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The Schenectady cabinet. (Schenectady [N.Y.]) 1824-1837, August 31, 1836, Image 1

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} S T A I N E D P A G E «ararCTi S u m m e r F a s h i o n s . m b a v i d m i x . TAILO R A JVC) DRAPER, No. 108 S tatjs - stlf , et , K EEPS constantly on hand an elegant as* sortment o f F ashionable G oods , in iiis line o f business, which he will make up to order at short notice and on reasonable terms. H e lias also a general assortment ol RhA D Y M ADE CLOTHING, equal to any in this or any other city. Cutting done with neatness and despatch.— T h e b o a t o f T r i m m i n g s c o n s t a n t l y on hand. Schiacctctdii, June 16. 1835. 272tf T H E S C H E N E C T A D Y C A B I N E T . J 'FR R S H G H O CEU IES. riT H E subscriber lias just recciv- X ed his spring supply of GRO­ C E R IES, which, together with _________ his old stock o f Groceries & Pro­ visions, makes his assortment complete, con­ sisting of Loaf, Lump, Carthagena, Barbadoo?, Brazil •and New-York Clarified Sugars; Hyson, Young H yson, Ilyson Skin St. Pou- chong T e a s ; Java, Rio, old white and Laguira Coffee ; St. Croix and Guadaloupe Molasses; Turks Island, Liverpool blown and W e s ­ tern Salt; Ground Cassia, Pimento, Pepper, Cloves nnd C o ffee; Sultana, Malaga and Smyrna Raisins ; Zante Currants ; fresh Turkey Figs ; Marsailles soft shelled Almonds; Filberts, Madeira Nuts, Citron, Olive Oil, and Jujube Paste; Prepared Cocoa, Chocolate, Rice, Mace, Nutmegs, and Pepper Sauce ; Smoked Salmon, Shad, Mackerel and Cod­ fish ; Sperm, Hull’s patent, and Common mould and dipt Candles, by the bo.x;^ Sperm, winter strained and full pressed Oil; Also a general assortment of W ooden and Stone Ware; W hite wash, cloth, hair, tooth, shoe, horse, scrub and lather Brushes; t Mops, Brooms, Tubs, Pails & clothes Bas­ kets ; , • Manilla and dressed sheep skin Mats; Flour, Corn, Oats, Meal, Peas, Beans, dried Apples and P e a c h e s ; Mess Pork by tho barrel; Ilam s, Lard, Butter, Cheese, cfce. &c. for sale on the most reasonable terms at the old stand! 105 Stutc-slrent. W. W . T R E D W A Y . Schenectady, April 18, 1830. _ GROCERY ST O K E , CORNTIR OF ST AT K AND CM UlUMi—STRI-’.I'.T.S. FMTriE subscriber has lately re JL eeived from N. York a choice assortment of G -H O O JEIII E S , which, together with his former stock lie offers for sale at reduced prices, among which are the following : Old Cogniac, White and American Biandy, Holland and Baltimore Gin, Jamaica, Cherry, St. Croix and Mew Rum, Alcohol, 82 per cl. above proof, Old Irish Whiskey, Madeira, Sherry, Sicily, Port, Malaga, Cham­ paign, Muscat', Scuppcrnong and other Wines, Impeiial, JHyson, Young Ilyson, Totikay and Pouchong Teas, Double Loaf, Loaf, Lump, St. Croix, Porlorioo S- « » » » . N o - 10 c u l v e r u ^ n t s a n d *„b.scr i p t s n - iil U I k a n t m i l , , r e c e i v e d . ( V O L . X X V I I — N o . 1 3 6 4 . ) W E D N E S D A Y , A U G U S T 3 1 , 1 S 3 6 . * *. m. . i-rtn cnuWM Umxuttl* : y o f mnmssmtsmstm T O R E N T - O n e half o f a j good house in Libcrty-strcot.- IntMiiro of 1 F. B U R G E S S . cnee tad//, Avgust 1, 1830. _ IK T O L E T ­ S'TORE with a Collar, in State street. Also, an upper Room suitable for art oflico. Inquire of A. VAN SANTVO O RD, • May 3, 011 ^le premises. TO L E T F ROM the 5th day o f Septem­ ber next, the STO R E at P A T E N T L O C K S . M e n e c l c y ’s 1 atont Locks o f all kinds, for salo as low ns can be purchased from tho manufact­ urer, hy ABM . A. VAN VO Rtf T , March 10, 1830. ___ s v o v s s f s t t o v s s ! FBNHE subscriber has just received a new aa- JL sortment o f COOK, OVEN, PARLOR, IIALL, SIX-PLATE & BOX STOVES, to­ gether with Dr. N o tt’s COAL AND COOK STO V E S , all o f the newest and most approv­ ed patterns, which he offers for sale on rea­ sonable terms, and at the low est prices. The public are requested to call and examine them; ( N o w S c r i e s . — V O L . V I I — N o . 3 3 5 . ) JO H N I.ASSWI.S, rJAH 0 8 E persons for whom fortunes have been U P H O L S T E R _ present occupied by the. subscrib- I tiie most o f them are entirely new patterns ers, as they intend removing to store No. 121 ' Stove Pipe o f all sizes constantly on hand. ’ ’ .E * | ABM . A. VAN VORST. & VEDDER. j N. B. Dr. N o tt’s Coal Stoves, i f out o f re- Se/tcnectady , July 13, 1836. “ j p b K SALE* i l l s The Tavern Stand at present occupied by Wrn. Freeman, corner Watcr- street nnd facing the Saratoga & Soli mice iady railroad,— (said premises rent this year for $25(*.) I f not s^ld at private salo by lf>l.li Sept. next, the promises will then he sold at public auction on the premises, to tho highest bidder. For further particulars in­ quire o f tho subscriber. G. Q. CARLEY. Schenectady, June 7,1835. 