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t «. «926 • WEDNESDAY. DECEMBtK s. ivzo BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ACTS ON MANY MATTERS DURING THE PAST WEEK • \ REPORT RECOMMENDING THAT DISTRICT ATTORNEYS SALARY BE INCREASED TO $3,000 ADOPTED Designations of County Superintendent of Highways for Coming Year Adopted By Board On Thursday Last {Continued trom Page Four.) money, and those were referred lo road accounts but they are not of . the Committee on Ways and Means. general interest. i Mr. Preston presented a resolution In the Child Welfare Fund drafts appropriating $2,000 for the Contin- fcave been paid amounting to $8,- gent Expenses of the District Attor- 064.03. ney the coming year. Referred to In regard to the new County; the Committee on Ways and Means. Clerk's office bonds have been paid i Mr. F. H. Martin presented the during the year amounting to $10,- following, which was adopted: * 000 and interest to $15,300. ; Resolved, that Bessie M. Lavter be In the General Fund there was a and she hereby is appointed County balance a year ago of $41,434.46; Nurse of the County of St. Lawrence receipts brought It up to a total of 1 for the ensuing year at the salary 1102,309.12 and there Is a balance and allowance for expense* Axed by on hand of $45,816.01. i the Salary Committee of this Board. The balance sheet shows county On motion of Mr. Scott the elec- funds on hand in the various banks tion^ of a Purchasing Committee and of the oounty amounting to $545,- a member of the Auditing Committee 080.33. Sixteenth Day—December 4* was made a special order for the ses- sion next Wednesday morning. Mr. Hall presented the General | On motion of Mr. Crary the elec- Report of the Committee on Ways tion of a Good Roads Committee was and Means, which recommends the made a special order for the same appropriation tor various purposes session. of $616,088.64 and comprises the | Mr. Van Kennen presented a reso- state and county tax for 1926. Last \ lutlon, which was referred to the year the amount recommended was . Committee on Ways and Means, ap- $623,119.27. i propriating $550 for the needs of the Mr. Hall asked and obtained unan-! County Society for the Prevention of imoms consent that Rule 27 be BUS- Cruelty to Animals, -M50 to be paid ponded for the balance of the session, the Massena branch therefrom and a Mr. Sanford presented a resolu- similar sum to the Canton Branch, tion, which was adopted, levying up- : Mr. Chaney presented a report of on the several towns the items in- the indebtedness of the town of Her- cluded in the report of the Commit- mon, which was ordered filed and tee on Highways-Money System, published with the minutes. It owes heretofore reported. • $21,726.68 and must raise this year Mr. Hall nominated Dr. Frank B. ; to pay principal and interest $5,- Santord tor County Home physician 034.22. for the coming year at the salary Mr. Colton presented a report of Axed by the Committee on Salaries, settlements made with land owners, and there being no other nomina-: and the amounts agreed upon in each tions the Clerk was directed to and case for the Edwards-Fine State and <did east the ballot of the Board for County Highway. ,Mr. Sanford. and he was declared Mr. Colton also presented a resolu- duly elected. jtion levying $3,187 upon the prop- Mr. Sanford nominated Dr. Fred erty of the county to pay tor the land H. Ladd of Cantoarfor jail physician- taken. Referred to the Committee for the coming year at the Balary fix- • on Ways and Means, ed by the Committee on Salaries, j On motion of Mr. Brown the chair- Tnere being no other nominations j man was authorized to appoint an- Ihe Clerk was directed to and did | other member on the Committee on cast the ballot of the Board tor Dr. i rights of way on the Raymondsville- iLadd and he was declared duly elect- j Norfolk-Massena County Highway, i6 4. l and Mr. Leo Martin was named. On motion of Mr. Hall the report j The Clerk presented resolutions of the Committee on Ways and signed by the Supervisors of the sev- Means and the accompanying resolu- ; eral School Supervisory Districts, tions appropriating the sum called specifying the amounts desired levied lor by the report, were adopted. ion each for the extra compensation On motion of Mr. Gibson the > of the Superintendents, and motions Board adjourned until Monday at l were made and carried fixing the leight o'clock p. m. Fifteenth De#—December 8. Mr. Sanford trom Committee on Public Health reported favorably the resolution referred to said Commit- tee in reference to. the employment were _ laid on the table until the morning session next Wednesday. Mr, Van Kennen presented resolu- tions Betting forth that the building operations the past two years had in- terfered with the working of prison- ers, but those conditions no longer interfere, and directing the sheriff to keep all prisoners, both couuty and Federal, who are serving terms, employed both summer and winter and that they trreak stone when there is no other employment fer them, according to the practice of former years. Referred to the Committee on Sheriff and jail. The Clerk presented the table of town charges, which was adopted and the Clerk directed to charge the several items to the several towns and wards as stated in the report. Town Schedules this year amount to $103,643.67 as against $113,961.96 a year ago; Poor estimates are $14.