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C R E A S E D IN P R I N T I N G , Gen. Harrison. in Virginia. —Manners and **** gfthe Republican Candidate f a r Pre- The Charlottsville. ( Va.) bat Gi Advocate of Sept. 9th, states that (*en. Harrison S aased through that place the previous Tues- Hti® the public stage, on his way to Rich* mond to visit his daughter. He only stopped J® ^,n*i jst numbers called on him, and were highly gratified with his plain, fifauk and un* ostentatious manner, and his good sense.— Those who had never seen him before were to find in him each a fine specimen #<*.77 .LLir-n farmer and citizen, instead 6 f the do* o f .\h e withered imbecile oTrr—-- * ------ ^ tard, as the vile collar press have portrSyrrs- him* He modestly declined a public dinner, as he did also at Staunton, where a great num­ ber of Van Buren men, prompted by curiosity to see this popular candidate, called on him and were delighted with him. Such wae the Jhvorable impression produced where the Gen­ eral passed, that several of the Van Buren men (leasers- Silvers, Tebo and Croft.) sent in to the Van Buren Committee* their renunciation of the Magician, and their determination to support Old Tippecanoe.— Star. A Real Blue-light .—It is a well known .tact that during the late war certain politicians oi tbhbfue light school declared it was unbecom­ ing a moral and religious people to rejoice at the victories obtained over the enemy. A Van Bmrgn editor in Tompkins county adopts the ■ami infamous principle, and thanks God the weepies t f Harrison were few and f a r between l The Argus is,like the Globe, whistling to keep its courage up. On the strength of the acknow­ ledged defeat of die party, at the election just finished in Vermont,it boasts of the “Waterloo victory they ate to gain in November. Verily, there ie much shivering in the wind percepti­ ble among those who are always faithful—to the strongest. Thp following toast sums up with equal bre­ vityend truth, the amount of Mr. Van Buren’s political merits. It was given at the Fevton dinner in Tennessee. ‘By H. L. Mores. Martin Van Buren. He d»n’ t stand on his own merits long enough to be knocked down. “There ie nothing we so much admire as the music ofthe piano .” —Eastern Sentinel. “ We greatly prefer the trumpet.” Northjield Mercury. \Of all the music we ever heard, give us the •bouts of the Whigs over their late victories in'\ Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and North Csrolina.-Louisrill Jour­ nal. \The Van Buren Electoral ticket ia made up ofv^fice-holders and monopolists. If the Lo 00 Focos support such men as Electors let them never againhold up their heads as ho­ nest men. Cornelius W. Lawrence who stands at the head, is president of a two million monster and net long since was in fa­ vor of the United States Bankl! 1 Prentice in the last Journal says, that 'du­ ring the late elections in Alabama, an omni­ bus which was carrying about 20 VanBurenites to the polls, upset, and the Tories were tum­ bled into the mud. “ When rogues fa ll ou t\ —we hail the sign as a good one. Retribution .—The Oswego Bank Commis aioners, says the Albany Journal, have “ kill­ ed the hen” that was to lay their golden eggs. Their distribution of the stock was so abomin ably corrupt, that the stuff will not sell even at par. The following is from the last Oswego . Observer:— ? .Bank Stock .—We are informed that stock l bf the Commercial Bank of Oswego has been offered in this village to men of capital at par tvlue, and not taken. This is falling ten p er Mt. pretty quick. Another month will pro­ bably sink it ten more. - The Red Hookers, flhUicheckers and Kinderhookers will begin to thmk M W the idea of March, that they had better made their investments in Sonrcront at fike dollars a barrel. 4 Fair H it .—The silence of the Albany Ar­ ts ia relation to the result of the elections in ermoct is thus fairly hit off in the Troy Whigt Uncle Sam’s mail on all the routes leading from Vermont!* in a most btameable condition —they are the most tardy and lazy mails in the whole northern region; and withal, we may •ay, the moet intelligent: For instance; they have not yet arrived in Albany to the Argos office, except as heretofore mentioned, with any news from ihe Vermont election, which is proof ample that they are tardy and lazy!— But to the exception; for one or two days af­ ter the election, when it was generally believ­ ed that Robinson, tory, instead of Hall, Whig, was elected-in Bennington district, the mails brought AtfM rapidly to the Argus office, and then stopped inetanurf when the true result W*a ascertained, which proves to a demonstra­ tion that the mails are very intelligent, and had good sense enough to wound the feelings of the Argos mourners by bringing evil tidings. The mails knew perfectly well that “ where ignorance ie blisa ’tis folly to be wise,” and therefore have left the Argus and itss readers in the lap of ignorance, in lion. _ un the Idth, 30 new cases were reported— 9 whites, 21 coloured, 5 dead. The rakes be­ fore reported convalescent. Prom Florida —Letters from Florida, publish­ ed in the Richmond Enquirer, represents