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the - summary Town Topics TWO HANDS Her slendar fingers taper Her band ia lily white, And yet I see another, I'o me a fairer sight. This other hand is knotted By toil of patient years, My heart it oft hae gladdened, And smoothed away my fears. It did Not rock my eradle. Ah, no it isn’t that; It is the hand belonging To Casey at the bat. Heinie is back once more in Dr. Harding's Oflite. Wagner is going to receive a silver cigarette ease from home. Gee,he is a lucky fellow. Christofulli smiles from one ear to the other and be can easily afford te do so. Ob boy! 23 more. To-day’s Editoiial entitled “Luck is Against Me” is well worth reading. We are re-printing it from the Reformatory Record. McMeneray the handsome youth from the Stere *e«a BOW clethes his manly figure in a lieuten­ ant’s uniform. “The Country’s Safe!” Cameron has been advanced to the position of Messenger for the Library daring morning hours, as Blodgett who enjoys the speeisi attention of the Colonel has been returned to Squad. 26916, Polatcbek, who has been released on Parole in 1918 returned to the institution. During hie previous sojourn here he was engaged in the Print Shop and his first question upon his return was, “ How is Mr. Sullivan?” OFFICERS’ NOTES Major Pitts is on his way back from California. Mr. Grimes has written to the Institution that he is slightly improved. Major Graves was getting a shave the other day and we noticed that be kept his eyes closed. Justiano who happened to be ofliciating on hit ehair, asked him when he got up, “ Well Major, did you sleep well?” The reply was; \I wasn’t Bleeping, 1 was praying! If there are any men in papulation that have had previous experience as slaters or roofers, they will do well to communicate at ones with the Record OfSce. Levy who loses ten pounds (according to bit own statement) every time he receives a second class renort, has finally paid a visit to Goose Pimple Villa. Guess there’s nothing left of hint by now. Jaqusa has transferred his activities from the Research Department to the Steward’s Office. He is a genuine acquisition and will no doubt prove as popular in his new position as he was in the eld one. The weather being favorable we suppose that Dress Parade will ha held outside within a few days. Our regiment will then have a better chance to shine, (but woe to the poor inexperi­ enced flag corpurals ) Mr. Chapman’s offiet is soon going to be com­ pleted and he will be a welcome neighbor of ours Meanwhile we *re swallowing dust by the ear load and writing locals accompanied by the echoing thunders of a bansmer. Tbs moisture that you see on the Guard Room Floor has not come in through the window in a rainstorm, nor has it been careless]? spilt by the janitor; it is the perspiration flowing from Do Potro’s brow when bnrrying on his errands. Dus to a deplorabls oversight on our part the sditorial headed, \Lets Go” which was publisbed in T hb S ummary of March 6th was not properly credited to the Exchange from which we had re­ printed it. We wish to rectify this mistake and apologize for the emission to The Leavenworth New Era in which the editorial was originallv pnhlished. EDITOR’S ARMCHAIR It is partly due te the hallewed natnre ef the season and partly in answer te a very flippant argnment I happened to overhear this week that my thoughts bava been dwelling with more than ordinary eeneentration en Religion, Now let us get th>, thing eleatlv understood. When I say religion I don’t mean any settled creed or dogma. What I wish te imply rather is the spirit of self negation which is the fonndation of all religious faith, the spirit of love, the spirit of service, the hunger for eternal life and the desire fer perfec­ tion. There can be no question that religion plays a mucL ssualler part in our lives than it did in the past and that there is a decline in faith which is only stayed for short ptrijds by great social up­ heavals like (he recent war for instance. The chief reason for this can undoubtedly be found in the attitude which the youth of the world has towards so momantous a subject. The average young fellow comes from a home where the traditions of some foim of religion are being observed with more or less i egulanry. As long as he remains a member of the home he fallows ur.questieningly the cnetoms and rites of his faith in harmony with bis family. But no sooner is he removed from this environment than he begins to feel a little ashamed at his lack of worldliness and frivolity. This is (he first step. All he needs now is that he meet some half wit- ted \smarties” of bis own age who scoff at re­ ligion and everything connected with it, and be is ready to deny that be ever believed in any­ thing. Bat if he accidentally happens to read the chaotic outpourings of same modern philo­ sopher he will have a cantemptnous smile far everyane who still believes that the Bible is to be preferred as spiritual guide to the urbane mod- arntiny of Snappy Stories. Poor simpleton, who thinks that in order to be cleverone must needs scoff at Quality, Goodness, aad Virtue. Remember that the men who were the greatest and wi;e.st since the creation of the earth were all unanimous in the real zation of their owu helplessness in the face of Deity. Let not only your own faith be sacred to you, but 1st all faiths shsrs your respect in so far as they tend te humanize man and make him forgetful of his own self in the contemplation ef a power infinitelv superior to himself. Think ..f raaa living in eaves, if }cuwill, but remember that in tne cool twilight of the evening, the thought •f his loneliness (and weskness in face ef the great mystery of the wind that bent the sturdy oaks, the huge cloak of the darkening night but above all the bounty of nature surrounding him on all sides, must hare “bowed his spirit with the thought of boundless power and inacesssible majesty.” The night was dark. The sky was blue. When frem t' e hall A Chinaman flew: And from his breast A dagger drew He plunged it into An eyatev stew! Roseuthal eur new Librarian has the pleasant task «f distributiug several dezen magazines •very day and thus spreading good cheer amoug the inmates. Rememeer however that the pnb- Usher haan’t sent you aaything, h is impossible