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^WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8. I- News of the Past \_ffioM the Files of the .Gouverneur Free Press d • i — i —i—»—IIIMIII IWIWI»IWIWI«IWI«I»WWI^I4M« Thirty-PIT© Years Ago. Vec. 9, 1891: Johnale Kilmer has been gaining during the past few days and hiB recovery from the fever now is certain. E. W. Duffee Is now bookkeeper at A. B. Cutting's. W. Rutherford of Madrid rislted hig brother, James C. Rutherford, and family the past week. C P. Earle. poultry fancier, will make an exhibit of his fancy prize bantams at the Mohawk Valley • Poultry association fair. Pansles were in bloom in the gar- den at the Bartlett residence in Som- erville street during the past week. Addis M. Whitney arrived in town yesterday for a few days. Indications are that more than 20 new houses will be built on Prospect street next season. Jesse Clifford, who was so serious- ly injured at the St. Lawrence quar- ry last week, has survived his in- juries, but his recovery is very doubt- ful. Miss M. M. Smith and pupils will hold an art reception at Miss Smith's studio.in the Potter block commenc- ing on the 21st Inst. Leander Austin, who has long re- sided on his farm near Hailesboro, has moved to this village and occu- pies a house on Caroline street The good schools of this Tillage are among the attractions which induced him to bring his family to this vil- lage. A party of surveyors are at work laying out the route of a railway to Edwards. Some of the lots on the west side of this village will be cov- ered with stakes by the time one or two more routes are laid out. This is* supposed to be the surrey that really \means business.\ Forty Year* Ajp>. Dec. 8, 1886: p. W. Hewitt of this village is suffering from an inflamed eye caused by a bit of thistle getting into It while he .was handling hay. At first the injury seemed slight, but we now understand it has grown to be quite serious. Pork is bringing five cents a pound wholesale. Mr. Stevens of the St. Lawrence Marble company is in town for a few days. The ladies of Trinity church will hold a sociable at the residence of D. O. Wood tomorrow. General J. I. Sayles, commander of the O. A. R. boys of the state of New York; his adjutant, O. P. Clark of Utica, and Hon. Warter 8. Ballon of | Boonville, judge advocate general, were the guests of Barnes Post on Thursday evening last As the meet- ing was exclusively for the Grand Army men, little Is known of the proceedings. Woodward-Ware—In Gouverneur^ Dec. 7, 1886, at the residence of th< bride's mother, by Rev. Mattlson W. Chase, Charles M. Woodward of May- comb, and Miss Elvira E. Ware of Gouverneur. Nash and Johnson shipped a car- load of cattle at Spragueville on Fri- day last Jt was 30 degrees below aero at S a. m. on Sunday morning, Dec. 5. Max Tumpowsky, Rfchville's new clothing merchant, is doing an In- creasing business there. He has late- ly added to his clothing line Brown- ing, King & Co., custom department '•?<*• • Experience Is An * Expensive Teacher An Argument With A Point j.. Conversation Between Jones and Smith Re- garding New Cars They Had Purchased if JONES—\What cHyou ghre for that car. Smith T \\ .i\ SMTlT4—\Thousand and fifty, what did you pay for.yours?\ JONES—\Oh. I bought a Ford, orfy cost me four fifty.\ * ; SlvflTH—\What do you figure you save buying that priced car?\ y * JONES—\Just six hundred to begin wittV* * - 7 - SMITH—\What about the up-keep, the cost in the end?\ JONES—\It is generally conceded that the Ford car has the greatest second hand car value, but for the sake of argument, let's suppose that your car and mine will depreciate the same each : year, which according to average depreciation figures amounts to 35% the first year, 15% the second year and 10% each year fol JONES-\Just a little But here you Smith. You've already bought paid $1050 for your car. I paid $450 for of $600. That $600 invested in a more than you have already chosen would have •rest or $36.00 to $48.00 for twelve *& k JONES-^Wcfi the*, drvide mat JUPIP JjOOO mica md ym wfl see that it's going to cost you 5 1 * cents MM* per nsie to your $1050 car than it does to operate my $450 Fomi and II -go any place you wSL Yes, and I wiB have much mare casnfuit ^driving my Ford car thiuugh the city traffic than- you wsn* • 4trmnc your big car. not to mention the easy time I wifl have parking my car cosnpared to parking yours.