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>AGE EIGHT GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS - . ,- .- ., ^ ™ '<*• <• -•* v ^ < WEDf«SDAY, NOVEMBER 2< 1926 54 COWS BURN SURPRISE PARTY NEW TEACHER AS (If WRECKS HELD FOR PASTOR . LS ADDED TO MifflTOOPERTY OFHNE \ \ oxsTnrMi DAvmsnus . s y$r^ OFGWLETST.^™ ROAD —-_ Holstein Cattle Perish When Lloyd A. Cummins and Miss Music Teacher From traneiRev. Parkins, Pastor of leth-\ Two Large Barns at De- Eleanor F. Hugh, Both of. Institute at Potsdam Is Em-i odist Episcopal Church, ~ Peyster Are Destroyed. , Wanakena, Are Married, j ployed at Edwards. J Hepburn Hospital Mrs. M. Babcock Entertain* W< of Relief Corp* at Thimble Party Basketball Note*. Large Quantity of Farm Implements Box Social b Hem at Graded School School* Close Today for Tkaaksgmaff Also Coosuoed—Lost U Placed at House to Raise Funds for Purchase Vacfti<«—Work oa Edwards-Fine ~ $38,000. { of Flag for School. - Road Completed, Depeysu-r. Nov. 2* V Fifty-four Fine, Nov. 23.—The Pitcairn peo-J Edward8j Nov 23.__ A musk head of Holstein cattte*pen.shed in a pie gave a surprise party tor Rev. | teacher from the Crane Institute at fire that destroyed two large stock c H „,,, Mrg Bowman last Mon-! Potsdam has been added to the fac- a B+ygenJ Girl, Art Born „ and Mrs. Jack Earl of sUchvme, I eer Rssid^s* of Btgessw. Bigelow, Nov. 23.—Mrs. John Forney of Gouverneur visited her Undergoes Operation At M ™ d > * r ** A O'Brien Tuesday • r Miss Erato a Wood, Mrs. Randall of QpjMreraeur visited at Fred Stev- ens Friday. Saturday .Mr. and Mrs. ) Chancy Woods of Dekalb Junction also visited Mrs. Wood's sister, Mrs. Fred Stevens. ~ j Mr. and Mrs. William Parker were I in Ogdensburg Friday. „ . . _„ m . . -i Mr. and Mrs. GreenhlH entertain- Hermon. Nov. 23-vrhe order of ed ReT # Bennett of the Riehvtlle barns on the home farm of Thomas . . . . . . . . . ! ultv of\ th*« Etiwarrin wi»-h o^hnni !« ~ ' .« . ;ea n«». DBUBBU UI u»w wcufun this place Wednesday . <*»>' ul 6 Q t and invited a few of the j g* ,g ejected to KB ?/,« and^n I BMtern StarS w111 holi the ' r annual Methodist Episcopal church Satur £miihers of evening. A quantity of hay and members of the Fine church. They I g^hooT onVday 'a weesT \sUme'of*the' Tnan ksgiving Ball In Mix's Hall Fri-jday farm implements consisting of tract- passed the evening in visiting and ti m © i 8 gpent in other schools and | day, November 26. The music will Mn on the phonograph and the j will be glad to get a class of pupils i be furnished by the popular F. E. served delicious refresh-1 ,o r . pIan J° le ^ 80n s outside of school j Bellinger Society orchestra of Wa- or. truck, manure spreader, engine m u g j t . and milking machine were among' the property destroyed. The loss is women In the neighborhood of $30,u0u tnents. Those present were Sumner which is only partially covered by j Johnson and family, Rollen Thomp- »tein bull recently purchased 0 fj church ' Mrs - E v fowling, Mrs. George Ash worth. The herd which ' Mary Demmons, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey was tuberculin tested consisted of; Bowman, Mrs. Minnie Randall and forty pure bred cattle and the re- : to Dewitt Mn Rhoda OniiM Mr imainder being grades. The tenant. ^ „ Wit ¥ V Mr «- Rfloda Gulle8 - Mr - JLyman Maxim who has worked the and Mrs Homer Titus, Mr. and Mrs. farm for several years owned part Eldred Evans, Rev. C. H. and Mrs. Interest in fourteen head of cattle' Bowman - and Mr - and Mrs - B - F -- and some of the farming utensils, I J< > n es. W in all. also a valuable puppy that perished! ^oyd A. Cummins of Wanakena, In the ire and Mj ss Eleanor Florence Hugh of Tho «r« w.