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The Schenectady cabinet, or, Freedom's sentinel. (Schenectady, N.Y.) 1839-1849, October 16, 1849, Image 4

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m s r ® OFFI.CE'' * MANUFACTORY D R . T O W N S E N D ’S C0MP0W0 XXT*ACT OF • S A H E A P A R 1 1 « l i a . W o n d e r su id M I c m m k * f t k « A * e * TA* most cxtruordmnry werfieix* in 1A« w e r li! Thi*. Extract is'pht up -in Quart Bottle*; it it six time* cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted superior to any sold It out** disease without vomiting, purging, *ick*nmg, o r d* bilitttiag tho Patisut. ' » „ The great beauty and Superiority of thi* Sarsaparilla Ovelt nil other Medieines is, while it eradicates disease, it invigo rates the body, it is one of the very host SPRlNGAND SUMMER MEDICINES , ever known;, it not only purifies the whole system and Strengthen* the person,- b u t it creates, new, pure and rich blood; a power possessed by no other Medicate. Aud in this lies the grand-secret of it* wonderful-succees. It has per* formed within th e ’last two years, more than one hundred thousand cures of severe cases of disease; at least, 50,008 were considered incurable. It has saved the lives of more tlmn 15,000 children the three past seasons. 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 eases o f G e n e r a ! D e b ility nnsl w a n t o f N e r r o u s E n e r g y . Dr. Townsend’S Sarsaparilla invigorate* the whole system permanently. To those Who have lost their muscular energy, by the effects of mediciue, or indiscretion committed in youth, or the excessive indulgence of the passions, and brought ou by physical prostration of the nervous system, lassitude, want *f ambition,Thinting sensations, premature decay nnd decline, hastening toward tiiat fatal disease, Consumption, cun be en­ tirely restored by this pleasant remedy. This Sarsaparilla U fot superior to any H V V J G O R A T I I V G C A K D I A t , A* i t renows aud Invigorate* the *y*tom, give* activity «• it\Hbs, and strength to the muscular system in a most extraor- tllaary Oagw. , _ . C * u « u u ip t i* a i C u r e * . Claanih and Strengthen. -Consumption ean he cured. Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Cowylatut, Cui*#._ Ca tftrrft- Asthma, Spitting e f Blood. Soreu*** ■» !»* CA*st, H ctio Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult er fre f i t n tixpcctoraliltn, Pain ii* the Side, SfC., has* •<*• and cau •* cured. . K l » o d Dai T ownsknd—I ^verily Velieva your Snr»*p*rill» ha* been the means, through Providence, of saving iny life. I kayo for severe) years had a bad Cough. It became worse and worse At last I raised large quantities of blood, had night eats arid was greatly debilitated and reduced, and did not expect to live. I have only used your Sarsaparilla a short time, and thera has a. wonderful change been wrought m me. 1 ant now able to walk all over the city. J raise no blood, and my cough has'left me. You can well imagine that lam thank­ ful for these resulU. Your obedient servant. WM. R.US3KL, 65 Catherine-st. H h e u m n t i a r a . Blackwell'* Island, Sept. 14.1847. Dr. Tswusead—Dear S i r : I have suffered terribly for ma* years with the Rheumatism; considerable ofthe time. I could net eat. sleep or walk. I had 'lie utmost distressing pain*, and my limbs wero terribly .swollen* 1 . have, used tour hollies »f your Sarsaparilla, ami they have done me more than one thousand dollar* worth of good, I ttht SO lUUCIi Ue.Uif— iMlMtl, I am entirely relieved. You are at liberty to us* this for the benefit of tho afflicted. Yours, respectfully. JAMES CUMMINGS. F l u . : F i t * : : Dr. Towasend, uot having tested his S am p arilla in caati •FFiU, of course, never recommended it, nnd was surprised io rr.c*ive the following from an intelligent and respectable Farmer in Weatchester County; . . . . Foriham, August 13,1847. Dr. ToumstM —Dear S ir: I have a little girl, seven years ef age. who ha*, been several year* afflicted with Fits;, we tried almost everything for her, but without success; at last, although we could find no recommendation in your circular* for cases like her*, we thought, as she wa*.in very delicate health, we would give her some of your Sarsaparilla, and ar* very glad we did, for it not only restored h*r strength, but ih* has had no return Of the Fits, to our great pleasure and .ur- prise. She i* fcfst becoming rugged; and healthv. for which W* feel grateful. Yours, respectfully, JQHN BUTL<5R> Jr. F e m a le ITIediciar*. Dr Townsend’s Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and speedy cur* for Incipient Consumption, Barrenness, Prolapsus Uteri, or TjJHug of the Womb. Costiveil as, Pile*, LeucorrntBa. Of White*, obstructed of difficult Menstruation, Incontinence ot Urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for the genera, nrosVuiion of the system—no matter whether the result i f inherent cause or cause*. produced by irregularity, illness or accident. Nothing can be more surprising than its in­ vigorating effects on the human fralhe. Person* all weakae** aud lassitude, from taking it, at once become robust and full e f cflergy under it* influence. It immediately counteracts the hervelssariess of the'female frame, which is,the great caus* of Barrenness. It will net be expected o f us, in csuies of-so delicate a nature, to exhibit certificate* of cure* pcrtormea, hut we ean M»uro the afflicted, that hundred. ;or c a « s hay. b«*n reported, to us. Thousands of c u e s where famine* hat* been without children, after using n;few bottle, of this invalua­ ble Medicine, have been blessed with iiue, healthy nffffiriag, a a f w f t S a “2 S S K ' S ' s i . S m the Child, prevmni pain ami th* food t those who have used it* think it U inmiqMtt»ft hU It k Uitfhly wwtsA both Ijol’ora wut after conftntmMffi, . t iafvnnu SlMwee mteiidiuil nrnn ejiihl-ldrth-iu Com ■ilven«M,l*lles. Cramps Swelling ofthe Feet, Drammdancv, lli>hrtlinVn*VomliinRi Pain in the Back and Loin*. Fain* Pain*. Hemorrhage, mid in regulating thu secretions and equalising the circulation, it has no equal. Th'e great beauty of this medicine is. it is always safe, and the mo*l delicate use it most-successfully, very few eases require any other niedi- cine, in some a little Castor Oil, or Mugliesia is lliettfl. Fa* #rcise Ift the open air, and light food with thi* medicine, will always secure usnfe and easy confinement. , . . B e i a v t y a n d H e a l t h # e Cosmetics, Chalk, and a variety of preparations generally in use, when applied to the - face, very soon spoil it'ofit* beauty. Tlie^ close the pores ofthe skin, and eheek the circu­ lation, Which, When nature it not thwarted by disease or powder, or th* skin inflamed by the alkalih* used iu soaps, beatuiifi.eS its own production in the. \ human face Divine,” \*'* as weft, as in the garden of rich aud delicately tinted varie- g»tee',flnw«rs. A free/ active ahd healthy circulation of th* tiuids. or the coursing of the pure, rich blood, to the extremj- ties, is-thatwjiich paints..the countenance in the most exqui­ site beauty'. It is that which imparts the indescribable shades and flashes of loveliness -that alt-admire, -but none caa de- scribe: This benuty is, the offspring o f nature—net o f powder er.seap. If there isnot a. (res aud healthy circulation, there is no beauty. If the lady is fiair ,at driven snow, if she paints, and use cosmetics, and the blood is thick, cold and impure, she isn o t beautiful. If sbe.be brown or yellow, and there . is pujre and active klood, it gir.w a rich bloom tp thf chpeks, ; and a brilliancy to their, ayes that is fascinating. Jflp* i* why the southern, and especially the J*p*nish ladies, t are so much' admiral]. Ladies in the north: who take hut little exercise, or nre confined in close rooms, or have spoiled . their-complexion hy tha application of deleterious mixture*, 'iftliey wi*h to regain elasticity of step, buoyant spirits, spark- ling- eye* and beautiful eomidsxion, they ihould use Dr. rTownsend’s Sarsaparilla. Thousands Wko have tried it. ara wore than nutisfioil, are delighted. Ladies of every statioe crowd our office daily* • ’ T h * K e r . JT a h e f l r g e r Of Jersey City, auold end highly mpcctalile elergyfflM ofthe Baptist denomination, handed in the following certifi­ cate ut Dr. Townsend's office. It ipenks for itself. , 'Dr% l'own$tnd —Dear S ir : 1 am constrained to give you • itktim etlt'ofthe benefit -1 derived from ising yourSarsap*- rills, believing, by so doing, 1 shall rehder a benefit to thos* -who are suffering us I have been. I was reduced for many month's by the Dyspepsia, so much that it Was with much dif