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IN CHANCERY. /Georgee E } aud Mina ( John H. Defendants, 1 Vf low n of Seneca, county el On- tario, aud state of New-York, did, grr the twelfth day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, to secure the pei-fogmance of the condition of a cer^ tiatt Bond, bearing date on the said twelfth day of September, in the>ye»c aforesaid, convey by iud|>nt;ure; of Mortgage, to JSHhu Vary, of the',?aine place, \ all 'that certain* pieje ,of *n«tn^ fy»ig and 'being.' (B* nprtfe ^st^r^ o#* lor number thift^^^S^nihip :clcikjtHheibrenoonofthatday, \Ail tminber nine, fcrst W«f ^Wp 0 | that certai }ece or t of i aad et a stake at the north east corner oi '... , , . :**,» ji • . « .v ' WJlofM'U'&i; tooth seventy t«o Sltoa *> ^^ be, \ g in theC ° Utt \ BET\#EN Georg D. Stewart naid Schutts, and > ' (Jomptain- Brown, £ an* \IN\ pursuance of a decretal order, of * the Court of Chancery, made in the above cause, will be soldi under the direction of tlie subscriber, at' 'Wyhijjc Anctfotr, at the Hotel,, in the l»|j^ie^,j^f Geneva, on Wednesday the lAtM'ifcuy<qf.November.next, at 10 o' rods* to;a |ta|| s |h eD ee west along the dlwi§i&oVi said lot, thirty five rods to> §^7(|t.stafce, thence north twelve rods to a ^tS^ 8 ^** 'thenfee s*>st thirty rod% tq a\ ty of Ontario, beiD^pa«tof lot num- ber forty ^ve, iif the towfehip num- ber^seven, j n lne g rst t j e j; Gr ral fg^ of towns, ; jii the county aforesaid, smkeiLttheroaa ninniogby thenje^et- tjourifled as follows—^beginning on flag house, thence along said road fif- the lake on the south west corner of ty tw^ roo*i, or thereabouts, tib astake, *tl)e|^^;sas1 twenty rods, to a stake, tl]|.e|te% north eight rods, to a stake, ^e^i eMt fifty seven rods, to this jdalg^if- beginning.'* And whereas said let number forty-five, thence east fifty-five K#ds to a stake,, thence north one hundred-and twenty rods to a stake,..thence we*st twenty nine rods to a stake, thence south fifty «S^S;i7|u^ape e ;i containing fifty zcres.»~-I>ated £*• thecalutein such case made anil |>n> -1 « e «>«j %^*!T. 2 S: 1?A' .* » a .v. L*' s ^jj| tinort gaged prem if.es mkf 7Riti*bV$§$~.a| Public Auction, a,t the Hotel, inp«fl|va, on the second SjUur^ day in F||f«ary next, at two o/eloeli in the af|fcrnoon\of that day. —l)q.kd '•i i t^':-.-.; t fM»UCARY. Jfttdsan $ SckermSrhorn, Attt's. , t)|e*p^y(triiittt of the monies secured to &W? v-< fciltpatd' by aia ind'e9at«*e' : «f Morigitg^, ••• ; ':,li»!^u^d(^bjF Sa^el0^,k tymsm, oi' J^u|l^eyy|ttif^:«6jtf«r-l^ of« Ontario* to '.^Bjf^MmmWVr ^neya, b the i^uifty afbfesaid, waring date the firsi <3|^^f ,Ao^ust\ ; ,&ne thousand\.eight JbJ^ft(^.iand^^bi)f|e^' on :l *• al#thaf lot ; .'ot pMt#IJ<i>f la,fidsituate i« theT»l- ' tf |^|^i1^ultneyv^lH f ' : iBp f n of Wil- # #*• : ^ $§m f'i^' ^: t:^-- ttf^VasliiRgton street jaigo lot No.tetH 6^|tb% tiQtfil side pf the ^tpe, opposite- *f&:$fafc t \pt ^foresaid.. as surveyed l)j -,|K?f^ %i |'.he ; ips.' ) , ' i? T i hV saidi, Ri^i:gage Ihalnttg^Sem the'skid Wil- llitiii Hortseii t|» George,Alien,. JXinior. '*&&• having been*alSD assigned by the sjrhf Alitor ,tp the subscriber, under audi %|lriiie/of tie act eatyrled >^ali act to tbpli#^;?ii^rlsoi9)m^# .for debt in • eertaiw- '$%&%P . .pas'sfltr-^jpril' 7tb48i9» and in piar|^ji6^ \$p* fft4er made by •Am' •%&&& 7i, ^ <: * -Vi-^;.?