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Geneva palladium. volume (Geneva, N.Y.) 1816-1828, July 04, 1821, Image 1

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:&'; ) % >AY, \*v '8^tl» Gre$fc •v-m& ,n it, iW? ilifii ^Jl^ 'ii^L^.^i'^'Tj^,;,^- 11 .'^ mgmmmmM »*»«•»•» !^ff!f iWoBBB ISSSSSflRSSftfiSSi JNpnabe^ 'Wt\. 1. \ . .'.'.'Jill •!•••• i \_•>jM i\ u; 11 ii i r ii wnrM W iiw i MMi'ii\ f ir— H lahramffiiMirw^miaWi wrfaarriB arm Min n i i-^ ,, *^ j ^rr^^ , ^^r^^iN^^^*irrtTrTr'trn—rn-ri-r-mri:-r-*gT I mm\ 11— ww w • mi ^ < 11 n iPt until 1 ded°.*& cao b e >*'«&.* «ht» ft s.ab$K Tire' tbHtwi-n^ •«*©, ! : ^-;f ER-MS. on which .tlti? pane** wpjpke |>ubiiste>d, and can tfil J\> iiistHmle be departed Ufrop.-- \'£*••\.. •/.'.'•• •*••••• • - ' '•• -' f To village gtifag&itiers) 'Uw$ D»l- iar-s arid Fifty €^nt« per attuura, jpay- ^lej^ajf^jrearlyf.- 4 - •\•.•;/• ' ' * y v To tliiftse iiviag* i!i#o^ the Tillage who cal| &t 4Ve office, 'two Dollars. faj4ferfetfi^|^e>v ••• •*- .\ \• ' : '' : Jf#tl»ie% • «&b$hi'*9 f #yf 'pUttctual'it^; is .«telk|gc!|#,' l^sfetooljar*^ and ¥ifr .^g^^t^w^' $ f?- : er. '%wardr ^^^^Illiiilfa^^'Oue'^rffar and ? lij^^iii^^ay'M'&dvaiiete\ m ;»;-•• J*V.t nutfuiil^iii ^^^^ in otfi? f*53J tTE» «6ur. : OX.S dill. m tii>W^J^1Ke^yffiy«\^*; ^©nt\ «»ad6 to •;t|v(%|ijflga^brtisft'.by\tjiieyear.\ ,Kb ; «d^i$^y^A\ i ^^ipfttiiAtfed^ without or||^l§dl^^#e^,';-'''.' iti'i;. 1 ?'':'!• )»'•'/' , . (.f.i t ':;iHi«-i,il>,i»i,i ?•?;'•••,- r,—.—-;,-„•* . ,..,-—;•' • i....--i..i I,,« •«i,h» -' li -i:'';:- \j' WfV. \jgi ; i% 'm\w . •-»-; mi r<. ,;' n <'»\ri ..^. • • • —— • •-'•«!•••'>.• '•'' • •''*-, «• .^•^.:?^''•\•':••• 1> : ^THJE sufcscwbets ajfe now fresh sppj>jy of spri»^%i^ §i|m- ra&f G'oodf, epki|^^iBg-:al- • most' e^'€^y\ w^icjlfe • to'; tli.e 'JSry Ooii&e,aiiQ0jig ^Mch are ;Tbr^^gt>s\Oalieoea''&|]liU|*bftniS;; 0tt« do. Naflkin- & 0iHtoo jDrapla /One do.Siotebews 1 awd Sars^net^;j One dg.^|tyaiftMJjMtte<| and stpipid •,'.:».'•: >-: Bombast! j,, : •:•;-<- >••<-\'•• Eight do*, Domestje sheetiftgSj, shirt- ing, piaidsf and Stripes; Ooe dej Steam, powerloana, and . Madajpoilam Shirtings: j One do, Qaaibric iimslin, Leuoes and Book Muslins; One do. MoSraul and plain jaconet • Mustin«» and ladies', figur- ed ^IUSHF Dfressjes 5 '•..: One do. Irish Linen and Cambrics; •;••''. ' -ddt'SO^ •-*-*. •'* | BXTRA-St'PJER ? . '-S ; UPER.: AKp- ?JNE' BLACK, BLUE, baAB, M12CTB: AND Ohths and 0assiniers. B)a*k Sattin ; figured and striped Lutestrmgs, and » gre ni variety -of] :: t^4W4t^fljgbt*ome jsys.'tiaveperish*** Icannot^jtJ^tvthat; hopes j»re ^ead pslfd Vlhkkmy.wwg Hut too deufty: c feer ^ti^ehift.i>rau^tnne r 89^.