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Geneva palladium. volume (Geneva, N.Y.) 1816-1828, December 05, 1821, Image 1

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„./' • ., ••/• M . „ • ''>!'• IIIIIIMI '' '' WMB^»Bg»gggg^H^ *-4&&h$^gM&&/$ifv.w8$&jtf&&£-,si? m$vm r. ^to* ATMISftmim&a*Ffc$tMI• SE&^A-WHSBT* GJSN*?*^IH^ ^SIll\Sk;>? ';'. .V.,' ^0m^mrmmm^;^ mt, ;; ;. ; •;,:•• .t^ ,;•••[ \-rfaiim am- flfilwi^ i.iniiiJN-nn „ in nii-'inikmi cmim - iii'imuiinn'i I,II > I»;.IIH.I.II, 1 I..JIII I II.I » ii t iiiiiiiit|imjiiiiiii u iiii|ii|ii iHiiiii.jjijiiiijjfii j.^il)/iLfMliiife|ip;'' i n iiniiiiiiijiiiiA Ittii. !• nJra^ii 7T ;?,t?\\--r < ... nil, in in i ''' : *Tbe MloWHig/ ere that t^Ms-jon,.. if hicfe tills pajervwili lie ? ]p3i#i^bMji andean In.no instance-, fce-vdeparted: • -'M Village, •SH?i5i#IIjef4' 'Rwo $«s& «||^lial%iar|^;;^:;'. ,.-•.• %• .-•••^. ..$fift#ge' 'p&)|^jpt^^fie^i|I;ase' who feali- at tfee omef^^P #»». .. 1,»teem% Fost-Eiders, S2.6Q, .i#^p#; •\. , •.-.' '^foVc^%Wes.' of 13 or itfw^ds $% ^, e #5 '? t berw , s.ej Two ^ol|ar8, pliers ^sm|i»tt# ! » &btt » t payment lliti'.'toHtti*,' aud : <li';#^ry%«bs«c|«eiit &||r$i^^wenty^frpeii^ & aedac* #on^^liveiity-fivel^erJseilt nj»de ta Wllb advertise by ttie year- Ko SSL tiM m mm, ,^^mMentk . diseoiili Jttekei f t..ifcf*4 noed «?itiboat tiobs fnUstbp post paid. GommBniear !* >«»U.,U,^' ''\P&J4 \ HS^OTftB, Am ,ay'f »<ii n»n ii i i|iin iiiiigiwNjjppii SO, ; ^1 JpiSi 'ip ^tSB AND p?fit erf \Jje^i% iwer a low rude fence, Whieh ipefed a burying giound, 1 was rapM'Jy siskingiHtoa iiappy un- \conscioo^ess ©f surropoding pbjeets, wbeii a barsb and disqnant .voice, very near to the spot wl^re I stood, attempting a song, effepftiaily dis- turbed iay reverie. I ]|stened, and caught the burden of the doleful dit- ty, which ran thus: * I'll make Mtn* dwelling wHI last fop *ye, And atony fre*b bed of iis nattre clay, day, • i . ' ;^- v * , At the gtocetcrP^dwrniter shall melt «' '• ,.. ( rr. Who^e\rev^gri4'a'Dpeamtice,^5.inuc!i' as ms;,^^s|!&nal : cbae^jg$$i^ elairo'. ed resp^e^ pfllided tMwJffio? wbicli was borne toy 4our ineii, and ibliow- ed by a traia of moiM*ners of both sexes, coiapeslnf^ as I afterwards learned, e^eVy inhabitant of the vi^ lage Whqi wasj^bfe/to walk, The tone of the pailkp WaVempbatic-r-the sighs of th\e#ttendia»ts deep and fre^ qaent. Donald aloite \was unmoved, he stood by %^de^|f the grave, and with stern cotnposttte threw tbe earth on the co|Si)---then rested *on ;tiis spade notil the company separated, aad marked tfeem a^dapart without a\ word oran eHietioa. I rejoined im% when the grouud was cleared; he an- swered nothiae to my questions j Ms oaly exclaniabdn wis, '* I ninst drinU njy bitters without thee jdew' !* tie proceeded to 6U »pthe grav^ and then with his spade q«j hif ,sh<JuT[derj took bis way to the village haniming broken frligBients of the song wluch .first attra0tedl'^le. , * , it* ym none;'' '*'fordid shatfer w* Replied tbe hhti^mmM mosfc*-*^ • ^his;inefid4|e*'..'WiB v :iad Jfro*t ^b* veneildbii•\ G»Mfftod^re*s ^wn tytv&t . Bait. Mmk^itifaftiii - ' - _\. •*- :.'5S * I'll give him »ncsner*ld quilt so green, Twa blades tf ^R|S» mad a flower between, And $£ mi^nigfct fayi^ with their mantles •&h?ef»i r '-- .'