass o f alt sizes, from 6 by 8 to 18 by 26, a t Albany Prices. (f~r*AII M edicines accurately prepared and prescrip-' tiona neatly put up, every day i n ThCTVieetnnid-«t~atLt hours o f the n ight t»ugl4:7M N E W G O O D S . J BERTRAND, No. 112, State street, has just re- s turned from New-York extensive assort­ ment of GOO DS consisting in part of Ladies and Gen- tlerntns’ Dressing Cases; >ilver Pencils; Silver Twee zers ; Silver Spectacles ; Spy Glasses ; Battledoors: Dissected Puzzles; Plain Coral and Rags Necklaces; Cut Glass and GiltBeads; Slrawand Leather Reticules: Cabars; Transparent Slates; Portfolios; Silk and Bead Purses; Shell, Twist and Side Combs; Smelling Bot­ tles; Milk of Roses; Spirit do.; Sweet Bugs; Farinas; Cologne, French and Lavender Water; Johnson’s Bear Oil; Rowland’s Macassar do.; Pastor’s do.,* Rose do.; Cold Cream ; J. Gillot’e Patent Metalic Pens ; Pearl White Beads; Willeston’s Indelible Ink; Cork and Glass Ink Stands; Ivory Whistles; Gum Rings; Ivory Dom­ inos; Compound Shaving Soap; Snuff, Tobacco and Shaving Boxes; Razors in cases; Razor Straps; Pen­ knives; Fine Scissors; Powder Flask*; Hair, Tooth, Nail, Clothes and Shaving Brushes ; Ivory Fine and DressCombs; Pocket do.; Accordeons, Violins, Flutes, Fifes and Flageolets, with Instructions for the same; Guitar and Violin Strings, Steel and Brass Pistols; Motto Verses; Visiting and Conversation Cards; Writ­ ing and Letter Paper; Letter Stamps; Whalebone and Brass Busks; W halebone and Crooked W alking Canes; Umbrellas; Spool stands; Pincushions; Sunglasses; T o ilets ; Bag P a tterns; Em ery Bags ; Looking Glasses ; Drawing Cards ; Paint and Fancy Boxes ; Quills; Fins A Y E W T H E O R Y ! IN T E R E S T IN G AND APPLICABLE TO TH E AFFLICTED W ITH Diseases ofthe Stomach, or Nerves; Such as Dyspepsia, either Chronic or Casual, under the worst symptoms o f restlessness; Lowness f Spirits, and General Emaciation t Consumption , whether tflhe Lungs or Liner; Liver Affections; Jaundice, both Biliary und Spasmodic ,• Costiveness; Worms t f every variety; itheu- matism, whether Acute or Chronic; together With Gout, Scrofula. Pains in the Head, Back, Limbs and Side, Typhus Fever, Scarlet Fever, Putrid Sore Throat, Fe­ ver and Ague, Spasmodic Palpitation o f the Heart and Arteries, Nervous Irritability, Nervous Weakness, Hys­ terics, Tic Douloureux, Cramps, Female Obstructions, Heartburn, Headache, Cough, the Common or Humid, and the Dry or the Whooping; Asthma, Gravel and, ' Dropsy. T H E Blood has hitherto been considered by Entpi- ricks and others, as the great regulator o fth e hu­ man system, and such is the devotedness o f the adher­ ents to that erroneous doctrine, that they content themselves with the simple possession of this falla­ cious opinion, without enquiring into the primary sources from whence Life, Health, and vigour eman­ ate, and viea versa, pain, sickness, disease and death. Not so with Dr. Hunt, whose extensive research and practical experience so eminently qualify him for the profession of which he has been one of the most use­ ful members, lie contends—and a moment’s reflec­ tion will convince any reasoning mind ofthe correct- ness of his views—that the stomach, liver, and the as­ sociated organs are the primary and great regulators of health, and that the blood in verv many instances is totally disconnected with the first and suceeding stages or disease, and that unless a medicine reaches the root ofthe disease, ihe superficial anodynes usually prescribed, serve but as foils to cover the ravages ol deep-rooted maladies. Under these convictions, al the expense of years of close application, the doctor has discovered a medicine whose searching powers are irresistible, and in prescribing, it is with a firm conviction of its being a radical cure in the various dis­ eases already enumerated, even i f applied in the most critical cases, but he does not pretend to ascribe to H U M T ’ S P I L L S a supernatural agency, although from positive proofs within the knowledge of hundreds, he is prepared to show, that when every other earthly remedy has fail­ ed, H U N T ’S PILLS have never been known to fail in effecting two very gratifying results, that of