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Geneva palladium. volume (Geneva, N.Y.) 1816-1828, August 01, 1821, Image 4

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**# • I * Jb.l> k && '. t&iaulli nas ; ' bee o f \£ made it} t|i^ : p^,iiji«injt oj'a cer- tian stnii »!'moft^y s^etgjj^d to he paid by indentureuf Mortgo^e, executeiiby Peregrin?. Mailit^^i (jrorliain, in J he Junior^ of Geneva;, * in,\ Said ferouWiy, bearing date theiowHeeotb daj of (Je tobe^'idiyj^^hd^vvliereas tlie said fe |Wortgag^'has been duly assigned and transferred, io 1'eter Sherman* o£Oyid* connty of Seaijea ^-A'oticeis therefdre | LITiBAftf JOAitET, { - AND- Pocket Magmmie ; pursuance of a statute in; .sticli^e^se tnade' land provided, tie ,|p|i, ^e^y\ eo&ve^ed, and -^er^liift/ter degcrjbetl, ifc#t tie said at ^ib)U A«iptioja ? o|iMttt- f ttrdity, the i it ti day of 'Mtikmt next. at I- «..•\ 5|io>«%m ujfi t te * »ai:«r% in\ Gorham, j. • ^^• : '|^^0fi^k,*J^.vi«'-t. ^Jlti^i ce.rfaiji f|' •',-_. pfe# : :^pWfei-.oiF iy»d|' : tilia^t$ :: lyi%' r« r t'p'ii'B;, is >ii»NTiji,¥ ;a;ip;pin,s, At S3 per annum, &tM effcjpe-r\ dfiifchr, • ' BY ; ' •\ ; • ' \ ; ; SJM%. WW^wmTH. THE Boost prominent features vo$\ h\iikw0kik%\*W lie jivWUkf delineated' -a ; Dder#i^Pl^!^wi§^h«ii'dT«t--- - ••.-.-H • .• - 4ht$erimfrrffl&p-A$tif .*op'\MsWfiM sfeelehwofibe ffvies of such pefso'Bfe, of both sempi as>jltn^ v %§QJj^e.c£i£bra i ted for thl#/hf||lfi4v|Hs|p£fortii'udt'^ pat$oiisut;>heaut^;^e> iSfigptM'Es- says - on 1|i.erfrf.ttr*ev : ty^'rafa; patina J history; ^«yfgfe^ tra|§||^i&ericW — ti ~ jitles, l%e*tie SHifjScl Origin Oi K r'^i*|U# ih^tfnfosTnr\ t»- i 1, S& ft foliowfij. vis51 l)Pgi|iiiwg at the cortfer where tlie rj08dfe|p^^gf|om Benton to 0atiatiia%«-a^il|rg|etjft'he • road leat|. .|^d^fte«^11Wderofeacfe,j*nd tett^ #j4^wiftinguiiftedi tyh lot nunV *JL ^o^p^-^s ,sTA<^a-nousii, S»NWd A-8'TR-'BST — GENEA? A, is • E0W receiving and open 1»#l|i# 4 >• ibef aT&sctr tm^ tit' 1 ele ^|UEaP|v Ranted at ihe p:fe§|p|.ajfwl J^proaching Sea- 'wm-'p wMeli have l>e<?n very vmmih purfclgsed at the low- 04\eaf5.fe. auotiou sales m the Frboltiie latest importations; all of w^k4 ;|(e is enabled and 3raiified ti gellv . .r ^Geneva Bookstore.« > \ ^ HAS for sale at Ins Booksloro in (}&• oeva, amang a variety of \othei UOOKS, [\m followleg,uiany of wliipli are late plications. , *„ t L, VWV^f tlie CuHivatioti of jSL^ruit Trees, and the MnDag^ iift^nt^^if (Oichard* ,aud >Cider} will aceorate, Desciiptiqps.o^ the most e« <|mabl6 vaiielies ofrmtivcand i'or'eigS Apl>je», Peaisjl^aehes, ¥\utm aud ? Ch^nes;< eultiv'ated dt| tlie .