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THE SUMMARY T«LUMB 39 « • E lm iba , M. Y., S aturday , H akch 26, 1921. N umber 18 The Secretary Of Labor Mediates Packers Agree To Longer Wages And Strike Is A v e r ­ ted Through Fair Attitude Of Workers W ashinoton .—Prospect* of an imme4iata ■trike in the paekiBg industry was aTsited thru the meditation of Secretary of Labor Davis. Compromises on the part of tho osspleyaas_ in secepting the recently announced wage reduction and on the part of the five big packers in con- ■oBtiDg to a six months extension of the Aishler arbitration arrangement made possible the sottle- ment after three days of conforenees in which representatives of the packers and employes and losretarios Davis, Hoover and Wallace partici­ pated. The terms of tho settlement as agreed to aro in brief as follows; Roductioa in wages amounting to eight cents an hour for hourly workers and per coat, for piece workers. Retention of the basic eight hour day andovor- time rates as provided in the war-time Alsehler rulings. Extension for six asonths or until next Septem­ ber 176, of the arrangensents, whereby Sansuol Alsehler shall decide all questions of hour, wages, eeuditiuns and adjustments notespeeifeally pre- vided for in the written agreement. Pressure by the government was understand to have been largely responsible for the ataining of the agreement.^ The controversy between the packers and their employes was the fiist 'najor labor difficulty to face the new administratien, and President Harding referred the matter to Secretary Davis who called Secretaries Hoever and Wallace to assist him. riNDS LEAGUE EXPENSIVE San Salvador, Republc of Salvador. — Nicar agua has began negotiations to soeure permis­ sion to rosign her membership in tho League of Nations says a dispatch received here fromMsn- agna. This step has been taken, it is declared, because the expense attached to the member­ ship is considered excessive. It is pointed out that it costs Nicaragua $4,000 per month to re­ tain a place in the league and that the govern­ ment now ewes the league $38,000, having been s member for a year. SUPPOSED DEAD, RETURNS N kw Y ork .— Mourned as dead fer 16 mentbs, after his “boby,” found in his meter beat awash en the Brooklyn shore, had been indentified and buried, Paul Gesmer, 52-year-old inventor, star­ tled aequaintanc^s in Stapleton, Staton Island, by driving into town in s brightyellow motorcar and telling them he was $46,000 richer than when they saw him last. His friends were puzzled ever the indenity of the man who had been bur­ ied. ADVICE CHANGE IN ELECTION LAWS A lbakx , N. Y.—Nomination ef state and jud­ icial officers by party conventions and abolition of the office of superintendent of elections is ro- cemmonded in a report submitted to the Senate teday by Senators James L. Wbietly of Monree sad Dehart Ames of Cattaraugus, two of the three Rspublican members ef the special jeint Ugislative committee appointed last year to study the state’s election laws. BERGDOLL ABDUCTORS SENTENCED IdosBACH.— Karl Nouf and Franz Zimmer, A- aitrican deteetives, have bson sentenced to pris­ on for “illegal assumption of power’’in attempt­ ing to arrest and abdust Grover C. Bergell, A- Btrican draft evader, in Eberbaeh last Jtnnary. Neuf, against whom a charge of ‘inffieting bodily iajary’ had also been preferred, was given 16 Bonths and ZiBmer six months. WOMEN JURORS ' E ast O rangb N. J . —The first two woBen jur­ ies aver enspaaelled in New Jersey were selected here fer the trial ef two civil cases. Eligibility ef women fer jury service was eentainod ia the hill signed by Governor Edwards a few days age. I The Assembly Ousts Socialist Jaeger Ejected Under False Pretensions In Kings Coun­ ty I s Unseated A lbany .—Tbe judiciary committee of tho Assembly voted 9 to 4, to recommend te the lewer House the unseating of Assemblyman Henry Jager, Kecialist, of Kings, en charges preferred against him that when elected he was ■at a residence ef that state, but of New Jersey. At the same time, tbs committee voted net to report out tbe resolution seeking to oust Charles Selemon, Socialist, of Kings. No aotion was taken on tho resolution asking for the expulsion ef Samuel Orr, of the Bronx, the other Socialist member. Tbe resolutions contented that Orr and Solomon are “ineligible’’ to sit in the Ass­ embly in view ef the fact that they had been ad­ judged guilty ef disloyalty by a previous Assem- bly. CARDINAL GIBSONS DEAD B altiuore .— James Cardinal Gibbons, Arch­ bishop of Baltimore and senior prelate of the Catholic church in the United States, died at 11;- 33 o’clock this morning, passing away so quietly that even his nurse, a Bom Secourse Nun, could not ha sure that it was the end. She has seen the changa that betokened it, but it was slight, almost imoereeptible, and five minutes passed while she leaned above the slight, ttill form, watching. Then from the bouse where he had lived and worked, in the shadew of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, went ferth the news that he had died. His grave will be a aicha in tbe crypt under the high altar of (he Cathedral. A slab ef mar­ ble carved with aa inscription in Latin in the north wall of the erypt will mark his resting place. W ashington . —News of the death of Cardinal Gibbons was received in Washington today with ■niversal sadness. Offieals from President Har­ ding down expressed sorrow at the death of tbe primate of American Catholic Hierarchy and paid tribute to him. HOLLANDERS ARE AROUSED L ondon . — Public opinion in Holland has been graatly stirred by the publication of Former Em­ peror William’s book which is regarded as prov­ ing that he is abasing Dutch hospitality by deal­ ing with political questions, says an Exchange Telegraph dispatch' from Amsterdam!' The book also, it is conducted shows that tho former Ger­ man ruler has not yet retired definitely from po­ litical life, his presents in Holland thus eonsitu- ting “a serious menace.’’ STATE DEPT. FIRM Apparently no number of notes will swerve the United States Goverment from its course in respect of the Panama-Costa Rica boundary centrevtrsy. In reply to, the request of the Presi­ dent of Panama that the stand of the State De­ partment be usodified, Mr. Harding has support­ ed the firm position of Secretary Hughes. Evi­ dently the Loubet and the White awards are te stand, according te expectation. DRY LEADERS ANXIOUS W ashington , District of Colombia.— Reports reaching Washington fronn all soctions of the country indicate • great deal of apprehension on the part ef dry leaders, who had become ther- eughiy arensed over indications ef a groat loosening in the enforcement of tho Volstead act. Seme of these reports tend te shew that the past few months, far from shewing an imprevc- asent ia enfercement, hava shown an indisput­ able indication ef a slackening of control. HIGHER AUTOMOBILE TAX A lbany . — After a sharp attack by Senator Clayton R. Lusk on tho antomebilo clubs, which he declared, were bandod.^tegotboi te keep the Btate from railing tkrou|^ motor vehicle taxa­ tion the money necessary fer tho maintenance of its good reads system, the Benata, by a vate of 29 to 17, passed the Lowman bill, which pro­ vides for inoroases in tho tax on both pleasure cars and motor trucks. Considers Relations With Russia Possibility That Senate May Consider Chances Of d e a l ­ ing With Soviets W ashington . — Consideration by the United States of tbe question of resuming trade relatione with the Russian Soviet government appeared te be a possibility when the State Department an­ nounced the receipt of a message from Leniae, the Russian leader, appealing for a conferense and announcing that be stood ready to send an official delegation t# this country for the purpose ef negotiating an agreement to that end. Government officials were careful not to com­ mit themselves as the course that may be taken, but there indictions that the closest scrutiny had been given tbe recently negotiated British-Rus- sian trade and that already a somewhat broader interpretation bad been given the regulation ■ that defined the Wilson administration’s policy in dealing with the Balsbeviki government. Tbe text of the Rossibn appeal, which in pro­ posing opening trade relations between the two countries said “ For that purpose the relations be­ tween the two republics have to be on the wbele regularized.’ was issued without comment. It was addressed to the United States Congress and to President Harding and contained an arraign­ ment of President \Mlson for bis policy in dealing with Russia. The hope was expressed that the United States would not continue to follow “ob­ durately” tbe course taken by President Wilson who, the note declared, without cause and without any declaration of war, “had attacked Russia and showed during his whole administration a grow­ ing hostility towards tbe Russian Republic.” LIPTON DONATES CUP O ssining , N. Y. —A silver cup, to be held in competilion from year to year among the base­ ball teams of Sing Sing prison has been present­ ed to the Mutual Welfare League by Sir Fbomas Lipton, the English yachtsman, it was announe- •d here by the State Prison tfummission. A baseball field of regulation size will be under­ taken at one of tbe prison grounds. LEAPS 24,000 FEET C hanuts F i ILD. — A new world’s record fer parachute jumping was established when Lieu­ tenant Arthur G. Hamilton, one of the air ser­ vice’s crack jumpers, leaped from the cockpit of a De Havilend airplane at 24,400 feet above sea level. The pilot landed safely after drifting eight miles. Tbe previa us record was z2,000 feet, made in Texas on Feb. 22. BUSINESS MEN OWN OPERA C higago . —Control of the Cbicago Onera Com­ pany has passed out of the hands of a small group of wesith persona into tbe bands of 500 business men, each of whem has underwritten $1,000 as a guarantee of expenaea. George M. Spangler was formally appointed businosa man­ ager of tbe company when tbe arrangement was completed. PRESIDENT TO HEAD PARADE N ew Y ork . —President Harding will head a parade of Latin-American diplomatt and other notables up FifJh A vobuo on the afternoon ef April 19 ia connection with the nnvailing in Con­ tra! Park of an equestrain statue of Simon s l ­ iver, famous South American soldier and states­ man, presented to the city by tho gerernmont of Venezuela. FILM CENSORSHIP A lbany . —Roprcientativos of tho film iadui- try who have como to the capital te oppose leg­ islation looking to a film censorikip in this State kare received little aoeouragement from tkc Itg- iilativo leaders. Tke only toncession they kavo raeoivod le fat is tke assurance ef a public hear­ ing on the pending Laik-Clayton Censorship bill on April 6. It is belcived here that the bill will pass. EXPULSION OF UNDESIRABLES P aris . -^Expulsion of nearly 100 andesirabla . Germans residing in Btrassbnrg has been decided upon by tho anthoritioi, it is declared in a dis­ patch to tho Petit Parision. H' i'i

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