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The Schenectady cabinet. (Schenectady [N.Y.]) 1824-1837, July 06, 1836, Image 3

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I went to the pawnbroker’■ end offered to pledge the coat on my book, 1 would not get one penny on it. We had bat one spark o f Jure in our cabin laet night, and I was up at dsy dawn this morning to purchase a load of turf oat of the fi repence that I received late yesterday evening. There we Were about the fire-place to day, etriring to spare the sods, and the children driving and palling one an­ other to see who could get nearest to the fire. When we have no fire o f our own the children tenet try to get a warming at a neighbors. I t i d e to this town from Westport fourteen J*are ago. I came because I could not live without begging, and 1 was ashamed to beg at horn#/* 2 _________________ * ■Bsleesd mt home, and honored abroad . —The President and Traeieee of one of tbe Ohio U- niversitiae, hare onaninaoualy elected Emeri toe Professor Cook, A. M. M. 1). LL. D. of Albany, N. T. Chancellor of the Medical De­ partment o f Ripley College, and as such to preside over the Board of Regents having •barge ef the destinies of that Institution.— Professor Cooke has long been a resident in the United Btateft, and meet fkrorably known as a gentleman distinguished for his extraordinary philanthropyand universal benevolence.—Pop­ ular and respected, he has secured a reputation in this section ot country which ages will nev­ er blast, and wbere he would most cordially be received by throng* e f his friends who know him but t« bless him, who admire him but t applause him. The longer we lire, no longer contend That pattern merit never wants a friend. ' ____________ Canada paper, L1^ lftM. O F L S T T A R 8 remaining in the Ofeee in tbe fifty o ffeoltettsctndy, 30ih n«y 1IQ8 A —Jeraird Anthony, John Amaden, David B Allen, Johan Albrecht, Sybil Aspinwall, Stephen Allen. B —Mr Boiles.Peter Becker.Lot Bells, Wm Ben­ edict, Homes B Bills, Sarah Davis, Robert B Ben­ nett, Horatio N Bull, Peter H Brook, Martin Beck­ er, John Ferdanand Burgess, D Barringer A Co. O Baldwin, Joshua Barker, Catharine Bishop, Je­ rome Barhydt, Josiah Bliss, Henry Beers, Mary Ann Babcock, George Brown, Peter Bogardu*, Joshua Brown, George D Burdick, John Biven, Rachel C Brown, John D Baaaatt. C—F B Coss 2, Timothy Coe 2, James R Cross- man 2. William Cooper, O W Craig, Jarbet Clote, Darwin Carpenter, Rev Oliva C Comstock, Polley Coley, Rebecs Coss, Patrick Clark, Martha Clark, Henry A Clark, William V Caswell, Messrs. A C JA H K E I m . B O U C K , A t t o r n e y a t l a w . has re-opened an office in the city o f Schenectady, di­ rectly above the stores o f Daniel S . Hqlett ant James Duffy, in State-street. All business entrusted to him, in any of ilia courts of this state, will be promptly and faithfully attend­ ed to ,—May 17, 1836 320 JAMES B. VAN VORST, J T T O B i r r J t T x . . t n - . Office in Liberty-street, adjoining the Utica ant Sckeneetadu Rail-road. SehenecUdj^Junefr 1836. 3*3tf S P R I N G FASH IO N. T HE present fashion for ARTIFICIAL TEE1 TEE T H ie to imitate the original. Those i c l Conde,K|HinC^unce,aaCfemt FClute, Mn I PfrsonB wishing to follow the fashion, can be M A Cunningham, Mr. Cooper,-RoberTChasmer, I accommodated by calling at J. C h i s b l i r ’*, Henry P CIute, Hiram Carpenter, Stephen Clark, 1008 door east o f the nfiw court house .— Sche ' Tl Clute, Rotterdam; Abi Richard Cornell; Jacob Ml Abi- I nectmdy , May 16, 1836. 320 jah Capin, Orvill A Collkin, Glektillt. I D C I I A U k I D —John Dunlop, Abi Dorn, Martin Deforest, I Vl C Ivl II V A L, Jans Dearaff, Thomas Dean, PsierDearborn, Ed*| TA M E S W ALSH wishes to inform his ward Difetur, Arthur Derlin, John Damp, George | J friends and the public, that.he has remov­ ed his office to Dock-street, under the Collec­ tor’s office, where he will keep every thing in his line, good, as usukl. —June 18. 1836. N. B. Thoso indebted to him will please •all and settle the rama forthwith, and costs. M isu u ) —In Rotterdam, on the 16th ulr. by the Rev. J. Boyd, Mr. BARNABAS STEBBINS, of Buffalo, to Miss MARGARET WHEATON, of Rotterdam. In thieeity, on the 21st nit. by the Rev. Mr. Way land, Dr B. F. BOWERS, tk Hunting­ ton,.L. I to Miss!LYl>lA P. daughter o f the late Platt Titas. o f Troy. ——In Glensiiie, on Monday last, hy ths Rev. Mr. Whitcemb. Mr. A. W. MONROE, to Miss JU U A CARPENTER. _________ Dixjo—In DneneaKdrgh. o n the 26th uk. at the boose at hat brother-in-law, Frederick Tedder, JHiss ELJZABETH, daughter of tbe late Capt. Thomas B. Bunker, of this city, aged 74. ——In this city, on Wednesday last, in the 84th year e f his w e, Capt. HENRY PAWLING, bro­ ther of CoL. Albert Pawling, of Troy. He ssaeen officer in the revolutionary army dur­ ing tbe eeplsst for liberty: was a prisoner two years pedSned in the water prison ship, which was the grass o f tbeosands. After being diatniaaed at the d ose o f the war, he was enabled by a patrimo­ ny from hfo father, to ptnehaae a form at Amster­ dam. whste