raising from the bed of sickness and disease those who have tested their efficacy, and thus amply rewarding Dr. Hunt for his long and anxious study to attain this per­ fection in the H e alixo A r t. B r . H u n t ’s C e l e b r a t e d F i l l s , For Consumption, Dysjmpsia, and Liver Complaint, SfC. A S the enjoyment of health depends on preserving the functions of the Stomaeh, Liver, Intestines and Lungs, in a healthy and vigorous state, through the operations o f which the body receive* ita growth, ita nutrition, its support, it can no longer be astonish­ ing that'w h e n tneae viscera are deranged, and cannot oerforin their proper functions, the whole system suf­ fers and becomes disordered. Knowing this to be a sound and demonstrated fact, in science and experi­ ence, D o ctor H u n t’s Systiji or Practice is in faithful accordance with it. He aims to keep the Stomach, Lungs and the liver, in vigorous and healthy action, •s the three great fountains of health and life.— For thi* purpose his pills are compounded of herbs, which strengthen and equalize the action of the heart, and give an impulse of strength to the arterial system, at the same time quicken the action ot the absorbent and discharging vessels; and as all the secretions are drawn from the blood, any morbid action which may have ta­ ken place is removed, ali obstructions are overcome, the blood is purified, and the bodv assumes a healthful state. These pills give tone to the stomach, increase the appetite, and eminently expel all acrid or morbid m atter through the execretory ducts into the passage of the bowels. In all cases of Consumption, Indiges­ tion or Dyspepsia, Billious Affections, or Liver Com­ plaints, Heartburn, Sourness or Acidity in the Stomach, Tightness at the Chest, Loss o f Appetite, Sick Head Ache, Pain in the Head, Back, Limbs and Side, Flatulency, Ty­ phus and Scarlet Fever, Putrid Sore Throat, Fever and Ague, or Intermitting Fevers, Gout, Rheumatism, Lumba- f o. Sciatica, Spasmodic Affections, and Tic Dolourcvx, Convulsions of Children, Measles, Sm a ll Pox, Hooping Cough, Rickets, Teething, Worms, Female Obstructions , Chlorosis or Green Sickness, and Rejections o f Food, and Costiccness, Colie, whether flatulent or Billious, follow the DIRECTIONS. Dose. —Take from three to ten pills, til! they operate, two or three times daily. The use of the pills must be persevered in till a cure is effected. Price 2 5 Cents per Box- KF Tills medicine is for sale by Dr. WM. EVANS, No. 100 I'hath&m-st. New-York, and by the following agent#; J. M. VAN SLYCK, No. 76 Slate-st. Schenectady. Win. Seaver, Burnt Hills. G. M. Davison, Saratogo Springs. S. Van Schaick, South Market-st. Albany. Z . Clark, River st, Troy. Samuel W estcott, Hudson. Cornelius Swartwout, Genesee-st. Utica. May 23, 1839.— y l. E V A N S ’ C A M O M I L E F I L L S . The Camomile flower, (or as it is officially called An- themis nobilis, or Chamcemelum, from the Greek words, Kamai, ou the ground, and Melon, an apple; because it grows on the ground, and smells like an apple) is ol a dull white color, of a fragrant odor, and of a better a r­ omatic taste. Camomile is a mil I tonic, in small doses acceptable and corroborant to the stomach, lt is especially ap plicable to that condition of general debility with lau Lead Pencils; MottoSeals; W hite Wax; Italian Cravats; guid appetite, which often attends convalescence from Satin and Bombazine Stocks; Gloves ; Ruffled and Plain ' ' ‘ Bosoms; Collars; Suspenders; Brass and India rubber Pantaloon Straps. Always on hand, a general assort­ ment of TOYS. Also, Traveling Basket* and Trunks of all sizes.—.April 8, 1839. ______ Y V I I K E I ■ B A R R O W S . f f l U l E subscribers having purchased of G. N. Bolles JL his entire stock in the Whecl-Barrow business, will continue to make and offer for sale, Wagons , Road. Sleighs, Ploughs , Whccl-Barrows, C u ltivators, R o a d S c r a p e r s , S tra w Cutlers, Fanning Mills, Sfc. [CFTlie Wheel-Barrows heretofore made by G. N. Bolles, have stood unrivalled in market. They intend that their articles shall be well made, and respectfully solicit a share o f the public patronage. All articles in the above line constantly on hand, or made to order at their old stand No. 2J7 State Steeet. O ’ Cash paid f o r good TIM B E R . CLUTE & REA G L E ^. Schenectady, March 19, 1839. 