the situation of the whole territory as terrible in the extreme. They state that large parties of Creeks have joined th* Serainoles that Os- eola is perfectly acquainted with all the move­ ments ofthe whites—that he receives and reads regularly the Florida newspapers—that the courage ofthe Indians is daily increasing, and that help must be sent, or the whole country windfall into the hands of the red men again. ** “’•dooot much mistake, the American >eople wiiiltiilp^lflJHit the question to them­ selves and to each otherpBjfliifkjypy years whether it would be any very griev< __ the whole country of Florida were to fall into he hands of the red men again. At present the likelihood seems rather faint of its being any thing more than a grave for our soldiers, a gulf to swallow up our moneys, and the rock on which the fame of our generals is cast a- way in ruin and disgrace. Better to give it up at once, to Oseola and the yellow fever—the Seminoles and alligators—than have a repeti­ tion of the last campaign.— N. Y. Cour. More Forgeries .—Forgery is becoming an ev­ ery day crime among us. The public mind was scarcely tranquilued, after the disclosure of Rathbun s enormous forgeries, when Wa 11- street is startled by tne discovery of other e* missions of forged paper to a large amount.— And what alarms us is the tone of public feel­ ing upon this subject. Rathbun’s case seems to have excited more of sympathy than of in­ dignation! And in regard to the recent cases in New-York, the public press is silent! Why is thisl Is it because the offenders were res­ ectable? Are the names of poor ahd humble aw breakers only to be exposed? Are we to have u privileged class of offenders? We think not. If a poor man forges, hit name is instant­ ly exposed. Why then should the name of a nch'man be withheld? The crime of forgery is becoming alarmingly prevalent, and the guilty should be exposed and punished, how­ ever painful the duty. The first forgeries discovered wfere those of Henry W. Bamman, formerly of thia city, a young man of much promise, who was very generally esteemed. He was unfortunate in the drug business, and then went into Wall- street among the stocks, where continued in­ fortune drove him to the comraianon of forge- ries, amounting, it is said, to about $20,000. He left the city before the discovery, and has gone to Texas. The other case is that of Daniel Coster, a broker, who sunk a large amount in selling and buying stocks on time, and a still larger, it is said, in another species of gambling. The a- mount of his forgeries is variously stated— some say $500,000, and others say twice that sum. His father, in a most bonorale manner, is reported to have paid about $200,000 of the forged paper, but very properly declines pay­ ing what was won by the blacklegs. Co*ter embarked, a few days since, for Europe, and has been followed by his family.— Ee. Journal . F ii F A L l A B B A H G E H E S T . TRAVELING BY THE M OHAW K Be HUDSON R A I L - R O A D - I S 3 8 . DcrARTORE FRO!* ALBANY. First r U m carriages rrow,2d cl as* carriages from 115 State-street. At 7^o’clk a . M. to Utica. « to Saratoga P. M. to Utica. “ to Saratoga “ exe't Su [d:»y E corn e r o f Q u a y and Gun- sevnort-atreet*. At 7 o c l o c k A .M . <). 41 » 1 “ r . x . 3 ‘4 44 4| \ ' “ 6 “ “ Departure from Schenectady. r irst c l a s s c a r r i a g e s from 2d clas* carriage* from street term i n a t i o n , freight d e p o t , near c a n a l. rrS*U 0 ! e g o u At 6 o ’c l o c k a. m, A t 5 a - m. to m o r u V h M t 74 6 J “ - 8 “ 10 *' I J p. m . o n a r r i v n l o f R R e a r * from U t ica. 3 “ to even i n g boat. 5 *' e x c e p t Sunday! 7 4 “ or on arrival uf R R e a r s front Utica. Fare through iu first class carriages. 76 cent*. A n d in the seco n d “ “ 3 1 J “ Passengers for Utica will take the 7$ o’­ clock A. M. ahd I 4 o’clock P. M. car* from Albany—they will, previous to taking seats. Fine, Ogdensburgh 41 Good peaches were selling at New-York, on Thursday, at 62 and 75 cents a basket contain­ ing a short bushel. 0uch wa# the supply in market, that great quantities were decaying and thrown to the pigs. The Henry IV. which arrived in New-York from Havre, on Friday, brought two hundred and forty thousand francs, being & portion of tho indemnification, but no intelligence of any moment. designate their baggage that it may be put in separate baggage cars to run through without change, and thus prevent liability of loss, de­ tention, A-C. Until lurther notice, passengers taking ths 10 o’clock A. M. and 3f o’clock P. M. train* from Albany, may betaken to any point on the Schenectady and Saratoga Rail-road, ib the same carriage without change of baggage. Passengers for the north will take the 10 o’­ clock A. M. train from Albany: they will find atage coaches at Saratoga in readiness to take them on to Whitehall, or any other interme­ diate point. Returning stages will leave Whitehall oq the arrival of the Lake Champlain steamboats, and on their^arrival at Saratoga, Rail Road cars will be in readiness to take the passenl gera through to Albauy without delay. The regular departures from Saratoga to Al­ bany will be at 9 o’clock A. M. und 