he resided with his wife end four sons until the year 1828 when, on the death of his wife he M l his fenn with hi* sons and went to ffehenec- tedy. .where, with the aaaiatanee of hi* peneion, he Hvsdttt. the enjoyment of social, religious and do­ mestic reasferta, having married a second wife, who fives fe lament hisikwS. I RI.WWW1 N e w dk p o p u l a r w o r k s . —Dragoon Campaignsamsatgns to the Rocky - j Jfiountthwi Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea; Frank, hjr Maria Edgeworth; Watkins’ T attle, Peadlktfs by the way, by N. P. Wjllis; Tales e f the Woods and Fie Ida; tbe Dootor Ac; Feck’s new Guide for Emigrants. Just re­ ceived and for sale by H. B. RICHARDS. Jifigrfi. f A T E P U B L I C A T I O N 8 - A nar- M J ralive o f the Affair o f Queenstown, in the war-Of 1812, from the -pen of Solomon Yan Rensselaer; Philip’s Varieties of Female Pie­ ty; Awftal Disclosures e f M*ria Monk; Men­ tal lUaasination, by Dr. Dick; Tbe Pillow, by Rev. J. P. Hunt; Deppiag’s Evening Enter­ tainments, comprising delineations o f the manners and customs of various nations; Combe on the Constitution of Man, A c. dec. for sale at the 8uaday School Depository and Religion* Book fetqNv corner of Stale-street and Mill-lans. \ il. B. STRYKER. fkkynutmdg , J s y 5,1836. n M B ffiffiBffiffiffiffi' w k i T i f f e , ATTiWFO Iff 81* ItSS0N81 ( I LOUIS' CARSTA1R FRANCILLON, member o f tbf City ofLondon Scientific and rnffititniirm trwi nf tfefi WdimtHninMtMr Rnv. Litetery tpson’s, tn Hlate-strset, lor the recep­ tion of pupils, respectfully notifies to the Ladies and Gentlemen, parents, and guardians uf youth, m Schenectady and its environs, that he teaches, in six ample and pleasing lessons, (of one hour eeelx) a scale of surrent draft Writing, unrivalled, as welt for its peculiar neatness and legibility, as freedom, elegant* and expedition, end suited to commercial transactions. a No mailer however crampt, deformed or illegi­ ble ihetietgiual writing, or now confirmed soever persons may be in the most imperfect, illiberal anp vulgar scrawl; Mr. F. guarantees to improve and modify Ihe writing (be it ever so bed) of individ­ ual* of both sexes, from ten years old up to seven­ ty, and convert it into a style st once hold, free and expeditious. From among numerous testimonials, the follow that is uaefol and ornamental in the ert of writing; and th* process of instruction is eminently calcu­ lated to promote tho improvement of the learner. BROUGHAM, C.” “ Mr. Franeillon’s system of writing communi- oates freedom aud frrility to the hana in a short time, sadgives to the letters s correct and intelli- gible character. DAN L. O’CONNELL.” “ Mr.'Francillon’s exeelient and improved sys­ tem e f tuition in penmanship, is the most infallible method o f acquiring an efficient, expeditious, and permanent style of official and business writing. E. L. BULWER” DoGraff; Amo* H Dorn, Duaneeburgh. JB—.Joanna B Eaaterbrooka. Isaac Emboddy. F —P P Flinders, Mrs. Fetheratone, Isaac Fink, Edvert Failing, Abqah Freeman, P H Farnham, George French, Thos Francis. Susan. Jennett Germond, Zelotes Graves, r J MGraves, Rev A D Gilleu, L J Goodale, latharine Getr, John T Grant. M—Jane Ann Harris, Ann Hogarth, J B Hurlet, Frances Harris,Seth Edwin Hayden, Conradt Her­ man, Hiram Holbrook, Nathan Harris, J B Hulett, Philip H Hasso, J C Human, John Haselton, John B Hammond,James Humphrey, William Hannah, Alfred Haight, Henry Hought, Alida Hansbury; Peter Hagadorn, Scotia. J —William Jackson, Phebe H Jennings, Rev save S P R I N G O O O I X 9 * T HE subscriber has just received his spring supply of U r a r G m * 4 i t m n * G r o c e r i e s , which he offers at wholesale or retail, at the most reduced prices. JOHN OHLEN. April 6, 1836. Wm James, K —James Kearns, J Knox, Abraham Kerns, Geoige S Kershaw, ttekayuntd, Florida. Is—Matthew Lynch, John Lean, Pamelia Lyon, William Lindsay, Sarah Little, Thomas Lerosley, Francis Leedom, Jacob Levy, William Lamy. M —Constantine Martin, James Monroe, Aiexd McGugin, Frederick P. Mudge Daniel MeKiney, Alexander Miller, George Mathews, Duncan Me Donald, Daniel McDogall, Ann McDonald, Alex­ ander McClelland, Abram Mesick, Charles Me Cloy, E G Merry, Clarinda Meiggs, John S Miller, Samuel McKinney, Calvin Manly, James Morn, James Me William, Rev James Murphy Minister of the Gospel; John McCann, Rotterdam; Fred­ erick Moul, OUnville. If—Ethan H Northrop, John Nation, Isaac Nor- cross. O—John O. Donnel, Dianna Osier. P —James W. Powers, Archibald Palmer, Ste­ phen G Picket, Charles Putnam, H W Peters, Z Pitcher, William Pilling, Sally Perry 2, Luis Peek; S P R I N G G O O D S * jSrace Kelly, I T ITILLIAM McCAMUS has just received I v v his .spring supply of seasonable find fashionable D R Y which he is determined to sell on the most rea­ sonable terms, at his his old stand, No. 102, State-st. Among his assortment are Broad- doth s, Cassimeree, SatBnets, Vesting a, Drifts , Hosiery, Silk dp Cotton Handkerchiefs, Skat­ ings, Calicoes , Ribands, Spe. Spe. Schenectady, April 6. 