^ftst l . .. Mfite wtued Joys tfaan tbo^eitbanishU] And hope jbas o'er the future cast \Still brighter h«^s, a«othepyaaishfd. Nor can I mourn that days n4 gone With iiiitty-ahisart.feilt «o^o\v laded— Nor Willi grieve 6*erpieisure flown, that early gl6w*d> and qAiiptily faded. .'' ,-*• - • •* I For tiine» with^ind andgentlesway, Stjli-.abfiens every pislmg sorrow*— \ \ v 'aiii^b'veaifeiUa-one][4^'fe v «W* .',,\ It add» another oh theiftorrbw. n $ * ' , -*•'/ 5?J: f-j.- ••^ffMIKf^^ r*»f*. *;':'' Sii • NEW* •Af\ '• .i^iiji^^^-^bftv^i^i 1 ^ *h^' $?&• !* • B8 nf eated to? injuro i($ jr&lfutati fo«evqprepi'' ^#-WjB|^«a«t*nn of Kxtraat ffojn liord Bjifcoa's speech in the ComaiDu Beaa, i4 Sir Richard HuMon, when he 'wM called to be * m* vf the Judger «f that Court, March-3, 'lei^W^aac* t. 4,,\A Judge in^ol^intaining the laws of the realm, slioiild 'fee rather heart strong than lieatt'tifotng. % He *hootd d?aW«if learning out of his books* m$ notfuilt »f his brains. a. He ihofitd inii ir«ir«he}VeerfomJ of hi* own opinions wp:tbe reDergBce of opinions of his JeB^pd^\ , 4. He should Te^ntiHrlre t4| ktf%tn^ i^^wUfeiipwi^^ ifn I'll iiiiriii L.J i>t,i,, k „,i„.,| - - ,,\_ I,, . , I, ,.-, ..• ji)iiiii|.-Juj«v.««t: . i W ji..i.iiiiil1ii.'i;; ..n fflwi t-.'i-'.i-. v • • \_• :•.»•'• . . '• ' \•••' ..*.'?: , .\ anj i.m n'»j i a »»U»HJI.IJ ; at a^biiing-^W^f. ife itftttiedtaiKvi *JW»8gf«* %^*wiMM»l» hiawelf M the sate W Vr. B|iomon> ^aln$ of Gil«»aV ;fcut fending that he could not $>li it hv half a.gomeft a bottle, begaij jo «ji- pe^l 4 it >ap ugt worth g« .«nic!wi#»dt *$»« ^co^mipieatiofi with thel^jes ' tor\ he eonfessed the faet, and boasted; that the 4fi(ieeE could not aeli it, for that^h^ theJ)«ctor, would, by this ad- verntptti^ats; t|eelare it.^al oot - g&w- iae; adding that he >vjt9 -.^ m $\ paid : for has roedieiue at a shitimg a bottle, for thjit:^U the, jnadieiue he lad aia|e did not cost hiin wnpe than «feo {.puncheons of rum, by which .he ha^a- ^assed an 'jinweose fortttne, and aur- cha,sea a latfge fttate. plain andlgflred Bonnet Silks. * Uam, j of his bmJcs, and WtSpeftd upoiTtb^ Ifet* Horefhiine, Valentia, and otheri old stoc*&. • - » and yet not turn stoutness iau brave* I'attey Testings. ?Siik r ; Ontton and 'Worsted Hosiery? English and^reneh silk Gloves; beaver and fetd r dbi Silk Umbrellas and Parasols. Thread t^a- eet k and Edgings. Riissja Duck.-^ Flemish Linens and Drillings. Scotch Ha4d ; SMtibata j ^oint: Blankiet^ •\ Atso^Ofta eaie J^e^hbrn FJataj dine do; stra% Bnnnete; ohe do. 0en-j tlein^tt , s Leghorn 1 \ flat*.. Artificial mason and a laborer, both men »f prowess, quarreled v on the sejftoldifig: of a spira ^iaw erecting on llus tov*er fof ihenejv (jhurch. ^A pngiiiatic.«n- eauntar took place; and the two fear- less cooibataots fought;near the very 9iimoiit of the unfiuiafied building, whereit was not quite ayawl in di*i«- ia^iv The scaffolding and rallSiig which encircled it, incindt a aj^aea o# iabout ,80 inches in d.ianterter; andteere tha champions buffeted each olhar lus- tily, at the height of 1T6 fe>et ttlwiv^ vthe surface of M»,e gfourtd. Se4ne -knock down biowa ifere civen Kiid'Je^ eeived, but fer|pna;te neiiher of 4||e warriors was thrown dut of ih$' rl*i£> or, as the teelmioal phrase k^ aver <h# »fj» fortune evils enough, tinfll in per- formanes of hi| oflScejs failiogs mere flbip-^nougfbjto entertain his own in* n^r^|,ao.