^. _-> _ _.,. ._•: -. ^P«rt*tfi ^t a power coat ained iitsaior ^flPlftgll^.a'ti'd id;^pnrsuabee' of the' Ijpffteii' case made and provided, .3&?'S Jl/astcr % Chancery. ; T li§!ff£i$.pBe,^is*s.'mil be sold at pu'h'- -•*. -j^^SiawW^fi^teftiii.^^, oft /X * tlie thCw>enih day of Octoh'er next, at ' ii -^o^elt? A!^ • W^-tiitWfJipi-U ' to. F4EN, Junior, m*~ EJ.3 •pJfA^iyjr haying %en miide in ';;;^e^^|n.e'nt of a :c^rt|iin' -sum of k 'lfeepStoAAP»*« in and by a rodeptirjB or Mortgage, execu^ LlffcE^HY CASKET, LADIES' JIJSD aEJVTLEMEWS. Pocket Magazine ; PUBLISHED IN THE CITY OF NEW 5 YORK, IN MONTHLY NUMBERS. AT , S3.per annum, or 23 cts. jper Number BY- • &4M%. WOOBWORTH, THE most prominent features of thfe work, may be briefly deiiueated under the following heads? \ -.< dmerican Biogritphy or historieaJ sketches of the lives of such persons, of both sexes, as have become celebra ted for t heir heroism.virtues, fortitude, pat riot is i», beauty, &c, Original Es- says* on literature, morals, natural history, voyages, travels, American antiquities, the fine arfs.&c. Origin at Moral Tales either fictitious, or founded on events tff^reai W'e. in the United States of America. The jToi- let or a deseription* of th6 newest fashions, foreign and domestic. The Drama comprised occasional strie- tures on (lie New Yoi'ls. staiee, Ttiie. Forum bates Cfinractef manners, beauty, H.ijrcss and etltieation. , Academical Register -—including stricturea- on edmai'on. Domestic,JScoMom?/--iiicIuding >he art ofcopkery. ,B.evietoSr^of new pubU cations, foreign and domestic, jjfesul- t&ry &electims-vti\h original remarks Anecdotes—•bumoron&i literary, an<! Prabfoms~4ri the ail*and Original poeiry-~l&$c. &c. Miriam. - ' •\- . - - 'W* ' \ • ' •\ , ' • : Subscribers in the city of Wew* York, to pay 011 the delivery of eaeh number Distant subscribers to pay oue dollar in advance, or «n the} receipt^ of the jar a brief ^keteh of the de.,j in that institution.' , Feinaii ; TH«$ |Jtt»-auant to an order of the Surr|%^te i^f the-count^ of Otttario, I shall Repose for sale at Public Ven* due, on Saturday, the ^4th day of Noverhber next, at two o'clock iu the afterno'orj, on the premises, the fol- lpwitig' described premises, via :—- u Oneqer%in pi^e or\pareel of Land, situatejn.llie v|ll|ge\ofVienna in the town of Ptelps/k» the county of On- tario, beginning at ft stake and stones four l'odslfi'om the south east corner of the buying groiind, in said vil- lage, bearing south twenty two'de- grees west, and running thence south twenty two degrees, west one chain and twenty^ links, to the bank of,the mill-race, thence westerly along t the bfink of sa|d race three chaifis and seventy linlcs to a stake.and stones^ thence nortli thirty, degrees^ east for- ty two links to the l^hway^thence south sixty eight degrees, east three cnains and fif|y links along the high- way to the place of beginniug.