3 o’clock P . M. w ag State iy, and also at their ollice, corner of State and North Market-streets, to lake the baggage of passengers from the depot to the steam boats, and from the steam boats to the depot, at the rate of 64 cents for each ordin ary sized travelling trunk. No gratuity i« allowed to be taken by any porter, driver or other servant employed un <ler this arrangement, in carrying passengers or baggage to and from the Rail Road. Baggage will betaken to and from the Sche­ nectady termination, to any part of the city, free of expense. P. L. PARSONS, Sup’t* September 12, 1835. _____________ 2l5tf *rA E x ten s ive & V a lu a b le T r a c t o f JLaud, V illa g e P lot, M ills a n d M il P r i v i l e g e s — FOR SALE at Public? Auction, at the Room of the Merchants’ Exchange in the city of N* York,»st 12 o’clock at noon, on Wednesday, the 7th day of September next,—All of the in­ terest which the Mohawk Bank has in the pro­ perty formerly' owned by Russell Atwater,sit­ uated an and near Grass River, in the north art of the town of Russell, County of St. jawfence; the title of which is clear and in­ disputable. The property consists of about 9,000 acres of Land, mostly wild, some im­ proved, and several improved Farms under contract, together with valuable and extensive Mill Privileges, and a Stone Grist Mill and a Baw Mill; also the Russell Village Plot, em­ bracing several hundred acres laid out in lots, together with several stone, brick and wooden buildings,’ including a hotel of stone, and a large Blone arsenal erected by the government {luring the late war. l'hewholfi_ofthe property above mentioned, including the~^Wirtiac4gior Farms sold, on which is due and well secQTetLahgut $4,000, will'be sold in one entire parcel; tenTpw-csnt. of the purchase money to be paid down, an ten per cent* in 60 days, and the remainder on very liberal terms as to credit. A further description is deemed unnecessary an the purchaser will no doubt view the prem­ ises. Reference may be had to the Hon. John Elihu Phelps, Esq. near S P R I . V O G O O D S . TT^ILLIAM McCAMDS has just received ?? his spring supply of seasonable and fashionable , D R Y G O O D S , which he is determined to sell on the most rea­ sonable terms, at his his old stand, No. 102, State-st. Among his assortment are Broad­ cloths, Cassimeres, Satlinefs, Vestings, Drills, Hosiery, Silk 4* Cotton Handkerchiefs, Skirt­ ings , Calicoes, Ribands, ftc. #c. Schenectady, April (j, 1836. i x p i M v r ; g o o d s *. subscribers have just received, and JR. a r e n o w o p e n i n g th e i r sp r i n g s u p p l y o f F A N C Y & S T A P L E D R Y G O O D S , w h i c h th e y offer fo r s a l e o n th e tn o s r e a s o n a ­ ble terms—among which are S u p e r f i n e S a u i n e t s ; Bangup Cords; the premises, and the undersigned at Schenec­ tady. By order of the Board of Directors. JAMES C. DUANE, ) HARM’S. PEEK, $ Commit- SAM’L. W. JONES, ) tee. JOHN I. DE GRAFF, $ Schenectady, May 10, 1836. 319td N. B. The sale of the above property is post­ poned until 16th February next, and will then he held at the Mansion House in the city of Albany, at 11 o’clock, A. M. ___________ Messrs. Thorp A Sprague’s baggage ons will be in readiness at tbe depot,Tllo i st.Albany, and also at their office, corn L A W to amend the law entitled law for the establishment of an addition- j it e mother of dero- A very simple but very efficacious remedy .—A f entleman was coming to this citv from New ork, aome days ago, when he happened to let a spark from the locomotive engine into Jkfo Ova. He tried various means to remove it, all to no purpose, the spark remained in his eye, and gave him very great pain. Com­ ing* on board the steam boat at Burlington, •itch was the pain he suffered that the accident became known to the passengers generally an< finaly reached the ears of the Engineer of the boat, who taking a horse hair with him went to the cabin ana sought the sufferer.. Respectable .—A couple of noisy coxcombs were fined $5 each in the New York Court oh Thursday last for disturbing the An thony St. Methodist Church, by crying << A- men,” Glory” Ac. Mr. Justioe Hopson with holds their names because tbe are respectable. M arkiis —In Princstown, On tbe 8th Inst, by the Rev, Wm. Familton, Mr, JOHN LOGHEAD, to Miss MARY SUCKLES, alt of Prince town. In this city, on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. J. MeMaster, Mr. THOMAS CRIP- PIN, to Miss MARY HEMSTREET. In Princetown, on the 15th inst. by tbe Rev. W. Familton, Mr. DAVID PATTINGILL, of Florida, to Misa JANET McNIE, of Prineetown. In Salisbury, on the 12th inst. by the Rev. L. C. Rogers, Mr. HENRY WILLIAMS, of Sche­ nectady, to Mias ELEANOR LANSING, of the former place. -— On the 8th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Stryker, Mr. AARON S. BROOKS, of Glenville, to AU m FANNY DUNCAN, of this city. By the same, on Wednesday evening last, Mr. GILES YATES, son of Andrew Ystes. Jr. to Misa REBECCA ANN, daughter of Simon Swart, Esq. both of Glenville. _____________________ A al Fire Engine Company,’ passed August 21 1 8 3 5 . P a s s e d Sept. 6 , 1 8 3 6 . The Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the city of Scnenectay, in Common Council con­ vened, do ordain as follows; 1. So much of the law entitled, A Law for the establishment of an additional Fire Engine Company, passed Aug. 21, 1835, as exempts the members of Engine Company No. 5, from the duties enjoined by the 18th section of the law to prevent injuries by fire, and for other Police I purposes, passed June 20, 1833, is hereby re- , I pealed, and the members of said fire company shall be subject to all the duties and liabilities enforced upon the members of other fire com­ panies of this city, by the laa‘t mentioned law. 3w37 \L a te Ac P o p u la r P u b lfcaftO o n CllX Years in the Monasteries of Italy, Ae-: S5 the Warlock, a tale of the sea; S' Lee, a novel; the Three Eras of Woman by Mrs. E. 8mith; a Twelve Months’ Can $ 2 0 0 R e w a r d . MAYOR'S OFFICE. ? C ity of S chknectady , June 13,183S. ) Whereas some evil disposed persons during the last night have caused an explosion of Powder, on the north side of Union-street, immediately west of the Erie canal, in this city, which explosion has been such as to fully justify a suspicion, lhat a number of persons have been concerned in the J tlot. And whereas the consequences resultign iromuch s outrageous conduct may have a tenden­ cy not only to fire the city, but to destroy human life; it is therefore to be hoped, that the utmost vigilance* will be used on the part of all officers, magistrates and citizens, to discover the perpetra­ tor or perpetrators of such disgraceful and highly criminal conduct—Therefore, with a view of pro­ ducing extraordinary exertion in making a discov­ ery, the undersigned, by virrue of authority this day vested in him by the common council, does hereby offer a reward of TWO HUNDRED DOL­ LARS, to any person or persons, who will report the guilty, which will be paid on due conviction oi; one or more persons who may have been engaged in the nefarious plot. In virtue whereof the undersigned, by authori ty of the Common Council, has hereunto affixed, the seal of said city,and subscribed his name therc to. • JOHN I. DEGRAFF, Mayor. D a m a s k T a b l e D i a p e r s ; R u s s i a . do B l a c k N a n k i r i C r a p e s ; d o C a n t o n do d o F r e n c h d o S i l k F l a g H ’d k e r c h i e f s ; P o n g e e s : d o B l a c k I t a l i a n Cravats; C o l o r e d d o d o 7-8 a n d 6-4 B e d T i c k s W h i t e F l a n n e l s ; Scat let Uo— Yellow do Black Cambricks Colored do Cotton Umbrellas Silk do Black Wadding; Canvass ; P a d d i n g ; P l a i d G i n g h a m s ; Plain do an elegant assortment of Cloths, C a s sim e r s Ac T e s tings, to which they respectfully invite the attention of their customers and the public in general. Also Cotton Yarn, Cotton Wick, Cotton Batts, & c . &c. They s o l i c i t a share o f p u b l i c pat­ ronage. McMULLEN & VEDDER. Schenectady, April 19, 1836. Beaverteens; Black Italian Silks; do Sinchew do do Grodenap do Colored Poult de Soi; Figured do do Plain du do rencea Blue-blac! French Bombazines; English do Thread Edgings; do Insertings Needle wrought Dark Vesiings; Light do Worsted Hose, Cotton do Silk do Light and dark Prints; gings W E S T E R N P L A S T E R ____ 50 bbls, Ground Plaster from Chittsaaa* go, just received and for aa!e fow by June 7, 1836. ________ G, Q, CARLEY. P a p e r jhiaai<mngs *«-—3 cases Paper Hangings and Bordering*, just received, which, with his former stock comprises the best assortment in the city which will b e sold low b y A p r il 6. 1836. JOHN OHLEN. T R A T H E R .— A l l kinds of Leather as- -M-J ed by s h o e - m a k e r s , fbr s a l e b y A. VAN SANTVQORD, June 2 8. ______ No. 40 State-street. R UGS.-Brussdls, Wilton, and Tuffled I l u g s ; flo o r an d s t a i r B o e k i n g ; ft<: Oil Cloths; Table Covers, lie. for sale by April 2 0 . T. L. T H O M P S O N . ( oor H OES Ac RAKES^'Boyden’# Mip latile Hoes and Rakes,\or f sale by the subscriber at factory prices. May 31, 1836. G Q,. CARLEY- ALAGA W I N E , -ao qr. cask* Sweet Wine, fur sale by H a y 31. G. Q.. CARLEY. HJEJESB.—500 lbs. Dairv Cheese, fur sale by JOSEPH 'SPIER, May 10. Colonnade buildings. T IN G .- -Just received a large assortment of superfine, Carpeting, of new . I JOtrrf-om,EN- M F and sought the sufferer “Are you the gentleman,” Mid he, “who has got s spmrk in your eye?” being answered in the affirmative', “well, I am the man that can take it out,*’ whereupon he simply formed a kind of loop of the horse hair by bending it round end bringing the two ends together,when rais­ ing the eye-lid and inserting the loop between it and the ball,* and then letting the lid fall u- g«in, be drew tbe bair out, and with it the lit- Ole cause of the great pain. The gentleman ' wae at once relieved, This is a very simple way of removing whatever m d j have got into the eye, and it will be well for every body to Vememberit.— Philad. Paper. Singular Death.