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i/ kj i s *f: : §§¥•'• •&' miftf. Jowfru® Rcei«g $usr, thought flhe bad the tir ; so he bounced over •the fence and wreuclied her up, but «ho left a bunch of wool aud sculp be hind, full a.8 broad as pur hand— TJieu, jmptiwn blowing his nose # a harry, broke it off, as short as a pipe stem, and running to tlie ijre, he put it m wrong aid\ up. and so he'll have to Wear it, I think, although the women don't like it, unless he shauld happen t'6 break It over 4gai» one of these cold mornings, Tbi«l'rani yaur friend, • Emmzm. The Unic&tn* —In tb« forty seventh ©timber of (bat invaluable work, the Jj.uKrteriy Heview, received from our #t>rrespondents at JUndanV we find an- other amusing and interesting; article ill relation, to the Simwy^llangc of the Hiiniajaja ma^ateina Mupeodiiow^' Iwitt^tjS^ \Vli^h supports jt»fCentral Auift, Tine .tukitifept which m apeakja a review of a ton? through si part of these niouQtaiBs, to ioarces of the rivers Jama*aBO* $aa* '' 09* lathe a^rse of the review, the -,• • Writer: le&oduslef a. fkykr fteat -.4J^. Wriifeh era? ^«ti|nftii4it% 1» ill* b|U 1$r eauairy eearaf3*»paaly t# the Mar-i - ^ie : <»f^*iij^ mnliaaj^et^ ... ^ityrtm&iWM Wm^whmiii*! - .%*M typh^ . ta tht iahabHaatv *fh« #ie*Mfioft*o# thtfaaitmali%er>eapoaaV . ^met^^Wh r t|t«^nr<M)i!rf-'.of the a> .'. H&Jeftts'fv^lw haofs ar» \divided atad . ''gut sifce^ata#;a hoi** from twelve to • ;%ip^^1mfld>.^i^ fierce .and • #?•- fytyq^W$&$ **** Ganght QV^ hut -i$Mmtiy &m j \and; ft* 'jii*.fpi. lit ttlfeffar- fcod. The |mrv aw^fra ga*e : W i^tenatfofi tathe • w» i*pe&%di*--ife^pifeifc*nfm4l* and f \%m :itt tter^li&e %'ilf -jButfaloe** ^Ik^jdS^^lttt^ :ifBeo^fM^iHK^''tite letter, #eV«<s^tnel^i«>-ittbl*iie^ta'' : * harse •i^ : %^l»#eaMh*:8fe* « ; lain$ f e^*edl • 4w» ; ^i»i*Ja|»#&i-«f ithe forehead, aad -«^<|^%«.}>#4ail;.' S?r©nt it*larding $ggtf%£ft' «Hf;$f*!$!» r m* Were,'** the -^nta^'-ttiMitf f cripta-reei* said to d©^ Tjijj frotf»$iereat .«£«he£e*jir|p-. *t«#i,|lj«| i|ipi8i!'ot he; the fi^|t|^i*flL'i)3litAr| sainiai. Mr. Brown of 8£efituefrjf, replied t _ the arguments wf Mr. Adams, and dV feaded the resolution from the objee- tioui- *et up against it. He earnestly invited the hou&e to suppofi the reso- lution, and thus to end the distracting^ uud painful controversy reppectiue; Missouri. Mr. Adams spoke iu explanatioft, Mr. Alien, of Massachusetts, next obtained the floor, aud delivered his sentiments with much earnestness, and pretty much at large, io opposition t»: the resolution, on the ground as .we'll,' of it» terms, as ofliostility tothe tote r ration of slavery in any shape, or un- der any pretence by the legwlf tiott of ConRress'. * •;{ [burins the progress of