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& .isSw^rw jfhirltg the hk'U^gt menty three thousand nmejhimdreimd five Ipomds of Maple*St*gar 3 W*M* i in the to«n off helps. 0n the SHsT tew-fek for \ |s&$- gIB #e Greeks j a vessel of the line and .inaj*yfr$n sports, with A^ajifc troops on hoafd, baye fallen a .pi'e.y- to the Sanies,, an4^ other, transports have been sunk. ' \ '• Blilli-gaiii &n&W^^xmsx have .been [tried m& f^imd -guilty of cobbing the- iFii^is/B^ifei »n New-Jerk* - The^|. r '<P|?.^«i#'asr, €apt. ;CJjflnjj-: plio, •Si-f¥i-f%4 irtli late hour last eve- ning, frpth Ilbndoin andha? brought an ©veniugpaper of the^jSth of Qcta- berW'&liice' our last, we have received rfegiilar; files of papers- a»?d. jUoyd^' tor >• JaJB^bjy• J ; te^#ij?itj|5;h'jp|[ekei Jle's _ \.of Engfisb^;».nd ; NQ^ I &- .The.•Fi«^tdii'fri|f^te:hM^^|*i^.f at - IPortsmoutfe, with t%\r^i«^i'ns \of'j>fa-'* jor Afodre y*a convey e*«l' tp jp.^pr^t^e loneraj'eaV qtt wlileh ttj^bSoy of Boftnparte was carried to tl)e7to«i|>: also* his n^nuy scripts, sealed tift* and addressed to Hudson koweV George tY, ; had been indisposed at BrqsWiels, but '\it was -expected bewotihjj^ leave^tnaV^^ 1 ^ &** England on th« Tli# j nt^riigeri^e front Pa reel oitii is to t1i'^i^'»C^|^9wWiv':' : b is said |\that no ace# : aiei<iea Can he formed. |-of thedes^tfbn wMfehreigitaiia that •city.: \Theghfealth bulletin\ stales the, dead,.ttt.4$,and that of the)>ick of ilO|\WI;.aa|s the letters, the ioha„bi-, tfttits fewoW-to theft sort'ow that this is not a trif;^,estimate. Bar ee JoW l*p fea»bl§4 4 ;,i||wn deserted; froitn ,30rto 40#fttf m• ijle . ^obabitao Is hac£ fted :from^tlic.'c|i^' ;•- ' \*\,'.-.. '*'\•\' - . Advl4e^,iF4Jrt~--Ma4vld' 1 :' are\ to;, tlie Mh' ; ol &9fit3l&Qis ait whieh tithe a great ''flmrtgg '\ita^ftlfren jplaee b the I ^tthive rainu, ffodvtifj£uj|$' wjlf e ij& a ihore |^^tJ#*{aitk : ; '.'^W'K'ing arrived „a# ¥l padipj<l^hilhle 22a? ©n *he tiejtt day> lie?^eceltfed*;fcide^utfatioti frohi the au- . th«ritif8^^^^Tre^sed ; #fe satis,fae-: tirjn /$*th |he &|id;uct of Morillo and ••{Saa-Jtta.i4ip<. Ill».Dow*&(d the latter la appointedPpliiifsal, Ghief of tliat ci- tjrv ^he -pbt.'.pi^pftratoi'y.^'-aiiiii' wag Jhe;Id on the 24l;h... . v . 4 latt^ JrpBV ^lia©^^ in (tie .:tew^\lwe'1tjnf'of' lti^lafid:|ntehda il as* *he^a«a^rc|ie|aong^rioee8s of Hesse, the #&ughtejp \bf the; reigW 'in^EIeetbr^;.'. P George I|* was \the last sovereign' wlio riSlted hre HanoVeriaiti domin- ions! his titja was anly Bteetori— (George W. will be the first who ever emered ft with thx'e tjttj of K.higi;-^- Five of the'King's brothers and sis- ters are ; n-.oW on th% Coatinest^ and were to meet hifli f$ it alio ver. \ Thej]bantfgra;faof fltesse wasnegD- ciatiug a lo^n of ^ftj thousand flor- ens, wbieb wfes intertded to defVay the expeosef of the \of\of of receiving a visit \ft-ontihe jgiD% of Jkirgtaijd, ' •. jBQ»^e» •Gfrif'$&c)i(tng:t,- Qct. «•. — We had an initiiease supply; of wheat tjbis ntorniiigj froon