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<f.? -X.y m& m W •w wm* ,#» .&£.'.:?. If 1! •£•• HMM •ill—WW ilhtth-Ab (ui'.aiil bus been made in the payment of urn- nil * seemed to be paid by lndt-uCuf't- oi Mortgage, bearing, date, the seventh tiny--itf Pebruaiy. in the year of out L'H d one Uuitisaiid eight hundred and ui .eicetj. executed by • Zaltnan'-. Uwen. is*-- lis • •m: m. : m ^i» Y of t'henuujgn.in the county ol Broome., and stale of New-Yotk. to Vincent /Wfiitney, ot Chenango* aforesaid— ISo'-ricK-is therefore hereby \given. Tbi*t iiv'viniie of a power run-lamed in said Mortgage, and in pursuance «»i a statute in such' ease made and provi- ded; the lauds thereby conveyed and hereinafter described, \viij> be sold at jpoblie Auction, on £afurday, the thir- ty first day of March next, at two o' cloefi in the afternoon of that day, at the Stage Hoasf.now, occupied by Jo- ei feice.in Seneea street; in the village l of Ue'peva, viz. i \All that ceitain jpVee or parcel of Jandjbeina; in the town u)f Gorbara, bounty of Ontario, and state of aforesaid, bounded as fol- lows, beginning, at a stake standing in theearVlibeoi^.t'N<r,-23lnj.he'8ectoijid' r-angV of^tf-n6%:» -llhelps anil Gjof*; ham's par#ha.se, : if^t#jep»:,/elifai*i8 Slid •setmnf eight links from ftee ; 8.JE.eor- ner of *said lot, and at the N. E, eor- .«pep4»f SOacress of land, being.the 8. Jwif of -top atsres of land conveyed by jo^kna .Jo^jr to, Wot»S*aton,and run tDingtfteauly ,4V. parai-lel with'the 8 'ijrie,«f said lot-JVo. .'23 to the line of land n&w-or lately owned by George Waddles, thence Jv, on said line so fat ftt^t* e^ual line E -to .the E-lineo< *ai« lot* and 8. .to the'place, of begin \ -fltiing/ vrhi^li* wit;J otake 50 acres <>l lanC h;efjtg |he^ortb; half of the,afore- ,«tt§ lOttaeres.of lahd^ntlveyedlby th- iai|,Joshua Joy Jo said Willittm S w * ton^*-il>«^of- Spen^bet 25.>lB2!> : .^. :\' TOCBW wHrrjVKY. •• RFAULT having been made in the payment of a certain sum oi money secured to be paid by indenture of Mortgage, executed by Erastus W. nurralLoi'lhi' county ol Ontatio, i« Joseph .Shelddn, of the SKDIO county nid bearing; date tjhe lliir.d da) of Oe <<ober» ; IB 16. upon all 'hat ceitain lot 05 parcel of land, situate in township number fourteen, in the second ratine of township* in tlie town of William;- von, and comity aforesaid, to wit:— • lot number I'ntt* «ne, containing two hundred and twenty nine acres, and line sixteenth of an acre, be the same more or less—excepting and reserving * ut of the north end of said lot one hundred acres\— Notice, is therefore hereby gmn* That by virtue of a pow- : er contained in said Mortgage, an J in pursuance of the statute in ,s,H0| ease made and providttfU, .jtjb^^ga'il itioitgrtged' premises --will '-^--sold-at Public Vendue, at Fau|k'p|||JlHoteJ,.iti he village of Qp^jjjLf on the nine-, GENEVA BOOK-STOKS; JAkES BOGEMT ;| A8 itc/ived and is receivjn^jiift ditions to his stoclruf Bf|pK:8, lUigftiher enibracing a yalua||fe dol- iectfon »t Standard aud Mipillft'fieous Boojp.j Jar^e an^J -sroail' Jgbl^Tes-- uwiffrit*,. 'Common Prapi*, Bcioks ; WATI'S 5 . I)w!ghfsVaH#ih*'' Vmlm »nd Hymu Books-all of which will he sold at the New fiork prices, with iliseounts to LihraryJCompanies and purchasers to a eonipetable aioouoM teenth day of ApriPlS¥xt, at nine o ! clock in the t^fnonn of that day,-- .J08-KPH S HELDON, JOSEPH FIELLOWS, &Wy< •St, ' II t. v^ W } - 1 ^TIlJB^m^. tiamwl: fVuviiet, ' <»; t t-he.jftWD of Hen tea * county of ^^TlSgiiqlst^te of^eW Vork. for se- • -^tt^ijig.tfte> pijynie.ni nf a certain suu .