^|}|4 euri : ^siiy after |h* ; aff. $4« ; .o| ol|ejr« jaannoi he without eavy,' ^H;aj»,^i| ( ;femy f| u|dfisided temper cannot ba of;^i»l .utjs| fa any eause | htfm hn has finally \detfrmined .th^ J&tf. ; iW&' atmii whieh*is* B si'w.i^a tWmf tipMl»P«' abl*?wfll a©-lest j ^hew hft b^s; drter- rained, lie will immediate, renjbnt *h»* encounters with a faneifnl pcture W theadvantag^s attlndinW in opnoiita cuoduct. ' ••••\; ..:•'• V.'\-.'. man, who was reading to his' ; (|4n^ire;j gation tl ebapte^ in Genesis, fouud the last, senetence on the p^tga t# b|-* •< And CM I/ord gave «nt« 4d»oi * wife. 5 ''', - Tiirufng/;aver i«fa;fe'a^i\t«-| gether,be found written, mitj|/|||pl vfiltlr Un'iudthle'^-n^,»«a«d 'sKe ; lil'^'w Mw\i^in : iBifii*f«t' , » * '\ • '•' r -'/'.. r. The foll*t|n^^ift1#' 1^ v*f tit%ittant t - is «qpieJ-J|||ui tna\'%|#)R%ln : :^eM • '; p^p^iM^att^$ ; #e»«^'^ : -• epdllileM ]in : >^e§a^,i%iiide -li^ '8M^oi|;'.«W'if 'elet^,-\i)»t \fi»r. the p«)j$ie of olMM^iW*'^' 0 ^^' i^w. . • ^ • • ( -. - •• ; -.-•*-•*;• .-. 6. He should be truly impartial, 4 and not so, as inea inaf ses r: ^pMott tfiro' Jine carriage. : -' *. ,-.\.••• •\- ' r 7. He should be a light ii>$tiroJ*,u open theireye«, but not ag'Wto^to\\ \ '* by thettosc. 4 Plowets 5 C^peting*^ _ Hearth jBftgs ttnddbaf iriMts 1 ilinroce6 BootsV Shoes and Sjlfps f Kid doV Vdb. is, Gfhtle- mfeti^pB6nts, Bootees arid Pumps. , i'* vd#4' •fi^*E'*rs^?VE' , Assoaf M-EN'T n.s \'• 8. He should ttot affect the o^id^ i of pregnane^ and ^ipMijidny b^ ati itttpatifetlt^aad' «^fc[ibgt fty%W$.' 'nf so kindly to, she did heriia*6r|te^-*SD AnigBus, We do Sot yhjok thlt a quarrel of this nature waa ever he^re decided by fisticuffs, in agimitsr sitna- tjoa, unless, perhaips, at tha dispajte betwixt th> briefelayeM, iwa#mav&e.^| mbo were engaged in tha baildiilgf <M Babel.;:...-, > *.•.•••• ; .„ :i , ..•; coMnsfi^tors at thtbar^ v ^ I a^f» Jtatawii'* Jm*iflfs,^Ati Iftsh- 9. He should speak wtlh\ f&**ity\ Amo%%he>^idre*ses^ on the accession of that Solomon of fgon*^^t^a>ncient|»^tt;iif ^|irfw»|Miry,; .• _.. 'wishlp'gj- ; his ; W^i^lifffS^[:tV^'ti ' '• '' Iftng'.as.itbie- snni ':inisoa^aa.ii*||rij#«i8«|-' '••;'•' rad. '•«' In tr«rtWman,\8a|^|%J||n| , (tn the person .^^^taesiftt^ g^SRl.' .•• ; r., ;do, my-, aon- ; 'natlsi- ; f4i S n r % MPT- '' as one so^ nf tht! Itt# 9 1and nnl ba *a/fe«^ i&rllnW %| j(n%efrtina£it sons, ebra- tude^ lural; ican li'\' nOW BECKITIKG iOO»SIST8 OF Oogjhiae ^nd Bpanish Brandy; St, Croix, Jamaica and new Ram; HeL Mii^}hf.^^d'^^a^^^0^aiia9 aHd'M ; 4laga Wines^.'