this fpleli^ Mr. Alien was called to order % Mr- Trimhle, heca«&8 disjeiiasliigf ft^es* forming that tion not before the house, hut d 4u«»- ..., ,.,_„„,_ t |^ ^^ejj at the last gessioa. fhe Sjpeaker, however, overt'uled thiffth' jeetioa.] t .. .. . Mr ^llettconcMedby*^ tine mend the resolution by sti1kiog->uWlie word citizen, wherever it occars jn tht resolution, as above printed, and to In* ser.i in lieu thereof *'* ftae ne^ro or mulatto.\' ••'•.•'• • • \V \ ,\ : .'\' Mr ft J8t.. Moore, of^laa. t|e]ft|\<!qit^r«- ed tKe Previoa* ^a«8l|oa« believing thai taiis subject hadbe^n f» l?p^ 4«; ^ated, as to rlijdire'tjhal k he tlVei^ed, in on» way or, .other, ^it;hou|t l drlher J conMimption of the time of the house. Ninety-five mgijlbefs;, ha*i«^ risen to. seftood, this, .#ot%|»,, afn<J thf IT <?m antf Nay* hav%g-&^h. repaired there- oahy $te. .B*alo%%-- • ['' /\. c The qaestion was state* in the \fojfe. lowing fofm : 5 ^ SJmll the wiainqiies- Hmhe ww guff\ and was decided .as follows; •\ - y y. For the previous question 100 A '•& fteM M/iv, if the le- L Wt ol- ht*-^'. gisteture mm M •*»|itht'.m*& **ft«»^ : tion^it sho«|1ipon'tefiii _ The^' ar« to ^^kMthe worth *»«* is t%a Mvalmtifi* that the bufd«n of bear- ing, arm!* %m\\. be borne eqtiafjy by Mi •closes -of \%;|o^inaait|^'. The ga- tors. . tofttfWgi|^- M, >ottsstttttjl*n eo^aitti^^p^tt,,. ^m,*** •th%lr soetety •*BI» Waoog*taea'<Blegat»S' ! ! wh^foriaeU'il^t caawtlCatiunr T*o*e wha^ha^^^ela^a tince,. lui^e lived iin4er^ iM ^Mwtioa a»d etr)«y e(l *tt bea^iv^feMfo^ imh&tftHy mdoptted iV»y are'ho|ad^#-^fp«^ &r». _ #|%ke'comes,t|ie#oiW^'story alPi-he ol^iS the horje'sflW iWlbur doHapil h lion the se«4 af ^epty ? Sfo ,w -' it isWthe *core,of ohltiattey. ^ tDe f prefer to ha*rtW^ '§M0?tf sa^tift' eed, he it So, If they ^ide theinsetve? so uuicli upon- their-obstiaafey »l J^ proclaim it apoa the hoase tops a*d in the legislaiive h*$». they are wel- motile to the %*asecpea©eS4 ; But, %!- (iimMi m teaj|et«ly,b«pdiii : cpusetence, •t(te.jl»a^e hefia.rea^y^vote and to .'.'ofer\ itm «<|| f J/^.wiIt^eiQ.u:rb*li through. .wiWH Vtob&tiihj} m&Ai \tfote .\ ?e# j for the ^|„<5atididttt^ who is now3# amiittdei?jri r i$M» aad who' is. p^plltr lea^^you* a*mtes^ in. :the \day '0 : -\ raltle, IW ^aa : ; altfr %| apa*e'i|®|1^,ly : Vole • for tm ei: aai::^ .^lo^l'jpfry taxes are ia part \ ^*^n$8jf &$jJm»& ca'nttbn^, tnus- '\ w \\*^:aft'C half -to '4ec«>rs.'te e display af ',% mA'm I iltffe nftiiuti' aiosi^ t» drowa the d Mo%*ilf the dyi%,ahdia- spirit fft«%%te'as h* treads over the slafe!t»neldof bmltlje.' mi ye.f wmffimsfc tfta-rw©Me>w0-r%^! elastic. pffii^4 : ^rHd«:--tl^a^ltfef^ of k&titeffl^fttim <***«**• **>*«** * A^H^I It' SO kets, po your cam ippainted oc m* Missouri mbject, rfe- ' f 6md:^#;f#iM6in^ : f^e'Njatioa;;:. ; '. ; VpiiisaiiLri.,ihali\ie- a :a4itol^ -into, t'hr llaiaa aa ajp *<pri:'|biiitiiiD^^Ufitli6«^' f|ioip 4B« I%a41ametttal jcoaditimi thaj ijhe^lttjrth <l»06e of th4B t-weaty jd»h tee||^|i ajftlie thiri«rti«le of iWVoa- • : .f|it^|otthittittf4;aa fs» pait>f th«1 •.'