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m^^tm?- , * '»'\AI:)F'•!'•'.: \• .'...<V \ t aring. the fe#]««»ft. York, as ^ttb:%^f%* t figo^. ffiQwWd 0rdin^fhese articles bav£ generally dedte^d during the la^ weefo ^b«ft fie :^ the south, &«<* the interior of our e\Wft le haHre blieii co^sidetabK foH 1 '*?. at! .th£%«&4et of Senec^ lake, was broken; <?pen, ««4 eleven pieces of do- inesi£ iA|xtefact»red cio# was stolen, ^hjeil^ifeieof criifie \s truly alarra- |n^.a;j4|^^^*.'\Scarcely a fiaper %£ ''Af^,?^; q, ^tirder ' or robbery |jj^n^tseE Our penitentiary sys- : : $0 : $j^$jaw& for a$. ^Jterati^r:' for ,_ •$j^$0$&.mt.-of twelve{.'^;_pj*r* ' -*4^KlNt '&»*$& commits a. moj^attrV- '^m crime in-\'a:;(ew .4ay>V a*^MsJ 1 '\ ^Iklo^kidup ia A bbuss wkere he ;:'SS ; ,;|»i';^an;^n permitted to ,'~%m ^Ol^e.,, If'ifes'goi to that ^|ii ; '|few?Sopk». applu^on is imraed** : -$fr&$icto$b t&kfttm who was last jaju^otted—the person Js sought for, '' Jjlt|k ^a^e^l^^ves to be the eul- ' |^.'i||)W.'# ha*d labor, -put • -lt|§§|n;' sQfat&y t'm^nemet}^ . which ^^^g^^e^t'a^terrot \tf* death, . ii^i^^|'p^wretch' an opportunity, up*lS^t«4 <> f re^eVtng' on his ^E^^^Mioliwillg^ralJy teirmin- it^^^;j^tiff 'jSAo^o^Falteney, :^t^be|i^rii mWl-* length of rail' ••• :, iw%^WBS'^« ; \: ! B^t; in the breach, I ' -^M'tTU*'*be-'-#^- •• which brought | V;i||S^^e1pf on- fofe'tjaefe, and. ijlliSj^e^aiel^'^was in- i^^^j^^^.^^.rand'harlert a. Wile. ?..-'•\ , >v Tbe business of the Convention* .,_. -|fi!60#sses^ipwly^Q ; m^b[- speech- Ba^iilg'*?*^ many jresplutiotis, a- ._ *^^m$|tsv%ri;d;^ fait tfiaOTol&i^aCis'^daoit impose ^•3 a| .th*^$*eeii* ^ttn^^tefiftalni fo* V : ^|%wi^a«1s^do:ne f ' • -^^W^^'.^ : ^¥h1p : 'Bb^rt •-. -^iojte^W:|^^iKJn#^a:ys '''^ti^I' s 1|i^«amx ^papfemto. .ike '4tb r > ; iPer|(Si5lV : the mh; ^he JUmdoji ac ' : ^Mif^^J«mtii f a|p4'®*fc£mg\. -;*»a : ^a ffiii ^$att of the 1 : 4 fp$£#&?< C«antikettt2':? - v ' ' ','; ^^^^jjiOaihs^ ;tg Ml W*m had f^flil^^uttjBWlckr Jhehigfiesthon- t<> them ^n the vonti- fe the harvest-~it commenced Mi% ing- OS trljf?|stj a,?r|il4ia^c6n%i with but little Intermission to presenttltnei.. ; ^.^eat ifprtion crop is yei in the fi^eld ; the injury flone is considerably great; the grtiin very^etprally Is ^pronting both cut act! uncut, atvd that which is housed is in a viEffy damp and bad condition. \\'•:\ . \»] ' ^Phiaty JiA'e ^hBlings have fceen «£' fered T6$ a cargo of Philadelphia flour, at»3 refused. The ^ojiitihued rains in Ireland have do&e iacalcubble mischief to the crop of wheat. This had pushed up. the price of new saipplfeitb 252s..' 6d, and eld to 37 and ^Sj^nd .even as high as 40s per barrel. Flour hasP* been enhanced, and wa^s selling sit 44s per bag. •. . The p'ubii^Patriot states, that the late rains have*tlone incalcttlabie in- jury to tjhf crops tliroughout