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,;-/;:••«**-. \if :rC3E3 MomtAe-Voti'\\/ Jt/^ycafe. First \Co liOiibti Arrived IHM evening, the Packet «ihip Amity, l.apu Maxwell, ft on Liverpool, ' By ttii»- arrival we hnvt reeeived Liverpool paper* of the 30»h and London papers of the evening of, 'the 29ih November. •' >^.--| No change of ministers had tnkeu | plttee, in consequence of the acquittal ' of the Queen. The Morning,Cliioni eleof the 29 th,'November* asserts, that the JBarl of Livrrpool, the Kail of (\The Ptoferty <J D»f»>\ <*\*\'• E \ q) vide that iiws\.^'\T: 7» , u « close.\ In > 0 I, the ifcirl oi, in « V^-^ VfiC [' * ^muni- iCrSVy:^ Mr. Caping^ *1 *tand»: ^^I^I^SiaV its •il««^e* , i w ^'!% lirt -»». A work oh this rtk^.a»-W« ftt P re8 f n 1 gaished a W^ T 4 t^JKhMM- tEL accent of lbs Xym- , *^&Mtett«ttott/ iPrigate, as guns 5 eruising in !^ Pa ^ c ^ e 3,?!*S e «£ «^« ?# g£^i«b&^P Js^.JF£ : flireci.way,•*«»•- ov» tion which feould not^ie fearried/ln the form of abiti«|Painsaiid Penalties. - 1** 4' pi'Januajyuext. rast u is;-JM^ •«•*•- -- wares comma;from a distance,\ hut; all ' accidents and eac&pej at the mk#ihe owner The season will •BOBniiNtt? tWfint of Aptilaod^adthie *;Stl» of .July. ; '^' :•'••':*••' Siinmj Sid* (W|>s}>.<* u ' v '••Map of M - TBJv ie^ftsd editwtf> Revised *ftd A cof»eet*d.i^iet)Tnpletrd[andwill short ly tie delt^red to 8|ib8erih3eSiif-h»*'th€' , i : Western part *>f this stated alii thetfoi- In Sheet; ----.- .f;00 Made portable in book, 10 Mounted on R(Iters and ; ,// Vai^lied;,; * ll',,.- of N«\\ f|»rk, incJiiding >he i»|pr pait of (he statt ofPe^n^iv^nia. t . pUhlisjbpd by AMO$ L&¥ ; ffid U 4p« jipnisto v»'to%e,ac.(Mi;rai^ v -agd Ut cdatain all the Ooupti^Uj?- to t^iis ( ti roe, cor reel! y-de^g^atfed. ^i^Jo he well worthy i)fpub|i|^twna^e,« JAHAS KENT ChaneeirdT* JOHN TAYLOK, Lieut, OoVerhor. ANDREW ELUooTr* Professor of Muthema^cH. Wcst'Foint. M. VAN BUBEN, laie attorney dene ral. ••:'••; •-;• \ ;_. §. \ AN RaNSfeELAER, late Lieut. Gov ernot. ROBERT Taoui?, Agent of the-Etaltft BA-HXEL B» J TOMPKINS, Yice ^ceai- : *\\\ W- TANKESS, fludges ftf the Jon At PLATT, ytSupreme Court. * WATHAN FOKD, titst Judge of St. L-iArence nnitnty. > _ _OIDWK GHANGEK, Iat# P. M, Oette^ ml. ABM VAN VECHTEN, late Attorney General. \Virb equal pos%r» fc „-^., r . r _., that'*ome «f^ the *owti^»tal sove r#igns had addressed letter* „i& the- King-of Eaglatid, e3Lpress.ive «P their- fckrm lest -mg ehat^e should tajtee place, \iu'hlfo :<m&infe4,. ? ''The lettohs,, (says the Gouriet,). • which ihe^Pxittee': -%^hl^liih^ r AMt'riaik'Ewh««sadoir)^ ddivieTci3jo^l|eICingvandupQnyvju«h «neh stfess is laid in the- Morning Ghponple, Wfp-mtvjt ,tett^r|.