-—A familly living at 7D Mer- eer-street,a few days since employed a woman to do their washing. The same evening a sum of money was missing,and to her they imputed their loss; she was not seen from that time un­ til last evening, when she came into the por­ ter house at the corner of Mercer and Sprmg- streets, where she was told of the crime imput ed to her. She denied all knowledge of tbe monejr^end went into the house in question to declare her innocence. When she arrived there she was in liquor, and put he head on the ta ble and went to sleep. From motives of hu­ manity she was allowed to remain there all night- In the morning, attempts were made to arouse her, but it was dicovered that she slept to. wsk« no more. The deceased wae the wife of a respectable tradesman of this city, in prosperous circum stance#, but her dissipated habits caused a se­ paration some years since, and she had since continued in her vicious course, until, in the prime of life she lias added another to the list o victims of the demon of intemperence,— N' Y. Cam. Adv. Health q f Charleston .—On the 9th inst. 1( new cases of cholera, 3 whites, 7 blacks; S> dead. Of the cases reported the day before three more had died. The city coiineil has been requested by the board of health, to ap point a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer. D i e d — I n R o t t e r d a m , t h e 18th i n s t . Mrs. S A L L Y VAN PATTEN, wife of Aaron Van Patten, aged 25 years. ST O V E S ! S T O V E S ! ! S T O V E S ! ! A complete assort men t of Parlor, Austin’s Perfect Union Cook, Horse Block,Ov­ en, Six and Seven Plate and Box Stoves, of the newest style, and most approved Pattern*. Also. Russia and English Stove Pipe, Stove Furniture, and second hand Stoves on hand at all limes, at No. 130 Stst.e-strcet, three doors west of the Canal. PEEK & EDWARDS. N B. Sheet Iron Dumb Stoves, of the new­ est and most approved style, made to order. S e p t e m b e r 2 0 . Y a s \ \ \ o n a \ A e , M \ G o o d s . id DUE subscriber has just returned from N. York wilh asplendid assortment of Fash­ ionable CLOTHS, CASS1M ERS and V E S T - _______ INGS, suitable for tbe season, which he I cupied by b e h a p p y t o m a k e u p fo r t h o s e w h o m a y p l e a a e lo fa v o r h i m w i l h th e i r c u s t o m . WM. JAMES TELLER. September 19, 1836. paign, with Zumalacarregui in Navarre; Rus­ sia and the Russians, by Leitch Ritchie, E^.; Narrative of the residence of Falalle Ssyeghir among the wandering Arabs of the great de­ sert; the Diary of a Ifeasennuyee; Stuart’s ad­ ventures in capturing Murrel, with anaecount of the proposed insurrection in the south-west, and the execution at Vicksburg, just received and for sale by H. B. RICHARDS. Sept. 6, 1836. ____________________________ - I O R S A L E —The Tavern Stand at preaent occupied W m. Freeman, corner Water- __________ , s t r e e t a n d f a c i n g t h e S a r a t o g a &. Schenectady railroad,—(said premises rent ihi* year for $ 2 5 0 . ) If not sold at private sale by 15th Sept. next, the premises will then be s o l d a t p o b l i c a u c t i o n o n t h s p r e m i s e s , t o th a highest bidder. For further particulars in­ quire o f the subscriber. G. Q. CARLEY. Schenectady, June 7 , 1 8 3 5 . 3 2 4 The sale of the above property is postponed l until the 15th December next. G. Q. C. F O R S A L E - IHE property situate on the cor- _____ ner of Union and Ferry-streets, formerly occupied by Richard Cooke, deceased. Inquire of RESOLVED GIVENS. Aug. 23. ____________________________ 334 JL O O K A T T H I S ! R EM OVAL.—J. & G. Ohlen have re­ moved their CROCKERY & SHOE STORE to the new building of G. Ohlen, No. 42 State street, a few doora west from Ferry- st. where they have on hand, and intend keep­ ing, a general assortment of Boots 4* Shoes of every description. Also, China, Glass A Earthen Wars, Looking Glasses, Tea Trats, c. which theyw sell at the lowest New-York prices, wholesale or retail. Schenectady, March 29, 1836. 313 EAST EfiD OF THE COLQNNADE BUILDINGS. T subscriber has recently, commenced the Grocery , Provision, Liquor, aud Wine Bu­ siness, in tlta Colonnade build­ ings, State-st. a few doora from the c'ana., and is now opening, a general and well selected assortment of GROCERIES, 4*c- just receiv­ ed from New-York, and which were purchas­ ed al the lowest wholesale cash prices, which he intend to sell as low as can be purcbas- ed iu thi* city or elsewhere, at a small advance ]'or cash or couutrv produce. JOSEPH SPIE R . Schenectady. Aug. 1. 1836. __________ 319 JA M E S B. V A N VO R S T , J l T T O R J Y E JT . A T J L J l TV*, Office in Liberty-street, adjoining the Utica and Schenectady Rail-road. Sehenectady, June 7, 1836. 323tf JA M E S JU. B O U C K , A TTORNEY AT LAW, has re-opened J j L. an office in the city of Schenectady, di­ rectly Shove the stores of Daniel S. Hulett and James Duffy, in State-street. All business, entrusted to him, in any of the courts of thi* state, be promptly and faithfully attend ed to ,—May 17, 1836 320 D i s s o l u t i o n . —The co-partner- ship heretofore existing under the firm of Spier &■ Clute, is this day dissolved by mu­ tual consent. The affairs of the firm will be settled by Joseph Spier, who will carry on the Grocery business at the old stand in the Col- onnade Buildings. J. SPIER, G. J. CLUTE. Schenectady, Aug. 23, 1836. 