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- $ap« '# JII&AWOM* Vf©Wis©*y*.,-MAt 33, la^t,,.- • -;Al^:«flPO&TA^T! . To'tM^f^^^^^ tow of U k'pi'ppuiied tojbald a County con- vention for the purpose of Selecting suit sbie persons to, Pepff^eftt this coun- ty ir> *fa>; ^HWefljjSftft- #fr the altera- tion otf jtlfct $ta*e Constitution, pursu- ant to the law, pa&sed at the lastses- sion ftf the le|{islaruFe. In the Cotjirty 5 Coftv¥otiflttt-i% to he decided the ques- tion :%t^'o\ are the proper persons to fill the' important and .responsible 6ta1wti^1^1eg5ft'fwtoi•1^es_r*B^4•TO6et'• i t , ijn^.at^Vl%9j'^-a o^aesrhm of uridoubt- td magnilu^e, w& en*, which e^jnprir Let us, then, be av^eaed to its im- portance. antlraUy at the time and •place .»pp#at^d7i»f <R# chpieejof town :dele;g;ate£>.fp;r 5; th©~ select i.o& of those vho are to> p*»t ;in nomination inert \ till neeessary huiidtogshe-pelted. When we look at the state of society in Geneva* the refinenjient of it! ifthab- Hants, the pleiasaBtness el its location, the very moderate price of board--^ t'l&a^ the students wilt he exposed to imije-of those teoipalietng fiitber to wander from the path of duty, or to incur useless expense, wieh are *o in.- cident to large cities; we think weare could desire, plant eat* * s relic J? we to seemi*\ hopeless, ©be- tor Hibernicug can do nothing fa>*his friend, all his s|0c£%f anodynes and opiates having been exhausted hi his humane efforts* to sftothe the agohi&s of his unhappy patients in the »• WeP tern RegUn.'^MmilS. • • * * 4i V. Robinson, in the Cumberland river, mind^dis-f burst^d on the 17th u-U. JStr. ptevens was killed, and 7 or 8 others were so badly scalded that their Ikes are des- paired of,-* '»'» Justified -in 'saying* that Geneva cqin-^ bines advaiit^feai altogether superior', t^any other yiTtage-in th%western dis- trict; and we look forward with rais s - ed expectations when the fruit of our, labors ^STihW iiiafce glad the city of our &odS*'^Cayiiga Fat*, _' 'WESTERN, MST&IOT S&NAl'Oft. All the votes of t|e district, except- ing from the county of Steuben, and from the town df#Vi%ft> »o the county of Cortland, have been returned to the Secretary's office. Mr. Seymour, by returns \made has a majority of 64 yobs over Mr. Bates, Counting for Jtiiia 191 votes returned for STEPHEN BATE. The'county pf SteubeiHias given a* majority of 48, arid in the town, of Virgil S8 for Mr. Seymour, tog,ether*wa&tng his^miijority' 16S.—- Bangor, {Me.) Will} lor * •uake. —fin 'So-furdaf last we experieujsed a smart shock of an earth' quake i)v this place. It was in the -••> 1. >-a&$. lowness of th& Water of the St. $aj»£en6e, which has' been noticed 'a^ bolv^tl^ iid& Waters, hiis alstf'be-en .«** ;^iih^^%iki^9i9%.. , .-'7ii(» hull of a ship of war^which was lost off the Ktchemiti, in the lime of t he French, hasbeert uncovered allow tide,and H midst of ^ #|d H. \B-; sjbrm of snow, is reported, that seyeral brass can- windj and rain; the fright and roor fting thus f&t had been stornty and ieonpesituousU between 7 and & o^efbek, A. M* our fttte»tion was- arrested by a heavy rumbling, whieii was immedi- ately followed by a »'h^ck, loud as the heaviest thunder, w hieli seemed to he crushing in the root* of the hobse.-r JOoors, and windows were on the jar, throw and ouf houses shook, so as in some iustance to thr*w down crockery and glass, front the shelves. The shock went pi? as it eaine onj \with a heavy s rumbling; The direction, as ueatar can be ascertained^ ivas from N, W. to S.B. '\\ '•• t -••_,.