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THE SUMMARY V olume 39 * # * £ lmira , N. Y,, S aturday , M arch 12, 1921. N umber 11 Russian RebeWon Appears Successful Anti Boishevik Iroops Ready To Enter Petrograd Hade laken Important Eortifiea- tions L ondon .— The Petrograd workmen are revolt' ing against forced mobilization and have attack­ ed the Soviet troops. ea;a a Heliingfora diipateh to The London Times. Tne Soviets after atreet fighting took posias- BioB of tbe greater part of the citg. The revolutionary leader, General Kozlovski, ii completely victorious, the dispatch adda, the artillery having ailenced the minor forts, and is preparing to march on Petrograd. He has issued a proclamation to the effect that be is in a burry to aave tbe population from the oppression of a tyrsnoical clique The Krasnoya Gorka fortress is directing its first against tbe Moscow- Petrograd railway line, ■ays a dispatch to the Central News from Hels- inifors. Eight ships of the Baltic fleet participated in the bembardment of Petrograd, says a Riga dis­ patch to tbe London Times. A panic ensued a- ■osg the Red troops and Coasmanists. The whole girrhon at Oranieobanm, consisting of five regi- BSDts, deserted to the revolutionsries after ihsoting all regimental Conaissara and Coasnsun- iiti, snd also captured two ice-breakers between Petrograd and Kronstadt. r , The Bolshevik! have sent agitat ors to Kronstadt with gold to try to check the revolt. TO START HOME RULE L ondon .— The date which tbe Government is to fix as tbe appointed day for tbe present Irish ■ome Rule act to come into operation is April 19, both for tbe Parliansent in the North and in tbs South. This arrangment has to be confirm­ ed by the king in council. The elections will thin follow It is quits natural, that the invita­ tion to the Sooth of Ireland to set up their PsrlissBcnt should be given as soon as possible. For the Ulster Pirliaeoent, if this arrangment iicoBfiraoed, the date for the firit meeting will he Jase 21. STRIKE THREATENED C hicaqo .—Following the anoonneement by tka packers of wage reductions from 12}4 to 15 per Mit., and of general revision of working hours, iffeetisg their 100,000 workers on Monday, bands if ths Packing Workers’ Union left for Omaha fsr two days conference on what action to take- Sams unien leaders before departing charged that tbe packers wanted a national strike as a tvs month shutdown would enable them to dis- Mis St high price of large stock s etored inware- Miei end purchaecd at lowest prices in years. DEMONSTRATION IN GLASGOW G lasgow .— The Prince of Wales, who is riiitisg Glasgow, got an enthusisstie reception. Dirisg ths day there was a parade of nnemploy- •d, earring banners with such mottoes as “ We Vint tbe 1914 prieas“ and \Ths Prince ban re- iiitd oar dinner. We have no option. “ The last iiicriptioD referred to tbe Prince having declined to attend a public dioner in bis honor, owing to sppotiiion by tbs Labor!tea in the Town Council to ths sxpsndituie of funds for such a function. RETURN DEAD HEROES Niw Y ork .— New York’s own war dead, who (ell on the fields of France, are being brought lane in large numbers by the transport Somme, 4ia at Hoboken next atone ay. Most of the ' 1,596bodies abroad tbe vesssl were with thsI7tb I mt 77th t ivtsion, the graves registration service [ miDnnesi today. Others fell in action with the [ fiat and letood divisions. U. S. TROOPS TO REMAIN W ashington . —Fellowing the first meeting of I tbi Harding Cabinet definite announcement was i [nadf at the War Department by Sacratary E Talks that in formulating its policy toward the iBiie situation this Government is net now Imniidering a withdrawal of the American troops Isf OMupation. \AWed Troops Invading Germany Occupy Three Tov?ns Without Firing Single Shot Germans Seem Indifferent C ologne .— Dusseldorf, Duieburg acd Ruhrort all are in the hands of the allied troops, as a re­ sult of tbe failure of the Germans to meet the repsratien demanos of the allied Governments. The occupation of these towns was accomplished without a single shot being fired end without a single arrest being made necessary by the atti­ tude of the populatiou new in the occupied zone. Even the railroad workers who had been ex- pacted to incite trouble, seme even threatening to itrike^if the Rhine was crossed, remained on their trains watching glsomily the determined march of the French, British and Belgian con­ tingents. The troops hurried te the bridgheads in motor trucks. Machine guns were placed at command­ ing positions and barriers of barb wire were er­ ected as a precaution in the event of oppesition by tbe hundreds v> be remained on the east bank of the Rhine throughout the night waiting for the allied advance, which in the case of Dusseldorf was aebrdnied to take place at dawn. U. S. MEDIATES W ashington . — Cotta Rica having had an intentien of complying with ths recommendations of the United States looking toward settlement of the Panama-Costa Rican confiiet. State De- partment ofificals awaited a reply from Pinama to the identic notes dispaehed '.o that republic and Costa Rica. BRYAN TO REORGANIZE PARTY N ew Y ork . — Areorganizationof theDemosra- tie Party is planned by William J. Bryan and his brother, Charles Biyan, former Judge R. C. Roper of Nebraska announced here. Judge Ro­ per is here to represent ths Bryans in confetenc- ces with progressive