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i *>A H* v ? T It -\ > s * <* * wmm%& mif^mm^mm^ wmtimpm. w.8&$PM r-PULL, ATHIS PM^JNG-OFHCE, IN SENEGA STKKKT, GENEVA,, n*. F.) •. : ••*';J *, Rfci\ CTWifoW^WaiMUWttWlJWW^^ f^iSSg y^*yfliWPB <Y c&i '<$? OF 1HE NEVA PAL following are the TRJUIS on VthMS paperJvili be published, ctyjft ^h no instance be 'departed village subscribers, Two Pol- and Jfifry Cents per annum,: j»uy h^airVyeaii^ ';' \ «• ^those living out of the village oV^afeffi^ ofticej Two Dollars, h» $!$f Withers* fWo Dbtfors* . :M$riiWm0Mcke$ ^Hl-punetimiiit)' «£liot ffm^' ; t^lM*ta ana: * if- \ tt , «mvmifci#& r, v-..-::. : : P 0 c0 |,V T .„ni„- -i * p^Bl^efeV-^^ l)oj% a«<<- an six month* WyetLf^-'W. advance- No ||l^ttue#- without payment. •Uv,^p|teVB'a*ik'iiiote8.'Dot\ 1 payable in j this city \ - •; dis v l>^ NBlW-YOjRS CIT^ AND SWFB'; .-.'••-.v .; ;t*SJgE6;' r ••-•\'• ^ \New*STork City lefties Barker's Bxehange Bank Banks of Albany Banks of Troy K I &JoHyhawk Baitfc, Schenetady \.'. | laansiBSfbors? Bank - - iWH^VtOifcl^V'' s'uV^JMm'j'i I'i'Ji'l.'jJji'.iij 1 ,' 't'lmtmi, jiLJt'u'n^ JAftUAlt? #V*tm .r. Nu fff^^ffff exceeding '.'• •:*\ \J^ #£1^****8 \ not exe |J^i1||i^»efted^rf^wt'ek!* fo» \\^fotyifcnd^rfor every RiibsfU'ieiVi f||£l|feWy^liv-e Cent.*..'__ A dediic;- i^^^V^ve'-per pent made io $jgj^j§^&fef by the year , N* * NHKt^iiftii^v4^rdDt|iii(f(l. wit hour K* v^|^ tJetttMrf and Commuaiea I me\ f»e§ e iniied f> S Dt , rdo« , M . ^e* ; oS'e T '\^c«i. • ..S§l^-^i^ r JiiSg^»i AT' tHE' - ***; Sfi** i ^ l^u^erib^j!; haviiiig' t»ken the Stund foi merly oceopi- |#|f^ ii»: -Wal^r Street ; ^tmadate th« public, aiid %,M gobdityle, ms stabliuj* l*e the Taverb^, where thv iw^kinen are employed; ali in that line will he reasona ^expeditiously executed, ami ^ eve^S'kind takeft in pay ; w|i.:c0MtifetoiJ.''. par pa;i p pWl^i^Wi a »«.^ Bank Bank of New burg if not signed with red ink , par f)d ? witb red inl; '•••'diii'l-a 0o. payable in Ithica 1 Wair|ipgtoii & Warren B. 60 a 624*2. fjran^e County |¥btes 1-^ \Cat ski H 1-2 a 3^4 rttidfom Bank 87l-Sa90 f?olumfeia Bank at Hudson I -2 Middle Disiriet i i-2 Bmik ^Niagara 86 lieob Barker's notes filled up with red ink and paya- ble in country notes 87 \-% \quednet Asioe^ation at , Caf^kiil 1 Auburn Bank s 3-4 Bank of Creneva 8-4 Central Bank at Cherry. Valley ' ; •• 3-4, Ihenango Bank i i-5a2 C-olumbia Receivables : 1-2 Hudson do 87 1-^1 titled Bank 3-!4 lltiea Insurance Company 5 Utica Branch at Ganandui- .••- giia' : ' •: •••' •• ••;.-, \ • '• 'S-* Ontario Bank at ditto 3-4 Ontario Bank at tTtiea ' IVS Inffersob Cotfnty Bank 40 Plattsburgh Notes t 1-2 a 2 : **EW*JERSJS1f NP^;E8 Jersey Bank Bunks in Newark State Bauk; at Elizabeth- town ' '•';.'/•'\' \' \ Banks in New-Brunswick ,?tate Bank, at Patteraon $tate Bank at MorrisloWn* Sussex Bank. I'renton Banking Compaby 4ate Bank;*t-Trenton 1 ;i«^ a,^ ;^tateBttnka>C^tndeTri!:'/: : ±yi~&^2. ParraftPs^ankvMount Holly •'£' li'%:& Cumberland Baiik 1 1-^it' 2 CONNECjripUT. Bridgeport Bank par IBagie Bank at New Haven^ if made payable in this city par Xew-Haven Bank do. Hartford B^nk if io, do. Middletown Bank Phenix Bunk at Hartford ( . M^0^etmertM^ns Repository. • '&Q$Qffi$®'. THIBAUT.