-4»^«ridj0 lisnpe on t|iejdl'ith »f4jb« J)kie)r;es8'of , '^orlir'^ r Parli&mfnt was, jrorgguedv fry royal froQlamtiion,, (a ifto^tttiblua!\ moee of ;proe#|d|«!3j:,) to,.the W$$. J&n. A4cou»t* from Vieana bate, tha^ i-hte/^-tiis-tVjiain kimy m* ' ' • '* - - 1 the 18th JnstVstates, thatpndgiogtfom, Troppau, al Wf *f -f»^ •**** War, it u said, i« 4e,cided up^ri, and Russia wtlf make cointnttn eau^r 1 ^ iCing of tfisSa has dflared that iie ^iltnot ^teftow^dge the tolutiop- art«bfefiM&irf«*fpytii§a*. , f ;•,. Madrid «»# tfrtbiirt*;. !*F^^ in 4p'otoijj& and••** frfcnent whteh *twt*-k'»*^p«l'|»wviJ«^^PM^»T. Urbus system^ agn^l uc^and A t ^^. fr| t 8«w#wp*:J(f» tle-hfmrt»^tiniui^d«^»*««'2^ t0 n^oteet our tfastound the Uarn4^ l » i9 :^ try h |^ t fh;V|romChina. . • -| ^.;: ev.de.H that his aim baa heen .4jbj 1 .^^^^/ibrifr) ,!*««;« Jf^ useful to Ktaftilo* •it«5»»*-^P*2J b ^ n the Wettlnd es, GalMM^i. 'St W hat may f««£S ^f^d oecashrnafly Mt^ and to imp.-0ve«h^r^nd4Uon, « lh J; ^, a „d a ,oa S the *«tf«r* W rf than to please by his «tyl» «?JfJJ , u ^j, states, ; . T xt <: u hit^ney. He has tjwrtto^^g^ j -]Ly»*, s^hponer, 0 f una ; l^nsueh, it whieh a|«end suehiuoirvei^^v^^ •oior Cfirf** vvas rttinmte}yjjjgj» • Bnte rprise 5 *» these vesstU being ted with Mr. Watsoh,aud glff eatlom ^ earry .^. e ^ ct t he ley** him the fruits of his ^S^^rL' ral acts of Congressfor the iq^pee^ live to *j5ne° lt ^ e » jBKSC^d ' JPI th 9 ^ ,ave tradeajid pubUhpeij.t of : hud- obtained,- his WW^K-i «nca' the eriuie of piracy. • j :.;(•••* ».,d his, Bxeeli e ney 5 >h#«Wj-} ^- .j G un Boats' Nos ? i 53-^tjd 468 5 cr^K the pat'Oflof *grie^fi|Wf^' ,. |n „ (jt t j lB sante objeetl a^l>g the Col/Troap.lastsuxntn^SW^ : C( S 9t8 of Georgia, Flotida^iJ.; tick in a ^Ht^MWWW^-, Three^aiall.veasols, mouhtinj Watson the ^ ^JLf^t^t ^Wch'aro empl^ed^MJ OTfrttito Vtoj^W^. fy those; o^fei^vVfW**«W-*g a leinm^m^i ^ * ma ^,^ s a,. e „»«trtf Morses has e3tten8t*eraminca : add thatihfse e^erjeue rnea^tires a re more than suffieieni riot only to 'put ah eud to the respoiofiou at Naples, but also to etvirigiJish the t*evulutio'n^iy -•-:«-_si i^i.o \tviinBiMnie. of war inv Avlia> emiurii* »«»T-r-\7 ,» ,. .„ plot of Morales has ejctenst^rattiitica- dons. (Met* lm#- Wl'^W4?* to all th, politNf ehWfe.^ d»ubl P fheir ti*M&My .rtafJtPf • »»»• • : q^irtt.y\ - ltt;tfcBdB^(nt.w?^ v ' 1. . _k_x it., raniirt neinir O'l-eui *-:_^: ':„v-i»«. i.i.«tooiinn nf the trade and sippi in tile protection, of the |i|ad«8Bd ed to prevent the report being w« viobntlj, under ^J,«f f^W *S the NaVy contains the folios*Jate* I,ii'«« ^&«*£^itE wett t reLctin^the tlto.h* rfttj .u=.,u »» » v»-r-\\-•'-•-- * «i . m( ,nt resnectine ; the «fine Shtfi* 01 Vnv iki Troup publishes )he pamyhl^ .