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mr wz ;?*•, $• • <w .•'•:K;v'4i KS: I. & 1^ •'»:.• ft *&• l^\ ; ?.* i •:'-'v' ' fete, UOHTSEN & T'APFAN* ARE NOW nF.CKIVING A FRESH SUPPLY OK gBj Medicines -and Paints, Which have been carefully selected from the latest impoN idtioiis in - NEW-YORK. TJiej have likewise pur- chased, the entire stock of the late firm'of .. m; &SGN &• BOU^HTaiii^ ' Whicfi togatKeix wlih their for- , mei'^ttf^cfciiiakes the most es- Jte^sil* assortment in the iil^ : ^ipTEEN COUNTRY;: P^hleli ik&y ofo for Cmh, fpfelilart'at atl¥ other Store »-.• jounW\ s '.« fe«sraes& will Be contm- Hmt M hoih ifce^lr Stores' in f^am^freel^ arid strict atteri- ti#n- ^ift tf> the preparative ^^l^fljfefcuBWi'esst)^ \ •• ,„»^, ; article; warr gemaltie, and all favors gi 3$. TBlilR K&TEKSIVE AS- v ••''•' FX&LO ! WI&& *.'.,• \ EiNmirsii^MuiTARi), m WUOLKSAL& AND RETAIL. Fresh Goods. THE subscribers are now receiving from Mew-York, .a fresh supply of spring and sum- mer Goods, * co nap rising al- most every article In the $ry Good line, among v\ hkh are Three cases; .Calicoes & Ginghams ?. One do. &ankia & Canton Cr^vfH*; One do. i«>i«cu,ews and ..Sarsauei*-\! One do. Plain, spotted aud striped x Bombnzett; . Bight do. Bomestie ^heefinafs. shirt- & * i«g<^liM(l« awlstripes; One do. Ssearn, p%wer loom, and l^a(l&p*iioitn SiiirlHigs; One da. Cambric tnnstm, Leuoes -,... and Book. Muslins; One do. MulmulaiKtpMn Jaconet MosJiiis, and ladies' figur- ed Muslin Dresses; One do, Irish .Linen aud Cambrics; —^AL.SO-— ^XTRA STJPER, S^UPEtt AND FINE % j&J^AC«, BillJB, D«A8, Mix'p ASD ..^ JHfltN Oloths and Cmsvmers, Bls-Ck Satriri'^ figured and striped Lntestrh^s, «VNI a great varhty of plain and figured Bonnet ^iiks. i ara let, Florentine, YaMitia, and other fancy Votings. SssSk.\ Critt.»n and \Worsted Hosiery. KngiWft andFrmch. silk Oto'ves; bt'jiveraud kiri do. bilk ,, ... _ ^i';i;»-l.. l'.K!i,«.j UMIO.K, is tlie lifiibs^ifee of a law ofMew'-York passedi March 10, 1*21, concerning ihe, estates of habmial drunkards. 1. The%o!ii t u f cliiitieery is to exer ei»e a j^risdii'tion and power, in re pjiird. to, the esta|es of persons who #.liull( i? ,bg.|ii^4pat?le of eondactiii^> Uieir own a(fa||s t in eoiigeqnenpe of linyitnal drimkennesi», t*ijtiiilac to the jurisdic- tjon and p,ower ext'rcisf-d by that court ,in regard to the estate* of lunatics, The costs of any proceedings if|ian a petition to tin' chaficelbr, are not. in any eas«\ to exceed 25 dollars. 2. The nvfrseers of the poor are ^required, whenever they'disenver any IJmbi^lia^atKlPuras'vls. Thread La' ces and Edgings, rSi.'^sia Buck. •*-• Fi^mish Linens and Dfilfiw^s Scotch Fiaid;,. Sattinetss Fgitit Blankets. &>Ci &e. ' : ( iitsb—One ease lie^tmrn Flats ; one do. straw Bon-netsi; one do. (leri- tlemen's Leghorn Het«. Artrficial Flowers; Carpttioa;;. Jlednh Hvigw and donfmats j Mi»r«eeo\Boots and ^.lips;\ I£id- do, do. do. 0entle« m?n'* Bonis, Booiees aud Piinips. * person to be an habitual drunkaidV whose property tnay he endan^red b»' such.druukennL*8:s» to make applieatitm to the coo'rt of chaneery for the exer cise of its jurisdiction aud power'; JIM! if such drunkard s halt not possess, pro perty siifiicienl for hisor her support the overseers may designate and describe jiueh drunkard, and re quire by vyrititig to be signed by him or them, all and ?ver»y oierchani distiMer, store keeper, gto'eer,' tavern [fcae|r^r,or'b.ei , deder in spi,ri(uon,s ii^ qoors, i^ithrti Ihfir respective e,»fies oi to^ns, J not to .