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Geneva palladium. volume (Geneva, N.Y.) 1816-1828, March 14, 1821, Image 4

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*£•••.. w W- B ft I : •&•.. m & tfih i^p^: • i ; .. tr- \yk\f U -tt*itA^ liii'nuit has-been y f made mine payment of a cer-« •litin sum -..f. money secured 10 be paid by indenture of JU.irignge, executed by Feregrins Moiiet, of Gotham, in «he county of Ontario, to />«turf Field. Junior, of Gitneva, in stud county, bearing date the fourteenth day of Oc tybfr, I8i7,<--aud whereas the said Montage has been duly assigned and transiVrred to Peter Sherman, of Ovid. coufciy of Seneca — JS'atice is therefore hereby given. That by vistue of a pow- er contained in said Mortgage, and in pursuance of a statute in such case made and provided, the lauds thereby stqiivfytd, and hereinafter described, will-he soldat Public Auction *on Sat- urday, the tith day of August next, at Abr&hara Clutc's tavern, in Gorbam, lit,# jj'ctaek, P MM'Z : \All that certain piece or parcel of land, situate lying iuid being in the town of Gorham,iiforev sa|u* ? and is Awi -of'Hi number fiVe, in Mhi mn$ '^butt^f and bounded as fallow*, wz : beginning at the corner where the road leadinglff.oin Benton t* #a;nattdal^ua; i«ftferseet« the road lead-, ifrg to Geneva; oh the side of each, and known and distinguished by lot ntim weY on*, being one- =bf a number of lots _ #ur\^*4';|{f|I^Ji.|pfUge,ft'tid running *^ifjb'4|||tee|ii|diefrees j|f)eejv minute* • 'l^.'.flv^ rod*' lV?-'4*^e->..tBfenc*f ^ v ^f|l,one bajf rods to .a staji*, ejncf^ii^rth ihiriesn degrees fifteen ttinutek eait to tbi*; i»aa\ thence »i©ne HI jsaj^if^d. to the place •$%• begin Hag,- c'ofl|»itiing about, one*, - fc*e'\«f- WHEREAS S|iri«» JFtoeft*§ate nf} Gorbam, in the county of Qqtariji, did, on the ninth day ojf M.uj in the year oi our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, to secure the payment of a j certain mm of money.and interest, con tpljjp, b>l^/amV^ored? lesa^^pu- CRDAB de&uit h>s_ been le in the pay wool of mo- T&i-'s secyrffdtojbe.paid by indenture of Mlrtgirge,, bearing date the seventh a»yi f j^ 'February, in the year of c»u> ; '$4W^^ '^tJ^te«fa'iV^x»ieiiilCea.b : < y MMipn Breen- tiJDDhfBapgv^in the eouijty oi' JJroome. i ^sW^f'New-tnrlj^^ «^Wj ffihftmy. of Chen^ngn*' aforesaid-^ |J^l«rR,.4s 'ilmefurl harjgfy: gwen< %l)fet by 'viiMuei of a po^tfr contained ie§iat»ie in sU0it ea^aVaiade and provi* ded # the lands thereby con^oyud a.nd i'(*y by indenture of Mortgage to Wil tiam'DetfO, of the town of Heneca, in the county of Ontario afor.es.aid.».