32-1 C o u n try'Store F o r Sale. LIE subscriber offers lbr sale his ______ Store H ouse and Lot, on which he now resides, situated in tho village of Charl­ ton, Saratoga county, about nine miles north of the city o f Schenectady, and eight miles from Ballston Spa. Possession given imme­ diately. For further particulars inquire of tho subscriber on the premises. I f not sold by the first of May it will bo to let. .L E. IIOLLISTFR. Charlton, April 10, 1835. _____________ 203 1 7 I O U S A L E —The Brick . Dwelling House and prcm ises formerly occupied by the subscriber, and extending from Water street. T h e above property is too well known to require a particular dos cription. The terms of salo may be known by inquiring of Wrn. MeCamus or of die sub scribor. — Schenectady , January i 1, 1836. 203 JO llN BROW N. FA R M FO R SA L E . N tho town of Rotterdam, a bout nine miles from the city N. pair, can be repaired upon application to the subscriber before the 20 th inst. _ September 1 1 , 1835. A. A. V. V. \Vagov\ T im ber, &c. F g p H E subscriber, will pay (lie highest price JHL in cash or trade, for WAGON TIM B E R of all kinds and SLEIGH CROOKS, at the old stand lately occupied by Wm. S. Has'adorn, in the village o f Scotia. He keeps constantly on hand, CORN BROOMS oi'ul] descriptions, warranted good, foi sale wholesale or retail. DAVID F. llE E S . Glenville , Oct. 1 st. 1833 and While and Brown Havana Sugars. Pepper, Pimento, Cloves, Nuimegs, .Mace and t ’innamon, Madeiia and Italian Citron, Maccaba Snnff by tlie Jar or smaller quantity, Sperm, Mould and DipL Candles by the box, Glass, 7 by 9 and 0 by 10, Lamp Oil,” winter and fall pressed, Bordeaux Olive Oil, Sugar House, New-Orleans and New Iberia Molasses, Lemons and Oranges, Almonds and Filberts, Brazil, Madeira and Pea Nuts, Bunch, Bloom and Sultana Raisins, Dye Woods, Alum and Copperas, ^puffi-fi flout Ind:go, Western, Superfine and Fine Flour,by thcr bar rcl, or smaller quantity, Java, St. Domingo and Green Coffee, London Brown Stout and Philadelphia Porter Black Lead, Salt Peter, American and Russia tlemp Rope, English Mustard, Poland Starch, Castile,Bar and Shaving Soap, English, India and Ainorican Twine, Gun Flints and Percussion Cups, Orange Gunpowder and Shot, Ladies’ Twist, Cut and Plug Tobacco, Stoughton Bitters, Crockery, Glass und Stone-Ware, &c. &c. wc. A p r i l 25, 1831 G. Q. CARLEY. F l i U l l G E S S Ims removed to • tw o doors west o f E. St L. Benedict’s hat store, in State-st.A to where he offers for sale an exten­ sive assortment of Groceries and Provisions, among which are the follow ing: E-I Imperial, Ilyson, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, j Loaf, J Lump, > Sugars. Brown, 3 Porto R ico, J Molas- Syrup, 3 ses. Lemons, Oranges, Pepper Sauce, Salfiid Oil, Lemon Syrup. Prunes, Currents. Dried Plum-!, F r e s h F i g s , _ Bunch Raisins, Pea Nuts, Filberts, A Imonds, Madeira Nuts, Pork, Salted Beef, Peas, Corn, Oats, Flour, Rye Flour, Corn Meal, Soap, Candles, Lamp Oil, B u t t e r S a l t , Cider Vinegar, P o l a n d S t a r c h , W hite Beans. | f c o f Schenectady, containing ninety dtA U tfB L six acres, under good improvement. Tho soil good and adjoins tho farm o f the late John Crawford, Esq. about tw o miles south of tho Erie canal. JOHN I. DEGRAFF. Schenectady, 10/A March, lo35._ ____ E x t e n s i v e ’ d t ’ V a l n a l i l c T r a c t o f L a n d , V i l l a g e P l o t , M i l l s a n d Mil P r i v i l e g e s — FO R SA L E at Public Auction, at the Room o f t h e Merchants* Exchange in the city ofN * York, at r f o’clock at noon, on Wednesday, the 7th day o f September n e x t,—All o f the in­ terest which the Mohawk Bank has in the pro­ perty formerly owned by Russell A tw a ter,sit­ uated *>i'i and near Grass River, in the north part o f the town o f Russell, County of St. Lawrence; the ti+Ie o f Avhich ir clear m d in disputable. The property consists o f about 9,000 acres o f Land, m ostly wild, some im ­ proved, and several improved Farms under contract, together with valuable and extensive Mill Privileges, and a Stone Grist M ill and a Saw Mill; also the Russell Village Plot, em ­ bracing several hundred acres laid out in lots, together with several stone, brick and wooden buildings, including a hotel of stone, and a largo stone arsenal erected by the government during the late war. Tho whole o f the property above mentioned, including the contracts for Farms sold, on which is due and well secured about $- 1 , 000 , will be sold in one entire parcel; ten per cent, o f th e purchase money to be paid down, and ton per cent, in 00 days, and the remainder on very liberal terms as to credit. further description is deemed unnecessary as the purchaser will no doubt v iew the prem­ ises. Reference may be had to the Hon. John Fine, Ogdensburgh; Elihu Phelps, Esq. near the premises, and the undersigned at S chenec­ tady. By order of the Board o f Directors. JAM E S C. DUANE, ) H ARM ’S. PEEK, < Commit- SAM ’L. W . JO NES, > tec. JOHN I. D E G RAFF, ] Schenectady, May 10, 1836. 