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* >AY. DECEMBER 8 PACE FOUR GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 8. 1926 BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ACTS ON MANY MATTERS DURING THE PAST WEEK ity report of the Comrhittee on sal- matter of interest to the taxpayer* arles. of the county. The report under the Mr. Corbitt presented a minority Farms and Markets Law shows that report signed by himself and Mr. in the Dog Tax Fund July 1, 1925, Woodcock. The minority recom- there was a baiance of $1.2,127.26, mended that the District Attorney re- and during the year $18,151.45 has reive $3,000 instead of $3,500 as been received from license fees, pen- recommended by the majority report, altles and costs, making a total of Mr. Corbitt moved that the minor- $30,278.71. Canton contributed the ity report be substituted for the ma- largest amount of any one town, $1,- jority report, and called for the yeas 5H. and Clare the leaBt, $40, In and nays, and the motion was car- 1925 there was paid on the distribu- ted, yeas 18, nays 15, excused from tion of the Board of Supervisors, $8,- REPORT RECOMMENDING THAT DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S votin * at hls °™ ™* ue8t Mr H \\'iSVVc?n\ 8 o t ? t fi T tt eM f w '\\iT 1 J&ALARY BE INCREASED TO $3,000 ADOPTED mer -..,.•.. ° j)esifiiations of County Superintendent of Highways for Increases in the salaries of offi- 808; the bills of assessors were $3 cers totai $4,350, and in addition 164.50; claims paid for damage there is a much needed janitor for amounted to $5,833.25; Clerk's bills the Court House at a salary of $1,- for listing delinquents, $18.80, bills 500. iof peace officers, $398.87; paid to yr Below are given the offices in Treasurer of the City of Ogdensburg ' Coming Year Adopted By Board On Thursday Last ,with whi t'h increases have been granted, $689.28; balance on hand July 1, Th*- St. Lawrence county board of , lilfd and published with the minutes supervisors, in session at Canton, Mr. Sanford moved that the matter Office during the past week, took import- of the assessment of the franchises Clerk Sur. Court ant action on several matters, in- granted to the several bus lines Stenographer Sur the old and new salaries. 1926, $9,960.35 OKI Xew The report as to payments on ac- S*Lar> Salary t:ount of franchise taxes and income $l,5<»o $2,ouo taxes showed that on account of (00 900 franchise taxes the several tax dis- cluding the increase of the salary of operating in the county be invest!- Recorder Sur. Of 1,200 1,300 tricts received $62,788.83. The to 3,000 of Massena received by far the larg- 600 «st sum of any municipality, $25,-1 500 063.67, while Clare received nothing. 3,700 The various municipalities of the 2,700 county received frojn income taxes 1,200 I $78,246.20; Oswegatchie received the largest sum. $9,657.53, while the; 900 village of Heuvelton r4ca4ved the) 1,500 smallest sum, $80.46. \ 1.700 1 Turning to the General report of I 1,900 the County Treasurer it appears that I 1,880 the county taxes received during tUPsU 1,420 year amounted to $666,665.13. This 1,330 sum was distributed among twenty 1,100; different funds besides highway I Jjl40 maintenance. 1,300 J Taking up the County Order Fund 1,800 there was distributed to it $73,- v''*^» the district attorney to $3,000. An- gated by the Judiciary Committee District Attorney _I_I 2,500 other matter of importance to the and that it report its opinion as to Sten. Dist. Atty. 500 '. county was the adoption by the board their taxability. Carried. Physician Cty Home\ 300 of the designations of the county o n motion of Mr. Hall the Board County Treasurer __I 3.500 superintendent of highways for rook a recess until four p. m., at Clerk County Treas. _ 2,500 county highways for the coming which time it reconvened and Mr. Sten. County Treas.__ 1,000 y? ar - - ' Danieis presented the report of the Guard Jail, 12 mos., A complete account of the pro- j Workmen's Compensation Committee,; instead of six 450 \ceedings of the past week follows: j which was ordered filed and publish- County Sealer 1,200 On Tuesday last the clerk of the <<1 with the minutes. 173 cases ; 2 Elect. Com. each-! 