••«., i * .u * . - -* is' A The success of Mr; Seyinour, we cou- who a*e »d fortheunportaBttrastl ^ w ^ , ^ eo ^ a i^ ott , not of amending fhe great charter of our jstaie Ilbierfies— f«r - which ptfrpose a notice is published in this day^s paper for a meeting.- A, general ^tteiidance is very necessary—^tlte hiisiness is real- J&'pf^ tnagnitudev aqf o^glit not to he only to t%e republican party, but to the state at large. Wo person acquainted withLhroth of these gentlemen, can hes- itate t° admit that Mr. Seymaur will make by far the most respectable and useful legislator; both as to talents a and genei rttnent.— <ArgtiSi 1% is v an old #ayin.g4 licslife .^^t^f^M' 0 ^ 1 '^ e '' :r :^^H'9 **r- Ifctffitl.*' We hlivA never had-an op- portiiltttf' of seeMg this v^j»%ed until tJii* spyfeiiogi., Our gprod friend ^Stephen: J5a^ t ;#lb h,as been a public servant t^) the p^opiie of tli'm county ilor these t%ehty ;s fl|rgj ftas aft length been un- g;ratefuily left vvithottt/a single office! Yes, the ipgrat|t«de of the people of the Western iJistriet has been ruinous to bisi fu^ufe hopes of aggrandize men t- We sincerely hope the people will con- sider hi»worth, bis talents, his wil- lingness to serve th*in, Ms mild atad gentf9 ^poftw e»t, his' disinterested benevolence, and the whole catalogue 'ofhisgopd qualities ~-nnd then consci- entiously *ayp if the ingf a.litttd# of Feter IVajshifligton mine again ' — The last ^Tilburyport Herald says— ** The recent election in IVevv-Vi*rk hsts resulted in an Aeeessiph of strengt h to the elintonian iot.etest|;h«t more so to old Washit^to'ni^ii^^giilfeBtt;-*'-^ We might &d& here, tfiat in this elec- tion Peter, who' like tha Cameleon changes colors, on all necessary occa- sions, and.like t.he serpent after the fall of man, «nly dares to crawl on his belly fioce the explosion of the Hart- foird Convention^ in this election threw off l)ke old ^orn out skin of « Wash- irtgtonian Federalism,'? and appeared itj the glistqrj% cover of ^Indepen- dent, Re,pablicansr' > Under this ban- ner, ana ajlifd U l)a Witt Clinton, who formerly'characterised the disci- ples of Peter as inclined rather \reign in h.ell than spr^r. if h«!aven, ,l Feiet has Co tight in ;; th$ feteetion which has just terjnined in .«•«• York.. Appeftr- Bxtract of a Letter, dated Norfolk, May 12. . \Yesterday a, tfiiel\was fought be- tween Lieut. Perfy and Midshipman Saunders, in which ,the former was dangerously wounded in the throat. — They exchanged two shots.\ Sag'Mmb^r, L. X. May. \% Coroner's lnme$i,*- The poroner held aw intjuest iaji fjonday last t the 7th inst. ott b6^d > .tft0.-..ship Hannibal, on the body of Warjifr Cuff, a colored man. Verdict ^f theory, cajmatohis death in a fit at Intoxicatiom . . «ori andoljlter artieies have l)eeu found.' We should lie glad to be informed of ibe particulars by any person acquaint- ed wijh'them tVom his own observa- tion.., The extraordinary iovvues* of the water of the, St. Lawrence,.is no doubt occasioned by the droughts of last summer and falj, which prevailed gfjout t|»e greater part „of his< iiient. It is well known that the rise of the waters pf the St. Lawrence occasioned by the melting.bt'ihe snow, is hot felt between Montreal and King- ston, till late%, &«<guat.and the com- mencement of September; as y