- 900 as against $13,200 last year; town indebtedness is $62,935.06 as against $84,760 last year; other ap-.; propriations are $9,001.56 as against $10,725 last year. The total of the table this year is $190,480.29 as against $222,647.71 last year. Seventeenth llay, December 6, \ Mr. F. H. Martin presented the report of the Committee, on Banks, which was adopted. Below is given ! the value of the shares of stock in I eaeh bank in the. county. These! figures are somewhat misleading, 'as\! some of the strongest banks have a smaller value on account of having a greater number of shares, while in the case of the Massena Banking Company it was just going out of existence and its total worth was stated to be only ten thousand dollars but it had only thirty-tour shares. With. ..four exceptions the banks report their stock as worth more than last year. Those showing a decrease in its value are the First National Bank at Canton. First Na- tional Bank of Gouverneur, First National Bank oi Herman and Na- tional Bank of OKdensburg. Mr. Rich presented the following, which was adopted: Resolved, that the furniture now stored in the basement of the new Clerks office, which furniture is of no further use to the county, be disposed of by the Building Commit- tee in its discretion, at the beet prices which may be obtainable. On motion of Mr. Colton the Chair- man of the Board was authorised to appoint a special committee to settle for damages on the Fine-Star Lake Highway, and he named as such committee Messrs. Colton, Corbitt, Woodcock. On motion of Mr. Gale the Chair- man of the Board was authorized to appoint another member of the Board upon the special committee to settle for damages on the Colton- Sevey's Corners Highway, Part 1, in the place of Joseph T. Smith who is not now a member of the Board. The. Chairman named as such addi- tional member Mr. William H. Schwartz. On motion of Mr. Corbitt the Chairman of the Board was author- ized to appoint a special committee to settle for damages on the Sevey's Corners-Cranberry Lake Highway, and named as such committee Messrs. Corbitt, Gale. Crary. On motion of Mr. Corbitt the Board adjourned. ROSSIE NATIVE -. v I DIES, AGED 68 Black Rfver. John Carey. GN, prominent resident of Black River, j died at the House of the CI oft d Sa- maritan in Watertown Sunday night. Mr. Carey ha 1 * been troubled with ul- cers of the stomach for many years and was taken to the hospital for treatment last Tuesday. An opera- tion was performed Friday, but the patient failed to recover and death came two days later. Mr. Carey was born in Rossle, St. Lawrence county, Nov. 1, 1858, son of .Foster and Samantha Pvirre Carey of that place. Shortly after his marriage to Sophia Lassell, of Rossie, he came ~Tt> tnjrrfc River, where he had since resided. Besides his wife. Mr. Carey is sur- vived by three sons, Perley of Gouv- erneur and Leon and Foster Carey of Black River; two daughters, Iva Carey, assistant post-mistress at the Black River postofflce. and Mrs. Gladys Eldrldge. Black River; a brother, Grant Carey, Black River, and a sister. Mrs. Letha Megan. Wor- chester, Mass., and seven grandchil- dren. Funeral services were held from the late home in Black River, Wed- nesday, Dec. 8. at 2:30 p. m. Rev. G. H. Williams of the Black River Methodist Episcopal church offciat- ing. Burial will be made In the Black-fl^ver cemetery. r-fl£ver A flaky crust is one of the essen- tials of a good apple pie. Every piece of useless furniture discarded means one less thing to dust and keep In repair. High priced protein feeds mean that we should grow more alfalfa and clover. ?*&* .GATES URCH STREET M same as follows: First District $300 Second District $300 Third District - $300 Fourth District $3^0 Fifth District $400 Sixth District , $400 Seventh District $500 Eighth District $300 The Clerk* presented three reports from the County Treasurer, all of -of a second County Nurse, and on <r&ls motion the privileges of the floor -were granted to Dr. J. P. O'Brlan of *Louisville, President of the County Medical Society, Dr. L. T. McNulty *of Norwood, Dr. F. F. Williams of j which were ordered filed and pub- •Canton, Dr. Stanley W. Sayer of ; lished with the minutes and referred •Gouverneur and Mr. Julius Frank ot j to the Committee on Reports of •Ogdensburg, and the gentlemen nam- : County Officers. «ed all addressed the Board at con-;. On motion ot Mr. Hall the Board \** Hilderable length upon the subject, took a recess until 3 p. m., at which At the conclusion ot their remarks \ time the Board reconvened and Mr. •\-„ \Mr. Chaney moved the adoption of , Hall from the Ways and Means Com- the resolution; Mr. Clark called for mlttee made a report ^ahich was ' the yeas and nays; Mr. Daniels mov-j adopted, reporting favorably the fol- ded to amend by postponing further • lowing: consideration of the whole subject 1. The resolution reimbursing -until next Thursday morning, and ( Depeyster in the sum ot $599.40 for called for the yeas and nays and the ; error in taxes last year. * amendment carried, yeas 23, nays 2. The resolution appropriating 11. i $92,970 tor County Road Construc- Mr. Hall presented a report of the; tion. •Committee on WayB and Means,', 3. The resolution appropriating -which was adopted. It reported fav- $30,000 for County Machinery Fund. »-orably: I 4. The resolution appropriating 1. The resolution appropriating $1,000 for brush cutting along the -- $12,000 tor payments tor Workmen's j County Roads. 