the klagapm, -iEhe low lands were all covered #tli w.ater^-^in many places the Water was three feet deep. The Clare Advertiser sa^ys the po- tatoes ars pined^ hav|j^g>|fn^|u^_ ISy^iTnder'wSter. Tlfe whea% biair- ley. aud oats, uncut, wore a black, sickly look. The late heavy rains have been to ore severely felt era the Continent thao in Eagland. All the county on the banks of the Rhine had become a scene of inundation and distress^ The widow ^pf General Moreau died at Bordeaux, on the 10th Aug* ^e Gazette d.e ,-fi\ajoce announ- ces that In Madrfo^ oWthe p'tth of August, the inhabitanWi^e*^ fh, daily expectation of: djs^^|^,[e^ni|..'tr.' ; All those who -n.a^ 4 i§nyf||^i^ .to-fe^e. were hastening i$om^ P^bl^d;: Gen. Morillo had been put tipoii his trial. iErte^ligenee from Madrid, dfted the 23d of August, says, dttrin^;f$ftf last' three 4 days they had been in a state of commotion and atlarni. Mo-* •riitd- had heconie obnoxions, and eries of death to Morillo were uttered by thousands. ' -''-•- It is a^iMfted, says the lUvecpppl Adyertiset f c>f Sept. 15, by, Several editors of preign j6«mals,whose don- currence jtn a pbintt of this kipd'g|ves sonie, valtie |o ^m aNert^s-^-that the^lEinpe^i'Aleicfinde^^ ty made hisiast arrangements for an iinmediate attack on the Turks j and that ke 1 is now only waiting .for the assent oif the great powers i>f the Holy Alliance ^ to whom, as well as Ito Crfeat^lBtrtWinf lie has'specialfy cpaajauaibcated the nature of his plans ajid the ^principles of his policy.-^- T%ese plans, it is said, go to the ex- ysttlof not merely securing the Greeks (mm fk$m& insult and oppression, but pfest^hiishing their Independence as a dis^net nation. The Greek fleet destroyed; the wkote Tuekish fleet on the 2^th of July. The battle lasted three days, ahd Was very bloody./ The Turkish fleet consisted ef i% large shi^s^of m was also. tt*ed^piSiii''.^ui;der of Charle^ll&kli^^pay, He -e^eented'oii' theliiilfe^#t(iiS .^sifrt** faettires mhwrn^ eu maim- '• iutvl ||r»B|WJf|f;fry little, if of the |r|iamplml entry of the ^mpey- ov$. ft can be compared to these a S9% the Siagj is a5#ostJ, ddjuid h $* e y a»'e tearing hitn to pieces in t London, Aiwongva-dous attacks pfei|oaaiYand: otherwise, they,hav< [4&$B$$& him as f* an elderly ,^l ^ an-a«gpy bad feeling sw»|siangja& faihit him in Lnndon,; Wfcieh hat been heightened by this visit j' anH4l believe a more inefficientpersiou ^as never left to take caire of aifay-s tlian My fiord Liverpool. \Marquis Londonderry (Castle- reach that was) is here, but so unppp* ularj that the other day at the reinew. h#was surrounded by gnards/though the King ha& had nothing in ike shape of a soldier.near him since kil arrivaL , '/••'• xertioa nijjy be *c^|ect &# i% 1'ff.y leprae i»aft of theEoi^ixry, b'ufl.