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THE SUMMARY Town Topics THE LAND OF “ PRETTY SOON” 1 know of a land where the streets are paved With the thinfra we meant to achieve; It is walled with the money we meant to have aaved, And the pictures for which we grieve. The kind words unspoken, the promises brok­ en, And many a coveted boon Ace stowed sway there in that land some­ where— The land of “ P retty.Soon.’’ There are uncut iewela of possible game. Lying about in the dust, And many a noble and lofty aim Covered with mold and rust. And, oh, this place, while in seems so near. Is further away than the moon? Though our purpose is fair, yet we never get theie — The land of \P r e tty Soon.” It is further at noon that it is at dawn. Further a t night than at noon; Oh! let us beware of that land down there— The land of “ P retty Soon.” — Selected Another naw chart officer in Leonard, Father ^remmerman’s clerk. While ad men ate not cowards a whole lot of the n are inclined to be discreei. Pride is increased by ignorance. Those assume the most who know the least. N ature gave you one tongue and two ears that jreu might hear from others twice as much as you speak. Goodmai is back again at his old position in the Stew ard’s Office a f ter a brief illness which sonfined him to the Hospital. Ryan has been promoted to Ranking Officer of the Main Hall and chief Clerk to Maj r Dowdle, due to the transfer of Shaw to an outside gang. One of the m m lost a string of yellow rosary beads and if the man finding it will please deliv­ er i'. to tie Editirial Offiis, the owner will receive them. A very late aquisition to the Record Office clerical etalT has lequested us to say something about him in these columns. This is the best we can think of. A man told us yesterday that he had a great pull with the Librarian for he never receives a library book wi»h loss than twenty pages missing. He has a pull all ighc for we know some men who get no books at all. When you think you have a kick coming and can back your complaint don't hesitate. Have the fuss over with and do nut go about with a frozen pLisog and an air that will break some day because of its ladness. A new face appears upon the G. R. F, and we have anew clerk in the Disciplinarian’s Office. Walker is tf a l.-.d and from what has been seen so f a r it is linely that this newcomer will fulfill all requirements Let us hope so. No doubt with the turriing of the calender to the twentieth the road gang will lo=e some very able workers. Among those who will leava us on th a t date ara Mesbalko and Watson. To (hem we can only say good bye, and good luck. The October Parole Board which met here last Saturday authorized one hundred and forty-eight men for parole curing the months of October, November, and December. Of this number thirty men are s.hsduled to leave on t i e coming parole day, forty-three in November and sixty-five in December. We are plea:,ed to note that Adelaide M. Briggs, of 18 Cheltenham Drive, Buffalo, N. Y., who is a member of our Board of Managers, has been appointed one of ibe delegates for this state to attend the semi-contennial meeting of the American Prison Association, to be held at Coiambus, Ohio, on October 14, to 19, 1920. It is well to be cheerful of disposition to wear a bright face, tn speak in a happy tore, to be lively in ac tio n - it “ doethgood like a medicine,” 13 a tonic to others as well as a benefit to one's self. It is as infectious as disease, encouraging geod spirits in those about one, as well as stimu­ lating healthy views, of life in ones own mind. The bast of us will go; and, now it is the Dres­ sing Nurse who arrays himself in his best and starts for the land of dreams. Buellow has bean a steady, reliable individual and has discharged his duties in such a manner that it must be said that few indeed ars his equal when it comes to work around the Hospital and none are better. He leaves with the best wishes of all for a suc­ cessful and hsppy career. “ Do 1 look my part? asks Lieut. Finsterbaeh. Of course, you do. Who could doubt it. Erect, sta­ tionary, you stand on'post defying the bravest to look you down and, whether by object or not. you strike terror to the hearts of the weakest who step out a t your command as though they are pursued by a monster and they dare not look to right or left. A v e ry clever officer, indeed, you are. When it comes to beginning over again and trying to get a new, fresh grasp on life there is no experience so manifest as joining the ranks of the Awkward Squad a fter several months of moderate higher living. 