335 W A N T E D —An active lad, 14 or 15 years of age, to assist in a Store.— None need apply unless they can come well recommended for honesty and steady habits. — A lso, wanted a Girl to do the work of a small family. F. BURGESS. Schenectady , Aug. 29, 1836. ___________ C A R and fine and three patterns, for sale low April 6 , 1836. u a i i p e t i n d : E NGLISH and American Fine, Superfine* Double Super. Three Ply; Brussells, Scotch Ingrain, Venitian, Denmark Venitian, and Cotton Carpeting, received this s p r i n g a t No. 94 Slate-street, Schenectady, and offered for sale by T. L. THOMPSON. April 20, 1836. B E E S W A X .—Cash will l)« paid fur Bees Wax, by F. BURGESS. May 16. r l l A L b O W . —F. Burgess will pay cash JL as usual, for Tallow, two door* west from E. & L. Benedict’s.—May 16. F LOUR*—75 barrels Flour—excellent quality, for sale by June 7. W. W. TREDWAY. C 1 A N T O N M A T T I N G , 4-4 and 6-4 / colored and Plain, for sale by April 20. T. L. THOMPSON. W E S T E R N SA L T *-7390 bushel* -Fin# salt just received, .in prime or­ der, fbr sale on rettsxmoblo Virnqu by June 15, 1836. G. Qe CARLEY. U NC LTRRENT B ANirNOTES exchanged at No. 26, State-street, by July 28, 1834. J. BRODERICK. P EAS*—The subscriber will pay a liberal price for a few hundred Boshels Green, and Marrowfat Peas, if delivered koon. F. BURGESS. Schenectady, A u g . 29, 1836. S o w n m T g a u s .^— st. Croix, Isle of France and Portd Rico Sugars, ust received and for sale very low by M a y 31. G. Q. CARLEY. B r o o m s . — 5 0 d o z . C o r n B r o o m s , for sale by JOSEPH SPIER, C o l o n n a d e b u i l d i n g s . M a y 10 t j A T E ^ T LOCKS. ■ Patent Locks of all kinds, M e n e c l e y ’* fo r s a l e a* low as can he purchased from the manufact­ urer, by ABM. A. VAN VORST. March 16, 1836. H E s u b s c r i b e r h a s r e m o v e d Ir*.** Es TO L E T —from the 18th Sep­ tember next, the Plaiater Mill, commodioualy situated at the east end of State-etreet, formerly oc alter Clute. Also, Tor sale a House and Lot in Front-st. Also, a building occupied as a nine pin alley, in the rear of Dock-street arnd SA D D L E , die TR U N K MAKING. N EW Establishment, n e a r t h e c a n a l b r i d g e in State-street, immedi­ a t e l y o p p o s i t e t h e C o l o n ­ nade Buildings, where the u n d e r s i g n e d h a v e c o m ­ menced business under the firm o f ZiYON&BSARUF, a n d w h e r e t h e y w o u l d b e p l e a s e d to r e c e i v e orders for SaddlesJS a rnes».Trunka,Trimmings. Ac. They will promise those who* may favor them with their c u s t o m , that nothing in their power shall be wanting to give perfect satisfaction. Having jnst commenced business, they are a- ware that nothing but strict attention and moderate charges, together with doing their work in a workmanlike manner, will ensure them success. Their friends, as well as strangers who may see this, are invited to call and examine their work and prices, before purchasing elsewhere. N. B. Wood will be taken at the market price, for their goods or work. JOHN D. LYON, SOLOMON BEARUP. Schenectady, Aug. 22, 1836. _______ 334tf T h is is t* G i v e Notice, T O all peraons not to trust any one on my account, without my verbal or written or­ der, from this date, as no debts otherwise con­ tracted in my name, will be adjusted by me. G. -CONANT. Schenectady, Sept. 9 , 1 8 3 6 . a near the rail-road opening. Inquire of 1. M. SCHERMERHORN. Aug. 23. 334 f ITHOGGAJPHIC P R I N T S — JLi A new and extensive assortment of Lith­ ographic Prints this day received and for sale by H. B. RICHARDS. Sept. 6, 1835. _______________ mt ju . sa. f | r mil* 4 ^ dy, too g a R aa ii ll -- rr oo aa dd ,, V a l u a b l e P r o p e r t y f o r S a l e . flYHE subscriber wishing to re- _ X move to the south, offers for lliil^ h sale that pleasantly situated dwell-. _ ___ _ ,IAnn ing house, with between 15 and I Uf of Schenectady, oro t JOHN O. HORS* la n d a t t a c h e d t o t b e s a m e , a d j o i n - 1 F A L L , o n t h e p r e m i s e s . N the town of Charlton, coun­ ty of Saratoga, about seven miles from the city of Schenecta- and two miles from the Sara­ t g a R c o n t a i n i n g ftO O a c r e s , a b o u t 61) of which are in good wood, and the residue under good improvement and well watered.— On the premises are a good convenient Dwell­ ing-House, three Barns and Sheds, and two large orchards. On the rear of the farm is a good stone quarry. Said farm is well calcu­ lated for a dairy. Apply to JOSEPH HORSFALL, in the ci- 1 6 a c r e s o f l a n d a t t a c h e d t o t b e s a m e , a d j o i n ­ ing the Albany and Troy turnpike, la t e l y o c ­ c u p i e d b y J e r e m i a h S c h u y l e r , E s q . b e i n g 2 } miles from Albany. A l s o , the H o u s e a n d L o t N o . 23, Union-st. Schenectady, joining, on the west, the lot on which stands the Reformed Dutch Church. Also, the Printing Establishment of the Sclte- nectady Cabinet, in the city of Schenectady. Possession may be had immediately if re q u i r e d . — Aug. 8 , 1 8 3 6 . 