£'V» iu eorrect in respeet to K-be maiuilietures af the Mauteru Sut«)f:%B.i' wootlnllittO- uifte v tnr<^ are in a Slfate »t*'Iraftlial pr«gr6siion atidl. iinj^r^vfemPrill^irtW* inueb tkit they paj be ||»«»d'af all our reittij ^iues, «sd «p are.inf«n'i|ed IURL a hsrgt^ftrtipoi'tiou tif th| wooS^n elotli^ (bi\o*d i|othSjf»«!aS(Si«»ere^ $$•.) made up Jnt<^ ^ar«ieuta,Vper oTd^, at the shons of tlseftrst inf rchant 'mylors id t is io«;|i, .1,8. m ihnjestre mubutacHirei\ It is .a |aet,e.vHfcth'at mmpy E»§hsh cloths ^re (^jlVreu%,8 Auieri^n —so far preferable kte the tatter esteemed by our populaiinti. We h«4b heard a pU» waot sttrry «| en Etipish geiitie- man, who happened Ut.b*Tn this town u»td|ft.B|5; i?4ftfe-w4iwh ^ Witt\ !.«fce tijie- ttppwtuwW^l^^iat^i^-He wanted a amv e»At, and^ip^^wier in cloths himself, was very patrti^ujar in select- ing an excellent elio.tlji) aft*r elumio ihg» at several stores,lie called at one wkere there was ite^||^ large assort- ment of broadcloths, '§1M at length se- lected a cloth wliiwi^ prrtnounced of superior fabric, (M #l§«iv-hf ordered a coat pattero; cut, a*t|f?willingly pMd ; the hi«;h -price, ($l&>we.~think per yard) which his sagacliy and skill had dedarred^it worth. i$rhis cloth % was homespun, and manafactured at a milt in the vieittity of this town. Serious disturbances are said |o have lately taken pf^ce between the A merican and Briiish fisheruien. on the coast of Labrador In one *ifray H Uv#s ire said t^hnvebeen toetjt'... ; One Brifisli vessel^ aFtcrsetlih^ her load of fish on hoard, was run away with by the erew, they steered for the tL Sta'es. ;. . . HoJiee. m&) Oct. 13. W$$ with which The . o^r opitntry 'p^^^b^ji. ajflicted, in eommou with^uf \peip|pbrs of Penn- syhanla ; ,ah^ Jii\gioi^ seems, frpm all, we can. jjeaifn, '% M ||| cr # 8in S > and what is stiti hipr§^ajarinin'p, it is at the sjame time bep^y|ttg more fa- tal Hitherto t^e v deatfe hav¥ heeii few in comparison, wijh^the ibumber of sick j but stijee the cojmntencemenit T HE Notes and Account* of Mr, JOHN WILSON are left with me for collection. Those indebted are requested to pay, and (hose who have unsettled accounts -are requested to arrange them before the first of De- cember next. \ JARTIS L. SMITH. Geneva Oct. So. 34 •^ TRACTS. HE oobscribf r has been appoint ed an Agent of •» The JVew England Tract Satiety,\ for the sale of ReUgiou8*Tra,cU in this part of the country. He has lately received a larne number of Tracts, which lie of- fers for sale at the rate of one mill ^ per wmm SUPPI,¥ of ;THE. subscriber's: are.ppw^ifi||i|l^; Jgeiier^l-' Af sprt|tnfsnf of .vig^ --|^h^ • 'ptHiciiliai^'''.\^^^^-'*©^ tbe. ip%km>t-' fashbnafele Mm '$$®$L $ they iiN^eMil^S^'^ ^tdhiersf^M,':^ ; '\' v Particntlafs i ^a>fl»tii^ metft.. . • -.'. :S- j A3TB^t?LT, Ss^ 'i ••>• Hji IM'tlxln) ^ tFT; 'Ititerature t^#«fej^ wiB^ojjit?