•#fc\4\ i' «Jtft ; 'la $eoa$r^r':#iM'asiver he: ; >0ti&$[3£2** mtikvtfas *hfr.|a^*ge' af • -jii^ipl^^d^^^ataw #a#h«*aa»- • - . ; l*#;ltl««wraai^'thereto ? J> % '•. which • -i^y : ^i*il»' : af•*|ther'oif t-he.itatm^a^ The mlata quegtioa W«s fliea accord' ,ft'n^:^r '-'xitog-M m^tfo*vmly&te$:\ :' H &i$mkie^ qitit *ea$a Mifd time f\ and deaidesd aifallows-: For the third? reauiag 86 '\•.. '.gainst %•[:. ,;-••'. 63\'' The resofafloa wasthenaipdered to he rea3 a thirdatiai* this day ? but -,aai without considerabli opposition. The resolution wai^accoFditi^ly rtad. a third time, and put on its passage. Mr. RanJolph. in a speech of some twenty minutes, delivered the re«u»oris why he should ittot vote for the resolu :«lon f : • ' ',,;', .' '., \•;''. •-'. ..•'. ' The final question ivaa thea taken oh ifehe resolution, and decided in th.^ affirmative—yeasi37 s aays 81. ; Sit %& resolution was passed and ordered to be seat fo t|te aenatalor coa auirre|tc*.-/ : '.'.-\• ; i '-' The Missouri q«ie^ion, it spfiears is hap •pily settled in (ion^ressjth* wsotuticn which ha| passed fiftla4tfae of Sepregenta fives, having been ordered to a third read mg in the Senate by stich a a»«^orHj as leaves no doubt of its tk»»J passage tn that hodv. wbeb jt, #ilt waftt ot»ljr ^e signature of the fceajdettt'tso give iteffect ive tr-um it will p^ver f jgaia, ,ia any shape, matte.^s-' *ppeaTai(|ce1n^^Hbe^paAcililot the a*|ion~- We ha»i''P^rrad\jr4a)rtl#^j^^ pv& ceedinftoa this saijie^t s »hicjai alJhouiSb me eanabt publiahttbem in d«ie We, fcill be '---:.*; tMr^aitflfclWI he exe^oded frsin ta«? pwhiiihed, M-m Mistake hot, in^e t* be a$$*^lP^ aa*: re*d'.^tb>iotere«i... Jt is,-fit ;tli»t;'the : .sab- jy;ai|ftit)'<Ji. la wbieli mtah a\\^n i#! i 50 * '\!*' iUC h obsUnate c infiict of opinion )p^^iyti&'lb»-^8Milaiiott ; of*#» ahbtld be*fully aadektoolj itid, so fara» SnW itikt^a^ -fyenMeik ^hat^fc*' * fae proceedrngs in Cpngreft ahedanylighi legfc|i«^ura*ftf thi l#d «ttttjtt-hy aao- W? »V. w 6 P«mo»e to hBpart it ta w ; J^«iftt»^^«|: t ,^haH-'de,al^^^^ - -•••••':-: 4 eB'^Rha aaid'tt^to. ih«! fanditttfen* ;^^a^%^sa^'|jhaii transmit ?o the l^^^^^,liia«jaar ih Naveair' %^^^ITO*»ll^iofe ajftha. *»$ \^ -- 1 -—• L ' ltii receipt whereof • .'^he' ra ! clani*^oa, ihall an- ifa&s ;w.hj|#»ai4aad: Wi*h« *\\ lfc \ -^«*f$taf. oathe. idmitsion of thai »?*# ilia tm Ualdtt will he coa* [li^,-; ijl^^'f^f^, - ••\.>• .- •,• • .