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rHESUMM ARY !!38 * * • E lmira , N. Y. <?r 3ToB^ - i :■ .=‘\ N umber 41 ^r^KiXlyn Takes Third Game Smith TpOirls M a s t e r l y Ball, AJIoh^ing Only I h r e e H i t s —, Large CroyiPd S e e s Contest N e ’7 Y ork . —Sherrod Smith, Brooklyn'saout;^- iw ^^riiog Bcc;,,pitch d himself into a plac* m ^ V^prld’a ' ja Hall of F a « e Thursday when held CleveU^ 4 *J helpless inj,,pe third gsme , saper-peo. a i'l struggle ■' ’eh the Nations Laagurrs won to 1. B m i^^ 'ho m igl^, le termed the ‘\stormy petr ' '''b'f basebe^ |he fact that his connectioir^vith the h me thirteenth since his d e t’lto n the pro\'-'.a. diamond, found this circuiy:’.4nce neithe ' •> ‘ • loo nor a handicap. Any hoveting ai. he twirler from Mansfielfl. \\a., found lod^ <■ b the ball which hsffled the desperate effo\ the Indian war club swingeraitbrough lire nine innings of the 1 Three hits only were made oti the wyini' »r and of these Catcher §t^v’ -.jO’Neij a. n two.and Manager Trisji. ie .. i^^on,e.'^..' ’ ;riterion of Smith's efief'. i’lpf ibility to turn back the ipeaker made his hit,a lefll followed with a singlf ' ther in the eighth inniq^. be American League r nd had Zack Wheat g afely. Smith would ha> , ^ Porld’s Series sbut-out> V The almost summer-lil^g be largest attendance of tL »rding to the official figure's, b-nmission, 25,088 specta'tV^,^ •e Smith and his team ma%£ . peaker tribe lor the second' 'heir collective coBtributio}),y,crt“' 31,298. This made the loth.,il' ireegamei $236,511, of whC lission receives $23,651.K^'* 157.715.94 and the club ow Score by innings: Cleveland.............. 0 0 0 1 O'i Brooklyn ............. 2 0 0 0 0 0 Batteries: Oaldwell, Mails anti id Nunamak Smith and Mill' ATIONAL ^ e 4 9 U E OWNERS- ti:,0RGANlZATlON N ew Y ork \^resident Heydle. League, was ,ked Thursday ai^ I the club owners in that orpaniza e America'., ’ague ela’-f that < as \\igh and thing 1 I had kept ‘\'s amoking. ■ore waa ’ ' that I ■jornei' ought- ;..snecf , wa« ■>8ea '■'i. eeting a t Chtc<.> Monday e purpose e 1 working outv* ner ament for tad national garfie A . All the clubs -yere reppesf'ted»», ID and every ^ u b ow>. -r un,i.' 'iffi e suggestion to reorganize tn'o.^ 8e,ball. They also went on'hecoritas . a opening of a national campaigu have S d National laws passed' m a tin' ‘---,a>feloi ■se a base ball game to tesu' vthe-e-'.tf it merits and to protect the ^ luence the gambling elsmeit; •uo,.. ^ Hav- simplv ' oy ’iu. S. POPULATION; ... f ’ IV ashingtc —The bulk of its, \ the Censu.jl'Bureau at 4 ,o’ .r. o' .ernoon onno'uhced the total _.jer Dts in Continental United St'ki^.s. odicatioDS are that the complete ccr.. Itb I the country's history, will show a tot. .pul- I on fur the United States, exclusive o'ijVsulat sessions, of approximately \^5 Near- 12,260,000 persons aj^e estimated to be living | island possessions, making a total of 117,950| ' > persons utder th ' protection of the Stars : i Stripes. lOTTON GINS BUiM E D IN PRICE FIGHT l TLANT a . —Destruction of several cotton gins I businees houses to the cotton belt, after inymous threats had been received by opera- B and business men to cease activities while ton was selling at what many farmers termed- ies below the cost of production, has ra­ ted in the placing of armed guards around 8 aud the closing of business in at laact one imunity. -B ; !; V ;i >P ■ :m as geuti[' \icla having lexC him - lug uieu. 1 told him that I had bout the trains and the Bermuda ■'sd everything all packed and .ave at once. John seemed a -t it all, and kept saying that his 'rbt him to play tennis when he was -uu he was very grateful and thank- for having everything arranged and wonderful. ■\\e to telephone to a few of my and they just managed to rush “nt . . .. minutes to say good-bye. I uelp crying a little when I told them John's uncle dying so far away with none of us near him, and I told them about the legacy •'d they cried a little too, so as. to hear it all; hs and Russipn,^ \ T Sign \\rtfiisiice on f Mark Twain u. complains ehoi’'- anythinr This . no contiv do thoucb ■' with 'fright M r }^ars j h I ding L \rope f ».j 'tiday ii aviet from •<ay that *4n Soviet ice signed peace uovegfiles Wed- 4ndary between Poland and hot off Lithuania entirely from Poland a corridor between it Wv, ely stewed. ■ YOU KNEW : . ■ ''•.new me, .sagree; - ^ j e t clasped hands, -,u..jgr.fullY,undjsrstanuS hap ' to do t h a t 's right A j ... Prv- 'e r “ honor brigh-- ft ore tim .Tjp “ ki-cks’’ th^- If I ku ® event l '» i , knew me. ague pennsu Whp\ Jill travel on 'S^s'.igb f-‘ . m League city ^ake. ‘ Jeveland or Chicago ;,v ,ume seriee. Brookly . itobsr 14, if one is al LaagUJ won the toss a Ji dnth game is played. ^ cober 15 instead of ‘ ■ntermission for travelii DID THEY P> '■ . Washington. —Sh' W ’’ that the Cbica' a ed money fo. >ting though\ failed ro ma'\- rf# th on either Bureau on Ih rj.