*&liddfo States of Awerita, &c* ^e. ( hty M'H iia>n Goxq. i Remarks on Antiquities, Arts-and LeUe,rs, r dining*ti cxeuniolj i|i Ilii|y in Ibe jcars 1^03 and S 5 by Joseph ToFsyjh. y * \ A^rrativoef a Tour of OtMe»n&< tion,«iSide during l\w suioine^of 1817, by jawea Monro*, JPfesiaen^ of 4lfe Uni'ed States. „s , ^ _ v H .Aiaecdijtq^ of the Life of Richard : : Wfe«4^^|f tevt«# ;,i»M!t; '|^k«| -iftenee - lf 8 Blfc^W,tei^!rt r *t^ teen a«* one liatf r«di%: * &tf fe, ,h %W W»WH tlnVleen degrees fi|t^eii Character nianneriV'\Wifttyf dre«« aod. eilaeation.^ J Jl£titl$micat r _ Register ;.^-pff|p4t^ , v *ttiMtti:es, on.«dueiaii«nu ^^f^£^^9«^eNdfn^tffir arl > o||fo|gefy t ~m&i*ty.u'B-~ oi'new pijbli- «»tfate#ftirefgtf arid dc^jirt^stie.' l M$ul !4^tf^v^|ri|ii«jft«i,>. lite^ahy, and aire *f;P^ to ^ i^tWbm^An 'fhe'tfrt^aDd' s''. . .. '••r^.^^s'a^^A-^^^^^Mr^^T-:; .:^uJ»erj4ers-in;tlte:C'»*vof]Vrew.. .su ,'Jtflndred atwl tliirtet*»^ *»«j **%il tha{ lot or pareejl of land situate in the vil- lage\ of PuUti'eyviik jowrt of te- l»atns<!n. couDiy of Ontario, and state &f^Ve»*Yo!l5, kliot^u and dwtiiiguish ed>f'lot. NV. eigtit; on the south «dt of Wasliiiigtoo street ;a!so tot No.ten on theliioi.th gid^af tlie^ame, opp'pgile k *o tfcf .jjrtt aforesaid, as, surveyed b$ %$%• Phfilp^.*^ 'The said^ nWiga% Jhatsng been assigned \fy the «a«d Wit. Tl ill *^ A tS^ TT • j nne ddUfP &» tae• re&eipt ..-,, .n-iyn^er» ^|»dou 4 e dollar ai the end of the\ tear- \ . *^eli.i?«h|lier will ^Qnt^in '7% fa%ii fmr^fa##^ of' A:; ; ; •for^--'Wj^itji»/'*.ig5(iwtk ; r ti|3§-and itiiibi , : witl.Iu* f|#tfls$oi|gr*atli.vr ',T ? *\ '' •'.'•. ';.-* ' I has left hty bjed and befardl witt^yt the »).JS '. •!%., *a^tt:tp:-6>7!«||, - j;-f, •: ,.,|Pji!#t.. t $ , |pli^yb^aypattte offttk-.llx». ,;^i«a|^- ; ^a||eji .^ ^o«go y j^K- #ou^k t? ' ^f^f'^p#^|»% -# a^rosaclJinffi-tfee osfJbe^eon*ra§Bt%g »|^be,^i|thyvmp'| •after-this'%re!,<.v>'; s! ' ' \< '-'\\-''\ itt %irti|e of the 4ct entitled ^ an Atft, 'to abolish imprisonment for delit in certain,cagp*,'l passed April Vth,1819.; and in pursuance «f an o^der ma^g by the honorable Naihaujel W. Ho&elU' lil^q.-'&rsrt judsje nf Ontario county— 1 JV%fic> js thereforeKvrebygimn, Tfca? ; % rirtue of a power contained to 'Ate •g^qi^^hjrl,M^Ul€^s;'Buit4: : Ma^giifiie,, and, in pursuance ot Alie' «L| A * •> _» *^ A \.-if *T>4 ^ctiifsuch case made ajnt pro^if d$; »».» Anfe^y, Attllfer^Mll the said premises\ will behold at |I§Q*ifle : and Diiagiftiftn Officers j ak lie auetion, attheHou4,in Geneva, ^^••^^-^a^fe.flgiltons} -^EAf-'^^neAiy^ •..:f •ruaipfionVl't/'lfjailaC^y \^n .^se(| •ftiy'. •^M. r Tf 0efi^^,^'|«n % of ?h'e-feigflfeftf ^bl^^^^^fi^if «n-ereasi»g fo^nd\1®f--M,:m!*$ : 0 the tbirt^tbi daj, af t)<»tober next, ail 10 'oebeK,A. r 1 M.->i>afei jprttw:-'mm-ww .Vm^s*••&&••• '-m \ ^PQBGK ALLEN, Ju^or. •>,;„ .iR^frteWif 4 .a^i!uB|||af t of Sle^fSl^;!^ •debiJSt%y.'.