•:;' ^^^:fel#&a-A ao'thelaaKan-W 'Tftitf^ ^M*^ jDSa^i \Svith the #rosred • it |e|$f^..«f ep^liaf fa^-H^Waide'rifiiin, 'i^l^^iiwli** af : th*-'daj i ,':V'• ,•/ ' . ,^.€^|j|attie, : ; ather hasineig, J ihe • jft^iV^w tt|r .'ih^esfilhtlitja. , *' *j|^-4bhiy^bri*fljr axpiatned tile vi^ws 0:-'«iW/#U^tl|liG^.'«i»i i • ^ife- iiaa»idera-; iiaftt which inu^jijed tlienlito repart the ge*i»ltttiott. Ha eoafitteiPedthis reao priated to pIMa^tioo of youth 'ftrifee- nurture and admoiiitiou of th« Lord. TJfcey nf&sufffflb ibt mfk \%»i\h»ai-: Vie WoWf* oifcfaa Hhriaff \bat did not he direct hiiidisciples to fay tty{ btJ te to fj&3s»p?4 a tribute which w*a i directly into the imperial Jrea^ui-y to aayr (fe^oops that iyei?» aet aver the proFjuoe of Jadea. But the Quakers, infieatf 0 ~* hitmhfe aaqutescence ia the injahctiaa* af Jef«» «* N^zarith. array ;themseivesagainitth«atithoritj ofi»overnmeat,w-hich biftth fctis preaepts dnd example have taught to ohay. Do they deay the divine aalhotily; of the ©hi Tentatheiit ? Were aot the aeed of Ahrahaia^adar the sp^eeial dfirea 't.^a of the Itottt High ?. Ha «l»ect«d th>m hj>w land agaimt whom they should fldak* wan *yd assured them w:-hea- tliff .^liMd ; -*ia^t. ;>r JPitd'' aot: the Captain of our »a**ftti»n command\ hi* disciples to ,ie|l•tB^fep ';-mstip aad to buy a sword F.\ Fo,r what jplitrpoaa ?-*.'• To haag 1 h^yt|tefr aide as aa araa\ meat f Kfh; *far th« mam aohfla, aal' ural and h^aaraht« iptirpose af war^ ringr in/ aeif^feaaat If anj|ua|}ftpd! uun-registanee was ttte doctrine ef oar Savioar^h^doeaft^tpp*^,-ihat'Fa-*-; ter;.wiM : awailv\:wlitt' a. 's#ffrd..at *toe'- ume of our jj&ffin apprehensioa ? %ay ; ;th> %#fcr%4it;it -was a'i|iir#; it<» sw;iB#. '|hdeej|! Bat cait a^ptr- ; iitaa^swopdr-'cMafei^^f *&$ '•• \•»'*' it -%. aatrit|($jt ; i#'ffrd\to ; ; wh-lch,;\ ; o»r -f^i* v.iae^^aat^i'rirfd'e^,:'.watea' \he- : --p.ro- .service^ -ia- Ihe'll^ta 'aiong; |ha *v$f %te& • ~Yh;e?a'e:w mtor^^aiftiiftlr^ii-vre-, ceived, aiar^e *ka>je>'ai^ ^upportets'; at i6e/^ai!Jfi*«-«: .JB^it.*' ^ed«ralist thefcaafio. 'J^iA-' 4s^l*.*%^ : proceed froat t^e friaa^a of^lfiaaiv #h^» *8f* aaletaalf 4«elafed.fli*.fe<«||; : .Q«^.'|!(«ft*!^ ; \WglS- a .Ifedlralist, aad f* #t*. *ro-ai,,-hi'*; ;^# having heea a f^vaurftr of the ftaftr farvdcaavaatien &*&$**& ©al-a f oltta- teer, marched m a pplv^ aaidier ia dafanee of Sa^kftt** %rhqrj an,Cttiar iorW^ aa»4eainad fh& aaijrse W thofa vvha eacaara^ld appo*it»aB to the Jvig- tifo* pro«ecatiott of thje w**- * Mr Taleot, at aa %a# period of life, aiay have beea a federalist, and, what than I Is adt a ajaa ^erni|^d <» change h,ia o»i»l «WI *JieB c «ft y '> of error f The hiatary of f W cq furnishes ua with iaaay a#|imj ehkagea of thif natare j. mi h& ipffirt deat Madison, waa once a ffdef|flist. iW.