^ive-'o^ sell, tinder* any |-pref^n|E^ spirit nous fiq^o.rs to anj| Such diiittkard,, except by dfretitjon oi? on the eeftiflipaie of a r|g«laT licensed phywe-iaii, that the sairig <s lie'eessarj for :Xh'€ pfeservatioyi (iff recovery of the health OTMHSII drutfkartt. J Ifor eael. i.H'enee a^ainsj the la^j, a dealer in spiiitnoiis hquors is to' forfeit teh dol- tairs for the \use qfthe poor. ''«.''\ 3. An/ person, (leseribed as a tlrunlt- ard by t^ie Jverseers of the poor, nlay : if tbink^Juniseli' aglrreved,; apply to'! a j.iis.- ! i(*e' of the' peaces who shai 1 isstie ,i a teii^e to fy c»tislable, requiiring lii'mj to cadse lovconae before the just^je not telsr\than nine not; (n.ar«i v \'h'ain' wmm^pihifiM* TreefaWdeis, \ any si*wf\%i*ojft. being bailotted tor and. appea¥tiig». ghail be swortt >vell and [truly to'try the matter in difference IToHed Ht&f^ v |pev«rotia fn'tlse date of this oadei'.uiay^jfeae^alily & safety re* turn to flteir hijttjes^vftltout Meg sub- ject to pur.ishme.pt o> tr4ai,on aeeount of.such desertion. No rewards or ei ^Wnsig? will bejiilo^ved for apprehend-. itiyw ^ny soldeirs who deserted prior to tiiisorder. 4H soldiers in confinement hy sen' tenee of courts martail, will be disinis- missed the service with diagrftee.\ Jl new chance for Fortune tinnier^ A* the'pre^ure of the tiqies has lately inereased the deijuand, anrt diminished the supply of that valuable artiele, a\ rich wile* anew market \yrllno(lot|bt be aeceptahle 4n n)any t iJtnsuc.ees^ful speculators in the trade of matrimony, For their, benefit, as well as with a view to promote .the-' benevolent plans of the Secretary of the Treasury, we a.iye thy fullowiMs; eifraet IVom'a let m. ; HOfiCOJBOl: and - w -^•Op> '-and; Jllif EH, A VERY EXfECsivB A^SOR'TMENT OF between sueh person and the over seer a 'i 'Hiul ifj wpwi i n vest igat ion and dae |iroof, tho iraid pebonsi thus bai loted lor; shall say that such pirsow China, Glass and Kai^h^ri ' AtSO-rA ^•EVE'RAX., A^OSTMENTOT Hard!-Wanand Cuthfy. roceri^% Cogniae and Spanish Brandy; St tjrbix. .T«i^aieft Wd «i6w Ilitio; Hoi Tson*,ftyson f Skill and S*uehong 'JPtfas^;. Lioaf, Lun^p, brown and wliite Wavana} Sugars ;' box Raisin* and Gnrranjs ; Mrlas^s; Ofrntolate; Cotfee; Pep per; Pimentb..- gttnokifle; rtnd Plug Tobacco, very low «j the fecsj; Atner- is an hiitihual drunkard,' the Said jus fiee Shall enter «iieh deelaiaiiou in <. book t,tf l»e4>y ; Jtitn provided j bni »l tin said persons shall declare such persor not'to' be an habitual drunkard* the saidju8tfdtf.shali also enter the s<»nK<. and ^ivtiitd aiid direel to the appljcan sueli^sts' a^linst the said overseers , * n vS}^jwrf^iii*l*neriiK«C(»lftatiai8i **)i^p&s$ijp.-$lfol by jury bu, suni ^ ' : $f€f-a$i.'•VV , t|«s; , r1y8on-,You% ; Hy:- m'nifs ii*ned;%iiWt ilie defendant, y jo, tmi. the Establishment. asfa e to MtfBt that, tte, stil;l cac^ tie* onUhe CHMR JM A- KING business at thve old stand, cornet\ of Main & CastlteitReeta. which cost* shall 1 be naid by Such o verleer*t- \v. '• ['''-'.