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FORTY-FIFTH YEAR GOUVERNEUR. ST. LAWRENtE CO.. N. Y.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER I. 1926. NO. 45. SUPERVISORS DESIGNATE —— ROCK ISLAND ROAD FOR IMPROVEMENT NEXT YEAR LONG FIGHT FOR ACTION ON MATTER BROUGHT TO CLIMAX WITH ASSURANCE THAT IT IS TO BE A REALIZATION Credited With Bebg Instrumental in About Designation Which Ends Seven-Year Fight For Town of Gomreraeinr's First County Road. A seven-year campaign ia the St. Lawrence county board of supervisors for the definite designation of-a county road for the town of Gouverneur at last has borne fruit. • The battle, which 'has been an uphill one. came to a climax on Tuesday morning when the board, in regular »ession. designated for county improve- ment during 1927 the Rock Island street road, extending from the village line to a point four miles north. This will take the road through to Rock Island hill. It will be die first piece of county-constructed road in the town of Gowerneur. While practically every town in St Lawrence county has in share of county roads. Gouveroeur. one of the richest towns in the county, has gone t.»fi'| now without ^ugaroved highways of this classification. It now has three tactions of state]nation are better because they lived; highway. One raa« t Usrj>ugh the town, I that while we call them dead, the east and west, lite Statu road from Influence of their Uvea will never Jefferson county ttFpointa northward, die. Therefore be it further Another extends from Gouverneur Resolved: That copies of these village to the Macomb town line eir& resolutions be spread upon our min- leading toward Black Lake. The! utes and sent by the clerk to the third is the improved state road, I families of the deceased and that about two miles in length, into Fow-jthi« Board, at the conclusion of these ler over the Mattoon Creek bridge. ' *\ ~ ^ This piece of county road which was designated on Tuesday is one to which the town long has been en- titled and will add appreciably to its mileage of Improved road. It will extend into a rich farming country of North Gouverneur and will prob- ably eventually be pushed into De- peyster to conned with roads to BJ Ofdensburg. To Supervisor James Thompson of the town of Gouverneur goes a good share of the credit for bringing the matter to a elimax and he is being widely congratulated for his success. Now that he haa started success- fully the movement for Gouverneur to get its share of the county roads, tt Is believed that other county high- • way* will come to the town in. sue- ™ ceaalon until it has its full quota of mileage. The road designated for improve- ment is one of the poorest in the town. It has been a difficult matter for farmers in the past few years to traverse and since the improvement of highways started a number -of ago, the poor -condition of this been more and more era- Farm »st along the road are ju- t action of the board. The BoarOftmet at 8 p. m. Monday after a week\recess pursuant to ad- journment anil the minutes of Sat- urday, Nov. SO, were read and ap- The\ Special order—Deceased, former members—was taken up and Mr. Sanford presented the following: Whereaa, during the paat year there have been called to the Great Beyond the following former mem- bers of this Board, vis. John H. Mc- Carthy of Brasher, Ledyard P. Hale of Canton, Herbert G. Aldrich of Gouverneur, Wesley Backus of Ham- mond, and John V. Clark c* Macomb, and Whereas, tt is fitting that this Board should pause for a time and pay its respects to its previous mem- bers, therefore be it BftwlTOd: That tills Board make public record of our great apprecia- tion of the services of these- moat able men. That we recognise them aa men of- unusual worth both to their respective towns and to St.. Lawrence county; that the state and} services, as a token of respect, ad- journ. • Frank B. Sanford. ' F. B. Turner. -•••--, James B. Thompson. Charles Denner. - fames C. Lantry. Committee. Mr. Sanford then addressed the board in regard to the life, character