\ , J^ep^ge Tbibaut «had received from re one of those ; w^ak characters eptible alike-'S|iwfy iinpression, er good or evl^hich passively suffered themselves to be elevated to virtu?, or degraded tq vice, by leircum- atanc#s j and when they hayelu^ier*' Ve.dl| ineurred reproach ffor tb^ir er- .fors, thiuk it a sufficient justification tu allege the 'correctness of their raten- '.ijoti. % legible hand-writing,;iand plodding habits had recommentied^hinv to several of the inferior stations iu a public office j but as his abilities were narrow, and be had no pj^werfujl pat- rons, his promaibn was wkm^w^m- tain.\ Ueckouirtg -upon tlffe perniauen- ,-y of his situation, Thibalui bad mar- ried an aouablo and atnsible, butvipor- t ionless young woman. J^fevertheless, by a laudable economy he,had hither- to kept above want; his w*ife had pre- sented bin» with two lov-elyjehilitirBn, who itpproved in mind add person as they g^eWttp^ in spite of all obstacles 5 she liad ju^l lfti#ii) of a third, when {joor G«oi|fe received his! dismission; Th# new ilireetar »£ his$deparin>ent par ' •''-•'•iyt ,->,t.; par bought it necessary tQ^signaliaie his appointment by a compliance with the popular ery of the day, '^ Retrenchr ment\ wasihe fashion; wit b one stroke of bis •$£% he it^olved a Bundled de- servingpersona in n>isery4iid distress, and internally leejjug the i^ustice ao4 cruelty'ofstiCh, a ulfiasure^he announ- ] eed •ftiat, irrevojeabl* j •anVexeellent mo4e of getting rid of complainti %nd expostolations. \ •} 0espair can tieyer bring relief i <?enfcge did not saftjer hiiUself to be (liseouragpd ; be applied to all whom b* thought his friends, and at length toandojoe in^ a larg* Contractor for Igoverninent st<j*r^ who^ had amassed an im mense for tune, and w anted a sej; retaiy to copy his letters. He reqiiir-; [ ed a person able to WTritC his own |ab- gia'agfr'tsojrreetly, so as to be cabablf >t* supplying bi« placed in eorre&] years' imprisorimeaty and hard labour^ will be my septeuc^. n u It ^a^ |oV? ever? JMSsibly %e Jtiti^fedj.we, be able to bring.'f»fw&qi or iiiVe«tc.tr> cuinstances which niay/•'\Undftjee\. thiftV judges '• to> rtuiiL-onfi $$$*•- Jfbu JK^ir- twenty seven I years of age j at thirty two you iwill -re enter the wwltl w*tl| recifmmend^tibns from yoftrinspecto*^ and>a debt* of 'gratitude duefr^ui nie*v which can nerer be> r*p»Vd*fC-^ Ot* the latter alone, I buildM^iy |g»^jfe*W ##0 on.V 1 have ^^1% *nd %f^ $ul b> w^s aoibdiscrefet'iS* to go on, andiwhetMr his |i,anf grew eanelesi byj habttj or lite f^^iJity with which he found hisj^lufitSjwere passed, made him more negligent, <?er^aii| it, is, |hat at last su#pici#» a^bsieiM whieit he beea^neserioi)iyyVftl;4r'n^e;|ir''' V- •'-'> Twelve hundred thousand ,U?r?4 per annual, fo.rai#. ft.w|.i(i»jyMR£|ka^i Tiuraptive evidence in ^vbr.of *» mmr s^d person, perhaps bb^ of .t^tt^ngT. est pp^ofioPiianoijence fhatJian Igi^t fluce|l iq the eyns ofjuHtic*.. rit^jj^wfy t s eonse<j^ittiy nq{; :bf*1*tt^^^^^iitt,^.''