.A:./ .,..'' ... Shall come here t6 4 dantjc in the Gold raoon- ^I^now more ©f the singer was irresista^fe j aij^ in a few 1 Commodore Mmray^tom asketch, moments had inhered over the of the life of the late Commodore xiwsp^r* i:; ,.---€A9tt.I*AiaJf--*qii. t ; , fence, and sto^§» the side of a new made {grave, inf^bpb, some three ojr four ^t.-be|o|^;-$b^-«urface : ' of the eurth, ?3L hoa||^eaded veteran %as murmuring ftiL ;1iajp« notes, while the clinking of|its ij^de against the R:...... jrlBiBifcirtly^eifelireil fetfejr«ttp- ' f, which ate, offered for Bale at ::-- •iii r » : sii-. : v'••;••' F Ol^ the belt** accommodation of iiercbatit^ and a/thel*i the *«IM seriber will conmieBce rurraiog '-.••.-•;• ^•X^^W'Bwiis. ';•' ,'*'•--'; As soon a» the \liaVijgallon opens. tobchloWer pricies than they have ev l^SWi^;lft i At^.pi*:t^'lWa.^nil*, T*h*e8 Boats '^li? i iteW f 4 r '^r«i. from \\^i'.f^py stttoH adiFiittee from ( Seheiiaetady, tbree ^e*i Irtfm-Btiia, \\ three--'; , ea*t'f#m'^lfeiI1i'*i'# , ^Ii.ee .^••,Hsni«Keifk- |iriee«, : tot - 'Cmfi.^-\ ^Tf^yiii^iinis eaiq^ot obtain f^uine med- r ieihes at atty other 'place an better terms. ^Als%a supplyof And others latterly discovered, whieb Jha^e.-prflv^d tube nwfe^effieacioBiiiii many diseasef j than remedies-former- ly in use. /,. ;'\ , , . , _ Which cures the Gout, Rheumatism, enlaTgementu snd stiffness of * lie joints and undorat«d gtsadnlar 4maai» t : « CHKMIOAL AN^I^DySENTMR- •; •* .,:.-,; IC MEDICINE, _;. ; : .-.' s Jpof removingthe eajige of Pytetttery, toiarrheii aiiid <3hole>a Morbus. Chap- fifttn's Gongh Mixture, Fierson'« Anti- Bertussis, ia, care, for the Hooping •f*- ana andueneva 4»*r^ft'l!ei»8tt.*, are engaged to eon vey^adfttrft* Geneva, to any part of the western country. By this arrftnge- meht heis enabled, and will engage, to «?oinvey Goad* Irani^ibanyto;Gene-: VaTrain.iW W. H» to Rochester ffe^ia 14 to 16.to Buffalofron? 16 t» ti| dayf j. marrowl6ss bones, wjiicn frequently i^jed^edil^^pgrf ss, kept time with the wild and careless singfr. From the slight intermixture of Scoticisms in jhis so|i§i>;I had forined my opinion as to tjh^ eQunt0 that gave him birth, and I now discovered a strong c£r* roboration of the truth of iny conyic- tipji, |n $m fragment of a Scotch bonnet, which crowned without cov Murray, fepnblished front the Port Folio*, we make the following extract: '* His stores bet ng^Fej^ejnisiied he sailed for the Wind Ward Islands, (Jf99) arid on his passage eneouiif tered a dreaidftil gale, wliei'e ftaJbad nearly ^n^ered, asd 1 was on\thi? #e of cutting away Ids ijiasts the «tpcte ; abated. Be, prpc northwardstowards Guadaloupe, fell in with the British Frigate aaniiae, of forty fojar g»n|,.ln,a pight, from wbicli a gun was fi\ed without the preiittiinary ceremony shewing /a agaal. At 1 tbis raome, -1 captain BJuyray^s v/ard-ropjm pi - Natwal€^(M0$inj$w toira of Bethlehem, 'i&ttftkf. ftova Alba* ny, on tbe BelaWarttujPttptke^ neag the tavern of ^ary lAtdl^w, b^s% beeu discovered two rem^abie caves. -.