90tf. Orders received by C. C. CLUTE & Co. 142 State street, and at CLUTE & BAILEY’S Furnace, 21 Ca­ nal street, Schenectady. Reference may be made to Belknap & Groesbeck, Al­ bany; Schuyler Je- Warnick, Amsterdam; J. C. Antho ny, Canajoharie; Paige & Priest, Little Falls; Henry Kcmberly, West Troy; Gardiner A McKinley, Fulton- ville; Warner &> Nestell, Fort Plain; Frederick Bellin­ ger, Herkimer: II. & L. W. Holmes, Uti-a. ________ D I S S O L I J T I O Y . —The copartnership here­ tofore existing between J. & G. Ohlen is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business o f the firm will be settled by George Ohlen. JOHN OIILEN. GEORGE O H L E N . Schenectady, April 8, 1839. The business will be continued a t the old place, No. 47, State-st. by GEORGE OHLEN. D I S S O L U T I O N - - T h e copartnership hereto­ fore existing between the subscribers, under the firm of Swits 4 * McDonald, is this day dissolved by mu­ tual consent. The business of the firm will be settled by N. Swits, who i* fully authorised to collect and pay all the debts ofthe firm. N. SWITS, d . M c D o n a l d . Schenectady, May 28, 1839. N o T E .-The GROCERY «& PROVISION business will be carried on a t the old stand, corner o f Church and State-street*. by 101 N. 3 W ITS. T O T I I E A F F L I C T E D . C 1 0 1 I Y * ! C O R N S !—Corn* of all kinds effectu- > ally removed by one application, in less than half an hour, without causing pain or creating a sore, by ap­ plying a t No. 19 State-street. OCF'Tbose wishing the operation performed at their residences,can be accoinmodatdd by leaving tlieir names, number and street, at No. 19 State-street.—March 19. idiopathic fevers. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. T O S H ! F I L L S - The powers of Evans’ Camomile Pills are such, that the palpitating heart, the tremulous hand, the dizzy eye, and the fluttering inind, vanish before their effects like noxous vapors before the benign influence of the morning sun. They have been long successfully used for the cure o f interiniltents, together with fever* of the irregulkr nervous kind, accompanied with visceral obstructions. This tonic medicine is for nerrons diseases, general debility, indigestion and its consequences, as want of appetite, distention of the stomach, acidity, unpleasant taste in the inouth, rumbling noise in the bowels, ner­ vous symptoms, languor, when the miml becomes irrita ble, desponding, thoughtful, melancholy and dejected .— Hypodiondriacism, consumption, dimness t f sight, deliri­ um, and all other nervous symptoms, these pills will produce a safe and permanent cure. Evans' Camomile Pills were first introduced in Amer- ca in 1635. EVANS’ FAMILY APERIENT PILLS Are purely vegetable, composed with the strictest pre­ cision o f science and o f a rt; they never produce nausea, and are warranted to cure the following diseases, which arise from impurities of the blood, viz:— Apoplexy, B il­ ious Affections, Coughs, Colds. Ulcerated Sort Throat, Scarlet Fever, Asthma, Cholera, Liver Complaints, diseases ofthe Kidneys and Bladder, Affections peculiar to females and all those diseases ol whatsoever kind to which hu­ man nature is subject, where the slornach is affected. OKMKHAL DIRECTIONS. Dr. Wm. Evans* Camomile Tonic Pills are to be ta­ ken three before each meal. Dr. W. Evans’ Family Aperient Pills are to be taken four at night, and should they not operate, two or three in the morning so as to produce a copious evacuation. Principal Office for the United S taten, 100 Chatham st. New York, where Dr.Evans can always be consulted. O ’ These Medicines are for sale by Dr. WILLIAM EVANS, No. 100 Chatam st. New-York, and by the following agents : J- M. VAN SLYCK, No. 76 State-st. Schenectady. Wm. Seaver, Burnt Hills. G. M« Davison, Saratoga Springs. S. Van Schaick. South Market-st. Albany. Z , Clark, River-st. Troy. Samuel W estcott, Hudson. Cornelius Swartwout, Genesee-st. Utica. May 23, 1839.