\ I SMITH— 1 never thought of afl those w* be JONES—*! dkL And furthermore it's useless to * necessary cipcnst so operate the cars. Yc about the same a* mine. Wei say you wsl not spend any more for gas and oil than I wul and give you an even brent on ihe^res, though it wsl cost yon considerably more ID replace ' these 32x4 cord tires than it wul for me to replace my Tb&A cards. And remember, SmmV, the repairs are me moat autiottsat lip\*\ of up-keep. Youl be paying $30 for a radiator when . Ten envy pawns, $15 or $9 for a front fender wtole I wul only - payKttr JONES—\Round at L C OTITIS GARAGE buymg mas Fe WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 6. 1926 GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS Of Local Interest ^ Charles 8. Lansing of Watertown -Vas a business caller in Gouverneur fon Tuesday. '• The Travellers/club of this village fbas suspetrdeeVall activities until „*after ana Christmas holidays. spent Sunday in A rumOMfe and mystery box sale will be held by the W. C. T. U. Saturday In the Municipal building. J. O. Sheldon Potsdam. The Crystal Springs cheese factory closed Saturday for the season. Mrs. Catherine Can field left this morning for Fort Covington where she will attend the funeral on Thurs* day of her cousin. Miss 4anie DoyjB, I whose death occurred Tuesday. * The Evening Circle of the Presby- Iterian church will meet Tuesday eve- j jnin*, Dec. 14, with Mrs. H. C. Van j ! Allen in Clinton street. The assist-1 PAPER MAKERS ^HOLD BANQUET, PRESBYTERIANS iCOUNTRY PAPER jBLACK LAKE MAKE FINE START 1 FAST DECLINING, | TOLL BRIDGE Union Offcals* *JA*W GetJrttwtktr The Local CWrch Assessed to the knit* O^Otf Lets flattie Pubhehed T0BERA2 at the home of her daughter. Mrs Bridget Dupont, 55 Parker street Her exact age is not known, but tion \*' ith the affairs of the union at from computations of her children • f he P res * >n t time. Mr. Stepham, who Held Here and Denver Drive for Members Proposed. ' A cooked food sale will be held by ant hostesses will be Mrs. Hawes, j The pulp and sulphite workers and the W C T. U. December 15, at ! Mrs Clarence Hill, Mre. B. O. Kinney the Paper Makers of Marble City lo- 10 a m at Severance Brothers store. * nd Mr8 - Frost. The Afternoon Circle cal, number 67. of this village, held r - lis invited to attend the meeting. A a Joint banquet and bustdess meeting The evening ehurah service at tne speaker from the' National Board of Sunday evening in Odd Fellows hall. First Presbyterian church was can- Mission* U expected to be present Organizer Jacob Stepham of the celled Sunday because of the severe ^ and give an address., i pu | p and 8U lpbite workers, and First snow storm. j Mrg Margaret Weloh Duggan Vice President Frank Berry of the Gouverneur lodge. No. 325, I. O. reputed to be the oldest person re- O. F., will exemplify the third degree siding in this section, is critically ill mt its regular meeting Thursday eve- ning, Dec. 9. | Mrs. J. K. Wardwell, of Buffalo, arrived in Gouverneur last evening to make a short visit to her mother, Mrs. George G. Royce. » 1 The regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. will be held with Mrs. Colon Howe, in Babcock street, Tuesday, Dec. 14, at 2:30 p. m. j The Dorcas society of the Presby-1 terlan church will hold a cafeteria; luncheon at the church on Wednes- day next at 11:30 a. m. Group No. 4 of the Methodist Episcopal Pastor's Aid will hold a rummage sale in the Municipal build- tog Wednesday, Dec. 16. The regular meeting of Gouver- neur grange will be held in Grange hall on Friday evening, Dec. 17. Election of officers will be held. Amonet e l f$©00 for the Minis- terial Pension Fund—More Than Half the Amonnt Railed at Commit- tee Meetinf Last Eveniuf. Today Than Seven Years Ago— • Metropolitan Press Blamed. \Is the country newspaper doom- ed?