'Compensation. j 5. The resolution appropriating 4 2. The resolution appropriating $7,000 for clerk hire, office rent and -11.434 tor payment ot cost of j incidental expenses of Superintend- pamphlets, etc, and delivery of the ent ot Highways. -same to the members of the Board.! 6. The resolution appropriating 3. The resolution appropriating j $35,000 for the maintenance ot the $276 for St. Lawrence County Lab-,County Farm and Home the coming Moratory for the coming year. |year. 4. The resolution appropriating j 7. The resolution appropriating $2,675 to pay tor County Home : $6,000 or so much thereof as may be —truck, hose, etc. • necessary for repairs to the build- Mr. Hanmer from Judiciary Com- ings connected with the County mlttee to which was referred the Home. -resolution that the members ot the, 8. The resolution appropriating Board ot Directors of the Farm Bu- $10,000 tor, addition to County rreau who are also members of the j Machinery Store House. Board be paid by the county, report-J 9. The resolution appropriating -ed that the board may fix the com-j $2,000 for estimated contingent ex- pensatioa of the members so acting, j penses of the District Attorney's * but that the same be paid out of the ( office. appropriation to the Farm Bureau, j 10. The resolution appropriating '\The report was accompanied by a $550 for the Society for the Preven- resolution fixing such compensation j tion of Cruelty to Animals. -at six dollars per day and actual ex-j 11. The resolution appropriating penses. The report and resolution ! $3,187 for payment tor lands taken were both adopted. for construction of the Edwards-Fine Mr. Hanmer also presented a re- County and State Highway. —*port*in reference to the claims pre- 12. The resolution regarding the •sented against Stockholm tor claims of the Rutland Railroad Com- $731.55; Madrid for $869.10 and pany against Stockholm tor $733.55; SPotadam for $551.57 by the Rutland Madrid for $869.10; the town ot \Railroad Company, and recommend- Potsdam for $551.57, and directed -ed that the same be allowed and as- the Clerk to apportion the same be- ^isessed against the towns, except that tween the town and oounty. -the portion thereof representing the Mr. Hall presented a resolution, .anare paid the county and state, and {which was adopted, appropriating . interest thereon, he borne by the tor the use of the Child Welfare -county. Referred to the Committee Board the further sum of $1,042.10. on Ways and Means. the same to be disbursed by said Mr. Lantry presented the report 1 Board and charged against the sev- • «f the Committee on Returned Gen- eral towns thereby benefited in the •«eral Taxes, which was adopted. It j same manner as provided in former places on towns generally $4,286.40; i resolutions of the Board making .advertising for Redemption, $4 51.64; j similar appropriations. itotal. $4,738.04. Mr Hall xeturaed to the Board a Mr. Rich presented a resolution I resolution heretofore sent -to the levying $92,970 upon the county far Ways and Means Committee, regard- the construction ot County Roads 4»* the employment of an attorney $30,000 for new road machinery an4U£pr tie Workmen's Compensation repairs to the old; $1,000 tor cuttnrg^\Trmnrtttee and fixing his salary and oruah along county highways, and allowance and the term of office of .that $7,000 be levied for clerk hire, j the members of the Committee, tor toffies rent and incidental expenses'the reason ;hat it carried no appro- of the County Superintendent. i priatlbn On motion of Mr Chaney Referred to the Committee en j who heretofore introduced \the reao- Wsys and Means. notion, it vu adopted. Mr. Rich presented a resolution j Mr. Harras presented the report appropriating $10,006 for the patriot the Committee on Highway pose of adding to the size of the I Moneys, which was adopted. Item •building where the county machinery >nurnber one carries $208,141.23 as is stored Referred to the Commit-, against $212,205 $o last year; item tee on Wsys and Meana 'No. 2 carries $4*.20* as against Mr Tamer presented a resolution. 1 $4S.*4f> last year; No. 3 carries $37.- •wbicfl vu adopted, authorising 4 00 as against \$37 TOO last year: county officers to attend coBTeatious' No. 4 carries $52.4*# as against of their virions associations at conn- $4*.J•*••'' last year; special appropria- ty expense during the coming year, .tions are $i »•*. exactly the same as Preston from Committee on \ 'a« year. The total carried is $345.- Sapi^k^r.d^nt of the Poor and ; 14* 28 as against $344.755.5« s year County^»=* presented a report set- [ago Wag for^b** tB * books have been | Mr ScOU presented a resolution found re^iK'- lk * t *** **ock is in fa^oris* the proposed Issue of U- gooe shJ^^hK'-* heme clear, the •; senses for th* development of pow*r i beiored by the tn- H* tie -St. Laurence River, and pro- I Kasend.ag an appro- 'rdiif that copies of ft he sent to to mi the farm i the Ocrensar. Attorney General and and $6.- j representatives of the con sty tn the Jn« resort 1 Legismtnre Mr Van Kessem eall- S M K I ed !or the yeas and naym, andson mo- the tion of Mr. Prestos the resolutions

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