— y l. __________________________ TONS Steel-Pointed Swedged CROW-BARS 1 0 A G E M . The Democratic Review some time since alluded to Geo. D. Prentice, as entitled to the first rank among American Poets. The Review instanced «6me lines, written at the age of 14, as particularly remarkable, nnd breathing the very soul of sorrow. They will be found below, and ure indeed beau­ tiful. We aro indebted for them to tho Louisvillo Literary News Letter: W R I T T E N A T NIT M O T H E R ’* G R A V E . Bt G. D. PRENTICE. The trembling dew-drops fall Upon the shutting flowers—like souls at rest The stars shine gloriously-—and ul), Save me, is blest. Mother—I love thy grave! lh e violet, with his blossom blue and mild, Waves o’er thy head—when shall it wave Above thy child I Tis a sweet flower-—yet must Its bright leaves to the coming tempest bow— Dear mother—’tis thine emblem—dust Is on thy brow ! And I could love to die— To leave un tasted life’s dark, bitter streams— By thee, as erst in childhood, lie And shutc thy dreams. And must I linger hero To stain the plumage of my sinless years, And mourn the hopes of childhood dene With bitter tears! Ay—must I linger hero, A lonely branch upon a blasted tree, Whose last frail leaf, untimely sere, Went down with thee! Oft from life’s withered bower, In still communion with the past I turn, And muse on thee, the only flower In memory’s urn. And, when the Evening pale Bows like a mourner on the dim, blue wave, I stray to hear the night-winds wail Around thy grave. Where is thy spirit flown?— I gaze above—thy look is imaged tliero— I listen—and thy gentle tone is on tlie nir. Oh come—whilst here I press My brow upon thy grave—nnd, in those mild And thrilling tones of tenderness, Bless, bless tby child! Yes, bless thy weeping child, And o’er thine urh—religion’s holiest shrine— Oh give his spirit undcfiled To blend with thine. and retail by ap2 C. C. CLUTE & Co. No. 142, State-st. H A R D - W A R E , I R O N a S T E E L - C 1 C. CLUTE & Co. No. 142, State-street, Sche- /# nectady, keep on hand a complete assortment of H a rd-W a re; Old Sable, Swede*, English and Ame­ rican Iron; Flat, Square and Round, assorted sizes.— Also, Swedes, English, Blister, German & Cast S teel ; N ails , S pikks and O kow -B ars ; C hurn D rills & S ho ­ vels ; A mvils , V ices , S ledges , and B lacksmiths ’ B el ­ lows ; H oist C hains , «&c. fUr^Contractors supplied at short notice, and on tbe most reasonable term s.—dl. . 1 0 0 tail by ap2 K E G S C U T assorted sizes. N A I L S A N D S P I K E S , F o r s a l e w h o l e s a l e a n d re - C. C. CLUTE & Co. No. 142, State st. i n n D O Z E N O L I V E R A M E S ’ N o . 2 B A C K S T R A P S H O V E L S . F o r s a l e w h o l e s a l e and retail by ap2 C. CLUTE & Co. No. 142, State-st. t o by ap2 CASES Naylor & Co’s. Refined CAST STEEL, assorted sizes. For sale wholesale and retail C. C. CLUTE & Co. N o . 142, S t a t e - s t . ''S O D F la 4 M .—A »uperior„article Cer sale at No. 26 State-street, by D A N I E L B U R T . D A V ID SW A N . BY KATHANIEL HAWTHORNE. W e c a n b e b u t p a r t i a l l y a c q u a i n t e d e v e n w i t h t h e e v e n t s w h i c h n a t u r a l l y i n f l u e n c e o u r c o u r s e t h r o u g h life, a n d o n r f i n a l d e s t i n y . T h e r e a r e i n n u m e r a b l e o t h e r e v e n t s , i f s u c h t h e y m a y b e c a l l e d , w h i c h c o m e c l o s e u p o n u s , y e t p a s s a w a y w i t h o u t a c t u a l r e s u l t s , o r e v e n b e t r a y i n g t h e i r n e a r a p p r o a c h , b y t h e r e f l e c ­ tio n o f a n y l i g h t o r s h a d o w a c r o s s o u r m i n d s . C o u l d w e k n o w a l l Die v i c i s s i t u d e s o f o u r f o r t u n e s , l i f e w o u l d b e to o fu l l o f h o p e a n d fe a r , e x u l t a t i o n o r d i s a p p o i n t ­ m e n t , to affo r d a s i n g l e h o u r o f t r u e s e r e n i t y . T h i s id e a m a y b e i l l u s t r a t e d b y a p a g e f r o m t h e s e c r e t h i s ­ t o r y o f D a v i d S w a n . W e h a v e n o t h i n g to d o w i t h D a v i d , u n t i l w e find h i m a t t h e a g e o f t w e n t y , o n t h e h i g h ro a d f r o m h i s n a t i v e p l a c e to th e c i t y o f B o s t o n , w h e r e h i s u n c l e , a s m a l l d e a l e r in