* JFillJDrm the 2®th November, «S /• *• C- of of of of of 4 iou WW; ' 1 m so Beside* a great numbir of •null*r o»e». i O^Hot two Blanks to alfrfcel Ft»r IVizes iu ih« above Lottery, apply without delay at * \ ; EstablisIieCi^^pHlll Ifci ^m Wh»t«,' in ft»r»|ii|«'iJI|ltfii«i^..__ v .,.... h»te.^n di^f^i^^pligl PEREZ HASTINGS. J Gmeva* 0*t.M< 182k, ^4 band. * Ate *K>W 'sdliiig•.'^';#W%^' /tbat thd New-York prie^tilgS ly-TUsCi' f^slb':paidfb^P)tweiSv ; '^rt^etS# of the^ pr^ent inonthi the complaint j N. B. Printerf friendly to the cause, has a strong tetadencv to teriHkiate in I are reUtt*»tej to give the above a few e ts received for Ticktets. ^^ii% a SIPW, obstinate -nervous feveV, It»insertions. is «t|^os|d;o^n^a^^ai0u^ tion, thaftneb''ar^if'pr^ 8 ^'. ^ 0O ° persons Jablinrittg^ni^eE Mi com- piaint ill^^ Frederipkffnnty,. and that out of this .jaifna6er^^,a^e ,danger- ij^y^iy'^Li.-. ^,Jv^4||^*?^^i^^^^;9,^ A young niall lately convicted in New-ifork, had^^perty there aod in Canada, which he wished to set- tl^:Qt»hii'Wife* : its-after sentence he would be <f dead ia law,\ be asked that the sentence might be delayed till he -cpuld rhake the proper con- veyances—whiek Was readily cbm* seriied tn. V lit, yoi|ing;tadi6s dr«s- p^i^li^&, i: StreweS 'ffoviers-oeJore took 'My': arrived at Bftmswlck ,oti the just. - -.Jl^'^o^^V-l^sle^-alc^g.tfae 01* scat^||y||o^ers' war,, and W* transports with 13^000 troops'•,on po^rq. xne place hetweeri Samos and- Chios. The Greeks have been reduced tp subttiission. in tbe. ^prga*-rr^„li l&.Mv./'-\ r ' '• '•\ •'••;'• ••' , |ti)a^;;|*e : mourtters b^itlltr-fed , in the fetti% vaidt oi t|^ijliustrious ' •, '•^m0,itf^ 'la>ge, t '|i*|'alreadycon- '$$$%, anc|ept;'&n||lj[, : -fa portion,' abdht 7 yards sa^ia%5las separated ft^JiJt* ws| % hastg%s of black SW dn ^ was iliiiminated with wax '4ft the midftfeoitiis sectinn a t^o . ^tppd^ on ^ne side m eoiinr ojtke gMJant father m m %^t» # IheBotWas the her. % •v • w ant brother, both mm m& Uhwite wheti ighting **Mf¥ % tyrannf nf' ittonaparte. The I#vest in ItigMnd, fe%nd, \ f» S# «*ft % t^tinejlt has «ife> ^War kad ilot been declared by B|s$fe.again*t^ttr|eyV ,' •'.'. ::•* •• V '&f&m'$toi*iti respectable house 10 L^ei^pol, ^ejj^th Se|itetnber, *b W^ntinujin^ of GMmm%h wealfe Ketawkaht'the phip|iewayJndiattH whp mardeired Ooct. H4Dtso%hjeJ# the Manitopwach liyer, pn\ the? y%0£- side of Lake Michigan,' last sarnto^,; was brotigbt to trraJ at Detroit bfeibte the suprenae Qpurt held, at that place, last week,;,fpand guilty, a,nd senten- ced to he: esgc,ojted eh; the 27th of December $&%$*\.. pFhe principle in- volved \%,fn% trial reladt^ • to this sovereignty of t|ie Ijidian tribes, was somewjbat similar to that in the case 0^mkyJ^emmy, the Indian who was 44ed at ^OUP last ^ye«C.an$l'Ter^- naijppsr. $he cogjW