•• ... o . * *• Wh& fijps^ is ab#* ; l% yswrds^ frop. 0e above mentiOBe|f in^ ^itttatetn^ wood^ ^he entrancfeis^oat mm* eie%tto itd^^i^SW'liai^^a the descent is about fie steepness o| commori' stajrs^ tiJS fm reaclr'ffiril bottom, whTclj is tolefably* smj^l|t and Jevef, The passage widens lro)4 the entrance until you reach tqebot** toni, which is supposed to be about lb© feet below |h^f»rface of the earth, pi soroe pia^s, the jp«of is composed of rugged rocks. After proceeding abnnt jhalf % r»Hvyou coaje to a narrp# ^isage ibfut 4tir feet in length, which^i* penelrate4 witft sotftjedifficttltyf alter which ydu enter the inpst fefioa^kable part of die cave* At th# enmity of thir ering^js bjsads and a piece of tartan | crowded] abound! him indignant itttcNamfei^nie, ^.appatently m sonm places vjer^r deep* .ibe-second cayei|«b^iito|ie^wafJ ter of att$rfrofn Ae#r«ae^ tiUfli* bom eighty yafdsfrofatfi%innSb^jf# mentioned. Ac^nt.'cif^t isstief from its niouihi atmOst adfficient 10 bTow oot a ^i^^M^'^0^ ushered ititd ift^i^liift'1i^|*^fi^ rather rou^h and ro as ancient as its wearer, which was tied about his waist, in the manner of a sasb- * Yon work late my for §o.old a fijajn, , iaidI.-~ •-'^^'K'Bywfc;. ^ni 5aid; 14 to 16.to Buffalo from 16 t»Wj qayf ¥ ahA'i.aii|'^€lier-^taici^J!i: tb^.aaAitte'ilttie'' proportioned to the diwawek;.; •\••\'..' '/r : '. : \HlrBoiis are j'tf/Wwwlste'orde^ and* i»|er«i|; m& 'ittyii&mkm' vfl^gpft» wipN^pd*f if® '0B^nm^m^ forwardioir goods i^the beit possible order. H0ff4OB MBSOl* *\ '.fiSHMfBtf, • &&>eM 7\' mm. e^eAt*,: Stl ^c0itJi?*«f the Geneva ildoje-Sfotefor •421^ publiB |ta, ieeoljf |e^,tbat hei still ear- He^oh-the/'CJBAjtia Mi- ^HO- btfslnesS-' at-H(he ,<ap;: st^id, *pup«r.');ff' Main & Castle-streets. * \'.^b#*9'JheretOfore- been unable towai^ on his eustotners as punc- tually k% ' he -' Wottld wish, on account of not lft«S having sufticient materials, be j«- forms his Trends that su'eh ments are made as will enable him to Ihilh bii^^k ti»'lt^i|i»plite:f«|le> and wken- ptoinisied,. ^Be %H1 a^ott have on hand a Variety •$ Which be can and t^i/i a^ *» low # they can be rwrehaaed in the village and of as good workmanship. &ro *,-••- ,^ ITUATE in thii village, at the m $she& JWC^WCfn New- O Nftdof Mni^itreet, and adjoin- •w eryear. *89 the jgrave-diggfeii withoirt .bejtrajln^ any surprise iatliiy sudden sa Iutation. f C&n 3?ou tel| n|e what Is the hoKt ?' ^^(eyen, ? ;saidj|| * ffihy wateh deceive nie not.? i^s seven by tbe nightj' qtioth jheldlggerv 6 apdi njnsna.gattg an inch deegei^ for ere lang they'll b& be*©;'- -M-m- said thus, he raised hittiself^t of jthe. yarrow house with n>ore v aetiyipg -than I bad expected^ ind folding |iis arms, sealed himself calmly, deliberately and, silently, on .ajnadlBinipgt^pBbt .1.^ ..•;••'•-.'\.''•.