319td S C H E N E C T A D Y F u r n a c e and, Jfla c h in e S h o p , C L U T E & B A X L E Y k cop constant­ ly on linnd, and manufacture to order, STEAM ENGINES, LATH E S AND M A ­ CHINERY. * Finished Axle Arms, W agon, dart and Pipe Boxes. Mill Cranks and Spindles. Now and improved Burk, Corn and Plas­ ter MILLS. Mill and Clothier’s Scrfiws. Rail Road Car W h eels. Plough Castings, Cider Mills, nuts and screws. And HOLLOW W A R E o f nil descriptions. All kinds of Brass, Copper and Composition Castings, N. IS. Merchants would do well to call and examine for themselves. Schenectady, April 21 , 1834. TRAVELING BY T H E M OHAW K & HUDSON R A I L R O A D - 1 .8 3 6 . SUMMER ARRANG E M E N T . D eparture from A lbany . F i r s t class c a r r i a g e s from 2d cla s s c a r r i a g e s from ti u lo S a r a t o g a At 6 oc l o c k A- M ti a 0 8.1 a U a p. m . to c ! o . 104 tc ii a [day it P. M. a u c x o ’t S u n - H « u a (t 6 it (C c o r n e r o f Q u a y a n d G.ui- sevoorl-Htreeis. S c i i e n j e c t a h y . 2d cla s s carriages, from I'reighl d e p o t , ne;u ft.uinl. At 41. o’clocf G“ “ 8 10A 2 * 4$ ti tt ll ll A. M. U il Cl V. M. Also, a general assortment o f Crockery Glass Ware, which lie is determined to sell as cheap as can be bought, in the city of Scbcncc- tady .—M a y 9, 1836. 319 ScheneetRdy Savings’ Bank. T HE charter for this Institution was grant­ ed at the late session o f the Legislature ol this state. The followinggentlem en are ap­ pointed Trustees and Managers, viz: Joseph CL Yates, Archibald Craig, William Cunning­ ham, Alonzo C. Paige, Thomas Palmer, \V. A. S. North, Harmanus Peek, Jhlarvcy Davis, C. C. Vranken, John Paugburn, George Mc­ Queen, Archibald Campbell, Ephraim Bene­ dict. At a meeting of tho Trustees, on the 23d of May, 1834, this Institution was duly organized and the following officers were elected, viz : Hon. JOSEPH C. YATES, President. WILLIAM CUNNINGHAVI, Vice Prm.idcni. TPOM A S PALMER, Treasurer. WM. A. S. NORTH, Serre‘ WILLIAM H. PALMER, .-hccunttnl. Funding Committee. — A. C. Pahu;, IIar m a n u s P k e k , with tlie President, Vice Presi­ dent and Treasurer. Monthly Attending Commit tm .—G k o iice Me Q u e e n , IIauvey D a v is, John Pa nob t;rn. The business o f this Institution will be trans- I the arrival o f tlie Lake Champlain steamboats, cted at the Schenectady Bank. The Bank I and on their arrival at Saratoga, ltail Road r- 1 cars will bo in readiness to take the passen­ gers through to Albany w'ithout delay. The regular departures from Saratoga to A l­ bany will be at 9 o’clock A. M. and 1 o’clock and\45 P . M. Messrs. Thorp & Sprague’s baggage w a g ­ ons will be in readiness ut tho branch termin­ ation, 115 State-st. Albany, to take baggage to and from the Rail Road, as heretofore,, al­ so at their office, corner of State and North Market-streets, under the museum, at the rate o f Gi cents for each ordinary sized travelling trunk, or its equivalent. No gratuity is allowed to be taken by any porter, driver or other servant employed un­ der this arrangement, in carrying passengers or baggage to and from the Rail Road. Baggage w ill be taken to and from the Sche­ nectady termination, to any part of the ctty, freo of expense. A. W H IT N E Y , Sup’l. Albany, April 21, 1635. 2 l5 t f 115 State-street. At Ok oVili a . m . 9 11 3 h 0k 10 J D e p a r t u r e from First class carriages I) um Si ate-street termination. At 5 a . M. to morn’g boat 0k “ 8 i “ to tow boat, 11 “ 3 p. nr. evening boat. 5 ‘‘ except Sunday. 7 “ Fare'through in first c lass carriages. G 2 J cents And in the second “ “ 31^ \ Until further notice, passengers taking tho (ij o’clock and 9 o’clock A. M. 3 o’clock and 7 o’clock P. M. trains from Albany, may be taken lo any point on the Schenectady and Saratoga Rail-road, in the same carriage’with­ out change of baggage. Passengers for the north will take the 9 o’­ clock A. M. train from Albany: they wilil find stage coaches at Saratoga in readiness to take them on to Whitehall, or any other iutermo- piale point. Returning stages w ill leave W hitehall on i t m i o v t i j . E L. FREEMAN lias removed liis Paint • and Oil store lo tho building owned and occupied by the Into Mr. A. Mynderse, a few doors east of Mr. J. W alker’s store. In consequence o f tho high price o f TAniseed Oil, ho intends to rc-commonoo manufacturing it in a few days, and consequently will bo a- b!e to furnish Paints Oil, at wholesale or re­ tail, on better terms than it can be purchased in the city o f Albany. Paints ready mixed, with kegs and brushes, will be furnished when required, and warrant­ ed to dry quick and hard. Schenectady, April I ?>th, 1S35. C I I A I l i F A C T O I t Y . A . & E . B R O W N , (Late Albert Brown,) C O NTINUE manufacturing CITAIRS, at the old stand. No. 33, State-street, near- y opposite the Schenectady Bank, where they mvc on hand and are consttuitly manufacturing for sale, wholesale and retail, | m a h o g a n y C h a i r s S c S e t t e e s , Grecian, Fancy, Bamboo and Flag Bottom | Gilded and finished in a superior style : Together with an extensive assortment of Windsor, Common and Cottage Chairs, all «f which they will sell as cheap as can be purchas­ ed in the cities of New-York or Albany, or any oilier place in this section ofth e country. [1 j ' Chairs repaired and re-gilded at short notice.