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THE SUMMARY s V olume 39 * * « E lmira , N. Y., S aturday , M arch 19, 1921. « * * N umber 12 The Employment Situation Improved Increase In The N u m b e r E m ­ ployed In Automobile, leil- tile And Leather Industries W ashington . —The number of persons em­ ployed in Che United States continued todeetease Labor's employment service announced in its ■onthly survey of the unemployed. Tha de­ crease for lastmooth, as compared with January, was sstimated at 1 per cent. The employment service made no attempt to sitimale the size of the nation’s army of obless workers, but its figures showed that 1,423 firms, located in the 65 principal industrial centers of the country, bad in their employ February 28, a total of 1,626,958 workers, as compared with 1,643, Z5S on Janaary 31. This waa a net decrease sf 16,295. Reports to the service showed decided increases ia the number employed in the manufacture of aatsmobiles and land vehicles, textiles, and leathir products, auaounting to 18.8,8.5 and 7.7 percent, respectively. These iaereases, how­ ever, were offset by decreases of 7.8 per cent, in the iron and steel industries, 6.6 per cent in rail­ road repair shops, 6 per cent in chemical plants and 5.7 in producers of liquor and beverages. JUDGES UNDECIDED N ew Y ork , March 17.— Johnny Wilson, world’s ■iddleweight champion, retained bis title in a 16-reuod bout with Mike O’Dowd former cham­ pion, at Madison Square Garden here to night. At the end of the battle the judges disagreed lid Refarre Johnny McAvoy of Brooklyn gavs his decision in favor of Wilson. The bout itself was a rather disappointing one from a fistic standpoint, as each man seemed a- fraid of the other and O’Dowd only adopted his famous rushing tactics occasionally. Wilson, who baa the longer reach, was able to stand off or outpoint O’Dowd so long as tha ex- shsmpioa was content to box or spar, but when* iTsr O'Dowd stepped inaite to fight in his usual rishing fashion, Wilson was the sufferer. IRIIH TROUBLE CONTINUES Dublin.— Five police reeraits were wounded by ths explosion of a bomb hero when searching ihonse. Three civilians ware killed and acveral war* wonnisdby ths explosion. Several British officara wearing cilizenielothaa wars held up at Croishnven, near Cork. In the lighting Thomas Hennessy and Michael Murray ware killed. John Mojaata, a farmer of weat Claire, wac iksl and killed when he opened [.hit door in rc- ipooia to a knock. I d an attack to-day on two military metor- •jreliiti hare one rider was shot dead and the sthsr got a bullet in the lung and probably will fis. DISPUTE SETTLED G eneva , Switzerland.-Since the Council of the Lssgna of Nationa requested information from the governments of Panatna and Costa Rica ivgsrding the dispute between them, Bevcral Ulegrams have passed in which the respective viewpoints of both parties have been made clear. Both, however, stale that the difference is on the eve of settlement owing to the intervention ef the Uiritcd States. ABOLISH 2,000 JOBS A lbany . —Abolitioa of approximately 2,000 petitions in the State and a reduction of $3,000,- 000 in the annual payroll waa indicated when the asBual appropriation bill, carrying a tatal of (98,498.115.68, was intrednecd in the legislature by Senator Charles J. Hewitt, of Cayuga, and Aiiemblyman Joseph A. McGinnies, of Chauta- qna, chairman of the financial committses. ARMENIAN REPULSE REDS N ew Y ork .— a successful counter revointion kid occurred in Armenia and Bolihevist invaders have been driven fron power, said messages r«- (lirsd here by the Near East Relief. The ublei added that a new government had been ut ap in Erivan and now controlled' a wide area ef the country. Germany To Pay Twelve Billions Uemand To Be Presented To Berlin I s Drafted By Repar­ ations Commission P aris . -A t the mement that Jean Hennessey, Republican Socialist, was dtmar.dirg in the Chamber of Deputies to know wbat the Allies were going to do next, the machinery of the Rep­ arations CommieeiGn, by means of which the Al­ lies count on eollectirg from Germany if Berlin does cot agree to an amicable eettlement, was put in motion by the drafting of a note to Ger­ many calling for payment by May 1 of the bal­ ance of 20,0(10,000.000 gold mark due by that data. Germany claima sbe has paid 21,000,000,000. But the Reparations Cemmiesion figures the has paid 8,000,000,000. Therefore the note to Berlin will aay that Germany owes 12,000,000,000 marks an this acccunt. and will aek how she intends to pay it by May 1. Unless tha agreement is reseked meantime, it is the French purpose that on Msyl, the Repara­ tion Commiaaion abali notify Germany that the reparations bill is 400,000,000,000 gold marks, 100,000,000,000 more than the Paris plan called for. 'What the AHiea will do to collect'if Ger. many remaina stubborn is a story yet to be told DENBY GOES TO CUBA W ashington . -Secretary of the Navy Deuby will leave Wasbington Sunday for Guatrlanama, Cuba, where he will witness target practice and winter battle masoeuvets of the Atlantic fleet. Later be will go to Haiti and the Dominican Re­ public to inspect the marines stationed on the islands, and will return to Washington about April 6. The naval secretary will be accompani­ ed by Captain J. K- Robison of Naval Opera- tioBS, and Colonel D. D. Porter, of the Marine Corps. URGES PROPAGANDA P aris . - General Nivell, who recently spent sev­ eral months in America, in an interview express­ ed the need of French propaganda in America to combat German influences. There are not enough consuls in the United States, he said. Those who aro in large towna are too absorbed by the rontine work of the chancellory. Such towns as Boston, Los Angeles, Clevaland, St. Louis, Cin­ cinnati have need of French cepcescntntivcc in greater numbers. 