||^g*ii,Yottng-'|ty^. ton, ^ysbn-Skiii lynd innchong \JPeas; Lda^:L|ini|f, brown and white ttavfina ^g^iff bjox^ Rftisins and Currants ; ^«la|*ea^Oho'Cotfte ?•' Cofree s fen^ ; | Mr jpimSnto 5i w^ina : l^f. f %;' __ ,_„„„. ^oalecj, ^er|- Jow'|^ih«peg|A:nser-' : •-f ~~v; -'• *' •'^ :; .-eanatid^i|>'|OTsh%iarf : ^ of ^ale «ln*i^% (whw w-'imH -»?* »l ***^ fteh»onj and lames | Kii^lish and %^sed^n^aprd i^uMMm^Gf?*' m^om Ponder, nncomniomy low lluplhtr ¥ith the v#%a|^i; JPogethej-, with English, Russia and fi«ony^tl^«jbj^ whn rfiiirt tfsed^ 'fw^lfea. iflgfcfe, r r#pd;ant(' flat Iron? \\ ' *\*' ,.bfr«iffletent/ nobpl slje^ and band Iron 5 Share S«N •M 5 ..niift.MF V s, or the west trie^ ^^IfliiM^ln^ulofls. ';•:\ ; 7 lM9%j&i ^#»%>{isternd>\American: •i^bi^'''#*:*v ! v .•..-.• v^ •.- :,^.»ip»fer|^: tet|/,.B-laek-smitn's 1 t^%wtM^> : - \feut and wrought Nails j ,ia1^|l1ttih1^^r©%s-cn^'SawB 5 Craale ^onr*t*; _^ to7 His /ia«£?5 and tJia haida of th'dte him ihauld h*Jtem itbd Unppr- rupt with gifts, frorninedliiig in iJiif/es and from serving of turns, be they »f : great or i^ialJ ones. •*•*;•'.'' ' : 4 V ••\'••• 11. H«\should Ifttitaiii the jfMMsdlc- ifoi>'\ftf the Coulpt *Mii th* ancienv in«ft-atb»e»» ••^itlsjtfipi^ • ir^aovlng: the; •m*r^.\-;; •;;;/, V':' . ; ' ••'••\•] V ~''f : '' 5 ' 12. Lastly, he should carry such an h&ndaver feis :Mfi%fet* : iiail 0terks\ a* theymay rather bein awe of Mai than .presume upon :>: >i n$ev+ '•''. i odr'eoualryi'ja'nd #s'tnV-'^i ; s«,#ill 0: ivhieh is extracted#ontti4nfiife^ai^ man meeting an aequaintaoee; otfa pinornin^ after the usual saJtetajMum -M- |dessed Wm as fallows :—*' S%Bar«ey ? fLae^th|(< tnytneat baa ma#*tfe^ri^af a miatake this morning.»W« Miif|||ej hl# ?f H!«w replied the 'oihM^ \Why* man, it by sonta; aeoideaf V^ ether, got on your hack \Vlien it alioiiid have^been on mine.\^A^ that ,'immt stray,&the:othera S lond%a.aert«d |,i 8 foHIldi apoo trfi^^^i^j^^.j pose i#a„ded, and ^|'hflik#^|ry ••-- tovohtain tha-dfelfejn%% tfiiii&wtsjiii^ ^ •• ^ ;very#a|u||lif mfymml^0M: l^*n de« isiter iop a art t'k^ L.> > : nf in^tnib|dfe -ph1i|^athSiailinv;;| ^^^:^ie' f; CHAl^' ! a-iitf &c« »• )rk, ber<u liar the- sipt rat ges Dpi- A* me ler. business at ithje^uildrfig indoors .i a%a#ofViIel,&Bo^ , ; '^e^i-^aMtiet shop ^ iA>ii|ain>'fti'&^ \wh«re #lslcee^ng (in I .... . ^m-<m$m* - w \ ; ^ - •\ v and GtrasS Sey the|^| English ,-6V\ Amer vanta. English aiid Aoiericnn patterns. ••'.;.•••;..'••-..• MW%0&r. •;'•:•• , The ^Fhysiciia atfCcMd to the ftritiih einbasgy a;t Goteafaftfidbplel'in coming doivB the^argss%ai:»t a l^urk^ ist house, freq'ueiati^ sa-w a door open, at h^nd, eavered with a velf, thriiit »nt, and heard a female voice entreat- irlg him to eure her diseaie. M0U onee invited to see a*ivofite irf &$ 'fi»1t»iv : ^^atf''b^ra.ilji!iafi^^ibi of an unknown and trotiblealfeae ^or- der, He ^aa Attendad by five ; 'ef nuipW throngh