1H36. ___ N E W 0 0 0 0 9 * A G . O H L E N have just received ond are now opening their spring sup­ ply of China, Glass and Earthern Ware, L ook­ ing Glasses, Astrol and Hanging Lamps, Tee Trays, &c. &c. Also ,—a general assortment o f Gentlemen's 1 'itener, william rilling, SaUy Perry 2, Eula reclt; \ T ’T t - W VL Peterson, Nukammm; John Pangburn, Rot- and Ladle’s, and Children * Boots and Shoea iffrfflW, R —Mrs Robinson, Phebe Robbins, David B Rich, Charles C Ross, Rubin Rulapaugh, John Reece. 8 —Aaron Spitxer, James P Stanton, B Scoles, ly, Daniel Starkweather, C Saun- Scissons, Jaeoh M Sehermerhorn, pits George Satterly, ders, Willism f P G Ssmiron, Surah Selby, Cafhaiine Steen,' Frederic Schilderman, Clarrissa Springsteen. Wil­ liam Symes, Marvin Strong, Aaron* Springer, James M Smith 2, Hoses Spicer, Tunis or John Swits, Samuel A Smith, Abraham J Swits, Margo-1 ret A Sampson^Emeline Sears, Willism Simmons. T —Ichabod Thompson, Lymsn Tsft. V —Joseph H Vroomsn, John Vedder, Volkert Vedder, Nicholas Van Vorst, Nathan B Van Patten, A H Van Slycke, Christianna Van Allen, Harmon Van Hysen, Peter S Van Renselan, Aron Vedder, H A Van alike, Alexander Van Eps, John Van Patten; Mrs Albert H Vedder 2, Abraham F Van Vorst, GUnmlle; Mrs Eleanor Veeder, Rotterdam; Cornelius Vanderwerksn, PrmcetowH. W —John White 2, John Weekes, John Will­ son, Wm Wallace, Majr Wimple, James Wise, Martin C Warren, Joseph Watson, Wimple or Good­ rich, Nathaniel D. Wtakes, Jain Waring, Thomas D W alma ley, John B West, Isaac Wickwire, Eras­ mus J. Williams, Esther Watson, Stephen Wood, Harvey Weed, Mary Ann Williams, Alexander Wallace, Mary Ann Wemple, Hymcneus J West Sidney D Wood. Alexander Winne, Daniel Wi). molt, Thomas West, M R Wemple; Eldert G W inne, Ntekayana; John Wample, Rotterdam. Y leremn Yofes. Persons eslling for any ofthe above letters, will please tossy they are advertised. Where tbe name of the place is not mentioned, they are for Sehe- JAME8 V. 8. RYLEY, P. neclady. M. 'm m / friSTEM NT M A i r T . —3U0 bushels v v Fine salt just received, in prime or­ der, for sale on reasonable terms by Jun*I5, 1836. G. Q. CARLEY. C I D E R B R A N D Y - B y the barrel, fur sale by Light and dark Prints; an elegant assortment o f C lG fllfr, C l i i l M c r f dk T e s t i n g s , to which they respectfully invite tbe attention of their customers and lb* public in general. Also Cotton Yarn, Cotton Wick, Cotton Batts, <fcc. A c. They solicit a share of publie pat­ ronage. McMULLEN A VEDDER. Schenectady, April 19, 1836. _________ ____ June 13. SPIER A CLUTE. J L O t J R . —75 barrels Flour—excellent quality, for sale b June 7. & W . TREDWAY. ffe x O D I S T I L L E R S . — Fur sale, a copper worm, 84 ft. long, and 2 } inches >ore, in good order, and will be sold low .— Inquire of F. BURGESS. henectady, June 7, 1836. ^ I B E U . —20 bbls.Cider, fit for bottling, J for sale hy SPIER A CLUTE, May 10. Colonnade buildings. H K O O M S . - 5 0 doz. Corn Brooms, for sale by SPIER A CLUTE, May 10. I H E E 8 E . Colonnade buildings. 300 Ihs. Dairv Cheese, for SPIER A CLUTE, Colonnade buildings. c sale by May 10. C A N T O N M A T T I N G , 4-4 and 6-4 colored aud Plain, for sale by Jpril 20. T. L. THOMPSON. B7For terms, Ac. application may be, made to Mr. F. at the writing cbarnbers. Schenectady, June 24,1836. [VOtt K A L E —Twenty Shares in the Block of the Schenectady and Saratoga Inaorfnce Company. For terms, apply at this Office.—Juno 28, 1836. 2w H i> O R S A L E —Slip 75 in the east aisle JO ofthe Dutch Church. A. VAN SANTVOORD, Ante 28. No. 40 State-street T R A T H E R . —All kinds o f Leather us- JL 4 ed bv sboe-makers, Ibr sale by A. VAN SANTVOORD, June 28. No. 40 State-street J C H B E 0 E - UST received Irom a celebrated dairy in Cheshire, Mass. a lot o f superior (Quaker made) Cheese, for sale by June 21. GEO. CAMPBELL. i GENERAL assortment o f Cobb’s School Books; also Blank Books, and Fool’s Cap and Letter Paper, of all kinds, for sale by ■XtqsgI. H. B. RICHARD S .- T t O S T —somewhere between the house o f JL 4 the subscriber and that o f the Misses Wendell, in Union-street, this morning, a Gold Locket, with * braid o f hair inclosed therein. The finder will receive a reasonable reward for restoring it, S. W. JONES. Schenectady, June 38,1836. f O S T , in the city of Schenectady, or ■ A within three miles o f it on the Mohawk Tofnpikrf, t BUNDLE containing one piece o f Blue Hamilton Twills, with various other articles of merchandise. Whoever will leave the sans* at John Ohlen’s store, shall be hand­ somely rewarded. A. MARSELUS. Schenectady, Jane 2 4,1836. 326tf f i [ V 8 W S A T l C L E C T U R E S 1 9 ON ENGLISH GRAMMER—On a new ahdhighly. approved plan, containing sytema- tio order far parting—extensive examples of felse syntax for oral correction, and a key to ond. exercises. The whole arranged on Ly­ ceum mode of instruction and rendered easy Ibr the korner, by teaching but one thing at a time; designed for the nse of schools and pri­ vate learners. By Amasioh Jenkins- Just received and far sale by H. B. RICHARDS, 64State-st. Schenectady, Jims 28, 1836. H M K Y E D P E A C H E f f . - 3 barrels M _ J Dryed Peaches, fur sale by Dee. 6, 1835. M. VAN GUYSLING. H ~ O E S Ac 1 1 A K . E S . —Boyden’s Mui- lable Hoes and Rakes, for sale by the/ subscriber at factory prices. May 31. 