*\'&H s that certain, traflt, piece of parcel of Land, »ituate, lying and befog in the town of Gorhanvinssiid county^ bein^ the south east corner of the wt'st half cif lot number twenty five, in township number nine, in the second range of towns-hip* in the county of Ontario, and bounded as follows : oh the nfrtrtl^f by the public highway-; §n tha welt! by Titus Freer's land j on the sJifth. by the south line of s'aid ^ number twenty live ;'aud on't'% 'fist, by Aaroft Smith's t land, j containingf by estiina* tioft, ifty acre*.of land, be the same itnore or leas!' —Arid whereas default has been made in th$ paftnefitJof the rao|iies secured ta be paid »> tb* said iMortgage-r.JVbiic'lB is therefore ^teby giverit that by virtue ofja power.con- tained in said Mortgage, and in pur- suance of the statute in sufeh case made and provided,* the. said mortgaged premisjes will be sold at Pflblic Auc- tion, at the Hotel, in: Geneva, on the v-twiity third hay of Jtyrie m®{t< nt -two' ' o'clock [n < tip afternoon of thiat day*-«r paied'December20, i$M. v .. v ^li.tlAM'D'pO^ Hud$&n A ^0chermrhorn, ' ''! . WHlOT|ii# ; Wadlworth'Sf AtiW&n Wjmsufwfjj?,: by indenture of reie%8p, by way ojf MorigageV bearin| dtite thi eleventh day of jfifl^r,- in tlie ; year oflonr told obe fhouslnd eigli't\ hundrejliand sixleen, for tite se«urw»g Obe paymelit of One^^ \Thous|inil and Eight Hundred Dollars, in the man- a*£ thefein expressed, did release atrd eonyey wfti JifaumH, E&to% and 'o bisfi^r^ and assigns forevsr,; \ ail i P6 st3rr0g».fe 7 js fiM af^fe»«i»in»t7frfODiH. <fni$^W e W-tor.k, on the. : V0utu h A,'- ' l^fiFHiEN'PHEtPS, Surroga.re. 'HjKAS Zmipg B. Mizner> jii|ir,ato> bf the estate of 'Sarah v¥f^fjd|c^a«fed, has by his petition, set^lfllpat.lhe said'Sa*a-h Mizner wa|i ( .ftf.'tJB* tline «f her death, seized [of r6al*#tJtt« within th© safd couniy-^ t^t thf/petitinner has made a just and true M •eo'-BBt nf all the p«rsownl fftnte of tii* deceased, as far as he has been ablS to discover the sanie j- and*iheH'- by it appears fehft th^ personal estate of the deeeased is in*>ufficient to pay her debts, and; therefore reqttests the aid of the Surfogitte\ in the premises, pu^uai^t to tine' statute its 4mh eas0 made i0 p*of tded .' -Therefore^ if is ordered by the said surrogate, that all persons interested in the' estate of the sai^ fearfth Mizner, do.f ppear %efWe the said surrogate, at his oliice jin CarB^n^aigua, on,the 13thday of \April\n^ttj. at one o'clock f. 41.40 show cause, if\apy tbey have, why the vfh^le m^ so^ much pi* the real iestata wher^e,#il}^ »aiit farah JMjSsner rfied seized, .m will be «ttipcient^«JhouiId.iiot ;^ sol4||r the payment of her deht% '' \' •'• '\' ''«.' PH3SL.P& Surrogate. : ••\- __ T'vjrt«e of a writ of |eri ftteW AJ i . r( i|^fted otit of the supfe^ie court, #^|#»ja iny bailiwick:, to ;wiW, I. Al^nsion house, barn anil ga,rd«m oee^Wfilot* Mo; *S, 49; 29, The ceMm^&fiitl Mooded^kfi'Se .tonng^if^o : 'B-v(i^ t -: '\'* Wlldli st^hdthe ensuing Reason at the 'fuHowin^ ,: '.|»'lkee9 9 viss I—at j| r _ Fields 9 , in Phelps, on lilondays aW | Tuesdays : at 3. & N. Morrw', at*' Seneca Falls, tin Wednesdays and Thursdays; at Nathan Cook's,in, -'fay-- Wipi (M Fridays, and at the stable of the snbs^riber;, in Geneva, on Batur^ /. :•>.' ^a^\-jBontaini.ng : .- oneiionrth «||a» 4ere nPland, *s laid* down >on Jatob Hait%«nBp of two thousand acre* of fend, ^a^uted by lefters plattent from the imte of iVeW'Tork to gjeth JBeed \Isq. • _ •;./ '.