it de- fivei hut little supply of water during the winter 5 deficiency occasioned by the Summer and Autumnal droughits would be felt in the lower parta of the river, towards spring. The thing was however accounted for on differ- ent grounds, by some wha expect uotli- Migbut mischief from the operations of the Bostpnians, and the report be- come quite current that they were a> bout drafuing our river to ffeed their iireat Canal and perhaps out nf pure spite inteuded to dry it up altogether. — Gazette. '^iojle haa not been cruelV thus] ances of change i^tWo or three coiin •uthteirly to commoji peo arj e.- a man to a the pin- level with f i|a credibly informed, that in icoUhties Where the federalists have tm&t^^^iheiijj are determined to Mitt, |o the State Co^vebtioti of ttlvi)? stamp; and in counties where tier »epuhlicaiis have the major^ alisf$ wish,to' have a aifttoM,llelcetv-thijis by their manteu. virep-t^ Jjajre a tnajority in the Cotiven- lifjou , W^- hope the republicans will l»e on '%^-jj^^^d^m, the wftaa of ^|iitja||hte Bepuhlieans pfopiosed to unite ^the federalists saidi no*~f hey would have the ?t'/2o/e. In this coinKy #e i^ipatliMs are anxioms to unite, by igivJbg tlm riptiblicans two, fiK\%. already so elated Peter thatWfSliilbgton, lie leaves his '* Independent'' title and commences the cry, of TP&sMngtonian Federalisptl After all, we think Pe- fe^ \Vi|l be disappointed in gaining the as0endency in New-York. And even should it not be so,we think it will op- erate as a useful lesson to the Repub- licans of that state. Pennsylvania is now sm;irnng under ihe lash of the ser- pent Peter for lief divisieris* Wew- Ybrk roust take the same task; and we should not ;greVrty^^hjeet'tV'.^«yV reigning oti| yea* in New-Hampshire, that men catling themselves! repnhli- cans,;and who give in very readilyMFo federal professions of rt good flings,\ might for once he satisfied what an « era?' the reigri of federalism would produce, -^JV*. jETampskire Patriot' *«« Scamiyo^Fodder^^he States- man of the 1st inst. Contains an article under the above title, in which Mr. ter attempts to account for the From tke^ti^aljntelljgmcir. The Military.Peace,Mst^ilpifywnt. -.It is understood that ||ie arrange- ment of the 0J5icers acc,t?^ing to the new and redhced organii^tipn o.f the Peace Establishment, was Completed at the close of the la*i welk, aKa Will shortly be announced. TChe lioard of fjteneral Olficers have Separated. -- Geherat sSeott has already .left the city, and ©en. Gtaines w$i depa,rt for the Seuth in a few days, .t^o- Brown is yet here^ and it is, supposed \Vill remain for some time longer. In- ] deed, it is understood, that^ as thete is now but one 5la,}or Geiaer*! in the Armyji his Hea,d Quarters will be at being> central position, and alto wing of Irequent^and ,propipi ooinmunication with the War depart- London,April 3. The incorporated Bills fur granting relief of the Roman Catholics, and for providing suelf> security as are deem * ^d ^ece,ssary„ to protect our Protestant eslablisitment, were read a third, time in the house of Commons and pas- sed. IFpoii th% question of the third reading there was a division, a,nd the ayes prevailed by a majority of nine- teen. The measure has now to fight its vtfay lh*ough : the House of Lords, wliere if is eatpected to encounter a mare decisive opposition. '', %'faffi douhtless be parUeularly i, i . ,t *>r 'v . , . *„ want of greater majorities for the cat taking #rie to themselves I -We re- ^rfitllar ticket, by stating that the peat it--let the- Republicatis ii»> every ,r,, ^- \ — - ...... 