^at»f .jUiiiriey, d|dy on the twenty secoiii. duy of Mjity. in the year of our JLord foiiie'tbXousartfl eight hundred and sey- en|feUj;exept,e unto James jfciw«, oi Jprafi|im ceunty. .and state of Petin spvaflSn, i«J inortgage upon *vaji that ciertain tract of laud, situ»M \lyttrg* aftd being in the gotre oi >lanjl h^t\reei» thFold and new pre-enip; ,iion Itiies^ in.the tow n of Benton, eoun^ 'ty of finlario and state of New-Vojk and bounded as follows, <o wit ;->bp> ginning; ut n post in the north east cor- ner of lands formerly owned by Pal rick Bays, tfience north two hundred and^ sixty perches^ to th* earner pi ^lands fiinnterly belonging to Patrick Riley,tihence, wesi fifty pertheh.thenee. south two hntidred and sixty perches Vthfenee^tvst gfty perches, to rhehpinee: of beginning 3 containing,-e'ighty one -.^tcfes <»f land, a« surveyed by one^oi> onion 0bi)^aieJ also all the following lot of taiwl, tying and being in the a v - ^fbVfsaidj gore* and known and>di8tin>- ^islic'd bj lot number; fifty--b*gin»« iir% tttltwjhiite oak tree, etanding in •J'ilte mri% ;'«aif_.cor:nerj thence west tw•\.« Ib^ndifed perches, <o a post, thence #nii' h one hundred and sixty nine per 'fhes.^n a inaple tree, thence e>s» tw<. 'jbitlidted perches, ftt a po«t, thence :^oirt|j along the lands belonging . ti. I?;.'-* v ^l|5ti\!^ey% anp huiidred'-ahd 1 sixty 1 tittw 3 ^.\ .-pterievhes,/ |-o the place of beginning. ®&£»Mnil% two hundred and eletrn ®*£?e*''m -fiiirfeeyed hyfyhomas Ree«t— heingihesume two tracts«f l»ndhere iffltffc e*u¥eyed by fterfes W^iliam^ son to t|ie said James Li»n by ihilen U EKE AS default has been made )n thepayment of mo- nies secured to be paid bj indenture-of Mortgage, executed by Jlvidieto JtU-^ ler. of the county of Ontario, to Hd\\ ward Btokee\ Thomas /^fisww.and Ita. rid Clatk, of said county, on the ttVenty-ibird day of Jatmarj, in the year of nur Lord one thousand tight kindred itnd sixteen — PIOTICEIS fheie- [we here by given* T.hat b> virtue vf-tf j>ow er conl-aineil in said Snortgage. and vii pursuance of a statute in ^«ch case tnadp and pi*«vided. the lat^ds thereby •<ytiveycd and hereinafter des^tibed. iiill be sold at Public Auction, on S«- <urd»y, the arthday of January next ,tt two o'clock in the afternoon, at the \offee-HoUse now occupied by John Wilson.\ in Seneca street, ip 'he *i' iage of (jeneva. viz •••~>' i All that \cer- uin.-I«,.t; piece or paicel of land, lying jitid being in said county, in township tiurober nine. i» the first range of ownships in saideoiinty—being a part of ihe easterly half of lot nuinlter Mventy six. in said township, begin ning on the division line of a piece of irtnd laid out for one Peacock, on the north line of said lot iiiiinber twenty -tx and a littile west of iherosd^ run 0 •ting thence wes!t along laid north line to the division line of said lot nunt> bef tweniy-six ? thence south as the >aid division line runs far enough to] ihake twenty five aeres by running a tine parallel with the said north fine »' east to th? road iunnins? north and south through said lot ; thence along said road to said Peacoch's line; thencf ^long>said^eaeoek'sv-line to the-place of beginning \~JMed Seneca. July i, 48^u. EDWARD 8TUKEE, THOMAS RtlBKOK, ©AVID eiARIC. op Coittjjjrisiitll'the various kinds of Spel- ling Bi$fi!, Arithmefies, Oratntnars, 'Oi'cll^lrlet, G<-ographies. &e, Mur- |r^y*s English'* Evader - ,. Exercises, -Key, Introductidn, Sequel, and 'octa^Oi Giammar.;. Beauties of the Bible, C'o- lutnbjan Orator and ReMer.. 