1,600 board presented the following desig- were handled by the Committee dur- MiscT Clerk, Clks. Of. 1.800 nations by County Superintendent of , ing the year. $6802.64 has been Index Clerk 1,780 Highways Walter F. Willson of pro-! paid as compensation, $1626.96 for One Clerk 1,320 posed projects for County Road Con- medical fees, making a total of One Clerk 1,230 atruction during the year 1927: $8429.60, and tn addition $1324.69 One Clerk 1.000 Hermon-Richville, part 2, from'has been paid to the attorney rep-j 4 coypists, each 1,040 Kent's Corners to the New York resenting the county and for dis-'Automobile Clerk 1,200 Central Railroad at Bigelow, in the bursements connected with the work. ' County Nurse 1,500 towns of Dekalb and Harmon, ap-j Recommendations are that all em-; Mr - Turner presented the report 634.01, which was paid out under proximately 4.3 miles. ' ployees be instructed to report to oi tne Committee on Dog Tax dis- the following general heads: Tax Rossie-Oxbow, part 1, from the ' their superintendents however slight < tribution, which was adopted. It dfs-! Accounts, $3,195.09; Supervisors' Jefferson county line to the Scotch the injury. Care should be used not tributes $7,470.26, Canton receiving Accounts, $4,909.75; Elections, $4,- iSettlement road corner, all In the to pour iodine on the wound or tne largest sum, $623.10, Clare the 976.43; County Treasurer, $1,- town of Rossie, approximately 3.65 bandage, one severe loss having been smallest, $16.46. ,779.17; Court House, $290.60; \ mi les. i caused by iodine burns; superintend-! Mr. Sanford presented a resolution: County Clerk's Office. $839.97; Chipman road, part 1, from Madrid! ents should report all injuries at appropriating $275 for laboratory, County Attorney, $12.68; Judicial town line to the Lisbon town line, all once;*superintendents should see that Purposes over and above the salary I Matters, $890.05; Civil Courts, In the town of Waddington, approxi-; every injured employee consults a of assistant. Referred to the Com- $585.55; Regulative, $987.86; Cor- jnateJy, four miles. 'physician at once if there is any mlttee on Ways and Means. toners $1,381.05; County Clerk, 15,- Plumbrook road, from Plum brook chance of its being serious; minors 1 Mr - Hal1 presented a resolution, 1957.57; Education, $2,457.94; DLs- to county highway No. 967 in the under eighteen and men above sixty- which was adopted, firing the fees triet Attorney and Criminal Courts, hamlet of Norfolk, all in the town of • five should not be employed; more f ° r conveying juvenile delinquents $23,389.57; Sheriff's Offiee and Jail, Norfolk, approximately 4.95 miles. ; care should be used in selecting men tne same as last year, $4 per day ' $2,163.01; Poor Fund, $17,464.06; Rock Island road, from corpora- 'to do blasting; three serious injuries and actual necessary disbursements, 1 highway Fund, $2,434.66. tion limits of the village of Gouver- have been caused during the year by and for the physical care of children! A year ago in the Board of Super- neur to the intersection of the Krar- j failure of the men to take proper in Children's Court at $2 per day> visors Fund there was a balance of uey or Welch road, all in the town of precautions; three men have been save in unusual cases, and the fees • $14,754.21 to which was added on Gouverneur, approximately 3.35 killed, seven men have each lost an for conveying them the same as ju-; distribution $16,500, making a total miles. eye and three others seriously in-' senile delinquents,n all bills to be ap- i of $32,254.21; there has, been paid Some of the above rrojects will bejured since the adoption of the sys-' proved by the officer making the j to Supervisors for special sessions for grade and foundation course and tern. This loss is excessive and can commitment. $580; annual session $14,201.11; culverts cnly. Mr. Chaney-moved the adoption of the designations and Mr. Rich moved be reduced by the taking of proper Mr. E. P. Marti presented a res-'clerk of the Board $150 leaving a precautions. A death case usually olution, which was adopted, to the! balance in the fund of $15,973.10. means from $5000 to $15,000 ex- effect that the Board believes that a In the Bank tax fund there was to amend by making the matter of j pense, and the loss of an eye from tax of two cents per gallon should j received from banks $37,661.46 of the consideration of the designations $2300 