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SUMMARY r, m ■K •r- ■. !*• 3 1*41 «ir th* ■t, tk* I e<t 1 kit-1' ail, th» ' b n ilM - j >««k] I t l l ecl-^ V olume 39 « * * E lmira , N. Y., S aturday , A pril 2, 1921. * « * N um b e r 14 Soviet Russian \N. Y, Central Urges \SeVeraI Uprisings Trade Relations Soviets Will N o t Trade With Japan Until They H a v e Evacuated Siberia R sval . —Representative of the RuBsianSoviet Government in Revai say there is no possibility of a resumption of trade betreeen Japan aid Russia under any kind of an agreement until the Japanese settle the Siberian question. That ob­ viously means the Moscow Govetament will not consider a Russo-Japanese trade pact until the Japanese get out of the Siberian east coast coun­ try and cease subsidizing Gen. Semenoif, the quaii-Cossack chief, and other anti-Bolshevist leaders in Sibetia. Meanwhi e trade between Russia and the out­ side world is the chief topic of conversation a- Bong all classes in Russia and in tbe Baltic States. The Bolsbeviki say that Petrograd will be their main port for the entry of foreign goods and for the export of their ovt n products to for­ eign countries, although they will use both Hel­ singfors and Reval also. In this eoBDsctioa it may be said that Arnericans already are doing considerable business with Russia, and according to officials of the Bolshevist Legation in Reval, many American firms are actually trading with Russia or are preparing to do so. Several Ameri­ can trade representatives are now in Russia, legation officials said. SINGLE SPORTS COMMISSION A lbany . —Governor Nathan Miller and legis­ lature leaders have approved a bill calling for a single sports commission to take over the powers of tbe Slate boxing and horse racing conamiision, ] and the Measure will be introduced in the legis- i lature either this week or next. There is a possibility that Governor Miller will withh'^ld in­ troduction until be has conferred with sports writers of the stato. The Governor announced that be waa planning to call a eonferenee of sports writers cither late this weekornextwoek. INVALID OPERATES ON BRAIN O ssining .— Dr. William L. CbapMan, a noted surgeon, removed a jagged-edged bullet from the brain of Reman Leondowski, a prisoner in Sing Sisg, in the hope of restoring his sanity. Dr. Chapman, who Uvea at 562 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, was so ill himself that he had to be taken frem Warden Lawea’i automobile into the prison hospital in a wheeled chair. There ho was lifted to a stool, from whieh be perfermsd the delicate operation. “ EAT ONIONS” W ashington . —‘‘Eat onions” waa the advice given to the American people by tbe Department of Agriculture. Unless there ia increased con- •nniption of the vegetable, tbe department said, there will be a great waste of the old crop, of which there is now an estimated carry-over of 2,- 500 cars, failure to consume this surplus will mean also a Isrgt suplus in the Spring crops, which was reported to be from two to four weeks earlier this year than usual. PROBLEM CONFRONTS T H l ALLIES P aris . — Representatives of the Allies’ govern menti will meet in Italy soon to exchange views relative to the establishment of tbe frontier be­ tween Poland aod Germany in Upper Silesia, it ii laid in dispatches to Paris newspapers from Rome It is declared that the question will de Band an exchange of views between the various governments. FIRE BUGS BUSY L ondon .— A campaign of incendiarism ia var­ ious parts of the eouutry is asiuming such pro­ portions that the authorities of Scotland Yard art mobilizing a fleet of motor cars and lorries to rush Ben to auy point where there is a call for their aetviee. This plan is simitar to one adop­ ted here recently when many ineendiary fires were set in London. GRKEKS.SUCCKSSFUL L ondon .— The Greeks have occupied Ada Bazar, in tbe Ismid region of Asia Minor aeeord- iag to a dispatch to tbo Exchange Telegraph from Athens. Wage Reduction Provisional Adjustment In Pay Of 2 6 , 0 0 0 Unskilled Laborers I s Sought Before Labor Board C hicago . — Provisional reduction of the wages of approximately 26,000 unskilled workmen on the New York Central Railroad, to be effective April 1, was asked of tbe Railroad Lebor Board. Immediate relief from the present lates was sought pending a hearing on permanent redciion later and at the same time announcement was made that conferences with other classes of lab­ or were in session this week and that reduction in every class of railway employee was being con­ sidered. Tbe unskilled labor dispute came before the board after conferences with employes early this month had failed to leach an agreement on any wags reductions. The case is tbs first one bronght by a carrier, and is considered in rail­ road circles as the first move on tbe part of the trunk lines to cut their pay rolls. The railroad appeared, prepared to subTiit ex­ tensive da'a on wages in other similar Indus, riei and on the cost of living, but the board decided to confine the present case to the question of immediate reductions. CHILDREN ARE GIVEN ETHER TO CUT DOWN THE COST OF LIVING W estfiii LD. —A s the result of investigation by the school authorities by v bich it was learned that young children are being given su­ gar lumps soaked in ether to reduce their appet­ ites, Superintendent Chester D. Stiles yes'erday took tbe matter up with state educational and health authorities. Ether may be purchased in any quantity by a child in auy drug store. Chil­ dren when questioned were trank in saying that they were given the ether by their parents to lewsi the cost of living and also to quiet those who got too boisterous. DON’T SMOTHER APPLES W ashington . —Untold millione of apples have “smothered to death,” the Department of Agri­ culture announced in a bulletin announcing dla- eovery of a fresh air cure—for the raw trait ba- fore it reaebad tbe pie stage. “Apples to ha made comfortable,” is the title of the govarn- mant bulletin, urging app e boardera to “keep your apples cool and then stand back and let ibem breathe.” It is established that apples “meet an untimely death by smothering,” tbo federal experts declared. YOUNGEST BISHOP IN U. S. K ansas C ity , Mo.