and public service of- Hon. Ledyard P. Hale. . Mr. Denner in reference to Mr. Wesley Backus. Mr. Lantry with regard to John H. McCarthy, at one time chairman of the board. Mr. Turner with regard to John V. Clark, who was a veteran of the Civil war. * Mr. Thompson spoke of the life and services'of Herbert G. Aldrich. George H. Bowers, and Charles N. Hale, clerk of the board, spoke with reference to the merits and ability of all the gentlemen who had been referred to. On motion of Mr. Rich the report of the committee waa unanimously adopted by a rising vote of all the members present, and the chairman declared the -board adjourned until Tuesday morning at 9. The clerk has distributed the state tax, and the following is the amount that will have to be paid by each town and ward for general purposes, armories and stenographers: Brasher, $1,647.32; Canton. $8,- 892.93; Clare, $560.84; Clifton, $1,- 250.45; Col ton, $2,993.06; Dekalb, $2,591.19; Depeyster, $1,041*93; Edwards, $1,325.73; Fine, $2,- 188.16; Fowler, $1,181.61; Gouver- neur, $7. lUkSl; Hammond, $2,- 038.18; Herman, $1,191.41; Hop- kinton, $1,421.40; Lawrence. $1,- 328.30; Lisbon, $3,187.06; Louis- ville, $1,232.60; Macomb, $976.83; Madrid. $1,396.46; Massena, $11,- 654.26; Morristown, $2,279.86; Nor- folk. $3,356.38; Oswegatchie; $3,~ 544.97; Ogdensburg, 1st Ward, $4.- 844.52; Ogdensburg, 2nd Ward, $2.- 985.88; Ogdensburg, 3rd Ward, $2 254.78: Ogdensburg. 4 th Ward. 81 MANY DONATE TO MUNICIPAL RED CROSS SEAL SALE IS OPENED SKATING RINKi BY MRS. HARTLEY HOME TALENT PLAY PLEASES LARGE CROWD INVESTMENT IN OKLAHOMA BONDS COUNTED GOOD '•9 St. Lawrence Utilities to Furnish Cur- rent aad Oswegatchie Cosmpaay to Wire it—Campaign for Funds On, Announcement was made by offi- cials of the Oswegatchie Light As Power company of this village Tues- day that the work of wiring the new municipal skating rink, which was undertaken by members of the Gouverneur Advertising club last week, would be done by them with- out cost. The current will be furnish- ed by the St. Lawrence County Utilities. Work on the municipal rink is going forward and this week a crew of workmen is engaged in excavating the ground adjoining the Gouverneur High school where the rink is to be located. An embankment is to be thrown up about the spot and water piped to it. The rink will be approximately eighty feet in width and about 860 feet in length and should accommo- date a great crowd. Members of the committee which was appointed at the Advertising club meeting last week to accept donations during the past few days have canvassed the business and pro- fessional men about town and a list of donations has been prepared. It shows quite general support is being given the project and it is believed the rink will be one of the best in northern New York. The committee in charge of rais- ing funds to start an ice skating rink near the Dean High school wishes to acknowledge donations re- ceived from the following: JBL com- plete list will be published? uext week as some .have handed In theirs too late for today's paper. Spooner-Campbell Co., Seaker- Graves Motor Co.. Whitney Garage Co., E. C. Leahy, C. P. Collins, Van Slyke «s Curtis, Guy Deans, Fuller 4 White, Severance Bros., Allen & Ritchie, Clohosey & Sweeney, V. E. Woodworth, Erwin Cox, Harlan Townsley. St. Law. Co..Utilities, Os- wegatchie Light A Power Co., Bank of Gouverneur, First National Bank, G. B. Fortune, B. J. ft M. J. Carpen- ter, C. C. Cunningham, E. J. Mark- wick, Murphy ft Frank, J. J. New- berry Co., Northern Tribune, Oneida Co. Creameries, Royal Phillips, Frank Pruyn, C. R. Rodger, H. C. Rogers, H. H. Ryan ft Son. E. L. Wood, Fred Scozzafava, Gouverneur Limestone Co., Free Press, T. D. Or- m is ton, Charles Laval, J. C. Dolan, Nelson R. Caswell, W. A. Streeter, A. P. Mason, Mary Mason, Ethel Parke, Glen A. Cole, Leslie E. An- derson, John Whalen, Harvey A 1 Smith, Hardy-Stowell Co.. D. M. Has- elton, Elliott Bros.. M. Levinson, Dr. S. W. Close, Leonard ft Fuller, B. O. Kinney, Archie Mosher, Willis H. Loomis, Spencer