1836. _________ G. Q,. CARLEY. W H I T E B E A N S , — 15 bush. White Beans, for sale by - May 9. 1836 F. BURGESS, E E S W A X . —Cash will bo paid for Bees Wax, by F. BURGESS. M ay 16. _____________________ ____ _______ m A l i L O W . —F. Burgess will pay cash R . as usual, for Tallow, two doors west from E. A L. Benedict’s .—May 16. W ANTED, immediately, two good jour- neymen Tailors. Inquire of. W. J. TELLER A Co. May 11, 1836. _____________ CORN BROOMS. MTAfeDOZ. Corn Broom—fur sale by O V Jan. 19. G. Q. CARLEY. 200 Ja n . 19. W E S T E R N F L O U R . B B L S . Superfine Flour, firesh ground. For aale by G. Q. CARLEY. ^ B t l K E l i B E E F . —20(H) lbs Smok- 5 9 ed Beef, just received and for sale by March 22,1636. G. Q. CARLEY. H A Y A N N A H O N E Y . - l h h d . H a vanna Honey, just received and for sale Mfty 31. G. Q- CARLEY. E A C H B I C A N D Y —Uld and fine by May 31 flsvured, for sale by G. Q. CARLEY. S C H O O L R O O K S . —Manual of Bot any, by Prof. Eaton—old edition, price 16s. do.*new edition, 22*-; Mrs.Lincoln’s Bot­ any—new edition, 13*.; Bonnet’s book keep ing, 14*. just received and for sale by June 8, 1836. H. B. RICHARDS. an< nun- M - A NEW supply of Maria Monk^ new enlarged edition, with a plan o f tbe i nery and grounds at Montreal, this day receiv­ ed and for sale by June 8, 1836. H. B. RICHARDS A L A G A W I N E . - -28 qr. casks Sw eet Wine, for sale by Jf«y31. G. Q. CARLEY. UGM»—Brussells, Wilton, and T'uftVt Rugs; floor and stair Booking; floor Oil Cloths; Table Covers, lie. for aale by April 20* T. L. T H 0 J 1 P S 0 N . o f every description, suitable for the season, iw Store, No. 42 State-street, a few doors west from Ferry-atree*.— A p r il 26. N P B I N 6 G O O D S . T HE subscribers have just received, and are now ftpening their spring supply of l\A ir<nr fc B T A P I i l M Y O O O D B , which they offer for sale on tho mo* reasona­ ble terms—among which are Damhsk Table Diaper* Russia do Black Nankin Crape*; do Canton do do French do Silk Flag H’dkerchiefe; Pongee*; do Black Italian Cravat*; Colored do do 7-8 and 6-4 Bed Ticks White Flannels; Scarlet do Yellow do Black Cambricks Colored do Cotton Umbrellas Silk do Black Wadding; Canvass; Padding; Plaid Gii Supeffine Set tine t* ; Bangup Cords; Beaverteen*; Black Italian Silks; do Sinehew do do Grodensp do Colored Poult de S o i; igured do do Main do do Hack Florences; Hue-black do French Bombasines; nglish do Thread Edgings; do Insertion; feedl* wrought £d| lark Vestings; ' >ight do Worsted Hoof ; Cotton do Silk do Igings Plain inghams; I iV E W G O O D S , J U S T received, a large as­ sortment o f Boots A Shots which will be sold at low as at any other establishment in this city. May 3 A. V. SANTVOORD. N E W 8TQ&Ev EAST END OF TH E COLONNADE BUILDINGS. FM^IHE subscribers have enter- H ed into partnership iu the Grocery, Provision, liquor, and Wine Business, under the firm of SrixiT A C lctx , in the Colonnade build­ ings, State-st. a few doors from the cana., and ar* now opening, a genera and well selected assortment ol GROCERIES, $ c . just receiv­ ed Irom New-York, and which were purchas­ ed at the lowest wholesale cash prices, which they intend to sell as low as can be purchas­ ed in this city or elsewhere, at a small advance or cash or couutry produce. J. SPIER. G. J. CLUTE. Schenectady, May 6,1836. 319 b u m o v a x . . F BURGESS has removed to • two doors west of E. A L. Benedict’s hat store, in State-st. ________ X where he offers for sale an exten­ sive assortm e n t of Groceries and Provisions, among which are the following: Pea Nuts, Filberts, Almonds, Madeira Nuts, Pork, Salted Beef, Peas, Corn, Oats, Flour, Rye Flour, Corn Meal, Soap, Candles, Lamp Oil, Butter Salt, Cider Vinegar, Poland Starch, White Beans, assortment o f Croa Imperial, Hyson, Young. Hyson, Hyson Skin, Loaf, 1 Lump, > Sugars. Brown, ) Porto R ico ,) Molas Syrup, ^ ses. Lemons, Oranges, Pepper Satiee, Sallad Oil, Lemon Syrup. Prunes, Currents, Dried Plums, Fresh Figs, Bunch Raisins, Also, a general Glast Ware, which he is determined to sen as cheap as can be bought in the city of ScheneC' tudy .—May 9, 1836. _____ 319 M a a O H A N T TAXLOAXM fcT JE M T J l B PL, I S M£ J f f JE J V 1 T . ■ No. 51 S t a t e - S t r e e t . TOHN S, BONNY announces to his old el friends and acquaintances, as well as the public generally, that he has recently returned to this city, and resumed his old business, as a Merchant Tailor, in the new building in State-street, formerly occupied by F. Burgess, directly opposite to Van Vranken A Darrin- ger’s^where he w ill be happy to wait upon them in t!\e line of his profession. He has on hand h choice assortment o f ■ w a f e l s l k s, CaMioMrs^VeetingS, T r im - which be w ill make up to order in the moat fashionable style, and on the shortest notice. Cutting done in the latest style or agreeably to directions. Sshehectady, May 16. 