ficulty for me to-walk or keep about. I had also- a tetter, , which covered tlio most part of my head—which wu ex* >remely- t troublesome mid liore ; it got to be almost a scab., I used quite a, number of remedies for both the complaints, but received little or no benefit, until i took your Sarsaparilla, which, through the kindness of Providence, has restored me * to more than my usual lionlth, ax I am now enjoying better then 1 have for a number of years. I am now 60 yenrs of age, J believe it to be an invaluable medicine, end recom. mend It to my numerous acquaintances, which ia very larre, UK l have been U minister a peat many years. I hop. thu * hasty*aketch may-be as much benefit to you as yourmedicina kas to me, , JOHN SEGER, Jersey City. July 11, 1847. . , „ . . , M e th e d ( s | ClergysmwM. Tho following wns tent to our Agent in Rahway, by the Rev, J,-0. TUNISON, of the- Methodist Episcopal Church one Of the mbst loarliml and reipected in the connection—ahd is another evidence of,the wonderftlt effects of Dr. Towa- aend’js Sarsaparilla on Hib ,system. * Tritnd Pednon —Having for some time past, as you are aware, experienced great general debility of my system, at. tended with constant aud alarming irritation of myihroat aud lullgs, I was; at your Instance, and in cdnsequence of having read Capt. McLean's decided testimony in its behalf, induced to try Dr. Townseud's. far-fumed. Sarsaparilla. I tried it. I confess, moro in the hope thaw ill. .tbe.confidence.ofits pro. viiig dflicacfouV;. but 1 am-DounU in candor'now to acknow­ ledge. thut I had not triod it. long before I began,to experience its salutary effects; and I may now tny, with Captain McLean, ‘ \that 1 would iiot bo without it on any consideration,” It kas dinte mb'more good than any, previous remedy, I have tried, arid if this statement is deemed by you of any inipor- tance, you have my full cousiitt to make itj<>lJ)l,I^ UNI80N Rahway, A«fusl3d, 1847, , , T it* p o m t H e iir. . ' Thd following certificate is very singular, and worthy of (lie attention of those afflicted with DeafneSs. Dr. Town* tend would not say that liis Sarsaparilla will cure any cis* of Deafness, but it certainVh** a great nuniber. - BcuiixN, N, J., March'90,1847. D*. TOWTfSKKD— . . • , Dear Bir—1 have used your Sarsaparilla with great sue cess in otaea of nervous debility and distress. I used three bottles and itmhch improved, my general health, *iid to my asfouisltment Ass entirely cured my loss of hearing, I did not take it for Deafuess, and was the-more surprised that 1 was restored to hearing. I Used altogether four bottles, and sun very happy that I did, as you con. well imagine. Yours, with the greatest respect, 4cc., . . . ' Mrs. HERRING, , , nextdoor to Dr. Horiiblower's SCROFUX j A c u r e d . -- This certificate conclusively: proves.that thi# Sarsaparilla, has perfect control over the most obstinate diseases-of’th* Blood. Three persons cured in one house is unprecedented. ' Three Children, Dr. Townsend —Dear Sir; I wave the pleasure to inform you that three of ray children have been cured of tbe Scrofu- , la by the use of your i-xcelbml medieilie. They Were At* ’ ftictcd vfcry severely with lmd Sores; have taken only four bottle*; it took tlmm «w«y. for which 1 feel myself under m s — OPINIONS OF PHYSICIANS, br Townsend is almost dally receiving orders from Phy* ilclnlWm dlfferent peri* ofthe Unlon. this i* to Certify ihfctwt. thc undersigned, Physicians of th# City Of Albany, h*Ve in numerous c u c i pie.cribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla «l»d helieva It to be one of the most ,valuable preparations in the market^ m d J. WILSON, M. D R. B. BRIGGS, M. D. Albany,'April 1,1847. . P. E. RLMENDORF, M. D. AGKNTS.—Redding & Co., No. 8 State atrcet, and Mrs. E* ' Kidder, No. 100 Court street, Boston •, Sumuel Kidder, Jr., •Lowells. Henry Pratt, Salem; Jame* B. Green, Worcr-.ter; f f i r f C o n r o r d J . Baldh & Son, I’rov dcnce; and nr *r,d Moreluinta generally throughout the UM -ak. , I,.*.. -..<1 ►«> - rann-Oi-j A. TRUAX, Agent, D R . H A L S E Y ’S F O R E S T W I N E ; OB. COMPOUND W I N E O P SA R S A P A R ILLA , A N S W DISCOVERY.—And tho most extraordinary med­ icine ofthe age, put up in large Bottles; a ainglo bottle does more good- and goes farther in tho cure of Discuses, than any ten bottle* of Sarsaparilla extract hitherto in use; warranted to euro without nauseating or weakning, is perfectly sure at uli times, and nosi>e«ac« a delightful bluer flavor, almost equal to Pure Port't\ luo. » R . HALSEYS GUM COATED FO R R S T P I L M . An Invaluable Compound Snrsaparulltt preiKiration. Maaufkctured on the same principle as tho Forest Wine, to which it is an inu»rtantaiijunct. They are coated with pure Gum Arabic, an impwtant invention for which Dr. Ilnlsey has received the only patent ever granted ou Pills by the Government of the United States. CONTINUES TO BE CO.VSUl.TEI) CONFIDENTIALLY *ig30£' NO 3, NORTON STREET, ALBANY. N.Y \ Heaven bestows but with a sparing hand Illustrious men to save a favored land.” T HE oldest, surest and best Imnd to cure all forms of aeeret diseases, diseases ofthe skin andsolitaryiiab.tsof youin, acknowledged to be the far-famed Dr. Albany, N. Y. Cooke, No, t ’ 3, Norton-st-, are subj justic sure cclob memhcr/lfc' tent of Dr. TAKE PARTFCULAE NOTICE. ' There is a h abit which boys teach bach other a t tlie Academy or College—a lial.it indulged in wiien by himself, in solitude, growing up witli the boy to manhood ; few of those who indulge in this pernicious practice are aware o f consequences until they find the nervous system shattered, feel strange and unaccountu- hle feelings, vague fours fn the mind. The individual becomes feeble and if unable to labor with accustomed vigor, or to apply his mind to study; his steps are tardy and weak, he Is dull, irre solute, the countenance is downcast, the eyes without natural lustre, shainelbcedneas is apparent. Tliose are symptoms which' -Should h waken tlie sitont Ion o f those similarly afflicted, IF TUB VICTIM Bft conscious o ftlm cause o f his decay, and quit U» hc suffers u n ­ der those terrible nocturnal and involuntary eiuigslons, which weaken and shame him , producing mental and physical promm- tion. If he emancipates himself before the practice has done Its' worst, and enters matrimony, his marriage unfruitful, and hi* sense tells him tlmt this Is caused by his early follies. Persons o f all ages can now judge w hat is the cause o f their declining health, loosing their vigor, becoming Weak, pale anil emaciated. YOUNG MEN! Let no false modesty d eter you from making your case known.to one who, from education and respectability, can alone liefriend you. He who places himself u n d er Dr. Cooke and his treatm ent, ■nay religiously confide in his honor ns a gentleman, and in whose bosoni will be forever locked the secret o f the patient. There are very few men in the world, in whom it is safe to re­ pose confidence, especially in cases of n delicate nature. The many prefenders to medical science with which the country is filled, a iiR the'm a n y disappointments to which the unfortunate Tny ^pMiuking such men, renders it a matter o f more *.bie.'puhlic against them, and point them to the' pose,” whicli is uhder the management o f the Kike, at No. 3 Norton-st. Allmhy', N. Y. Re- peopte, even if told the foots, would believe the ex- iddCc’s reputation and practice in a select hranch of physic and surgery. It is enough, however, to know ns well as to say—“ reality o f practice is one U iln« nnd romance o f profession another” —that there i* not a Medical practitioner In the Union who enjoys so large a field of,labor, and that the unfortunate can always rely on his opinion and services. A M erf ; m e n t io n t h a t d r , o o o k b is »,* a t h o m e ,” at once enables tlie unfortunato of either sex, desirous of Seeing him professionally, to* consult him also successfully at well as confidentially on the subjeet of Nervous and Generative Debility, Secret Diseases, Marriage und Its Disappointments, im potency and Semitmi W eakness; together with all that t*Aimoui..t* class of complaints for the cure of which lie Is eminently distinguished. Tliu plan o f treatment adopted a t the 11 fir-fained” Lock Hos­ pital a t Albany, N, Y. (for which Dr. Cooko last year received n royal medal nnd lias now secured a patent,) meets the universal approbation of all scientific professors in the healing art nnd pro. miaes to be generally prescribed under the auspices o f the Facul­ ty governing all similar institution* throughout thg world. Cor­ respondents with thD establishment, personally or ,hy letter, will as heretofore, receive