H. Goyotte, Clar- ence H. Wallace, F. S. Labardee, Sol Kaplan, A. Katsman ft Son, A. M Jepson. Twelve Thousand Letters Containing \Barbara Makes a Splash\ Presented President of Large Savings lnstitutioe Christmas Seals Will Be in St. Lawrence County. Julius Frank, president of the St. Lawrence County Tuberculosis and Public Health Association, is actively engaged in helping to formulate plans whereby the Nineteenth Annual manufacturer of the Westcott Tuberculosis Christmas Seal Sale will the fastest car in the world. be more successful this year than Jimmy Westcott, by Emerson ever before. i Smith, his son, iq business with Mrs. C. A. Hartley of Gouverneur ! Westcott. who conducted the sale so success-) Charlie Denton, by Jack Tait, a fully last year. wW he sales manager | clerk in the office of the Westcott Under Direction of Mrs. V. 0. Beyle at the Gralyn. BARBARA MARKS A SPLASH'* Cue* of tlwrw-ttvu. Joseph Westcott. by L. D. Kerr, TRUCK SKIDS ON PHIL YOUTH KJ£D KVi \!£** ?T£l^ ' Fr^Sertt, Ag«* 29, Ml* bthty of Investments fa OUahosna i v »,m, .T. u L^i Far. Mortgages. » *•?•* * \ft**!!** 928.11; Parlshvllle, $1,465.94; Pierce field. $1,323.62; Plerrepont, $1,443.46; Pltcairn, $475.16; Pots- dam, $10,989.98; Roaaie, $691.71; Russell, $1,249.19; Stockholm. $1,. tlz.Sfr; Waddington, $1,958.44. THREE GAMES Tensas • ••iiHsl-t Six High 3chilli of Herthera Maw Turk Are m CMSSCL On last Saturday night the teams representing stx of the High schools of northern Hew Tort an* compris- ing the St. Lawrence Valley Basket- ball League played ta* tret ef thesr scheduled guanas. Beuvelton vs. RichvtUe at Heuv- eltem: The Heuvelton basket I use nil defeated RJehvlB* by a SCOTS of 14- 11 oa Heuveltoa's court- Kennedy aad Price showed up well with their loag shots bat Steele was Hewvel- toa's star, caging tve of the baakata. Tba ansa waa aa nnuawally fast owe with a large crowd In attendance. $419 IS RAKED IN CAMPAIGN OF RED CROSS Header Report* $54*) Darin, Tsar. of $419 was raised dur- ing the local campaign in behalf of tike American Eed Cross, tt waa aa- aouaced ai the regular meeting -of that orgaainutioa held oa Saturday The The report of Miss Helena Joha- of the house service de- t, waa rant. This showed that her departasest add expended $546 69 in its work during the paat year and a detailed aecoant of the manner ta which it was speat wax sebmtrted. The annual election of officers was LOVELAND FAMILY SAILS THURSDAY ON DEGRASSE » Mrs. Loveland is Given Farewel Party At Hosae of Jeaaie and Cora Dean Before Departure—WUI Resaaia Un- tfl Apr! Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Loveland, ac- companied ay their daughter, Miss Gertrude Loveland, left Tuesday ev enlng for New York, where they will meet their other daughter, Mrs. Hel- en Loveland Fosgate. On Thursday they will board the steamship De Graase for France where they will spend the winter. They plan to re- main in Paris for several weeks, af- ter which they will go to southera France for the remainder of their stay.. They will return- in April. Mrs. Loveland was the guest of honor at a farewell party at the home of the Misses- Jennie and Cora Dean on Monday afternoon. Two tables of bridge were played. POSTOFFKX GIVES INSTRUCTIONS FOR * MAILING PARCELS Numerous complaints from poet- masters at offices of address show that instructions tor repairs, direc- tions for making garments, etc., and other aaaatiaaftnad taaeripttona are being inclosed with articles mailed at the fourth clans (parcel poet) rata of postage, although sack illegal ta- eloaures properly subject the article to first clans rata. The subsequent collection of postage due on such ar- ticles subjects both the -sender and the department to criticism. A letter or other lrst dans matter paid at the latter rate of Paila vs. Briar HOI at {held aad the eatire old elate of of-,may be attached to the outside of parcels mailed at the third or fourth rate of postage. Farm: Rensselaer Palls; Seers was re-elected. It follows: Briar HB1 with a score of j Chairman, Mrs. Henry Freeaaan; plnyed