to $3000. An appropriation of be imposed on gasoline, the proceeds which the county received $376.67 as * special order for next Thursday $12,000 Is recommended for carrying to be used in the construction and! fees and the balance was paid to the morning. Mr. Chaney accepted the out the work of the Committee the maintenance of the highways of the j towns and other municipalities amendment and the motion asjeoming year. ; state amended was adopted. Thirteenth Dayv December 1. Mr. Woodcock from Committee on Education reported favorably the re- port of Dean Hulett of St. Lawrence university and presented a resold Mr. Chaney presented a resolution ^ r K Harran presented a resolution, which was referred to the Committee j JL hi 5* wa8 a ?,? pted ; that the price to .,,..,.-, W4 w u w - - tJ on Ways and Means aDDOintin* 1 ^ pald for the P rlnti »* awarded bs ago $13,465.51, which has been paid tt ™._ f *;the same as last year, ten cents per!** has also the amount of $15,742.20 titled thereto In the State of New York Fund there was due from the state a year Charles S. Bodman, Jr., attorney for; state land taxes admitted; there was due to the state from the county $160,208.59, from which the county has retained fees amounting to $1,- 318.87 and has paid the balance to the state treasurer. In the State Highway Aid Fund $83,625.68 has been received from the state and paid to the various h -n \ the coming year with' a salar> ofj^lfP f °l tb f <? fflc , iaI C*™\- thil ?7 ,$1500 and necessary disbursements cenU P 61 \ tolio for publishing the lion appropriating $3,000 to assist in and an aHowancfl^^ °* the Board, thirty-seven and maintaining a Pedagogical Depart- !?£,;£ serVTces- that *l£e £L^££l oa * h * u c * nt * W tolio io * ** **** meat at the University for the com- fJXlnte?™ Ui'e last session ho!d in8ertIon « d twenty-flve cents per ft* rear. Referred to the Ways and IJ^ until JanwrV 1 nex?aJd he?e- foll ° for each -ubsequent insertion. Means Committee. UftertheteTO *** **<*«<>» Notices required to Mr. Daniels presented a resolution. r^Jm Jannar? 1 to January l *e P«»U»h«l in 1927. which was adopted, setting forth that! „ * *Y Januar y l - Mr. Colton presented a resolution . *t has-been in the past a aft probably j «r. Daniels Presented a resolution whIcn wa8 referred t£rthe Way8 and ; towns. will be in the future nMessary to * hl< * Z^J^VJ^ to the Comm jH Means Committee, appropriating $1,-1 In the School Fund there has been •unrmon iuparvisors before the \* ° n 9 ™%* \J. M f* n8 'A P i. pr ^ r *. 434 to Da 7 tor the printing of tire received from the Btate for libraries, . Equalisation Committee when the I J**? } 2 A° n °JrlV,Jul \^ tJ J* Wo f u k \ P*mP h let, the publication of the of-! otc.. $57,414.03 and public school Board is not in session, and providing | »•» J Compensation Committee the ficial canvass and the list of town' moneys amounting to ,*S21,989.50; that in such cases such supervisor j comin o year, j an< l count y accounts, and express * total of $379,403.5\3 which has <*?!*n receive from the county six! Mr. Banford presented a resolution • charges on the pamphlets. J been paid to the school districts and dollars per day and his actual and [which was referred to the Committee! Mr. Rich presented a report of the towns entitled thereto, necessary expenses. on Public Health that the Chairman ! indebtedness of Dekalb; Mr. Lantry' In the Court Expense Fund a year On motfon of Mr. F. H. Martin the 'of the Board appoint a committee to,of Brasher; Mr. Harran of Hopkin- ago there was a balance of $2,973.76, Board took a recess for fifteen min-! direct t&e work of public nurses in .ton; Mr. Daniels of Parishville. All, to which was added $14,000 on dil- utes in order that the supervisors' the county; that the Clerk be di-'were ordered Bled and published tribution; after paying all orders might caucus and agree on printing ; rected to make application to the with the minutes. Dekalb owes $22,- there is a balance in the fund of $5,- \designations after which the Board Commissioner of Health of the state 500 and must pay this year of prin-j 037.63. reconvened and Mr. Gibson presented for a sum equal to that appropriated cipal and interest $5,850; Brasher In the Mortgage Tax Fund a year the Republican designations and Mr. for public nursing by the