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\J* y t& Ei. r !•' t : U' ytifcREAS default has been made in ihe payment of a cer- slati slim of money secured to be paid &y indenture of •Mortgage, executed by jrVn-griiiB Eullft, uf Gorham, iu°th.e «ounty of Ontario, to David Field, Junior, of Geneva, in said county,' lieu ring date the fourteenth day of Oc«! said BFAULT naving been made in the payment of a.certain sum of inoaej secured to be paid in and by a Certain .indenture^? Mortgage, execu- ted by Benjamin H.Vanuukeii and Lodowiclc Vananken,ho\h of Lyons, in the.county of Ontario, to Menjamin Brake, then of Palmyra, in the comity of Wsvne: in the state of Pennsyivtt- nia, on the sixteenth day -uf June, one tober, iat7,--aud whereas the Mortgage has been duly assigned and : thousand eight hundred and seventeen, transferred \o. Peter Sherman, of Ovid,' which said Moitg?ge was duly as bounty of Seneca — A'otice is therefore' signed by the said Benjan/iiii to the Jitreby given,. That by virtue of a pow-j Rubser.iber-8~-tA fl o«Mtf.E is therefore here* «r coitutiued in said Mortgage, and in by given, That: by virtue of a power pursuance of a statute in sueh ease j contained in said Mortgage* and in lna.de' and provided* tlie lurids thereby conveyed, and hereinafter desciibed,. iviH he sold at Public Aiietion,on Sat- ^rdity, the lllli day of August next, ai Abraham CUrle's tavern, in Gorham, at 2 o'clock, p.jw.viz: '\Ail that certain gjiece or parcel of land,, situate lying and, being in toe town of GorhanMfore- saidi * n $i s .-part of lot number fi ve, in gaid town, and hutted and bounded as follows,, vi 5 z: beginning at the corner *'* ^b#fe4he roadleading fiom Benton to Cunaudaigua intersects the jroad leud• lug to (ai'ehevft oh., the side of each, and known and dlstitigwisii^d by lot num- ber oae, being one o|\i,rtwmber of lots «»tr^eyed off for % tillage, ami running soti r t| ijiirteent ple^ees hfteeb, minutes . v^elt:;twelve rods tb a stake, I hence e4»t eighty eight $egt ees, south thir- teenand©.nejialif rods to a stake, , ••. m&tfap north thirteen degrees fifteenallel '„ minutes ejisi to the road, iheuce along *\• y^e ,^«,|d road *to ,th;e place of begiu lrtfl^'66b.taln^jg , ''ah0tii one acre of lana/1j.|?f3hesaoie mora or legs.\— Da- '',.^;/;•,,'- .,Pfffftff gHEftM AN. ' - ffigjfctii f^a^sit)ffr.th^;ky indenture of ; rele^e^jbyj way of ^Ortgagev bearing /:d^t^^e''^)£ye.itt^.!a^rv^Jviy} im the $pf t ,'of\ onp Lord a»e .tjiausand eiglit nandfred and sixteen,. fuK tlie securing 4|ie payment of One Thousand aad , o l*%lit Hundred Solla^s, ja the man- ner /therein expressed, did release ririd'convey unto Sraifndk Maton } and tonfs ftelrs; and assigns forever, \all 11io^¥e||a!n tracts or parcels of land *if Oatf Vi» the- towns of\ Gor ha m and/ J^i$es.ex, 'to wit; one fiubdred acre's 3 '^ 4il ^so#a east corner of lot number il^rt^ two