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.-1*4 * *•'.:• --->Ui^fi^ ; 'i«B:: : PtrB^IsHJBi> GNyWj^f&Mfe W' : ^^l7«'ii ; ^»li:^r HIS pitmt itaufrFics, IN HONE •*••&«[.&••«&- - .-• • ,\^ • • ••. : ^ ; •• ••-•. •--•. .. - - - • * -'• '•- • '- • '•- -....u- <.,',-..•-! EGA STUKfcT, GENEVA, {fi, Y.) Jfe t?i'482I. V/'U Bucaber SMi '•-Haw? \\4 vWMWr .kSi r. COTBTITOHS THE \ Tfce fpllowin^re the .\TE-Rks\'''©^! wlsieli'Ciiis'' paper\ WU be plibtM'^tt arid'-eait in m instance' •&&%$$&•.. frefc.. \ .,-.T : i > •.••-.\/ • : ,:-fi-'1*®. To ylliq&e- subscribers, 'Two ©ol- lars airtl Mfty-^etfs pet aniiuift; pay- To those &fffi$$p#tof; _ a^ilie^ bfilee» Two itrs, ' To thb%l#% Post-Eiders, g&eo, jp^yabl^ quiirterly. ' :..,,,, 3 T?o companies of 13 or up Wards .. x,\-01O 'pay in advuncef One Bo I lap and [ ^pffcy Cents 5 otherwise, Two Dbllars, . ^;|^|>te;h9^yejirly., ' ••••.-;.;• •''\ ,vMii3bsei'ib«fs.for less', than-six- months' must, m ««. jB«ses. pay in advance. IN o Rapiers c»se$ritmued without payment .Isftj^'of arverajjes*' .. - ' ; BaU» .of Advertising. * ' % Advertisements not ex«?eeding^.a Agigaxe will be inserted three wee&s for <3fese,3)ollar, and for every rt g)i;b.sei:|{»c 4 Dl > -i^irtititi,'Fwenty-Jiv'eCents; :M deduc* 4ioii of tWeafy-Sve per centjljnade to iho#. w'ljo- advertise by \the year. No . a||Vjfrtj^oie^ls discontinued without :,;^^ef|;Md'a''fettUment;' .'•\-'__ , •- *^-Ali letters and Communiea- tions inust bedpost paid, ^ ^B^ilfe^AftBS,: H A^m'0LLQ\ \ r\4«.;&e;-^.,'-;.- : v*' TT •fyr \N <$& •Si- **vjr<>i •-!> . 9 m a cqnslaKt m ^.jfesft;-;8tr6ps :.arid' '.Paste.rrr ;,pher'iuVentor -of, this Past^e feels it itftftjtribeuit on hini to assure i,he.pub*, lie,\i^aly not m\ :|istanding t he misrep-. reKeutations oftsttrne who have endeiv^ ofadix to injure *i%' repniaibn-, hs. Will eontinite to; Insist upon ita ittperiority o^eir ^* r y, \ihing of the kind ever be-. Iplfeg^'rxe^.V;'', ;; Aii!(l\witlv th-e eft,at|;«n ? of. #$ ustiig loo^njueh, which isajfexed tq:ihej;#WBffQhsi h<f- trusts he ihall •p$M. Sisaeppointed. ' v Wli^ cfei?tfete of Professor SilmaU) of ifale College, (who would not be imposed upon,) and also of Mr. Cres- wick, an experienced Cutler, from Sheffield, together with the verbal tes- timony of thousands who have used them; will, he concludes, be sufficient to satisfy the most incredulous. February 28.' Chair Factory. MORRIS G<MV T AKES the liberty of informing the public that he has com menced the CHAIR MAKING business at the building two doors V8oi!ihofViles,&Dpr- tfcb^ter's Cabinet shop In Maiii-str^et, where ft* Intends keeping on hand a general assort •.•±tJ8%.a SB3?E\OA.«63PREE , T»- ; 6f»ISVA, •.I*; now reeeivingin€open- x|g & verj - lifeetal assortment To m MUors a/ the BaUimwe . \'•' ';\*. '*' Jimefiem. ', ' \' (^lutrleJhfefi— In looking over your paper of the 5 h iitst. I discovered a pie«e headed liattteofJS\eu>.QrteaiiSs and, having participated in tbat bat tleycuriosity Jed me to peruse it. Av it appeared to be from the pen. of « Btilish^fticer, 1 was somewhat as- tottished to find him silent on the bat- >rfising alpio^t every arti- „_ usually\ Vvanted at the, , 10 hrp^nt'anrfatvttvoar'hmflr G p . I lJ &S0 f ih > 23 d & 38th Dee. tsi4, and rjjes.ent ana approacning sea-, fir$t j^n.^sts, and speak oniv of th^ soilsi; Wfei^;j^E).'fe$.^n vety receiitlj pur^teed at the low- dash .auction sales in I^EW-fORK, From the latest iiBporlations; all of which he is enabled and deterrnirrwd to sell ' .\; :CBMWER: • • Than eao he bought in the village of Geneva, for GASH m Busi^s;;oflriM03PHr ; FJLAX SEED, . • BUS- wix,; :.-.