1836. __________ 320 JBBffecMasef T m h l r r i n g E s f s g f e - lishm e n t, r HE subscribers, under the firm o f Wm. JAMES TELLER A Co. have commenc­ ed the above business, at No. 54 State-street, two doors west front Forest A How’s store, where they hope, by strict attention to busi­ ness; to merit and receive a share of public patronage. * Their assortment o f Cloths, Cassimers, V est­ ings, Trimmings, Ac. is entirely new, and will be sold at a small advance from N. York wholesale prices—or wifi he made up to order. CUTTING done in the'latest style, or a- le to directions. , m. James Teller (late foreman for Rich­ ard M . Cooke,) will attend to the measuring and cutting of garments, and flatters himself that be will give entire satisfaction to those who may please to favor this establishment with their custom. W m . JAMES TELLER, HENRY WALRATH, JOHN FEATHERSTONE. Sdheauctady, May 2 , 1836. 319tf HE Btore and Dwelling House TO L E T - Iwelling lately occupied by Richard M >oke, deceased. Apply at the office o f June V>, 1836. J. M. BOUCK. A . N E W B O O K S . UST received and for sale at the Schenec­ tady Book Store, corner a t State-st. and 1-Lane, an invoice o f new and useful School Books, lately published by Key A Biddle, Philadelphia—among which are, 66'copies Pinnock s Goldsmith’s England; J'S Mill-] 50 30 25 30 12 6* 6 ii ii ii do. Rome; do. Greece; Scientific Class Books; Gay’s Astronomy & Keith on the Bridge’s Algebra; [Globes; Key to do. Sacred History of the Deluge. The above books are worthy the attention o f teachers. Old books, which may be dis placed by the introduction of these valuable lew works, i f ofa similar size and n ot too bad- y worn, would he received in part pay, at 2s a volume. N. B. All School Books In general use, for sale aa above. H. B. STRYKER. May 16, 1636. b b m o V a l . T HE subscriber has removed his Hat Store to near the canal bridge ill State-st., where _ he will always be ready to accom­ modate those who will ip\ >tnnd have favor- ed,him with their custom. He give* notice to all indebted,to pleasjf Call before the lst day of. JtMte- next, and setller'lheir accounts, or they will be left with E« Lr Davis, Justice of the Peace, for collection. GONANT. ffylromTOifr, May 10, l U i i 319 $ 2 0 0 R e w a r d s MAYOR’S OFFICE. > C i t t of Schenectady, June 13,1836. J Whereas some evil disposed person* during tiie last night hate caused an explosion of Powder, on the north side of Union-street, immediately weal ofthe Erie canal,In this city, which explosion has been such as to fully justify s suspicion, that a number of persona have been concerned in the I ilot. And whereas the consequence* resulting rom such outrageous conduct may have a tenden­ cy not only to fire the city, but to destroy human life; it is therefore to be hoped, that the utmost vigilance will be used on the part of all officer*, magistrate* and citizen*, to discover the perpetra­ tor or perpetrators of such disgraceful and higltly- crinuiuti conduct—Therefore, with a view of pro­ ducing extraordinary exertion in making a diacov .......................... iE< • rY* the e undersigned, by virtu* o f authority this day vested in him by the common council, does hereby offer a reward of TWO HUNDRED DOL­ LARS. to any penon or persons, who will report the guilty, which will be paid on due conviction ol one or more persons who may have been engaged in the nefarious plot. In virtue whereof, the undersigned, by author! ty of the Common Council, lias hereunto affixed, the seal of said city and subscribed his name thei JOHN J. DEGKAFF, Mayor. to. C r m c f c trfg f f C feitm n V F fcre. F BURGESS has just received a supply o • Crockery, Glass and China Ware, which be offers for sale at the lowest possible pri­ ces, two doors west from E. A L. Benedict’s. Schenectady , M ay 9, 1836, o o j k tbeir CROCj STORE to thenew buildii 48 Sfele-street, a few doori n ts: Ohlen have re- RY A SHOE o f G. Ohlen, No. West from Fcrry- andiiu intendiiviiu keep'nvp* fiiMiw iiivj iis»y wi» ssMiiw* n u n mu i, ’a general assortment or Boots 4* S h o e s of every description. ALq, C h ir a , G lass A at. #h«ro they have on hand, era! i E a r t h e n W a r e , L o o e I^U G l a s s e s , T e a T r a y s , Spa. Spc. which they will sell at the lowest New-York price*, wholesale or retail. Schenectady,'March 29, J836. 313 N ~ £ W B O O K S . —Mental Illumination, and moral improvement o f Mankind, by Tboguas Dick, LL. D.; Letters, Conversa­ tion* and Recollections of S. T. C o leridge ; Memoirs of Wm. H. Harrison; Life on the Lakes; Memoirs o f great Commanders, by G. P. R. James, Esq.; Private*life of Gen. La­ fayette; sketches of Switzerland; one in a Thousand; the Self Condemned; Stories of the Sea, by Capt. Marryat; Mahmoud, a novel in 2 vols.; just received and for sale by H. B. RICHARDS, 64 State-st. Schenectady, June 8, 1836. B O A R D I N G . | liOUR Gentlemen can be accommodated M . with board in a private family, pleas­ antly situated.— Also, T o Let—two Sitting Rooms with Bed Rooms connected thereto, in a new building. None need apply, unless they want board also. For particulars inquire at this office — April 12. 