i» townslrip Dnmber nitiV ih lh^'«6co:l|Iriti^e tif ISwns in the cobrtr 'iy'of^'jQ^tarjUi^.aadi^.t-ke sarne which Va.fln'fl^ «^ ( p'Wion on tie day of jthe jhibjbt \slid ,||of tgage of suid JYu- ^0'^Miwotf^it}d',si.m twen»y acre's •pursuance of tlie statute in such e; se made and .provided., the lands thereby cunveyed, and hereinafter described, will'he sold at Public Auction, on Sa- tu'day, the third day of Noveui-bc'i - iicxf, at eleven o'elock in thefofenvpn. at Faulkner^s Hotel, in Geijtva. viz : \All that certain tract.or parcel of land. >i4uare in the south east \pait of township 'number twetve, in ijie first range ollov^asiups in lib town of I4 nns, in the eouuty of <Oi»iario, state of New-York, to wit, ninety one'acres oisd a quarter, of an acre in the.urnh part of lot numher seventy one, boutidedTas follows : east partly by lot aiimber fif- ty nine, and partly by Jot uurater sev enly, vieat by nurnber %sevi>-n.ty two, north partly by.lot nuniber sixty two, and par fly h-y lot iiumbef sixty three; andon the smith by a Jinertinning par- with tlie uojjh line of said lot number seventy otie, and so far south from the same as to include the said quantity of ninety one aere« and a quarter of an acre,: and no mure -^-ex •cepj.in.jf & -always reserving out of the south east eorner of ,the above descri bed lands, e-rglii aeres, to extend east and west ten eh a ins, and nori'i and »outh ten elmm^'-Dated Jpril 30, 1821.. \ \ . tf G. L. NICHOLAS, •M..-M. • ' BtnKY €».-, *•., S T.R^BB from 1fc*B$*c*fb*ft;WJj Moiljay the 3'Ol.lt ult, a %|u i-ed}; COW, w'itlV axhirk white strinop Jje»- back and heMy, about a years old, holes ibrougli btnlr, horns, face hluiish spot- ted. \V.h<>ev.ej* ; will reliir;^ 's.a.i-d; 60 w to the subscriber shal 11 eceive TllR&lS ,DOLLAiS,reward... . GenMwMj'aii t4. . SO Ccttlle; avid Produce taken, in Payment of Dchts. •• FKBPOSALS \ ' %~W? ILL be received at the LAND » O'FFICKS in Geneva and lidh for the grain of Letters of Credi't to re> eeive l CA5-rTLK and all kind» of pro- duce fi (iirr'di'b.tors i'o ibePuLTKNEVES- TATE. Twelve nionlhs credit will be allowed to the,.-Receiver 'to convert the Cattle and' 4*todiu-e c i-tjia uioiH'y,a.nd no interest will be charged on the amonnt.')' that may hh reeeiv»d until after the -'expiration of tlie period of Credit. Security will Be required for the faith-fa! peiformanee of every contract, and the kind of security proposed to be given must be slated in- the proposals. Hie Proposals Jor Batlt are to be addresseii fo Mr. Dugald ' Cqinervn and those for Geneva, to Mr, et Fojepl Fellows. ; ROBT. TJR|)0P, Chief ^Mt oftlip Pw'lfeney ^ttte t A'S- rec_ei,^4^an#-:'|s : -rec»,h?irJg;»'3- ! „_ '4itiqns- tb.bis s|Qp'k>.of. BOQ-ICSy altogether enthfe^i'jjg ft^jtlua&ic col- l^ctiojti (»^Bt ; #n4# : dV^n.d^ ifteejJaBeouf- Books ; Jarge^arid iuiall. BiWes,^a- t»Mi3)e.B,ts, : -•oaimm.fttii' Prayer Books? WarTSVB>wi|Ijts*,and/otber^sul«i sndMynnri: Books*-allaf which will be snJdat the New-yeiffc price's^ with discofints t^Librairy Qe3apaK|es and purchasers to-a eonsidCPable aajoutit,' .s« Geneva, April il, 1821. 