\ qiiVEfEt BIIIIGESS, Admmistr&tor^tkSrM^te of Jasper £*' Jirake, dec. Phelps, October % 101 historicaU sciences. ^^^r«|^en, hulh of Lyons,in of . l|w , ixtb oum fe e , ftt|(| me doHa| , ^ ti^ ilott^ly-of^Qnffrio, to Benjatnir? Mfafcelthm of Palmyra, in the couni^r *feW«^4ie* : In tlie state, of Pennsy i\a- Bia, on the sixteenth.day of June, one tho^sKud eight hundred and seveuteen,! , ?#Meh said Iklort^age was duly as the ind of the year. Each number will contain 73 pages !8moornamented with an elegant Cop peiplate engraving, descriptive of A- i MERIOASf Se^NEHY. '•\ *fjg|)^d % vlke «a»d\ Benjamin to the' 3i» nuntibers will complete a volirnae M^^li & lf»- i -:^o*jrti is^er^fore ftcre^ ^f ^\'h * vignette title and index Mi Ww'»-: r riift* b« vrriito nf a nnua^! will be furnished eratis. 6^.- Ifhat by virtue 0? a pofte*; w, » * p !JrW8*e*$.rati jp^^4 : faisaid Mortgage, aid in.| Mw*York<Marc1i 16, 1821. :»n#suap^ of the statute in sack case: _^ „ . . -Wde aid prftwiiedv the lands thereby jT|EFAULT haviag been made in ^ai^yedl m& hereinafter describe*,' MJ ^ payment of the money *recur ^11 he'sold at l*ubiic Auction on Sa^ ed by an Indenture of Mortg^e execu- irlfyirtbe third da$,of Koverobe* *«•! b l &mid Miner to the subscriber, ae^tV at eleven o'clock in theforenooir,*\* hear.tig^ate the tweuty ninth day 0 imMfMr's HoteVin Geneva, viz j of ^Fehrtiary^ taso/ upon '* All that •|iA$=\^bf* certain tratct or parcel of certain piece or parcel oflandlyingin 4a*l?*&*e%*h^««wtft«e**t part of $»• village ofedeneva,, in % eojun% of tWn^ip W«nher Jwelve, in the fi r6 ir|# J ?( ftr »o* *W ft«teof Ne»4 r «rk, bpun- iriige of townships in the town of % *; $* A ^,4he sotiih by Joel Rice's lot, on l$f l V$$.'§&& founify of Ontario, state «£ (ke^si by land ©wned by Joseph # '.. Ij^^orfe. t* wit* ninety one aeresan^ JPelfowa, on the north by the creek,in iff: rlf|||farter *f an acre in the ticrth part eluding the same, and on the east by ^btinuntbei seventy one. bounded as Maid street, being aboht otte hundred N'B Tf t c mi\. «^5 in »&' M\i 1- m Jtdlow^': «ast partly by lot number fif- ; and fif|£ fe-et front, on «m street, be 3yi«iRe. and -partly by fof iinmber sev- (he saiale more or less''- Notice is «»Jy v «^eB| by number seventy two, herebygivem Tkat by virtue^of a pow- iio^tlf jiartly by lot number sixty two, er contained in said Mortgage, and of •^^^yftyiP'fioiiikBr-*!*^ threes the stsfnti in such ease made and and on the south by a Ihie running par- provided, the said mortgaged premi aire! with the ubrth line of said lot sea will ba sold at Public Yendue, at |urober seventy one^ and so far south Faulkner's Hotel, in the sairfvillaee wm the same as-fo) Include the sai* ^ Geneva, on the ioorlb day of April sfittttity •jaf ninety one acreis and a) next* at win* o'cloclrin the forenoon of ^jitarter of an acre, and no more—ex^ *S$|°S & ^l^ayt reserving out of tlie* - toWh east eorner 6f the a^ove deSeri^ lied lands, eight acres, to cxt*hd east and west ^enplains, and north and *oo«h ten chains.>V!to*etf Spril 30. dltelf- «3i !, MfllMltAS, M ajTJOX. ' that day.-^Dd^ (S^K«fa, October 3 \ 1821. y v .