-'' & If it any time, (he overseer* ot jltfe p'«^r jli4il be salistjed of* the re forinatioii of a drunkard they are'em poured to revoke the noticti given to ©an and Spaijish Hegais; AUtim: Cbp\ j dealers in spirituous liquors. pemrrlnx%vi CassiaV Bar Soap;; •'•;\ ;.' : , 7 .. V'. —-*': fresh^Lenionsaittd Linies j Bn|liHhawlr WrlW«|\ror Amefijeaii powder. nije&miVtoft^v, fnvv -^ii».|fe'ni!iii-ia|iion_ by the lleg |l>af h*M and Shot, * \ iw^a haft |pasid0ted theinaelives embar* Together, with Knglish. Kussia arid kedfor life in the 1 tntlKary profession, Swedes, square, ronnd and flat Iron ; and noWjbd-themselves stranded, at hoop, sl^et; an { t band Iron; 8 ha re- tij§ n»erty; of the AvWldy with those Moulds: English blisteri d. Aniejieai) tel«i|tes|i|fM'*Waives tbei^ edneatton has ' * \ ! wtey .8ieel;' Btaeli-snlith^i \ u * ^K£iJ^<^^Wrfc^^; ^n^^ ar^ situation of thost & llie dismissed officers. and Vices anil' Anvik nbt /i )o This flue- M. 4tf: '*ii.»; iftdt iM, and pofcrtm- ifrntWt^i^tWiiils;_ w . . 0 .. . Sa^'Mill and €*oss-eitt 4aw s; Oradjfe; TeducTrng a^d re-nrganizing' '(aud\a;l» and Cfra9*S«ythe« ; En^lrsh & Amer! iii^st disorgan$2i%) it at another, is l^tin^-poiiey^lio legard to the army, ' *f^ W ^W«e|sion of the Congress. calculated to remdfef the array less use %l and rs •s«rioirt% |i>re|nfli«ial in one sense, hy'.|^*tftfif , J the. #holl body ifcf lean Spades andShnveis; Hoes; Tf aee Ghiiina\; Cast Steel Siftki'e*,. Pen»»yt-- vania'iJ^ngtNh andAm^riean patterns. , „-.... ^ r t. •'. r ^- r ^ 1 n ! J II ° i f service, and :itid*sposibg thein. bjS*t for saie A in,smaiiarid weliselecr| nlitn ^j ^^^m^ to tfi* serious te^ Crates. |pursuit of the^studies necmiiy to . , All of wfaeh Itttvto^ A*hehashefetolJore f or f^asB^^aiid.seteeiedI with^reai care,I 'Bifwy merttorioai*oJttje«r8 naves d&ubi- been unabjeto Wait on i nf ,y nte eiiavbl«d;to offVr tjieoi as loW less be'tsij tfnavteiiably disehaj-^ed. his eustomersaspunc- ^ cart-^e pnreJiased In the city of ^hly eanttot' ffetl lnorlifieation^ at tudly as he wonld New>Y'«r^ at retail. MprehaVts who What wis th© eff#t of an 4et of 0«ti- wish. on aen*ownt of not f/i«%li|»f«ngsufficient roateriojs, lie in> $brm$ hi» friends that gi|ch Wta-o.g-p* ^ient# avre/intade as will enable hini to ii|njs.h ^is work in a eonxpl«te style, <a%d?,'wJipn: promiiedi He will soon 'lia;3^e.'?5«.>-*fld7ri',VJ»ripiv , .of • v •' - - . wish to Te^l&nislt theli;st«ek, wjlj find grass direetihg M$ deeimatidii-.jj an4 it to their interest U la!J^ ' \'(*9 'kyQ&fatf 'wifLfiwI tbie wa^ka of They will at ail times pay tne Mgh* eivil $t& .nvore'o^tiit. if hot more grate- ice in Cash far Pot and Pearl ; f»1i #*«thif8e\ t|te| liaye lately trod> : and receive, ami make liberal ; deii;-— Xhtek ''' ''* : •{ \'' '' e«t price Ashefe advances ill qh.other articles of] Wlfehiife ean j-nd will sell as low as &y r$m |b:pnrchased in the villag* 1 , and of a« good' #or k unanship. -^~~*ri TEB^siSchoblof i|te:42d Regii rneil wul { ia opened at 0en«vaVon . T0Es-8^^TKgf<oo», :-ty;to H <*f M#$'t 'Tv® OlHeeiHj Non-eon>iii!is»ton* est ^e|«5 and sueh nf.the private'l^s ehob^ w *nt>r,i\ tine gf hoot, are irivi* tfd\«^vrn«r%;on that day. Terms for five BM>ofi% one dollar atidtwejvty^five . : Peni^^^^f^«j^riVirfO''hi«#m]t:ieiit»' a, MatMiel.of the Wt»rds of emmnand. \ J$ty % .18^1, ••• .