0 .7:0:3\ W-rlKK'KAS- Simon brcer^ late of Go 1 hatn, in t heueounty of Ohf-ari0, did. on the; ninth day of May in the year of •our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, to seeure tlte payment tif ?t certain sum of ihoiiey and interest, cdn- vey by indenture of Mortgage to- Jlil- Hum Deife, of thetowiV of Seneca, in (lie ciMinty of Ontario aforeisaid, \all certain tracf, piece rir fardel of Land, situate, lying andlieii'g'in tl*e to tvn of Gorham, in said county, being the soartt east corned of the west half of lot nurnber tWeftty five, in township number nine, fn the second range oi townships in Mhe cotinfy of Oiitario, * and bounded as follows 1 on the 1 noi1% by *h& Ipablic highway j on the west, by Titlis Freer's land ; on the s.i«l h*, by (lie south jlue of said lot number twenty five j and on tjie east^by Aaron Smirh's landji containing* by esiitna- tipn. fifty acres of laiid^, be the same innre or less ,? ^Aud whereas default has been made in the payment of the •nonies secured to be paid by the said Mortgage--^j^bfice is thirpfftre hereby gjivhi. that b,Vj viriiieof a power con- tained in said Mortgage, and in pur- suancenf the statute in inch case made and proyided. the said niortgaged premiseg will be sold kt Public Auc^ tim&k JlJ^starid the ensaing ieason at the folio wine; places* via: On Mondays and 'r«es>days.at Uofiert ^he^man's^ Peaa-yanj oaW'edues *' and Thursdays at the subscwher'Sa in lion, at./.theHotel, in Geneva, ontbe twenty third day of'Jim§ ^fi^'at two Dated Deceiriber 20, 4 K2if.\ VV \••' •Wl'LLIAM.xliEYO. Hudson fy Scherinerhm'n, Jttfys. ^p:\^M:^he-i%^_m^dMMe,m. jess., ; Ja ; ta*.lifi^^t c^^er^f JjO/t; ju-umher .t)^|^/.^n.,|b^' #s?tt'ai Middlesex in lild cotiolyV-ln the occupation of said 'ffmac$ ^ao^^ v or^vattli;e date of said 'Jll^rigijtg'r^r^nd.; -wliepe-af, ••. t|i'e:/;sa.ld'' ,^ip ( psa^«:.li'a8.|»eep- ; 4^1y » s «ig»ed and iMwifeNea to Jaineh JPofUr, of • t he ^llp^e of Skane^teles:— arid w hereas |^|l^||as been made in the: payment cf part ofisaid sum of n^oaey according :^ ^l^c^HdMion ef-said Mort^age~ JWotieeis therefore fterc% git'^w, That by virtue of a jpow#r eontaiued \ia said J^rtgit^ airtd -Sn pursuance of the .gtaltfte^ia au'dr caStt inade and provi- ded, the^sftJAsmortgaged premi# be said/.& tabiic: Yenlluejat the house &&% j«c;g«pied J^y; ^iiliSn* ©a?^oniU, laukeeperj in the yillage of Skaueat-. e^el^tfl€ieattatylef (prendaga^tr the twenty third day of Juaej \ext, belweea:,tJitetlio«rs of eiglit and ten o'clnrek of the fpretiiSoh of that day,^-- \'MW&Watieatetes* December 27, tisfeo. '• ,r '#^^P> dstigttee. ;ii _l^0Aiiiif j: tiaf!ng> hef'a matEe. in : ||ie;^aynjent of the moniea sejeured to' 1 \\\ if||td% an indenttire 'of Martgfcgp,IS \ Ijy Mmml MVtekon* of^ ;.