^r^^. .Cp«§^^ilot(j^ s ^ bul,: .JiiaV \be i^fte^'dil- '(iy t|»e 't1n»e)V* ijise; p^ : • ••#b>Hhf j^iM^n?'p\ J |ie^b1ie;' SO ^o^d^rf^owWK^othbrLyoTstin • life* c6nnty N of Ontario, to Bewjjmfliti s Drake, tbeia 1 of Palmyra, in the #i?»fy 'of Wayne, hi the state ofPenn^yTVa-; nia. on*the sixteenth day of June, one thonsuod <ii§ht hiindred and seventeen, Which said' Mortgage was, dn!y ; Sii ^si^ed^iiy^fi^saia* Benjamin io the ' subscribe^rs-'-JVo^/CjE is thereforehet$' by given* That by *irfiie of a po«ir contained in kaid'Mortgage, and in pTur^iuance of the^iafote in. sncJh e|s4 t made and prnvidtd, the lands,ixereby c 'eot»veyed', and hereinafter ^e^eVfbedt will be sdld at JPubtic Aactidn dn $a^ , t taiday-, the ^Oiird day of tfovelnoer • ne^t, at el«ve« o'clock in the forenoon, ut Fcuticttet's Hotel, in Geneva, ^ias: c » A4I that certain tuct or parcel of • land,situate in the south east part of to^vnsUip number twelve, in the first -range of township* in the town of Ly, nnVin thecoflnty of Ontario, slate of New^Vork. to Wit, ninety one acres and! a ifuarfer of ab acre in the ncrth part of lot nnmher hevehty one, bounded as followg ; s eaht partly by tot nutnler iif- ty* nine, and |>arttly Ijy tot irtimfecV'g^. enfy, ti'eM { by number seventy two, tiofUi partly by lot number six<y two* aAd partly'by lot nntnhergixty' three, ' and on the sopth by a liAerunttin^^ 1 - -Bis*** 55 -;^'wapossa ttu'inher ^e^enty rine, and so far |o ? „_ t ft onr the ianreeM'M iiulude the^ |ifti4 '«$»&nth^ of niisety one acres aid' « ' miarteif of drr acre, and'no morei-e*', ' «^%4c alMayireaerving out of c tlk •vtfrb e*tt corner of the above descri- bed lands, eight acreg, lo extend easl and went tea chain*, and riortK and *mih iett tHntosS'^+Pttted April sjki ^ M. M. DOX. ^' : aitfee ilir fottdMn^ fertitte ami- •. J ffe one ^WE^AVjLT having been naafe i^ JLP' thtf'paynie'nt of a eertain^tim of n,«ney T ,sewfred tn be paid in and''ny t ar^/^^ e ^ ^g'l^ff/V. 1 ?\.!••... ' ednaw iitdeatnie of Mortgage, eSBe*ftjv : ..'wiBfeM^S^^ ii>^, 'late of ted by B^aviin H Vanauk&i 'fttf f 0 rh^oi^|H;p^ e&nnty at%|ario, did| 011 the ji ; iritt1^^*y o^J^a^in;||ie^ear of j oar JLord ohe thousand ei|3at htjndred atn|fifte^ir,;to secure -^iepa| ; |[«||sf of a certain suin'ttfn>«»nVy and iti 1 e|e|t fc e° n ' vey byitiidentiireof H3)n*tgageiter M il- Ham,Mtj0, nf ibtfif^h^jf iEptbfea^-Jw p-h^.^iriifirjn^^f&rUii afdre'saidj M * ( ait ihit. certain fr^et, piece or plreel of La'b^U'f i Wle», \tylngf , v ^ni| h*&i$ \$•%$ towti of 0oribat»*i in 'i&xik e;o%«ty, leinj f the 8oil!<b;e;ist t e^ftter ofv'the ivest bal of Joi ttunther twenty fiv#, in•• town#i|i nutjniyfr nine, in the second range jpf lo^i^i^f in> the eontify of (JiJtartp^ Jand bnuufled \M I'oltowg t «on''Ibenorth-, b| ihe!|ttiblle btgti^ayji on the Vest, by .^iius'.