••;•';.•••\•'••• Prodiiee, atid net! thb same b« nettl A list of «$«$!» «f fhfarmy nf the N. B. Cash paid for W&EJIT. van May 16, 1*821-. Groiitwl Plaster^ '•'••'.'FM'-saij} . •• H. M. BAYLY. W, 4pri( ,l|. 1821. 2?i5 -Ah [•ABACS' THE rmu a1 w tbe \jp^eva Boot Stoie, esaletndr^tail. United »t»t(B%/f||aitfi|d,lb service on the new peAee, t6^biishs«eTjit^ is 'con- tained to the W#l-iinftil Ifetellfgenger ef the i9M itimt *^e ioltawirtg is an extraei,frdui tire olFaer which accompa- nies i*j ; •• •• *-<•*-. ^ -•••• ; *••• \iAil olfieers tviibse uamca jira -not included in the alove list, ninft ^on- sider themselves t^sbanded on thefersr of Jnrir ne»t, exempt (pi&rterniasters, commifisarios, a^tid storefceeiieri char- ged with lite sra# Iceejiing of piibiie property, who yM teeniain in service until ept'iMally relieved from their ae. , cpnntiibii^. - ; \ It U d^^ft^d inexpedient to contin- ue arrest* •'•$*' procceedings of courU mart&l wlrle^raifty h«ve been institu- ted on nffieers not reiained in the aroiyi All sueh o^i«er8 will be released from nrreHan4.djiseli*ig<Bd fentn furtiier 4u- ikmtk^%^kiH pflt^ of t&e ter pohlished in w the Iventueky Ga> z.\tte:— American.. Mr. Crawford, v»hile secretary of Witsr, wished to encourage marriages between our citizens and the ludiuhs. The idea.was scouted by the publie prints as highly improper. Bat the •leaatyand the industry of the Chicly asavv ladies is about to aeeomplish the eiyjlizalian nf this.people in spits ,if public prejudice, nor can l|erqeive its itnpropriety, Mr. Bandolph, and irther grtat nien of the United States. boast of an Iftdian ancest rj. The-bld fc(ebrew law forbidding marriages with strangers, does not apply in this coun- try. Tin* Chiekasaw women liave ili^eovered that our form of matriuin ny are more binding than the Indian form; bat what .Un»f still nvorfetinpor- •atice,, » marringe with * citizen of (HeUi sf. eltehipts theifi frfttn raising c«rn> a seryice they are ^blig'iil to. r,fndej*ac,n Iijtia41nnsband;j an^iaftthej. Iia^e beeathe very carefql, tfeey prefer vvhite husbands. There are a number of handsume women in this nation, the descendents of white nteli, riich in cat- It* and horses, and as |c latid, the choice of as fine a country as tiiere is tn the Horld, lies before lUein. ,. An lequaintance of mine, frorrt Ketituclty, •as been made rick in a few years, by ais.marriage with a tine woman almost wbite, b) whom he has two chairniag childrea,and lives under the pri>fection •»-f the,nation \Yl|it mu6t tfa» balariee m id his favor, when contrasted with what his situation vtasinjrkentuckyv •if w ith that of jthousands now there ? You may expect me to make some eu- ;a^^m6.ufs for you myself ;but let me ell you, overtures of tlmt sort are uo> tashionable j: courtships are limited tc i few word*, and as to engagements, ^h*r^ are none. You must be i^eady to marry *t tlie diose af u\e Conrtsjii^ or you nt«y sttttei? severtBly.by the de- ny. A\ti ujequaitttanee of nriiuc lost ii fine girl ini this way f he visited the* ne4reststa>es to settle sonte business* and at jtiis return he was distressed to find her marrijed, although he used the prticautiotfto leave her ilfli eh»rg.e of >his awn bouse. jfatural •CuviQ§itp~~ tr thei Grand Saline is between :(•§,«' tWo forks of the Arkansas, about 2&0 miles southwest of Fiart 0)age. 