Deraoerste. Judge Roper said it was the purpose of the Bryans to rescue the middle class Democrats, “and give them control of the parly,” thus el­ iminating the two elements now in control; the Cex-Wbite faction, and the McAdeo-IAeelley wing.” LABOR SITUATION ACUTE -B uenos A ir i s . — Labor troubles in the citjr of Rosarie have assumed threatening proportions and a serious outbreak is apprehended by the authorities there. A general strike has been called and many uniens have summoned their members to quit work in sympathy with striking municipal employes, or have presented their ewn demands for wage increases. The number of dis­ contented unemployed persons is said to be grow­ ing daily. EUROPE PLEASED WITH HARDING W ashington . —Messages of felieitationi nn- ehanged by President Harding and • number of foreign raicrs, exp'eaaing hopes for peace snd friendebip throng boat the world, were made pnb- lic at the White Home. A note of economic, as well as political, co- operaiien was sounded in the exchange between Mr. Harding and President Milterand, of France while most of tke messages that passed with South and Central American Preeidenta voiced a renewed pledge cf pan-American solidarity. RAIL INVESTIGATION C hicago . -Conspiracy oaths part of Amer­ ican railroad cxeentives and financiers te des­ troy tbs organizations of railroad workers and re-established antocratic financial control of the transportation industry was charged here by B. M. Jewell, president of the Kailway Employes’ Department of the American Federation of Lab­ or, who appeared befota tbe United States Railroad Labor Board. “THROWING” GAMES IS FELONY A lbany , N. Y. — Basaball players In New York State will have to ' ‘play the game straight” or face jail en a felony charge. Baseball gam­ blers who hereafter try to profit by ofifering bribes to influence a player to \throw a game,” will also face jail on a felony charge. \Me1hn Appeals For Economy Would HaOe Public More In ­ terested In Saving Than In Spending Money Writes lo Banks W ashington . — Detailed plans for financing the Govcrnmsnt in the inamediate future were an­ nounced by Secretary of the Treasury Mellon. The new Secretary sent a letter to all bsnks of the coantry outlining the present situation of the Government and iis immediate requirements and urging tka necessity for economy. It was Mr. Mellon’s first official statement. Mr. Mellon particularly appealed to the people generally to exercise economy in Government expenditures and to become more interested in saving the Government’s money than in spend­ ing it. In the letter the new Secretary oflered for eubsetiption two new series of certificates of in- debtedoesB in an aggregate amount of abeat $400,000,000. The letter says: “About $500,000,000 of Treasury certificates of indebedness mature on March 15, 1921, and shout $118,000,000 addiliotal on April 15. 1921 On March 16, 1921, there will be.ome payable the semi-annual interest on the Third Liberty Loan amounting to about $75,000,000. Ihe Treasury also must make tbe large payments under the recent legis.atioo authorizing part paymtnts on account of tbe railroad guaranty, which may amount to as much as $200,000,000, doling tbe sourse of the next month. 30,000 SEEK HOMES L ondon .— The Briiisb Government is asking the United States to agree to the emigration of 80,000 Nestorian Cbiisiians to America. They are descendants of tbe ancient Aesayrina and as a result of tbe chaos created by tbe great war have left their homes near Lake Urumeyas in North­ west Persia and have been living in camp under British protection in Mesopotamia. 2 McGRAW’S CASE I ^Tbe trial of John J. McGraw, manager and part owner of the Giants, fer alleged violation ef the Volstead act, growing out of an alterca­ tion at tbe Lambs last Fall, was adjourned te Aj^ril 4 when the ease was reached in toe Federal District Ceurt. McGraw is at present with the Giants at their Southern training camp. FARMERS HOLD CROPS W ashington . — Larger stocks of grain war« held on farms March 1 this year than en that date in any other year in hiatory. Wheat was the only exeeptien, holdings in 1916, thi follow­ ing the only billion huihel crop, having exceeded this yei r ’s holdings by 37,000,000 bushels. AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS A lbany . —There was a total of 39,075 auto­ mobile ascidentsin New York State cities in 1920 and in these 945 persons were killed and i t , 731 injured, according to the reports of city Police Departments made to the New York State Bureau af Municipal Information. MILLS MAY ELIMINATE 12 HOUR DAY N ew Y ork .— Eliasination of the 12-hour day in the mills of the United States Steel Corpor­ ation is being considered by a committee of presidents of the subsidisry companies. Chair­ man E. H. Gary of the corporation announced. LIQUOR TO HOSPITALS W ashington . — Sale to hospitala ef moru than fifty thousand gallons ef seized liquors held by tbe customs officers at the various ports of the country is under coaiideration by the Trea­ sury Department, Assistant Secretary McLean aaid. DEPORT COUNT R ome .— Count Michael Karolyi, former Presi­ dent of the National Council of Hungary, has beau ordered expelled from Italy. Ha was accuaed of distributing funds to Gommuniits and being in touch with foreigners who recently incited disor­ ders in Tnssany.

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