8ejec tioitjs,. Preceptors, Sec. &c- flthoiesajte ami MeteiL \ ' • •. Latin and Greek ^qgODL BOOKS. B-i.A'NK B(H)KS of every pattern in connnou use; best quality, -and iTfcN Friday night, the Ifit-h-ofBep cwmniion Writing m$ letter PAPKR.I -\jf tember,.inst. a man by the nam* Wrapping', Bonhet and l>rawing! 0 f wiLtUM. ELTON, Ufa (his \ il Paper ; Quiilsv f^iiknives, Ink Pow | a ge. Previous to his depifiure, l/< 7 Ha subscflhees ^#i Itfir ajsofti- ate : gsVe noti«i^*h%N^J w «fl?pe|ition Hte-Legislature at their next session to•'-ereet a new countj from pa^risvof Sen* ea/ aud Ontario ^jiurnties, coropri sing the lollowirt^ XQ Wnif $p& ^ty*'?$ towns, t0.wit % i tp-tow«ia^f ; %1e-q>ajid' Woleoft in the^ #nnty »f SmH<*>, »b^' the towns of Lpm Sodns., 'Willifi,«|S son, the east township in the town of Palmyra, and so much of the west townsh;ip in the;s^WI toiW-nf,^nd so utmi^i ' of ! 'the-T6« n' of Oritftriu is ih e' L>§ hf|^' '. ture shall deem proper § an,d\III fnftf part (if the town of Phelps which sliall lie north. o,f i line ruhlnih^ ft^ni th^ nori?h'w/e«t ! coroerd''f - 1h^^^#'t|F% nins due west across the said^town of Phelps. -Dated-Mv- '21,. i*«q» * ft f iltiam Simon, Gabriel liters, Jbrhham liomyen^ 'Snnmiias Wtll$, , Witiiam Ford] JereiiiuhB-Mefce'u Simeon f&rimwld, £%m Jewell, $50 Reward. STOP THJE TmWt ! 1 der, Inkstands, Slates. Pencils, ¥a ihVrs, Cards, t^nd most articles of sta tionary. (*e?i>eva. mt JWoveniber. i 820. Wfif.K;ft3B'\ft MimuH 'Freer, lute of am, it* the county, «f Ootarioi did, on the niuth day of May in the year of our Lord ^ne thousand ei^ht htmdied Hod nfte^h« to secure the payment of a certain,sun^ of ntomy and iuicrest.eou vey by iridrnriire of Mortgage to Wit limn Deyo of the town of Seneca, in »hV eounty of^Ontario ajoresaid,-\ frit that eft t-alii traet v pieee or parcel'of Land* siWatPi lying aud being in flip town of Gorlmni. in said county, being the soiltli east corner of the westhaif of lot KHtaber twenty five, in- township nfrHjher nine, in the seeond range ol towwiips in the county of Ontario and bouihde-d as follows : on tl»e,north. by «hc public highway ; on the M**«t by Titus Freer's land ; on the gwiuth. by the south line of said lot numbrr twenty five; and on the easjtj by Aaron Smith's land | containing by r esiiiii» tioti, fifty aeres of* land- be the saint rtrore or less'* —And whereas* default has been made in the payment of the monies secured to be paid by\ the said M6rtgage~r^Gfici , is therefore fierebi, given, that by virtue of a power ,eot* taitt^d in said MoiHgagp; and in pwr suanee of .tit*statute in such case ma d» and provided, the said mortgagef! premises will be sold at Public Afjte lion, at the HoteLin Gfeneva, on tot 'twenty, third day of Jme ft'ext, at tw*. o'clock in ilteal'tefnofiri of that day. i- Dated December 20. t82(i. WILLIAM mtm. ffudsort^ Schfrmerhorn, JifPys. -ft m ^i^hfefeiaB d*fnult has been made in ibr ^f^l^e^t-i^part^oithe *aid sum of mo - d'; : 0$ -aitd.