that consistent attention and courtesy so proverbial at No. 3 NORTON-STREET, ALBANY, N. Y. Address, post-paid, with the usual accompaniments, Dr.,C ooke , Albany, N. Y. whose experience in the anatomy, physiology and dD lies <f the re-productive organs and the secret infirmities of youth and maturity is a guarantee at nlltim e s to the afflicted in the most advanced stages ofthe complaint. “ With a sense o f honor, fastidious to n nicety, nnd with a well balanced and enlightened mind, Dr. Choke, of Albany, N.Y. does more to assuage the mortality of syphilis and scrofula than all. the medical science of the world. His remedies are the only hope and stay ofth e unfortunate, and'doubtless they are fast becoming their only reliance as a perfect cure.” To the enervated sufferer, whether single or, married, Whose health and constitution may be impaired by any untoward cause, this card 7* particularly addressed. Packages of Medicine, Advice, &c. forwarded, hy sending d remittance, and put up secure from damage or curiosity. ft*TPost paid letters answered forthwith gratis. Medical attendance can be had day and night, by ringing ths bell a t the outside door o fthe Hospital, which is open at all hours. Dr, COOKE attends personally to liis patients. K r Close observation and fifty years experience enables ’mo-to effect the recovery of my patients with hut little comparative trou­ ble and corresponding difficulty. The controlling fioWer over illjeHM, which my advice in ill) such cases, posses*, i» based on the fact that I take an Intercut In, the welfare and sympathl* with the Immediate nr.cctolUe» outlffl unfortunate, Those who prefer callingcam e will experience no disappointment and may COllSUlt my opinion w ithout reserve. 1 o GEORGE COOKE, M. D., LL. D. A lbany , N. Y, January 1, 1840. Office hours from 6 a . m . until 10 p, M, ^ 4 REMEMBER v'No. 3 NORTON-STREET, ALBANY, N. Y________ THE STOMACH AND BOWELS. _ THE BLOOD IS THE L I F E ! ! The life principle of man is ihe blood, nosooner aro those organs ofthe stomach which make and nourish the htood, cleansed of mor­ bid matter, and restored to healthy action hy tho uso of the Forest Pills’, nnd pttre rich blood made to flow in tlie veins* by the use of the Forest Wine, than disease begins to vanish, nnd strength nnd energy of body return. This is the principle on whicli ia founded these great medicines, and by which Scrofula, Dropsy, Billions Diseases, Dispepsin, Indigestion Weak­ ness, Want of Nervous Energy, Jaundice, Coughs, Colds, Gen­ eral Debility, Emancintion nf'tho Body, Rheumutism, Ague and Fever, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Ulcer3, and many other diseases are radically cured. C H O L E R A , Which at this moment is spreading death und Terror over the earth, is still regarded as a great mystery, ASIATIC C H O L E R A IS BU T A D ISE A S E I in its advanced stages, iucontrolable nnd incurable, it is in the a t­ mosphere- T h e air e v eryw h e re c o n tains Cholera infection. All w h o breatii partake o f the poison, all are exposed to the same malig­ n a n t infection, a n d ALL HAVE THE CHOLERA That ail experience. Cholera, sooncror later, may appear strange, hut it is nevertheless true. How few are there who have not al­ ready experienced thut unnatural heaviness, looseness, or hearing down ofthe bowels, a sense of sickness at the stomach, nnd other strange symptoms? -This is cholera: but why, it may be asked, if all inhale the Mine poison, do somo dlo so suddenly of tho disease, while other experience hut its slightest symptoms i Our answer is ready 1 With cholera n with other tIUeum, In proportion us tho system is disordered and charged with morbid mutter, doe* tha in­ fection taka hold of us. whether it bo Asiatic Cholera, Influeqxn, nr other epidemical disorders. If pure blood circulates in our veins, nnd the body Ira dree (Torn morbid matter, thu attack of cholera will Im but light, or scarcely preceptahte. On the other hand, if the blood and system he charged with morbid matter, the cholera seines its victim and death follows. iDr. Hahey does not pretend that his Forest Wine and phis will cure cholera in iu advanced stages; no medicine will do it, no medicine will act, it ia then loo late. Our advice is, in such cases, send fora physician. If the constitution he strong he may keep life ini the body until the disorder turns and the patient recovers; hut nearly all in advanced stages of the disorder die. . WHAT IS TO BE DONE THEN ? When the first symptoms nre felt, and before tlie disease takes a serious turn, the first thing to be done ;s to remove the morbid mat­ ter from the system, remove “ the fuel to whicl) the infection ig­ nites,” then purify the blood, strengthen and fortify the system.— This,reader, is precisely the principle on which Dr. Halsey’s For­ est Pills ami Wine act. Five or sixofthese.mildaml excellent pills taken at the commencement of the disorder, carries off ail in­ fectious matter, and the symptoms of Cholera disappear, while the great purifying and strengthening effects of the Forest wine fortify the system against further attacks of Cholera or any other disease. THIRTY LIVES SAVED! No example nn record furnishes a greater proof oftlie efficacy of' any medicine in Cholera than the Inflowing from Capt. Jollll Wil aon, commander of tlm Steamboat Swiftsure, whilo on her passage up the Mississippi river; Capt. Wilson Is well .known hy many ill tlm Western Country as a highly respectable nml ImmiltlC mttflf /*etci«et7(e, July 1st, 1849. Dlt. G W. 11 ALsfeV,— Dear Sir,—The ravage* ofthe Cholera in every pnrt of our coun­ try impels me as a duty t owe to humanity, to nittko known what vmir Forest4‘llls and Wine lmvo done in tins dreadful disorder on board of my vessel. On tlie 10th of June while on iny Way (VOIII New-Orleans to Lewisville, ns master of thc Steamer Swiftsure, the Cholera broke out oil hoard witli great severity. On the first appearance ofit, three persons were, attacked ; being no physician present, t gave them such medicines from iny medicine chest as I thought best. 'Two out ofthe three however died. On the follow­ ing day seven more were taken/and grejit alarm prevailed among the passengers. I was then Informed that a.quantity of your medi­ cines Were pu hoard the Steamer, belonging to one of tlie passen­ gers, Mr. J. M. frime, of, New-Orleans. With a determination to do all in my power to save the lives of my fellow beings, I lost no time in procuring of Mr. l’rime two doxen boxes oftlie Pill*, and ag many bottles of the Forest Wine. To each of those who had the disorder, 1 gave five of the Pills, and ng soon as they began lo ope­ rate well, two table spoonsful of the Wine, repeating Ihe dose of Wine five or six times during twenty-four hours. This, to the surprise and joy of all on hoard, prnveil effectual, and they all re­ covered. More new cases continued to occur daily, until the whole number readied In thirty-three. I followed up the same course, giving the Pills and Wine always in the first stages of the disease, apd jp every case they proved completely successful, out of the thirty-three case* which occurred during the passage, huttwo were lost, and thOge two died before your medicines where known tofhe on hoard the.boat. Thirty cases were treated with yonr Pills and Forest Wine', and wns the only medicine given them, all of whom recovered, and enjoyed good health during the remainder of the passage. From my own experience, I am satisfied thnt not one person out ofa thousand would die witli the Choleja, iftliey would but take your Pills and Forest Wine ill its first stages. Y o u rs, ice., JOHN WILSON, Commander of tlie Steamer Swiftsure. The Foreit Wine in Mrie Hquure Imttlei $1 [wr houio, or six bot­ tle* for 85. Guin-r.oated Forest PilUSS cents pm'liox. Forsale hy the appointed agent in Schenectady, A, TRUAX nnd jo i i n x a VIKII, State-street. In 'Troy hy Hemstreet Jt Andrew*. In Alba* njf, hy Geo. JMxter. \lyis CAUTION E X T R A . A man by the name of CLAPP h as engaged with a young man o f the name of S. P. Townsend, and uses his name to put Up a Sarsaparilla, which they call Dr. Townsend’s Sar­ saparilla, denominating it G E N U INE) Original, otc. This Townsend is no doctor, and never w a s; but was formerly a worker on rail-roads, canals and tho like. Yet he assumes tho title of Dr. for tho purpose o f gaining credit for what he is not. This is to caution the public not to he deceived, nml purchase none h u t the G E N U INE O R IG IN A L OLD Dr. Jacob Townsend’s Sarsaparilla, having on it the Old Dr’s, likeness, his family coat of arms, and his signature across the coat of arms. J Principal Office, 102 Nassau-street, New-York City. OLD DR. JACOB TOWNSEND THE ORIGINAL DISCOVERERJDF THE GEN U INE TOW NSEND SARSA P A R ILLA . Old Dr. Townsend is now about 70 years ot age, long been known as tho AUTHOR and DIhCOVH*RER Ol the GENUINE ORIGINAL “ TOWNSEND SAUSAPA- RILL A.” Being poor, ho was compelled to h a u l its ma* nufacture,by whicli means it hns been k ept out ot m arket, nnd the sales Circumscribed to those only who had proved its w o rth,and known its value, lt Uttd reached thO CftfS Ot G R E A T E N G L I S H R E M E D Y ! F o r c o u g h s , c o l d s , a s t h m a *, c o n s u m p ­ t i o n !