315 C A S H W A N T E D . A u H E subscriber having sold his stock of Dry Goods and discontinued the busi­ ness, respectfully requests all who are indebt­ ed to him to calf and settle their accounts im­ mediately. He will be found at his old store, •State-street,*two doors east from Ferry-street, where his office will be kept until the first nf May next. PETER ROWE. March 29, 1836. C A R P E T I K G . E NGLISH and American Fine, Superfine, Double Super, Three Ply; dp Brussells, Scotch Ingrain, Venitian, Denmark Venitian, and C o tton received this Spring at mectady, snd offen T . L. THOMPSON. Carpeting, Nm 94-State-street, Schenectady, ervd offerod for sale by April 20, 1836. o f H ARD ying in the town o f Charlton. Also , 15 acres of L A N D , O B WOOD— 30 or 40 cords quantity < BOfds—ly i mostly heavily timbered with Maple, Beech, and Birch. Also, to lease for u term o f years, 3 morgana of LAND on Fonda’s island. In­ quire o f ALEX’R. G. FONDA. Schenectady ,\Nov . 10,1835 293 O T IC jfcL —The subscriber has this day i ’l purchased the entire stock oflBooks and Sta(i 0 B*ry o f O. R. Cook, formerly kepi at No. 8 6 St&te-street, and known as the Com­ mission Book Store, which is removed to the store formerly occupied by P. Rowe, where he respectfully invites the patronage of the pub- lie. May 2 , 1836. H. B. RICHARDS. I N R U S H T 13A S . - 3 0 chests ' Hyson, Young Hyson, and K 7 I O R S A l i J K —The Tavern J L Stand at present occupied by Wm Freeman, corner Water- and facing the Saratoga A Schenectady railroad,—(said premises rent this year for $251*.) If not sold at private sale by 15th Sept. next, the premises will then be sold a t p u b lic au c tio n o n th e p r e m ise s , t o th e highest bidder. For further particulars in­ quire of the subscriber. G. Q. CARLEY. Schenectady, June 7, 1835. ____________ 324 J A C L O V E R S E E D . for sale by Ap26 G. Q . C A R L E Y . R O W N S U G A R S . - St. Croix, Isle of France and Porto Rico Sugars, just received and for sale very low by M ay 31. _______________ G. Q. CARLEY. O R A N G E S - —Ju s t received and for Bale, a fe w boxes good Oranges and Lem o n s , in good order, by M ay 31. - ____________ F. B U R G E S S . B r o a d c l o t h s * k e r s e y M E R E S . — A choice assortm e n t o f s u p e ­ rior goods und fashionable s t y l e , received this Spring, and n o w offered for sale by April 20. __________ T L . T H O M P S ON. f O O K I N G G L A S S E S . ------ A com- J L i plete assortm e n t of Gilt, H a l f Gilt and M a h o g a n y L o o k i n g Glasses, for sale at the oguny J New Hard-Wnre Store, opposite the Schenec­ tady Bank, No. 27,, State-street,tate-street, b May 25,1835. S by PE E K A EDW ARDS. R E M O V A J j . — PEEK a EDWARDS have removed to No. 95 State-street, hre e doors west o f the Canal.— Noe- 27. _____ W A T E R C E M E N T . —Water Ce­ ment constantly on hand and for sale by the subscriber. G. Q . CARLEY. May 13, 1835. _______________ _ P a p e r h a n g i n g s .-w-3 cases Paper Hangings and Borderings, just received, which, with his former stock comprises the best assortment in the city which will be sold low by April 6, 1835. _________ JOHN OHLEN. J O H N L A S S E L S , X T H t S U P H O L S T E R A N D F U R N I T U R E W A R E - H O U S E , No. 94 S t a t k - S t r e e t , o p p o s i t e J. W a l k e r ’s . K E E P S constantly on hand, or makes at abort notice — Hair and Moss Mattresses, Feather Beds Church Up Chair Cushions ; Bed­ steads ; Wash and Work Stands; Tables; Sec­ retaries; Bureaus; Book Cases; Colts; Boston Rocking Chairs; Fahey and Common Chairs, Mahogany Chairs, with hair cushions; Window Blinds fr o m Atbanyand Eastern factories. On consignment, a lot o f Live Geese Feathers o f the first quality. Thankful for past favors, and by strict at­ tention to the line o f his profession, he hopes to receive a share o f public patronage. N. B. Long s tanding a c c o u n ts must be s e t t l ­ ed — peaceably if they can, forcibly i f they must. S e p t e m b e r i , 1836, New Arrival o f Fashionable 9 T )H E subscriber has recently returned from t l New-York with an elegant supply of carefully selected GOODS, appropriate for his Hue a f trade, which, with the former stock, make* his assortment o f Fashionable Goods more perfect perhaps than has ever before been offered id this city. Among the assortment may be found Broadcloths and Cassimeres of almost every price and shade; some entire new pattern* of Marseilles Vestings; Silk Vestings.Plain andFig’d Silk Velvet do. Satin du. Valencia ifd. Merino do. Finest'ttornbaXtne do. Black, Claret, and Green Crape Cumtolets for Gentlemen; Summer Coats; Heavy Plain, Rib’d and Plaid Linen Drillings; almost every variety o f W h ite and Brown Linen for Sum­ mer Pantaloons and Roundabouts ; Also, dif­ ferent shades o f Rib'd Cotton Cassim eres; W hite English Moleskin, with almost every other article usually kept in such an establish­ ment. Tlie subscriber is prepared to execute with the greatest despatch, all orders in his line, and warrants all garments made by him to fit well. The subscriber believes that he can seTi at us reasonable prices us any other individual in this city. Tailors furnished with Trim­ mings on reasonable terms. The public are respectfully invited te call and judge for them­ selves. N. B. A great variety o f Ready Made Gar­ ments at all times on hand, o f the best work­ manship, which will be sold unusually low for cash only. JNO. P. BECKLEY. Schcneetaay, A p ril 25, 1836. _______________ p. j L: Hyson Skin Teas, of a superior quality, just received and for sale, very low by G. QL- CARLEY. May 31. 