t h e g r o c e r y l i n e , w a s t o t a k e h i t n b e ­ h i n d t h e c o u n t e r . B e i t e n o u g h to s a y , t h a t h e w a s a n a t i v e o f N e w - H a m p s h i r e , b o r n o f r e s p e c t a b l e p a ­ r e n t s , a n d h a d r e c e i v e d a n o r d i n a r y s c h o o l e d u c a t i o n , w i t h a c l a s s i c fin i s h b y a y e a r a t G i l m a n t o n A c a d e ­ m y . A l t e r j o u r n e y i n g o n foot f r o m s u n - r i s e till n e a r ­ l y n o o n o f a s u m m e r ’s d a y , h i s w e a r i n e s s a n d t h e i n ­ c r e a s i n g h e a t d e t e r m i n e d h i m to s e t d o w n i n t h e first c o n v e n i e n t s h a d e , a n d a w a i t t h e c o m i n g u p o f th e s t a g e c o a c h . A s i f p l a n t e d o n p u r p o s e for h i m , t h e r e s o o n a p p e a r e d a little tu f t o f m a p l e 9 , vyith a d e l i g h t ­ ful r e c e s s in t h e m i d s t , a n d s u c h a f r e s h b u b b l i n g s p r i n g , t h a t it s e e m e d n e v e r to h a v e s p a r k l e d for a n y w a y f a r e r b u t D a v i d S w a n . V i r g i n o r n o t , h e k i s s e d it w i t h h i s t h i r s t y lip s , a n d t h e n f l u n g h i m s e l f a l o n g t h e b r i n k , p i l l o w i n g h i s h e a d u p o n s o m e s h i r t s a n d a p a i r o f p a n t a l o o n s , tie d u p iu a s t r i p e d c o t t o n h a n d ­ k e r c h i e f . T l i c s u n b e a m s c o u l d n o t r e a c h h i m ; t h e d u s t d i d n o t y e t r i s e f r o m t h e r o a d , t f t e r t h e h e a v y r a i n o f y e s t e r d a y ; a n d h i s g r a s s y l a i r s u i t e d t h e y o u n g m a n b e t t e r t h a n a b e d o f d o w n . T h e s p r i n g m u r m u r ­ e d d r o w s i l y b e s i d e h i m ; t h e b r a n c h e s w a v e d d r e a m ­ i l y a c r o s s t h e b l u e s k y , o v e r h e a d , a n d a d e e p s l e e p , p e r c h a n c e h i d i n g d r e a m s w i t h i n its d e p t h s , f e l l u p o n D a v i d S w a n . B u t w e a r e to r e l a t e e v e n t s w h i c h h e d i d n o t d r e a m of. W h i l e h e l a y s o u u d a s l e e p in t h e s h a d e , o t h e r p e o ­ p l e w e r e w i d e a w a k e , a n d p a s s e d to a n d fro, o n foot, o n h o r s e b a c k , a n d in a i l s o r t s o f v e h i c l e s , a l o n g th e s u n n y r o a d b y h i s b e d c h a m b e r . S o m e l o o k e d n e i t h ­ e r to t h e r i g h t h a n d n o r t h e le f t , a n d k n e w n o t t h a t h e w a s t h e r e ; s o m e m e r e l y g l a n c e d t b a t w a y , w i t h ­ o u t a d m i t t i n g t h e s l u m b e r e r a m o n g t h e i r b u s y t h o ’l* ; s o m e l a u g h e d to s e e h o w s o u n d l y h e s l e p t ; a n d s e v ­ e r a l , w h o s e h e a r t s w e r e b r i m m i n g f u l l o f s c o r n , e j e c t ­ e d t h e i r v e n o m o u s s u p e r f l u i t y o n D a v i d S w a n . A m i d d l e a g e d w i d o w , w h e n n o b o d y e l s e w a s n e a r , t h r u s t h e r h e a d a little w a y in t o t h e r e c e s s , a n d v o w ­ e d t h a t t h e c h a r m i n g fe l l o w lo o k e d c h a r m i n g in hi* s l e e p . A t e m p e r a n c e l e c t u r e r s a w h i m , a n d w r o u g h t p o o r D a v i d in t o t h e t e x t u r e o f h i s e v e n i n g ’s d i s c o u r s e , a s a n a w f u l i n s t a n c e o f d e a d d r u n k e n n e s s b y t h e r o a d s i d e . B u t c e n s u r e , p r a i s e , m e r r i m e n t , s c o r n a n d i n ­ d i f f e r e n c e w e r e a l l o n e , o r r a t h e r a l l n o t h i n g t o D a v i d S w a n . H e h a d s l e p t o n l y a f e w m o m e n t s , w h e n a b r o w n c a r r i a g e , d r a w n b y a h a n d s o m e p a i r o f h o r e e s , b o w l e d e a s i l y a l o n g , a n d w a s b r o u g h t to a s t a n d s t i l l , n e a r l y in f r o n t o f D a v i d ’s r e s t i n g p l a c e . A l i n c h - p i n h a d f a l l e n o u t , a n d p e r m i t t e d o n e o f t h e w h e e l s to f l y off. T h e d a m a g e w a s s l i g h t , a n d m e r e l y a m o m e n t a r y a l a r m to a n e l d e r l y m e r c h a n t a n d h i s w i f e , w h o w e r e r e t u r n i n g to B o s t o