Board for owes $8,419.10 and must pay this ago there was a balance of $7,966.38, Corbitt the Democratic, all of which tbe coming year, and that if such year 12.000 and interest; Hopkinton and there was received during the, were ordered filed and published with money is received a second nurse be owes $15,000 and must pay this year year $19,164.14, and after paying' the minutes. The Republicans desig- appointed to work under the direc- for principal and interest $2,227.50; $8,979.09 to the state, $5,486.57 to Hated the Massena Observation pub- tion of the Committee. Parishville owes $3,870 and will pay municipalities and a bond premium llsh the Concurrent Resolutions and The Clerk presented reports from what falls due this year from the of $10 there is a balance left of $12,- Acts passed by the Board of Super- Coroners William H. Schwartz, John General Fund. 1830.93. . Ylsors during the coming year. The C. Hoeffler and William C. Smith. Mr. Richards presented the report In the Ogdensburg Armory Fund Northern Tribune was given the pub- Ordered filed and referred to the of the District Attorney which was the bills and salaries paid during the lication of this year's official canvass Committee on Reports of County ordered filed and published with the year amount to $12,576.52. and the St. Lawrence Plaindealer of Officers. minutes and referred to the Com-; In the County Clerk's Office Con-, Canton was designated to publish the On motion of Mr. Sanford the mittee on Reports of County Officers, strnction Fund a year ago there was! Election Notices for 1927. As there privileges of the floor were granted During the^ear 130\cases of indict- a balance of $85,582.27 to which has! .. Jls only one Democratic paper in the to Sheriff Edson A. Martin who ad- able misdemeanors and felonies were been added $310.07 for a fence and! county, the Ogdensburg Advance, it dressed the Board as to the neces- presented to the Grand Jury; the after all orders paid there remains! Was designated by the Democrats for sity of a suitable root cellar. Mr. ages of most of the persons convicted a balance of $46,051.01. everything. Chaney moved that the matter be of crime have ranged from 16 to 30; < In the Poor Fund a year ago there Mr. Sanford presented the report referred to the Committee on Sheriff regret is expressed that the Legis- was an overdraft of $41*8.86; orders ,of the Canton Branch of the Society and Jail. TAr. Daniels moved to lature gave justices of the peace have been paid during the year for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani- amend by referring it to the Com- Jurisdiction to try casftfi nf driving R =\\\\\fi\K •\ T ?Q , 7g g jr t ftT1 ^ nifi-Kr mals. T^ctatod that » n.nt hinm mitten hnving ehafgp at Mi* umlrnn r«r whiio tntnti>. a t 0< j ft is hoped is at present an overdraft of $1,- been Investigated. 216 animals in- the new Surrogate's office. Mr. that the law will be put back as it 781.87. rolved, not including stockyards, Chaney accepted the amendment and was. The office of the District At- During the year interest amount- four of which have beeji inspected as amended the motion was adopted, torney has expended during the past ing to $1,240 has been paid on Coun- regulaxly; 155 animals have been Mr. De.nner presented a report of year $1,475.16 for contingent ex- ty Home Bonds. TeUeved, 18 killed with the consent tae indebtedness of the town of penses. an itemized bill being attach- During the year $40,000 principal r .of the owners and several cats have . Hammond. ed. and $33,764.65 interest has been :. J ieen provided with homes. Mr. 9. F. • Mr. Gibson presented a report of The Clerk presented a designation paid on highway bonds. Thornhill of Dekalb Junction has the indebtedness of the town of from the Chairman of the Republi-, During the year $-815.30 has been ..been appointed agent. The amount Stockholm. Both were ordered filed' can County Committee of Fred J. received^ from the redemption of available for use during the year has and published with the minutes. Wheeler of Canton as Election Com- lands sold at tax sale. Jveen $413.83. $381 11 has been ex- Hammond owes $4000 and must pay missioner, and % one from the Chair- During the year there has been - jpended and there is a balance on this year $1000 and interest. Stock- man of the