\ {, - : -\ , .?X:* had now an ojfeortunity for lofrtber conyersatiod. ^Donald had e<J- Ibe situation n^vHlage sextbtt ^ had sw^pt y al^^ tt\j|iSd«idi had left film tinscathed, like a solitary tree, whose branches kaye been loped ©#, %at sparing and unshrinking stmn } hfij^0 the lightnings of summer th^\fein windsi H#had #ig gravesj and his^oiim hands |iad sinpothed && turf -wfclchjcovered preparing for the recep^on of Ptt& ofMsjbrother's corps, and ftisJn- flexible countenance, as he toldmei W&$it€$ikiim& } - cpflvinced nie that l^lo^lfatilniarijy With death liad Wlddnm tiit wonted edge of fa.*:- %p%»;djMt n% phSosophers of the StioiP school raigbOn him have found : ^ iWii#r ^|j>a|W of Initractihg Z|no 1 Hlh^if in the snkjogation of a 1! ifndr- Wk^Mifigi His brother and him- 'j^$0 emigrated to this conniry imm ,|Jity years ago ; they had set- Je4 ittthisvillage, where they had 1fee4#lthin a'stoiie's throw of each until the one sank feeneatb the pf years; they bad married into dni family, and each of their Wi#| had bronght fonr child#h: Donald had burtfed the«i all, wives anp Children, and how bis dead hi^o- the>d|dm&a; tWiame charity a* fefe Ism^S, All this be told, ttip without a tear &r\% l%h, or the $l%htest mns- S.L ......1 ». ^I^HQJ,, . without a; pall of ing the scite of the Sfcniinaiy. r>.^bBre- ! i : \,L^^,1%~-JXL*&£ ^.I^^T «• „«n' : ^e dMm^wwlwmi of iM H %t* /^*f 5 v£Sh4^f j£ «fc«3h will be WW in separate lol^*1% *? m W«^» -fiF^\!^*? required, fbe fcm* of payweiil ^^ ** a shake oflhe, bead; it was will be easy, and but a small part of fine purchase money, required down,~- Apply h* H» ft* BoGJfeRiPjGoaevajT' M'AULBY, 6'chcneclady, or at tbis a !jpiiore perfect pers^nattpii of apa- insult offered'•'tb>^^Amfejrlcatt flajg, ahd afixiouslj* ioquired if%e did hot m^ tend- td retorn ffie fi^» M e ste\i!y brdefed tbeni^ tp their'^sartew,-;w!t$H , Qi»juie:ig|»itt0 '•ixhJgMQ. a^yotfierreply ' to theiri^rgehi mtei'ifipg^itfdns. D'IS- gusted, jJhey obeyed /the command, suspecting no very }jpnorabJe BIO- tives fpr su.eh haughllpes§,poldoess &p' reserve^ It requires i'ery'Ktde aid from fancy to observe by the Kght of the battle lanterns, this little group of officers at their gtifiS, fjeadjng their full, expressive aad m^tt^jL Ipjb'ks' pn their cbmmander ? their eyes glear rning with teproacbes Which t|ieir^ tongues date not utter. From him the^ca^t their eyes npon eacji other, and their '.silent glances/accbtftpaftied by sbrugs and iudigna»nt snlilesi emph^ticalty expressed what opinion ^a? jprexa^K.:- ^% captajn mean- whife biaiiiifainmg a cold tranquility of de^oriBBeut «aw and enjoyed the scene, Sappeariog peifectly nncon- scious of tbe inipi:e§;Sion which, his orders bad. jnr*adk : \This silententerch'ange of thot's ^and sen§adons, mere eloquent, how- ever,\ than all the powers of language, lasted for'some ttoje. Not a word was spoken^—all was ^ttentiPn and dumb resentment. These onlcers at length to their; astortishnient and de- light, received Orders from their epm- mander to return the safatfewith vfait brQqd&ide. Another train of sensa- Jtions occurred, and the frowns of ao^ jgeic were exchaia^Bd for gleams of the iondest admiration^ ,, \The orders were proinptly executed* When an explanatios ensued, and precluded farther hostility.'