= AI.~.~~~*A „u . i Wanakena were married at the and h,r m Murra, on .he.r » y : fjjj C ' ft.^JSlS' »%?%? £i work. . This is a much needed addi- tion 1n this community as well as in the school. Mrs. Gore who was the only music teacher here, has gone south for the winter. School closes Wednesday after- noon for the Thanksgiving vacation until Monday, Nov. 29. Mias Robin- son and Mrs. Stanton, out of town teacher*, will visit their homes. The regular meeting of the Ed- wards Library Association was held Friday evening. At that meeting tt was voted that the association would give a $10 cash prise to the school and a committee was appointed to co-operate with the teachers to de- termine In what way it should be awarded. After the business of the home from the Dr. Austin farm. They' M„ Dona d Conw of W»n kenVl OTefilll « there wai music with Mrs. drove to the farm buildings and gave S^v WDa a conr °y OI wanakena, Initran8jn _ t the ttiiu . e and - R ___ the alarm and Robert Orr was the gave N. Y In graham at the piano and E. Bray- note, and tie* knew the cow. wer. I l \i- 8 'i?y VJ t rt ?„ „..„„„ „, George Silsby. Rev. V. O. Boyle of Gouverneur i ton > violi n and Miss Maye Whitford Lew Bishop returned Mon- day from Johnston, N. Y., where she Spent the Week-end with her daugh- ter, Ruth,, who is a teacher in the school. Mrs. E. E. Mack and children the Thanksgiving recess and will \rel !»?«»* t ^ e ^ eek ^? n * witb , h f r V^rwtM, tertown. Everyone Invited H. H. 8. will cloae Wednesday for open Monday, November 28. Mr. and Mrs. W. Temple in Gouver- Mrs. Ella Chilton spent a few days De ^. last week visiting friends In Gouv- erneur. Rev. Parkins, pastor of the Meth David Stiles, as agsd reaident of the Gimlet street road, died Satur- day, Nov. 20, aged 77, Funeral ser odist Bpiscopaf church, underwent I 1 * 5 ** *«« **\* Tiioaday from his an operation on hla nose at the Hap- *°» e - , ^ ,Beunett of Richville burn HospiUl last Wednesday. -..^JJg** 1 * f^ 0 ^' church offciat- condidon is mueh iworored at tstloi 1 ^ Burial at Richville Writinr tttm In Mr *nH 1/i-a BARBARA !TMASH A Ctmtij-Dnm* b TWw Acta Gralyn Theatre. Goi Tuesday, 30 1 '.. O. BOYLE^ - SPECIAL MUSICAL NUMBERS AS FOLLOWS MRS. V. O. BOYLE, Boprmao THOMAS MiOOSH, HAZKL BURNS aad FRANCBB COLLINS, PIsyssts JJadar tke Aosyscos of Trkajry Fpiirifil Qmtjk Admission. 50c ' Referred Seats, 75c RESERVED SEATS OS SALE AT ELLIOTT BROS. STORK Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe* Carl of Richville, former residents of Big- eiow, on Monday, Nov. l5,~tirk»f, a najaed Frances aad attendance. They were qnickly not Ifled and the alarm was spread to the entire village and many farmers from the surrounding country turn- ed out to fight the blaze. Heuvelton Mrs. Addie Jones came home last week after several weeks at Harris- ville and Jones Corners. was asked to send assistance and! car M ™- ° f r ^ n M *™ h il-V-Sj\ 1 ^\ 6 the surrounding buildings from fall- Mr8 Bernard Cahill at Brandeth William Lade visited- Mr. and lng fTrey to the fire though some\of {astwe^ \ C£. m «7?