{_. John H. BroWn,: a|tney*!Me, caunty.. af\ - Oatario, toy jrN pursuance of ;ad«cr«tal order, of mUiam Bart sin. of %neva, in tae[ J| t ^ e Uoart of Chancery, made ia ^ouoiy aforesaid. Bearing date the $m ? ,{ ie abava caiise^ will be sold, under '•Ms-, of ^Angtfst, me> tiiousaad' ejight^ the direeilrfn^tt&e-stib^crlber, ar Pnb- fcondVed and thirteeny on ^ all. that' U e Auction, attbe llalel, in the viL; IOT orparc^elaf IandsitOar«in v tb>siL ]ao;eaf Geneva, oa Itfondiiy the *th lafe' of Paltney ville, town^of; WiU, day of June next; at to o'cloeK >» tlie' littm9.on> county of Ontario, and state v forenoon, of that day, vAJi tbat cer,' of New-1 ork, known and distinguish :j tain piece of ^parcefof land* situate^ *&ty[MU .No, eight, an the south sideVjying and being, in thecounty of On- |(|3^^ingtoit street ;also lot Me.t«nJ*taiii6Vteing'-patrt'.o'r ht nntnber forty «fhe north side of thesaine, dpfiosite ^ in townshipaumber seven^in the *|f '&&J1I ^m»Ul t as surveyed by, nrsi tie* 6i- range of towns,-in tlie 'P**' ™*M 8V \ Tl >* sa 'd aiortgage C0lln(y aforesaid, boimded as follows ~ f %pW ^bee;» ftpignMby the said WiL beginning on the laka, on the souib -.liattt : 'Hart%)» t^eoi^e Allen, Junior,: west Corner of said lot number fortv v ^ad hit^fh^^^.beeti also assigned by the; said ^^'#'^bfr^ttbs9nber» under and iny^tW.of % a# entitled ^aa.act/,„_ ,„ „ „„„,.. ... VWB _„,.,._,, •H Wt*$ •*$ f® sm $$ nf %.# in *ine rods to a stafce, thence soutltfif certain 0^8,\#as|ed Aprtl7th,t§4^, i ty ^m degrees, west thirty rods, anf in^ufitrjrjcJaLa^or^ by, iheme g0U | U forty ni«^ degtees, tiest ,. tjhe htjorabfo. Kattoel W^To»e^ ( f^ (y feii rods, theaeM^outh,Jwet ;^iq* ^rst judge of, Ontario «ftiin|y^~; jV'otice h tmrefate keHby gw0, \Thatf ;Genevai and on Fridays and Satur days at A. Clute ? s. in Bethel. For Terms, %c. see handbills. : , •' ...J mwFD7mm:&. • To ail whoin It thay concern, thi' may certify,/ iha$ Maliomiet is 4\yeai i old in Juracj 1SIS| arlid i :wa3''^ired i by the ftill bloodep! Arabiah-hoi ; se Old A rab; his dam 'by 01 d M esse tiger: hi grand daiti, & s&uihera mare car! $, tlr Laffc/%rred ? by BoreaMisr ••'••••\ •;'''•\». JEN1N68.: ;'•' -CBsfiffrcJ-. JtpriliB,' 1819. ''• ;/'\.!\ In addition to the above, the subscri bfr «\.II1 aceompatty MttUonjet wUh a 9 n elegant Canadian St nd,, ^ >^ , Comprising the vapiotis ktudsaf Spel- ling Books, Arithmetics, Grammars. Dietidna. ries. Geographies, &e, Mur• ray's English Reader-, Exercises, Key, Introduction, Sequel, and octavo Gmm«ittr 5 J3eatith>s of the Bible, Co- loind^rn Orator and Reader, 8elec t ions, Preceplors, &c. &c Wholesale awl$t£tail, Latin and Greek SCHOOL BOOKS. B£AtfK IBOOKS of every pattern in conitnou use, best quality, * an.d cointnon Writing-and- tetter PAPER Wrapping, Bonnet and Drawing Paper ; Quills, Penknives, Ink Pow def» Inkstands, Slates/Pencils, ^W fef&,0ftr4s, and riiost articles of sta- tiotrary, ? Geneva, isiNovemhet, 20. 