a faat guana!vice chairman, William B. Simmons; of Renaeelaer FnUa-the encretary. Mies Gertrude Loveland; of the eveniag. {treasurer, Arthur C. Mason: exeeu-| ------ five hoard, Mrs. John McFella, Mrs. i j F. F. Drury and Mrs. A. M. Jepson ' VILLAGE BOARD ORBCRS LARGE again this year, Mrs. Fred Quinlan of Ogdensburg 'aa publicity director will keep all papers of St. Lawrence county supplied-?with news of the Seal Sale. Mrs. Hartley reports that 12,000 letters containing Christmas seals for St. Lawrence county will be released fDec. 1. The 1926 seals are most attractive It design and coloring, consisting of three merry carollers in bright, cheerful colors. The seals not only carry their message of \Good Cheer.\ of '*Courage\ and of \Hope\ as they enter the homes, the stores, the offices and the factories of the county; they bring back the pennies and dollars which go to make up the-sum needed this year to carry on the fight against tuberculosis and diphtheria. Although the national death-rate from tuberculosis has been cut in half during the life of the \Christmas Seal,\ it is only by everlasting vigi- lance and effort that the disease can be further diminished/*. With the exception of a small per- centage the proceeds of this sale are used exclusively in St. Lawrence county for health work. The associa- tion is appealing to the public for a continuance of their splendid loyal support which has made possible the work accomplished by them in the past. Through their courtesy the follow- ing women will have charge * of Christmas Seal Sale work in their communities: Morristown—Mrs. Janet Murray. Brier Hill—Mrs. Ray Soper. Hammond—Mrs. T. A. Lewis. Ogdensburg—Mrs. Fred Quinlan. Col tori—Mrs. Eva Stewart. Norwood — Mrs. Edward Mulhol- land. Norfolk—Mrs. Terry Rice. Brasher Falls—Mrs. Anna Mc- Carthy. Winthrop—Mrs. Bertha Ham-mill. North Lawrence—Mrs. Henry Mer- rill. Massena—Mrs. James Phillips. Potsdam—Mrs. Mary Barnett. Canton—Mrs. Evft Broeffe. Crary Mills—Mrs. Bertha Whitney. Plerrepont—Mrs. Jennie Claflin. Helena—Mrs, Harry Langtry. Louisville—Mrs. J. P. O'Brien. Chase Mills—Mrs. Francis Ballon. Madrid—Mrs. Emma Lee. Waddington—Mrs. W. A. Daniels. Lisbon—Mrs. C. B. Wright Parishville—Mrs. Josie Campbell. JHermon—Mrs. Maud Haven. Russell—Mrs. W. S. Hepburn Co. Horace Townsend, by Keith Cole- man, whodiacovers that he is an old friend of Saruara's. \* • Samuel Harris, by Himself, a friend of Weatcott's. Barbara Allison, by Mrs. V. O. Boyle, private secretary to West- cott, who takes a plunge regardless of the splash. Nonie Galloway, by Marion Corbln, whose principal occupation is refus- Charlie. Marjie Rennsler, by Marguerite Geisendoerfer, from whom Horace receives orders. Evelyn Foster, by Haxel Burns, who claims descent from one of the ing Charlie. C. Sheila Branscombe, by Frances Collins; Stirling McGregor, by Thom- as Madden; A Guest, by Blanche Tait; guests of Barbara's. MISS AUSTIN DIES AT HOME IN THIS VILLAGE Loaf Resident of Geuveraear MMA Na- tive of Fowler Expires, Aged 72— u School Teacher.— Miss Rosalia M. Austin, former school teacher and well known resi- dent of this village, died at her home in Barnes street Saturday morning following a two weeks' illness. She waa 72 years of age. Miss Austin had been in failing health for many months, but had not been confined to her bed until two weeks ago. Her death came as a great shock to friends and relatives. She was born in the town of Fow- ler on April 4, 1854, the daughter of the late Samuel A. ewd Blisa Has- elton Austin. 