*l»*' iittprp8t»t:h»re-ott«- No'TPyvT ^•§$.0mi0kp0 hereby given, that by vit•' , lllffe of -Os jiWer eoiitaibed in the snid ,|a;»rigagfr» and in pursuance of the 'rf||tltete; / til- sUeh *^ase mad* and provi. [ ifiledi the *aid mortgaged premise>t will l^spltl «tt Public AttcJiiin,at the Ma-- ffef^ Ttji>Ke r villhge of Oeneva* in th* -feWBAtf ol' fnttario aforesaid, oil the ^^lfft%,»ttt.S'day injanua-ry next^at two- x ^^;|i^p;e|?.jt); the afternoon of that day: ':wMtiif>d£ Pettem^ Jvhj m* .- tfc2o. . m ;*•'*\; sonqtBehwmerhtirn, JtV ,K —- *«? J f 1lr%rof Baniel % Lewis. F.^ a tfJommissioner. ^tp.-i iSuiict- it, 'fe#f |f^i\*»* To all the ereditois ot '. €4f0W}Srim»td^ atrtiiisiQlvent debtor ^-to Mhftt^'ett'Wse. if any t bej have, before :'-•$§ -saiil rwntmis^ittner. at his office, in the «illas|e'»fOene^a, in the county of ^%tttrio ? t»n ( the fifth day of March tre*'><>t eleven o'clock in the forenoon why m a»*jgn«ent of tjbe said insol Vent's e*Me should not be made and ; |ii» person discharged fVom iimpjaon- teent ptirK«ant to an act entitled «an , iet t«»fthnli*|i impri«nnment for debt in #e,rtftin«a***'.*\' passed April 7, 1819 \-^tiuMJav 11. 1821. CALV1H GRlsViOLD, i ' insolvent. ^^MEREAS Horace Wadstvortit f *Siuman Witdi<wovtK by indenture of release; % way of Mori gage, bearing date the eleventh d«y of July, in th& year of our Lord one thousand eight bundled and sixleen. for the securing the payment of One Thousand and Eight Hundred Dollars, in the man- ner therein expressed did tphase and eoiiyi y unto rfrauneh Eat&u* and :o his hetf* and assigns forever, \all those eprtatn tracts or parcels of land »iiuate in the towttfi of Gorham and Middlesex, to wit: one bundled acres Yii rbe south east corner of lot number hi«!y ivio in iiiwtiship nuniber nine in he M cond range of tewijs in the coun^ y of Ontario— and is the same which was in the occupation on the day of •'he datp of said Mortgjage of said JV*w mm WadMoriftt&Maim twenty acres of land, be the sanie more or less, in the north east corner of lot nujStber twelve, in the town of Middlesex, in ssiid cuunvy, in the occupation of said Horace Wadsuortk. at the date of said Moitgnge—-And whereas, the said Mortgage has been duly assigned and iransfirred to James ^Porter, of the vil[IHge. of ^kaneateIes --and whpreas defaoli has been made in the paympnt of part of said sum of niohey according t • the condition of said Mortgage— Abticein therefore hereby given f That by virtue of a povver coittained in snid Mortgage, and in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provi.. ded. the said mortgaged premises will he sold at public Vendue, at the house now occupied by W illiam Dascomb. li.nkeeper, in the village of Skaneat- \4e»4 in the county of Onondaga, on the 'wenty third day Jf J ane , ^ between the hours of eight amlten ^ clock of the forenoon of iha.t d«.y.^ 'Maneateies. December 27 i«2n Q* W. jEWEtT, lee. LANK8 Fov sale at s o HiotkS Cutting, \HE subscriber informs the pub> tic that he carries on the Htont ting; business in Reading, Stenbeii eoufity, where he has constantly on hand a'supply of OB^yE. .STONES, Of all descriptions, readfy for letter- ing, which lie- viill afford very |pa? ffet 0«sli or most kinds of Produce:, Fort he better accommodation of the people of Ontario eounty, the subscri- bei has made arrangements with Vim «UTTOH, Jan. Cabinet Maker. in Ge- neva, to make coniracts and receive inscriptions. Persons agreeing with hi\in*; may depend on baying -their