^Adama. thaareteat aeeretary.;af' state, was o^ca ^fejfefalist./ A»t to come nearer ^me^arjp^eat chief |j|ar tiee was enea | fedefaitat. fl\e elief justice atta#e^ himself^Hhr^reptib- 4 Heaa party ia 0&8< while th«>y were in the miaority, an4 his daing so, un- let such aireitBiflaacea. was eoestaWiv eo^as evidence of the purity of hik ttiO'- tivea. ^hy thea nat allow eqa^f credit to those wha» iiB65e*r aloailat alr^ '•0 ntiKtaiicos, -^'t ; a \n\*t. \Jpeti^ • •»»*'«* je^^^^thtiban itaadard in ap- ^ts^lf itf the fede^#&m af the -psi? .Hettt^ayr«<taltere:a( at^f : i»fhya-tt'«d- t rafxtura with th# B\arf#|*iaiatf a^Ha tonianiin* ? ^l^fWfe'.':' *'•':.\• •''.\' : Insanity. -r-That aiafe of profigaey and abuse, the New-Tfark Cotattnoiaa, has repeatedly deciarfd, that the state won Id have^**M«* s%veh-tHmsmd 4&|^ liar's i* j/ear^y aecepting #a pfap^lliii of thV&osford*. Now, by «;certi^ '\ - .^^e^a^^a^a^eite^-app^ aijiite.aJfroated hesSatfia we aientWnel pe I^ls, jn eaBMme»tV% ait the led* iejral- 4eaaia'M»i ii^et**aa.d Mtfa '•••^ m f(H|ejraI. pa^y is#ftmct t^ft'' may \ ««,. h|t-' w#-.da- aafc, feii'|i*Va ft,'\ fr^' :;a^||a|ej||Re,^H-'Ppli^ Laf tfce^f^^^iyb^^th. Ik 'repablletial,?, aa|*, a^ftas ;p%|iaelVea to' he ^^ica^^'b^n^epa^,^^,. •aat-.r': ti- •**-;,..- . »--'!«2, ••' '' : \' ,.JFu#iieS^|^e|*' i^yrW'^ie ir a»t t||(| Hssaped^ a* ^aaaca'fs'iioiltijg- and that he himself is a m^re hag Jf wind. \Lodk at • ^h'a^..Biatrial\ %&* drees,.,-'.WTittea by '-'#ipefta*.|h|t> $• nothing hat ah«se, of ^|fc% |||fgn| and heart ane « exybmtii 'jfaf |j^«|f- ;; eonaplaittt8>\ beeaase ''helf,,^- lipid'gfa* i?' : ^mberofthe repuhUcan family, CJh a fuiura occasion ^dBe<s« w jjf hear from us farther ».'!»•'• from the treasary t» Jhe ttate plfj fbr$he last six yeari, was annual. Aceording ta Mr. ©paoaer* thea, the Hosfords aiait have ©feed %l$m per inhlwa, #. !&#••&#&$&' of doing the atate priitittgfar notMhi $ Wilt aa^hady hereafter believe the* Columbian ?-Jjf&. '--,•- - . MlowiBg are Mr. Root^a re- marks on the hill io repeal the act exempting the Quakers from doia| military duty:-* The ^ueitieubtfor* yajat is upon the repeftl af aa act of the lastiejgislatara 1f«fa : h«Ve heard ib oppositioa to it a speech from the gentleman froia Onei- da., and aaothet very long one fro^t the ^ptlenma frdfli 0atirie r I eatll the Aa aI4 mtser^ af IW4»t*«i1V vhawat toterin^a- ilia verfe. af tHe pii^ 4V j :«*Bg4hI%et'«e4Mf •.$fo*0i itmf$i-l hh auria u -haa.d^iw'ljlfa^.aagf 5 »t; gold '«vaioh,lay-.ltt 1 'Ma-,;tiai»ic-*--:Wibichi being Hone, the sordid aud dying ^tejh 'kissed aadan>hr%iei# l|»' '•* gilt-1 e cold afhta af |«#|i 1 laiftnjd of Hairtflla;^ Sarinf ^<. 