n in t h e i r c a r r i a g e . W h i l e t h e c o a c h m a n a n d a s e r v a n t w e r e r e p l a c i n g t h e w h e e l , th e l a d y a n d g e n t l e m a n s h e l t e r e d t h e m s e l v e s b e n e a t h t h e m a p l e t r e e s , a n d t h e r e e s p i e d t h e b u b b l i n g f o u n ­ t a i n , a n d D a v i d S w a n a s l e e p b e s i d e it. I m p r e s s e d w i t h t b e a w e w h i c h t b e h u m b l e s t s l e e p e r u s u a l l y s h e d s a r o u n d h i m , t h e m e r c h a n t t r o d a s l i g h t l y a s t h e g o u t w o u l d a l l o w ; a n d h i s s p o u s e to o k g o o d h e e d n o t to r u s t l e h e r s i l k g o w n , le s t D a v i d s h o u l d s t a r t u p a l l o f a s u d d e n . ‘‘ H o w s o u n d l y h e s l e e p s ! ” w h i s p e r e d t h e o l d g e n ­ t l e m a n . “ F r o m w h a t d e p t h h e d r a w s t h a t e a s y b r e a t h . S u c h s l e e p a s t h a t , b r o u g h t o n w i t h o u t a n o p i a t e , w o u l d b e w o r t h m o r e to m e t h a n h a l f m y i n c o m e : fo r it w o u l d s u p p o r t h e a l t h , a u d a n u n l i o u b l e d m i n d . ” “ A n d y o u t h , b e s i d e s , ” s a i d tlie l a d y . “ H e a l t h y a n d q u i e t a g e d o e s n o t s l e e p t h u s . O u r s l u m b e r is n o m o r e lik e b i s , t h a n o u r w a k e f u l n e s s . ” T h e lo n g e r t h e y lo o k e d , t h e m o r e d i d t h i s e l d e r l y c o u p l e fe e l i n t e r e s t e d in t h e u n k n o w n y o u t h to w h o m t h e w a y s i d e a n d t h e m a p l e s h a d e w e r e a s a se c r e t c h a m b e r w i t h t h e ric h g l o o m o f d a m a s k c u r t a i n s b r o o d ­ i n g o v e r h i m . P e r c e i v i n g t h a t a s t r a y s u n b e a m g l i m ­ m e r e d d o w n b i s f a c e , t h e l a d y c o n t r i v e d to tw i s t a b r a n c h a s i d e , s o a s to i n t e r c e p t it. A n d h a v i u g d o n e t h i s little a c t o f k i n d n e s s , s h e b e g a n to feel l i k e a m o t h e r to h i m . . . , ** l - “ P r o v i d e n c e s e e m s to h a v e la i d h i m h e r e , w h i s ­ p e r e d s h e to h e r h u s b a n d , “ a n d to h a v e b r o u g h t u s h i t h e r to f i n d b i m , a f t e r o u r d i s a p p o i n t m e n t t o o u r c o u s i n ’s s o n . M e t h i n k s I c a n s e c a l i k e n e s s t o o u r d e p a r t e d H e n r y . S h a l l w e w a k e h i m ? ” “ T o w h a t p u r p o s e ? ” s a i d t h e m e r c h a n t , h e s i t a t i n g . “ W e k n o w n o t h i n g o f t h e y o u t h ’s c h a r a c t e r . ” _ “ T h a t o p e n c o u n t e n a n c e , r e p l i e d h t s w i l e , ' i n t h e h u s h e d v o i c e , y e t e a r n e s t l y . “ T h i s i n n o c e n t s l e e p !” W h i l e t h e s e w h i s p e r s w e r e p a s s i n g , t h e s l e e p e r ’s h e a r t d i d n o t th r o b , n o r h i s b r e a t h b e c o m e a g i t a t e d , n o r h i s f e a t u r e s b e t r a y t h e l e a s t t o k e n o f i n t e r e s t . Y e t f o r t u n e w a s b e n d i n g o v e r h i m , j u s t r e a d y to l e t f a l l a b u r t h e n o f g o l d . T h e o l d m e r c h a n t h a d lo s t h i s o n ­ l y s o n , a n d h a d n o h e i r to h i s w e a l t h , e x c e p t a d i s t a n t r e l a t i v e , w i t h w h o s e c o n d u c t h e w a s d i s s a t i s f i e d . I n s u c h a c a s e p e o p l e s o m e t i m e s d o s t r a n g e r t h i n g s t h a n to a c t t h e m a g i c i a n , a n d a w a k e n a y o u n g m a n to s p l e n d o r w h o h a d f a l l e n a s l e e p i n p o v e r t y . “ S h a l L w e n o t w a k e n h i m ? ” r e p e a t e d th e l a d y p e r i u a s i v e l y . . , . . “ T h e c o a c h i s r e a d y , s i r , ” s a i d t h e se r v a n t b e h ind. T h e old couple started? reddened, hurried s t r s r , m u tually wondering that tbey should e r e f hstvudrstMa* ed of doing any thing ao ridiculous, ’Kb© meiwhaiiC threw tyinself back in the carriage, and ooesniad U s mind with the plan of a magnificent a sylum for fortunate men of business. M eanwhile D a v id 8 w a s enjoyed hts nap. T h e carriage could not h ave gone above a m ile off two, when a pretty