—Till) GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY '«hT Colds, Coughs, Asthma and CONSUMPTION, Is the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF LIFE, discovered hy the celebrated Dr. Uudhnn of London, England, and introduced in the United State* under the immediate superintendence ofthe inventor. , The extraordinary *ucce«* of this medicine, in the cure of Pul­ monary disease*, warrants the American Agent in soliciting for treatment the WORST POSSIBLE CASES that can be found in the community—cases that seek relief in vain from any ofthe com­ mon remedies ofthe day,and haye been given up by the most dis­ tinguished Physicians, as CONFIRMED AND)INCURABLE.— The-Hungarian Balsam has cured and will cure, the MOST DES­ PERATE CASES. It is no quack nostrum, but a standard Eng­ lish medicine, of known ai-<l established efficacy. Every family in the United States should be supplied with Buch­ an’s Hungarian Balsam o f Lite, not only to counteract the con­ sumptive tendencies of Hie climate, but to be used as a preventive medicine in all cases of Colds, Coughs, Spitting uf Blood, Pain iin the Side and Chest, Irritation and Soreness of IheLungs, Bronchi­ tis, Difficulty of Breathing, Hectic Fever, Night Sweats, Emacia­ tion and Genera) Debility, Asthma', Influenza, Hooping Cough and Croup. ftj-3old at 81 per bottle, with full direction* for the restoration of Health. * . Pamphlets, containing a mass pf English and Affl«r|cnn cerf:fi- cates, nnd other evidence, showing the unequnfl'ed meiits of this Grent English Remedy, may be obtained, ofthe Agent*,gratuitously. S. 'f o u .r r , #ole Agent forthe United States. gpld by A. TRUAX and D.C. CONSTABLE, Scheneclady ; nnd hy Agent* throughout tlie country. ___________________ fol) 13 N E W C L O C K , W A T C H , J E W E L R Y a n d SILVER WARpj STORE JAMES SANDERS would respectfully inform the citizQlis of SchoiiecUuly and the public generally, that he has opened a store in the above business, nt No. 87 Statc-Strect,' where he has illSt opened a splendid and extensive stock, o f superior quulity, ofthe very latest styles, und ut lower prices thuilhave ever been offered in this city before. Those who wish a superi­ or article, a t a low price, will please call ami examine his goods and snve money by purchasing of h im . J. S. would sav, that he has carried on the above business in all its various branches for twenty-five years, and from his long.experictice as a dealer in goods, and as a workman, he flatters himself Capable of giving general satisfaction; to his-jMttrons. Ail work dono by him will bo warranted. Gash or goods given in exchange for old gold and silver, may 1 5 ________ _________________________________ PAIN REMOVED AND SORES CURED. m o v s E Y ’S M A S T E R 0 9 P A IN , lsAtbu moat perfect JL 8nlve over used. It is tho most popular remedy iu the world. It satisfies all who use it. Every body should lmve It on tmml. it lins mved many vniunblc lives. Ships, Hospitals and all Charita­ ble Institution* keep it.,'Physician* rceommund and use it. > AH Traveller* should keep it by them, u«nccinlly those travelling by ' iur*t nnd best Ointment over mnde. I H E P E O P L E MAY R E L Y UPON IT . GOLD AND SILVER W A TCHES, JEW E L Y ,& c . The subscriber has purchased the stock in trade o f M r. D. S . Hulett, und hc will continue the business a t No. 105 State- street. He has made many additions, and will continue to make such additions, Irom time to time,' as the market will warrunt, and intends to sell as low as cau be purchas­ ed elsewhere. Among his present assortment inay be found GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, all prices, with chhins and keys to match. Also, a general assortment of CLOCKS. Also, a large and beautiful assortment of rich JEW E L R Y, o f the latest patterns: a splendid article of Pink Cameo Pins, a great variety of stone set P ins; Bracelets of new putterns; Gold Pencil cases o f all s izes; gold and silver Thimbles ; gold and silver Spectacles; silver and steel Bag and Purse Clasps; Steel Beads, all h o s ; Berlin Wire Pins and Brace le t s ; Silver Spoons; Butter Knives, & c .; German Silver do.; Plated and Britannia d o ; silver plated Cake Baskets, Castors, Candlesticks, Snuffers and Trays ; Rogers’ fine Cutlery, together with u great variety of other articles.— Persons wishing any of the above articles need not now be under the necessity of going, out o fthe city to purchase, as he is determined to sell as low as can be bought a t retail in Albany or New-York. His personal attention will be devoted to the repairing of watches, clocks and jewelry, and to engraving j and from his experience in these branches, he trusts he will be able to give entire satisfaction. CHARLES I. BUELL. Schenectady, Ternary 6,1849. _____________ TO t h e L a d i e s a n d G e n - tlemen of Schenectady, and all lov­ ers o f good articles o f real value, we wouid suggest the propriety of call- ing on Messrs. ROOD & TQBEY, No. 44 State-street, Albany—thc onlv realopposilion in the W ATCH, JEW E L R Y and SILVER W ARE line, ini this section o f the country. Their great facilities in manufacturing and importing on the strict cash principle, expressly for whoiosole purpose*, gives them groat advan­ tages ovor tho old school dealers who buy on timo nt ad­ vanced prices, and then depond on large profits on few sales. HOOD & TOBEY are now selling their best wares at the IWUftl Wholesale prices, b y the single article, to all that want, positively from 16 to 50 per cent, below the usual re­ tail rates and every article warranted as good as represent- cd, or the money returned. Any line W atch, a t any price or o fany style, or any pure Silver W are, made to order or turnished ready made, a t 5 per cent, on prime cost; the same as to rich Jewelry, &c. W atch work done as well as in Europe, aud the best glasses set a t h alf price. II7“Please take the No.—44 State-street, Albany. feb!3 ______________________ HOOD & TOBEY. Tl/TEN’S C a l f a n d S e a l B o o t s a n d S h o e s , f o r J-vJi. summer w e a r,justreceived a t Sold at 25 CENTS PER BOX, or Five Boxes for $1,00 hy Drug­ gists arm other Store-keepcrs throughout the world. To protect the. purchaser from being deceived witli counterfeits or imitations of my Ointment, or Master, of Pain, I shall write my name, (S. Tocszv,) hi Black Ink, on the outer label of each box. Tiie label of each genuine box will be printed in Blu&Ink. Unless the label be printed in Blue Ink, and my signature be thereon in Black Ink, the public may be assured that the article is not my genuine Oint­ ment. Look well to these marks or you will be deceived. All orders, &c., relating to this article, should be addressed to me, (post-paid,) at 106 N assau - street , (near Ann,) N ew -Y ork . • S. TOUSEY, Proprietor of T ousey ’ s M aster of P ain . TERRIBLE BURN CURED. Mr. T. Hughes, employed at the Salamander Iroq Works in New-York, lmd his arms dreudfu.lb) iurntd by the bursting-of a furnace, causing the skin end flesh to peel off the arm in large flukes, leaving a shocking and painful sight. Tou*ev’» Ma»ter or Pais was used, and tlie pain instantly stopped, and the arm Wfis speedily cured wilhout.a scar. Messrs. Armory, the proprietor* ofthe Fonndery, certify to these facts. Every person should keep this Ointment by them. A N O T H E R B U R N C U R E D . Mr. $. Tousey—I' have been much pleased with the heating quniitlcs of your M aster of P ain .' I send you one of a number nf coses in my own family. My little girl, eight years of age, while at play In my sitting-room, nccirionially foil, resting hor Whole weight upon the hot stove, farcins herself back with the liiinil still Oil tiio Move, 1111(1 burning tlio skin of her Imnd ton crisp. One application of your Ointment immediately removed nil pain —not a blister wns rnlsotl—nntl tho next day, although the skin was stiff, all soreness had been removed. II. It ARN9. AgoniS—A. TRUAX, D. H. SNELL, and D. C. CONSTABLE, Schenectady; N. I. Peek. Princetown ; Ju’s Miller, Florida, Mont. co.; I. Bratnan, Bramun’s Corners, and Agents throughout the state. _____________________ Jehl3 n A L L E Y ’S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, L / a never failing remedy in the worst Burns and Scalds, Piles, Erysipelas, Sore ana Inflamed Eyes, Fever Sores. Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, Euruptions, Sore Nipples, Bro­ ken Breast, Cuts, Wounds, Bruises, Chilblains, Chapped Hands and Lips, and ul) external Inflammations. But Remember! It must be the Genuine Dailey’s Extractor. CAUTION to the Public.—No article of acknowledged merit is more extensively counterfeited than Dailey’s Gen­ uine Pain E x tractor! The difference between the genuine and the counterfeit Extractors is easily defined, viz ; Dailey’s original aqd only genuine Extractor, in the severest burns und scalds, affords instantaneous relief! It cools when applied, and draws out the fire and pain in a few minutes. And in cuis and wounds, sore and inflamed eyes, and all cases of exter­ nal inflammation, its soothing effects are ever the same.— The counterfeit Extractors, on the contra' y, irritate when applied, and increase the pain ! Being cognizant of the danger attending the use o f the counterfeit Extractors, I distinctly declare, that I will not hold myself responsible for the effects of any Extractor, unless the same be procured at my own depot, 415 Broad­ way, corner Lispenard street, New-York, or from myau- thorised.ageuts. AWFUL CASE OF SCALD! Life saved by Dailey’s Genuine Extractor. Wheatfield, Niagara co. N, Y., Feb. 18, 1848. Mr. Dulley— Dear Sir; While my son, fifteen years old, was a t work, in the shingle manufactory of L. P. Rose, he had the misfortune to slip and fall into a large vat, used i'or the purpose of boiling blocks, preparatory to cutting. The blocks had just been removed from the vat, containing a large quuntily of boiling water. He fell forward, scalding both hands and units, nil one side, and one leg badly and the other partially. The scalds were so bad on his arms and leg, that most of the flesh came off with his garments, and his life was despaired of by his physician and friends. Dailey’s Pain Extractor wits procured as soon as possi­ ble (which was in about six hours) and applied, and which relieved him from all pain, prevented inflammation and swelling, and in a few days commenced healing his sores. There appeared a general improvement, so much so that in three weeks be was removed to his father’s house, distant about one mile and a half. We continued the use of the above medicine about two months, and we believe it was the means, under Providence, of saving his life, and would cheerfully recommend it in all similar cases as a sale and invaluable remedy. W ith sentiments of respect, I remain, dear sir, your most obedient and humble servant. ADLAE CLARK, SUSANNAH CLARK, bein; tho caso o f Mr. Clark’s son substantially correct We the undersigned \ r . Cla , C. E. CLARK, personally acquainted with believe tho a b ove stutem cnt M. Dewey, Louisa Dewey, J, S. Kelsey,Henry B. Pearce, Wm. Evans, E. Clark, L . P. Rose, Ira Newman, Wm. Newman, Mary J . Rose, For directions, nnd testimonials of cures performed, see printed pamphlets. H. DALLEY, Inventor and sole Proprietor, 415 Broadway, N. York. A - T R U A X , Agent, Sohenectady. muy 16. P E R R Y D A V IS ’ P A I N K I L L E R — T h e g e n - uine a rticle. For1 sale by jy3 A. TRUAX. p H I L D R E N ’S B o o t e e s ,B u s k in s a n d G a i t e r s , of all colors, lor sale a t VEDDER’s 81 State-st. £ j U ) L D ’S P a t e n t C h e m ic a l O il L a m p s , for C tiiU F e v e r . D u m b A ^ u e I n t e r in it t e n t & R e m itten t F e v e r s & a l l t lie v a r i o u s lorros. o f '- z B i l i o u s D i s e a s e s SPE E D ILY \ & T II0K 0 U G H L Y O tfs * \ ^ s 8 o o d ’s I n d i a / P r*.v.. o p o sjj.jl. e d AMtENDfiHENa^ ’Cw o '- 't h * ; ‘ T “ ....................................... - v a is.Ma.saAMMasjsa.waasitif- \J TUTION.—Concurrent.Resolution\ pidposiag ah'fcWeSs nl to the Constitution;— . Resolved, (if the Assembly concur,) Tbbfthe foRwWifi'f ”5 ' ment be' proposed to the Constitution of tftW'gftate ; D m U tfc£«ta.- *• be referred to lira Legislature to be chn»en^t.tbe aexthnnuiVtfflk T tion of Senators and Members of A*Wetnbt^:mMt be -wratmrad^^ three months previous to the timo of «ri*kiMfnfek dihiet. InlotffMh formity witli the. first section of the thirteenth1 article of H m ; StlUWipn ; section six of article four of the' <Jo**M«tfc»nk*w9p amended so ns to rCad hs follows; ■ ' \ lit caw of the impeachment of the GoverffikC w*' hit s from office, death, inability to discharge Hra pdWStt amidtti* said office, resicnatlon or absence from'the the wjv duties ofthe ofiico slmll devolve'upon tho Ukffit&ffittt-GOvr __ tlm residue pf tlie term , or un tit .the disability mUS mtms. os. U*. there shall bo a vacancy in the office of LieuieahaVGovf-^’ * - - ' 1 If the Lieutenant-Governor be under impeatmkMflHtpi' ti from tlfe State or incapable of performing tlffldijtligpf’ii then the powers apd jiutlespf the office of Gpvpiisflr'tlMAi Knowing, many years ago. that ho hud, by his skill, SCl once anil oxperienco, devised an article which would be oi incalculable advantage to mankiud when the meUflS wOUll be furnished to bring it into universal notice, when its ines­ timable virtues would be known and appreciated. The time has come, the means are supplied; thts GRAND and UNE­ QUALLED PREPARATION is manufactured on the larg­ est sc«le,and is called lor throughout the length and breadth of the land, especially us it is tound incapable of degenera­ tion or deterioration'. Unlike young S. P. Townsend’s, it improves with age, and never changes, but for the better; because it is prepared On Scientific principles by a scientific man. The highest knowl edge of Chemistry, and the latest discoveries of the art have all been brought into requisition in the manufacture of the Old Dr’s Sarsaparilla. The Sarsaparilla loot, it is well known to medical men, contains many medicinal pro­ perties, and some properties whieh are inert or useless, ah( others, which if retained in preparing it for use, produce fermentation and acid, which is injurious to the system. Somo of the properties of Sarapnrilla are so volatile, that they entirely evaporate aad are lost in the preparation, it they are not preserved by a scientific process, known only to those experienced in its manufacture. Moreover, thoso volatile principles, which ily off in vapor, or as an oxhaln tion, under heat, are tho very essential medical properties of the root, whieh give lo it all its value. Any person can boil or stow the root till they get u dark colored liquid, which is more from the coloring matter 111 the root thau from any thing else; they cau then strain this insipid o'r vapid liquid, swecnten with sour molasses and then cull it “ SARSAPARILLA EXTRACT or SY RUP.” But such is not the article known as the GENUINE OLD DR. JACOB TOWNSEND’S SARSA PARILLA This is so propared, that all the inert properties o f the Sarsaparilla root are first removed, every thing capable of becoming aeid or of fermentation, is extracted and rejected ■ then every particle o f medical virtue is secured in a pur and concentrated form ; and thus it is rendered incapable o losing any of its valuable and healing properties. Preparec in this way, it is made the most powerful agent in the CUKE OF INNUMERABLE DISEASES. .Hence the reason why we h e a r commendation on every side in its favor by men, women and children. We find it doing wonders in the cur<- of C O N S U M P T IO N ; DYS- P E P S IA , and L IV E R C O M P L A IN T , and in RH E U ­ M A T IS M , SCRO F U L A , P I L E S , C O S T I V E N E S S , all C U T A N E O U S E R U P T I O N S , P I M P L E S , B L O T C H - E S , and ail affections arising from IM P U R ITY OF THE BLOOD. It possesses a marvellous effieiacy in all complaints aris­ ing from Indigestion, from Acidity of the Stomach, from une­ qual circulation, determination of blood to the head, palpi­ tation of the heart, cold feel and hands, cold chills and hot flashes over the body. It has not its equal in Colds and Coughs ; and promotes easy expectoration and gentle perspi ­ ration, relaxing stricture of tho lungs, throat, and every other part. * Butin nothing Is its excellence moro manifestly seen and acknowledged tlmn in all kinds and stage* o t FEMALE COMPLAINTS. Il works wondors in cases of F luor Albus or Whites, Fall­ ings o f the JVotnb, Obstructed,StH>presscd,oit P a infuh Menus, Irregularity of tno menstrual poriods, and tho like j and is us Glibctunl in curing ull tbe forms oi Kidney Diseases. By removing obstructions! and regulating the general system, it gives