1^ - '$&&Qjj$ weather, from all iBtat«aar}f» \M? warld aeae 0 si*iveeka, dijU'h tiaire not a tingle individual 'left via1te^#aiala»d.,-;\. Staphea MetriW, ai|«d oid% \$ffkiuH of oige. wat -convicted in ISalam, |l|a|^ ex- or 5mS* : ktim$ -fia-ae'; on th# t^th .u|ti <^;liiavla^ &r#4-' •». hara uouticed; *-: op vision fV S[a» «M'ttJDhairman—ajirw^ejh 11 tttttldiopi «fere d^t^adl pretenees are *«ii**adiraitlee** f rla #ili prah^b|| fee ftijKfijg.tJaripf' the appraaehiag seasoa luttea a» Tielag the* «aai* in effect as that vvftlclthad hiea pFeviouslyterepert- ed hy the forwmr aoinnaiitee of thirteen «ea»b^i?% aa# stated that <he commit- tee «if ll|e|af tfiff the Behate was anan* Itn*fi9a> atfd that aa tliepart af Ihie mot^a aeatly attj in fat of af this reso- hiiim*. : '-i\'..M '•'}:':•\: •' '•' /' '• mi • Jte^jpsj'raf •Hmtsieltaaettft. rf#*. Iivered 'Mr- oh|e^i^a U .tjie retela- llaii. on th* gi-onna \of the defpct of r«ea# sjjeeca aif, oecnuieijg waaid ftoi:; have ttem in arder taa^aJ^BBlelis;*jft 1 had haea hii by adaption. I aal\ ea tirely williu? that he should speak by proi|'. By the old Inw, the members of the aocieiy of f rienda were ijt time /|of peace, to be exempted en payment of B*. By operation af the law rjbeav ia time of war; you are to oal I into the field a let of raw, undisciplined troops, who have sworn that their coasetence^ are so tender that thoy cannot pay a commutation af $$. I ^ diaposed, sir, to secure religious freedom to all mankind, even fobea It savours,ttf^^a- perstitiott—but when it savours of hy poerisy, and is arrayed against the laws and eons tit ut»u tt af, n^lettaWy. I do net feel myself bound to extend my charities to it. py- tif aaAarity of congresi, al^#ee«ia% -eititeaa^he.- t-#een4ie^'»**%iio4i5 year*, are mwti- ta the €«ftgr>jw df the United liable to he eBroHed in^thf militia They are .% eaerateft # ahatinacy and supported by av4tifif» J s^oatdheaor^ Ey, airv that aay*jiialoa^ of remark which I make, should wetimi the feel- iags afraay member of that order. J disclaim ^iperaa^wolves \T only object af l^e^jBirolttee |n prer sentihg this bil|t» '($$ houge, was, tot maintain thadigni^af|he aeuatry and- the awjast^ df'^l»|»,'' '•.• ^ V • '' \' J?eia<W)a#;^Af^r'ail.itiie : e^ the Cliatoniac pressai to excite a sym pathy, by their doleful laraentatifliis in behftf of the ^atttnjtsn who hava haea :ejeeted-fram aHae\| 'M$:$kl CldiB^ selves iao^ed^iT,*adderidid for theii faii|.-. .Their-;^ia%*a| #i«4entanlled 6y pa^ifi iiatiatenta, having beett par • tiei m$* ilfea^ry af th# eh^ain, jaitice treiii#4^^ that tBey«ba?ld par tiaip^f%iC|^- > paiaiil^ent4tte te his ^taaifc' .•\••'*••\':; \... .j, , ;;;•';. \.-.v. It is no compliment to the new com)) troiler, to sayychat':he paaaeaiee tal- euts superior to thane *f hji predeces- sor $ Bad his iate^-ity are tiai ealled ta creation e^ea hy U» appeneBts Phe public, 1&eilis%^..