1836. ILHAM S ’ New-York Annual Register for 1636, just received and for sale by June 21. H. B. RICHARDS. ‘ J U S T R E C E I V E D - A FEW pieces o f Sheep’s Grey CLOTH, from the manufactory, for sale cheap by DAVID MIX. Schenectady , April 6, 1 8 3 6 . ____________ _ S ~ H A K E R B O N N E T S - — The sub­ scribers have this day received their spring supply of Shaker Bonnets, for sale by the duzen ur single. McMULLEN tp VEDDER. April 8,1836. ___________________________ S C O T C H H E R R I N G . — 10 boxes Scotch Herring, of superior quality, for sale by Kay 31. F. BURGESS. E x t e n s i v e Sc Y a l n m M e T r a c t o f J L a n d , Y i l f a f f e P l o t , M i l l s a n d M i l l P r i v i l e g e s — FOR SALE a t Public Auction, at the Room o f t h e Merchants’ Exchange in the city ofN * York, at 12 o’clock at noon, on Wednesday, the 7th day o f September n ext,—All o f the in­ terest which the Mohawk Bank has in the pro­ perty formerly owned by RuBsell Atwater,sit­ uated on and near Grass River, in the north art o f the town of Russell, County of St. awrence; the title o f which is dear and in­ disputable. The property consists o f about 9,000 acre* o f Land, mostly wild, some im ­ proved, and several improved Farms under contract, together with valuable and extensive Mill Privileges, and a Stone Grist Mill and a Saw Mill; also the Rusaell Village Plot, em­ bracing several hundred acres laid out in lots, together with several stone, brick and wooden buildings, including a hotel of stone, and a large stone arsenal erected by the government during the late war. The whole ot the .property above mentioned, including the contracts for Farms sold, on which is due and well secured about $4,000* will be aold in one entire parcel; ten per cent, o f the purchase money to be paid down, and ten per cent, in 60 days, and the remainder on very liberal terms as to credit. A further description is deemed Unnecessary as the purchaser will no donbt view the prem­ ises. Reference may be had to the Hon. John Fine, Ogdensburgh; Elihu Phelps, Esq. near the premises, ana the undersigned at Schenec­ tady. By order o f the Board o f Directors. JAM E S C. DUANE, > H ARM ’S. PEEK, j CommU- SAM ’L. W. JONE*3, 1 tee. JOHN I. DE G RAFF, \ Schenectady, May 10, 1836. ' . 319td S CH E N E C T A DY & TROY RAIL ROAD Notice is hereby given, that books for sub­ scription to the capital stock o f the Schenec­ tady and Troy rail-road company, will be o- pencd on tbe 20th and 21st days o f July, 1836, at Davis’ hotel in the city o f Schenectady; at the Troy house in the c ity o f Troy; at Ran­ dall’s hotel in the village of W est Troy, and at the City Hotel in the city of New-York.— The said books will be kept open for subscrip­ tion, from 10 o’clock in the forenoon till 2 o’­ clock in the afternoon o f each o f those days. The capital stock o f said company ia $500,000, and ten dollars, on each share subscribed for, must be paid at the time of subscription.— June 13, 1836. Samuel W. Jones, George McQueen, Henry C. Yates, Archibald L. Linn, Harvey Davis, Edward H . W alton, Daniel D. Campbell, 323»5 J C H A N D L E R , one door east o f the Court House, Schenectady— Jan. 12, 1836. 302tf _w , 1 T O L E T — ^ j f v f f f A STORE with a Cellar, in 8tate- J s S u L - c R street. Also, ah upper Room,’ suitable for an office. Inquire uf A. VAN SANTVOORD, May 3 . _________________ on the premises. A r o A T O L E T —from the 1 at day o f May next, a Store in State-st. I i i l l l l Inquire o f the sitbsnriber. - J M M m JOHN L A S S ELLS. Sc/teneclady, March 22, 1836. 312- GTQHOSE persons indebted to the sdbscft- ber, whose accounts have been standing more than a year, are requested to settle the same forthwith and save cost. Feb. 1. 1836. __________ E. L. FREEMEN. F O R S A L E -T h e vacant Lot corner of Green and Elbow-streets, directly op­ posite the new brick building of C* C. Peek* at present occupied by John McMichael, ba­ ng in front on Green-fltreet, 50 feet, in rear 53 feet, and in depth 280 feet. For terms ap­ ply to the subscriber.- RICH ’D. McMICHAEL, Agmt. Also, to let for the season, goodPastilring fo} 5 cow s, apply as above. Schenectady, May 10, 1836.. 319 O O K .A T T H I S I—T o be stdd by | the heirs o f Bart’w, Sckermerhora, end by his own consent, all that Notable Stand called Schuylinburs, one mile south from the city of. Schenectady, consisting o f H o u se^ Barns, and other out-houSes; a Saw-Mill, Grist-Mills, Fulling-M ills, and Carding-Ms- chines ; upwards o f On* Hundred A«re* o f Land, abqut one half flats, the remainder up­ land. B. SCHERM E R HORN. Rotterdam, April 2 6 , 1836. 