tone nnd strength to the wholo body, and thus cures nil forms of NERVOUS DISEASES AND DEBILITY, and thus prevents or relieves a great variety of other mala- dies, ns Spinal Irritation, Neuralgia, St. Vitus’ Dancyt Swooning, Epileptic Fits, Convulsions, k c . It cleanses the blopd, excites the liver to healthy action, tones the stomach, and gives good digestion, relieves the J bowels of torpor and constipation, allays inflammation, • purifies the skin, equalises the circulation of the blood, producing gentle warmth equally all over the body, and j the insensible perspiration ; relaxes all strictures and tight- 1 ness, removes all obstructions, and iuvigorates the entire nervous system. Is not this then j T H E MEDICINE YOU PRE-EM IN E N T L Y N E E D T I But can any of these things be said of .S.P. TownsPUd’s inferior article ? iThis young man’s liquid is not to be COMPARED W ITH THE OLD DR’S. I because of one Grand Fact, that the one is INCAPABLE of DETERIORATION, and NEVER SPOILS, while the other DOES; souring, fermenting, and blowing DR. OSGOOD’S INDIA CHOLAGOGUE-, T H E W E L L UPTOW N R E M E D Y F O R F E V E R A N D A G U E . THAT old favorite with tho public, requires- no Clap Trap to give i t currency with the people. I t is left to tell its own story—to rest on its own intrinsic merits. Ask the candid man who h as given it a fair trial, and he will tell you what it will accomplish. It is entirely a vegetable preparation, and may be taken by any one, with perfect safely to the most delicate con­ stitution. In repeated instances i t has been administered to infants less than a month old, suffering from a ttacks of Fever and Ague, and always with entire Success. In num­ berless instances constitutions greatly impaired, and appar­ ently ruined by a long residence in a bilious climate, have been entirely restored by its continual and efficient use. READ TH E FOLLOWING TESTIM ONIALS!! FromN. IF. B. Horsey, o f Seaford, Delaware. S e a f o r d , Del. January 5 th, 1849. Dr. Osgood, Dear Sir :—Your •'* India Cholagogue” has proved to be one of the best remedies for the diseases for which it is recommended, that was ever offered to the pub­ lic in this village. It has not failed iu a single instance when taken according lo the directions. Families who have been attended by Physicians for months, and have at lliSt given themselves tip a? lost) have been persuaded, to try tho“ Cholagogue,” and to what effect? Why it has made a sound and perfect cure, of them, and we would sin- cerely recommend it to a ll who have the disease for wlvieb 11 Is recommended, Respectfully yours, N . & W . B- H O R S E Y . E x tr a c t o f a c o m m u n ication from J a m e s C o w g ill, E sq . of Dover, Delaware; D over , Del. January 3d, 1849. D r . C harles O sgood , Dear Sir: Your Cholagogue is destined to be the great Medicine for this section. I have sold altogether 35 Bottles, (bought 12 in New-York) and it has not failed in a single instance in stopping the chills. In soirie cases one bottle would cure three children. I invariably warrant it, “ that if it did not cure I would refund the m o n e y b u t I have-not yet seen the first empty bottle. I-expect to sell a great deal more of it next summer and tall, > Yours, &c., JAMES COWGILL. CAUTION. Beware ofthe many spurious articles which have o f late, made their appearance under, the assumed name Of Chbla- gogue. One man bottles up a mixture which he calls In ­ dia a Cholagogue —another, Botanic Cholagogue— Another, American CholdgbgUe —'another, Crertndii C}iol(ig6guc-~nti‘ othor, makes Oholiigogue Pills, and so on. Bo sore to got DR. dSGOOD’S INDIA CHOLAGOGUE, and take nd other. For salo by Dr. A,TRUAX, and D. I I . SNELL, Agents tor Schenectady. jyi5tn4 a s ® - 1 upon the President oT life Senate; o'rlf Senate’rit the time theh upoh the Speak __ residue of the term qf the said Governor, Or,« __ slum cense. But when thp Governor,shah, with tW *Wi Lepislatuve, he out of thb State in time'M' w*V, i t &W __ military force, he shaUlirantinue commknden4n-thiH«f!ffiFt&4lMlD*, itary force in the State. . . . ‘ S t a t e o f Nfcw-YeW , f - ' ' , /* Senate, Agfa U, 1848U. ijS 7, ,. The nre going proposedamendments the G<munNOcm>w’tfce’ - State was agreed to by a majority of the members elocterm the” Senate. , By order, , \ ‘ A. H. CALHOUN, Gfefk •fthelfcnufllk'.:.;, StAM or N*w-'Yo»x,.I- _ JnAssirtblf,April' ll,J8 4 k * \ 3 he foregoing proposed affismdffient to the .Co|ist)th«6n of - State was agreed to'by a majority of kite member* elected to fbb' Assembly - . -By order. * *» f PHILANDER B. PRINDLE, Gierkffif the Assembly. aug7 ’T A T E correct transcript therefrom and CHRISTOPHER MORGAN,! 't j Se£re)ary _ S T A T E OF NEW-YORI<-SECKt6TAR.T#S OFFICER- . Albany, July 14,1849.. , , , • , Toi thei Sheriff p f the County of S chenectady:— . - , u SIR-NqBce is-hereby giveft that a t the General E trim & W b r- held in this State .on the Tuesday succeeding the first MoridkpeP- November next, the following Officers are to he elected.to wit).\ r-' A Judge of tlie Court of Appeals, in the place of Freeborn G. Jew- A Secretary qf State, in the place qf Christopher ftRttnn asfilugton Hunt; ; h A Comptroller, in tlie piaso « f W ashington Hunt A Stniti 'iYensurei-jtn theplncft o f Alvah lim it : ' , ' r Ge” eraV J,\ th*-placeof Ambrose U JerdaW f > • A StateRnglnoeif a n d Snrvevor, in llie nlaca o f Cft»le» B .luU k rfI' A Canal Commissioner, in tlie place of Nelson J . Beach ? aim An Inspector o f S tato Prisons, in the place o f L m c N. Corns toek' * all whofee term s o f service'w ili expire on tint lastday «# TVeem- h e r n e x t, , , ‘ Also, a Justice o f t h e Supreme Cohrt for the FottHh Jodielat IM*--. trict, i n thc place Of Daniel Cady, who** term- o f service W illvxaire- on the last day o f December n ext. . . . „ ■ Also, a Senator for the Eleventh J s e iiate D istrict, in t i e place o f * V a lentin* Treadw e ll, whose terin d |8 r?vice w ill expire dfc the l i s t ; day o f December next, f ( , 4. Cou.nt v O f f i c e r s to bx a l s o - E l e c t e d fo e said C o & E ir : '* One Member p f Assembly ; ‘T w o “ Justlcea forSciwionB'* ; 1 A S h e riff In place ofJohn G. V a n V o a s t ; A County Clerk, in .place o f S ilas H. M a rsh; an d . »4 - A j30peri'ntei)deht o f the P o o r, in the plaice o f WiTlwh: ‘Sf all -whose term rof-service wul- exp$re:offfthe last-ttaytet­ her next. HV J Also, Three Coroner?, in the places of John T. V a n Vo_ _ Joshua Barker';' wfi'os8 t'erriis of service’wilt expire 6h tbelMtVfcy of-Decembernext; aqd ofGeorgeConklip,;dece«*etk . t • •*! -y [The electors throughout the Slate a^e afiKj tq v.ote /or or theAdoption ofthe act hniitied “ An act EstabTishiDfFfeel lL.A..nU..., •!.„ Dk.4. * _ ait ____ 4. throughout the Btate,” -passed M'arbh # 6 ,'lM 6 .T; r,i _■ -:.i -------------------- 3PHER ’MORGAN, Secretary oTifafa A T W O O D ’S E M P I R E C O O K IN G S T Q Y E X A tor wood u n dcoal—for economy and u tility superio economy to any stove that has y et been offered to the public. u tility superior ie public. JFor sale by ABM. A . VAN VORST. 57-State-st. H E > 1 I C A L O L I V E O A P , f o r F a m i l y u s e : ' V r ! It washes free and easy iii hariT or soft water-; re­ moves ail kinds ot Oils, Paints, Tar or Varnish, atid re­ moves fulling from Flannel and Woolen Goods bf every enscription, and is superior to any .other Soap for lather,' &c., and is fifty per cent cheaper; also the h e starlicle ever sded for tke sk’iu. Just rceeived and for saJo a) au g l. -WALKER'S, 106 State-streat -100 POUNDS JUST' RE- jel2 P. II- SffELL. G u m c a m p h o r . - ceived and for sale hy _ T ^ R U S S E S . — A l l t h e v a r i e t i e s a n d sik e s ; JL- Forsaloby , )y3 r A. TRUAX. jol SALE BV D. H. SNELJ, t V T ^ P F A T ’S L i f e F il l s a n d P ih e n ix B i t - i f X ters. F o r s a l o b y ”I, r\ T,,TT ap24 ■D. I SN ELL. 1 7 'V E R Y T I I I N G i n t h e B o o t a n d S h o e l i n e JLLd fot salq-at—v m il- - \'•\•‘VMDDER’svSl Stale-str. R o l l e d b r i m s t o n e ^ B f f i W i l ' - ceivhd aud for sale by 1 jy3 - At TRUAX' T D R; DEW KELLINGER’S LIN I* MENT.—800,000 bottles have been^sold, without? a murmur. For sale by np24 D. H. SNELL.*' i J P H A M ’S E L E C T U A R Y — A s u r e r f m S ? fo r the P iles. F o r sale by jy3, -A- TRU A X - - 1 0 jy2 . jy3 BBLS. S P E R M L A R D & O L I V E O I L S ^ Just received and Tor sale by - - a A TRUAX B O X E S W IN D O W - G L A S S .