1 <...... county he on their guard, and seftct suitahle men from their 0 wn raKks,and ill wlil%#well. Clititonian cattle ^ are sick and dying for the waht of fodder,\ If this s.in- gjilar reason be the true one, it will afford still further* cause of complaint, i^&{^|.|L that <<biood-tliirsty l bucktail ce«ii|i^ vyho, ny theif removals and ^ ^.- t i A , ••-*;. , A\ v.. * , appoiuitmei^ ^#*fe^^^ d8 ^^*°J»^ h quarter mft^frbm foraging or levy> ait»^^|o^i^Uearnin* £hera-i ^ g y,^ ac toemed coiilriblliohs in 'ti^f 3SW- f*J•• ? a W WW**) officeholders, te- feeep the calves of I 1 ?? J tf f^ 6f m ***tem* at! their pa% from ^taking, (at least Jf*^ 11 ? Herkimer county, has ^! antil after ebetion.) tfther from tfcetenerpi^e, and isntm ^ on h« Igympathvfor those unfertunatebeasts W> W^4n^ & ,« }** B^paljof bufthen,lrom the « scarcity of m~ 8«»ryA%he established at Geneva. f &&>& his own granery, or fiim some T#^jptetee and the ^rofi»nn<;! other cause, tfoif Kicky's whole sys- lei^mgoflfe Me JXanaldj^Bited.t^,^ yi , 0Ble disordiredy iiot only ^^^t ? ouml P|;w ei P les » eiawieiitly 1 hi8 8t %mach, hut even his head is ttf- ^|y»n^r the ftation tfl v?h^ch | mH . j, e h eertaialy mkd, stark 4ftJ*^iHridace of God % is called,! ^a; when the wind il ffoot the west *^^iihlf.w1iiel'apprl ! vi *-\ '- , - i!v \ ^ -\• • ,.••.--.=.•. , The^ Kottinghani-Calendercontains the. number of thirtyftwo men and boys who have been sentenced to death at the late assizes. - T . At the Staftbrdsliire Assizes, twen ty-eight persoiis Received sentence of death, one agM 1^ two 17, and two 18 years Of age^ - v At the Kent Assizes forty^one per- sons were condemned to death, the greatej' part of whom were far house breaking. ,: ..\\ /,' '-; At the lleilvpnshire Assizes,/eleven men and one vvomttn were^sentenced to death. The latter was for entering a dairy, and stealing bread, butter, &e*» Shewaalei^for executioh.\ Four men *ere executed at the Old Bailey, on the 27th\ofMare^h;;one for highway robbery, and three for steal- ing in dwelling houses. \V We observe\ (hat Mr, i^rkins, the artist* of NetvburyporU was presented to the king,of England, ai hii levee, Feb. 23, by Mmiral SirI|||V^oflih; —Bast. P%' ** : \ Browned near Fort Miller $alls, in the Korth River, on the 8th tot. Miss J^ane. Pfova^i and Mis* ftiebecea; M'farland of Salem, H. Y % ? ?hey were crossing the river in a iniillhoat, with a yodjig man and a boy, when tha boat upset and they were both drowned within 8 rods of the shore.— ColumWtm* . \. From the GfyciniiatUOMo) Advertiser ? •''/- .' bfWpWM. , '--. ' Pisti&gimsiHed I^is|i)jr9.—.Arrived here in the steam-boat CJen, Pike, from Louisville, on F'riday last, Mr, CromT enelin, of Amsterdam 5 Mr. Caumont, of Rouen; Mr. Ronniage, of Paris; Mr. Vanlfnhep, of Smyrna 5 aiid Mr. Baring, of the celebrated house of Barings, London. These distinguish- ed foreigners left here yesterday in the steam boat Courier, for Pittshasgh, highly pleased, we understand, with the improvemeuts of our cjty, and po- liteness of our citizens. A young man, named Peter Miller, was killed % aiffaih of lightning on the itthinst^^^ wlifle working In a gftr- den about th»&e miles from Philadel- phia. His hit was torn to pieces j: t|ie Mir on Ijie right side, pt