'it. Is t a h*rd level plain of a reddish colored sand, of OD irregular figure being in cirenmferenee ftFirtlaTEfy intlls. *W(tm \hf '*jpp^'K . -tiii.ee- of djrift wpod, scattered on this tMct, it would seem, tlie whole plain wi&s constantly overflowed by the sftr- roiinding streaois. Tjhisv plain is eflr tirely coyereH in' '•''^ii% : hot we^llier^ frtiiq tw^e to eight incbes deep,, with a ertift of elea.n wliite sat^'ojE a qoali.. v ty ratHer:«u|»eribr|% tbe^ ijnported blown ;B4l*-V^n;4^a**k'«tHyn|' N- |«et«bkfiee^ to n' 'field, of 'n^••;;fal^n' sftowi succeeded by raia, wi*M> a li^ltt erns.t on-lt'^e to^p* \Kidhingeaiibe mur? pijeturesqae on a height sunny morning than this natoral curiosity, 7 About tb*middl&of|f6VPmbcr »;|»arty of five men encamped ia the woods In Cbeaango cdnntyt for the purpose fif hunting (they rHurned a* bout the irii|dle nf Deeember. ha vine killed 190 de^r, J panibar. 4 «w»if.-. 1 I.eagle, betides a lar^fr^ttftrb^i'>of other 'animals. • '.< '. :' r , BreM CflKaZ.^Tlie ««««!'« China. extending^froni Cantott to P«kia, in » straight li«g, is upwards of 1700 miles in length ; pmQ ;qte&<Mt% employ- e*4§ years in niakHigii ' The corn and other ;;rnin in and a bant Petershurgh, -V&h&lii0%%Mif* : : ly cut off by a #ver« hail, stfW m, A Pittsbtirgli jiajper *siate** that flour is selling in that placg lb* ot»e dollar per Wee). An extraordiaary tintigi&ti wliich holds a 5tt lb. Weight in suspension, has been deposited in the museum at. Bottott.' ^ Ii i* stated in the late Sjagltlh pa- ptrs that there are two W'itm ftovels iff the press, from the mvsterioiis atitltor of Waverly. ¥ be Match %<*<>* \f ?«« countryman, 'l^l^^K^^^n'j^ httiT #^%iii^'*w\yi*ii^ is \v lake said tisa author Us on a tour u,. F^nee. ^ Wamtre.^ Weeds may be ««• converted into mamjire byth e f 0 ji\' e . y simple process; -Make a layer 0/'^ etabie. mat ter.. a^otit a . foot,. A*?\ spread a thin layer of quiek linjen '\ thisj and so oh alieinaffely. j n ft ° V{f hours deeomposition WHlbegii, j 0 , J place, and unless pr^veni P ,{ b Y a { sods o.r a fork full of the ve«ei a bjP • w i. M bt-ea k oat , into. a hi -Hsu »*•'•? iifitist at air^vefltslte ptevented^1 a.b.o«t &i hoars t|^ process. w hj f coinplete, when the ashes of the 01 may be spread tipon the land at V convenient period. \ $ .Mr..Monroe's injuigural speech ' ' published in most of the Bngiy J* Every representative fro, n ^i r?ft! . J in the last Cdngress is rfe-elecfedVh wojild eonseiit to serve, save one' an ! that one had been btit<a single session in tlongress, His electi'ori havine,b et .n warmly contested in the first instance The remaininj? eighteen members ar & re-elected, all, except one or t Woo f them, w^(hout serious opjiosition Upwards of *o,ooo souls perished last season in.the city^^alaafl^fc (China) with the Cholera morb«s.