3 3 2 t f A C a r d . PROFESSOR COOK, A. M. M. D. LL. D. C h a n c e l l o r of th e U n i v e r s i t y at corresponding Vaccinator of the N In s t i t u t i o n o f L o n d o n ; P r e s i d e n t of th e A l b a n y Physician Medical Society ; General Consulting For terms and other particulars inquire of I and Surgeon, accoucheur , will attend at the spe the subscriber, on the first described premises, I c»fic suggestion of his friends, as a regular Pruett — ~ . . tioner of Medicine to the united duties of his call ing in all iu respective branches, at the dwelling* of the sick in the city and country, as well as a| his own residence, No. 33, Green-slreet, Albany, where he may be ronsulted as heretofore, person ally, or by letter, in all Professional and Surgica his immediate opinion and ndvico, 330tf orpf V. C utler , 319 North Market-street, Al­ bany. 1. RIGGS. Sept. 13, 1836. D I S S O L U T I O N * , „ ......... T HE copartnership heretofore existing be- I a,,y> or tween tho subscribers, under the firm of 1 ca*5“.rc9!i .£.,n8 Wm. Janks Tkllkk ^Co. is this day tlissolv- I -— t t l l ------ :— day ed by mutual consent. All persons having demands against tho said firm are requested to present tho sume to Wm. Jittnes Tellur, and all persons indebted to said firm please make payment to him, who is authorised to receive the same. W m . JAMES TELLER, HENRY WALRATH, JOHN FEATHER9TONE. Schenectady, Aug, 23,1836. 335tf D i a m o n d c e m e n t —Tim sub scriber is in possession of a superio kind of Cement—called “Diamond Cement;’ by the use of wliich, china, glass aud crouke ry can be mended so as to be equally stroni as before being broken. Persons having sue! ware can have it mended by leaving it at the store of-the subscriber. F. BURGESS. Schtnectudt/i'Aug, 1,1836. his'Hat Store lo near the canal bridge in State-st., where he always be ready to accom module those who will favor and have favor ed him wilh their custom. Hc gives’ notice to all indebted,to please cull before the lsrday of June next, and settle their accounts, or they be left with E. L. Davis, Justice of the Peace, for collection. G. CONANT. Schenectady, M ay 10, 1836. __________ 319 KBROHAVT TAZLOBZVO J E S T . 1 B I* I S H JTK E *V T . No. 51 State-Stkekt. S. BONNY unnounceB to Itis old ' friends and acquaintances, as well as the public generally, that he has recently returned to this and resumed liis old business, us a Merchant Tailor, in the new building in State-street, formerly occupied by F. Burgess, directly opposite to Van Vranken A Barrin­ ger’s, where he be happy to wait upon them in the line of his profession. lie has on hand a choice assortment of Broadcloths, Caaeimere, Vesting*, Trim* usings, Ac. which hc make up to ord(3r in tho most fushionuble style, und on the shortest notice. Cutting done in the latest style or agreeably lo directions. Schenectady, May 16, 1836. 320 SPRING GOODS. T HE subscriber has just received hissprin Blipply of M i r y €r«soO,s a s s e t G r o c e r i e s , ivllich he otters at wholesale or retail, at the mo£l reduced prices. JOHN OilL£N. April H, i 836. s t o v e s : S T O V E S ! rw*HE subscriber has just received a new as- JL sortment of COOK, OV EN, PARLOR, HALL, SIX-PLATE & BOX STOVES, to­ other with Dr, Nott’s COAL AND COOK TOVES, all of the newest and most appro?' ed patterns, which he offers for sale on rea­ sonable terms, and at the lowest prices. Tbe public are requested to call and examine them, ihe most of them are entirely new patterns! Stove Pipe of all sizes constantly on hand. ABM. A. VAN . VORST. N. B. Dr. Nott’s Coal Stoves, if out of re pair, can be repaired upon application to the subscriber before the 20th inst. September 11 , 1835. A. A. V. V. N E W H A R D - W A R J E S T O R e T South $ide o f State-street, three doors west o f the Canal. W the subscribers have just received, ant will keep constantly on hand a general assortment of HARD­ as follows: Shelf Goods, Cutlerv A Sad­ dlery; Carpenter’s and Joiner’s tools; Tea Trays, Brass Kettles and Crowbars; Shovels, Spades and Hoes; Wrought und Cut Nails and. Spikes; Tin, Sheet Iron, and Hollow Ware; HENRY PEEK, JOHN EDWARDS. Schenectady, May So, 1835. N. B. Having employed good workmen iu the Tin and Sheet-Iron Manufactory, they executb all job work in the best manner and on the shortest notice. B ROWN’S WHISKEY, lor sale by tha Barrel, by JOSEPH SPIER, Colonnade Buildioxa, 8tate-at. July 26, 1836. t Y INEGAR, by the Barrel, for sale by JOSEPH SPIER, Colonnade Buildings, State-st. July 26,1836. C ID E R B R A N D Y -B y the barrel, lot- sale by June 13, JOSEPH SPIER. E n a m e l l e d w a r e — a s ^ u assortment or Enamelled Pots, Kettles and Spiders, fur sale by M a rch 16, 1636. ABM. A GENERAL &*»> j 9 l Books; also Blank Book*, Md Fool’s Cap and Letter Paper, of all kinds, for sals by M a r ch 16, 1636. ABM. A. VAN V O R S T . GENERAL assortment oi’ Cobb1* School Jun e 21. H. B. RICHARDS. C r o r i c e r v t t C h i n a W a r e . F BURGESS has just received a supply of • Crockery, Glass and China Ware, which he offers for sale at the lowest possible pri­ ces, two doors west from E. 4 L. Benedict's. Schenectady, M a y 9, 1836- , \ f C H A N D LER , one door qgat of tho • new Court House, Schenectady-— Jun. 12,1836. _______ 302tf W ANTED—A Woman to do the cookipf, w a s h i n g an d ir o n i n g o f a small family. Apply at A. C. PA lG E ’s, corner of Union tad W a s h i n g t o n s t r e e t s .