asag^ied (ox the pt^oner iB^epg#|p4 plea to the ju- fisdictiqn of tbe fcO/jrrt,. contendingi that the tribe of Whieh the prisoner was a raeffiber^ was an independents nation, within tbe principles defined by the Writers on the laws of nations, and such as had exctttsi^e jurisdic- tioq pf all ofleinces cpmiaitted within the lttnifs of its ter^tory. Many^ reasons were atso or^ei| bjp ike coun- sel in suppprt^ of tie principle, tend- ing; tp^sho^3 lat tbe gofenin^nt of the United States bad at ail times re^ cognized these Indians as distinct 0nr Convendon (says the Gats- kill Recorder) ha^s become sornewbat proverbial for long de|ates and slow progress;; .-;A ge,jitlernan after eiju* ^^ktlng some of. the distinguisbed na®j|:w^b a^fij/oupd in thedele- ^^i^^pii^iJ^^.ito- aiigm fee : l%ffM^0f:^0Stw^gr \forth ^ski^Wpiirmbrr body if the talk* To Souse Carpenters and Joiners, I N order to preveiir frequent mis t tikes in themaking of Window ^»slife8. whicfi v 4r*-.t* ; 'fe'^a^Wij* Ontario Glass, Sfotiee is in?teby giveq, that ail the Glass of this Kactory will hereafter be cut One Sixteentl* of an irieh short of the size for which it it sold. , «• W1V|. S* BIS ZEN©, Geneva. Qci li. 1821. '3 * —-— i - i -i .-..,). i ''• . 1. 1 \i -. I i \. . «, ' Bank ofGmeWi'Qct.lQ, 1821. - v TJffE Stockhoyiers o| the Bank of Geneva are hereby i*|qtsired. t##ay Qne Dollar and ^ifiy <peut& in Spe- cie, on every Share helftby them res pectively ,on or hefpre tbe'S^vfinteenth day of Deceinbei* next. . By order of ike Board of Directors j JMUM REES, Cmfa j enclosing the Cash,... |froinpd| dedto. '•e*rt«tt8 4 Sept. ti&MSL i»i,..-mi''(«<; *-,:- e^)rtttnues. it s A plr^tf just arrived froth Pensa- r=pia reports that a', duel bad been fpuglft there between an onlcer in the |j. S; army, said to bp a Frenchnian, a^hdCjanjE^ Gayafejin the Spanish set'vke. , Jthe differenece, it is said, arose about the affairs between £*ev. Jackson and Col. Callava. They fpugbt with; swords, and the Ameri- can officer Was kiHed^JV. Orleans Gmrhr, • Governor Worthington, it appears, has been cdiwtielled fo take several boxes of doenmenfs^nd papers that the Spanish Escrivario at St. Augus- tbe recused to deliyer. This was done in proper form; but the Escri^- yano was not imprlspned or ill-treat-j e4. It J| certain* that the Spanish authorities of St. Augustine will sur- render documents with great reluc* $&*** md I* .^^ From the BaltimoMFederal Gazette. WMiir-The following are ex- tfacts^ffoni a Ietterj date^r Dublin, ••v^'.ym* communities, ihdejpendent of the Uni^ AlSgifst 27th, t^ceived by a _ ted States, coBipetetat to form allian- j^en i| Baltimore. 'It is written by ce.s> declare war, make peace, and t<(i do all other acts ineident to a sove-' reigh people*-^TlJ^ plea, however, : was overruled, by th^gurt as iusuffi- cient. •.'