•.:•'.•. •' •• - - : - -. • ?.i-i-:' -, v- J 2i ^el&W hbnse'aBd garden, oceii \siiuite in 1 l«e towns of GoHtam and ^ n ac^be^nkl'urtof theaattig^ct Y^^kG'Tippqe SULTA JI is five yearB old in datHJ-vsixteen hands hig^ —a beftutifiil dapple H'ayj andfor strength. beauty abd agility, be stands with1>u a riv&l in the western hemisphere.- Hewa:^ sired by Old Tippoe Sultan. the celebrated inijiorted hofee, which, for nine years, was master of the turf at all the important heats in the union The d^tta nf-feting Tippeo #as a fuli blooded mare of the first magnitude.-^ For terai*, 8te «ee h^nd bills. ••RrjFua MUCH. Menewa, March 7. . S^o The most i)alm.„ WHIItt . m tit hid*'fair tn.*i*al'eve!r#,.Mfidritt A l m r lof^f^ di^n>«|%«ifeffipi p:itt|»i^«ii ^^^llSfiL.S! ^BlfSff ? Hmpt l0 n> it;ha^h^%^en.«8 e J,):« The fojfcj Meh this ^utl can in from.' ••••'', e elevg taa •se' akomtit, tereinlfter 'describfdf will be Mid n Hoblic Auction, on Saturday, the tbir- . ly firs* d#y If JVlarch nex>. ttitwo*' cifoek'.. \p the ^fternooft of that day^ &» |be H itagilJ : ttuSe|JB,ow occupied by jo , j^ec^ ;< ;,oji. : M|.0i\ 'of f?»'n.drbe|ng \in \hxi tdwa bl Garhj^ f; county oKOntarie, and state of aforesaid, hounded as IJbl-- l^s^l|egin'Bii)g at % stake stajndifigin the%*t Jibe of Ibt ^osg^ip \ie se^otid ^nge^ Q|40wns, ip Pheipi^nd^jtior-i hl^s purcha,8e,, sixtgen. chains and isWettty §jght links ffe«i the, S ? E, cor^ %r;^f s^id'lot,' ..aja^'at -U»9 ;N,' ; E/ ; -cor-. i'ertof ^0 acrsss of land, beijng the S, Jhftlf of i'OO acres of land cooyeyed by Jos|taa\'3 v oy\ , t6 r ^m. Seaton, and run- •.' #ih.^:Se|t^y; '$:*•-- spa-raHei^wtofe. lW& ti«e pi #aid> tojt No^ 3? tp the line.M ||ttdnjBWor lately owned by George -^W&ifdTftf? thence I*- on said line so far • &ifa\4$fafc\ftfoM{ fanhe 'E.:-;lini«l' said lot j fcj^d 1 ^i, to ttip place, of begin- J#f * ^St^ w|H »ak« so; acres of l^nl^ !«$ng the nnyth half of jthe af^re W0$ JO»%cr#s of tenS conveyed by^th^ siiiid losfina hi lo said WiHiatn l»s \Wott; M, ;;¥p0B3VTWHltteSf; •nwnt rf^AlJL J \having- been\in%dei« : : r the .i»^^#U l c«rmia. > b'ttfit of #y sejuHd lo <h«s paid by ind?niure w ^rtgage, executed by Mrasius ft :Mmmp£•$* couiify of Onmrk, «« 'Mm0plimmm -<& the sam# conntj ^ M ^ a, ?«§ d l te to* toird day of'«r- T .-|«l!erri«|f»\ApttDf»tha-t^eeftain fot ':\ ; ''wiv -M^tf ^'^ situate in towtrship , ^»a^er.ator^ea^in^e^ee^'ranWe V «f |own|hjp8 w the tow*-«f'WilHft&, \^{&1»*m- .af*aid^^-w^ 1 *fnndted'tiiid-tWbt|>nS^acrS^ • -^,n|j«,sixt*ett^i^f an.acre*h4th^#uhp ^ikore «rj%*-*xeepting andreservi^K *^^i^- B f ^» en ^ ^ «atd lot one - ^^^d'-fere^?*^^^^ Wihtmtre '• ^|s^^ir'TH' b ;y^«^of%#nw- : «|^4on%ioea ft^Mid-Morfgage, n«d £$,.£WK$* '.'rf tog statiiie in such ^#Vendbe,«t Fanlkner's UoU. L /.™ ^ lF ^ ftf ^n^va, on fa n j flei K* 0 ^!^ ^^ rU ^\VA ttinen^ fdoek^ii the Br^nnoia of %m 4m^ '•: •*.•••.