Democratic County Com- paid for Jail supplies $11,298.44 and hand of $32.72. Ordered filed and holm owes $3000 and must raite mittee of Stafford R. McBratney of for the disbursements of the sheriff published with the minutes. j this year to pay principal and interest Oswegatchie. $1,086.35 and there is an overdraft Cm motion of Mr. Sanford the j $1506. On motion of Mr. Chaney the in the fund of $2,212.32. privileges of the floor were granted • The Clerk presented the report of Clerk was directed to and did cast During the year-there has been re- to Elmer T. Jenkins. County Sealer the Board of Child Welfare which the ballot of the Board for the gen- ceived in transfer taxes from estates .of Weights and Measures and he was ordered filed and published with tlemen named and they were declar- $36,965.65 and there was a balance addressed the Board and filed a the minutes and was also referred to ed duly elected. a year a«o of $4,919.71, making a written report which was ordered the Committee on Ways and Means.; Mr Preston presented a resolu- total of $41,885.36; $39,784.01 has filed and published with the minutes A year ago twenty families and 73 tion which was referred to the Com- been paid to the State Treasurer In and referred to the Committee on children were being aided; now 24 mittee on Ways and Means to the taxes, the county has retained $2,- Reports of County Officers, and on families and eighty-three children are effect that a truck had been purchas- ; 093.88 as fees and there has been taotion of Mr. Preston a vote of receiving assistance; during the year ed for the County Home at aa ex- a refund of $7.47. thanks was given Mr. Jenkins for his ' six families and fourteen children pense of $2,000 and some hose, a; In the Motor Vehicle Registration comprehensive report. 'haTe ceased to receive aid. Thirteen hose cart, etc . for $575 and propos- Fnnd a year ago there was a balance The report states that people are towns have bad families which have ing to levy $2,675 on the County to of 156.672.81 and the fees leucfred Insisting on correct weights. That at received assistance. The Board pay for them. during the year amount to f«4.-j two milk plants visited the scales recommends an appropriation of at On motion of Mr. Corbitt the 160.62; a total of $120,83345; of! were in such condition that the farm- least $1200 for welfare work; that Board took a recess until three, at this $7,000 has been transferred to) jers were losing 4390 pounds of milk some agency be established to inves- which time the Board reconvened County-Road Maintenance Fund and •each day or $95 per day and easily tigate cases and supervise expendi- and Mr. Barker presented the report $52,463.51 to Highway Construction 1 $J4.e©0 per year. Now they have tares in the homes; the appropriation of the Committee on Returned Fund, leaving a balance on hand ofi •been corrected so that the loss does of sufficient money to pay such School Taxes, which was adopted. It $61,369 94. • j not exceed 270 pounds a day. Weigh agency: that the policy be adopted has placed upon the rolls for return- Under Revenue Article tA of the! slips are suggested In the case of of making the expense of Child WeJ- ed school tajy3t against the property Tax Law $62,788.83 has been receiv- xailk. one farmer having delivered fare Work a county charge instead affected. $«.J95.74 Most of this Is ed and paid to towns and villages. i •even hundred pounds more milk one of a town. in the forest towns, Fine alone bav- In the Salary Account a year ago 1 anooth than be was paid for. Steps The Clerk presented the report of ing $3,662 66 there was a balance of $22,764 58; have been taken and it is expected Public Health Nurse Bessie M Mr. Geer presented the report of $47,244 wa-r added to the fund on 1 that this will be adjusted. There has Lavier. which was ordered filed and the Committee on Assessment and distribution and receipts from the! been much complaint as to weights published with the minutes New Taxation, which was adopted It has Couirty Clerk's Office amounted to' paid for for cheese sold on the Gouv- cases admitted during the year placed on the rolls for Fire District $29,845 s« more, making a total of «rnear Board Th;s has been cor- amounted to 41: cases readmitted, taxes $5.158 23, Water District $99,854 46: salaries paid amount to reeled to so=* extent, and one fac- 6 discharged. 