— Schenectady , May 10, 16 3 1 . ___ 216 N e w A r s ' l v s t l o f F a s h i o n a b l e G O O D S . 5j“p I I E subscriber has recently returned from New-York wilh an elegant supply of carefully selected GOODS, appropriate for iis lino of trade, which, with the former stock, makes liis assortment o f Fashionable Goods more perfect perhaps than has ever before been offered ia this city. Among the assortment may be found Broadcloths and Cassimeres of almost every price and shade; some entire new patterns of Marseilles V e stings; Silk Vestings,Plain and Fig’d Silk Velvet do. Satin do. Vafenciado. Merino do. Finest Bombazine do. Black, Claret, and Green Crape Camblots for Gentlemen; Summer Coats; Heavy Plain, Rib’d and Plaid Linen Drillings; almost every variety of W hite and Brown Linen for Sum­ mer Pantaloons and Roundabouts; Also, dif­ ferent shades o f Rib’d Cotton Cassimeres ; W hite English Moleskin, with almost every other article usually kept in sucli an establish­ ment. The subscriber is prepared to execute with the greatest despatch, all orders in his linn, arid warrants all garments made by him to fit well. Tlie subscriber believes that he can sell at as reasonable prices as any other individual in this city. Tailors furnished wilh Trim­ mings on reasonable terms. The public arc resp'ectfuIJy invited to call and judge for them­ selves. N. B. A great variety of Ready Made Gar­ ments at all times on hand, ofthe. best work­ manship, which will be sold unusually low for rash only. .TNG. P. BECK LEY. Schenectady, April 25, 1836. AT III T E I l A N D F U R N I T U IIP W A U E - I I O U H K , i\o. 91. S t a t e - S t r e k t , o p p o s i t e J. W . w . h e u ’ s . EK P S constantly on hand, or malms at short notice —ITair and Mass Mattresses, Feather Beds Church Chair Cushions steads; Wash and Iforh. Stands; Tables; nluvies; Bureaus; Book Coses; Co/ts; Bostmi hacking Chairs; Fancy m il Common. Chairs , .Mahogany Chairs, mith hair cushions; Window Blinds from Athu.ni/ and Eastern factories. On consignment, a lot of Lice Geese Feathers of tlie first quality Thankful for past favors, and by strict at­ tention to the line of his profession, lie hopes to receive a share of public patronage. N. B. Long standing accounts must be suttl- ed —peaceably i f they can, forcibly i f they must. S i ^ p t e r n h e r ] , 1 8 3 5 , N E W H A R D - ' W A R E S T O R E ? South side of Slute-st reel, three doors west o f the Canal. W H E R E the subscribers have just received, and will keep constantly on hand rt general assortment of H A R D ­ W ARE, as follows: Shelf Goo’ds, Cutlerv & Sad­ dlery; Carporitor’s and Joiner’s tools; ’I’ea Trays, Brass Kettles and Crowbars; Shovels, {Spades and I.loos; VVrought and Cut Nails and Spikes; Tin, Sheet Iron, and Hollow W are; HENRY PEEK , JOHN EDW ARDS. Rr.hcncctady, May 525, 1 8 3 5 . N. B. Having employed good workmen in the Tin arid Shoot-Iron Manufactory, they will eteciiL; all jolt work in the best manner and on the shortest notice. H t o D - W A a s s t o r e . Sign ofthe Padlock, No. 75, Elate st. a M I E s u b s c r i b e r h a s j u s t r e c e i v - . c i d , a n d will k e e p ' o o i i s t a n t l y on h a n d , a g e n e r a l a s s o r t m e n t o i I I a u d - Y V a i u c , C u i t i . e u y , S a d ­ d l e r y , C a t p e n t e r s t f c J o i n e r s ’ T o o l s , L o o k i n g G l a s s e s , T e a B o a r d s , I r o n , S t e e l , N a i l s , t f c e . w h i c h I n : o f o r s f o r s a l e o r i t h e m o s t , r e a s o n a b l e t e r m s . Also, a g e n e r a l a s s o r t m e n t o f ST O V E S o f tlm n e w e s t a n d m o s t a p p r o v e d p a t t e r n s , Store Pipe, Shed Iron, Copper Jy Tin IFarc, t o g e t h e r v o h a g o o d a s s o r t m e n t o f Dr. N o t t ’ s C o a l S i e v e s a n d P a t e n t T i n O v e n s , a m u c h a p ­ p r o v e d a n d v e r y e c o n o m i c a l a r t i c l e , f o r b a k i n g a n d r o a s t i n g . • t.) -Having good workmen in his employ n j Sheet Iron, Tin and Copper, ho will oxeent;) all job work in the best manner and al short mil ice. ABM .A . VAN VORST. Schenectady, M ay US, 1835. 263tf € 2 a tU O L R O O K * . —-Mam . m i , b y Prof. Eaton—*old edit iw.S*. do. Hour . 1 . 1 . . RT r • o i d e r . . d , f r o m tl ie s l a t e s o f V i r g i n i a , M a r y - ;,i n d , a n d D e l a w a r e w i l l p l e a s e c a ll at No. 26 i:’ ' < i ie .s t r e e t a n d r e c e i v e the s a m e . M-irch, :i l,]s.-55. J. BRODERICK t n u a i ol B o U e d i t i o n , p n i e e •mv- '“-•''V/'bl'of, 22s.; Mrs.Lincoln’s Bol- :. \ ‘-‘diHon, 1 3s.; Bonnet's book koep- 7 7 J ' 7 Y i:<;c,‘lv,-'d a n d f o r s a l e b y dune 8, 1 8 3 b . _ n . B . J U C 1 I A R D S . W A j r a . - A ^ n . s - o n m e n t o t w m i m e l l e d P o t s , K e t t l e s a m i h p i d e r s , f o r s a i e by -Harch. 