Ess^x, Kent, Saf- falky aad thfe northern seaport eonft- ties,- >Meh -tegethejr with what re mained over from last week'* arrivals, produced* an aittiost total stagnation on the taarfeet^. What sales were madei \were only of the finest. old wlieatj.W'hieh obtained last Monday's pcicess.bntna sales of the new coold he effected froai the da«ip state of the From MelTs Weekly Messenger} a Lotidun Paper. ; An evening paper says, we 'have been favored with the .following es- traet of a letter froni Milanj by a commercial ho#£ in #ds city of the highest relpectability. and whose fnercafttile connexions with Italy are of a great ^xtent-* 4 , Milan* WMwsdayi^rMingi Sept. 5. 'We wejte^|l tnuch astonished to hear <o£ t^J^ueens dejith j i^wais in- deM,s»3de.h\; bat will yon not like- wiie'he surprised to hear that the fa^- JJ\QU$ M. B'erg^%i,;is \also-.\dead ?s— •!ik$ ^B«en died do the 7fh j he died oil, thf 1 Qth, with a coinpiaint in his bowel?^ % first bearo* it reported in this ifeity', an4- jbf^i' il'fonfirimed on •niy visit to the TiWe d'Jlste, on the fake of CottioC This is where the }%jeen livedfatid it still belongs to her, or at least her executors.\ ' Oor jreaders will observe that it is ^psitively stated th.at tHe Report of B:ergami's Death which the writer Jfeard 5 af MilaW, was confirmed to kimM the Villa d'Este whither he af$firwa:rds'went. Counterfeit #?!£$.-r A. nfew ttaiission nf eouoterfeit teu.'dollar^ fells of the Mechanics 5 Bank, tias|p8t toade ih^ir iippearapce in (hi? eil|' They ;^fe jniejided to imitate Plated, and &,r| tolerably wet! expcuted. The dam lately built $t\ the Hudson river, at fort Edward; to furnish an wdditiotial supply of water to the northern canal, has been very mate- rially damaged by the late freshet, i Jlmericm Genius and Enterprise Be- ioarded. Our fellow-^citwe ( n 'George flymer, the inventor of the improved PRIN- TING FlpSS, harbeen more suc- cessful in introducing the Columbian PrintingPre^s intoth? •\Old World? than, his most sanguine hopes have 1 led hhn to expect. Ife had put into operation in England, August last, 86 Presses; some to France, Rus- sia, South America, and 4 in Asisa^ and( the demand increases, as the knowledge of their superiority be- comes extended.-— Doytestown Cor. ; ZtegharUf Sejpt. 10. The spectacle which Greece now presents, abandoned as she is ; herself, is truly iroppsing. She is without armies, Without ainniunition, and without, ships of war. Her sol- diers, like her ancient heroes, are obliged to defend: themselves with clubs and slings; ant| yet in this for- terri situation theyjiave twice con^- ;quered arid desfrdyed two Turkish ficrtillasihave re.diicedahnost all the The National Intellegencer-of the 10th instant, makes \the re- marks concerniug msitlufactures and the public revenue: \ '_, ( * It begins to he known, beyond a doubt, and universally acknowledg- ed, that the manufacturing interest ofj this country is now prosperous in a degree far in advance o,f the two oth- er great interests