-wht^fji yesjerd^, HaweyarV'baying •iearn^'tika|, ii»^0-!- cosation had been preferred against him, and that it was iu cont^inplation vto nfpe^t^biaii'iniFos^ig^t^his'a^ta»i^s_$ a^d..«pmp^i.' ;; h<w:'$%^. prkatJB : r,e4tl;4t tion of his ill-gotten pro|(s, he resol- ved to, pNvide against .arty such disa r gr*eabie result* With this view hf^j sounded several of his clerks, and not succediiig applied; jo deorge^ He knew the distressed situatton of hia secretary, his dbmetttc^. embarrass- ments, and th* poverty vvhieb s |hftettt r enedihiai.; and after a >prepH^tor| conversation of soms le^gth>Jie. Igave Thibaut to understand that it dependr ed upon himself to ameliorate bis owu SSSS^p^Sgf- if par •4** it i| k$veby $ven* an application will be made l^ikti^e of this State, at the ^eo¥|ii\ the mobtb> of Janua ^•Siff Couitty to he erec-1 the prpsent hounds <>f Onta- MM««The towns of fhelps. imian, Milo and Jerusalem] No * Eight in the second f iV»«hips in the town oi % and two miles in breadll |t »idfe of the towns of Bar-, Vafih.itigtvn.-' Dated JSl'av. i 1 i-4 afl$, bum; (lTCH0i| tea ; es Mi deale^ VtypetSf j&Jumes ppfa Samuel i el&mmdxih R. Jhgai&ki, fogert, Nathan Reed, *MraltpmD6x, fiilrtii > H11 \ ; ' IV \'' '*\ j \tM Daniel W. Le\^s.Esq;,: iJbftissioner, &,e.— Notice, is ^ to all the creditors of Emiiis, as well in hti.indi ii^iiy as one of the late firm *: <Groodwin> tin insolvent >» CftUse, if any they have. ^Said Commissioner at \m e vjlnge of Geneva, in the hitarjo. on the tenth day of jpx 1, at ten o'clock in tlie v^y an\ assignment of the bill's estate should not be 'his pefsolt dis^'iarged from iifenj; pursuant to the act en- m act to abolish imprison- ibt in certain cages^ .pas- MASSACHUSETTS. , Boston Banks Springfield Bank ^impsfhire Bank at North- ampton w orc^ster Bank Jthor Massachusetts notes ^EWHiMpsiiiE'S- Notes' • VEHM6»Ty (Burlington) RHODE ISLAND ty r6tttienca Bank.. Wasii^ri%tbnBahk at Westerly Otlieft JSanks Pfiitadelphia City Notes par a 1-2 Silver Lake 60 a 62 t-2 Germ ante wn Banlc la 2 Bank ol Delaware County isl Bank of Ghester 1 a 2 •jPartner 's 0ank of Bucks co. la £ jVew Hope JDelawar^Bridge '; company ,..'•.,;';' Bank of ibntgoinery Co. at . \Noriitbwn; ( '•;''•'•.--\. Unincoporated Banks uncertain ^IflesHhaft $5. t a 1 i<2p$t,,&M$. I AM. \ -4*& i \ 2 4 1-2 1 t-£ 1 12 nl*«r to for8^ke4Slttv ?f ^ 14e^«| then, first, that you afcalf nftlir upon, JLJ niy wife 16,CiOO fraues (400^ ajear* s \ and give each of my children ^o,00(J r crowns; the mobejy'to be^depo^ited t<fj' morrow, with a solicitor Mhnia { «)rali name.\ •« BuVmy dear-friend, thns| i* too exhorblta)lt.' , \Besides this%K| you »hall give me t©0 loufti for th#1s| expenses of my trial, &cV^ « That wh J something more reasonable.'* A\ tbon^I ! sand erovvns after my ielitence if pat-11|] s#<t, in order to niitrgate t|ie f tgor ofrjsfe j | J| execution.