8be reesrved: her early education in her home district in Fowler and later attended Gouver- neur Wesleyan Seminary from which she waa graduated. - Thirty-four years ago she removed to Gouver- neur where she taught school for a number of years in both the Kaet aad West side schools. Later nfee accepted teaching positions la Con- necticut aad Heuvelton where she rem steed uatU recent years. She them eaaaa hack to Gouverneur and occupied the Barnes street residence. For some time she conducted a room- ing house there. She was a woman of superior character and intelligence and was regarded as a most successful teach- er and was highly regarded by the eatire community. Funeral services were held from the late home in Barnes street Mon- day afternoon at 2:30. Rev H. W. Reed of Watertown officiating term en t was made in Fowler \Barbara Makes A Splash,\ a home talent production under the personal direction of Mrs. V. O. Boyle, wife of the rector of Trinity Episcopal church, was presented at the Gralyn Theatre Tuesday evening and met with high approval from the large audience which witnessed it. A three-act comndj&drama, it in- cluded in its cast only local amateur talent, although all who witnessed It were agreed that It by far surpassed any production of its kind seen here in some time. The play, in itself a most interest- ing story*, was interspersed with mu- sical numbers which proved most delightful. Voices rarely found on the professional stage were heard and the entire production proved a great credit both to the actors them- selves and their director. In the play, the audience appeared to hold the opinion that Mrs. Boyle. In the part of Barbara Allison; Jack Tait as Charlie Denton, the office accountant, and Miss Marlon Corbin as Nonie Galloway, whose chief aim appeared to be that of refusing Charlie's proposals, shared equal honors. Emerson Smith as Jlmmle Westcott ln\love with Barbara Alli- son carried his part distlngulshedly. Keith Coleman as a \Bally\ Eng- lishman, added greatly to the com- edy and carried his par} admirably. L. D. Kerr asJoseph Westcott carried his part with great credit to himself. Miss Hasel Burns and Frances Collins rendered a piano duet which was pleasing in the extreme. The audience highly approved, as waa evidenced by the call for an encore. Mrs. Boyle, singing the Italian aria. La Capinera. was most pleasing and this also met with high praise from her listeners. A musical number sung between the acts by Frances Collins and Thomas Madden, tenor, \The Boy Who Stuttered and The Girl Who Lisped,\ proved not only entertain- ing, but emphasised greatly the un- usual ability of these two. Their second number was equally well re- ceived. Praise cannot be too great for the eiilhe cast.—Mist Collins and Miss Corbin impressed the audience as having remarkable stage presence and the ease with Which they acted made their audience almost forget the whole thing waa unreal. To Mrs. V. O. Boyle goes great credit for the success of the venture. She has labored with the cast and de- voted nearey every available minute in aa eater* to make it the success which it was. Her own ability aa an actress was pronounced. The total receipts from the pres- entation amounted .to approximately $450, with expenses totalling about $106. An Invitation was extended by .the large Ogdensburg delegation present to stage the production in that city, aad arraagements will be made tor the a#peax*Bee there in about two weeks at much higher prices than were charged here. Mortgages. For the information of those In! this locality who are holding mort-j gage notes issued as shares of first] mortgages negotiated by the Okla- _ .^. -^ . M . -* iti _. homa Farm Mortgage Company, **«op»»u BOB or air. an* eVa, vpsMSW which Company is now in the haadsj of a receiver, the president of the FrirrfcmAifcwlfcUifc. Gouverneur Savings ft Loan Associa- tion made inquiry of the president of the Local Building * Loan Associa- tion of Oklahoma City regarding the prospects for the investors in the mortgage notes. Mr. Brewer, whose reply follows, is at the head of the largest savings association in the state of Oklahoma with resources of nearly twenty million dollars. Only sound business judgment could,have established so prosperous a financial institution, and Mr. Brewer's opinion as to the soundness of these mort- gages is reliable and investors should be grateful to him for his kind inter- est in their behalf. The letter is as follows: Oklahoma City. Okla. Nov. 24. 