> •>-' '•'>•••. : wto\^mm PEIJLOWS, i .* mm } BLANKS'; For safe at this Ofee. %amt : , Mfdicme use fit _ kirn- ( (JNi,iJMPTIONS. THi^|i'ew'. and healipg Balsam, uds faiir^rhai every Medieine.here- iofore dflcovered.tbr coughs and com- plaints Qfi, the iiings, leading to Con- •iuinptioiiii and even in seated Gon- ^iiaSptiOtis it hasi&telvjeeu njed by anaby ? with the most surprfsiftg sue- %'#«&. ; If cert itfcatei ifOtti persons of ih% highest respectability,or the great and increasing demand for it, may be called proof of its good effects, it is provedi Scarcely a case of Colds, Coughs, pain in t|i#\side difficulty of breathiug, want of sleep arising fiom H||ility, or even Consumplions, but may be relieved by the timely use;of th^s Medicine. Many certifi„cate.s ^f its efficacy aecoimptiiny eac^h Bottle. :i For the satisfacilog. of the public, vhe following eertifi^caies im otfe^ed for perusal: ' . . ' \ Maving for some tithe heentltronbled with a cough* and pain ^in my side, whieh-1 was^earfiii woiil^l terminate ,'i.ti ^.0^^pif^^i^tr^i^,i^^: din%renrmings with-it get ting relief, I made tria$ of Anqfersbn^s Cough Drops, from vvhich 1 found almost im- mediate relief, and from the iise of two. bottles only, entirely' Regained, ttiyf strength.. ', r ,, J. jpi2ft$4i;Y,>,' ; Ciaveracjk&Map, 1840: & ',. ; . .. .; f .v.-- t ! I hereby certify that ^.hayejfor.a; numher of years been troijhledl.'i^i^R' violent €ongh ahd difficulty of Jjr^j^h- iog, and that by the use of t'bree bot ties of Anderson's Cough firftjp^J.^as entirety restored to hea iiw^: I [ ^'l f . r , •'• ElCHABp U. THGp|^i^ ; •.• PhUa#elpkmi Sept. 8,^yrf, I here^j certify that'\ f •|^y^.'for:fif'. : \feen yeirs * ptst been greafly troabled with a p&rin imttny sid% or h>«a%and more or IPSS eotiofi and weakness of the luogl, so as npi#^^e%a(tenl;to my business Without much ,pain, and have suffered veryiituch wiilia wear- E. P. AS taken the Stoore in Maio- street adjoining the Geneva Book More, and nearly opposite the Hotel, and is now opening a very choice se- lection - of GOODS, Suitable for the present and approach- ing seasons—among which are Dry Goods, Groceries, ,C rockery, Glass Ware, Jtecl Ware, • , , , Iron, Steel, Nails, kc. ', All of which having been recevtly purchased in Ne* York, on the most advantftgeous terms—be is enabled and determined to sell as low as can be purchased in Geneva. Geneva, Aug, 8, '62 N. B. CASH paid for POT and PBAKL ASHES. JJOBfSElSr k TAPPAN A RE receiving a large supply of fiTSi quality DYE WOODS and colouring materials.-^Likewise two tons of ^hite and Red Lead, and fine Paiats^-A'lso. „ A..#Ul.i ASSORTMENT OF fBESH - B3MJO£ : # • MBPICINE^, Which they nifer very low for Cash or Flax^Seed. Geneva, Jug. ts, 1821. t ,¥,„js .:Huii^. mum TRUSS ; Thermometers, &c. Old MstabMshed Cheap (Foot of Seueca-8t.Gpneva,Ontarioco.) THE SUBSCRIBE OFFERS FOB SALE ALARGB ANjD'.GEWEIt'AL AS. SORTM^iNT OP \ Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardwafe, and Crockery. Nails, Glass, Hollow- Ware, Pot-Ash^ Eettks, Oauldroris, Anvils and Vi- ces, Mill Irons, Saw^Mill &.'