^^^^i^Ue? .** ^ iMtkfactorydocumeirt^iftpro^otb^ : -j|,U'^tEeline has beeiibuilt aud Ideelaration. '^fef ed «!; .h^l ^ t r«l Troup t*\if. Watson, *> that i wnrposej a»at*i«trt»iott<ty»^^ ^^: »Iin« have beeti aro noyv on fe''mater-i-- (Son9,ttettotio«i the stocks, y. 1 »„w ,---» i«;v W .:r ! -_\ ~ \. . 1 win* iu« ?*)\w «— V .»--T - ^ # 1 r»,««» *n»« the nnamma VMUSW jftsand Wacfc* '®f™ daytfe^dofJa.auaTyi.e^andup^ .-*^^ J ^n this oceasioa a seena^toofe place- verv similar to -sd'ae- of thtfse whtetl ;iu-^t8wa» a **3 •> \?' .\'\'\\'7 ^TVttrta-'feV^\^^\'^ 5r 1 w \ 1, - rt ef «ff* MMifd en ever*.•«««*. —*«v --^ - - ;—/-, . oeclrSb the roign of Charles t|l^^ 2h« ih, LitSi &**•* Ihe ^in^ Si4emoAa#^*^^ ??^ r f^.. V ; «I ^«^H\«^«^«* > »?»<Jflf r.\^ \eVhave been oured by waslh ng when, the eontestt aeiweeu ^ ^| RS^^SfcriMtM «* lto iohabitanif ^ ^,W«/* »^rialnitf -j»ro*»««- ; 'AW&, *? re e ? e * \* Z. - .1««»» »«4» with a ^„..it;^ar^ar».p-^g^^- :i -v 8 ^ aine d from hickory ashett, of J«^eMed ( ^tha*c^f^mw^F«c ^.. . tabU sp00 »ful may begiv* i^#|-W-vh^he. cos .oft* ^rttW e,l ^| i(1 peT8om 4V ima«i blind;*r wtien. tne eonicai* TOIWW -^T -T-^O ™»pm»»-!j; and lus Parliament *o tafic^ *#W^ Hh# '**^J*yffr^r^ i« Vhe harbour fori n,* nn„t.trv At the momtfrt •. ^ « e « Hied to the sl'Pfio^ m the naruoui ier from the iOue»a,the^d\ifi» d) M«>^liorrorthe^r«^a#a»^ ;• • *J \ ^^ e bee n eured by was|Hos If\ 4 & ^ ^^in% -j^i^.- ;A|fv. *?^^Sur or fi,0^eefcs with a .•*\ u y? <*? J\ J A. u„,to nriit to the ptp MM tho^analto puld»oiH»^l| «t«^^ im a4ed f >at f.M>«0 mater.al^i » ^S Xrnpt was roade 0^0 otshed by your iy^KW^E* 30S1S; by someunkno^n viliynyto •J^^^f^J^^l ££^ton Theatre by firing^ a le(0M&m**ff &e .*C%S huildina adittining it, which contained ^'-fe-J^^t 1 ^^^^ mosf of Which W del- %^ Mate was in • » 'ers 0.* -n't»-J»*™(| -»j -—— ' tr -l ' ..«.- » n— - ^W-|^ rt ^ A ^:^h^:^el»^al*8* Oi dis or to a«v «t» fit.:, .-,. , - ^ -pyonrohation issued toai the oppost ' - ;#Mi«*Mf';#•••• ** 1tt mord8 -the Commission fat: jjrorqgiling j^fThe abov J e Baps W^^M'i^ireijaeist-wiiji read, but no gpeeeh Albany > ^ ' '' ^ N B Suhscrvpttout.tof ,• , :r ,,r _ tf^*a^«W«^ flttdl % Court, Lid at Aibuuy, <r perlunl ^ildreii em»«*ed by llieir mother* 'ftfnoft of -the declaration,^ is ttnd^ublM w Attorneys. ^„.„, , fo ^.^aOntrallyv , In the, e^ty »H pam|) hiet is written tti tiie itsual ^«^W ^ «£ 2«L iiw? w ;^ w * fc ^*tf*^'^l^ o ^ 0 ^H^^i^^ temperate styl* of Jmlgr,^^^1^0f Sflampshira k,u^'lift\H'n»afe. H* iit^r/ in fbg.if dkity tetim*ng j gp . r 1 jiJ A late law or r\ew*i?ampsnirB of the publication? 0iW!»