the apartWents JeadSof i& tm» hareni, and in one of the ont^rftjljiis he found the patient, surroutfpd% inniimferable old ivonaebj and *b Mtft r*be» aud vails that not eveu the && were Mi b$m fbr ittajjeettdn;' Hri B , f sii^d«lftluiitimlf sbobldbe anWr.? ed, and the fongiii abaf hauda afte^n'. '^ stffferingf tfcafirhfr pafieht e^dlir j right to the garment in quWinn.. tiie» | 'nagtBtrate having at Itingth obtaiiied a hearing, by silencingJhesehttlsy iit- iganTs,»ddreisid?tfe#eoWJ»lainer , lii/the t'ollowiDg termsf^^#lxat'i* ^Jiiir name,friend I\ 'S/Pai Furdiei'»/«% hm proof have yak that tSieU cioit ^irl J question is yours ?'? « Pjeag* your Vhonott]f,my initials;ttt-eon it* ?? ' ^Fiur initials 14et me see them,\ JPat toolc out his knife, and rip^D^upfi j^ari; of the sleeve, at the wrist, took out tvo peas, which he placed in the Mtgris- trate?s hand with an air of^ triampBi— <* What dees these? tttel*a, my iriendjff Was the first question 'f^^yeijr honour? why 1sn^#ere ^'foi'ftat, most unnecessary to add, that the avi- dence was' c^tisid#ed cnbBlt^pfe: in Pat*«. favftr, and thf coat ^it^d ttt 'ttaififehtow'ner,\ \ '• ' A '\' \'' * *? ^iw|;.fcgow|edgenf rihe- %%, ^d^fc'iiiijfe. -jbeiitil*' f*k*«ennv ^%ulvep|ij * for safe tninaH and W^MIW h%^^ *V& ^° ff of ^ #»-.*** 101 saie, in small^^ajKt weu setec- gained aabibre than/that an eld wo- tedCrates. •;\.'. V\ \/ \- . :-,•-'. ]V&- .^ettld-^titif^e'puliei^ tin All of which having been purchaaed pt*fitte#: ha - torning his back; the fif $ty»b*atoct seieeted* Willi great care,. w*tta|i ttitfittg 6nt With her eouiitiiig they are en^ble^t^jftflfer th^m as low' %fs ^ ** ihouldgiv^rsign&i iraldi his as can be 'pn^a«ed' f .||i''.|h^.' city of wataL \. ; V NewYork at retail. Merchants xvho Wish to repleutsh thetf stock, will find it tn^their interest to call. *,, '. ,•_.:' • They will at all time»»ay the high\ . . . . „ eat price in Casht iar Wtmi $e**l «Bftitftfsa ^tp6 by Mg bahm ^^il»- A.s,hea s and receivot win wafea Html, ?d ' w »wh ha sold at 40s. 6m • bbttlt* %d>ances in Cash, on other articles of Jhf l>o«tar had ihlgped a^earg^ef it bl~A n «± an A mt.n ihn fliiinw nn n^fr f«r Aratrica, •itimatiDg each at\ on^ , in , ord*!* ta evade th* d ui Dr. Salfloion, a calebr'ated quack, in Liverpool, England, amassed an Produce, and sell the saine on nett. W. B. Citsh paid for WBM*d$. : AYftAteT,-^Gn. , Geneva, Map 16* i-$M, : It ia a mistake to sbppoit that howev- er , ffltwi* • -children-; ire\- 4b$k' tt; 0* airt^-l'-I^Jr-iKi^ - •f. - A. ;lar|e.. glaatad eart^heti^or ; ,at«n^;, 'b^|ed^^|tlj^lei«i>,a^tlie r,»j»|^v^ ers, corolfa, which. *hopld carefully lip freed from all sped«,»la]t» and dirt:— 0n: the*e^s^»-|>n^e' '^riny'feRr 1 fpump water w0£*$&rtt^km^i a» :T ar*di'';:Th^'^eliie| Hie sun fi nra iun-riseio mn-set, wheai it eJ|onl^>*':t*|t|id; |ayibj54hfei#gi||r^;, Tfeis^naf 'n^gimt^»|fi*l^ff^#n 5 |d^ ' in • succession. ? •• iJMJtN*^ wf d»^» •\• t e^t|jef^Oiii^«!