£i etf ,y .?f 0rChed uI he ° r \i Mr. and Mrs. John Cardiff motor- lgin of the fire will never be knownJ^H tn VA^^A* B *A nZT^^.7t IT-* The barn was wired and lighted bj • woinaldSr Gouverneur last electricity. The Smithers and Max-, t?r »n J'Mr- J «• v«„ 0 M M Im families and all the neighbors in L Com^ and Mr/ iJhhi^ KHI^,™ i 0 a7reT^ W f e o? Sf£SSMSS tS2? l ^^to^^lS?^^ fo^eSeX f was^S l ?nd^^ Com »° and M \' Kil1 — discovered. The build- . fore aeing tngs are located Inside the village limits. Hart OmttkJttg Oar. Stanley Rickett, while cranking a attended the Home Bureau at Gouv- erneur. Paul Sykes of Jones Corners was a guest of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Jones last Wednesday. 'S5_JffS!^rti? b ^Z\^'\ ^%\^\^o' J<.hn.town. was reduced and the arm placed in j Mra unmL- TI««O 0 T*A \K~. T XX a cast after which he returned home I w »? ^f\ M^Ltoyd'wird X Little Margaret Todd, daughter of osweeatchie last TTiunTdav Rft*r Mr. and Mre. William Todd, fell in J^on Tnursday after- the barn last week and injured he^ Mrs Thomag wiHls went to ^ T . ar ?he a DLtrict Deputy. Mr. McGee ! ?-»{ e %&?£?$\ ^slJoraS Mr ^d M^r. ? P ^Jv R J v „«H Tb ° mas WUli8 and a **»* <>t Sen M« \£L~* Zr« frZLr rlJnl ' BTe burning brush on the Utilities !wH«^?«r^^JrSKf7?i?J Z7£ «n ?wards and Mr8 \ Thomas Willis pass- ^i^ R^fV -^^ n H«„ TO H n J ba °y ot Antwerp, are visiting at George Taggart was in Heuvelton, Herman Slates and Nelson Towns. Charles Montroy has been making extensive repairs on the cheese fac- tory. Mrs. Ella Judd attended the Ly- ceum at Russell last Wednesday night. Earl French and Miss Nora Ca- hill held a box social at the graded school house last Friday night for the purpose of buying a flag and oth- er needed things for the school rooms. The' proceeds amounted to $16.80. j Father McGuire of Edwards held service at St. Michael's church last Sunday. Nov. 21. I read an interesting paper on the Mo- hawk Valley section. The next meeting of the Home Bu- reau will be xrith Mrs. A. E. Clark Saturday afternoon, Nov. 27. The O. E. S. will have a cooked food sale at Mrs. E. Thompson's Sat- urday afternoon at 2 p. m. Miss Lillian Lelbrock and Harry Webb were Lowville visitors Satur- day. Mrs. J. E. Beckstead is ill. Mr. and Mrs. H. Thompson and children were guests of friends ln Edwrards Sunday. The condition of W. Mason is un- changed. Mr. and Mrs. William Ayers. Mrs. D. L. Dailey and Miss E. Crosby of Canton were guests of Mrs. Stevens Sunday. Mrs. L. O. Nofl entertained at bridge Friday erening and Mra. W. Brown Thursday evening. Mrs. A. E. Kerr was a business visitor in Ogdenstrarg Thursday. Mrs. Lillian Bancroft Attended the Federation meeting at Gouverneur Friday. So far we have had little snow. Hardly enough to cover the ground has fallen but there has been too much rain.. The ground is soaked full of water and the country roads The Red Gross drive \§ on in this village. Mrs. M. Babcock entertained tke'Jf*\*. * lr l women of the -Relief Corpo -nt a I \oioiicl.. thimble party Friday afternoc*. Re- freshments were served and every- one had a good time. Mrs. Rhoda Given has left the! Osbortovllle, Mo*. M.