1926. Mr. B. G. Parker, New York State League of Savings and Loan Associations, Gouverneur, N. Y. Dear Sir: Your letter of the 16th was re- ceived several days ago and was not answered sooner as I wished to get certain information before writing you. The good people of your State, and in tact any other State, have no cause for alarm in connection with the mortgages made by the Oklahoma Farm Mortgage Company. . I have Just talked with Mr. Geo. R. Sutton, who is receiver of the Company, and he tells me that at the time the Company was placed in his hands as receiver that they had approximately eight thousand loans on their books and within the last three or tour years had only taken over something like tour hundred of these farms. The years of 192S and 1914 were exceedingly poor insofar as farm products were concerned aad it was really the result of the two poor years that forced this firm to close its doors. Last year Oklahoma had a good crop and this year it has psoasd all records for the last ten or fifteen years, in other words we had a \bumper\ crop this year and if we had raised no cotton whatever the value of all other farm products ex- ceeds the total crop of last year, in- cluding cotton by several million dol- lars. I would advise your friends to pay no attention whatever to letters they receive from attorneys in this State In regard to. foreclosing their mort- gages. They are simply a bunch of wolves trying to fatten their owa j ing the machine to such aa OfslllWaV- Scett Was Track Dowa Weat Over Teany. Funeral services will be held f. t this afternoon from thjtvJtom* osVJfr? and Mrs. Charles Scotfe** tfte£o*n- erville road for their sou, FrUaklia Scott, aged 20, whose death occurred at the Young private hospital H Gouverneur at 1 a. m. Tuesday fol- lowing injuries received oa Memday afternoon whoa his motor* track skid* ded aad wenttrrer a steep embank* ment on CUftoa hill. Rev. W. F. Skinner, pastor of the First Presbyteriaa church of Gouv- erneur, will officiate. Interment win be rnada in Riverside cemetery, Gouverneur. The hoy's death occurred without him regaining consciousness the accident. His condition steadily worse after he had moved to the hospital aad his death came shortly before Tuesday aeons lng. His foster parents were with him at the time of his death. The accident occurred at 3: If Monday afternoon when young floatt was driving a load of coal frosa Gouverneur to a cheese factory at Macomb. He was rendered omoaa* scions and his story of the aoddeat could not be learned. The only witness to the mlaas# was Ray Clapp of this village, am employe of the Northern New Tor* Telephone company, who waa driv- ing from Macomb where he had boas installing a telephone to Gouveraeur. Clapp said,-that as be proaching the foot of the hill, which is one of the moat erous in this section aad mad4 so by the lee and snow which ed it on Monday, he saw the trwe* cross the road, apparently out of com* trol aad crash down the stoop ta> cliae. Ha hastened to the spot ami endeavored to extricate Scott frosa the debris. TW w«ght of. the iae was able to Clapp then help. Ho called t o three torists, but none stopped. Ha donned his pole spurs aad fa nearby telephone pole and \eat ia M on a Gouverneur liaa. He samtaoav ed assistance through the Oouvat- neur exchange, but before baby a» rlved from here, others had gome Is l his aid. and had succeeded is MUNKlPAfc BLOCK If HAfiBffiSS FOR , FIREMEN'S DANCE The Municipal building daring the past few days has undergone a thorough cleaning and has been carefully and artistically decorated in preparation for the annual Fire- men's ball which will be held on Thursday night. Early supper will be held at 6. followed by dancing, both old-fash- Ia-'ioned *nd modern. Two orchestras bank account at the expense of some- one else. Mr. Sutton said that If any of the people that hold notes in con- nection with-any of their loans will write him he will be very glad in- deed to give them first hand informa- tion and advise them what he thinks would that he could be taken oat Clapp accompanied Scott to Gouv- erneur whore aa examination waa made immediately