\ *» T I* ^thd^ requisite 3\*-rs* t \And 1000 louis on my comipittal to^5 1 prison, to enable^ me to effect iny ei-^ f cape, aud t procurer *pas*lge on boai'4i destiny and th^t of bis wife and ohifcj sorof- vessel to the United ^Hp^ti^t' dren. Without wbolly explaining! whither I shall iinmedtately mjjigfei himself, he insinuated Mnt a ^fteat\ wi*h my family,' ? « $e^%, mjr ut-ar ; M J sacrifice would be required, the reWard, Thibaut, you cannot be\t»* e*j$m^ l f$& for which, would be proportionably; all this amounts to nearly jUrifJ^t J liberal. The words tribunal, justice/,! franes.\ *'l savo you^'u*||or faij||p . imprisonment^ escaped 5 Mm his jiipljj^fjliti*!!.* 9 A /tn^ %K 1I1&l|» Ioa# jfi ^.hd desiring George to return to |ia scwnc» you ask ^00 in:ucj|i.^ # $ fabtf* family.for tfie ise^t of the'day, he put imagine me '$ yftttr8it*Atiqtt. , ^*'jti into his hands a copy of t$$ CodesJ ea.t\ concejve aU^tho dmwi^s^bleattfe'^i im to read over atteu* it—-tf see^one r s *elf -b^ofeh^ trti^i** recom ing t& 1 a 2 la 2 N0T1€E TO Officl insolvent su^ved in pa pile U MB Dice V 'f'HE siitscriber will re- ceUe Ceritficates of Pensions, and pbtain the M^iiey from the Agent in New-York, free of all charges, except what is necessary to be paid for ac- Geneva, g; wbfen necessary< one wh ifot object Ur^ni^ia In hrs ethce f^oni ei^lit o'clock iu r-he infirnlft^ till nine in the evehing; and lik tfiftpred to any person who possessed all these quali- fications i 800 fanes pM)H y6ai*i with a prom iff?of augmettting hi» salt ry if befottnd feim deserviug. Geor^iuit * ed him eiftirely i and the contractor having learned that he had be*n tfift | missed, and was; in dillretfs, to6M ad• vantage of his misforttttte, and obliged bim to come for a month upon trial without remuneration.' George's ne# master hail beep many years in the service of Coiflint'de jTjey- rac, and was actually in hopes of sue ceeding to the post of v*|#t^ ^feam- ''\0t wheti the reHolutioiMiok place.-4 His master quitted France f Germain, remained behind. His, industry left no path untried, and one continued se- ries of success crowned his exertions; he purchased furniture, took ioasWof} the vacant hotels, fontracted fof- the demolition of the chateaux of the no- bility, and was soon considered one of the richest capitalists in Paris. To prbve himself W?rthy^ .of lib good 'for-' tune,diii extravagance was boundless; his manners lost their formor rustici- ty; fashionably rude to his old bene- factors, he was supple and cringing to his present ones; the women found his magnificent parties delightful; the men agreed that he was really almost deserving of his Weaith,;*atid by de~ grees, he had become accustomed to tha| consideration which riches inva- riably command in whatever way they may have bseft acquired* Germain, 1 whose assumed name I shall not men- tion for private reasons, had attained the summit of prosperity, when a trik flibg^accident threatsd w overthrow the edifice he had reared with so much toil and pains. Not contented with ;th# immense profits be derived from his contracts with government, Germain, becomW more irtsatiablo in propoHioo as hi» treasures iucreased, had amused him- velf from tim« to time by falsify ing his accounts: his ingenuity had' found 1 * 7, 1820* -,„J i ,,V' . ;;••./•••••';•'WOOD ',• •:-.'; Those persto who intoci paying fm tHitv Palladium in Fire-^Tood^are informed that it mtist be deM?