—Turkey home of Mrs. T. Given, and gone to < killing was the occupation of some OSBORHVULE are bad. „ Work on the Edwarda-Flne state! Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ware of De- road is finished. The final survey was! k * lb Junction spent the week-end at completed last week and engineers 1 *•• home of Mr. and Mrs, Williaa and workmen are gone. The last ship-! Atterson. ment of machinery was made last week and several of the boys from here have gone down soar with it to work. the home of relatives in Syracuse. Mrs. Arnold Felt. Mr. and Mrs, H. Haseffott and Mrs. Ella Snow, of Gouverneur, were visitors in town Thursday. Mrs. WilHa«s Cros* has been very 111 at her home; is? Maine street. Mr. and MVs. Btffcsrt Maine, and Walter LaiosaW of Syracuse spent a few days here Otts *©<**. Miss Fraflkle flutfll>. Ka T. L. Bai- rn at and James ft RoWa*«o were callers ia Watertow* Wedirestfay. Mr. and Mrs. W. Fmivbanfcsv Miss Monica Buckle*. Messrs. Ch**Te* and Lowell McKee and Cecil micfeie were callers Jn Ogdedsbnrr Shasmr- day. /Miss Ileen Steele, teacher tff H. H. 8., spent, the week-end at her home in Heuvelton. Miaa Mary Alice McMillan of Potsdam Normal apent the weeknrad with her pA*»ts> Mr. and Mra. W»H auction of Fraatt Bucfcr liam McMillan. last Saturday afternoon then in the Mrs. W. F. .HKchcock left Mon-1 evening attended the eorporasVm ** y f°JL Yonk «» where she will svpper at GottvOrfteor. jpend TtanjtagJv.ag as a guest ofl Rooert Wataea made ex bosioaw Ear nieces. Misses Helen and Har-^ t«p to Richville' laot SaftsMay. riet Fairbanks, who an* teaeain* in I Mis» Murmotf of cajdensbu-rg Yonkera. : -.- boarded thiB weak while* she waa^ Mr. and Mra,. C. McCarthy and keying school al Stanley HurlbufH daughter KftUanen, spent Sunday; on account of tbe'fissd roadfe visiting relativea' in Canton. of the farmers laat week. Although there wercss't aa asswy ae uaaal they were little fag her ia prlee. Two cattlo buyoMi mm§& a trip tmroagh this section last Tuesday one from Depeystov an* osm from Hevr- elnsm. Mrs. Adeline Mclntyr* motored to Ricthrllle last Monday UP iee fir, Al- len. She had a bad sore oav her foot Walter Morris i*d tie misfortamo to lose* a valuable eow last; Itaeeossw. The telwible wind Mew a troo owar and strnak UHt anrdfcnl. Mrs. Clarence Metetyre aotoriai to Hallestoro last Saturday to sew her mothew, Mrs. Jay Graady. Mr. and Mrs. Horace tifertbut •pent Thursday at Gbdweroeur. They called to so* Mrs. Hattie Huiifmt aa esse leaves Golrrernetirfor* St PVers- D«rg; Florida. Monday, Mfcv. 23. Clarence Mclntyre . attended the rs**fticb*lle SAVE I S CBNTS-^MAIL OR BRING . C\ ii R R C\ IM THK ENGINE'S • I VMnDVIl WQRST ENEMY I I Prevent Carbon Aoraarnulatioii I 1 *Dgrgrn uvtu n***uw • i SPEED WliiDolt! SPBBD will keep your motor aaappy and fall of pop. SPESi> reilevws etieky valve*. SPICED cleans spark plugs. SPEED for epriag luhritatioai. SPKKD prevent* rust SPEED dissolvos raet SPKKD loosens rastod holla ami aati SPiUeD gives door iotka trow aetiea. SPKKD contaia* no acMa or stence to either car or SPKKD la a product you can mead to yomr frieada. SPKKD ia guarattteed hanaJea* t o eTerything except carbon. Wftes* appMs4 % com> «pletely elimlnatea carbon, hiailag . engine clean and well makes your motor start and ran easy Agents en 1 -I I THIS A© AleaVSS