his head was burnt j the elecfiric fluid ran down the body', the case of his watcK was a lit fie melted, and the shoe on his,left foot was torn off. The shock was so great that it threw hls^body some yards from the place where he was struck, — Nat. Adv. \mO> *o<» <^> oooo.'ft^—— MARRIED, In Benton, 011 the 16th inst. by the Rev. Reuben Farley, M r. Charles Cushman, iff Miss Betsey Waterous. Oh the 17th, by the same* Mr, Robert W. Sprague, to Miss Melinda Cash- man. B1ED, In tills tillage, the 11th instant, RE- BECCA, daughter of Mf. Win. Tappan, aged 3months. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Fresh Grooms.' 1 TH-E subscribers are now receiving Ircto ^New-lT^ik, : a .' fresh supply of spring an^ sum- tner Goods, comwising al- most eveiy. articfcrlii the Dry Good line, aiifong wKclr are • Three cases Calicoes & Gintgliiinis5. One do. Nank in ot Gantofcji Crttpes; . t)«e do, Siuehe\r8 and gara'aWtl*; One io. PlainVspottetl aoid striped Bombazett ; •*' Eight do. iDomest ie sheefiogSj, shirt- ing, plaids aiid stripes J One do. Steam, power looon, and Madapo11an*;S^k®|*^^ • - •' One, do* Cambric mail^ljiiio:^ and Book Muslim? ' , ','^'\ ^-; One do. Mttl#ulaiid..p!a^'-iJ^Ji^*:^,.'; Mu'slins;,and\l&^ies'-iajCtrf''; ' : * ed Muslin Ifeessel; :> ?%' ^%* One do, Irkh Linen aiid€aahbj|ic|j a , B-xirnA-stTPER., SUPER..; &m rpnev »LACKj BLUE, B«AB, KC^ft AWD : niRO-WN ' ,. T . Cloths md-Ca£$iM&n- .:, Blaek Sattiu; figiireiil mi striBteil Lutestriftgs, and a •gi'eat yar|e% of plain and figured Bonnet Sitku tPftp^ let, Florentine, Valentla, aad other fancy Vestings. Bilk, Cotton ftujl W'ortted Hotiery, JSuglish att^f reach ° silk Gloves; heaver^ird kid dc(. gilISc Umbrellas and Parasols. Ifhipffia^ t*%* ces and Edgiogii Rusiin ^U^k*-^ Flemish Linens andJ&r|Iliii§ff. n ^»ote|t.. Plaid} Sattin&ts; JPoiat T^lanketi, 'See, J8£C. - \ ; A^|o—'0iie'' case;. Leghiorn, pliiin % one do. straw Bonnets 5 om Ho. Clen- tlenien't Leghorn fiatt. ;||^ifi?i|il Flowefs. 5. Carpeting;' TIESI^'-'^I^^JI' and door mats; Morqcco ll^ta, Sho« and. Slips '% : Kid' -fo%\ ioY .m l^iltie-' r -f. men's Boots, Bootees a(i'4^aiaaj(*>: A V-EBY •EXTEN'.SJV.B ;AS$0«i , ^tK|? ; t- OR „ CEina, Olaiss m& fiaitlieii \. ALSO —A '6-JBNB^AI* ' A'S;S0B8:'r^«BNF*' , '•&$ Hard~W<ttemd <pfcfet$» m >on ,, ,..„.-- „ **\! ***^\ does not •• Know a itawk from a «^^A^5f^^y'\ferttt»W» a hAndsaW-witoess the article head- l»Fl#»iW»pyt thut the Yerypre*. ; e d ti ®tect\im Bwtimf* in the same fa«d which at present is made, p^p er —he there designates theSMccsss- m«*ch^r laborers, will in.J^ f cahdidates |br aasembly,in this \^ \\'\\\ J \ eoanty, m federal, and the umweess* fyl as democratic} and yet immediate- ly afterwards states that **it appears, that in the county of Albany the -i$- publieaa ulajor^ty»' , on the Assemfly ticket, 489. ft is to be hoped that the noted road doctor, Coleman, will Mf immediate attention to the ease of his unf irttinat e \ brother of the same principle,\ and prescribe a quantum iuTBctroT^W cajp — —^;. years, he m, Wiae good degree *ttiwef«d,' The singula t unanimity #hicih1ia« triarfce^ the eflori of thofe, w^uade* the direction ofytini who, With so w«oh credit to 1fri«isfel% and Oseftilitelsr to the Church, presides o- %t fit .dclihet'atipns* and $ve! life and aHimation to oitr exertions, may- be eoi^Mundet 00b, et» guf,e ia- die'al^;0^ie-esf* .