•/•' i J°*Spa ;; »BWbB#if;-. ITor *af« byJfanies Bogert »t%6* ae*a>Bouk.stor» f tthiMij8ale and retail Middlesex, to wit: one hundred acres in the south easlt corner of lot nambev 'hhty two in township number nine iii fie second rftnge of towns in i:he''CtQ'un>~ ty of Ontario^- and is the iame :which was in Ithe oecopation 'M thl ithj of the date of said Mortgage of said i^a- matiffitidswpjrth; an^ also 'twenty a>cres of land, be the same inortf \0 \mi. in .he north east corner qf lot ipinber • wejye^ io^fh?/townf'of :||||dtfi^ex, iii s^id county, in the pcenpatiQn of sa^l Iff prate fflatfshfrfk. at the ^a^of ,s«id portage—-Aiid' '-Whereiiis, •_.^e.\ \^afd ^lortgage h$* boeti doty ass^Jied ^6d rr^ijsfei'rcd^ ; i'^^yiies-\Fgrt&t^M itif *tl|age; of ^kaneateies *-and••'whereas, default .has been made in the payment of part ef said^ suot'of'money accdrding .fit the coittditi6n '%t 'Bhid'~M,p}tfgpgp- r r.' Notice isffh^e^e^er^y^^ttyT^eA bysyirtiie of a |>'oWer c^nlainedin $aid Mortgage^ a.nq In pursuance of the statuterin such case made and provi I dedv tfcle^ap nBorigaged preiaises »*fM be S:old^^nblic^end^e.i4t!th v e ; hou8e' (now 6¥^it|led by William Uascomb, lBtikee|f^H in the .village ojDSkaneat^ «de»,i|( (he «ourijty of #no,nifli^ai btj ||r twenty thifd day bf diajae. Bext> between the hours of eigfil aitd ten rt'eloeJkAof theforenoon ,'-Hdl- tfea£ day,-^ \i-'.-^';.@i l*wjEi'T*'Att , y.; 1 ... ;-\\ _ **^SMEAS Mnjamitt Jficfwls^ f? of -ita* bounty «f Ontario, by indenture of rVieas^ by way of Mort- gVge. hearin| da^e-the; twelfth da| Pf jyM*ut|ry, in the year one thousand eight hnndred.and eigliteen.for secur- ing th^payiwent of the sum of six huia dired ttnd ten dollars and fifty cents, jWiib iaterfst in thje mapner th^Jem specifielf, did release and convey Unto Z&beM 0o*l-rig-M, of the eowpt^y bf ^'CTa- yuga, and- to his heirs an4 s assigns, ••all that certain piece *r parcel of land, -.situated lyiftg acd v being in the fdvfe M Betttbni in .#& colli ty nf On- tario aforesaid, he^«| al pat tpt WMk- •wh Location, p, nd bounded asf bill* p>p» to wit : on t he edit $y ia'ttds* ' : Wi ieti |y John Wallmgiop the r ,jotfcth by lands o,wned hy liid ^v*alker, n otf the west bf tends*of fmncei Gbundtfe^ ando» tnp north hy, lands owMd by ?the faid Walker, eontaintng fiity acres of land.\ And whereas default has heen made in th« condition of sa|id Mort- gage t^tftik'isMetpfpfe h$rehy giv- PM Th^i bj'Virtueofa powercontnin-- eoT if sHid JVlortgage, and in [iursuarice of the sfatt<\e in soch fafe made an|I providedj, the said M$rXg^|ell |retnt- ses wiH be ^ld at li'ubfic Vendb^ ,%t •he house now occupied by Willh>|j jnascopb^ Innkeeper, in\t he village 0 Skaneateles. id the counts of Ononda gn, on the twenty third day of 4bgust nexts, between &*; hours «fieighi and ten W*eloefc «fth«f fpfpm<*p : <t||*h#t daf ,^, int. .'- - •;' wm? timMmrti. Fori?