I M. E. GAMBLE, GOUVERNEUI? m m AT *nrR vftmnt rrramn oavina east m*m «m win nam •mn • OPVKS OR SIS Monday Jesse Lytle has sold the milk for his patrons until January 1st for £5.00 per hundred. ' Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lytle and son Walter spent Thursday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kirby's. Mrs. Emery Smithers was In Heuv- •elton Thursday. H. B. Turner has rented his farm to James Gebo. Charles and Fred Morris. Ward and Walter Willard and Herb Turn- er motored to Prescott Monday to aee the movies of the Dempsey-Tun- toey fight. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rounds and eon Mrs. Nelson French and son Earl, Howard, were reeent guests of; were Knesta at Ledyard Goodale's Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lytle, FOWLER TURKEY RAISERS GEl GOOD PRICES „ ^ , „ jr^m i last Saturday afternoon. Albert Backus and Mr. and Mrs.; Ea r j French, Carl White and Stan- E. Burr Barlbat of Osborneville Je y Tod( j attended the Lyceum at were guests at Mr. and Mrs. Leon | Ruggell lagt Wednesday night j Kirby's Thnrsday. EarI French attended the Grange 1 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smithers d ance at Edwards last Friday night and daughter. Katberine. spent Sun-, Mrs Thomas Willis* birthday was day in Gouverneur. the guests of Mr.; celebrated at her home last Satur- and Mrs. Marvin Holt day night. Cards were played and Lawrence Beatty has employment refreshments were served! In Newberry'* store, in Ogdensburg. Byron Hurlbut of Heuvelton Is as- j - slating with farm work for Stanley: LjL£lock. Mr. Fieldsoa was attend- Rhrkett. while Mr. Rickett s arm is*Tng , ttea v Co-operative meeting at *in the cast. \ Gouverneur, Mrs. Fleldson and three Mr. and Mrs. Leon Overacker aadj children remaining at Mrs. William daughter. Miss Lodine. and son, Mai-! Harris' in this village during his ab- com, and Mrs. George Smithers mo- sence. When Mr. and Mrs. Sherd tored to Long Island where they will j Bayne and Mr. and Mrs. Clark Amea spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and; were returning from the meeting. Mrs. Diamon Smithers. | before they reached the factory, it Mr. and Mrs. Burden Thornton ' was difficult to see to drive and be- an d sons, Clinton and Kerry motor- lng in a sedan and not able to amefl ed to Syracuse Saturday and spent; the smoke they thought it a fog, bat the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.: on reaching the factory theyeonMj Stanley Rickeu. see fire coming from under the door. Mr. and Mrs. Wealey Creighton. J They qnickly reached tne building Mrs. P. A. Conroy and two children bnt it was so filled with smoke and were dinner guests Sunday at Mrs. names they were unable to enter Ida Creighton s. and all that was saved was the scales Miss Winifred Creighton is spend- and weigh-cae on the weigh-stand. lag the week at the home ot Mr. and j They then turned their efforts to Mrs. Leoa Overacker. saving the barn where their winter _Mr. and Mr* Lessad Wllaon and ( wood was stored. They were sne- daughter- spent Saturday ln Ogdens- cessful ln saving the barn. Mr. and Imrg. I Mrs. Fieldsoa readied home later The lacky persona to shoot a deer to find all destroyed. The pool bad In th% big woods this year were Ir- been trying previous to purchase the irin Creighton. Harold Fieldsoa. Wil- milk for II.