1G, IbJO. ABM. A. V A N VOT?ST A GENERAL a.ssorbnenToT c 7 b T ) 7 s d W ! B o o k s ; a l s o B l a n k B o o k s , a n d F o o l ’s C a p a n d L e t t e r P a p e r , o f all k i n d s , f o r s a l e b y II. B. R I C H A R D S . June 21. Cr o c h e r y 8 C h i n a W a r e . \|[p BURG E S S has just received a supply o A • Crockery, Glass anil China Ware, which lie offers for sale at the low e st possible pri­ ces, two doors west from E. & L. Benedict’s. Soli oner fa.dy. .May 9, 1836. W K .S T JU R N P L A S T id l l 7 = bbls, Ground Plaster from Chittenan g°. a nm l i s t , r e c e i v e d 7 , 1 8 3 6 . R O W N 0 0 and for sale low by O. Q CARLEY. S*U G A RftL- France and Porto Rico Sugars, -St. Croix A Woman to do the cooking, md ironing of a small family. just received aud for salo very low hy May 31. G. il. CARLEY W A N T E D ' - \ w a s h i n g rj ________ _____ Apply al. A. C. P A lG E ’s, corner of Union and Washington streets. — July 14, 1836. 329tf B ROW N’S W lllSK E V , for sale by the Barrel, by SPIER $ CLUTE, Colonnade Buildings, Stalo-st. July 26, 1836. ir sale by CLUTE, Colonnade Buildings, Slate-st. July 26, 1836. * V INEGAR, by tbe Barrel, for SPIER & C C N I D E l l 22 R A N BY' J for sale by June 13. B y l l i e b a r r e l , S P I E R c f c C L U T E . 9 9 . B i t - R I C H A R D F U L L E R A C o have just received a fresh supply and general assortment of ^acte - will be open evey Monday afternoon, from 4 till 6 o’clock. The Accountant will be in at­ tendance with the Monthly' Committee. D e ­ posits, from one dollar and upwards, will be received, and a bank book, with a copy o f the By-Eaw s, furnished each depositor. Similar institutions are in successful opera­ tion in different parts of this state, and expe­ rience has tested their utility. The w eekly savings of an individual invested here w ill ac­ cumulate and in a few years amount to large sums. Many a prosperous citizen ow'cs his first success to the Savings Bank, and many an orphan has been placed beyond want, by a drudent investment here. It is earnestly hoped that all classes will im­ prove the opportunity to invest a portion of their earnings, which they would otherwise spend, and thereby create a fund on whicl they can draw, when all other resources fail. Schenectady, May 26, 133-1. 217 Drugs, Medicine , Paints , Turpentine, Dye-Woods; Crown , Plate and Cy­ linder Window Glass; Lamp, Cas­ tor , Olive and JAnsced Oils , Paint Brushes , Spc. at ihe old stand of Dunlap «fc Fuller, one door i west front the Canal bridge, State-street. AGENTS FOR Dr. Ralph’s Universal Domestic Medicine, ’(the late London) Improved Ilygean Pills; also the lust edition oi Ralph s Domestic Guide to Medicine. Dr. Sears' American Ilygean Pills; L. Walker's Salt lllieum Ointment and celebrat ed German Ointment for Burns, Bruises, Sprains, &c. Hitchcock’s Welch Medeeamentum; Russel’s Salt Rheum and Itch Ointment, and Stomach Bitters; Fosgate’s Anodyne Cordial and Worm Powders Davenport’s Pills and Eye Water ; Wheaton’s Ointment and Bitters; Moor’s Essence of Life ; Anderson’s Cough Drops; \\ hitehead’s and Church’s Essence o f Mustard for Rheumatism ; Lee’s, James’, Gregory ’3 and Phinney’s P ills; Swann’s Panacea, &e. which will be sold wholesale and retail on better terms than at any other establishment of the kind in the city. RICHARD rU L L E R , CHARLES FULLER. Schenectady, A v g u st 24, 1855. OU'D r . THOS. DUNLAP, continues his office at the old stand o f Dunlap & Fuller, first door west from the Canal bridge, State-street. H A R D - W A R E . V , U X i U T E i« now opening Iiis fall stock of H A R D W A R E $ CUTLERY, which in addition to Iiis former assortment, makes it general and complete—consisting of Old and new sable IRON. Sw e d e s Bar Iron, flat and square. English do Hat, square and round, itniviicun do do do do ‘loop, band a n d scroll IRON. Brazier’s, horse nail, and spike rods. Cast, German and spring ST E E L . Swedes, blistered and American do. Crow-bars, Piolc-axes and Grub-hoes. English aud Rowland’s Mill and X cut Saw s English and American Shovels and Spades. Cut, wrought and horse nails. Block Tin, bar and sheet Lead. Anv ils, Vices and Brass Kettles. Block Tin and lead Pipe. Brillama teu and coll'ue Pots. Brass Shovels, Tongs and Audirotm. Barnard's, ISimnioii’s and Waldron's broad hand nnd narrow A X E 8 . Also, (,’iiissels, Adzes, *fcc. il'j Together will) a general assortment of CA I! P E N T E R ’S AND JOINER’S TOOLS, which be oilers on tbe most favorable terms, wholesale and retail, corner o f Stale and Ca­ na l-slroets. Schenectady, Oct. 27, 1835. 