317if R E M O V A L . E L. FREEM A N has removed hie Polut • and Oil store to the building owned and occupied by the late Mr. A. Myndotea, a few doors east o f Mr. J, W alker’s store. In consequence o f the high price o f J m U mo S Oil, he intends to re-comm#nce manufacturing it in a few days, and consequently w ill be ble to furnish Paints Sp Oid ., at wholesale Of ffr; tail, on better terms than it can be pu*SfeiMHl in the city o f Albany. Paints ready mixed, with kegs and bruanss, will be furnished when required, snd warrant­ ed to dry quick and hard. Schenectady, April 1‘SUi, 1 8 3 5 . , T HE subscriber would remind bis friends in the city and Country, that they oaft be supplied* with F r e s h Fin* and Sbvzsnnn FLOUR, made a t the City Mill from Genesee W heat, and of superior quality. Aloo, w ith Ryb, Iicmisr, B u c x w h e a t, M u m m ies, Ox** ham F l o u r . B r a s , S r x f Styj-#* & c. A o . Orders, left dither at his store mi Un*en-st. or at the mill, w ill be promptly attended tu, and flour by the barrel delivered in Ouy port w the c ity. ’ JOHN STRONG- Schenectady,' Oct. 12 th, 1835 f e ” N. B. I will ihatik those persons who ore still indebted to the late firm of C r a igA Strong, to pay their accounts in theconrs* o f the pre­ sent month. J. 8 . _ > ~ ~ 9 9 . B . R I C H A R D F U t U B B A C o have> just received a fresh supply and general assortment of D r u g s , Medicine, Patnts, I k n M h 4 < , Dye-W o o d s; Crown , P l*U tmd C y ­ linder Window Glass; L 0 * p , C m * Ior, Olive and Linse'td OUs, Pain^J&rushes, jS\^« .»• at ths old stand J P i ® 4 5 ® on* A * * wesfifrom ihe Canal bridge, Slat*-street. ^ , D agents von late ; also thu test Di> Ralph’s Universal Domestic Medicine, (* * te London) Improved Hygean Pufe; *1 lition of Ralph s Domestic Guide Ip M< Dr. Sears’ American H y tean Fills; L. Walker’s Salt RheumOintmentand o*«eb«* ed German Ointment fur Burns, Braises, Sprains, dtCs Hitchcocki#-Welch Medeoamentum;. Russel’* Jsalt Rheum and Itqjh Qmtment, and Stomach Bitters: . Foscstc’s Anodyne Cordial snd W o n # P o w d er*»“ Davenport’s Fills and Eyi Water; W heaton’s Ointment And BiUeta; Morars Essenceof Life; ■ A n d e n o n ’s Cough Drop*; Whitehead's rad Church’* for Rheumatism-; Lee’s, James’, Gregory’* and Swa.un’s Panacea, &c. which wilf be ’sold wholeskJjHSw retail on better, terms than at unyjj/dfor establishment o f the ftind iu the city. RICHARD FULLER, CHARLES FULLER. a t ^ --------------------- frotjh the Canal bridge, atate-atpeeL TRAVELING BY T H E - M O H A W K A H U D S O N R A l & r K 0 1 D - J 8 B 6 . SUMMER ARRANG E M E N T . DxpARTURE .YROtt ALSAMV. First class carriages froiu^d oktss carriages firoei <€ it u u U ” to Saratoga 115 State-street. At 6 ( o ’clk a. n 9 - ~.-. t , U 3 f | 10 * do. Tdayf “ jfcxc’l DUD- p : M .» cbraeYofQeof aadGoo* •evoorl-streate. At 6 oclOck A .* . « H II <« I f p. *» it D e p a r t u r e from S cmenkctadx . First class carriages fi om State-street terniiiiatiou. At 5 Avtt. to aiova’g bqat 6 * / “ 8 i “ to tow boat, i r ** A p. m . e**afof k imvai 7 « / ff “ K x s c p t v a a f r q f i Ud clasa carriages frOSi freight depot,near OOMl. At & o’clock A. M. rf* 9 ’.am * mm j U « 44 urn enrrtfefMu 44 II nests. it Isaac McConihe, George R. Davis, Elias Pattiaon, John V. Fassett, David Buel, Jr. Abraham Van T u y l, Anson Arnold, Commissioners. Fare titroegh in first o And in the second Until further notice, pssfengsrs taking th* 6 | o’clock snd 9 o’clock A . M. $ o'oloek trig 7 o’clock P. M. train* from Albany, may hu taken to any point on lbs Sahenectady and Saratoga Rail-ruod, in ibe same carriage w ith­ out change o f baggage. Passengers for the north will take the 9 o ’­ clock A. M. train from Albany: they w ill find stage coaches at Saratoga in readiness to take them on to Whitehall, or any other iutsrpta*- piate point. Returning stages w ill leave W hitehall on the arrival o f the Lake Champlain stsaotenats, and on their arrival at Barxtoga, Rail Road cars will be in readiness to take the paqfrbR” gers through to Albany without delay. The regular departures from Saratoga to Al­ bany will be at 9 o’-clock A. M. and 1 q’dfoolc \ and 4} P . M. Messrs. Thorp St. Sprague’s baggage wag­ ons w ill be iu readiness at the ’branch termin­ ation, 115 State-st. Albany, to take bsgggg* to and from the Rail Road, a* herktofore, al­ so at their office, corner of SUM and Mortk Market-stfeOts, under the museum, a t llw rata o f 6 ^ cents for uch ordinary sixed iramlUing trunk, or its equivalent. No gratuity ta allowed gratuity is allowed to be taken by aqy porter, driver of other servant employ*! tin­ der this arrangement, in Carry ing passengers or baggage tu and from the Rail Road. Baggage will be taken to qnd from tb# SHffi nect;#Jy termination, to any part of tbe «ky, free o f expense. A. W H I a NEY, Albany, April 21, 1635. t m f

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