©0 per hundred until liam Parks. Will TownaenA, Ldand January 1st and while ln Gonver- Wtlsoa and Lawrence Flalbeek. near Saturday night they decided to Herb Rounds of Heavarnfn was in accept the offer. Therefore the milk town Sunday. ' was taken in Sunday at the Perry Mr. sod Mrs Carrol) Pleetham. • Beeksteed farm aad cans were sent Mrs. Arb Hill and granddaughter.' and milk delivered to Heuwlton. Madeline wer*- ;n Ogdensburg Friday. Glenn Hill. Paul Conroy. P De- The following persons from this lair, Ren and Roy Howie attended place attended the co-operative meet- the moviea at Ogdensburg Saturday Jug and banquet In Gonvernear Sat- evening. sarday Mr and Mrs. C. B. Gtfftn,' Mias Joyce Wilson spent Sunday Mr axd Mr* R D. Orr. Mr and Mrs.; night with Miss Winifred Creighton. T P. Day. Mr aad Mrs. C I Turner.: Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Beach are Mr. aad Mrs. F N. Rounds. Mr and spending some Lime with Mrs James Withered. Mr and Mrs. tGeorge Basa. Mr aad Mrs S C. Bash Mr. and Mrs. Racine Thornp- Nooss. At the Athletic Association meet- ing held in the High school auditor- ium Wednesday afternoon the cheer! leaders for the'coming year were elected. The two elected were Elisa-! bth Edison, and fcecil Hilchie. Both j worked hard to prepare for the first' game of the season which was play-j ed between Hermon and Hammond in Mix's Hall Friday night Hermon j won by a score of .« to 2*. The 1 cheers were excellent and continual-j ly used throughout the entire game. The Hammond girls were unable tn play the Sermon girls because of making out their schedule so the game wtQ be played at a later date. rn order that those vno attended tne game Friday evening would not be disappointed tne first team girls niaywd vs. the second team girls and tie first team won by a score of fl-6. After the games the fonr-piece High school criheetia furnished the music for a emnon at which every- one enjoyed tfcenmerres. The next league game win he play- ed at RtchvtTle Friday, Many From West Fowler Party HeU Tneaday ICfnt at boro. West Fowler, Nor: 2\3.— picking was the latent up> in the past week and those- wfeo taeA* their birds to Keuveltoxs received a good price. Nearly every one from tMs place attended the pedro party Tuesday night in Spilman'a Hail, at Hades- boro and report a fine time. Many attended the men's sapper Tfennsdny night held at the same place and; en- joyed a great feast. Mrs. Alice Brown bar returned home from Rainbow Lake mecn. Un- proved • ln toealth. Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Venunn of Gouverneur, spemt Monday, gneets of her mother. Mrs. Cora Van Alstyne. Mr. and Mra. R. Turner and daughter, Mary, spent Sunday, Nov. 14 at Natural Bridge. 8evorat of oar people attended Sales Day at Gouverneex. H. -Hntten and family spent Sam- day at J. Skinner's, GcHsvernenr. i Sfinfi J. Perry and famisy of Pyrttes, iiTvl _ « .« -- «._4 _ were Saturday visitore at tne borne 1. «*5» ****. *—•.**•—™* CArtat- of her mother. Mm. Cora VnnAl-|Sf y erk **M •*?*** J 01 ••?* Thnrsday, Dec. 2. with Mra. M. L. MeLear. Ladles please come pro- oaUers in Watertown Tharsdny. I 9 **?