of the country. All the manufactories properly construct- ed, and managed with even tolerable skill and economy, yield a very handsome profit Oft their investments, and are not able to peet: the domes- tic demand of their fabrics. It is certain, that manufactures of woollen and eotton cloths are so far encoura- ged under the present systems of du- ties—-which, as one of ourcorrespon- Bm just mem$ aJh-is Mock-Stm f& his slock of «0>0IC8, consisting of yafua.h e standard W\orkg indiffer- ent branches of iiterarure, and late IPbblications-i-all of wlii^h will be sold at the New-Yiwl'lc retail prices, WITHOUT ttddin*t'lktsspGrtettion ; and to hibrary Companies, nnd purcha- sers to a considerable itfcnooDtj a hand' some deduction made*. Jl great variety iw g«!«/Clj $ prices (>f FAMILY BIBLES; Octavo, School and Potclcei Bibles; €o.inmon Prayer, Bofiikss;; Psalm and Hymn Books iordilfereBt religious de- DU\IMnations. A tnrqe supply of SCHOOL WOKS, \Wholesale and Retail j mi\ CLASSICAL. M)QK&/ g'uch as are used in ibe Geneva, and Q| her principal Acadeaiips in this state UKEWlsE—A ttAfCDSfOMLjEASSQET- MEBIOAL BOOKS, , For sale as above — v fortress of the ArchiprelagQi, and the dents observes, is just beginning to *••'-**\'•• - be felt-^—as to. Deed no further aid, and indeed^ to desire fforn Gongres pnly to be let alone. On the subject of theJ reyeiipe for 182]fewe happen to knoW that the revenue for the city of New-York, for the three first quar- ters of the present year, has •copquered ?T,urks have surren to the drreeks, armies ^hic'h were destihed to have pern eniployed fc; gaiast themv Sept. IS, 1?he Tui'ks.ofMonombasia, who have surrendered that fortress were struck*with the firmness displayed ip I considerably\ exceeded that of the their copferences by the Greeks. In cOrr^sQonding quarters of the year this fortress,- of the strongest in the a, the Greeks have found tharj 0,000 stand of arms, It appears, from a list of cbhifiait- noents to the Bridewell of Edihhwgh, frw :.|ffiayl|j8% to May J 821, that gome of the individuals had b^b s e «t Ihere hy the^policethree or fotifctimes (Juring the year. One female, in the ''Qtinpfe ! of hetjtfe, hadl beeni returned |lif||S| than twenty tini^s to this re- Hejpl^le; another, a bo^of thirteen. tf Ifines * and several so ofteti as 10, #r dfcent peripds, fifom 3ip!too0 '0&0. •V'l!he age of \the 3ioungest was $Wf$fpm r ^%eeniw for which - ^-#iks; / ecHai&tite^'.^ftii begging! more and a great quantity of the naunitions ofj war^ ; '\.' •- From tfye Albany fl'alty.Jldverfisif.. A raft, containing from 30 to 40,- 009 pieces, was towed into Whitehall, from L*ajte Champlain, a short time since, by prfe of the steam boats on that lake ^ and much of the lumber, mentioned in yes'terday's paper, as having, passed through the northern canal/;to the Hudson river at l^ort Edward, cameJfrom thstt part of the feke which atypmi therOanada lirje, ._• Pilot, JRotii Jimp, ^Yesterday^^ was appointed to dwide the interesting frial of sailing hetween the i*ilot Boats ^rafid Cattal, Captain JPeter Sawyer^ ^nd the l^rinwner, Captain Jarties Kelso. Th© bet Wfts fjO>r pne thousand dollurs, besides other indi- vidual bets of a large ftmoiint. At )6 minateg past it, 4. 