-^ow pleasant tb, prosecuTop'\ aud you knew c. ME’ =1 virtually - runs s*,^ 111 Sarny !e oy’1916 to ♦ ithtionof hostili. George P income ta> 'Jr. N- —Jam <3 t i l ■ ilT'.'' Hor- elay .ifil- •Ihe f-rtlat ims to ifled ^’■s- iii: '^d them that John and 1 n from Bermuda, but mi, ♦hey all cried some more. j that evening and af*i la and arranged ab for John’s Uncle and c-. __ sailed for Europe, ugh the happy time that h 'fo think that through all ou afflicition brought us safe! WAITING FOR YOU ^w’bere under the great canopy of * there . a faithful soul who awaits th r ermhcipation with a longing known •tatio have waited and watched, coun*-*' 1 . j, hours; and even the minutes s . ipK ' off by “ F ather Time.’’ It mav ie,.r :,o waits for her bov\ \• ’ brc^-'-y I ,’>W' ques' ar n'lia 'anv close\’ .1'* ^ ?t. for that -saleti of eommis- . that it had ’ithdrawsl of’ :ss of its use e ( t: .d i»-ai':. ct in the'Ch; lad no*.determined on a. Tbe effeddof the ordi py has been undeniably*i , said. -He added, howe s ‘ with \itspect to alcohm y h could not be »uspended h- ' ■ dustrial purpt v TO R E C i r ANiZfeBAbi.BALL '*t GO.— t mpiete reorganization of^prc- fessivnal basebau'ss proposed in the Lasker plan which calls for a civilian tribunal of three persons not financially interested in the game to replace the National Commission, was discussed by a group of major league owners and offieials, with Alfred Austrian, attorney for the Chicago Nation­ als and American League. \d upon begins to the liiough Baranovitehi, radically along the ■Rumanian boundary. ____________ 8 between the Russian •*1 Polish forces'^on Friday, when the .-’'*4 is expected to be concluded, will mark ■ut close of the most -tous waifare following He g reat war. The fighfiilfe between the Russians arid Poles began in December, 1919, and reached an acute stage when the Poles made their first ■'weep eastward to Kiev, which they captured, ollowed by their gradual retteat until the Soviet ioices had again forced their way westward and were threatening Warsaw. The present negotia­ tions were initiated about that time, first at Minsk and then a t Riga, and have resulted in the armistice now announced, which is to bring th* fighting to a halt on Friday. FIVE KILLED IN EXPLOSION UPON BRI TISH TANKER N ew Y o r k — Five men were killed, three others are missing and are believed to have l-et th«ir lives, and more than a score injured Thursday aftarnot;^ 'a an explosion wh'eh wrecked a for­ ward compertment of the British tanker G. R. Crowe, of Toronto, undergoing repairs at a Brooklyn shipyard. The blast wbifH endangered the lives of more thin 200 workmt- eufploy:u en the ship’s deck. to 1 rt been caused when gases from j- n.,’'’ oil 'tonk Ttere igi ited by a blow torch. V f\ J repraovor 'ivo, of the fire mar- -t . 1 ageiirs of the d-partm ent of tipe, b o r ver, began an immediate investiga- fyeral workmen were trapped in the hold of „aei veesel, while scores of others were swept from the decks by (he explosion. One man was tt-jown more than a hundred feet in the air, w*Ashicg to dtath through the iron roof of a nearby machine shop. ARMY STRENGTH NOW IS 190,432 W ashington . — About one out of every five pldiers whose enlistments expired during Sept- inbexj,have re-enlisted, the Army Recruting ^,;;i.^ijr«ported Wednesday. At Camp Gordon, *' ■' \e r cent, of the men discharged re-en- ’^iately, and at Camp Lewis, Wash., ,.*^16,461 men were ' ^ - sei-^ ,v September, and,-t’ cimated that ,.\'' ' j, , ^ ,i,oiized , n would be r e a r ''' -Ipring. There are, 1?0,432 men en ' ,< J a XT' PLAYERS A PRESENT w O M I S K F Y O ’’ C hicago . —Charles A. Comiskey, owner of the Chicago White Sox, sent checks for $1,500 each to the ten members of last year's team who were not involved in the baseball scandal. Letters ac­ companying the cheeks said the money was sent to reimburse the players for the amount they lost when the White Sox failed to win the 1919 World's Series. The Cheeks were sent to Kay Sehalk. Byrd Lynn, Urban Faber, Dick Kerr, K. H. Wilkinson, Eddie Collina, John Collins, H, McClellan. Harry Leibold and E. Murphy. D e d u c e n a t i o n a l d e b t ABOUT QUARTER BILLION W ashington .—The nation’! g r o u debt wai re­ duced by $237,315,995 in September, according te figures made public by the Treatnry Department. i i ! 'I m l/'V'l '\ii i ‘1

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