- ^ A l s q , Sashes ;of a ll sizes. For s a l e b y . ' ' A TRUAX. the bottles containing itinlo fragments; the sour, acid Liquid exploding, and damaging other goods ! *u:- u'\* D R.OSGOOD’3 INDIA CHOLOGOGUE —} su r e re m e d y fpr th e Fever and Ague. .For g a le b y -jy3 i ■ . >>i i . ■ i . ■ D. H . SNELL. w S m S l X l ( ^ A y ’S ’ ' C 4 ^ C , H t t 4 p t ? E , ,.A 'C ii.i« 'O R » ii5 rib’lfl compound be poisonous to the system?— W h a tl put -plant ot rare^medicinal virtues, acid in a system already c ‘‘ Dyspepsia but acid ? Do sours in our stomachs, lencej heartburn, palpitation diarrh c e a , d y s e n t e r y , c o li c , a n d c o r r u p t i o n of th e blood 1 p u t acid in a system already deseased wilh acid ! W hat causes Up24 ..................... ^ w e not all know that when food T k U F F A L O TUCK, DRESSING AND F lN E CoAfBS* ation of* line h eart ^iver comrlaint ^ Also, Dressing ContbS. For sale by ation ot tne neart, ttver com . amt, ,e& VI). H . SNELL. - W hat is Scrofula but an acid humor in the body < W hat produces all the humors which bring on Eruptions of the Skin, Scald Head, S a l t ’Rheum, Erysipelas, w h ite Swell­ ings, FeverSores, and all ulcerations internal atid external ? It is nothing under heaven, but an acid substance, which sours, and thus spoils all the fluids of the body, more or less. W hat causes Rheumatism but a sour or acid fluid, which insinuates itself between the joints and elsewhere; ! uuli a! _ .1 ! fl ;. . *1 _ itt\nn itrt-iink -it s a l e b y ABM. A. VAN VORST,57 Statc-st deranged circulations, and nearly afflict human nature.. Now is it not horrible to make und sell, and infinitely worse lo use this SOURING, FERM E N T ING, ACID “ COMPOUND” OF . S. P. TOWNSEND, and yet ho would fttin have it understood that Old Dr. Jacob Townsend’s Genuine Original Sarsaparilla, is ail IM ITA ­ TION of his inferior preparation ! ! . Heaven forbid that We should deal in an article which would bear the most distant resemblance to S. P. Town- \send’s article! and which should bringdown upon the Old Dr. such a mountain load of complaints and crnninuitons trom Agents who have sold, and purchasers who have used S .P . Townsend’s FERM E N T ING COMPOUND. We wish it undwslooil, because it is tlie absolute truth, that S. P. Townsend’s article and Old Dr. Jacob Townsend s ftaisaparilla are heaveu-toide apart, and injiniteltf dissivular; that they OIC unlmO in every particular, having not one single tiling in common. As S. 1’. Tow n send is no doctor, and never w a s, is no chem ist, no pharmaceutist—know s no moro of medicine or disease than any other common, unscientific, unprofessional m an, wlmt guarantee can the public have tiiat they are receiving a genuine scicntm e medicine, containing all tlie virtues of the articles used in prepar­ ing it, nnd which aro incapable of changes which might render them tho AGENTS of Disease instead of health. Hut wlmt else should be expected from one who know s nothing coinirariivoly of medicine or d isease! It requires a person -ot some experience to cook a n d servo up oven a common d e cent meal, liow much more im p o rtant is it thut tlie persons wlio m anufacture medicine, designed for W E A K STOM A C H S AND EN F E E B L E D SY S IE M S should know well tlio medical properties o f plants, the best man­ ner o f securing nnd c o n centrating their healing virtues, also an e x ­ tensive knowledge of tlie various discuses which afieci the human system, and how to adapt remedies to these diseases s It is to arreBt frauds upon the unfortunate, to pour balm into wounded hum anity, to kindle hope in tlio despairing bosom, to re­ store health a n d bloom, and vigor into tlie <jriwjied and broken, and to banish, infirmity that OLD DR. JACOB i OtVN-iENU lius SOUGHT and FOUND Hie o p portunity'and \*™ n stn.bring his G R A N D U N I V E R S A L C O N C E N T R A T E D R E M E D Y within the reach, and to tlie knowledge of all who need it, that thoy may learil and know , by J o y 'll exjrarience, its^ T R A N S C E N D E N T P O W E R T O H E A L . D r . J acob T ownsond . N fw . -Y ork , Oct. 5th. 1848. S i R j - O n t h e 20th of J u ly, 1847, I .was again attacked with rheumatism, and continued, u nder various prescriptions, to grow worse for a t least tw o m onths. I became entirely helpless, inca­ pable o t feeding myself, or turning in bed, or helping m y self any way. In tins state 1 continued until January, 1848, whtrn I began to amend a little and improve gradually tili.'he 1st May. T h is a- mt -11 dim;nt was only so far as to be able to Jecd myself, though stiJl incapableof getting in or o u t o f bed, or even turning in bed. I re­ mained in this condition, w ith little or no change, until [ fairly despaired of getting about aguin this season. O n th e 21st J u ly, I wns Induced to try your Sarsaparilla; on the 24th, three days utter Inking llie first tlnse, I AROSE IN BED, wnlcli I lmd not done before ill ton m o n ths, nnd in less tlmn a w e ek, I WALKED ACROSS THE ROOM with tlio aid of cratches. Since limn, I lmvo walked in tlie street: have gone alone from 30 Spruce streot to tho I ark,itlience to Love- Joy'* Hotel urn! back. I hnvo heen to 85 Nassau- street two dili’er- out times, and am now frequently visiting iny-hQlglibqr». During nil this time I lmvo tukon hilt tub bettllS Ol 01(1 Dr* 1 OWIISCIlfi'* Sarsaparilla, Oct. 4. I procured another bottle to-day (5i.h ct.)- 1 walked twice across tlm floor without tlm aid of crutches. I Have alno nearly recovered from obstruction of water,which gave mo great distress- The pain in my Imck has likewise left me. I and my family lmve no earthly reasun to ascribe my recovery to any other cause hut to OLD DU. JACOB TOWNS END’S SARSAPARILLA ALEX. W E L S H , 30 Spruce-st P. S.—Several able physicians despaired of iny ever w a lking or even raising m y self from my bed again. Principal Office 102 Nassau-street, New-York-City. For sale bv D. C. CONSTABLE, 63 State-street, sole Agent for Schenectady city and county. ap24. je5 B RUSHES.— H a i r , N a i l , T o o t h a n d S h a v - ing B lu s h e s . Just received, a fino assortment. je5- D. H! SNELL. R OUSSEL’S A l m o n d , R o s u and M usk S oaps . R o u ssel's R o se and Shaving Cream si Sand S oa p . For sale by je5 • D. H1. SNELL. , fV L O V E , F in e , and T urkey S ponqes , F or V j T saleby jel2 D.H..SN E L L . p E U R Y DAVIS’ PAIN KILLER — F or s a l e by je!2 D. H . S N E L L . ]V ( | H A K I M ’S P u r e c o n c e n t r a t e d e x t r a c t s JL r J l oi Nutmeg, Lemon and Vanilla,for flavoring Jejliesj Sauces, Custards, &c. For sale by jel2 1 'D . H. SNELL. | 3 OYCE & ESTERLEY’S C hlorine P etmt X V gent inn* Orris Dentifrice, for cleansing and lireSeW ing the teeth. For sale by jel2 D: H. SNELL. * nAMPHINE OIL AND SPIRIT G A S ^ I qr V sale b y .jy3 _____ A , TRU A X'^ if ^OD LIVER' OIL.—The, genuine .M T IC0, V7 as recommended by the re g u la r Fby^icians for d ilhlses o f the Lungs and L iv e r . For sale by jy? ; • -;,:A<,T:RPAX.q. BBLS. MADDER, L0G Mr00i5Tl% l- J U s J TIC AND CAM WOOD— Jpst, received nntLlfir AX f ( ! Yourg respectfully,* , \ ,CflB4prp^JE SHERIFF'S 'OFFICE, Cily and County o f BchmrecHwy, * 16,1849.—The foregoi b« 1* ■«. copy e f theAotice receiyei.-hyjmp -lrim./ tlm Secretary of State, ofa general election to be Held in t o cqtfty of Scbenuctndy, on the Tuesday succeeding the'first‘M*nd»y (Hi* sixth) day ofNoVeihher next, at w h k h it)* officer* nrantkrawMn said noticeeru loher.ltosen. JQHN.fi. VAN V O A S T .SM tjC ., i Y Viriue of four Writ* of fl fa..l»*irad oiH of Ura JU)8»Mi» ttdfrt clmttels, lands and ted and delivered,'... , nt public v e n d u e ,,the court hoitee-in the city of Sclienectady, on all thkt. . phiee or- -p«yeet ings, there.on, shu*te, ly in g a n d . being in ike fn*C 4M rd.«r.!ti)fi* city of Schenectady, a p d bounded *g'follow s : ou tfie wei* bys W aslifnetoh-streetV on ihe north by'Front-gtreet ;von t» e :e * ii the houie ah’d lot formerly betougiiffi to DenraV'JVa’tA lf' and ;o'n the *outh^by land* now or ' bell; the same ns now occupied v Also, all that eerlairi'jBece of situate, lying innd b e in g in thp fourth p f jritS r .o f ^ r t^y nectady r bownded aa follow * : on the1 w*»t by AI ff den the nortli by » house fiod ipt nqir/ifl; Fpsggttlof m e r ; on tbe-east.by a.boose and: j o t novf in the pes*eaajqf*',q£:, liamR-RBalj'fi'd W t h tbat certain bouse a n d tot^siiuale. lying end heirig in the ward of the city o f Schenectady, bounded.** follows-: on. (be «^*|, by Barret s tr e e i; pp .the north, by.