18 The- -most nafaaMe Midiune m nfs, The, celelti^ied futtbloQ^d^ofM ; ^>¥©tiiri^pt^^^ : wIlt)tt»:V'-' •\ 'A>««'4 : 5»-''''V-^. •-'' ' :\..^^.\^^ V '-' • V \V 1Mb stand the enduing s^|fon at o'cloek in the afternoon of tliat day.-rr. the foilovving piaeei, via:—at I), \ ''\ \ ' ' Fields', in Pheljis, •\.Qn_MonA&f$. fiM Tuestiays : at J.--- -^ M- \Mo'iiris' at Sepeeaj Fafb, on \Wed]flesda|s at '.Ifji, than Cook's^in layette, taii'lhursday s; at f S. \St.. Umi^it-h J$*. $>*& •Fri- days, and .atthei^.la>je.''--«it\ : : : J, liica, in Geneva, oh ^tjirJays. r ^ ; --. -¥p.U'.NG' ; Tip.p0kS'\tiLT.A.tf is $ ve years old in June —-si|tteea h^tidis high«*.a beaufifM'-dttppl.&^dyf4/n>diiW'8tretog^i,, heauty and agitit|* hftsU nds without a rival iti the^iest#n/!feejni8pfliere.^ He was sired bj OldkTippjoo Sultaa, the celebfatedJijppa0^-'4at6.e-,.;vid|t'ii9lj!v fusiiine years, was alitster of the tajf atblithe important heats in theunjoin. The damof Young ipijijroo was a f uill blooded mare of the P*st magnitude.*^ For termsj&e. see hand bills. ,\<-/_ \;-„- : -R0F.e^MEEC:H. '. \••' Geneva, March, %'*'• -\; \•.^70.'. '.- BE*WEE;N J}.*: /(Stfewart and Minard\ Schutls. and Coinplai- nant. five,tlience east tjfry4>ve rddstaastakej thence-north one bundled; and twenty rods to a stake, thence west twSenty by virtue of a niswer contained in said/ Mortgage, and ia /pursuance, of' t%e \_Mtit in such ease tneda a«d providetLj ..flfjt #ai^|5pjr*m»?e» will be sold at pub* ,iijB Auction, lit the Bfltel.in penevai sit liiteenth 4»yof ; October next, at , A* Mi**-Bated April .toi GEOJ^K :AUM%. Junior, f«. *' ty six rods* M»enee : ^south. r twenty |ive degrees.east forty four rods.thence. South twenty degrees, east forty.t%vii rodsj to the place of beginning, con* taining/••fifty aeres.\i-i^fircd Gerteta. JpHl 14. is2h •\'';. ''•'•''.'--•..;'• - JOSEPH FELLOWS,; inif'kafietrif. For sak at iliis Office Cthte'property of B0g48€ftmero% Esq.) : \lp Ittlti stand lor Sf ares the eosu f-f ingseasob, at fbe'stabie 0f the subscriber/3 miles horlli of thfe village of f Geneva. Tl^s^S the leap. 1 payable at the trnice ; S<0 tlie^ seaioti, arid ^ts to iosttre. GaAiN will be ta- ken in payment if delivered at ft. M IJaylyV %lore. in 0>nefa r by the first of Jaoaary nexfc P^slur* provided for mares,'Coining•:lra^nt,' a'^listance ? but all accidents and escapes at tbe riefc of the owber, The season will commence he first af April and' etid thts istb of RALPH T.VWOOD. Feb. 6, 1831. J 67 in me\for - CO^aiiS AND rONStfMPTIONS TU|.