-Impressive ceremonies with all the color and lolomnity traditional of tbe Cat­ holic Church, marked tbe consecration at the cathedral here of Rev. Francis J. Tief, as Bishop of Concordia, Kansas. The elevation of Bishop Tief, who ia 39, from tbe past of viear general of the diocese of Ksnkas City, made him the youngest Catholic Churchman of bis rank in the United States. BALLOON ACCIDENT L ob A ngeles , C al . - Second Lienteaant K. I. Sullivan ana eight enlisted men of the United Btates army tmlloon school at Arcadia were ser­ iously burned when a balloon exploded after coming to earth near here. All will probably re­ cover, it was atated at the balloon school hospit­ al, where they were taken. Lieutenant Sullivan said be believed static electricity was responsible. GOVERNOR GETS TUNNEL BILL A lbany .— The Assembly concurred with the Seaate today in passing the Hewit bill appropri­ ating ?5,0 0.000 for the construction of a tunnel jointly with New Jersey vehicular and pedestrian traffic under tbe Hudson River between New York and New Jersey. The measure now goes to tbe governor. SEAT VACANT A lbany . —The State Assembly, by a vote of 77 to 62, declared vacant the seat of Assembly­ man Henry Jager, Socialist, of the I4th district. Kings eoanty. In Germany Communist Uprisings, Be­ lieved To HaVe Been A t The Point Of Collapse, Flickers Up Again I n Various Parts Of Ihe Country B erlin . —The Communist uprising, whieh had appeared to be at tbe point of collapse, has flick­ ered up again in va-iuus sections of Germany and reports indicate that mote than three score persons have been killed in tbe reneweo fighting. The district between Leipsic and Halle appears now to be the chief zone of the Communist oper­ ations and train service between ttcise two cities has been suspended. The Communists, whe were defeated recently in the Mansfield oistrict, have regrouped their forces and are said to be in possession of a strong position. They ate well equipped, et- peeially with machine guns, and in an effott to dislodge them the security police Icsi 12 killed. Tbe largest number oi casualties reported was from Gevelsberg, Westphalia, messages stating that 50 persons were killed in yesterday’s clashes when tbe police recaptured tbe town from the Communists, who bed been in possession fer several bouts. Berlin. -^Advices from Cential Germany slate that the Communist revolt, which appeared* threatening L it week, ia rapidly disiiitegeiating into minor outbreaks. Declaration is n ade that the backbone of tbe projected revcluiicn there has been definitely broken. GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND MAY RESUME PEACE B elfast , March 31. (Aiaeeiated Press,} Car­ dinal Logue, the primate of Itejand, waa inter- . viewed Tuesday by Sir William Gouluing sod three other Southern Irish Unionists, with ihe abject, it is understood, of securing the opening of peace negotiations between the Irish Repub­ lican ParliaoieEtfend tbe British govemment. The interview took place at Dundalk, County Louth. Sir William Geulding is a prominent Irisb rail­ way man and a resident »f Dublin. He is chair­ man of tbe Great Southern and Western Railway of Ireland and ef the Irish Railway C.eaiing House. He was a member of the Irish eonventioa of 1917-18 and bis a former high sheriff oi the Uounty of Dublin. AFTER DRAFT EVADERS I ndianapolis . —Lists of men classed by War Department as draft evaders will be furnished all American Legion posts in the United Slates beginning about April 1. P.C Haitis, adjutant general of the army, made this ancouncement to national headquatters of tbe legion. AIRMEN WILL BOMB SHIPS IN BIG TEST W ashington . — Siicultaneous mobilizations of the army and navy forces are under way in preparation for bombing tests against naval vas- sels to be conducted jointly by tte two services in June and July Army fliers are gathering at Langley Field, Virginia, to practice bomb drop­ ping against targets moving on the water. Navy air forces are concentrating at Hampton Roads and the fleet base at Yorktowa, Va., for similar exercises. CROSS-COUNTRY FLIER IS DEAD N atchez .— Lieutenant W. D. Coney who was injured last Friday morning near Crowville, La., while attempiing a trans-continental fllghl from Jacksonville, Florida, to San Diego, California, died hare late yesterday. The lieutenant’s body was broken in a fall and complete paralysis of bis body from the chest down resalted. CAR SURPLUS IS GREATEST IN HISTORY W ashington . -The greatest number of surplus freight cars in tbe history of American railroads was recorded on March 31, the car siivice divi­ sion of the American Railway Division reported. The number at that time was459,411, an increase of 85,000 over March 15 and 7,672 more than tbe former high reeord of March 1, 1919.

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