\ \No reply some, and others i sadly acquiesce in the suggestion. gaged in raising a fund of $15,uou,- 000 to be invested and the income used for the support and assistance paper makers, were, present and ad- : of aged and disabled ministers and dressed the forty union men pres-' as a pension for those who have ent. Both conveyed their best wishes reached an ajfe to entitle them to to the local and expressed satisfac- share in this income. All of the Presbyterian churches The situation in Tegard to tht- coun- throughout the United States are en- try newspaper says \The Washington and other relatives, she is believed either 103 or 104 years old. She is a native of Ireland and for many years resided in the town of Rossie. is a resident of Fulton, entertained the gathering for more than an hour with sleight-of-hand feata_ and Mr. Barry, a resident of Aibajflb the un- ion's headquarters, delivtfmP an en- tertaining address. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Washburn, who left here for Buffalo a few weeks j Other brief speeches were given by I ness ago, were in Gouverneur last week 80I ne of the local members. The | were making final arrangements to spend business meeting was followed by a the winter in Buffalo. Mrs. Wash-, banquet in charge of which was E. burn has disposed of her interest in Lampton. Mr. Lampton also acted the Beauty Shop at No. 125 East as toastmaster Main street to Mrs. May Sullivan, j others on the banquet committee who will conduct the shop. Mrs. were Howard Leason, Leland Parker, Washburn will follow the same oc-jora Wright, Percv Mear, Glen Shep- cupation in Buffalo. The family wi!lj ard ( Glen stowelf and Jack Empson, an members of the Gouverneur local and employes of the mill at Natural Dam. The assessment placed by the Presbytery upon the First Presby- terian church of Gouverneur is $5,- 000. A committee had been appoint- ed with J. O. Sheldoa chairman, and last evening A. E. Cushman enter- tained the committee at his home, (where supper was served and a busi- followed. Nineteen ill appointed on the live at No. 71 Hampshire street. On Thursday evening the Foresters will hold hall at 8 o'clock. Molly Morehouse and her orcheetra will furnish music The matter of membership of the increasing local unipn the was 65 IX COITXTY JAIL It was announced at the St. Law- rence county jail this week that the present number of inmates is 65, j discussed at length by the speakers a card party at Foresters; which is a rather high figure. Sat-. and some form of a drive may be urday showed an even break for the undertaken at abater meeting which day, one prisoner being released and: probably will another being committed. meeting , -v. ^ present. committee being in attendance. ; Those present made pledges towards the fund, and $2,600, more than half jof the entire amount was subscrib- fed by the nineteen members of the • committee. j The membership of the congrega- culating library, the raw material of j tion had been divided into lists, and the scrap-books of yesterday. ;each one will be called upon or com— Looking at the matter from the Oswegatchie j municated with by some member of : statistical point of view, it is soon I the committee and asked to contrib-: seen that the number of country Post,\ has been summed up in \The Country Newspaper.\ by Professor Malcolm M. Willey (the University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, N. C.I In order to arrive at his conclu- sions the author made an analysis of thirty-five weekly newspapers in the slate of Connecticut, extending his survey along a year. As Professor Willey says, \Many country editors are viewing with alarm the rapid growth and expan- sion of the metropolitan press.\ The principal reason for this is that events happen so fast today that daily happenings must be published daily. Radio is adding to the means of current information. Then, too. the public library and the story magaxine have taken away other functions of the country news-' paper. In the old days it was a cir- j ute according to his or her means weeklies is steadily declining. until the entire sum assessed upon this congregation shall have been provided for. j Those subscribing to this cause be\ held in the spring.! will have five years in which to pay Rev. V. O. Boyle, rector of Trinity Episcopal churct, abandoned his IMASSENA NOW WELJL nsnal Sunday trip to DeKalb and EQUIPPED FX)R SNOW Hermon oecamwrof the heavy snow. Massena.