young girl cam e along with tripping pace, which ehowed precisely how her M . heart was dancing in her bosom. She turned —I V into the shelter o f the maple trees, and there found a young man asleep beside the spring! Blushing aa red as any rose, tbat she should have intruded into a gentlem an’s bed-chamber, she was about to m a k e h er escape on tiptoe. But, there was a peril nearer the sleeper. A monster o f a bee h ad been wandering o- verbead— buzz, buzz, buzz—kktw among the leaves, now flashing through the strips o f sunshine, s o # lost in lhe dark shade, till fipally be appearetN o he settling on the eyelid of David Sw a n . T h e ©ting the bee is sometimes deadly. As free h earted as she was innocent, tbe girl attacked the intruder with birr handkerchief, brushed him soundly, and drove him from beneath the m aple shade. How sweet a picture! T h is good deed accomplished, with quickened breath, and a deeper blush, she stole a glance a t the youthful stranger, for whom she had been battling with a dra- gon in tlie air. “ H e is handsome !” thought she, aod blushed red* deryet. How could it be that no dream o f bliss grew #* strong within him, that shattered by its v ery strength, it should part asunder a n d allow him to perceive the girl among its phantom s? W h y , at least, did m smile of welcome brighten upon his face? She was come, the maid whose soul, .according to tbe a id and beautiful idea, bad been severed from his own, aod whom, in all his vague, but passionate desires, be yearned to meet. H e r, only, could he love witli a perfect love— him, only, could she receive^ into the depths of h er heart—aud now her image was faintly blushing in the fountain, by his side ; it p— aw ay, its happy lustre would never gleam upon his life again. “ How soundly he s leep s !” m u ttered the girl. She departed, but did oot trip along the rqad so lightly as when she came. Now this girl’s father was a thriving country mer* chant in the neighborhood, and happened a t that idea* ticai lime, to be looking out for ju s t such a young m an as David S wan. H a d D avid formed Z w a y side acquaintance with the daughter, he would have be­ come th e father’s clerk , and all e l s e in n a t u r a l suc­ cession. So here again, had good fortune—tbe beat of fortunes. — stolen so n e a r , th a t h e r garm ent© brush­ ed a g a in s t h i m ; and h e k n e w n o th in g of tbe m atter. The girl was hardly out of sight, when two mett turned aside beneath tbe m aple shade. B o th bad dark faces, set off by cloth caps, which were dow n aslant over their brows. T b e ir dresses were shabby, yet had a certain smartness. T h e se were a coops© of rascals, who got their living by whatever the evil one sent them , and now, in the interim of other boa- in c s s had sta k e d th e jo in t profits o f th e ir n e x t pinr©© of v illany on a gome o f cards, which waa to have beta decided here under the trees. But, Coding D a v id a s le e p by th e sp r in g , o n e o f th e rogue© w h isp e r e d 10 his fellow : “ H i s t ! See that b u n d le udder h is be##U**\ T h e other villain nodded, winked, a u d j M . ' “ I ’ll bet you a born o f brandy,” said the first, the chap has either a pocket book, or a sang f i l f o . horde o f sm all change, stowed a w a y among h is abisMb . And if not there, We shall find it in hia psntaloo— ~ pocket.” “ B u t how if he w a k es?” said the other. H is companion thrusted aside bis waistcoat, pointed to th e h a n d le o f a dirk, a n d n o d d e d . “ So he i t l ” m u ttered the spcood villain. T h e y approached the unconscious D a v id, # o d w M ||r; one pointed tbe dagger toward bi« heart, the o ther b e­ gan to search the bundle beneath bis h ead. T b e ir cww faces, grim-wrinkled aud ghastly witb g u ilt a n d fear, bent over their victim, looking horribly eoough to be mistaken for fiends, should he suddenly aw ake. N a y , had the villains glanced aside into the spring, even' they would hardly have known themSelves a* reflect­ ed there. But David Sw au bad oevzr known • m o te tranquil aspect, even When asleep on hi© mother*© breast. “ I must take away tbe bundle,\ whispered ooe. “ I f he stirs, I ’ll strike,” whispered the other. B u t, at this momeot, a dog, scenting alone tbe ground, cam e in beneath the m aple trees, Mid gazed alternately at each of. these wicked men, aod t f i n a t the quiet sleeper. H e then lapped o u t o f tbe foun­ tain. “ P s h a w !” said one villain. “ W e can do Bath­ ing now. T b e dog’s m aster m u st be close behind.” T h e m an with the- dagger, thrust back the weanqn. into his bosom, and drew forth a pocket pistol, M t not o f that kind which kill by a single diacbaige.