291 ’ R O T T E R D A M F C I I Y A C E , ' ( near the city uf Schenectady.) fjSNTIE subscriber lias lately erected a Fur- _§L riacc in tlie town of Rotterdam, about two miles from the city nf Schenectady, where lie is at all limes ready lo make to order Ir o n Castings, of various descriptions—such as Mill and Factory Gearing; Rail Road Castings; Bark and Corn Crackers ; Press Plates; oven months & furnace doors; W agon, Cart and Post Coach Boxes; Easli W eights of di Heron t sizes; Forge Hammers ; Sleigh & Gutter Shoes ; Stoves and fStovc Plates; Hull Scrapers ; Portable O v ens ; Hollow W are; & c. Arc. He is confident that all bis castings will be found equal if riot superior to those manufac­ tured at any other establishment, boLh as to soundness and finish. []}’ Orders for Castings may be addressed lo Jarvis Van Buren, machinist, or to Pock Edwards, hardware meidm nts, in llie city of Schenectady—which shall lie attended to promptly. _ HENRY PEEK. January, 1636. ^ 301 & V T 4 F N E C T A D Y F U R N A C E . C 4 LUTE tfc BAILEY will keep on hand, J and make to order as usual, all articles connected with the Furnace and Machine shop, and respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage they have so liberally received. They ftaye a general assortment o f Plough Castings; ground Wagon and Pipe Boxes; Axle Drafts and finished A n n s; Stovos and -Cast) will be paid for F. BURGESS. B P i E S w a x . Bees Wax, by Mm/ 16. 'rn A A I / I M Y w T i r i i n r g « h s wi J l. as usual, for Tallow, two doors west from E. &. L. Benedict’s.— May 16. ' j j p ' K i O U R * — 7 5 b a r r e l s F l o u r —ro oarreis riour—excellent quality, for sale by Jane 7. W . W. TREDW AY. C 'l ASS N < L - J u s l icoeivud a large J and splendid assortment o f superfine., line and three ply Ingrained Carpeting, o f n ew patterns, for sale low by April G, 1S36. JOHN OIILF.N. B R O A D O t j O T U h l r KRjULSjW Y - M E R E 8 .—A choice assortment o f supe­ rior goods and fashionable style, received liiis spring, and rioW offered for sale, by April 2 0 . T L. THOMPSON. CARPETIJVG. E NGLISH and American Fine, Superfine, Double Super, Three Piy; Jy Brussells, Scotch Ingrain, Venitian, Denmark Venitian, and Cotton Carpeting, received this spring at No. 91 State-street, Schenectady, and offered for sale by T. L. THOM P S ON. A p ril 20, 1836. A i ? JS K 1 1 A N ( L I N I E * . - —7 c7 7 s M . Paper Hangings and Bordering*, just received, which, with his former stock comprises the best assortment in the city which will be sold low by A p ril 0. JS36. JOIIN OIILEN. _ M A V A N N A. ' S U W SA Y .“-\ l hhd.' tla- vamia Uone.y, just received and for sale by May 31. „ CA RL,';Y’_ C N U > I d I £ .—26 bids,Cider, lit for boitnng, J fur sale by SPIER tfc CLUTE, M ay It). Colonnade buildings. 1 A N T O N M A T T I N C , ' 4-4 und 0-4 colored and Plain, for sale by April 20. T. L. THOM PSON. W J S 3 S T K R N *AJJT.— 500 bushels Fine salt just received, in prime der, for sale on reasonable terms by June 35, 1836. G. Q. CARLEY. r r n Y oi. SCHENECTADY, in Commort V i 0 UaCm’i the,16th Aus ust> 1S3& Resolved That the Clerk cause the 3d and 4tH sections ofthe law for establishing the office o? Ci ty Surveyor, to be published for three weeks, m both of the city papers. The following'are the sections ofth e said law, to wit: § 3. No person shall hereafter erect ahy building or fence, on any street, within the police district o f this city, unless the range ojf the said building, with the street, shall haVd been first laid down by the city surlrejffif, under the penalty o f twenty-live dollars fof each offence; and i f any building or fence hete« after be erected, or any part thereof shall pro* ject into the street, beyond the range of aucHl street, so laid down by the city surveyor, tho person erecting the same shall, within thfed days after notice thereof is given to him by thd city surveyor,remove the said building o f fettCd within the range so laid down as aforesaid, Utt* der the penalty of twenty-five dollars, and d further penalty of five dollars for every twefi* ty-four hours -that the said building or fefifcS shall be continued beyond such range, wliicli penalty or penalties shall be in addition to any other liability to which such person m ay by law be subject. §•4. The city surveyor shall be entitled id the sum of one dollar, for laying down thd range of the street, for each lot on which any person shall place any building, or put up atty fence adjoining such street, to be paid by thd owner of, or builder on, such lot. 334w3 rA JUAYV relative to side-walks in that :S l part of Front street, lying between Fer* O u NGURRENT BANK NOTES exchanged at No. 2 6 , State-street, by July 2 8 , 1834. J. BRODERICK. M a l a g a w i i t f E . - a u qrT c a sks Sw e e t W ine, for sale by M ay 31. G. Ci. CARLEY. C 'lIlJE J r a S K . J s a l e b y May 1 0 . 1’i p e ; C a u l d r o n K e t t l e s o f 1 6 , 5 2 , 4 6 . 6 4 and 1 1 5 gall-;.; M a c h i n e r y C a s t i n g s an d Mill G e a r ­ ing m a d e to o r d e r . A l s o a s u p p l y o f ilieir n e w p a t e n t No. 5 an d 6 C o o k S t o v e s , n.lmil- t*ui by g o o d j u d g e s to bo at lo i>t iipial to i n v o i l i e r \ n o w in tt-o, at th o i r N e w S t o r e in Ctl- nal--4io< t-— S r l u n v c i a d y . <ht. 2 6 , 1 S 3 5 . t l r ' l ' i m y w m i l . l a p p r i z e th e n - c n - d o m n r s that lbo\ b.ivo r e l i n q u i s h e d tho b a r d - w a r e lm .s.ue.