—Massena will be better The condition of Abner N. Free- equipped to combat the snow prob- man, well known west side resident, hem this winter than ever before. IbA who has been seriously ill lor the [village now owns two gasoline driv- nast two weeks, is slowly Improving, en sidewalk plows and a tractor James Catholic ff»!S£?5 with a V type «\>wplow Meetings of the papermakers' un- ion are held monthly in this village. In the last seven years there has been a decrease of 2,868 in the num- ber of weekly papers published. This is partly due, of course? to combina- tions of country newspapers which Will Be Replaced By a $75,000 5 rare Next Year—Bids Asked New Concrete Highway. The famous ItjS.ooo Black bridge. 300 feet long, will be a t of the past if plans prepared by F. Hall, division engineer of the i Highway Department, are acre by the state department at All; The bridge will be replaced t suspension or cantilever bri which will cost between $7 5,000 $KH>,(MM». The division hopes have the bridge constructed summer. Hid* for the construction for new concrete highway between 1 ristown and Edwardsville have I called for and. with this construe eompleted and a new bridge in p there will be a state highway f Gouverneur to Morristown. The crote stretch four and one-qua miles along, must be completed e next year. New York state paid 16 S,0 00 this old bridge at Black Lake, 1 ing it from the Black Lake Bri company. TRINITY KI*IS(X>I*AL CHUHC Rev V. O. Boyle. M. A., B. Rector, Third Sunday In Advent. 8:00 a. m. Holy Communion. 10:15 a. m. Church School. 11:00 a. m. Morning Prayer i Sermon. 7:30 p. m. Evening Prayer i Sermon. Cliurrh Notos, The play \Barbara Makes POSTMASTER ASKS _ EARLY MAILING OF XMAS GIFTS for cleaning the road, The post office department desires that every effort be made to reach the public with the view of securing its co-operation in the successful The women of St. church will hold a sale of Christmas good2 at tjte church on the afternoon j OSWEGATCHIE. RIVER IS nnd^ve^ing of Saturday, December *TFROZEX AT OGDEXSBURG handling\ of mails by mailing their L - ^\°^^ Ogdensburg.—The intense cold , parcels early. Mrs. Lucy Fleming of Ogdensburg during the past few days has formed j In order that patrons of the Gouv- ,iras In Gouverneur on Saturday at- an ice bridge across the Oswegatchie 'erneur Post Office may be informed 'civer here. The river from the Lake j as to the last date, approximately, on ier | street bridge northward to where the'which parcels can be mailed at this stream joins the St. Lawrence is \ frosen solid. j tending the^ funeral of Mrs. Laura J. [Willard, whose death occurred at (home here on Thursday. A cooked food sale will be held iunder the auspices of the home momics committee of the Gonver- rar Grange at Severance Brothers >re Saturday at 10 a. m. Mrs. E. S. Laberdee left last Wed- iBene.y for Geneva to spend several with her slater and other rela- there. She was accompanied by nephew, Robert Sec*brd. At the November meeting of the rd of Directors of the First Na- Iqnal Bank, Charles M. Tail was \Icted a director to All the vacancy by the resignation of Roy B. Ike.—Canton Plaindealer. Roy Harsh left today for Tennes- where he wilt spend the Christ- holiday in company with Mrs. [arah. Later he win go to Ohio Fhere he expects to locate. .-Robert Aldrich, accompanied by .-ynmate, William Ferensen. >th sfuSnits Mt BL P. L, Troy, .spent] weeE^iMl with Mr. Aid rich's lioiher, Mnr*H. Q. Aldrich MEX SERVE SCPPER The ladies of the North Gouver- neur society are now convinced that the men can put on a splendid sap- per and serve it to the Queen's taste. About 125 persons were served. The women wish ta express their appreciation for the manner in-which they were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George B Ian chard. TWO TOWNS TO WAGE FIGHT AGAINST SNOW Ogdensburg. —A committee of Potsdam citizens has been in con- ference with Ogdensburg officials relative to snow removal on the high- ways between the two points. The campaign against King Winter is progressing and some definite action towards keeping the roads clear the coming winter Is assured. office in order to reach their destina tion in time to insure delivery before Christmas Day, Postmaster VanDu- xee states that mailings should be made on or before the following dates: Dec. 15.