-**C*'4 P« 8t ^ Qtt T f :^ jS^ £lK» for truth In this age' oTqnaekery erns, shops, &e,\ Ajl persons sell ng So empiricism, wh^re the labour, re- ^quot t^suelv^d tipplers are lt^ teetion a«4 ideas of others itreteized hie to a fifle of «t0. , ^ • and anpl^dl to the benefit (if the aihbi, A pe«tt.ot^^p.^ented|ft^ Le- , thru K^b*«edy4tb ef o«i e8 ne- gislature of Pettnsyl^ma.att^tr la a Ustary for stfme chatnpNt^taM th0 session for a < law to annul the mar- head in the ^auseof'jwsbice. Col. riage of a white wftraan w^^ff •n '.... .1 A/f« \\ttklmnn atta htn feught unby the §o*ernmej|t f -£i ^» : \ ^ASl$S v »e liberty 4' informing the ielthal'-.fc*T>aBcem ojpttcVd vh^ CM AIR JMfA^lNG business>\ the building * wo door* iftAutb of VileS. & Dor- ^tiestftr's Cabinet shop, in Main-street, Where by signifieant sigfts J^tan by otal com snuni«ationsl. ^iThe Messrs0 frotiot her 9?t.sj^s!ty, whleh w*^ tuat ftu^bd tOrhe heaFtt in that Mouse* i* as follows :— •A* iooh m the 6>vis ada, some 01 tne gojon i»«3«pic •« ....»* place determiiied to demonstrate thfeir joy by an ill!iiiwirta,tion. SfW aatisfled with an exhi^Jo» oSa land, they4ried t'he-vffkmti,. An the wat*^ Two largo ;ftre#^e*6 thida «n the ice on the riv er apposite the tlaivrn, and at »ne of si an 0x tvas roasted, *ud feasted 'vvilh'>1iieskd.:a'itd , ale by^ a large lead in the -cause - of jwsK.ce . Col. r.ago ot a wrme woman wij^a ma^ 3Pr«no^»d m Watson are both old colwir, andto puntih thelaHer and , me%Wf«* sed ^i'Mf^ ^P^ the perann who tnarries theht^ « The Queen tbiiik* it proper tolnV form the IJoagfr oiV€o^mf^*^^^ Em received a eommunicatioii from the 0^^^^ « -which John Bull is to King's M»vi«»e»:sv pjMnty hsfWaNg ^gat ti <»n #ach fioeajliofts.' , feroejt? an intetitiotiet to proro»gtte the Parlta-i Vj jjj f m $ Augusta jvefo also llluitiitta- ted, a»4^*s ft |roo/of th^**—'-* inflfoceii.ee* $*,.efiigi#f uf Ma| '*\ \Ltnottt '**?$ l»tfibed.r*-Co»i , FwmMe MiUmul Mmpate. TW'CANAl,/ ' an intetitiottg to prorogue thfe Parlta meo:t Immediately .an A aeeoirinajiied by ian offer of finoney for her support, and heittt^nds^keeping «n ?« p proyiditig her wis h a residinca un** hand i* general assort- M# «** v S«|^ion ni»f |^ hohi#n, , tnent of *'*This offer the Queon has hstd no iy *,( ^ff»4^»,<' l&ff^<]LiA - T«b«sitation to refusing. Whife the late &t^; fVin^, il«^00, f«- ^ traordinil ^ procekngsw^eohd- dieb' Sewnig, H wmqr , \ n $; it awght • be fit for her to accept ,.meii^r^ passed that,$er|pd «f life the pet'son \f no marries wiemv 4hen ambitioa for po^|;<$d office is ^^ | ce w y c h blocka^s Boston in fulV vigor -they ha#|o. motives to h aP b ouri it U. g «id r is t« inehes thick, mislead 01 deceiife, atjdfh^ ciily.ob- g| e ^ drawn by horses wettldoAVfi upon ^tfi\ in tWv expose i» - *fl f^de? to the j e e on the i»tlb fast, to one o« t\yo Cmsar the. : Wt>g?.