* ft may be proper to add, that after the British \frigate received the broadside there was a violent com- motion among the hands on board, Tibe Arqericiin frigate was then hail- ed, and Com. Blnrfay was desired to send his iirst Lieutenant on board, to which an answer was jprpniptly re- turned is tbe negative. It was then enquired wb,ithe r he would permit a visit from the^ir^Vl^ientettan^of the British frigate,io Wbicha favorable answer wa» giyen. Tije Araeirk&r* frigate tvas th^n visited by that offi- cer, wiro after having explained die business to, tne satisfaction of. the- Commodore, was invited to take a yl died* or even con^eiye|.j tfty than my ipiaginatton ever embo- ^la^s of wine. « I iiope,\ he bbserv* ed» **oor shot did no damage*'-- rt The pra€Pssidtt,#«i the ^nterican €pm- the burying grPtip. hM&^tid^mQfaify 4 * I Ibpe mybr#dsi4g did lowed a short distajTicej opeiriotoii large and vanlted rotHfti,^ lb|(ntt^n| ty feet wide, and about the faitt6^ hei gt|ttrattd when glnnilnliited 1||$ the most briilraht a&ft rojiaatfc *p% pearanee itna,^inable. dew J^ngingfmni :thej^n%^|i teriibg'ia tt&iijftof wee«B^1h-> w ^ a fehawiiig e$m. : W$$ '$jffiMj&/*' On one side is heardljdie tmf~^ of a stWro; of waher\ Hdji^ cer^able at different |la;cett. a venues resembling port holes. *' |^| one place in tbis cavern has been da, coveref a note in the rocC tfbttSt t^::feirotn teytiffiW'te- cave, so large that it admitted a marj with^sohie dihlewltyi%i||pit;ee,^^ it was fonnd tp bfe thf passage!;ip|| lar^ TPom wfiWe ^tre \ iboriJlPa^d; -fepn^'of '••*?$ sppearedio h^ye.^dat r years, and 'probabI^''We^t,«8(i'r^ there by sdfe^'hea«w|^^\';;.\;';/' •• ^ : j|to tftlm .olithatej,wfti'e|ife.';; .fii^^lfe'hfeiside^efe' in \\ ,sire^ ftis banjker .t^. ..„. villa-' fat' Uml^W^^mm^h the gentleman regiaarjyi \ :bM' purchase i thfe' ijext^ay^. ti0$es$e f he eafne hi much hurry and alarm to ; his; feapker,. to- say- 'Mmmd0^l^b6' ed te be o§f for a fellow ;iAdiMi«i^^| 'Mm'with a : 6lai»tt ; bf 1&^^'*^0$k$ : ' which he swore-hud been lewi,'ip|f '% dozen years-- fgo J ; '^ti«,n|^.t|(0';|jg|^. .\E.n^lisbmain' • #a» '''kealeefy ijam^., old in Jtalyy ';• .ftoW'-'Tpaay'^tne|s«p. has he^gpt to- prove it t T mj!J0 tmh^t .• :er.. : No less ttnwl l^vSQ$&$£%' be dPne £ Acknowledge tyiii^Mtt ceived the money, j^eltfinwi. \_ debt ? ©ertarttly •%. and we &$* twen^r wj|nesses'to. ; «wea^\^^«sjqp^'. $oa re$ay Jit. *iPliis'-wa* ji§#|^|i- : f^r tM law suit\;was «tded'-»i|s»-i»i|^ <• pie rejoinder? and ineeiin^tf ' *\ \\ upon bis own terras, ; Lord tfo.rih r during* aevere illoew * said' to-' bit physieiaa, # t^im f %^ - obliged to f 4u for introducing me to io.me oldacj|ttpiiitaiBpjf ^mtfcliiBttlif*' niet- wiilt.;i^r» mt ny,.. yfir* !**\•* * • are the} my lord ?'*said fhedoe(or.^ •**.3Hy <tife?* ^replied' 'hii • lariabip, ; < wjtieb | l»4v» ,n»t T*J| ••

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