work done in the best manner, and delivered at Geneva on the shortest notiee. Samples may be seen in the Burying yard. Geneva. PRINTEBS Can also be accommodated w|th Press Stones, Of a superior quality, wartahted to a good service, and to be level WILLIAM SUTTOM. tienflfys* Jmjp <2v>. rs2n. \33 broke open a trunk belanging to tin subscriber; and took ''tlje^efrgnti. up wardsuf Twojlundred Ifollars- Be fore the theft >as dtscofered. he hht purchased a Hmse, paddle & Bridle with the stolen money, i It was a bay 'horse, two years old, long tail* ven little mane, star in the forehead^ long strip on tnfe nose, and a remaik bfe fine horse of his age. The Saddle was entirely new, cut back tree, skirts inlaid with leopai'tf skin, pad fateed with seal skin, moeli jeopard housing trimmed with emti••• laice* and the label 6f f%m>,$'- fVateoii Geneva, beneath the small 3 skirt—«—»li» stirrups fujlplate,with springs. Bri- dle, bit and bridoon. full plate. s EiLTOiN is about 30 years oldi 5 feef 9 or lt» ihehes high, of a sallow complexion, black h^ir. light blue or grey eyes, much ^unk in his head, ve py slini. and thin in fleshtStoops when tie walks, $f a very suspicious appeal / vhce, by trade a Hatter, gj»-ys he was brought up in Borlihgtatl, N.J. and has worked in Philadelphia, where it is supposed he has gone, ije w ore ti siiuD? coioredi coat and browiit panta- ioofts. He also took a note* drawn? to • he subseriber rtearlv six yeat^ since f>y JPUte, Taylor cf White, of Troy. •' n $&$9 and some cents, with ail en- dorsement of about g2*i The above Reward willbegiven fp he person 4vho will lodge him\ in 0% : giio.1 at' Wfateflod. Seneiea ^<>unjfy,f6t ; ut Canandaigua, Ontario,county. /• y'r-, •.. t ' DAtH* >'iLS01*%,': Gemm, Sept. m'r i«#6\ ^'% Who inserts the ^bove adsfertisier nent, and is thereby the means of fi»i ving the above vill in detected^ shall receive FIVE DOLLARS on pres«nf uig his bill. It is hoped ..therefore every Editor will exert himself in put ting a stop ta the career of old offend efs'. -3&.VWXI,8ON.' e* K. jAJVl)ERBURGH-8 Ace't. and Notes are in toy hands fiVr ^Heetion. Payment is required on the notes. The accou.nt8j n » s t beset tied andclosed, either byfete or na>. ment, ttn mediately. \ * ' J Geneva, Jan.- sX V Ml HAVE JWT RECEIVED A ITBESH: supfty OF Epsom Salts and Sb3a ; Turkey 0|itiutn an^ Aloes ; Castor and Olive 011; Calcined Magnesia j Bhubarfe and Bark ;> - Crena Tartar ani Jafe j Arrow Boot and j^&gMS ; Glauber Salts and Ijifre; \\indsor and Castile Soap; anion and Cloves; oitle Corks and VMg.; Mace and Camphor; Ginger. Root and l^ultnegs. Wrji*ehead's Essence Mngfyftd, a care for Rheumatism; Anderson's eel- grated ^Congh Drops ••) Opodeldoe i ^vans? Crown Lancets ; TherttihimV •5 ? S-f \ZW*** % e Stuffs; Paints . ir!' h 2 M ^ c - w h«^h will fa, Oct 4. ts3fi. 344 ' 1$e, sa|*ewbef hM> :0M$i$&m^ I ••'.\ *^\ •.¥'• Whicl wilJ Be^s^I(| low\ fo .A.L)falC|:GF8. For lale t 7 • J,^ & ^ *j!* fm^'Book Store, wholesale didtetajl. ^. *'t MILITARY SCHOOL • t 'j.;; . »W V; respeetft*liy 'fa Sf' m Tt ^ m ^eribers to ' tary bchooh from the m and i«« . e S ,me J»'^ *« bave not paid, tha• ^^r»p,io» papers are Veft 4S, J*w*s. BoGEat, at the.Geneva Booh jit« The most yatuahk in use (0TJGH3 ANP eu TH1« new -»od %ids'fair.'tonval,every pefti«iti.e he^rfe. ofore discovered^for qou^hs and co(|#l jjaints OJI .the^tongf/ie^ir^.tO'C^^.