€&&sj^jCirf Baws, Cranks, geoiis,, Liver and Lin- Miuft of which have been purchas- ed^Jn fife Mew * York market for Cash. and will be disposed of for a trifling advance on the Cost. The Old Patrons of this Establishment Are invited to call, and are asiured that they will be supplied with every article on as good, if not better terms than at any ot her Store in the >Vestern ing and debiiiiating caught 1 procu- iGonatry^^he subscriber, fkerefbre red a%ottle of Anderson's Cough :.1«»*M***!> «onfidfen0e for a conlinua Drops, from the ttsc ofwliieh afeV ^oti of the hber£ Patro^ kereto- days only. 1 found my pain and cough' **$?**&$ *HM ^^T m ^''t entirely left me, and my former, * n OrdersJor Gbod« not ott hand, will strength restored; I attribute my re-! l-ecei*e iminediite attehtiohv^nd the lief entirety to the tis'e of tijesetlrops.! **$**** selected by competent .judges ^WILLlAM'«l3 : ' PEHNJMiAN. I ff:oitl v** *W*^ Q * *•* New-Yotk- Mar- \'ket. ' »W-^;1-T-.. ' •''•'•'. C&utioti— Be ^artiehlat- that every genuine bottle half' MdersotA Cough Drops\ stamped :ftn the botltie ? and the directions are all signed by JAMES MELLEN. N\O others are genuine. The above, faf£ah at GEO* Ct,AKE<— 'Canandaigua j? JOHN WIXMAMS^, Ml HITCHCOCBI, 'WA.BNER :& HiiavEY— -Utica ; And wholesale by ifotete~MMm t Hudson: who will supply dealers on liberal terms. .»•*•\ ^ October 25. iS^K ^t A 'Mmm $ Wmm Vrijm^Au village '^-the headiof 3^a|p ? streefcj isnd adjoin- are betWeen $i$i$;'ifa acres of Xfind, jwhieli w.|U he4#iteeparate Ms,if ^^m^:^fm$:wm^pmi of the^pufchase mo^W ^Muired' dbwn,^ jApp-ly toH. M. mm*%f43i«ktvki 1»* -'7.1*' THE.;*iii«fHiEST pftiois isr \^Xsfi - '\ - J?AIB FOR: '...v. : ' Wheat, JRyetyi €o;rn, 'Cfet| ? ;Pot and jE*earl Ashen, Forkj eomtiferi :1. WANTED 3000, b#4r and Fte* Sib'fe^eed and *j?aljfoy., ,'• IMMEDIATi|fcY^ ' ns o/'W^ftey:' - •'- .- 1 '.JOHN^3iii6X.- ' : Geneva, August i,.is^^^,' ' BY order Of 'fitMelW:'$eU>is,Es<}. a Commissioner, &e,~ ^oMee is here- by given* to all the editors of \^ie- phen Beekwith, of the c|||3Bty of Onta- rio, an insolvent debtor^ tl&shew cause. If any they have, before the said Com mislioner, at iris office, iri 0ent!va, on the twentieth;day of Movembfer.next. at (en o'e|oek in; the forenoon.; wliy anj assignment of the said insolvent's es- tate should not be made, for the bene- fit of all hisv er^dilara. andjie/ be dis charged pur#*at 4o|1^e acl entitled JAM1S3 A*00kcStot T, c. HAS lor sale at his Bookstore in Ge- neva, among a . variety of other BOOKS, the f«ilowing,roany pf which are late publications. A VIEW of the Cultivation of Frait Treesj and the Manage- ment, of Orchards and Cider? with accurate Descriptions of the most es- timable varieties of native aiid #Tei<»n Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums and Cherries, Ctittivated in the Middle States of America, &e, &c, fey WiU iiam Coxe, Remarks on Antiquities, Arts and Letters, during an excursiori iu Italy m the years 1802 and 3 j by Joseph Forsyth. ••,.