3&, bbtlrBoats *tartea froni the Wke Boat j^ae^ to the eastward 4& miles, outside the Hook^ and be^t to wra^Ward (whit a very strong westerly wind diea*! 4 a*- heaid,) to $ Sta&f jBoat at Sandy Blook. The TritBraer bMfe up to and passed ronnd the Stafce Boat at 1 o'clock,,8 miuutejs and 33f seeoDfds ahead of the, Grand Canal,ihej) bore away Joreturn to Jthe? pi ace of starting | the TriW- o$0reontinuetlahFad--.when wjthinSi bout four mites of the Stake Boat the Grand Cahal settled awa^ her main* sailfejuid '^rlw'nne.r. w^s declared the wiafiug boat, if) Wl lie observed tb*t tley bea^t twelve miles to the wittdward in the astonishing short pe- rion of J»ne hour and forty five aiia- utea.- \ Oq'Baglfi'NejBK;,,,\'H^liiiojh\ *cojt»n(y f ia, on the 29JLU Oef. jasti Mr»v Susannah Ford, aged ame hundred and thirteen years! ;mTrt~**v.imm&mi B\ BANK C^P-^KEVA,.'. ;.;;:;;; -'/.,.--^<»&27, mu OTICE IS 8]feBtB!Y GIVEN, to the Stoekholde'rs i>f the BAN|: pp ME«EVA, that an Bl>eti&n for Eleven Directors; will lie hll#>t their Bank- ing House, in the v;iMag^ of Geneva, on •J'sjtDA ^r, the tfmiifH day\of Janu- ary rm&t, between the'hours of 10 and %% o'clock in the'tW^iioon. ? • •\ j&y order of tke~ &ocir& of Directors. JETOttlo^ SebooL i-'-N MVMM%YG SGMO0L wilk '/%,,.- he opHfiied on MONDAY evening next* eorner of feeneea and Water* streets, G. CWQOD, Geneva* Jv^w. 27. ftAglMIC NOTIG HE Brethren of @ENISV4%IIH& •h$to&p~'&t<&< infbrnifed that, the QuarteWy ||«eting and -Afttlinki[Elec- tion will b^eldon WzDmbmr, the 5th of December next, at B d'cloefe, ?. M. A punetoal attendance iiespeet- ed» Bj #der, J; S HGGAHTH, &&$.:... a, JVov. 21. WENT am STATiaN48F Vi ,; Among the Books nmv 'recziaetif are e the jolhimifig — •••:•••;• Marshall's Life of Wmbt iug- avt ,\ Shoolcrafi's Narrative .3 uiit-nal ofTrnvela in» .1820' . ., .., ArtistB Manual, or Biationary of Bjpuctipal Knowledge in the appliirat'i* >o oflPbilioso. pby to the Arts Be manufactures by James (Ju.tb«sfc. ••?. '. Ferguson's History of JBonoe Stew a a*s Piulosopby Of t he ^Hatnart Mind Pitkin's Statistical ViewoFtheUnited States The Federalists, bjr Hajniitoti, Jay &? iVladi- son % Vatiel's tiaw of BTa|;ioft« Views ot the So|s'ieij^*jd ajspners in Amer ica, by Mia? Wright -' ( ., Collections of.the Nev-Vork^ IJtstqrkal So- ciety, lS2t...-p'\. Posers* Esaay'Sil tie «vil8 of popular Ig- 5 ' orange . , % ''. .. >.- ^'actibleVtVeatiseonlJ^ein^and Calico Printing'^ by Thuiiwsi Oooper The Village of Mar'.enUo pi, by Migs Porter Sit >k spear's Piays, 10 vols. 12 nio. plates, &c. • ».'•• do. €v«I». ISmb. do. I vol octavo Ferguson*s Astronomy-, plates Gonversntions* on Natiital Pfctilosophy ^TUinian's -four to Qii*besc •.'•&• Squthey's I^ilife of KFelson «?.p.