«ted soon, or it not be ad tively pages 617, and 618. Assooa and eoBdenyied, jt is dntibt^s* ^^^11 as he reached horns, Ttiihaut opened disiresging /but J^KU know v^ie^ «a^% s the book, and the marked pages, it conscience isefe^r, |heT\opinior treated on the punishment decreed for other people are *f ( n*«^fety m* ihose guilty of the crime of forgery in consequence, besides yojat take ^^ public or privute accuunti. A sudden wnrst bide of the, question; wo mh$ \ light broke upon the bewildered find means to evade the laws. ¥om»>,* George ; he s»w the precipice before flaw in t^je indictment, or ? iho «bsenc|fc, / Hini, and recoiled from it '•with horror,, of a witness!} I shall spare no >e£pen#8 f. \^ Th^autW shut the book ; he re* I assiiir* ybU. ^^^SSJUp^JIfil^ opened 4t -m^ba^lfallyyrhis^y^^in^^ yoi^r demaiicFj; Ijjesli^ij yof jtf* >iSflu*t«r% ;^jaaeed over the para- not a little eompro;ni*ad &n this wui^ graph ; hi reaaVie a second time* and tJtfiss yourself; you have kept my books, *f , Ugain a third tiine, then closing the 1 do n«i say'this t» tntiinidate yaa. | ^ bofctei he walkedi up iond dow^f th# i but I really ^fiiuk^ ifi wou^Jl be a go«4 uh \ room^riepeatHi^iheclansesir^rhlm^elft thing for jfoit, if you got ^o«,«ft«r^ The feared elothingof his family met frauts by iueh a trifling afrfir J matey ^ his view, and a sigb escaped him iu people would be^lad to be in your' comparing thom . with those of thii. place,. I sJhouJW my^elf, if 1 were-as destitute as you are \ bufLupfor|unai«^ |y I have acquired w«alfl|* «^CP> too great sacrifice.\ Tbibsut^mj contemptuously, and then ttsuining! bore lorioui tone, signified to^ift ma«. ter that his resolution was frx«d, and that no arguments could induce hinj to alter it„ ZTfte latier^lriea in t»ft| to shako his determiuatmnrhe-Jejc^ ^ geraied the ehavoes of an ac^flifBfl^l,;; '6jp which he Well knew thpre^wls nn ) ~~ hope ; but at length seeing tha't ho; could not make a betteV Mr^paiu, Its ^ was obliged to accede to Geoi^e't terms, in order to screen himself frott^w the punishment he so justlv JH&PUeff; a At the end of a fewJtays, 8u«picioi| J was artlully dirletfdf to Thjbjwt} L \ wjs arrested, trfd, and foumffcoW* Eh ery^pne execrated his perfitfj^.and pitied tha worthy contraetor for bav- in^ been so unfsrtnuatfe is to place; confidence in such a viHaiti. fle;#f!%->j.' i^red the condolences nl* hi^f fi iend|| ~ of expressing his conipa*8io;n IhfcS .,y « . _ _ , chappy Herk. and acquired &?&£*(£ gte, the right of defrauding his prioj.! «f* praise for'his^o^ero^^epkvolenitl cipal creditor. Ou lug return boitaeii *\* ^«hH4y bestowing o,n poor J*Kl» be was aoie'Dislied'^o filud that his wife h^ttt the fondled louis jp^evibttsi^ $« , had received a Vtsit froim M. Ger* S^eed upoA* hfetween the^. t 3 ^ ^ maiu, who had expressed a lively in- : George's wiffe and chihtrfH guiKei^J ' terest in her welfare, and whose* S en-' France befure the conclusion of atri-» f ^j erous sensibility bad not confined it- \t* the issue of Which ,c«uld not ha ' ielf tb mere verbal assurances of dottbted\: they took Hifb them tha friendship. 