-4 The papers state, that the jpqorer claZ ses had nnroofed their houses for the* purpose of admitting vultures attdoth~ er birds of prey, to perform the office of interment. \ . s Br.. Petier, a German physician, stiUes .that he has found the spirit 0 f hartshorn (in the dose of a small tea, dpoou full in a glass of water) suffieient to counteract the inebriating.eftefits of *trangfefineated liquors and Stpirit,anA to recover a person from an apparent lifeless stat^ from an e,xcess of wine, inan hoiir or twoi^ < . i , A. shor:t. : tin)* before the deal Ii of Jndge Foster, h* went fo Oxford cir* cuj^fn one of this hottest stiaimers that has been remembered to*. Jffiia^ years, whf^his charge tojhe grand jury was as follows r—*t Geritlemen, the weath* er is extremely hot. I am very old, and you are well acquainted with your du- ty—practice it,\ A, farm-hpiise helqiiging i'o 3Vf r.Wtn, Cunningham, of Harden county Va. was fired.by an incendiary on the 27th ult.,iri which fifteen horse.s perished-., one'of them a celebrate^ imported horse Would have commanded gsooo. The small pox it very prtejtyilent at London, Liverpool,^nd several other towns in fengland, numhefs are daily falling victims to it;\ W-«. perceive in 4Jh%|^^fe|g^H3fe- Jonrnal of April syp^pasapTor «B- fablishing a paper iii thar town of SJcun^$b^rgh, itflhie; stM% of Clltorgin, «o be'c'alied' the 'Founder \tibist? .and .*dit>ed by Jifr. Bomfasfoi \ <A #istingq|8hed mca)b^|' of Purlia? meat seysv Canadar costs Engjand Mo^oOtrptfondsahttualiy^^.J.JB^fei i \IP-he person detected lit Liverpool in robbing partj af tjie cqriteatfi of w* se* of merchandize inteDdcjtt if Jlhip- nteni* to the tT...3^l^^fi^hfi§iltr f ie\di' and sentenced to 7 jy«ajif^ranippirlft- tion* Jr^e wias ©J\ rospectable connex- ions*, tiberaliy educated, &jod) heir to a large fortune. .' ; ,.' : \ i - «.\ •-..'-. ; J. Be ^autory of Il^^^i^.i Warwiak, near Tr'dy0^^^i If, was destroyed hiy fere of, mW%$jfo '3MW Itoss eltimated at ^5«O0O;d:ot|arsv \ . The.-jg;:'. St^teSi selhao^^ Po|i|flcIi, afcrivfidatl^'ty*^ 1 Aprilf Irani^\ Ift^aicji.;^ria /«ft^i\la? ^ith- aliflit ^a»GK>0 dip|lar| ; |ij sjecie^ ^cept^ts\frp'nt-'did ^r|vm^tWie.i|twn> that the crew of tWVe^e|'^^'<;^d*a hyLafitte^ *the huccjiaeep^hadl rw?r} upon him> arid aejrtt hinx v to tltat fl|C e asa-:pr>&onery i .. . , ih .. ,*-... °;'\. J. Tw*enty P notes of ijte- bank of jAnier- ica^ Blie^d.fi(*t!aio*f'. ti.xpm : ||i«#^ dollars, w ere ,diseov|r#di^ ^w -York last waekV 1 ' ^hey'ar^iald^fo ttava ^he^laBe'-whece- #i-#aadk^|fcpMl|c- Tfked* on-1nti ; S(t^|l ApJ§^||||§ft* Marqnis.of Loridonaerry, f: ^^i|it)e-' needed in ,his*titlB»-ana ; .,e|^p|Mi' Castlereagh, the ; -pri^e^|i^i||ei;^f Bn^ttii4.-«A^i^rfc|ln|i|^^:;K . For the further ihfo^fai^oirof p^r« sons in various paflt> nf tha United! States wh^o ape a^tours fa fe»aw |M fate of their applical iD;ts'jjj&t• j^ensiops, on ae0.oaataf- Kev^ltttll^ry-llr^c/** we ,1'hi-nk p r rb|i^^.M^tH<tV<Cwt)!ii^ to the eXtr*brdih^ryi?i , essira;of busi- ness in the .B^sifitfil^i^^^ l et * in m • «>. aside, ivbei^ ^Pli^^'W^ 1 ^ all.'' H'toajv io^eti^iN^rt** fooni thfe^an«retf *^JPh^^: all *ass*s;«aw»:'iht'f)|^l»l^ and not aatetr 0% :ffl*9%c0#&**. a«,tirli^sM%^#:-^ *; fl f 0 the M^ties^^WwM - -W'P v:

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