\ ^ches of !phar!)es Pilill »p» * Esq. :D'A>nvilTe'a Ancieai; Gfeeography Morse's Umvefgal: ^ewgraptiyClaBt edit.) HuuoftVMfa'-hematics drenough*s first principles ofQeology Bvan'fr Millwright's ant. Miller's Surde agpby's Eimgojni** C3ui^e: to t*e We^teEn: SoatfiTtvestierri St»t«8and TerrItoiie» p t.ife of Kgpplean ^uotanparie Wai^ef's Sermon's : Life of Sir William places Miason's Plea for Saeraibnenta! ConiiBunibn The Mysteries of;Papei'y linveiled, in the: unparalleled sujSeriil» of John Cousfos,; at the inquisition oC Lisbon} to tfhich is added, the origin of\ the Inquisition^ & the .- Master :i?ey to P'sffej'y Bennett's, Shey's and Jackson's Syateinsof Bjok Eeeping history qf Sandford and 2Mertort burlesque [ transact loo of iloonef s Illiad Ovtd's Vfetaroorpb «fjia <Jbesterfield8 Principt*!) of P»litttiesB ^helpiey's Lectur€B can Antient History ''jSoyle'iseitne, iijips-nv*^ ; ;Gp}i>b& > insearcb of a TMife Supon Munohuasen's Adventures TLiife of Baton Trepek ^Peter Pindar's Works,* ;vdis. 18mo. Adventures of f etematifelms Poetical Works^of Jfames Montgonsery CMrver\*9 'PractialHHcrtase Mttiit fCnox's Winter Evening* prolan Bible Josephtisfs History of thel Je^ws Job^n's Miniature JJfctionary \Wfeblter's Philosophr<al Grattieaer jifgrtajjemenV of tbe Tongftie Cbristian's Manual of J*aiib> &C» Taylff's life of Christ Constitution of the PcfiBbyterian Church in the United States ' penaoirs of Mrs.Martha Uurens Ramsay ,8aton*s Manual of flo^ianty Goldsmilb's- Natural ibsvtory abridged Hooart*s Compan ioa few the festivals fc Pasts of the Protestart t E|pi6co|isl Church Wilson oh the Sacraimnt THQMAS* Practice of Phyic; Cooper** Surgery; Ricberand f s Physiology ; Accums* Chfimtstry, Ac0«m's Ghenoical Amuse* merits 5 Parfce's Cbeimicai Gatechism ; lJa- 5 chart's Domestic Medicine i Bard's Com-\ pendium of Mtdwifefy \ Henry's Chemistry {new edition}; Maclean on Hydro.thorax; Wis tar's Anfttotny;. Pharmacopoiia\ of ifrej; Uaited States;: towftscnd*s G«id» :<m.' liea] tb s Cooversation on Cheini^lry, '^^if * on Abo,|tiorf; Orfila on Poisons; 35ichiMjSji.fi the JMrembranesj Sie&ats' PhysiQfc^ieat 3 Ite8earches uboft Vm & |Jfeatb:f Batidefoca; 'i que's Midwifery } Dorsey** Surgery i Car* \% sey's Copper's Surgical pictiotfat^Jt.Jiafijs^^ ray'S' Mateitia! Medioa-f <Qui.npy*a ^dfejl^ ' Leiicori improved by Ijoapcrj Jobn?^''* Charles Bell's Anatwny,& Physiology}. De- sault's Surgical Works; Bf Ipa, Operative Surgery t Bejathin fell's Surgeryy-*13oyer^ r Treat ijie on Surgical Diseases-CChaptaP^ Chemistry^Cheseiden'sAtnatomy--Bree'bn As ihrina— Denman's Midwifery—BIumefi* bach's Pbysiology^Hwlleits. Physiology—* Jones on Hemmonage'~Eclinbuigh New Dispensatory, wijhlatgc (additions, by Doct* Uyckman—.CorVisart oa Diseases of the Hearth-Larry's Surgical Memoirs—Barton 1 * Oulien's Materia Medica^-'Htunter onTTeris eral-r-Bell'8 engravings of the Arteries—do. of the l»*o$cles and Joints>HBuim* Obate» rieal Works—Burns en Inflamation—Bell] onrWuuads-*-Tpansactions .ojn the Physiqa- M,edic»t