• TliULOW, WHEAT, FOT and PEARL Geneva* fch.J, 1^2-1. I) battle of the 81 b of lanaary ; bat it i^ probable as the three former ones UTF not\ so generaily ^japwu as the latter, and the British having been defeated in every engagement, ibis wtiter lho\i it best to say no thing about thtm. Bm taking it altogether, it is/probably a« correct a narrative as we might expeet from such an author. Yet there art several errors or. misrepresentations, two only of which with yourindu;li?esci I shali notice-^the first as it respects the storming of the three gun battery, (as he calls it) on thfe right of our line He says, \ Ou the left,* detachment oi the 95th, 2tst, and 4th stormed a three gun batttery and jt«ok it. Here they re^ mained for some time in the expecta- tion of support•^•none arriving;, and a strong column, of:, the enemy foraiing for its rec t ovefy|the| determined to an ticipate the attaijk and push on. The batter^ which C-pey, bad taken was in advance of the body of the Works, be- ing out off from' it by a ditch* across which only a single plank was thrown. Along this did these brave men at tempt to pass rbiit being opposed by oyerpowering uumbiirs^ they were re ^uls.ed~and the AraericaDSi in turn, forcing their w*ay into the battery, at length succeeded in recapturing it with imineOse slaughter.\ The most; of the above statement is ineorreet.—- The three gun battery that he speaks of was a small unfinished bastion, erected an* the risjbt of the line, near the water's edge, having in it twe small fibIdl pieces i fob the express pur pose of raking the, ditch, should the enemy attaek us in a line. Thisba* ti»n was attack^d^osf.about day light, by four or five huiidred men,, and hav- ing but qpe company of the/?ili.'iftfa-iz~ Stem CMtilkg, \KB subscribe? iiiforms the pub\ lit? Jt|iat b;e. carrjes. on th^$tone iisineas in Reading, Steuben Rountyj where he. has bonstantly on band a supply of '',/ ; •', GRA^il''BTONE^ •••:••; *>f all descriptione, ready for letter-1 try 1 nit,there was but little difficulty ir ing, which he wilt afford very low for getting possession of it, in consequence Cash or most leinds of Produce.\ j d it* oiiiinished state, and the policy iBIor the better accommodation of the adopted by the *M«i*ny in not firing d people of Ontario countf,th6subseri-! sing'* §«ttt »«* pushing on rapidly to ber has made arrangem^ts with WM. .1 **[*' eharge. Being ^overpowered, the SuTTOK, Jun. Cabinet Maker, in Ge-r company was^cd|opelled to retreat a heva, to make contfacts ami receivet'W«tt.'he breajf, w*rk, but.not until inscriptions.' Persons' agreeing w him, -may' <( '..depe'iMl' on Baying worl^ done in the best manritu, and deiivierejillat Geneva on the shortest notice. Samples may he seen in the ing yjird, Geneva;,' • <, Can also he accommodated with Of a. *mpe1rio^^ua:lity, warraMed to a good service* and to be leveh -., . -^mmum SHTW. .- Western Forwarding ^\ \tBpi^jtiaA|fy.' : \-.; F OR the better ; aecoinhtodation of Merchants, and others, the sub- set iber will commence running A faine (£ Boats o> JLa- ^M^^ Windsor Gommrn as good workmanship fts an^in the ^uin|ry,; and % %s reasonable- prices, jjfyont bit o#jtt knowledge of fhe/buni- '^9l^^e.-.j|i«t. I M$.'.'Ji««itiii0' to reeom- also keeps on hand, for sale, a As soon as the nav igation Opens. Three Boats will start west from Schenectady, three t*est from Utica, and three eaftt j|eftft thfe Same place aed Geneva ^ea^h^'Wjeek Large TeanislaTre engaged to eon tfeeylpiji ^tin^ufshed the last match afio^lrtt oi,e Of the eflemy attempted to cross the breast work, instead of many brave men, viz: Col. Ranee : e in the act of raising it and the Yankees to surrender. calling to he was shot through the head by a pri vate belonging to the 7th infantry.