by Dr. Drury. Clapp said after the accident that when he found Scott in. the wreck- age, a portion of the steering wheel just exactly was Imbedded in his skull, be the best! Franklin Scott waa bora ta Now thing for Jhem to do. I do know York city Nov. 7, 1P06. At the that they can probably secure title of three years he was legally to the farm on which they hold the ed by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seott mortgage without foreclosure pro-, and he had made his hosae at the ceedings and with a very much leas Scott farm residence since that time, cost if they will consult him. He was a young man of pleaafajr If for some reason or other it [ personality and liked aad admired would he necessary to bring fore* by all who knew him.—Ha Wag DR. WEBSTER TABS LEAVE TO GO S0011 Carthage Osteopath aad Fi closure proceedings I would be very j conscientious worker aad had bo- glad indeed to put you in touch with '• come expert in the operation of fans a reputable firm or attorneys at any; machinery. He received bis edi point In the State. I would also be ; tion in the district school and. glad to Inform you aa nearly as; Gouverneur. CANTON MAN 94 YEARS OLD, IS A PIONEER Wat tan fa 0aPeysser—WaVs Fssbsr Was Secoasl Mats you possible aa to the value of farms in different localities. We have agwa-! cies la every section of tire State aad' our men are thoroughly acanainted with the farm values' in their vi- cinity. I think It would be exceedingly foolish in the face of conditions at this time for any of the investors to make any sacrifice opr the paper that they hold. There is very little farm land being offered at this time and the values will undoubtedly increase. Yours truly. Local Building and Loan Aasodatioa R. O. Brewer, Vice President. have been engaged to furnish music She is survived by one brother. ]Thi* ball is one of the largest events Lyman Austin, of this village, and of its kind held throughout the year five nieces.* Miss Bessie Austin, of locally, and a large number of tick- (daring the winter •rerr •»raas\trt~rk Gouverneur; Mrs. Hasel K. Pink, of ^u have been di*poeed of. ~~ \*\\ ' IKXX KUSHIVLD Kev Gardens. L L. Mrs. Ford Mor- • A report submitted by Chief ot. \> <* FtasbteayL. I . Mrt Isaac Car-fTTVF RASKFTRAI 1 roll of Syracmse and Mrs. Frank In- Her fron easily with a score of 26- < Mrs. Maurice Hurley, who 6 The playing was erratic, being at ducted the drive, submitted s list of owe time slow, thea would loose into the new members of the Red Croea. Police Eugene Murphy was the prtn a *~f f\— r>I M ***»* w *» Her-; together with the amounts subscribev*ipel basinees __ moa ta danger as the score piled up ed. Tha amount was approximately regular meeting of the village board' •*»• Clarence Austin of Fowler; F steadily. McKee of Harmon was the as that raised during the campaiga Tuesday night. The report showed M Griffin of Oswegatchie; Allan stroeg player of the evealagv eaptar- a year ago. !four eases of public intoxication one Griffin of New York and Joha H. img eight bankets. Fett of Hammond! ' * {non-support case one of reckiees \ '\* of the Hamsaoad ^ ( KDffEY AWfOUNCtS ,4rirlag and one of peeping la win- Canton.—A family celebratiea wssj held Monday at the Mrs. Fraak FY rich street In ton of Canton, who birthday. Mr. Tharwiem fa a resident of this cause*? stf formerly a chant. W» P«reuaa family s^fbev+ar «sM and Mrs. Jooepl Joha L. Johasoa, F. Williams aad j , - --— -j .. l( Mr. Thornton' •sax of Oeuiveruew WIS Be Aawaat back to the time Aaasjt a Year—Man. Preeraai sf who \• Research aad Pew-Oadmat. Work, lor? 8 Dr and Mrs. George V. Webster and later uettied of Carthage will leave late in De- county. Mr. rember or early in January for the Depeyster oa Nov. fff, south where they plan to remain the aoa of Neman aad son Thornton. His pita, Mary Dr Webster U taking a year's beth Austin, died ta 19Of. B, leave of absence from his work at eei Carthage, where he has for a sum- settlers Pa tfcia ber ofh yearsk practisedd osteopathy,e try. and* during* his absencen willf carrye oa- ris A setts,d waa a* Eb!