^ umptions, and frve.n irt seiitied 0oh, I • utriptions it has lat^ly.bfln rfled by ii.»ny, with the most surprising sue. | ess if certificates Jsr^ni peli'lont off be highest respfct*|»iIity.er thegteat od iner'easing deiniijd for if, may he-1 *lled proof of-its* gdod e#et0t ft • proved. Scarcely a\cBse' : '^t.-€fHf y :, c'oughSf pain in the ftde, di|H9uJry ?|i| •freauhingif want of sleep arisiiig froift \ itebility, fir evel^ Const>inp%ns, but may be- relieved by the timely, use of ' hisJW^dkihe. Matty certificafe|cifj its efficacy aeconipany each bottle. For the i&tisfiftetioB of the public, 1 be following certiiicates are oftered for perusals '.•....\ * Having for some time Hen troubled •v 11h » cougfh, atrtj pain 1i> niy ntdeii vvhich I was fearful woulil. terniinato iti a 'ean^u-byti^^Af^/l^iiti^ matiy Siflffent tjiiings[ yviihont getting relief, I made trial or* Andersion C Oougji Orops, frott} whielrMonod alihpst ita* mediate reliet*, and frohi tb# use of t w« bottles only, eotirely regiainted my strengfhi / £'M!3HflA1^ Clave-rack, May, isi8. ',. I hereby certify that I have for j| number of years been troubled with ft, violent Cough and difficulty otllitfpSi- i»g, and that by the use oif t'firee boi- f |es of Anderson:'* Cough Brops, i Wat entiietf restated to health. y ' Him A Ut) IJ. ^H0MP$03Sr Philadelphia, Mpt> '•«* J« i&l :i • 1 hereby certify that I hav^ for fill teen years past been greatly troubllid with a pavin i'jflh my side or hreast, atiidi toore or less cough and weaknesirbf fht langB, so as not to he able to attend to % husiuess. without mu&k oM» P and |iave fuflfered very mach wii|i«. wear- ing and (ietilitating cough . ^procui\ red a bottle of Andersons Coiig^h Urops, from the; iise of which tt i«W %ys only, I found toy pain ami cong^ entirely left inej and my \forniilr ^rength restored. .1 attribute my r%* fief entirely to fhi. tt *e of tjre«e oVopi. 1 WiLtlAM€,.P'tWfMAK: '• \ytydstin; (.A* F)Mdy t4 Wm: ; r &n#ieKh~Bc partielilaf fhat evety geneiwe bottle has ^MdefmSi QqukU Drop?* stathped on the bott)e j aid the dkeclions are all signed by?•JA-WIE» MELLSJT. 3VO others afe genuthf*\ . The above* pv sate at:.' Boirtsm & Tapfim% • - ''.ommis \'^:^- : ' •S»»Bfc, Co«s, -& G».*~~*iubuw$ GEO. • V^KtM^CanandM^m'$''•'' • '.• -DH. BLAIR-^ Raine j -\ ;.;•'•.-.-'.;'••• JOHN W'liti A wrs/ M • - Mtfsokmtm, W A.R.NER .'6c: HwtV«***J^feg * V . 'X'^_. And, wholesale \hy^^imm^M&^ II idsen t who, will supply dealer* on; liberal fertos.. '. ••'.-'* • ^ ;;»'*'. \ ' October M. im®. - '•' ^MM-' THE WSTfcli •'>-V'fj»J> OR POINTS Bemg a Digest of the Casfe» ri <vt ^etiruarv next, at f«» «^i^.t„ Si •,*. ;* * next, att ten o'clock ih the *»^oon,totaltefe aUb ^^ *»ei)eva.-wa; he Oronertv^mf W f dese %»W V of iP - J; n y wl \ begjvenonEa^lrf^ -Dated Jat, ^l^^W^, W-: \?&&• ->^ , - i i ;^ T r •'',,, : € mm. cau in. limv fed. js| |p call p mbleas' liable 'irtt ItiotObsex .Ce«t^^ ^able:qu 0 #1^ hojay m iyabje \n l^ub^il: lust in^Rf iAerV&ft Tfullofa |^.dver^ ju'argw'il |ae 3jM$ jseftiooj; Ion of tw [joie wht jdveyfise frs#!t Ions moJ: •BJflL^Y-' • PA jorr&Jte* |y be de ' resterp 1 .. fade ' .1 | We hav conta titne* ;DB,,WI !.J*$*A'8 , ANsaiE x-,. rah erho 1 deni • f-Lav .{\ ral. losii? the \\ ; I h and ti cutiot \1* •!» 'Wl to'act it em or to? hy tl M*p v 'Ti ,1' '^f0««t %t ti I,. 7 *.,' 'I 4 ,~ji

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