^^ , snroil^iij^^ol'iilp^^ cnlor- t wil% ^e^tferfred-' t#|K^«*-th*. mrfaee, and in,.tts*^i| 4this mattar uili f^-M^mm^ tr-biejb,ia thentto;.^,^ w> .,,, w taken up by som< tfattoa tied t* the- end' of a stick and sque^fdwi^h; tba' are^ in their childhood, they «Mb£]fi DS er t^--0m^M^^^M4^im ::t feet ^Mv^a*^y^# ^' l|;^'iW'•«^^py i % -. l ^-'- .- soide vicious dispositions, froward al»f*fii- govaipriable teuvpera^if• h>l cor^Ctfd- in time can very rarely if aiMf B#jr2tf. * edf bdttha foung niastcrltss eubw-ill become a lawless, ungoverable & avis-jj chievous ' e custom haute oflieer suspecting that s thii #tt th# ©aiio^i bbjecti bad that the medicine was worth a great „ ..,. ^al inare, madeiktatireoftfaecarga The sale d William J BbrK6ecfe , 'spro-' and the Doctor refusing to pay the ^u- perty it pos^bned till the; $d of July! ty, he said he would let the ^flicar have next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, tha cirgo, at a shilling a bottle and thnn to take pliee at Ri^e'a Inn> in ©if- tb* efiScer accordingly took it. '-T|» Mt&^Dtkkd GmMai May v \l } IS^l. Doctor then sbippad auother and a ?-, P. BATB8, lata 8htri$, • •[ larger cargo and the saujc ceaaeoaence ! 1 *.**_§** VS'CflAtUI ja*D*JMiKB iwwnf^acv followed, the officer taking the aargo ieneas of life, without acting taa^MsW africfttn fytm; ind*iiin^e«»tiliift .snra which fairly ,ti$mMM#<m9l**\$ oat beavoided becaustit ig pltasutre. Evary man (n«oth Jeremy Tajlo! j*** ir w* .oMff.iii^^iiaf^rnwri his *^'kind., : trrtublft •«m3tt|h^ mM*, rtmttved. ..%•' tli».4iftipj^\ : iitiff ^aex- pen»ive,|i|#oe's|. ntay- bt* aln«»Bw|^ «!*'• mo»t : ^ejlyy^^ M^ «j^|^^bw.. e^ui*it© ; e»aenee ; .-*i- njfy he^i^eeijiatsij' 1 fo^aae.: 1|i* a^ j f|istivl^'-i|ifeirial* and! an>^^'wMibii^|^p%ad«fe. Ife0f|tf«(iia>; will |be nf*^t|Wi.\e^ljiva* lent f8r\-\bn|a^ .;WwV^aVtoo,.ia, vngtly pti'tfeftibla -t* A>*e»\f^riftu it*; ibe Astatic Jfeesearcjher* bot|| fernm* *n»^t||-- j SHriplieity,;and-ikeia^ *^ : .fts|P^iiMid ; prednftiv*., -Astl^pro^ ^efi^iava ;metjti«tt«d -i$v-;sb. «%*>•** jitnnlethat altcautry it, theensei metrll ia often platedJB from sensual eujoyment; atid 110 doubtexcessjverinduigeuee isxaot tnaly injurpus, but criminal. Biif tbe man, who gives a feast, is offendad if ai»ne • come to'partake of it. And doles not the Supreme Being have some what .tit lip samfr feeling te those who re|«*it |i|f |n|l |jb>ua obt#ine,^ %a^'h*^e^a^;-aj|, •.\' iftil';' \Ve should enjoy tbe_e»»NM)^a»r'feirl^ #^b; ! l*5Dbt •**;'. . s1*op* j .for ; kf »tl|ir';-feO' -i#iren*rlh,», flaabtitif • t h^ maBbfact ur e*»^'\oft.|tt8*aif- : ; : a|i*oti<y« t h^ Ma«t)IS»«ti>«^^ftt«'air' twit, Xn. ; tH'*^ : :nav«;.;i'V^afiti^fr ; '«^ a-wefl^c^ai^lj^ia, whi^h give t*' aisenee a el*ftr;ii6ta coluur. » :^

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