fer him te give it to yon; se please don’t pester him needlessy. When your magazine comes in it is direstly deliveral to you. GYMNASIUM NOTES Seme basketball game last Saturday. The tetal score was 62 te 2 in eur favor. It became positive­ ly dull to watch our men make one bask at after anstker. Just think ef Blake sceriag thirty fear peints all by himself. Bye and bye the fellows stopped applauding it became so monotonous to see the ball pass through the iron ring with deck work regularity. There is no fun seeing some one hopelessly beaten. The outside team didn’t stand a chants from the minute the bail rang. It was a slaugbtsi and when one of the visitors managed to seers the only two points made in the whole game, ear fellows roared themselves hoarse with eheeriag. The encouragement didn’t seem to take any efl- ect however; nobody else duplicated the feat and we finally decided that it must have been just a lucky accident. The total score follows. HEIGHTS INDEPENDENTS Baskets Foul B. Total Points Sargent ....................... 1 0 2 OrsUy .......................... • 0 0 Spirak .......................... 0 0 0 Diamond .............. 0 0 0 Thomas ...................... 0 0 0 Total ................. 2 REFORMATORY VARSITY Ryan ................... 0 10 Perkins .............. ....... 5 0 10 Blake ................. ....... 17 0 34 Levine ................ ........ ] 0 2 W ittsnstein __ .... 1 0 2 Kaplan.............. . ........ Z 0 4 The members of the Construction Gang that are employed in building the chaplin’a office are amiable young men that make themselves at home wherever they may happen te bt. We will be sorry to oee them go when the work is going to be completed. They add a lot[of cheer to the place. A vast amount of good paper and a quantity of pencils are being chnaiimed by some of our fellow inmates who wish to shine in the role of authors. Well, it makes them happy, and it doesn’t cost us anything and the basket h right near eur desk, so go to it. Ws like to get a gesd laugh once in a while. Inmates will please remember, and let their relatives and friends know that it is absolataly forbidden for them te send magazines directly from home. Though this was • stipulation dist­ inctly pointed out in the circulars, a good number of periodicals have been received that have not been sent directly from the publisher Se if you want to be assured of racei\ ing your magazinas regularly you bad better make a note of it. The services that Father Healy conducted in the Auditorium last Thursday night, concluded the religious revival hold daring the week under the auspices of the Holy Name Mission. If there was anyone present during Father Healy’s impressive sermon that was net touehad by the straightforward honesty and truth of what be said he must have been deaf to the voice of a man and God alike. Both Catholics and non-cath- eliea ought to remember hit precepts for the leading of a batter and saner life which he so fercelully championed. Total.................62 Mr. Hoyt, an outside man who came with the team, served as referee. Some boxing bouts too. Oh my aunt’s cat’s pants but wasn’t that some fight between Brown and Whittaker. Oh, gee we had to rub ourselves with liniment we were so sore laugbing so much. They looked like two amiable New Foundland pups playfully going to sleep in each otheis em­ brace. The bout between Gentile and Sullivan hew- ever proved to be a splended affair indeed. It wasn’t a lively fight by any means; hut it was clean from beginning to end. Special credit and praise are due to Gentile for bis sportaman-like behaviour throughout the three rounds. He had innumerable advantages over his opponent, yet be never sought to injure him as some less con­ siderate fighter might have done. He was calm and compaied and tolerated Sullivans wild swiog as though he were unconscious of tne fact that they were intended for him. He coold undoubt­ edly have punished him severely but a spirit of real gportemansbip which cannot be praised tea highly aetnated him to spar around with a man BO evidently bis inferior. Sullivan is a real good little fighter who can box well; there is no ques­ tion about that. But he still is too fat and Gen­ tile had too long a reach to be harmed by a man of his type In the wrestling match between Fletcher and Bennett the latter came eff vietoiiouily. The bout between Westfield and Block was well balanced and interesting. NO TICE Notice.' Any one having found a small prayer book is requested to please bring same to the Editorial office. Writing day for all men whose names begia with S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. andBoardmta with writing privileges as well as married men with wives recognized. All men wishing to see the Complaint Board may send their notes to the Record Office EXAMINATIONS FOR APRIL 1921 Men. March 28 ........ A Class..........European Hist, Tues. March 29............A Class .......... Economiti Tues. March 29 ----- 1st to 8th Grades __ Arith. Wed. March 30 ... .A & B Classes ........ Ethics Thurs. March 31 ---- A & B Classca ___ LHeraturs Fri. April 1.........8th Grade to S. L ......... Lang. Pri. April I ........... Advanced \A”.............Arith. AUDITORIUM Program For Sunday, March 27, 1921 8:16 A. M ................................... Cathalie Seivioe 9:80 A. M ................................... General Tumont 1:00 P. M...................................Hebrew Servleti 8:09 P. M ................................. Motion Pictures CRBDIT DINING ROOM 8:16 A. M.................................Protostent Service POPULATION-ITS MOVEMENTS Number of Population ........................ 800 Last Cons Number ................... 29724 Last Def. Number ............................... 75S Received dnring Week ......................... 16 Paroled ......... 8 The Grades; First372; , Second; 622, Third;«. St hefe Arm istei ' b 1,70C way appr Bale mill I pieki the were with they a foi iatei i>K< tioni Sovi the I gees W Unil at C plos! hein • BU tiaa com M: rile N( Hud trail port misi leva mon as p can W •fu that Sovi Tl ed •has S G Diet inff W calli clea can obli Prai Juai Sta< of and L the feel lor of I Aue the har. B ory dat< gioi Wit Thai and R was A tor: ing by I wet WSE fad «igl

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