^ ne>y .and healing IJa 14.m, bids fuit tio rival every. J^edieine here- tofore discovered^for coughs and -com:- plaints ou tire lungs, leading to Con suaipiiniis, and even in seated (fcop. suinpiiqns it has lately been used by msay, \with tlie most sarpriising stie^ eess* If certificates from persom Of the lug heat resp.ee tabifify.qr .tliejgreat und iuereasing demand for it, may he e.alled proof of its good efiects, it i.» proved. Scarcely a e*|e of Colds, Coughs, fralu la,ifhe 8ide,„diHiculty of breat hi rig, want uf sleep arising iron* lebiiity, or eVen Consiimpttoiis, but •nay he relieved by the litnely use of his Medicine* Many certi,fic.ates^oJ it* eflicacy acconipaiiy e?ach bottle. .^ •' For' ifa satisfoelioa of ife'pbbK'c^ .he frtlliiWln* felrtifi^atef ate ofiered forJjerosali'/ ,\• '••«' \•\ : .'\\';' M avlug f^f some tjm<j, been/lio|tbled 'ivi'tjhi-.. a.'^0..u^jh^ t '^nd^ftitt i 4p my side, ^ic^Jtw^ ternji'-hatn- tnu%^'4uw-^»on5' a^fejp';i^i^Wi>. djV#£]lt'£liiags.^ l'/';n>a|* trial o| Ande;rs^n^\Cp«gli mecltate relief, an.d fraai the use of twb -^^S 8 :- ««%, en|irfiy--. regained \- toy : Atr|tB2tlu, •• . ,-A '., •*.-/.'«. /w ^v':. v ,.^ ,' -::•: V^.', •;•..-; \;j:%tm6&?,.; i , d l»*e%^aer4ify tljM h IwFe far tf number of years been iroifhUdtvitn » violent' fJaUg^h aid-d i ffienl t y Of breath • ing, aod that by the use of three hot\ ties «f Anderson's Caugh Drops,! was entirely restored:toitea/lllw ./••• ,RfecMAR0m t >Tl#Ws©ISf; \•. PhU&drt<pfiiat Sepfo &£ l&}3. -\, ! \' ; . t '* belrebf -eW|lfy^fhat |jh^va''fojf3$ feen yedrs past ;b.^if^gre'^ji^; : t^tf^le|i'. w'ttlii i;-fi^in;ih-.-my/*^or/h^eaji^tp mo-re:.o)ries8; eaugh' and. w^aiifies^pifli %fig^>o'^s:.npt--to ^ ;a|llje 7 tQjatteft4.% iny^usiu^ss without tng^lr '.pM-%. aflSl Jtivve softered 1 very:.-nrrjcj|' vtitlrji jvear- ing anil debillttttihg cough. 1 pFocu- red a botfl® of Ahdersoa'f Conglj Djfops, froni the use of'which a fe% dayi QBly, i found',my pain ftfld coug|j eutirelj? left nie, and my \former strengt h restoreii, 1 attribute my re lief entirely to the itse of tliese drops. : / .. Wll^lA^C-PEiNI%A^-^ • Masons gsr : r.) May ti, iimy r , Caution— ^Be particular tha^lyery ^enurine bottlebas *,J^frs(fo*#wi%ik Dropi?* stantp,' fa 0^1; tlte bor^e^ »o« t he flirections are alMgjiedJ|iJAMf#-- ^-.ia*,... JVo ^tbers/are giftu-inje*'^ ,:;.[.'^^VXi r •.••• StiEt; COOK, ^^^^ubHtn •$\\ •...' GEO* CtAKE^ OR. Br.AiR--Kome ,• Jo.'HNf ' \Vl'I>-LtAMS'i : .'l|I-,- WA&-NEVR- & H-E-B;V^Y'-^. Aad whoiesale by Mines lluclsob : wUp vriil/su 1lber«Tfertt(i. ev '/EA#|^f ^om ; t-C'subscriber oa the '7ilt'Jij-«n iudeiiiled negro bov named John ^MntfUsf ag^d Abput tl years. All persons are fbibid harbor ing, truing, or emplpying s^aid b 0 y at tijefr peril, . , ' - Qenew*_mt '!•%:,,-. _- 7^^ x Cmirwls for Muil ••'•*; 'WQ^oSfes: WILL be i>eceived^ by the subseri bers.utttilVthe ISth May, for the sun ply of the fdjovviBg buiidmgjnateri als.for.an Academy 80 / feet front, 4 0 feet in deptli and three stories •by, ta be efected an Main-street, between Hamilton and St. Clair streets. Stone or Brick, Sufficient for a building of this % \ %v , and the most favorable terras willgovi era tlie choice of niaterials, , • i Lime,. In proportioti. Boards, f)f tst cptality and common, ] inch do. «1«. 