— J u ly 14. 1 8 3 6 . 3 2 9 t f ^SCHOOL BOOKS.—Manual of Boi- ^ a n y , b y P r o f . Eat«»n— o l d e d i t i o n , p r i c e 16s. do. new edition,22*,; Mr*.Lincoln’s Bot­ a n y — n e w e d i t i o n , 13*.; B o n n e t ’ s b o o k k e e p ­ ing, 14s. just received and for nate by June 8, 1836. H. B. RICHARDS. IV T E W B O O K S —Mental Illumination, JL v u n d moral improvement of Mankind, by Thomas Dick, LL. D.; Letters, Conversa­ tions and Recollections of 8. T. Coleridge: Memoirs of W m . H . Harrison; Life on ths Lakes; Memoirs of great Commanders, by G. P. It. James, Esq.; Private life of Gen. La­ fayette ; sketches of Bwitcnrland; one in • Thousand; lhe Self Condemned ; Stories o f the Sea, by Capt. Marryat ; Mabmoud, a neve; in 2 (vols.; just received and for sale by H. B. RICHARDS, €4 State-ts. Schenectady . June 8* 1896. G O O D S * J A G. O H L E N have just received a and are now opening their spring sup­ ply of China, Glass and Earthorn Ware, Look­ ing Glasses, Astrol and Hanging Lamps, Tea TravB, Ac. Ac. A lso, —a general assortment of Gentlemen’s and Ladie’s, and Children’s Boots and Shoes ol'every tlescription, suitable for the season, at the New Store, No. 42 State-street, a few doors west from FcrrV'*lrp'e,•— April 26. —M e d c T h a n t t a i l o r i n g . npHE subscriber continues this business, at ■M the store lately occupied by W m . J ames T kllkk & Co. in State-st. where lie wi II, fie happy to wait on his friends, a\nd'customers in general. W m . JAMES TELLER. Schenectady, Aug. 26, 1836. 335 ^HADDEOs”DAVll)S,iyrirjh^_Fluid—a JL new and superior article, just received and for *&!<? by RICHARDS. I jIOR SA LE —The vacant Lot corner _ of Green and Elbow-streets, directly op­ posite the new brick building of C. C. Peek, at present occupied by John McMichael, be- ng in front on Green-street, 50 feet, in rear 53 feet, and in depth 280 feet. For terras ap­ ply to the subscriber. ltlC H ’D. M cMICHAEL, Agent. Also, to let for tho season, goodPusturing fo 5 cows, apply as above. Schenectady, May 10. 1836. _________ 319 1* OOK A T T H I S J—To be sold by JLi the heirs of Bart'w, Schermerhorn, and by bis own consent, all lhat Notable Stand called Schuyhnburg, one mile south from the of Schenectaiiy, consisting of Houses, Barns, und other out houses; a Grist-Mills, Fulling-Mills, and Carding-Ma- chines ; upwards of One Hundred Acres of Land, one half fiats, tbe remainder up land. B. SCHERMERHORN. Rotterdam, April 25, 1836. _________ 3l7tf W E S T E R N F L O U R .—800 bbls, fresh ground Flour, of various quali­ ties—a part extra superfine, just received and for 6 ale by the subscriber, corner of State and Church Btreels. G. Q. CARLEY. Aug. 10, 1836. - C H B E S E U S T received, a second supply of Chesh­ ire Cheese, three vears old, a very superior article, for sale by' GEO. CAM PBELL. Schenectady, Aug. 2, 1836. C I D E R . —2U bbls.Cider, fit for bottling, for sale hy JO S E P H SPIER, May 10. Colonnade buildings. OOK1NG G L A 0 S E S ATotn- I plete assortment of Half Gilt and Mahogany Looking Glasses, for sale at tho Nt*r Hurd-Ware Store, opposite the Schencc tadv Bank, No. 27, State-street, hy May 25 1836. P EEK & EDW ARDS. F T HOSE persons for whom fortunes have been ordered, from the states ol Virginia, Mary­ land, and Delaware will please call at No. 26 Btate-slreet and receive tbe same. March, 31,1835. J, BRODERICK T a k e n o t i c e person*- in* debted to (he subscriber, either by note or book account, that has .been more than six months standing, are requested to make itncna* tii ate payment and save cost. DAVID MIX. Schenectady, July 18, 1836.' b o a r d i n g : \ lOUR Gentlemen can bs'accommodated board in a private family, pleas­ antly situated.— Also, To Let—two Sitting Rooms Bed Rooms connected thereto, in a new building. None need apply, unless they want board alto. For particulars inquire at this office — A p r il 12. 315 a p K m r F B H i A i t . ---------- T HE present fashion i’or ARTIFICIAL TEETH is to imitate the original. Those p e r s o n s w i s h i n g to f o l l o w the -fashion, can be accommodated by calling at J. C hamdlek ’ s , o n e d o o r e a s t o f th e n e w c o u r t b o u s e . — SeJus- nectady. M a y 16,1836. 320 T O T H E P U B L I C . I N consequence of disappointments, Ihe subscriber will be unable to supply hie customer* with Ground Plaster this winter; he, however, wishes to notify them that be has erected a C o r n C r a c k e r , fo r t h e purpose of GRINDING CORN in the cob, which will be attended to every day in the week, days excepted.) In the sprtpg, he hopes to resume his plaster business,, as heretofore. HENRY PEEK. Rotterdam, Jan.. 1836. 301 N E W G O O D S , J UST received, a largo ae- sortment of Boots dfchboeo which will be sold as low as at any other establishment in this eity. May 3 A. V. SANTVOORD. j ^ a V a N N a H O j f O T .-i hU. u * . bv vanna Honey, just received and for ealc Mat, 31. G. a CABJLEY, BMF TONGUES for sa^-by May 16. F. lHHRRBML

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