— Neither was there,, as stated by the Wtiter, a strong column forming to re- take it, but it was retaken by the same eooipany who had left it t who ebarged upon them as soon as their eommand lug officer could rally them, under cov- er of a: company of volunteer riflemen, stationed on the extreme, right of bur line. In this affair the enemy had thirty one killed, I counted them my• self, having been detailed bjr the Adju- tant for that duty, and aboi^f as many oiore Wounded. Among the feilled of the British were two offi^e^s of dis- tinction, besides Col. Ranee, w hdrtt we buried ourselves. The second error I shall notice, is his representatioti of the engagement on the left of our lin'«> aad-jtfear the edge of the swamp; in speaking of i: he says, '•**• On the right jigain, (mean- ing their right but oar left) the 31st and 4th being almost cut to pieces, and ,ey Goods from Geneva to any part of thsown intofome confusion by ihe en- the western country, By this arrange^ amy's fire,fehiQ|d pushed on and took ment he is eniibled^ and will engage, the lead; hastenlflg iorward our troops to convey Goods from Albany to Gene- soon reached the ditch, but to scale the va from 12 to t4,U»EoChester from pa«*ai»et without ladderswas impossi- it,to 16,toBurftlftfr0m iBto isdavs, ble; feome few inde^djli/Counting up- and any other place fene same time , oil each other's sbouldefcsucceeded i« proportioned to the disjsoce,,'\ i eW*ring the works, but they *cr* »o His Boats ate in cbmblete order,' #«ntly overpowered, most of them kil- and earefiil and experienced Agents W \4 the rest tak0n, while a^many will attend at the dUfisftm* places to as *tood; without were #xpoied to a forwarding goods ijn the best possible ^^ping fire, which cut them down order, rlOrUCiSHfilcH. ,h# ^«# compauies. It was w vain Geneva, Marcti 7 1821. -W . The»aJteof William H&rnbeck''s pro- perly is postponed till the 3d of *July n(.xi n at tenso'cloekin the forenoon, tliento take jnla^ejii^eeVJinn; L in Ge>; neifa.'-* Bated @eftma t May i, i\82i. PP. BA i$te Sherii J. h» $W$B) Deputy. that fh* 4 . ^aost obstinate conrag«P wag displayed ? they fell by the hands of men whom they absolutely did not tee. for the Americans without so much as lifting their faees above the ramparts, swiihg theirfireloeks by one arm over t he milt, and discharged them directly upun our heads.\ The most of this statemeDt is alio | incorrect, but as it respects the cutting them down by whole companies it, is true -the eaeiny\ advanced in. ^alid eoluoin at the dawn of day aftef ffitpg the signal rocket, and from the manner of their advaUeiBig we had no diubt but it was their intention to storm the breast work. General Carrol of Ten- nesses jeommaBded that part of the line where the enemy made the at- tackj and ordered his m^n to reserve the ir fire until they * had advanced to within a certain distance, when they opened upon them tuck a destructive tire of grape and cantiister, from a 82 tad is pounder, as well as from the musketry^ that their column wag lite rally out, to pieces. Seventeen Wert killed in the ditch (those I also count **d) and not a single man crossed the nreast work and was aftefewardf kii- ied It is a fact that the ditch in front of that part pfHhe line where the at-, tack was made was the shallowest of any;and that there was nothing ttf prevjint them from walking down one side of the ditch and ascending the. other without the aid of facines and : •sealing ladders, but the well directed- fire of infantry and artillery~instead of mounting upon one anothers shoul- ders, as the writer states, to