-a jpt -fwmerly W o d g fltablo John )■ Y a t e s ; on the w e st by 'W h ite-street,iana' ofr tne-AoUWihy a I'of now- or lalelyJ owned %f. Ffedew lt'Tupper,- h e m g j ^ s'— wife, Gqorge Anrteisoij) and- fllafjf Ws wify,-Jpbn; B, \g»p ter Myers, George- Groot, W illiam Groot, Jam a s U r o o l, . r Groot, Harvey G root, CImrles Groot, Mary GrpOHRtHMlam* . . and.Eilz*be.th his.w ife, G e o rgeW ..G rpdt, a n d Atrna M aria Groot, .Notice is hereby given to «1l persbil* hkVillg Iliji g ^ n e r iH ifn OT incumbrance, by judgm e n t o r d ecree, or o therw ise,on the u n d ivid­ ed shaire or I h u W offuiy o f lhj» o w jksrf.ln the I ^ - ' — \ '■ — --reduce to n i e , —ed - after’tli‘scrllie(l, to- produce to nie, tiie u n d e rsig n T h o m i q f N i p e ^ rofeiop ni>polnted liy thl»court fn thd above entitled eantie, on n r before the sixteenth duqt ol Octolrar n e x t, *t m y . office jn Shffi-fdtBStffi Schenectiuly. iu ihe county o f Schenectady, p ro o f.oCO »S ------ tlVo liensniid incambriffices, together, with MtUftetbry fc' ___ ofthe mnnuntdtt* thdrahrrr ffiuilo specifytlra wttifreof-mieti cumhrancesj gnd the dule* tliereof respectively.* The glid dcicribed in the hill o f complulnt •* fofkuv* :4-*‘ J ’ **-* sale b y jy 3 A, TRLTi D R . W O O D ’§ S A R S A P A R ILLA & J V iL P i C h e r r y Bitters. Fot; sale by ' up'Id D. H. SNELL.J B Y v irtue .of tw o cxeciUion* isaued hy llie .clerk o f .th e cpnnty of S chenectady, ngalnst-l,lm goqd.v.and chaitjeg, lands trie tenem e n ts.of John Drown a n d Alexander I). Fisher, 1 hav'e seize 'title nnd interest, o f John BroWji, o f the to wri of JiSlen vifle, in tne county of Sclienectndy, of; in a n d to aft tha? CeHaitf farm , situate lj’ing and b«ing in the tow n of Glenville.-on the northerly 'side of tlm public highway Ifituling from Gillespie’s -corners,to. tiie.Gleh- vllle church) being the old homestead farm of Alexander. Bi ■ Tng n g ........................... ' through the ScheneCtady...; ■. - * hi'.*- j s f t t r i t s ? K « g a ^ 9 f he builtnhrosCthe Mohawk river: »t F o rt. M b t n C r j e ^ - w * »o*h» of Schoharie Creek, to gome ernTurnpike Road, not les* than e;jbt mu«» er'n termination of said turnpike ntnntpngreeMAdho^ city[or A l- .bany, and-«halj pas* jhrongh tto^illiwdfcJliiaMW* *■ of Florida, through' Mariaville in, pf PrincetqWn, -as nearly as Mariaville, 1 decease;!, conta in i about forty and one-h n lf a c reabf jpnd, be'the samo more or less; liouridedon the. south (by the suid public high­ way ; on the wes- by lands of DtiVid Ostrotn and C h a n d ler’(mr- roll,and onjthp p o rth apd east hy land*of,W illis L,C a lkins! Also, all the right, title-and in terest o f said‘Jo h n !BrbWn,e'of,'in and to nil those tw o certnin Iqts on the-.liilb injsaid towli' o f Glenjrille, containing about forty a cres, know n as lot No. 4G o f gre'at'lot N f . I, tract A, G lenville, a n d lot N o ..’46, o f great lot JVp.' l ,s 'a m i tract. Also, all the right, title and interest, of said John Brown; of, in and to-all that certain lot o f g round, and the-brick and.other .build­ ings thereon, situate about ten miles w e st o f the city q f S chenecta­ dy, in the tow n of Rotterdam, on the corner o f dlie-liighway lead!-; ing to Utica and the, ferry road ; .bounded south by, said hiehw ay ; w e st by the ferry road, a n d north and east by the lands o f John Hoffman, containing about one acre of land, and ' pw occu’pieq hy Aaron Carroll., Also, ull the interest o f sail) Jofin Brpvvn, pf. in and to tlm t certain lot o f ground.and pjfepiites situate in the tovvn of Rotterdam, on the canal near Huffman’s ferry ; bqtinded on the w e st hy tlm ferry road ; on the no/th hy the E rie c aqa), a n d on the east a n d soqth by lands o f John Hoffman, c o n ta ining about one- half acre of lend),and now occupied by Joseph Klinp. ^L*o, all tlm right, title and interest of said John Brown, of, in and to all that certnin piece or parcel o f land) situate lying and being in tiie town of Rotterdam, nnd know n and distinguished on the general map of tho common lauds of tlie town of Rotterdam, and the sub- division tlioreof, ns Ipt rmmuur three, In the sub division lot I), which Is sub-divided into thirly-iilnu lots, of which lot No. 21 ho. ulus a t a stake and stones numbered 23, 24,25 nml 20, lining tlm portli-westerly corner of lot number tw e n ty .three, of said sub-di­ vision, lll)d runs tlmnco along tlm sumo south 41 degrees, chiilus 50 links, to lot No. 22 o f said sub-dlvlslou j the. Um same n o rth 49 degrees, e ast 12 chains to lot No. 37 of division; thence along the same north 41 degrees, wost .... , ------ ., - ■ and 40 links, to n piece pi land belonging to their, h eirs of P eter V. . A s i t i s i n c u m b e n t upon ,the e k s c u tp M W Vernier ; thence along the same north 65 degrees,, west one chain Fairs o f t h e e s t a t e , as rapidly a s nmy bCjR to Jot No. 25, and thence along the same south 51 degree* 50 mi- ,- D r n in d e b t e d t o th * e a t a t B j ib nutes w e st, (11 chains 50 links, to tlm place o f b e g inning; contain-1 ?“,?? iirg twenty-one acres, subject to the quit rents to the town o f iiotterdum.—Dnteil B VAK- V0'AB, , . By I i. V an IS chaic *, U n d e r Sheriff. sosare _T ------- -- — . --------- cerlaln house and M 6 f land situate, lying am side ofiUnion-itree), i» ttM-city andtoountyofI od ott the e a s t ' VV. Veeder.' house a d d : . lmirj of Jonathan Price, rfe'ceMed, «nd- oiv ibe jnorih by , Utthui^ ' B‘ F ’ i if :■ ' ' - <-t-f 3P»rS ■ \ 1 ’ * 1 'A c x rtT ’i O t f i c z , C l i n t o s P a i i o K , ) ' A’MjtoOYia, IgfflA *,j». N OT!CE is hereby give»*r ttnt»'**»led prpposa»* jy ih r ‘ ' ' by the subscriber, at his eflfce, m said Prisoti/ tintii the 25th day of October,T84Y, atTB' e ’clock at ho for the leuing of-the services b t no» je*s tb; than fi'fty cmlritfs now confine^' biPi eft in taid.prisonj for; tli.e'tpi employed in niaking and.mar at the option o f the contractor. 1 SPch hhiidiiig 8 or,'rtop room a* ta* Ate»«l ppgaj Srill be^fdrnjabejl. - ,, ,v payn*nts will>e'required a t -the ,e'nd ofeaeh a* irr 'Currifkt' fm ilf, at' the’ Prisoa. The prpjpetuMri pric? p erM y |for each-con vidtf - Th^n**nft jgn«|‘^fr< the persons .qipmd a s *eputity;-ghonL# accpmuanf and' cohtracuM, ihdnld be pre»eht at the' RflBetn to execute thecontiscts. *A — The Inspectors reserve to themselves th e privilege o f accepting an/f>repqsaj'they?n»ay deem.mpetcondutiw:amh$5n|en*te„«#tbe §tate.',y , aug28w8 , ,G E 6 .f T O R 0 W ^ A ^ . ; r . O T IC E OF MORTG A G E B A L E .-iD e fltifil h i r l n i W ^ r n ted i Ara. in the comlitlon.ofa niinaw illhr taifowifl i ............ Clerk ’Of Scpenectady eonnty, o n ttfc'day' Sfortuli> 8 ’. mortgages, page 335, &c. and which said moricsce waAMtulv - 88 - signed by the raid William Cunninglimm to Edwmnl JattiMM ,Tm S o Is now iim owner thereof,) by deed b f «Miri»lMMpd 8 M l(lb* » U i ddy of May, AV D. 1846, and ireoonied i*iaaid -ooMity«IM«kSlrM*K in book S of mortgages, page .< 666 , fc'ev 'waulra-dnyPwi s g g S s j p f Upon Which said'mortgage there la elai«t*d In be du4e8ti(tlwMa|t>l the firet publication of' this notice, for sum of(|608.37) SiY hundred-and ralght doW < ref*w * * iit|w w __ cents; a'nd no BPit or! proc*e<H*g-havtn» beM in«t«M^ha*iMHr^*». recovferithe-debt-reinaihiitg secured'by ttleh;norlfege, A riaM jiatt thereoArNow- therefore, notice ik- herebyigt»en,'*liat;ky vdgSMmriff a power ofsitle in said mortgage eont*inedy.jmd^jof *«r aiitnSw dii such case made and.provided; atfeh mortgaga wUI-be foroeloaedlby a sale o f the; m o rtg% d preh»kra* :«t pnhlio rondae, at tttrnCm m House, in the city ofScheneetadyvon W ednegdajatW aSlh klaffifflll SeptclnirarTlext, a t lOe’ctoektn ‘the forenoon.—The inert caged pr»~ foiib* »vfovte'*M*NM’iafoi^dt»»M r^ i i i r i i id n a i i f f l a i s e n n i S Union -street; > bounded.on the a a r i b y a .b’otura and Irtdf'fiM iwdl belongingito JOhn;A.-McPopgqll; on!*He; n<>*tbd>y,A-J ‘ - liejrg o f Jo.hn slrqet, just ;a ____ „ ■mdthdW-Ulhrk ; ?>eiii^ iff breiidth in front an'd'rear 'fM f redS ttit three feet, and in length tlfirty-four rodi oit.: the:eaat hkMOdMl ir rods and eiglit feet oq tlie .wegt. u d e thereQ\ ‘ nd l.’u • u .v v - tu v n nnicfiuiiig sam e, , . M Notice' i* hereby given to all whom it 'may conriwa, Hrai Ufe- FbitillirftW ahd Albany Fiaak Road Compahy, wlU tion.aecord ing to la w, to the hoard: of j#pefvi*or« of- Jhfc.eqwatyidC Schenectady, At the neXt aanueil meeting qf jtXMMimftncHqild held m t|m Court Hfiu*e in ffie city;of Sir-A* H, Mamh, ofthe Fo STATE 0F,jlDffrf I. od A ll persons indALtefl t* t)ie<at*fo vf Jjw ■\ ' * n ro***' P entsr'iffid' Grnff, deceased, ^ are requealed to , subscriber. AU note *, aoc*uht*) teflts/ifod ii cfaa j ai?a yciounn juucvtcu ran r 'itrap without unnecessary delay aqd withput'Urt^ijr q ^ p this. Dated January 23d, 1849. ; jl . DAV1D CADY SM ITH, one of the ExecnW n ja n 30 -of deceased# N o . 28 St& te-st-ScheM c tady.

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