— It was a flask o f liquor, with a block tum b le screw ­ ed upon the mouth. E a c h d raok a comfortable d reaa, and left the spot with so m any jests, and sucbl at their unaccomplished wickedness, tbat the* be said to have gone their w a y rejoicing. 1 * a 1 hours, they had forgotten tbe whole aflair, opr 0009 im a g in e d th a t th e recording a n g e l h a d w ritten dosrsi. the crime of m u rder against tlieir souls, in letters fl# durable as eternity. As for D a v id Swan, be sdtt s l e p t q u ie t ly , n e it h e r c o n s c io u s o f t h e sh a d o w o f dead*' when it bung over him, nor of the glory o f m m * m ! life, when the shadow w as withdrawn. H e slept, but no longer so q u ietly as at first* 'Aa*’ hour’s repose bad snatched, from hia elastic ffttBfottl# weariness with which m a n y hours o f toil bad battbts- ed it. N o w he stirred— now moved his lip©, wifbout a sound— now, talked, in an inward tone, to tbe noon­ day spectress of his dream . B u t a noise of wheel© cam e rattling louder ahd louder along the road, tmrit it dashed ihrough-thedispursing mist o f David’• ©lum­ ber—and there was tb e stage coach. H e \started 8 p with all his ideas about bim. “ H a llo, d riv e r!—T a k e a passenger f ” shouted be* “ Room on to p !” answered the driver. U p mounted David? and bowled s w ay m e rrily So-. ward Boston, without so much as a parting glancu a t that fountain o f d ream like vicissitude. H e knew B it, that phantom of wealth had thrown a golden bn© o p - on iis' waters— nor that one o f death bad threatened to crimson them with his blood—all in the b r ief b o w since he lay down to sleep. Sleeping or w a ll we hear not the airv footsteps o f the strange 4 th at almost happen. ' Doe sit not argue a © u p - ^ ' ing Providence, that while, viewlees a n d tt* events thrust themselves continually athw a rt # V path, there should still be regularity enough i a m o rtal life, to render foresight evdn partially available. T H K A L A R M W A T C H , C o n science, as we a ll know; m a y be listened ta, o r disregarded; and in this, habit h as great influences— The following story illustrates th is: A lady who found it difficult to aw a k e ao e a rly as she desired to the morning, p u rchased a n a larm wateb.* This kind o f watch is so contrived, a s to strike wRb A loud whizzing noise at a n y tim e the ow n er pleasant' T h e lady placed tbe w atch at the head o f tier bed, * aod at tne appointed tim e she found herself efieetnal-' ly aroused by the loud rattling sound. She im m e d i­ ately obeyed the summons, e n d felt the b etter a P d e y for e a rly risiog. T h is continued for several w seks. T h e alarm watch faithfully performed itsoffiee^aaw w a s distinctly heard so loug as it was p rom p tly ©*re- ed. B u t after a tim e the lady grew tired o T e a n f rising—and w h e n awakened by the noisy m°*j*j*» m erely turned herself and slept again. In a f t * J* the watch ceased to arouse her from her slum a e r ^ lt spoke just as loudly as ever, but she d id n o t oaafK because she had acquired the habit o f d tsooeyi Finding that she might as well be w a tch , sh e form ed the resolutitwi that U S * heard the sound again, she would j u m p M , ly—and she would never allow aemnw m the friendly warning. . * < . __ . _ Just so it is with conscience. U # S r e # > ctations, even to the most tn f lm g p a rtlfUltoS, U S .#i*. w a y s hear its voice c lear and s tr o n g .. Bw t t f w# a l ­ low ourselves to do w h a t w e foar ia not quit* we shall grow more a n d m o re sleepy, e m it the o f c o n science h a s 00 lon g e r a n y p o w e r to UtoStn , ^ —Fireside Education. f:

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