-• AN-rrative of a Tour of Observa- tion made during (he summer of 18 17 by James Monroe, President of th© Uniied States Anecdotes of the Life of Rich aid Watson, Bishop of Landafi; Lord Byron's Fourth Canto of CM de Harold's Pilgrimage. Hobhouse's. Historical Illustrations of the Fourth Canton of Childe Haf-- rold; containing Dissertations on the • Ruins of Rome; and an iilssay oh 1- talian Literature. A * Gapt. Tufkey's Narrative of an Ex* pedition to explore the RiVe^Zaire, Usually' called the Congo, in; South Africa. The Possibility of approaching the North Pole Asserted 5 by Jiow.'^'* Harrington. f * 7 The Military and Naval dperatious in the Canadas, during the l|,te !yYar with the United States, &c. by Robert Christie, Esq^* \ •-' ***[;>*•- ' The Brownie of Bodsbeek, and Oth- er Tales ; by James Hogg. : \•'\'' Zutna^ or'the Tree of Health*$£ ; by Madame De Genlis. > *'^- r l \ Woinen ; or. Potlr et ContretT^I^ Decision, a Tale j by the author ot* Correction. Demetrius, a Russian Romance -s vols. Maodeville; a Tale of life 17th Century in England | ,by Williaia Godwin. Manners; an interesting Novel. Rosabella, or a Mother's ^Marriage; by the Author of the Romancei of the' Pyreq.eesrfi^e.- *The Balance df Comfort, or the Old. Maid and Married Woman— *% vols, •. The Bachelor and Married Man, or* the Equilibrium of the \Balance of CoJnfbrt.\---2! vols. •', - ; Lady ^organ's Franee, Harrington & Ormond; by. Miss Edgworth. MbmoiVi ! and Remains of the late Rev. Charles Bock. Letters from the Cape of Good, Hope, The Aphorisms of Hippocrates. Tales of Wonder, of Humof^and: of sentiment; original and translaKed^ by- 4nn and Annabella Plumtree -n3 vols.' Memoirs of the life of^ David Gar- ick f intersperced with Characters and LAnecdbteg of his Theatrical Cotempo- raries— % vols. The Western; Gapzettcerji or' l^nji^ grant's Directory; eontainihg% Geo- grapbical Description of the Yres^erni [States and. Territories j by &&&$$%* Brown. -- Manfred, a Dramatic Poentiby By4 ran. ' d - ,\<..f- •• - Things as they are, orthfe A^ven* tares of Caleb WilUaowjhy ^T^fiaiii Godwin--^ vols. , • A Sketch o# »he Military jind Po- litical Pow*r nf Russia, in l&it[j byj •Sirftobe^Wilsod; '' \ ;:\.T ' xM. B^y^:Travels-inMo*o<jco,-Tft? poli. Cypi%8> Egypt, Arabia.%*hi andTuifie^i •' • ..''.*-;• ' . Salt's Ydyaje to^ anij Tra^Ilf^ntn the interiorjnf^ Abysiniar* •* '* r ;-Langsddj|fa Voyages and gravels in vari^tii^arts of fhe yV&tyUt >» ;lo¥ttbu^Tra*e1a [rihr&t^^^ Russian ' : M^m\^^m^ f*t Poland, k ' Ca ' A ;pt. JjiniiS Mfey^lirarratiM. '.' andNatiii'at t^wgy-\; with a SuntA Br. Faley|^^ -Williel^Minestie Eftcy'clopediii -^•4\v6ls^|^ ? ''' ;•••, • '•. ••**•• • The i^^Maweous Works of Coll David Humphreys. . ! Locke's |Jssay on the Hdman tender* standing^a vols* Flatai-ch's Lives, Translaled from t be Gre^k, hy Laeghorne -^8 ,wU. t ^» e l^lffe Christian Expsrience, &c, of the Rev, Joghaa j^a^den^ ^ Fergnsoh?s Lectures on ^ech^cs, , Cavailo*s ; Najtnral or Expe*iu>en(af Phdosttphy^y^ ; • _ .7. ; t ^_^ 4 Rollin^,^n^|lii^ofy,a fiite^li- ttan, in iq.'y^jyarionsly bound* > , ;'i %aJVbr%|f the Rev* Jonathan \.an act io^giv^Mlefih: eases of S*ifi,Deanotlt..Patricl'f; arr*ftg> m^m^m^^mm^m^m >a by »nias^ She^anT^ith Notes, 'V r,! 'f M'~-'-

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