^rfee^a tattja; 6» tjie s.jiith, by the stynth line ^of said lot iUBp&er twenty five; and on t1ie'#ftg*i bj^Mroii ^raiil^8^lmnii^-«ont*^fti;titf^ tion f fifty acres o^laiid. b^ #e same; tiiore. if Iess\%Atid wherea* defanlli has been made in the payiiientioif i|ie m^i>ifi«,seeare:d in;* be paid by the said Mort^age#^JVV^e is ili&tf&jzjieiineby 'gi^en*-, t t»»t % wtue ofi?a -jiffweii?,JBOU tained in said Mortgage, and in pur swp^e o,f*he;.»,tatut* in SBftiteas&'ttiade and psoMdedi <h« .• *»Srf&Wiw|fafed premises will be sold i&.Wffltifcst^* tion. at tlie^ ^o|et» in S*n*^K, «rn the liMmMuif^ Jfwfejwikiffiii-iMit Dated Bec^W '|fi',|p3.iiti ua$en :$• :.^n«rm^Aqr%; jWys. at|d i%e. sale ,of,. tfae «|»te':JWortg.{igetl tfiit«i in ^iist^otted lotKie twenty? next, a| the honri \m •r*\*v^ w¥f ; s' ..fuvpiiv forpeiriHfa ttaviii^ for anpielime been troubled, with a. feBit§lf;?aiif pain in«niy> side,* ^ e ^W#Hlfiliift Old Brngs, Medicine^ / ana ^iwt^ , \ W'Beh^fcave been carefully selectetj fiom thelatefet impor- tation$ in - 1 They have likewise tm r , fchased the entire stock of t|j e late fuxn of ' HUDSON &,HOUGHTJSLlpf G9 Which together with 'their for r mer stopje, malces t{iemost^£. tedsiv^assortiBenil; mthe WESTERN CCftJJNTRTi Which they ipofer for Qmh ^^•M^im^'T ^fcKp|t|b^ttjnr.«f ;ine, *•£$$$& n| diiterent thmgs witfont getting f^iM l^l! h | c ^' W^ripJw»^ ? ^ We«.«rsj .|la||s |||U, ^r^riejil^y ^*»u4it stiengttK t hereby certify I'llut iT nave for a nomljer of yeirJ been'troubled; vvitji a vio|entiCiojigH^atid diffienti^ of %t^tb» TSgkattd^.that l by:|lp• ttes/of'An|efs 1 bn^|3'e entirely 1^ttfr*«*Vo*fe^ '.\•'' r? ' 1 •: : I; liereby aefepl^al^bave'ir;' fCPfl &****-*4-k n ^L'J-ii ,J i'.i*2ifc» t-^«^J-# I... v *'„t*^Jv nyt' J»m Ood^|.n^vola. ; : ( . - ^-fe^' '#'itm:A|it*t«iry! and. $*» luteal y^y>ro£Jfeui»ifti ir* iskt- -, b>v i««RftWMi AJntv-iprayjEsuv • • « a (t'« VOVJUM* m unit -Tw-fe'-aniitf 2en iearipast leett^yeat y troui)M| J„ v ffi S-^ ofSf wS day^s only, I fownd «»y pam and cough, J)^ ^alev .entirety left. *u£-jfo# vWy. .formed\ .*VMi^iL -TW^.-•„-. W >\V T?i V^ strength restored, 4tattribu|e T , W yre> f ™*^Pw^tie ^y^4*a '^* T^T ;^^r.„ .**ff^, -. «K. -VWJ '•* JT JUT ' V'^ \H*fc- \.V- J ..'-i*\^.-'?'.v;' J M^ 7 *^^^' • !!*. •'.'j&eifc. : Ant wtltt«i* :Jattrt3i4 ofed, wfit Btatty' ili^ie^^lti^ai^WieS-' fief eri tire Iy to the iim of these ,dr?|is.. ^Mf,w^$e iaf<lenlar tli%tewcr^ ^ lf^|*^#tani:^47«»tJhe fentlle;'.} jinrf iKe directions areal! signed % JAMKS 'MELLEN.' NO others are genuine!.- • ; *-ftea^i*V prktfre*0 _/ • 1the^,tfernHi, . • •. . . ',.^iv^--^^ f ,Wr%^]li|ft'' *vots. The MisceilaBeou* WMIJI'W ICftl: '•4)'avra?'il0ttip*lsrey-s.;'\-'.\ * ;'*.': ? \:''.•;. • stindingWayalj.: -•.,.-.... , •\ -riot^cli^. L>ve*,:fean»la€d^flin *!!? «teej|,.by|^to^|^'^y|o|i ¥ triie,,pl^ ; .^hriij|^ j^itae. w li^^l.' i ! Vol'gi-,:-\- ; >- ! V.'.^'-.-.'-i'-t tioBiflvi<rt<*Hfc f viwNit¥biulid» : •\ ..mm. W«#fc|,-*f- ; *lnk;$w* |n*i%n : < ft .•4. • J be w 4x

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