'It takes nearly all the supply of first class hopes out of your little store house of encouraging things and lays bare the old tried-to-be forgotten memories that were given birth in the better days of not so very long age. At least so the Color Squad thinks. Among those who depart from out midst next Wednesday is an old and very familiar face—Ko- Eo Nelson, He waa prominent as a member of the Library staff and a teacher in the School of Letters and for a considerable time past he held the somewhat arduous position of Trades Journ­ al Clerk. The never failing ability with which he discharged, day after day. the responsible tasks of his department proved highly satisfactory to all concerned and won for him such general fav­ or and good wishes as one might feel proud to take away. “ Whitey” Smith of the construction gang, one of Builder Buggy's wide awake chap-, is taking exquisite care ot bis personal appearance and is looking forward to the big event of next week with pride and restless longing. The approach of the oay upon which he is to bid us good-bye helps to bring euc the good poihts in his cheer­ ful disposition and anyone who comes in contact with bis company quickly learns his better side and enjoy knowing that be is going home. Once there waa a man who faired well in this one sided world and did not know it. Like the majority of his kind he was not satisfied. After a eeriaio period of time had passed, which might be termed as favorable, backed by fairly good success ne resisted as it were, the hand that held him up, and he tried to launch into different channels that nearly swamped him. Some called it failure to appreciate the help that was invis­ ible, others termed it downright foolishness with a touch of enl <rged cerebrum. But whatever it was, it proved strong enough to make m atters BO much worse than they were before that even be, in his simplicity, wasnot wisejenough to see. Catherine S tarr’s delightful story, “ Prudence on Broadway,” was adapted to our screen last Sunday. Lillian W est has taken upon herself the burden ot making the film verson of the story, and.in the nature of human events has seen fit to make what she deems ictprovement upon the author’s work. Lillian West makes her role at all times agretable and exceptional, a woman whose meek­ ness and affection is so apparent that wewpnder that the crowds that besiege stage doors do net congregate that man'le ot priceless personality from her shoulders. Lillian West in her celluloid form indulges graceful postures, and facial beauty. The supporting cast was headed by John A. Wild, Edwaid Pell, Lillian Langdon, Harvey Cjark and Harry Warren. “ Prudence on Broadway” is a photo drama of such extrtordaia'ry quali.ies, that it seems to- justify in every way the excellent histrionic talents of its start. John A. Wild and Lillian West, its siais have never had toies that were better fitted-to their personalities, and Triangle K. B. has given the screen n production that it made with consumate art. DIAMOND DUST An aggregation from Seeley Creek visited us last Saturday and was subdued by our victorious Regulars only after a hard tussle which lasted eight innings. The score was 3 to 1 Garrison a former Delieia iwirler end. a-' lad who pitched a few games for the Rochester team in the Internatlonhl League was on the mound for the visitors. He has a vast assortment of elever curves and shoots and he used them all a- gainst our boys, but nevertheless they got to him for ten solid drives including a double by Markow. Wittenetein did the hurling for the Regulars and he pitched a masterly game. He struck out fourteen opposing batsman, didn’t walk er hit a man and allowed only eight well scattered singles. The Regulars were first to score; but it was not until the third that they were able to do so. W ittenstein the first batter died to the center fielder. Markow doulbed to left and Delfino reach­ ed first when the third baseman got his gronndsr and tagged Markow coming from second. “ Hap­ p y ” then came all the way home on Tifverman’s clean drive to right. In the fifth the Regulars scored twice. After Markow and Delfino fanned; I if verm an singled to center. Carter also singled and Tifvermsi reached third on the bit. Walters, the n ext bat­ ter, drove a hard liner to left which the fielder misjudged and both Tifverman and Carter cross­ ed