4 CENTS TAX • A ugusta , G a . — A tax payci whose total tax is fonr cants and who insiatad on bis right to pay in four installments and who brought a one cant moBoy order for which he paid three cents was revested here today. The tax payer, a tall, lank farmer, who gave bis address as Lincoln county, bat whose name was not divulged personally cab- mittsd bis return to the deputy collector of in­ ternal revenne using the one cent money order to pay the first installment. NOBODY GUILTY M ew Y okk .— Sixty-nine , of the seventy-four corporations and all of the forty individual! who were indicted Match 1 by the federal grand jury OB a charge of violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Law by conspiring to monopolize the production and distribution ef Portland Cement pleaded not guilty in federal court. Individuals were releas­ ed in $5,0(10 bail each. MEDICAL INSTITUTION IN PANAMA W ashington . - Plans to broaden the scope of the Gorges Memorisl Institute in Fansmar into a raseaicb and teaching institntion of interna­ tional scope are being developed here by the Pro­ visional Board of Directors for the United States, aeeording to an announcement by its Chairman, Rear Admiral W. C. Braisted. REJECTED CONSUL REPORTS W ashington , D. of C. — Wilbnr Kebelinger American consul whorceently was refused recog­ nition by the new government at Flume because the United States has not recognized that gov­ ernment, reported tbs facts to the State Depart­ ment and waa directed to return to Jugo-Slavia to continue hia work there. \ Miller Traction Bill Passed Creates A Commission With Complete • Control Otier Iraction I n Nen> York City A lbany . — The Senate by a vote of 33 to 18, passed the Knight-Adler bill, designed to create a transit commission to have com pic le cent rol over traction in New York City. It alto is intended to reorganize the two Public Service Commissions into a single commiaaion with state-wide juris­ diction. The bill will be passed in the Assembly, where it was advanced to the order of final passage. There was no record vote on the advancement of the measure, but a test vote was taken when a motion of Minority Leader Donohue to recommi it for another hearing was lost, 50 to 94. Nine­ teen Republicans supported the Donobae resolu­ tion. The solid Democratic minority in both houaea, aided by the three Socialiita in the Aisembly and the one Socialist Senator and by 18 Kepublicaa Assemblymen and six Republican Senators all from New York City, waa recorded against the bill. ST PATRICK’S DAY N ew Y ork , - Turning their annual St. Pat­ rick’s Day celebration into a mamouth demon­ stration of fealty for the “ Republic of Ireland’’ andbitteineaa toward Englard, (bonsandsof New York’s Irish marched up Fifth avenue in a par­ ade that lasted mare than three bears. They were watched by tens oi thousands, packing the sidewalks and windows along more than 70 blocks of the avenue, and overflowlug into Central Park and the aide itreeti. RECOGNITION FOR CONSTANTINE W ashington . — Recognition of the Greek gev- ernsaeutof King'Conatantine by the United States ia expected te result shortly from active negotis- tions which have been instituted by the Greek government with the state department through the Greek legation here. REDUCE WAGES 25%. The first signs of agreement upoa the wage question between railroad managemeats and se eallsd common labor were seen when the Now York and Long Branch division of the Central Railroad of New Jersey announced that its em ployees had agreed to aesept the new pay scale.' CANADIAN EXCHANGE RATE O ttawa , O nt . —The rate of exchange in cen- naetion with shipments of freight between poiata in Canada and the United States for the period March 16 to 31, inelnsive, will be 14K per cent, the Board of Railway Commissioners anncunced. The surcharge will be 9 per cant. LEGISLATURE ADJOURNS APRIL 15th A lbany , N. Y. —Final adjournment of the 1921 session of the legislature was tentatively set for noon, April 16, under a resolution adopted, by the Assembly without a disienting vote. Tha reaoln- tion was introduced by Majority Leader Adler. 4,000 SEALS IN 3 HOURS Q uebec .— The schooner 'Viking reported by radio encountering a record heid of seals in ths Gulf of St. Lawrence, near Byrd Rock in the Magdalen Islands. Ths message stated 4,000 had been killed in three hours, LOW MAN BILL POSTPONED As a result of the protracted sessions the hear­ ing scheduled on the Lowman Bill designed te increase automobile license fees and others were put over for one week. REPUDIATE AGREEMENT W ashington .—A conesssion involving approx­ imately 7,000 square miles of potential oil fields in Costa Rica, granted by the Old Tinoce gov^ ernment and held by British interests, has been repudated by the new Costa Rican government. PERMANENT TARIFF W ashington .— Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee steod pat on the proposition that a permanent tariff bill ahould top tha legialative program of tha new session of Congreii.

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