1 1-4 inch, yellow piae, f»r floors, 1 l-4inehA Frame «' For roof, joists and studs, of oak or .pine* Shingles. ABM. DOX, VCmn. KLNATHAN NOBLE, 1 mxt. •JAMES'REE8, • j tee, Geneva,, May 2, iasf. Jfust Received, I I'ipe chojice old Cogniajci Brandy. 1 da. genuine Holland Gin. 2 Hdds. gj. Groix Rum. ; ' -•• •2. doV Jamaica Spirits*. 1 da. llrown Qujgarv • 1 dp- Lynip. A QUANTITY OF FRESH iMPOUtE|» HYSUN, YOUNG HYSON AND HYSON SKl» F JE A S, Of superior strength a,hd flavour. A QUANTITY 01? VERt GHdJOB OLIS ;•'•'••;••; WHis&E¥, Of a;ood proof. : CASH PASD FOR WHEAT, Uelf veired&t W. JST. X,unamis> MilL • -R.1L#A?L'Y. - March 14. 4821, .''\*..' .'' / \\1' •-'••'•|\I\-II 1'miii LI. 1 _ t.-. —iiin..M> '1 in'in ' I.II_.'.'_J':.JJ>IVL.SJJ- LJ^-IU' '& Woces aad Accounts of the Sub|cri,b#f are lefi in ibe fcands »f JAMES FiEia,'Esa. t for /collection.* Those viHo are indebted will tyhasei to make imavediate •payment.>^ f •..GepvQ K ~dp*if ti.,• /.^ '-.'..,-yg' - AND.. '-' . WPjEw AjyDg:mTDMMmrs f ./ /yO'ftK);,» M«i«t.H|,T. : NfETWBSat^: A$ '.' - S3 per annum, or 25 cis. per]JV'iigib$r, ' ' - .BY\- --' '- 4 ' ' rriK'ltnost prominent ffeattires 0^ this wor%, may be briefly del inlated under the fallo^in:g ; Heaid»: .' ; ' American ffiography o^Jiistorical iketefaes of the lives of such persons^ of both sexes, as have become celebra- ted for their heroism.virtuies; fortitudej patnotfem, beauty, &,c, \0Mgifl»i'Es'. says o». 'litfir^.tilrei^,'l^otalB»;^i|ftturftI' history, voyages, travels; ^tperican, antiquities, the fine,artsjfwaif \Qfigifi* lal Mov&t.y'dtm f /eithe».fi0ilfti#tis; or ; foundedf n e^ehtg of reat*ljy^||| the : 'U-nited v feta-te|-'of : Am erica., ^fctpPoi* *'let or a deibripfion'-of *U»e\.''ijie.we.st fashicnii, lorelga &nd doiS^fe? 5 TH ture's. on; the /New*.\? brk ,&t|»g^ ? f Ike Forum or a brief gkeleli ,of\ tlte da- bates ill! that in*iitutta^^^ s f|trt^ ua itTf^sf'ooek? «0U : *m- Char/actiek' manners, and education; Sca4mitca^ —including stric'tttPeii on edttci of cooa%ry» --'Hikyfows'—af nemj§m*>- : ' cat'Snij'fomga M£^memi^?i'm$^^- torj} $ehetii>n$*mtb ^igijB^/r^tiii^. Jtwcdntes~ThamoroB»;, / ^ler^|v^*f - histb»-icaL Prottems~-m i^0wm$ sciencesi Qrigfaal '••'•.Piw^^SK\ •'? Subscribers iri^he city : ^f|^#\- ta pay on the deli^elry, of j$<$%mber. 0ista*nt subscribers to pay one dollar in advance, or *oiivtbe rece|pf at tire first number, m#^'l^^'i»V.'f%d«ipt'; of thesiith nnmberj and due dollar at ilie 4 cnd of t^jB.yeaf. ISmo : p^r.bl^t&e%^ng^^s^r1if ^ \ »r\ ^nie'li'i'. Ivignettia : ,tli^jRit;ltiil* J'feti ^^f^ls,,-«ffilL2..;;i'-.:-. •>;• '> ::^A'* '' wilW fdraished ^tlt* .i-ii;i^.\i}.u4 ^ n ..a^-jiliii'i: tfT ; ieBf M4

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