$!$t yp GmaPW vessels and brought back; tevtv al^loadi •.\•'- > \ •' -^•. T^i hj 1 €ottcttftll9liJ^^«i^iAitiwftD»' petition for erecting ue^Ierks *S~ ,W W ,1|#?#W nee west of Utica. \ !' • 1 B W ^^l!? 1 *?^!^»l f°J'! Mr* Or6fe8*otit the Cflmwnittee on ^tep4tte with Copt. Klhotfc wbioh «t • .. ....,1 .*,__ _'_*«.„ _: Jfi <J,( ' _„ tjocfti atkd 0 Of as good viorkmanship as «iiy in the ft ,«ntr>. iiiwi at as reasonabi. prices. i torn In* «»wn kn.owledge of the bust- 15 3 ,, lie Am Oot hehitale to recom- W i »d hiwvvork. He BUti.keeps \ band, for sale, at nmuiHt} of exce- 1 it H . '•t.AliNiSH. i ' the adyahe.el lnade^f/ot. , her 'te'tnpafary acccmmodation; hut sh« naturally' enf' pected tliat the failure of that U!>par> alleled altentptto dtegrad^, the E»y»4 Family, wouid be initniediateJ|, follow- ed by suhnsiiiingp *ome plroisiaent measure t&'lhe wisdom oiTParHatriebtV *-and she has/fplt that sheenuld; no longer, with propriety 1 leeeive Irowi the^Mjimterftr v hat s|ie;is weiiassified , rhe iiberaltly of tl|« rfouse, of Coftf : ^ !»thetf.ariou*goniestsjfir politioal power m$- SBggrjtttdi'liefljeht , atisiiig ^m'tl^ pt^fin$ tjf^iie : Ca^aVvWy ^:^^4(^^aid- 'Obi the aub|e«|' .of $m$$jK or :r^tli<sfvihas..'itf4dividtt:»i t niting\ rjfe'S^irffi**. of Erie 'tfhd -Hod''. ,s<iflv ajnd?^|w»''fi^^'-y-«^i iab^ttTei' to ufodaipA%e>ft*lope x rltt^ of the state 5. , tnoiia would l«ive fi;ratitp;d», \as «;h&eil»/i|||^ |e|g|ihtij*l.^tfeiJdigttiiy of tne *^^^ rece in erect 1'iniUig that tb'ey ha| pa«' to extend the goto! HhertieA \^\' esfie /and «kbill to ••erect •ft^.^w.'^tt^f^'fll* •^ r »vevof • Mbnai<ie^||oai: p^rts of thfe ^oM0i©»>of' \ **- Wtb'it<t#'G*ue«'ee , : r -a«| #ee(ue*ttng : cou^urretioe of the Asiemblyythere- Che Seoite tettt a v copy of* resolu?- fcion concurrin| in the appbintrnent-of to pfod!ij5ie ( Jhe^(C^Trit'l^HL of the state fcion coneurrin| in the appointment-of 4<^|ia'in&ni;.'; #ff4|inton#a\«ni'ihe' ; a joint .eorrjintltee .On the Guyernor'^ ^me^#itvtwtt, atitoipjilse' a^d' Activfe pm* sago' <$. ifo& • 2^<i Ju^taut. ' Tfir on ms ia8*Krptse K jo *•iteep CfrpV- p in elteek,\ and with a re^uesi that, W cage of his death, they mi|»ht be pii»* fished^ $ as ttte uyost efiectual meajl; ^fjguardirig hirplmractei';against w baseness anl f^isehuud of Capt* Bf' otV'* We are sorry this dispute W beeft j^rpfefiiaied beyond-th^ grave.«» whiehlit was hopetl, all feeling* of enmity tvere buffed. , \\The^bdhk- of\Getfais•&***- writtet oeat'ty^i',ee0ltii.ri«f*:^gO4 •bbrae.iaf ' ft E.tU hittojl <M nl re^|^#SieI^we0'otpttiiti. :.i&4\jite^,\Teimft.- frtofaa* ^*n&\' *t%eym$ : \m#W^ff0*^™ •%•

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