Society-w-HosacJS'f Practible No» fOlugy—Bell on the tfrelhn 1 —M-itson^on ^JFebrile Diseases—Darwin's Zoonanwa— „M;iedical BepositOryft-Cullen's MatpnaMed» 'ica—Hunter on the lildod—Medical and Sprgicarife'gister, Parts t & 2— Imte* on the Muaolea-^N«rtb on the Spotted FeVer-? N HamUton op Purgativesr-H^milion on Pe?, noKte Compiaints*—MaaSacbsetts Pharira,-,** paeia^Trotter on thfc Nervous Temper*\ ment^Copeiand on Piaeaes of the Rectum -^Saiwdets -on thfe yyer^Belt's hystem of Dissecttons—Anstofl»i>ca> ExHtninations-* Ricketson on Healtb---Hn(>pers i Examma? tions—Scofield on' Gowpock-^Bill's Annatr liticrl Vietv^Assaiitta On the Pisgne-rAb kin on Uowpock-*WiUiapaaoH on. jUlim*te. O-Btt&vA, Nov. 28. aln* Wtigthe last se«en ^earsj tS,f53 'pectins had been cojflnterttted for trial far criniiiid ofeqees iiiJEttgand and W^les, of whom 640 wpi;© executed, * B,t - fojnmitmenis fiaC nioRe tian fed since the yearl|i4;' He hMftdred aind sik shipgj gbn* taiftiftf 17^25 Convicts, had pro- c|ieidfed with bmvicts tQ^Jew South Waiesj ^oW^re^t Brtlaftt'atid |r6- ;: Trei$te,:JSept:9. ' •' The- newfof the~seeonid defeat of tlm %rM§h fleet,in the water* of fa »^^i^aNeflgrti dtMiSrbaed.* .*E'm •into the hands of „-r: - • / , J -. I - 1- ' A writer in the Cah&wha JPress, has been amusing the gogd peoiple\ of Alabama, with what ha calls ** stric- tures on the ancient and modeMMheo-* ries of Astrotfomy;\— all of wfiich ho eootends are erroneoosf and h e pro- poses to '''publish by subscription a book, in which he will demonstrate t his, and exhibit a correct' systenai of the universe, founded on principles altogether new. ,? igan Bttd Welch- of the I*henix The trial of r$a% for the ro Bank, terminated last evening about to o'eloek* The jury was out less than art hour, and returned with a Verdict, to? guilty. GOFF, _ ' a •. dp JJTriN,UES \THE Cfaair Making Business* A T the stand for- merly oecnpied h] Goff8{ trusdeiiM Main^street. llavitofi; fu rbished himself with a large quantity of (SP best materials., and procured a nuinher of flie first rate workihep, he will endeavour to kpep on hand a general assortment of Which he dam ^ not hpsitate to say will be made and 6n|shed as good, if not better, than at any other shop im the than western country, and much usual for the same qua friendi are rer|«e8ted to call for theinselTes. ^ : Geneva, M%%0* • ' ^ His — 1 mill ij..il|,>«iiip, V<1j<«('>.wffi:'^- ••'^iiS IN'CttANCEllti '„>; ' ••*} P ' .BETWEEK. !t-_ \'4'>Z George D. Stewart *ud Minavd Sehutts. and . Joh* H. Brotirn, £ ' ««4 I N pursttaneetff a decretal order,,of o the Court of iPhancery, made i« v , the above ea«$e, will b> spiel* oiide? , the direetioD of th? stihscriberi aj,; Fnhlic Auction, at the M&&, W#? , village of Geneva, oo Pedpes43^|^ V 14f% day of November wftti, ai %Q s?~ elock in the forenoon of th?ttday, 6 fJ$i.