*ii$lW-tn suf- faerei;* b^r tha ahaacali tMa depart ment. , t '.:. .; •* .•'•-,•-.. T%e^^Adjataatfeiiierajl nasbefca ttfost ' tjifttlly;i'f^^d'lar'ali his servi- — -1 VSI0]BBAL ^IC^IT» . Samuel M. Hopkins, \•»- , Stephen Batea, v ErastusB. Wood worth, Win. M. Oliver, *' ' \*:.;\ .. _.;*B*vid'Whit|>» ...... '.•/• ; ' ;> ; Gideon Pitts j . ,. John. 'C. Spacer..., /• ;;,, % ,';. After reviewing the above ticfe^tf^ it is to be expected thtefaderaS•ftreasijl. will no longer deny that a anmll por- : tion of rejiablicaaa^haye > liSoa-«^# !#., the|r,itan4aNf^fa^' ~-m •••nait't% : rfcesja tie'k#«; ; a 'a»aj[ari<r W ^*%*#* f 1?|»*4P# were repubrieans. -\*s * •*.-.; I •• Qn MeBtfay:;tte-f^aherift;af*t^^ &c. &e. arrived in thie Tillage to ftttish i&e; btiai»«8» of : wt&Jmfe?'^'^-^ .. _ ; _ -rfataUi^l' firtha--A«*en}h1y,^eJjM^^ of the Bepu^r OamptroUer, ptthlili«|: T,#^mttr*da^latNkf^^ maur last, the ave^ap«biauBtj_ i |a«| r;W ^^^ .. ._. .. wwmmi- -rei atnaing thifjn:8'e'l*e'fi.#ti •^^jtifi^ each ether by using the mjld ierraa of ** lm?f y « 6e6uii$Mlfi p $&i &fa ,\ .fct- If.' further rumoured that Dr. Wood worth.' muat decline fMs yiear, te majke room for aaother dector ia this^viliaget hi liapet of eoneiliating the variaaa lead* %r«''^ : tla^i»;|ia»lt|p:aaw.»a%ivi^^ r j j .•erai, alias afintontoa. --&q#feM£0fWV' 'ttcwMej--ne:'b%itta -.ta .fijaC tim *\« ** ; mi i>t»^li^*«tife;:»i«a. uf'tie-^ea--, j>ie^ althai»|h ha ami hi* ~i*&%kw. $& hiialaff';-najni«ate4 ^/fi«Balo%'; and gave the clinIonian conveutiont ; \ The |'Se^JP«j|-^ftlo% i w^f^1i)»^lR|' t|i» Se^ate-h|' : a\»tajarity;|f *« pije^-* ayae l^tiaft' ttf., .><.(•. )•->', \ ':• •. :•• The simple word *atie ,? :appeaF^ t* he - *ha -.raga- h4^ ; 4*^|s*> jjjjti .' .;•!**«** the .^^^m^.#v^ , i4 A swjfttiff •' of one in the coUBty eoj^ektianc^B* he had/our in taw* Biitietiti^| far dale* A l*vi% insert afaaaiidefahje '*\%&] was latdy e^*«tenf* bty ^the.faternal partafthe throat afa^aor po Ea«laod. whick hattiaei'ated tiata a tumour aftwayear'fa! ' •'\*K i 4*'^in^^i^'^i^P^-l^lte last term of the supreme cl^jiirtj Salem Mass. af havipg committed an asguit on. hit wife v«ith an intent^ to kill, and '•.sentenced ,te,^;yfi^^'«u1^ : eiie i a<' , in the ijtati prtaoa^ •.'•;.' -•;•;•:':.•>•-.'« ^ Of all inissieuarie» mho reached #- taheite, (»ayatheJra^ie|''A^ca<a 5 ): the ealy ona'wlie'i^lh-ieiyed^e aa-f uvea\ wa*J>e «&«'. tai»|lt ^)j^ta|^ v tore* a^^N.