* to ^? c ** a *^ ^t^ ^l g, • . B. Beatty of Depeyvter waa a 8no>f -»••\«»» rreont^ mien, was born day visitor at the Van Aletyne borne. IS™**^ NoT - *» to •»• *** Mra. Mr. and Mra. C. Payne and son •»*»• ^ff^- ^^ . Walter of Gouverneur spent Sunday ^ M *** r T >y 5 ^fT 1 ?/ *\ d •\ • A J?°** evening at the home of his pareata, •* 9 re f fc * A .. Cr ***u .***+ *^Kf Mr. and Mrs. A. Payne. lS«onui Tnendny at Solomon Unto* Sheldon Payne spent Saturday nifbt tn Oonvernenr with bis broth* er. Cnarlea Payne and family. SOME MISSION ^ SOCIETY MEEK AT BLACK LAKE Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Jones were| NORTH RUSSELL Bey Appel has gone to Antwerp, Mra. Willis Walrath la spsadism week with relatives ia Oovvernana*. Mr. and Mra. Ralph Lai at M. L, MeLear* North RnanaU. Nov. 22.—Several! .J*™- M * ry * JE^S** ^S^ 4 neighbors and^frtemds of MT. aad.fr 0 ^* 1 ' ' A j* r *? JT***\*• **** Mrs. BlanckarTBewey gatnered- at Friday an ******£ ^ * \' their home Saturday even^gto eele-j j,}!L^\^\S^i^iSf SI brate their 25th anniveraaryf H *f^ e L mad - K ^f t i ° f 2*%^™? ^^on King vUited at Tml's Sun- j t^T*«Jpw ^Rev. <££** Mr and Mrs. Poole viaited reU- ******£_ Jrneman, Uves in Dekalb Sunday. D *!!LlV?*^ Paige LaLone had his right band; • hie Marj ^^ eut suit* badly while sawing wood J*** 0 **- ~ tJP** 9 *.***** **• Friday afternoon. ' !St M i!iJ^ Klsnesndorf a>iwaree- Orace Morgan. Clark Wallace. GO- ^jj; V^J,: 1IMW-IH - mw ^ - . M- bert Ray of Canton High school Mr - ****** Ttt?*£S\.-** spent the week-end with their par- g**.* 7 ? p * roy *f-P?i ? Y ^2? enta weaneoemy evenrng at M. at oonv Val Oilman la not so wail at tads «*?_*» aw— •- ^rtti^g Tne Heme and Foreign Mamton- Mra Leon Leaviu baa returned ary society wna plea ma Uy enter- hoitraf^enirng a £? dS?vS2 »*« « JjLiST* IJZZJ*- *; U^, her parents at Canton- Thomas Thursday aftarnoen, A $X«SO Down and: SX.SO A Week f FORTY-FIFTH YEAR SUPERVISORS ROCK 1SI DUPRi LONG FIGHT FOR AC CLIMAX WITH TO BE TssMa^MMI C AbootDtnif For Town of Gomrer A seven-year campaign in tor the definite designation of- last fans borne fruit. The battle, which nas beci morning when the board, in in ment daring 1927 the Rock Hfc to a point four miles north. T hill. It will be the first piece Gotrverneur. While practically every tc county roads, Gouverneur. one until now without improved higJ It now has three sections o highway. One ra^.through th< east and west, ujto. mart roa< Jefferson county ttTpoints nort Another extends from Gouv village to the Macomb town 11 leading toward Black Lake, third is the improved state about two miles in length, lnt< ler over the Mattoon Creek br: This piece of county road was designated on Tuesday is which the town long has be titled and will add appreciably mileage of improved road, extend into a rich farming c of North Gouverneur and will ably eventually be pushed in peyster to connect with roa • Offdcmsburg. To Supervisor James Thomp the town of Gouverneur goes i ahare of the credit tor bringli matter to a climax and he is widely congratulated for his si Now that he haa started si fully the movement for GOUT • to get its share of the county • It is believed that other county • ways will come to the town 1 • cession until it has its full qu mileage. Tne road designated for lm ment is one of the poorest 1 town. It has been a difficult i for farmers in the past few ye -traverse and since the improv