* # Jwtitti Stt %. or sale at /s^-Sn^^Ww'Ifean^e'hou^uortfr of foe yeJ'%w bouse and distiI lery, oecur pies {ots^o.ii» aa, 33 and I^i eMh conkiidngpn^f^urth of an *ere, of the .s^nte'tr^-i*'* 0 * ••• '••'•'•.;. -*, Mflft^nW jjit, is bounded °1 th f - e»sl by|f»e lurnpifcfl rnad, o.u the njorth by a street^ on th$ sodth by a Idl in possession of SplfiV \ Sween*»yj on the tttft by; lots #, 80, ^ij 3|!, SS and 4** of thMamfe tract also- , 5. LotE ^ivest of the; sreet, in fropt of the mansion house^and known and dislngulihed by ipu Jfo.^ea, *r* es '^id;:7'0^4*eb/«*l»|«4ining «n»- fourth oi . an aere. of iand, 4f'&% Sf&pip tract affd*'f %; The fands |ying on ihk edit fi|de of the stxeet leading fro^n the mansion house^0^' -llfirrail^i, 4*' known and dii|ingtilsb#d by^oV92,cotttaiping u M *V A-,Cld^ iti^Bethei Jnrf^.ol^to^C^SS^^KS rertns, «tc *e P handbills, ; ' ^..- f^tirely-restored't#helth^^5 «7».V \M and 3.^.«^, ^ and^s containing^ acres apd,^Sperches, and part of If. eontaining an Per* a,nd 32 perejies of ia.nd,.^l|th^•.s^|me,;tr^et^a'i8o• \ •'•-'-\•. 7. Th? 42 ftiiies ofTanpyi^ west of thft^ifegefn^^BOwn amdis- tingnkhed by ios No. 13, coniatnitig 12 and ^ttfres, and ^art-of iot No 91% cpWtif&ag ta acres 4tid 8 perches. ft: -f*W#«tftfi ^'l^ue^of ;\f ate* atid S^tf|(^^tr^N, an<l^^f«rMerry««CB- |,pied;;.by #igv«ijs r st«iids ontiots km w* and dhVinguished 6n°Annen and B^Sf tonV p**n:>f m Village #fl%h e va, by P|o« and ••% mfiw the bjl,, •.;.«*•• r |hft ? ti^h«fekl s|ore ftclsupied by tym». Teii JSy$t ;^6 if ondey^stands «*lftl»«a«d#^is(r. .. ,..% .,.:-:,.,_,• , ^-:,?fipi%p|)ce«^d%,|i-; Xar- fcelere, stands .on |o^ ^aud 9 aiso^ 11. ^6i#i»JtlMlVtn cllled, occu-^ P 1 ^ 9 I^^^JW 8 ^ 9i and-aiso a, part ef l^t JCoi 1 ^ on Jadcrt^ bait's •^lah|ifi.sald: f iUW -?•;;\'\v : .; r \; .\' »t 4a - #f e * Wf!? # tp%^f J.yons,^is boaiidedo^n the salt byjwtl stand the ensuing season . . at the iloilewing places, viz •' On Mondays and Tuesdays at Hatha^ Cook's, in Faydfte j on Wednesdays and, Thursdays a-M : h^iubsfe : riMr's,. • in j^iaviT^ftw; W--?r^y#' aM\' #:attir. (days'at A-.. Cldte** '\ •-•-•*' \\' 1, ML6. see To all 'whp.nl it may ebheern, this ;may certify, that Mahomet is * years old in June, 1819, and wa* sired by the^ full^ hiooded jArabiati horse Old A rab; his dam by Old iiesseiiger • his grand daift, a southern ttiire called the Liark, sired by Boreallis. ..\^. , .;'•, : v ;fi. .dENUfGa ' GoskeM, Sprit ig,. 1819. . '.' -In addition itothft above, the subseri ber will accompitay Mahomet with an flegaut Canadian-'Sthd\. ' •- W^rv CORTfcEITOU, \ Roughs, pa^ih^^ft|i^|JI breathing, **tt|.#^%a^|^ *H efficacy^c^| W |ia^|^||^J • • For the sa.tfsfactwa,' &*.l£&M& the foilowing' certiB«ate 1 »'ii#Mfl» IQV perusal:. • - ^. <: , ^^^j • *Hayipg for «J«riie l£$e p$0 If WW •A'itfe a cougb, atid paig'^ilfgHi which-1, was fearful .^nji||d':tfr(ft#|''' : iq a\ 'c0n*ui»'Pti»«;v>^^ diderenf t*.mg^ : witho^t^i^|^%|J i made \trial- of...\4«de^s4«i!»w|| ^'rotpsV-^9 1 ^' wlii<!ljt X*JTi^«i|^^^iS&Mil mediate relief,, aqd'tNB|;.:^l|t|^ •>ottles noty, eutmlf •id^skam\'M •strength* • •. % -' „•'.-. - ^ .u. *•**• • ->w« ... .