^i£i^i^-'1Qg!i|^1b, ee». s,f, ,»t«fts to authori^fer reqaire the le* gisJatur* of a state, oneeadmitted in io %/^«i|»», ta d* the ac propoiat %' mis» resokttoa to he dtm.ndtd of ithe eftisBen^a eaceiaprian should^stend the iagislitture ef Mi#aoari. i to tie measure of his superstitioq, of ex«eptiog aaeh p^rsaaa at the> aev^ral itihs legislature may think proper to \\\*\\* Aft did c:angrp»» intehd that ex JBltt. fii^hdi^^talf i|;---; have\\ no _ _ tf caaae a|^^|^at: *iaTCfflovat'|¥ai»Aai«t«%ijl\^ i!j tlee^»fva^ef^'tie''^fejieiit^ which-is, that m datieai'-ot -teiefc\ %vere w»- leeted oa accaaat af bfei ahgeMce* Hia placeha* fe» ea eepf Ited by » gentle. m&n, whose taleata aad acq«irem#htf will aot be a*tfc4 iu f^lioa$ iwl who. tanfht .ih»;Iia^hi#;K«^s% 'h»> .-er #hde^aeae,'have/ m$m•^^'M their ^vilitatioh, ;tW.U''fiuf :£*$ taught th^ra ma«y atyateiiieii . , ; A %aa|alrJrig|ta ^$Mm?. arrived at Oadta* ahoat Ihe lit af laa- itary, wtth|«Mr millim*'of Mtm4 The Iiegiaiatare ef Alabama it eani « paiedaf ^.Vir^ialii^^.^ Oa^el^'. i* s ;t#ttty%antaa,.4 Mary|»nu1rt,- : M- r^^see^Hf, aad ealy l A^haiiiafttt^ . -TKe^aaaiveriftry\' of Wii$aj$»ir*a, hirth>day ^ai: jiatel>nil«ir'. '-«e^& «ra«ii- spirit in RiehBiond. ' 1?fe* ©epi^ilef state* that 203 iadi^a and » ^»tla- mea attended the \ ~ \ •.i Mayor ^t|at a% aad Tftouiaa 'fttiii Emaiet pa%. have 500* to Wa&iniian to a?jgae the «reat •team heat -tmii ajtp/reaie eodrt. convention as eaa^Sd]Bi|f ^feifise^tatwh'^ Fp»m*yiMt : lalt he'r^atfia the\8«»at#-. by ii majority ^me^rW^M • *mlt'ia|{> t he eliivtoniaii tickets, tha^fi.^ *&&&** • ity : jf'»# ivlia ? |br^i^;|i^'*«pi»h^ c'a^« Thia:a&M!i|>. ; wufyjjMc. ami**. 1m\ '.ainlfto.Bi**iva; ratiat --'ttial *Hi* , > W. Malay ''t^h^B^^^^^^^i^;. ;the'eaaaty''ijie*r etatidfe.: ftjjjaffi.w&& di?ed -aaa|ei%^^ili: :\1F6;v•j^elk^'tha^' *eptlliaanM'af'iffteea s *avtit|r - a«a '**$&&;;'IMWI^ !*#*.-1»* \»lejaheTi^f'4wie«a%. ; -'-'. ; ; , ' '^'^ : . \•©.- ^,^e^i**a^^J^'-'teif*^» apjpfiBt'ti'CHark.o^' ^at«^ .'ea&li$ a«iIltX'te«^%^itt^ia^ ' ,-^lWrtB; 'lite • WiWfe. \-||uVm^ of aommon^le4k 1 ||pf|i.in^ week, the Hon, Natbaaiel W. HoWtll, Fit*t jihrihiiw. , f|fiQiBiR%tig^ -tt ii^.iKB%it|^iM|^^^ -Wa-iNMNiv *^hia th^eaa^#^^lfar' fegolating Inna and f avarttf, and the nine- teeth section of the twenty «^e dollar-. RCt» did, aot : «|cfeaiti^ty:'ltJi^y. f fpnN '^ 0 '' :fi ** beenliacensed to keep a tawrn. The nime «e^al«f^ ..a^^ lial>Ra*t|y>, ,,|>ai^'rn»f --j-Af|^\-' of Dublin lauly recovered taiata keepepse laeff a^ifshiti. ht*S|e|^|o-1ha itydyw*?' *J«dga Howell, t^^dfual alearatta and '\' • '* * •••-^eharieI;t|Mttfyf fi §ja*-waj ,-f6urtat''evea5*«. &&&%* °* •ptwlof aa|e.etaitt«Sti*«t j^*^MHw4a »*«»a'a v %*$&* %^:^mmm^ diacrimination notofte>two aethng liquors arid ;%traveller, of .'fttl nititute, JM«> 9fch, where he had iw licejMe • it miat i tha|he#akftiit%i%^ llop Bar, ••I .'^ <..•.-•& ' ^3a>.. i'X,

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