-\ that certain piece or parcel of |fin^ situate, tying and being i» thecottii- . ty of Ontario, being pa.rt of lot nu%^ 6 ber forty five* in the township nuja* her sefen, in the first tier ot; range of towns, in the county aforesaid- hounded, as^bllovvs—beginppg on, the lake on the south west\Corn^.of ^ said Jot nnmber fort^.^ve, H^x0, : ; : east fiftyvfive rods to a^talke,;th^cs>,. north one hundied and twenty r^ to a slake, thence west twenty riftw* '•' rd^s* to a stakef tbeiVGe soath fifty\: .vine degrees, wesithirty rods,4hence south twenty jfive degress, east fosty^ . two rods, to theplacieof beginni%, containing fifty acres. ? '-^B&&$ <b^# neva, September 26* 18^1. : ';_J^^K^ti...3W^OT^ .„...• •\. Master TkChaiWrtf* \ , ..i » I.HIII I . ii.irr.ni , j | i \,.HI i uj. . M ..\ j ••.--.•; .n:j,)i\\lS j ' _ VTiClCETS' '•M •<m 3® • ; -»l LITMEAfmM LOT, TEMf, im t>, Have rtsett tb $t& ¥%k day the Drawing- cdtnmetices. Apply at SWEEN^Y'i before the capital pri* zes are drawn from the #heel. A, ftw Tickets stilf revfaM on hand. &eneva r JVM, as, 1831. Christian Soldier, or Header* taken by Storm, SpaffordV Gazetteer of the State of 3Sfew« Bapk of Genem, Oct 16,1821, 'TiE Stockfaold^rs of the Ban-^ SiT^r^StMi&^itxiA to success in' «f Geneya are hereby required to pay Ooe Mar and TOy^€ehts ip Spe*^ tie, onevery Shareheldhy^hem re^s* pecdyely s on or before the $i&\renteentb; jav's §ermcns day of Etecember next* Buck's theological MciUsnaTy ^~ ----- - jKlstman's ftjasoniic Melodies Krtickerbocker*isHistory or K Iforki 3d edit, Morse's large Abridgr*i>ifint of Geography Cluthrie's <5eograp>hy> I«» proved tetters of the BritislaSpy, by William Wirt The 6ld Bachelor^ by tb*e same Zimmel^man on p»|iu»de Civien of the \World* by_ Goldsnoitbi Ossiari's Poems World before the IFbtodf by Montgomery McFingal, by Jfobsi ftUrtibull fo^ti&ai Works by John Mritoa tJemains pf Henry K»ark %\bite Bodrdofmtwtm f JAMBS''MIS, OasW '*.. %T$L$8ffi> or stolen from; lbs subscriber, in Attgust last t\velv0 yearling SBpein^ mostly EWES f mayfeedwith thelett^^ppthe rump. Also, about the j^ddi^f October, Th^Boqaet; consisting of_the Pleasures of; nilie'^WESV'ivlth'tlie'Kfcei-inarh; Oil the nighi side, and a halfpenny ofi* each ear. A handsoaie reward yffi\, be given-for ret«rnii4g.fh0ni, orgt? •vi-ng information w here; they are. ,-,._ -.•-,;; , 5mH tStoOH. Gemm, $qv; 6* : *^ Hope and M^rnoiy„ aesd l*ains of Menlory -Obaiirtef's rjiscoarseai-os thte Appiscati&n of Christianity to #ie .Cot^iocraial a»id Cirdin- ** ary affairs of jU*fe. \„ .-\.- ; -;.•-••> •'•\-••. Egnilworth, by th.ea^ui^or of tVav feriy, Sic. I^arihoe, by the g'aiiie. t*Ma Bookh, by Tiio^i»s? Icoje, Valney's Bt^fins^anesw-?ra»sla*ioa , # Interesting history »f ^tMai the; beautiful Indian of tbeMissisippi,l>yGbateauliria»d Jrtrtbi»'Letters . , • •:.:•':.' JJarrative of a Journey of 5CQ0 mileS thro*; the Eastern andt, W^est eiia-Stane* ofJiWeiri* Ca ; by IX. B' Itear«n * .'-. - • \ :\^T$&tmmm- WmU MmtiiaMy & few hods •• : ;;w§^;.;.: • ' • ' , • ' ' ' \ / * - '• ' \ '• .V v 1 a - •„:::• • • . • * w • -M0M •.-. mm.

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