highways started a numt ago, the poor -condition < been mere and mor epoch-makinq, Yv^SrlER Farm< hUant oi The Iter a joarnment urday. Nov. along the road a; action of the tet at 8 p. m. M pursuant the minutes o , were read an proved. The Special order—De< former members—was taken u Mr. Sanford presented the folio Whereas, during the paat there have been called to the Beyond the following former bers of this Board, vis. John I Carthy of Brasher, Ledyard P. of Canton, Herbert G. Aldri Gouverneur, Wesley Backus of mond. and John ¥ . Clark r* Ma and Whereas, tt ia fitting that Board should pause for a tim pay its respects to Its previous bers, therefore be it lived- That this Board public record of our great app tlon of the services of these- able men. That we recognise as men of- unusual worth bo their respective towns and t Lawrence county; that the stnt MAGDE SEASMJOTTH THREE GA! daughter Mrs. Osie Stone, and fan>-| _ •«- *\• *^ m j Ue *\ */* J*T* By of Kecdrew Clark. Carrie Dodos, and Mm. C L. Mra Myron Mayne of Heuvelton' T** f\** 4 *! *** *™ ***** tt 12% pon. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ftehbeck. ealled oa Mrs. Mr aad Mrs. Leoa Ear by. Mr. and urdey. Mra Jeaee Lytic. Mr and Mrs, Al-, Mr aad Mrs. Carroll Inert Hazaften. aavd eon Clifford. Mr., were supper guests Sunday mmA Mrs. Perry Sterling. M# and and Mrs. Arb Hills Mrs. Leoa Todd Mr and Mrs. Sherd Mr and Mrs. Kmery Smitbers en- iBayne. Mr. and Mrs. Lemad AnsUa. tertained the Commanity Circle Sun- air, and Mrs Clark Ames, Mr. and day school dam Tuesday erening Mrs. Stanley luWftstt Win Parka. 8 with a large attendance.' Ln>ttcio«s nnAnUrold riiUiip rifcsanhr imta, ware 'one preeeat enjoyed the Amber Conroy Sat-; the S. L. U. Gnnnunon Memorial Mmmttd to tlL# - | chapel at Canton Sunday afternoon. Msonnten to 9ii.ee . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ciark and Mr ison Lewis, visited friends at Rich 'vine Sunday. DAVID STTLKS. Tn, sereOA ^OehTKln, en Tens rn#V-*nr snassT amV r Vve nave rant recerven a fresh ww £ssy Waauera, but our nunc -nooav hi the SUSL Every .dethm rmxnrd the nmmetr she tsm. Wusshwwyonmaneo/ Are at On last Saturday night tne 1 repreeentlag six of the High se of northern Hew York and- con tne tne St Lawrence Valley Bs saB Leagne played tarn first of scheduled noauea. Heuvelton vs. Richville at 1 alten: Tne Heuvelton basket U iWfsnrtd RtekrUls by s score e 11 on Henveltona court Km nam Price showed np well with long shots bnt Steele was Hi ton's star, cagiag five of the bni towns an unusually fan large crowd ln attend Falls vs. Brtar H with a sco 14-4. Both teams played a fast i ~ Bsselaer Falb of.lhe e-remh smmond at tne game Hammond easily with s see** o I. The olaytng was erradc bell one ttane slow, then would loose s fast gaunt At PQ ttme wns uson in danger as the seore pile Rtemdlly. McKee of Hermon wn strong nhryer of the erening. ea ing eight baskets. Pert of Rami of tne Hnmmond The next games on the sen* vfB he nmyed ns feOows: Bermon vs. RJchTtll. at Rich Dec t : Raasselaer Falls vs. 1 mend at Hamasond. Dec 4; £ elton va. Brier HiU at Dec 4, KP> m CU.<1L*IK41 CaCtxl The condmen of Fred B. Pi termer jaisHanf of tne viDag*, is been erfOealty m at his hen Trtnity aisnai for ti n past t

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