'j | price of th«ir husband's apd father 1 '* G«orge passed a wretched night, ilisaj^ace, and changing theiir name, agitated by a thousand couilicting; settled at Phikdelphiia, thoughts. |n the rwrnin^|avi|| L At the, expiration of stxjhojrths, 0 rejoined them in thatojtyu- weig^a^i well all the a4vantage8 and ig^orgo rejoi [ disadvantages of the two line^ of con ? . #0 one has ever suspected his ao%h; duet before liim, he formed his *esoJu> t tures^ iio lives tliera-very retired, ed Uon, and hastenedJo^the house of his j ueatSug Jiis jchildren* whom^n b master, who wa*anxious!V; exp^ctini i protected from Jroverty and sodbctii him. As soon as the latter perceived in pn \\ family Qf A4- Germain. Bis wife, ha* bituated and resignecl t* ivory priva*; ti<an as regarded herself, could not be- hold her childrea want without tears. *v So>vory Mt|le would iliiake us a.|I hap^y,\ Baidsha, 4\ ^0\little {\ ex? elaim«d Thibaut,and rushed out of the house without uttering another word* • At f he^ door he met a poor creature whose honesty was unquestioned, yet who was actually starving: this bois? erable end, which seemed alike im? ponding over Thibaut and his little wnes, mads him shudder. Some pa- ces farther on, ho was ddflded to by i bankrupt in his cairtlge, ftvery oni seemed to shnn the first ;overy,onei, on the contrary, courted the iiliice of the second* This difference could not escape Tfiibaut's observation. Whilst he /was leaning against the wall» ab- sorbed in these reflections, he was ae- coued by tt friend, from whom he learned) that the splendid equipage belonged to a maBL wlio bad purchiised, b five years'resilience in Sainte Pela- 'h silt the secret of Joublirig^tl^ number of the signatures of some t of ihe ^firt- cipal officers of governmeint; and the treasury, which seldom ealls^t ^bas- tion the correctness of % eoiitFaetorls accounts, had paid for a few article^ which, by mere forgftfulness on his part, were never supplied^ If Ger- inain had been prudent enough to stop at these fibt essays of his ingenuity, nothing would have ueeuwdiseuve, rhibaut, be rati ti» |ieet him, took Irtm; by the hand, and, after haviug compel- led him to partake of An elej>nnt and sujnptuous breakfast, domanded w m j he had decided apon. ;\T«i serve yob A replied 0eor^e. \IndeedJ'* cried ^rt 1 mj*io r ' ** 1 have read the'penai osdifc with atteation, and am perfeetly aware of the punisbment I in^ur by taking upori myself the errors whieli you have comtnitied in your geconnts^'f «.« Brrurs J a« excellent word,'? «* Te« ... , noiple* m«; fc so^d^thatr thflie himself receive*^ and has wade hi self equally ]btr<ir*4 *\** respected fats irreproachable cotidwct. So t is it that ther? &*& meft In the Wofld,^ to Whom teothitig but % fftitjl M wealth 4 ts v/antin$ to fflf&x ihctfi C serving of the till** of kunetw fafe Such is the a»e©dat«» w^|ch l^^) sjbly afford stniiseiiteht a^j-nsUu to my readers. W)Wi \ qf the names, whfch ih»tf >sj^^w,. ; it uo fiction. L : *iiii> m- -•'*' '-*«'\•

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