45: current active Taxes. $1,718.70: Electric Light Dis- $71.117 23. and there is a balance \ tory which had been getting short eases at the ead of the year. 107. Of trict Taxes. $10,183 26: omitted gen- in the fund of $2«.S37.2$. \weights has recently received correct the 45 discharged 20 died. 7 left the eral taxes. $71.54: omitted Highway Returned town taxes for the year owes by reason of the sealer following county, g are arrested eases and 16 Taxes, $4 97; total $17.13*70. amounted to $15.445.96; taxes paid the cheesy to cold storage sad weigh- quiescent. Aa intensive campaign On motion of Mr Rich the desig- the County Treasurer amounted to fn« it there sad finding that :t had against diphtheria has also been nations of the County Superintend- I16.4S5 91: proceeds of Tax Sale not shrank a* claimed. It is esti- conducted. ent of Highways for coaaty highways $2,295 5l and purchased by the mated that $2S »0e per year win be On motion of Mr. Gale the Board for the coming year were adopted. county $l.*48.12. $2,268 25 has aaved to farmers by r*ttlag correct adjourned. Mr. Scott presented a report of be*u charged to the General Fund, i weight for cheese. Tbe prosecution Fiwifwrh Wajf—IVwsafcw 2 the itfOebtednees of Morrt»tow« Mr. During the v«tr there has been' of the Great Bend Bak*ry for short' The Committee ot Ways and Clark of Potsdam: Mr. Hamlin of paid tc *rhool \districts on accosnt weirh: hs* bronjrat the weight of its Means reported favorably: Lawrence; Mr Spilman of fo*>r of returned erbool taxes $9.741.91. j jprc act tap :t w»« short worsting 1 Resolution appropriating $2.- A:: w»re ordered filed and pablished Th# Arcrsemeni Fund credited to to the amount of about $H-0 per > '•*• to St Lawrence University. with the minutes. Morristcwn owes the Genera! Fund during the year! day. Onions and potatoes should b* 2. Reflation appropriating $5- $T.Sf.o but has funds to TUT :he a»r»nnt*-d to $\ • 1 ^ 5« •old by weight as there it usually a f«CO for Tunc Bareau anrount falling du» this year Pots- Tber* was received from the State Shortage of tare* to r.x poinds per 3. Reaction appropriating $1 - d»a P»»J $144.''-C<0 and n-snrt raise Inrr-in*- Tax Fsnd asd distr: bated to bwaael when sold by m*a*isr* Gas S«*<» to defray expenses c-t Co^n:j th.» y*ar $15.22« to pay principal the ttan.c;paiities $7<24<5'* pumps and oil rneasares tim. be*n Veteriaar.aa for the coia:ng year acd tatwr**-.. Lawr^n^* owes $11- In t±e Workmet * Corep*nsatios Ummd very accurate ltd $2<-e to pay expens* of clerical 5*3 l<- and a«; ra>se thi« T«er to Is*-ren-e Fsnd orders have b*en The Clerk pr**eat«d a eoaaiaki- w-crk pay prtrrlpa! and interest Sl.TtS.2l : ps i. dtrritr the year amouaBtia* to. tlsm from the State Tsx CommUsiftt. 5_ _Rf» : iTin» approfirisr ag ia...» u ,,i gr :rB ^ f rr*^ ViT *T7T pay 111.lit C» j tha-t it was pioaaed u> compij si<i tor trav«:;:tg expenses of Fed- what fa:is due this year from the Tt» r^ arT Andftor* during the! ho wiaaaa of the Board la era: or tiAU veterrc*riant witait the Gecer»; Fnnd veer bar* asdited Mils amonatiag ta to ••lat roils aa ex- county the coming year and for ex- On motion of Mr RJC* t»e Board $59 9?» 15 tn Its roaolatSoa, and will not pesaos of other veterinarians assist- adionrned. There are a mnsa of axwres reJat- rag Tho report was a4onu*4- The three rapwu or rba Gouty tn* to road ••luianmm assd «*rtovs Mr sUesmru. arasusitod the major- Traaww nilili a good ssaal of 'C—ftaeed am Pa*a twems.) I R( GIVE MOTHER WH SHE DESERVE The Beantxful new All Wk HOTPOWT ST. LAWRENCE ESSEX SIX a FOUR door Sedan now showing for the first time Answering an insistent demand for a beauti- ful, well appointed four door, five passenger body on the smooth and nimble Essex chassis, the Sedan is now being shown for the first time: __ ' It has individuality in line, color and fittings. It is unusually comfortable in the seating arrangement. Upholstering is comparable in texture and quality with that used in costliest cars. No car, regardless of cost, rides any easier. fcJone is more easily handled in traffic. Essex is nimble, quiet and gives unusual gasoline mileage. It has fine car qualities in chassis and body that assure long service. 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