*:\ ;..,.; ;43i^i; vjfc' hei*b^i.c#ti%Af|^^}j^^| t t tjnmber\..of |eftl?l he|hstrfl|ik<*\ w ^ S: |ars; ^ndfii ^ife'bailf^e (j[aa To 0O)«|» ?hopay inj |ifty Cents \ Suh^eribe! iu4 !; fn # c ful'l'Of*^ •>3'i i»i>ir»i w^spMmmsfm HORSE *ty of Dsig^'i Camero% JS*q ) itid for Mares the ettsu> ing sel&in 7 , at the stable of the sdbseriber, SirtitesnoTthof theiViMag*e. ^•'Gen'iVa; ' TE&HS'-*B,S.-tfee ? fea|)i % palyahl^ at the tinie i j^lO the s»ssoift and glf to insure. GRAIN wili be ta, •m» keii »« payhient ^deBvered at ^ M 's~ storifei in GeH^va,, by the first anuary next, pasture providafd-ffir tnajfeis coming frens a distunce, but all accidents nod Escapes at th.* rMfeof tht {ovyner. The season ^ill^^jnim^ncp the fmt ef A^prif and tttii the isth of er §|o|*e--C«ittitig. subscriber infornjs the pub l|c that he cwr ; ief on the Stone' ^usttjftg-hnswes.s m pending,, Steuben *\ \% where he has eonstantly on asupplynf: - . j- : V* :-• *• IS. on are r a*id fn^th'f 5 west, and f#tb ing, *hich h© i*|U ||tof4 V ^J law for by lands owned by-MriJer \Pri^ej the Cash Jor mostrJt««4^v|. > |?Jf&^iife8j\-'-Y4 : I«^kai^-^l^ujt#%e : ttf*'of 8'n>; ;,/t^^^^ 'aerir' *' ;•' ••' ' : • ••>*'''' '\ \ : .-[ .\..•.-.;' Jpeopje^'©n^ar|o |ouhty^ ^evSJBhscri' pi/fa* and dtstin- ber haimad^:^rtiMftg^jfienl^^il^tr^i .,>.,.,.. - -r a|-Winkle's-.plan: : ;'^utTo^^^^ ^f-|aid> ^jW^|e % iV*'s. 2b &iii£l 2\ > : ; neva, to make contracts and receive! containing half an acre of land ea,cb- inscriptions. Persons agreeing with) morl ftrlfifs :•— ^ I hrro, may depend on havingtheit' Which I will sell on the Sist day of *ork done in the best lnapner, and April next, a* teh o'clock in the fire deHyet'ed at (Jeneya oil t|ie.' shnrlest noon, at Faulkner's Boielv in Gensva nntice. Samples may be seen in the ** J * $$nev.(!\( Mmph », 18*1. Burying yard, Geneva, .. ftiCHAB©0|-ir«||f TT ^, ; ; l!he,reby. : ^fy/f|a|#%v^'| feen,years \'p'a»r*j|^J^'^ Al **\ : ' '*''*' with A p*i» iW [' w more Pi less codgjS^, .f-ungs,' soiuvsof #ii. «Jr».t#HW^d\t(». &$ 'basiness. witftdajt>«r%$f•• j^fe-luM- have, *fafc$jf*t$i$^Mm%. teaii; iiig and debiHjlkfihJ Wj*W'- v »£l»ow* red'&' hutlle\'' of \ Afil^b%%.'f.'C«ug| : .Prbpg;\'ffori| th» ttsl-nf^lbi^^^f^f day» ; efnljf^l iol^d^'^^-tti^oll •0ntirelt •ieft*, :ttie;, after-*M':Writf: f'strnp^jk reslttfed,.; 'I'.ltn.a™.^ li^f entirely to the use of !hl»^ •»enuine bottle has « k j^6»s^..#ta|»p#^oi|^t.B«i- $«Ht!M >T«~ |he directions afce % ftll h^0m^M0 i%e abot&r fp^st^,;mi X ..';•'.'-;•; : J.'»HW- : >J W iitrA wtsj- •' 3&- W4P«JiRv% .'ffEBvM^J^i $-.. - ;, 7; Ai»d^oiestrl| fey - : 4mim : '-Adtty Hudson: wh> f# ljfffply4eftJerso| Hbarajyejyj!!|g.•,, -f.-' ;. - s 's,'; _ .\•' Adverfise fcuarejiviU 1 Ijie DnHar, age.fliofl^f'l'e poft^f *4(feii |6os|5w/ifo '.at fe^ifemei ||di;t9jyad-ji Kiobs inus|be gLANKM l f '*^^i^k^to * mveni Incumbent on ic,that>ii|stv MBttt^tinjil 0 red to ijujiirt ionlinue f o In 'ver every t'h ore offered. :: i' ttS *«#\t«8 * direei lot^e disapp \Ihe^cfltiit .''.\jC.<* ^ Btposed npoii ^h ;*W - ex-t fcfc s? 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