-'•\.' I^tii^u^e^^gd that^ a teiiiporaTy %^iihgemjint \fUrhe made for the ac> «n#niilhitiib of student* *t>@enWiu * a S Gfoeerife% mow BiCBrfW»-eossrsT&>,% • •': Cogniac and Spanish BrqWidyj gt. Croix, Jaraaiea and new- R«nt^ Hol- land Gin; Madeira,Tierjeriffo,Colmanae and Malaga Winesf ffyroit,CoUiig Hy/r eon, ffy8on*$kin apd S|9ttcn»ng\ Te^ Loaf,' Lump, hrowtt- W&^tq$&§SJm .gtigars; box Raisins and GurrA«l|.) Malmses; Chocolate; Gobte^,^ *($$, per; Pimento ; §mqlsb|» ant* 'Pji^g Tobacco, very low % tits? k^j^%lv can and Spanish Segars; Alluoi; Cop- peras ; Indigo f'. Oaifift j\%a> \|oj|r|- fresh Lemo# and Limes ^ Bngliih and American Powder, oac^Btaooiilf Itfwr; by the keg j hair '%$»& .'Ipf^fiat.^ Together, with 1Bogltsfe,.||ujifii|,pp Swedes Square, found aiitt |»| Irfn ; hoop, 'sheet; :fctfft £f^\--1hiw.£ ghawi Moulds; English blistered, American, aiid Crawley Steel; filacfc-4m|thj9 Vices and Anvils 5 grit, id; 0& & '1®$> 42d, and 20d. cut and; ffrpttghtKail**; Sa w-MfHand Crf3f»c«t Sit#f | Cradle and Gruss Scythts |.E»gli»|i,& &ftj&* i can Spades and Shoveh ; Heesj IVaee*, Chains 1 Cast Steel ^oMe%.^i**fll> vania English ahd Anierlcsii p^fi?f)i9, fcr sgfef in small and w&$ mk&- ?**•' OBS a , _ , 4 , ner opportur tnity of testing the effieacy of his Wast* ed Jtpecihc, 110 impirie. mad or sane, The State of New ___ ^ to the late centiis, contain.^ tone million three hundred and seventy-nine thou-' sand, nine hundred and eighty-nine souls. In 179t», it containeuVi4Q4&0, The increase in thirty years is 1,03«,- 869, the superb ©old Ring, destined by the Emperor Alexander for : ,Br. Mi?$mLh, was brouglvt by eapt. ^fosi- ah Barder, Jo whom it was c^ti^ded, by Mir, Pinkney* .eharg 4$0$th* for the United ^f||es, at tie request of :hir ExceHfney ;^ount ^sslT^do,^- Therich and large cea^re j^eiici^led Ijry tvro rows of diamonds, aid; ejnbel- lished by other brilliant 4*le*aiioos. It is indented as a marlc of! the Mgh satiafactibn with which the Medical Repesitei'y» tranamitted lhro;ug1) the miiuster Mr. Campbelhwai^ceepted byl^tmperwJ Ma|esty.— Mer., Mv. ^Ctiiitter'' , 1 bfiIkB:kt^iHii''')»0iilC[ea«' ^owii THE Gorre|pondin^€omuiittee for the town of Seneca five not ice, that the Republicans of the town of Seneca, will meet at Joel Mice's Inn, in Gene- va, on SATURDAY, the 26th inst. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, to choose three Delegates to attend the Conhty Convention, to nominate suitable per- sons for Delegates to meet at Albany for altering the constitution of this t#dytates. : •'•:/•.'\;''• , All of which having been |]0h»|etl \ lop\ 0*sh|*i|.rf itfeoitd. ^fy$m£M$t#>- ihey ars enabled to offir then as Uw as eaii he purchased ijat tntij fitf ; *# New-York at retail- il*rciiatfts w|||» wish to replenish their stock, will find it to their interest to call. They will at alt tiftiei y& it* h%h* est priefe in efcsh•!«» Wot .|ft|fipfl Ashes : and receive, ani make liberal -advances in Cash, on other articles of Produce, an4 sell ttie *$mt t :»*»' luM* GeniMn May 23, I82t, For safe jby James Mog&tt, aitfee geneva wh&lmde and t^tailr In 'ptintly €kur;cb-*Ta[3|)fy 1o the Frintet of tke P&tfa* fifeitii'rt, April it, llte&t* a&£ : ••-•F^ii'gAiyc.\'..;;^\.;. R. m,mMim-'. _ Geneva, : ;#ri| : ^ JEff*;,^ • W^...' -perty is ^ottjiowed tSMm'JA;# w)& ne'xt, at ten &<&&& «*• •tte-.&y$m % . t hejrfcofalee plo.fea |il Bi^'«Jwii| l ^4e^ .->' t •>< •X:\ -1

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