the plate. Sorrentine then ended the inning by grounding to Levo who threw him out a t first. The visitors scored their lone tally in the eighth. Meyers singled and stole second. Wilson struck out and Levo did likewise. Wiley connected with one of W ittenstein’s slants and Meyers reached home on the bit. Garrison then fanned and ths affair was a t a successful end fur the Regulars. Wiley played an excellent game for Seely Creek. In four trips to the plate he succeeded in reaching fiist on three occasions on safe hits and he robbed Walters of a clean three-bagger by leaping high in ths air and grapping tha ball in bis ungloved hand. Tifverman and. Carter were the stellar per­ formers for the home contingent getting fivs hits between them. The leere by inBingsii] Seeley Creek .......... .. ... . 0 0 0 0 0 0 Reform atory ................. 001020 Batteries: Garrison and Wilson; and Carter. -R H E 0 1 1 8 3 Ox 3 10 2 Wittenstein For his gallantry and bravery in action in tbs war against the buns in France, Captain D. R. Bonnel, has been awarded a testimonial, signed by the President, which he may well be proud of. It reads: Columbia gives to her son the acolate of ths new chivalry of Humanity. D. R Bonnel sezved with great honor in the world war and was wounded in aalicn. Woodrow Wilson. Cleveland won the series and now Captain Ben- nel is leaving on a vacation which he intends to enjoy at Palm Beach in tha company of soms very refined young ladies. A very pleasant time to you Cap, we know you deserve it. DON’T BLUFF The fellow who attem p ts to get through this world by bluffing will encounter failure and de­ feat. 'The world has no use for a bluffer and is not long in finding him out. The one safe and sure way through life lies in sincerity, in being prepared for duties that avail you. If you don't know how to perform the task that is given you, don’t attem p t to bluff your employer by endeav­ oring to make him believe that you understand all about it, but make up your mind to secure tbs neceseary information anu then go at it with a will and you will succeed. Sincerity, truthfulness, frankness ana determination to master difficulties ara necessary requisites for a successful life. Ds you possess them? If not determine to-day that you wi 1 g e t hold of them and put them into ex­ ecution. The man who possesses knowledge and knoVs how to make use of it is the man who suc­ ceeds, but the bluffer, the fellow who is too in­ dolent to put forth the effort to prepare himself for life’s duties, will never be able to occupy an exalted place. ^NOTICE Writing Day irrespective of gtade, for all men whose naiiies begin with letters, L, M, N, 0, P, Q & R except Boardmen with writing privileges and married men with wives recognized. Program For Sunday, October, 17 1920 AUDITORIUM 8:15 A. M........................................Catholic Servile 9:30 A. M........................................General Turnout lO.’SOA. M ........................... . ........... Hebrew Servile 2:00 P. M .................................... Motion Pictures NORTH LECTURE HALL 8:15 A. M....................................Protestant Service POPULATION - ITS MOVEMENTS Number of Inm ates............................. 695 Last Cons. Number ..........................29332 Last Def. Number .............................. 757 Received during w eek ....................... 1 P a r o led ................................................. S The Grades: First, 327; Second,362; Third,6. NEW I New Y Jersey ji here for River wb tare in tl taries fre lannched •f citizen looked on Militar; from boti near the ia prepar gineers. Jersey, SCI ■hovel, a Walker, 01 glistening chines lai then the while one them. The tun fare, will terminals of the Hue Iration car quicken g t coming an costs for 1 GET BUT Washi wooden ping Bo! were op< The tota ?116.500 to the g one of tf The ofl the boar< This i, cent mon lels. Thi ▼ious cal GERMA Paris. for the I and a m lin to ] French pendent eirolei, i had emp ing the I and poll The F German and a d The Ger] ^ Una belt 1 4ition que ARMISTICI Riga.—7! I4iee was si I^)eac8 dele [ JUght. I The head t Riga peace ^ u t vanqui BUignature c \ The Rig fmovement against the . _ M, Joffe I rtiss eneoun Jalso to the (ations can iressed thi 4aid for a n ARMENI Erivan, An Mw warfare le r army, cr hated at S4, ■09t p art hat The reason Bterests of tl Dnot be reel Twenty-nini ■ork of feei sving their c

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