cross the, battery, several not hurt, and near the breast work,- laid down among the wounded In order'to screen themselves, and were afterwards taken with them, md so Jar from our- men hiding their face* behind the ramparts,, it is .noto- rious, that at. least every five out ff{\ eight of the enemy thitt were killed| hX^ a rifle or musket baili was shot thro 5 the head. If they fell by the hands of men whom they did not see, it must have been because their agilat ion was, so great as to render theiii Nrc«pahte of seeing ; for oiir men were b^os^d frona the lower part of ilia breast UJK \fhree times did they endeavor' to *torm, and three times \v*r4*they're pulsed with great loss«r and it isjatlso. a' fact that this obstinate, courage spoken of by the British writer, wag a courage excited by a stt*ong dose of gunpowder and rum, acknoivledgedby some of the men to have been taken by them, and also found in the canteens of soine that werekilied» Even (heir fiflic«rs must liave thought a little of vhe same kind of stimulus necessary.; as tjiere were one pr two found to : be ititoxieated when taken prisoners.— Much more might be ss,id en the sub- [i|'<ct, but as I have already trespassed «ipon your patienee,I must conclude. A» AMERICAN OFFCEit: From the Southern Evangel* Inteli°-en - , BOLDNESS. Though I never expect to posseis much boldness and i4depency of char^ «cter, yef 1 eannot but highly admire this character in others. \ Bui I espe- eiiiiy admire it the^ ministers of, the gospel, though unhappily few minis ters in our days possess it* The fol lowing is an example worthy of imita- npn. Mr.—r-—, the Evangelist in the New-England'States, and who has been very remarkably successful in his labors, has often met with much oppo- sition, and still more ridicule. He wa« once preacMttg in,a town where there was considerable attention paid to the subject of religion, wljen the opposers agreed to have a Ball, and ehos© Mr. -^-^ their first manager. The evening^ artives-^-the par-^y as- seinbles--and, to their astonishment Mr among the rest. A*;they gave ihe joke, so they could not hut receive 'one.~- As Mr\..'.:•--r --. was the first, manager, he was requested to lead out the dance agreeably ,.f0ieiis*. t oin. the man of God replied, *• that he mad[e it a practice in all business, first to ^sk-the blessing of heavef on bis undertakings; and if it would he agreeablt to the company he wonld like to do so at that time.\ No ab- jection being made, Mr. —-~- propo- sedto \kneel as that was the most proper method to worship the Diety.\ The white pantaloons and bail dresses all kissed'the floor. M«. -—^- was very earnest and solemn , in prayer*- fer the •pirit of God was present. He arose; nothing more was said about dancing—a Bible was produced—the Ball became a Coijferene* -«tW$~. very many retired with aching • hearts— of whom / liiinibers became Clhristia^BS! 'This was literally defeating the *ne BHy with his own weaponji, **. f ** 1L righteous are as bold asalion.\ ssengers as The itage wai pwMtol »?l it passed from Newit brk to Boston. It was late in the evening ^hen ©ne^of the ^assgngeir8j;a4eji#apt tain, endeavored to flxeite'th,© a^^tiwi^ of the drowsy company, by gTyt^g a fe» lation of his own siuitioii. ' tteliad been to sea in a fine ship ; ^.aidrJeiad^ A fui storm hisf»hip 3 had, bee^ ^lieek;^ , eypr| • cent of' :hi*''^Fopef t:y; ! d^i.r^e^ ? and every soul on board i^t^|i»y;|o«i exeepl the captain, who ha^ltvfe^hit '. lila by being on: : a';p%tik>.-#'»i^|^ i {, of the wa3reiJ»rjiv^rai^a^s||^^.- ; /'' ; ' The company .