•\ ;*',•. '-'-\-.'T . t ••' ~jg0gM$w, f %$Uw^m !n$an, a persptt^tta1ch£dto,me government j \This ktt||o*t)m > ts nearly tnsane> in eonsequettle M*jfa& Jong's Visit. Bank of Geneva, Oit. . }r6, \dTIGE'is 8E&I5B* PivEN, to the _ Stockholders of \the &ANX OF GENEVA, that an Election for Eleven Directors will be held at their Bank* Jog House, in (be village of Geniva, on Mo it DA r. the nineteenth day of No- vember wsotf between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock in the forenoon. By order bfiht Board of Directors, ; JAMES REtiS.CflsfiV. Old MstaftlishmenL GEORGE IfEMIlIP, E^tfBifTS the public to recol- lect that he still ear- riet on the CHMR MA- KING business at thef old standi corner of 9^tain & Castle-streets. A « he h as heret ofore been unable to wait on bis customers as punc- tually as he would wish, on account of not then having suifficient materials,he in • forms his frenda that such arrange- ments are made as will.eu«ible him to finish his work in a complete style, and when promised. ' lie will soon have pn hand a variety pf Funcy, Bamhw, mud/ Lip- A. |Tev t UwbenJMp^^ B.John Betwiff,;'Jt _ - u$%,::*^ji>Mlt|ti%', Burns,^eagft : »^|nMpiife Asell Banunter, Sharaian 3wcmt, Jo- - •iab & t Bark^ ; ,. •••<f ' -^ : '-' - >tik well, 3oBi Grttt!en«iifo>., \;>\.;\. : • :t;,; v. D Idi Diokinion, Afi D«BiDJ8r«, Gideon Dr»per. \^-'' '•'.>•. IB. TbomajiTv l^e^ilvaklo* ». H^': »at# »wt^ 15Nji«*ff Fortk Htley ?erria,01ii|lllpl^i^ 'eri-B0aeonH'en*yl«rk*^M>--.' , : '-V:-;'li : Hi Wittiam Ho^oaJ^ KjBvr, Joseph Hc»c«,.\\\ ^m K, -Mpei|^pN^ '#< »•; and in L. Sfc-ndert fitngt 1^M»M ^ don,; tr,'W tamm& «W^^P?«**. byvien. ; , ' \ :. > .-'\-,Jt^-'- \ H.- Mifchael MiiiijBliilWI la*d,, B«»|an|i!n( W. - Mf^ 5 Miller. '•* \ •.'.•'*\•'••*;* 'f^^'.' P. Jnh* Pft»k«t.'.!*#» $W r ;thantll P*rkin r |*el\-tr^*h|^ J P^ Paltnitet. ' • ''-^-^^f ; $§^-'^ ' R.-NitbA»ii#^^ , ':i^^ 1 ,, James »i>liert#» *•• ^mmagSm ^ ; 8»: : E4wara S«\^^lPM^ ;: ' ; .V- : D.lken ; tCtibpa-'8^Bih^^ • - mgm, leile-Se^tanee* ffe#tl»ttr. }.$} Sbevmiiii^.' :«**ereni .=M*. ' Sawhttifli' *\ •:[' > C3hi4r1ei^otis, tfeteey SheWtnv . f. E%6it », Tollei, m®*mi, ttayferi^oelfhayoCs., ' - '....-. v .- , '^•••£ Duscn. • > '; . •..-^ ••• .-L^iCi4«\--|^\>--4; W. John Warner* Jm^Mmm?; v Bmr Wha^;,Gh»riei J^fpi . •, ^ , Jobn B.WaraeP, J^*&&&*».' a.- ^arnn:m. -Wkite,\B«mui»i- Wi|t'«p* - Mr. Woodhull, 3imeon Wastfall,Mr»» ftrt»^»S#t?v;^v.'•.'.•-•'. ';'• •\ V. AferahtBl :; f#^|ti':-' ••.'*>- Whii&h%e can and t^^-sefl a»-low a they can be purchased in the v to t refer yo« give ypplol, Wst idea of it, j and of as |*«d wefkmanship. m T^'^r<iir^^^^i^U(t)i9''. fteiifcit, Miireh f } i9»i. i?o ri^-*sc •** r-srfe'li-tltt^CPc^ %.\i.^ ••• yp • • 's\-'ir.-£ w. ! ' \yn'iVf t\'''- J ' : 4:

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