%£ TLAM5 ARE FORMED 'researc wor an may tak a post- county aad FOR NEW LEAGUE * T dn t * course i one o th oate male chil to M Grifftn of Sherrfll • --*• Aatomobfle aceldeuts report- NON-POOL MDLK The next games oa tke sene«a*e j DKjRlCr DEPUTIES ** <* Br ing the moot* totalled five DDITX RflsTOC vffl he played as feOows: asbwtL Kiim kiii^tef m7- Complaints were recetved that, rXtVt JVMrS Hermo-Tra RiehvfUe at Richvme, 1 _*£*?£ TmS^L^ n r ^..t^ g .' lia,b » »»« **** ? *\ la « t™* » ***rsj rFTeT TWC 1 DeTT R*n-oel»er Falls vu. Ham- )!^^ 1 i*t^t2»2«tS ^ ^l~ * ltt »*« « William street, thms en-f CLW * UtU * at Hamsaond. Dec 4; Hewv- •\»: 2KU!^£,,!J?^ ??£t JL *tT ouageriag the live* of pedestrtana i ^ A * C0Td i?7 '° *» »«:oa taken HIU at Brier HDL SLSJ*!?^,?* T7 £?££ i F? *\* tr « ™ ordered removed. «**• Non-Pooi^g Dairymen's Oo-Op- ,effective st once. It follow* J L: • 'eretrve Aesoctatios. lac oa Satur- ,__ A ._. * ; Flack. Albaay. J O Lerameen FORJB0TER8' AWFAL SKftftlOW aAy. Nov 27. at a meeting held ta cosapa^Tend the Basinees Men eltoa vs. Brier Dec 4 opatbic colleges before his return. of Gouveraeur. f Represent*tires of five prospective During his leave of abeenc*.. his relatives. Iaaa-( | basketball teams met st the Mnnici- office ».H be conducted by another appear on the arch jpal building in this village Monday!osteopathtc physician who eomes Mr. Thorutoa wa [evening sad completed details for from down-state the lumber buaftaaus la Ithe formation of an industrial basket-, Dr. Webster is well known la ster aad Heuveltoa for a ball league for the village. Teams Gouverneur where he resided for years, aad his two seaa* Everett -•presented were the Firemen, the many years He —»ivrt hU earry Edsrard L-^-hoth gained by Ricbville Hortou fee Cream company, education here and since bis grades- ence in lamberlffg while esai be Cfouvercear Hor.oa Ice Cream ton from the KirksvUle, Mo. School their father in cosnpeBj the International Pulp of Osteopathy, be has resided la eltoa. EreieU. Tborataa hi at | Carthage where be has a wide prae- eat a millioaaire hsansewsuasi of UUSISftlOiV &F Faaat, Mary Thomas. Schenectady ' The annual election- of officers of mi^a, N T. the prion ef Non-Pool Bern team wU\ daring the eoaiiBg tke. In recent years he aiao has cago aad . . .»»• J - Pr 9 ®- Biaghamton C S Cowr*. Goavevuesrl«e 1*0 and Court af!k *-o the dealer w%* advanced 1 few days, elect a manager aad cap- been iaterer.ed ia the breeding of man's COX 115LM (STKAL ISM, SarJthvflle Flats R H. CuleV M?«frbie Cfry. *e 96. Iadepeadeat cent per aaart so take eaTert Dec 1 ta:n aid another meeting win be faxes and at present owns a large ward L. The Lundlttosj ef Fred B. rwatr, esrwowd. f o*a«wwa: Charles H L**-*OrA?r ef »%re*f*r» will be held oa Thi* advance ia price repreeaaai 47 held next week wbea a erbodaia will 1 tex ranch in that vkdauy. He Is a head of a tisliiaf of ti»e vflmge, who'aVk WhttemTl. A*»of Fevkey. St WondaV weaiag next in Foresters c^tts per It* pounds, making the be dnrvet.. It is planned to plai>bro«beT of Herbert W Webster of Chicago. _ d . orffleaHy, ID at bis boune ta, Kegjs Falls: OUT Touaier Lake ki;; tt this village Refreahmeuu price f*4T two games each week throughout th* 109 Rowley street, tiiis village. \ Mr. Thorutoa -IBST Trtnity aisawi for the paat fbfeePmcid: Mae S, Roberta. Graavf^le; will be served aad awe furamaed. i Increased cost of prSQaction due to winter months, wit* practice aa the- Their only aoa. George V. Webster. Mrs. Jeesa* F. W. H Burma Antwerp. R. W Haw- Several aaaaal reports win be read the wtater season and a milk short- Firemen's BOOT of the Maaidpel Jr is s stndeut at PsLirtpe «xater Job ley. Star Lake, aad C W. Earl. Bar- at the meoriag aad a good •rteadsaes . age in the metropolitaa area ware building and the gasaes at the High Academy aad will remain tn sebooi. all of ;» SsatredL gtvea as ran anas for the advance sebooi gvmuksatasn. during the shoeaes of his parwata. iof

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