^^..niii^-i^twitiiit^;^ this narrative-}^«hey: , jpftte^ /tul '\pb> uttfortnnate cajptain, who wa^ rittt^R- ing bam© to his f|mi% ^irely flesti-r tute $ ( but they wonder^f ifeat^ qian jeialittg suchj a tale $d$ t|lfin t |,|if ait e«eape almost miraculous, sliouId con* firm almost every \sentence |*jCh an; oath.-^Nbthing however was!,;«aid to him. In the n>orbingi wii«irt!ifrstf^(| stopped,' a ; Bif. B.'-^OM'Vf ibe'jplliln- \ gers, Invited the capiaiti to wiilk bit , before- with him, and the^ wb«l|t step int!&thestagifewfteniit shouldcom*«p> \ The proposal vfus Agreed' fo* *• They '[ walked on alone. SE^lMjeV-B.-'did f .',. undwfttatid'yeiu -'Ji^^gtlt^hfi^s^a' , mad* ouch a noiie: did yon say that- you 'had'.loitiyenr-^i^'-^^iss^; ' That all ere »v wtere drowhfd e$eept :'you>self?:\-^ ; Yeg. M TM*j*ilftfiil$ • your ii»-on;ft^p;lank : ^.\-^fe:l^^£ef'. \ ine ash you,one-more quoatiottf when on thu-t fliaufe did you ui t vo^-itf|SoU^ God, that if he wotildisjJiib ^bn^^Jifet .pt$.'$wM£4fvote-.yottrU3kii$mtse%«- •\ 0&0^§t%B^if.jam bil^hiS^'^said the captain angrily. The'-Stagfc hf : ihis-iimfe-eift|Bi#'«p>5^ . r rowards ^^^^X^*^^p \ enteriog;##^dl^#e-!^^ W^h -. fed the company s that he |||tSiild pbff *up with them, as fa«.^.«s|Ai.t^f^fli$<ll(|> not to liay^ao^menjey^O from' hisvpo^et,\-an^^^^hW^iM handg50j#ef ^^.^'^^^^l^ji / tain,'«<t M p^r^vtV%§^m^^\' ' . :'But :repi]^dMr: %*i$M$^$far^- youi as to a beggar) but'a;SrSi^ 4w^u* nate. You mus^l^a*n^tt^i^lsij to he a Christitirii andtl ant,_^*os my reyiigion to^do good unto ^' Gospel presei'ibes no JiittJt,s tj»#en0VO* leoce: i£;te%cJ^Witod^!o^ ;'' The coipp^ny applauded^ and .preiped thecaptain to taJkie 'ify&\-toU%*$i\'^*- silen'tty\pu:t' ; i,Mtt- hi* pb#et^plitiiift • even,;tltatnki«g' -the' 'dbrtnf^^^ his count($flfauce hetra||d> ^i|^jBl|tfl i- The eompany suppiltf^^t^iri .andl ttiteea|itaiii*h(id cach^i^)^ : . ing. asked >Mr. M. •wh^i'hMe^st^.n-'' He was ibformed, on l|w.^|!rt»Vlf-;-^| sun-rise* tlie^ -then •'^arted^t^ t£ • was supposed fore've^ Tihe fiitpMf^i 1 went home with a heavy hiatt, ^hfl;* Mr. fi. retired to rest, satisfied that h*>. had honored bis Father who seeth J* ; secret. He wa» suprised the-iie*! morning atday\light heafiofBeonifi rap at his door? He opened itj an^t beheld the captain *lajidt«|j hefof* him in tears, The captain iiibi| hfi hand, pressed it and /\•itetMf#.;**'.f&f.-Jt'' , ; have not slept a wink sinceTsaw yoii^, i abused you yesterday 'i I attt »»1** eontc to ask your pardom f dtii while on that plank, row to. God thatS I would live differentt^ f rbiOB what I' ever have done ; by God's help, fron* this time forward, I am determinsd to> do so:\ The icapttiiii could, not pro- ceed; they pressed each other's baud* and parted, propablj to meet no mora in this-world-.. '-•-.-'•-. • '•'.-•, & : ' ' H '' Frotn ihe.&MW<i{i&i'Mr0t As the mo wing season is apjpceach- ing the following information inay not be aniaterestingto the fartnier fc it ia customary, in many pltcef, to use a thin piece of boiird Willi a iorfe of hattdlie-^the blade ?bV«ired fith sajid, or some other substaiiee, for the purpose o€ ; i$sr$fe£ftg' s^il*^|tt'^*\* •field..' ' it \is )^iu>fn^fnljr 'i0fo$& t Take your rHl^, if you have on* scrape-off the saiid—gretso It ^ and thenru1> o,tt|t a small fu>i»|^| thet-whit* 0£ydr'/«f Tin,.comiijp cafied Flout of f^tip^-^dipwwim maybe ba^at'th^^t^lst^lb'riiinl sum: \and it ii b^i^edto bfe tlie heft substance for suytkes^ been disco I*'; i tti* frequency^mit|efritntthedr»|t of & tttixtnre ofbltr^lctin and tend, m' may g*n>#l|r,% had of tht ^#tir* ers. .ItVl^ffcttjrsed^ih. soon* |>aH«' «m po#e«Ifrfe|( ; d|i Met t» not gel* etal^iBW^: ^.f^RjW^ 3 ** H* '4: *. ^

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