-s, a n d a r e d e s i r o u s o f cl o s i n g .ill a c c o u n t s c o n n e c t e d wiili it as s o o n as m a y lie c o n v e n - if nl. C. U. C L U T E has t a k e n th e I T a r d - W ; 300 lbs. Datrv Cheese, for SPIE R & CLUTE, Colonnade buildings. LB ANY E A G LE “ AIR FURNACE- * . ij@L MACHINE SH O P — W illiam V. M a ­ n y , (formerly Corning, Norton <fc C o .) Man­ ufacture to order Iron Castings for Gearing .Mills and Factories of every description. Al- o, Malt Mills, Mashing Machines, Steam En­ gines, and Rail-road Castings of every des­ cription. The collection of Patterns for Ma­ chinery ia not equalled in the United States. Tiie following articles will be kept con­ stantly for sale at tho Furnace, arid furnished at short notice, viz : Potash K ettles, single and double bottoms, from 56 to 340 gallons, Cauldrons from 1 to 3 barrels, Ilatters’ and Soap Boilers’ K ettles, Bark Mills, Paper Mill and other Screws, Press Plates, Oven Mouths and Furnace Doors, Hand Pumps, Single and Double Forcing Pumps, W agon, Cart and Post. Coach Boxes, Sash W eights, 7, 14, 25, 28, 30, 50. 56 and 60 lb. W eights, Forge Ham­ mers, Sleigh Shoes, Stoves, Hall Scrapers, Portable Furnaces, Hawser Irons, Mandrills for Coppersmiths, Bookbinders’ and Nolarial or Sea! Presses. W. V. M. having an extensive assortment of Plough Patterns, embracing almost every kind in use, keep constantly on hand the fol­ lowing Plough Castings, viz store of Clute & Bailey, Caual-sti eels, where lie itrc- c o r n e r o f w o u l d be a i t mi h i s f n e n d s a n d the p u b l i c at all Oct. 2 6 , 1 8 3 5 . Stale and happy to t i m e 291 .H L A C K S A J i T H L N G . C I j Z of the late linn of Yates and Borbydl, m- fem s his friends and the public in general, tli.it he has taken .1 shop in Liherty-stieet, opposite the old stand of said Yates and Barhydt, where lie intends to carry on the JBLACKSMITJIING BUSINESS in all its various branches. IK pledges himself to those who wi-h to employ him,'that the IRONING OF CARRIAGES, SHOEING OF HOUSES and ail other «tork shall be done in as neat and workmanlike man­ ner as at .my other shop in this city. Grateful; for past favois, lit solicits a share ol the patron age of a generous public,—June 5, I 8 6 0 . 1 0 Sl.irbucK'.s, (’lute’s, IJiy.int's, Gibson's, World’s, for £ F i c c h o m ’s,) ) Tier’s, W 1 iglil’s, 11 mKun’s, R u s s e l l ’ s , Nu ti <£ U ll ll ll I I . 1 , 2 & 3, D . 1 tfc 2 ^. !,2 ,2 £ ,3 & 4 . 2, 3, 4, 5 st fi. 1, 2.1, 3 i c 1, A . 2, A. (i, J, 2 ti 24. 2, D . < > c . 3 . 1 . 3 , 2 fc 3 , old. £ ry and Jefferson streete. Tassed August 16; IS3G. The Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of thflf city of Schenectady, in Common Council con- -50 veiled, do ordain as follows: 1. Each and every of the owner df otvnertj occupant or occupants of any house, building' or buildings, lot or lots of ground fronting that part of Front- street, lying between Ferry and Jefferson streets, (formerly Love Lane,) ard hereby required and directed by the 1st day of October next, to pitch level and Bag, o t cause to be pitched, levelled and flagged, the side-walks in front of their respective houses; buildings, or lot or lots of ground, with hard brick, or flat stones to the width of eleven feef; and in such manner as tho superintendent o f streets, under the authority and direction o f the Committee on Highways, shall direct andl proscribe, and such side-wijlks to be protected and secured by a good and sufficient curb stone; placed edgewise, of not less than fifteen inch* wide. 2. Any and every o f the said owner or owrt* ers, occupant or occupants, who shall neglect or refuse so to pitch, level and flag the said walks in front o f their respective houses, build­ ings, lot or lots o f ground as required in and by this ordinance, and within the time speci- ied for that purpose, shall forfeit and pay thd sum often dollars; and in case of such n eglect or refusal by any such owner or owners, oc- pay ca.-li cupant or occupants, so to pitch, level and flag as aforesaid, it shall be the duty o f the said su- perintendant, as soon as practicable after thd expiralion of the time specified in and by thid ordinance for the completion of the said .work; with the consent and approbation ofth e said committee on highways, to cause the side­ walks in front of the house, building or build* ings, lot or lots of ground o f any such owner 1 or owners, occupant or occupants so neglect* ing or refusing as aforesaid, to be conformed to the requisitions of this ordinance; and thd expenses to be incurred thereby shall be paid; borne by and recovered from such owner of owners, occupant or occupants, after the safn® shall have been duly certified by the Bkid su* perinlendent to the Common Council, accord* ing to llie provisions contained in the 17tH section of a certain ordinance entitled,- ‘A Law relating to officers and their duties, passed August 16, 1833.’ A Copy. 334\v3 ABM. VAN ING E N , Clerk C ILaTiUS <7n- T itl'N ITY OUURC t t / IN THE CITY OF NEW-YORK. At d large meeting ofthe descendanls-of AnnekeJants, held in the court-rooin at Poughkeepsie, on the 1st day of Juiy current, the subscribers were appoint* cd ilieir committee and agents, and directed td publish the proceedings of that meeting, which were as follows : At a numerous meeting of the descendants b f Anriokc .hints, held at Poughkeepsie, in Dutches^ county, pursuant to public; notice, on the first day of J uly, 1 !!3iJ—J udgo Trumpbour, of Saugerties in Ulster enmity, was called to the chair, and John! Van Huron, esq. of Kingston in said county, wad appointed secretary. Mr. George Sullivan, of counsel for the heirs, being called upon to inform the meeting ofthe ac* actual slate and prospects of (heir claims, made fit lucid arid concise exposition of tho rights of the claimants,ihe proceedings which had thus lar been) had in chancery, and presented a history of the claim from its earliest stages. On motion it was unanimously resolved, that the descendants of Anneke Jants do unite in the prosecution of their claims against the Trinity Church of the city of New-York, and persevere ia it until the final decision ofthe highest tribunal o f the state shall award them their rights, or decide that these are lost beyond recovery ; and that a coinmidcc be appointed to take such measures fo( carrying into elT.-ct this resolution, as they may deem expedient Resolved, That this committee consist o f thred persons, and that Judge Trumpbour, of Saugerties, Ulster co., PclerOakley, Esq. of Fishkill, Dutchess eo. and John L. Rogardus, Esq. o f the city o f New'* Ywrk, be said committee. Resolved, That said committee have full power# lo carry out the objects ofthe foregoing resolutions; in accordance wilh the provisions ofthe agreement of the 10th July, 1830. An agreement was drawn up and annexed to tli# original agreement provided for the raisingof funds for tho prosecution of the suit instituted by theif counsel, Mr. .Sullivan, and such other suits as he and said committee may deem expedient tn th# premises. Resolved, That said committee have power td call meetings of the descendants of Anne Jants, at such times and places as may be convenient, by 1 public notice or otherwise. Resolved, That these proceedings be published in the newspapers of this state, with a view to ap* prise all who are interested in these claims of th# course intended to be pursued. * J acob T rumpbour , Ch’n. John Van Buren, Sec’y. The subscribers, in further compliance with the wishes of tlie heirs assembled on this occasion,- earnestly request, that all persons who are descend­ ants from Anneke Jants, or connected by marriage with her descendants, wiil forward in yvritingtheir' names and places of residence arid tlieir respective' pedigrees, so that they may receive the circulars which the committee are preparing to send them. It has become important that all should specify, as soon as may be, their respective descents, so that tlieir respective shares or interest in the property may be ascertained. These communications may he directed to cither of the subscribers, who in re* turn will send information from time to time, o f tho or- tV o n d ’s, Chambei J.finV, “ 3 „ Al-o,tin- cc leluatecJ S i d c - l L l l Plo u g h , .vo.I At ~. Country Founders can bo supplied with I ig- Iron, Fire\ Bnek, Coal, Amboy S.irnl and Clay. Boring. Turning and Finishing, in all thoir various branches, executed with neatness and despatch Also, Patterns macie anu tecrews cut to or­ der. \V. V. M. being a practical Miliwright, will furnish eanlcul.itions, and any other informa­ tion iu relaiion to Machinery. Cotton Machinists may' obtain castings at this Funi tee made of Fcotr.h Iron. All articles ordered can be forwarded to a- nv part o f the United States or the Canadas. Orders may ho addressed to W ILLIAM V. MANY, Eagle Air Furnace, No. 84, Beaver- street, Albauy, or to the care of Messrs. E- 'iasti's Copnino & Co .—August 16, 1836. 335in^ 329 wi m u g e r t i e s , Ulster county, PETER OAKLEY, Fishkill, Dutchess county, JOHN L. BOGARDUS, General Lund Office, 3 Clinton Hall, ______ Beekraan-street, New-York. SC H E N E C T A D Y A N D TR O Y R A IL­ ROAD COM P A N Y .—Notice is hereby given, that a meeting o f the Stockholders of the Schenectady and Troy Rail-Road Compa­ ny, is appointed to be held at the Troy House, in the city of Troy', on the 6th day o f Septem­ ber next, for the purpose o f c h o o s i n g Thirteen Directors of said Company. The Poll will be open at twelve o’clock at noon of that day.— Dated August 1, 1836. Isaac MeConihe, Samuel W. Jones, George R. Davis, George M c Q u e e n , Elias Pattison, Henry' C. Yates, A r c h i b a l d L. Linn, H a r v e y Davis, Edward H. W alton, Daniel D. Campbell, Com misnonerii John V. Fassett, David Buel, Jr. Abraham Van Tuyl, Anson Arnold, ■w

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