—Arizona, California, Ore- gon, Washington 8tate, Nevada. Dec. 16.—New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. Dec. 17.—Texas, Oklahoma, Kan- sas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota. Dec. 18.—Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wiscon- sin. Dec. 19.—Florida, Georgia, Ala- bama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ken- tucky. Illinois, Michigan. Dec. 20.—Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, New England States except Rhode Island, Connecticut. Dec. 21.—Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York State. Christmas cards for local delivery should bo mailed prior to December 20. Cards mailed at that time will postmarked December 24 and FARMERS BARN BURNS, I/OS& PLACED AT 910,000 Potsdam.—A large new barn on the farm of Sylvester Planty, near be The G. \y^i Birthday club will [the Potsdam-Madrid state road, was held for delivery on that day and the IbM an 4flP^w; session with Mrs. j completely destroyed by fire on Toes- ; following morning. Cards so mall- iathel Brown Dec. 10. Members!day evening last. The origin of the ed should be tied in bundles faced [ring sandwichee and. one covered, fire was not- determined. The loss with a slip of paper on whicb\ts stat- ah. Come prepared to quilt jwas estimated at $10,000 based on led the desired date of delivery, be- Miss Ida M. Cheney, of r^Grang*, ^Placement value. who has spent the past two | FORMER OGDENSBURG office. Andrew Mellen, Secretary of doten struggling, dying ones the Treasury, is the treasurer for the National organisation. NEW LIGHTING SYSTEM READY FOR OPERATION U»e money. All pledges will be turn- would seem to be the best and inevi- Splash,\ has been highly spoken ed over to the main office and pay-, table solution of the problem. Better , both privately and also through ments are to be made direct to that i one strong county newspaper than a ! press and the thanks of the cong gation are due to Mrs. Boyle and cast of capable players for the ti and talent so freely given to church. After all expenses are p there will be $300 clear to apply the churth debt. Through vari< contributions, the debt on the 1 provements will be reduced from | 450.00 to abour*750.00. When the special contributions are in hope to eliminate this debt. The members of St. Andrew Guild will have their regular me ing on Thursday afternoon, Dec. 9 at the home of the president, M R. S. Keiser, 133 Rock Island stre at 2:30 a'clock. A full attendac is requested. The children of the Church Sch< are gathering together articres for Christmas Box to be sent to the ch dren of the negro industrial schc at Lawrenceville, Virginia. It is i tended to gladden the hearts of t children who otherwise would n receive Christmas gifts. Thirty-Five 40 0 CnncUepower Lamps Placed In Back Streets Which Adds Greatly to Beauty of Village Light- ing System.\ The installation of the new back- street lighting system for the village is about completed. It includes the section north of Main street and east of the Oswegatchie* river. Thirty- flve lamps, of Westftrghouse make and of 400 candlepower each, have been placed on the poles and are complete except for reflectors which will increase the volume of light. A few more lights have been added to the circuits than was originally planned and it is hoped to add more from time to time as the occasion demands. The lights, together with the new ornamental system through Main and Depot streets, will add consid- erably to the beauty of the village. No other village 1ft northern New York can boast of a*etter and more modern street lighting system. There are many good reasons why the country newspaper should exist. One of the most potent of these is that it forms a definite part in the basis of social life. Another function is the formation of public opinion. It is this feeling that has accounted for the survival of the editorial page in an age dis- posed to set aside the. opinions of others. The newspaper, country or city, is- Jih& li-real agency through which the vast majority of the popu- lation form their opinions on average matters. There is no doubt that the country newspaper still has before it untold possibilities in developing the needs of the local community and in serv- ing local interests. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE STARTED THIS YEAR . TO PURCHASE HOMES Great Increase In Lessons Taught in Thrift Edward Howell National [paths in town, Is now in Water [Wn where she is the guest of Mrs, *ra Learned at 241 Mullin street. fore dropping in letter box. GIRLS PERISH IN FIRE Ogdensburg. —Ogdensburg rela- tives received word on Saturday af- Harold Toung of Watertown and' ternoon last that Miss Yvonne Du- jpfcaa Young of Theresa were prey, 18, and Miss Mary Paquette, pk-end guests of_their aunt, Mrs. j 13, formerly of this city, were burn- ed to death in a Are which destroyed the Paquette home in Pulton. The girls became trapped by the flames In a bedroom and their bodies later MOCK WEDDING FEATURES MEET OF REBEKAHS >ne to Week; Cfaair- The United States League of Local Building and Loan Associations will participate in the celebration of Na- tional Thrift Week .which begins January 17, 1»27. To formulate proper and adequate plans and to carry them into effect, Edwin F. Howell, president of the New York State League of Savings and Loan Associations, has been ap- pointed chairman of the National thrift Committee by the United States League. Assisting him will be four regional directors located on the Pacific Coast, the Middle West- ern states, the Southern states and the Eastern states. Great interest is being taken in result of which 500,000 members Mrs. Pearl Enslow acted lee Webster, 3 West Main \h Delivan Young will remain a »x a»ys. Gouverneur lodge, No. 325, L O. i_ a _ * n „ wtA v„ «„„„«« F.. will hold the second of its| were fonpd D y flremep •ies of social parties, Wednesday Suing, Dec. 8, for all Odd Fellows, bekahs, their families and friends, being, 9 to 12. rte next dance of the series given Gouverneur Grange will be held*«»« r S\» Grange hall Wednesday arentng,) Delating. K»I^««»«». U <« m.***.* rw*» 2. 15. Music will be furnished by Thft COuple was attended by Oliver the bridegroom. Miss Blanches Over- aame orchestra which played at.Daannaw, brother of the bride, and: fj*w acted aS maid1 of honor and previous dances. Mrs. Van Oor, a friend of the couple. ***» Eva Foster as best man. TTie it.!\ J «# » ii ». Taey will reside in this village wner* V\ of flower girl was taken by Miss fe^^lA Br °T V 1 } H? 0 * 1 1 the bridegroom is employed. | Bleine Brown Miss Edith Vaile kl telegraph operator, Is in charge, Mr Boshane is the eon of Mr and ' pl**ed the wedding march from Iff'JZ 9 *^ u »J°«T ,rt «K\Pk ° f - l Mrs. Henry Boshkhe. His bride is the; ***\*?»• , J4 *•» in this villain for two weeks dur- daughter of Mr and Mrs Nanoleon I ™ e brid » * u attired in an old the absence, <$ George Cross, who , rjaahnaw fashioned wedding gown and wore a •' * • - I. jloag bridal veil, trimmed with mis- WATKRJED MILK, PATS flOO jtletoe. The bridegroom was attired ! A mock wedding featured the reg- j ular meeting of the Rebekahs which : was held in their rooms last even- ing. The principals at the ceremony j were Miss Grace Orris, the bride, who took the part of ' Miss Melissa Clutterbrush, and Miss Adeline Mel- BOSHANE-DASHXAW l len - ^ e bridegroom, in the part of Fred Boshane and Miss Alice j Hexekiah Snodgraas. Dashnaw, both of this village, weraj ™ e wedding rites were performed married on Thursday at the parson-' D 7 Mr * Mabel Scott as officiating! age of the First Methodist Episcopal J clergyman S79 PERSONS ' ARE SERVED AT FIREMEN'S BALL Five hundred and seventy-nine persons sat down at the early supper served in the basement of the Munici- pal building here Thursday night as (this movement as a part of the annual Firemen's ball, j each year nearly Later as many persons attended | are added to the list of shareholders the dance on two floors of the build-! \ n building and loan associations, ing and all in all. It was a gala This year particular emphasis will be affair. (laid upon the system of amortisation Two orchestras, both, imported which has made it possible for 500,- from out of town, furnishod music ! ooo families to take the road toward for dancing. One held forth on the home ownership, main floor of the building, where i one noticeable development In the modern dances were\ia On,operation of these institutions has the second floor tire old-fashioned been the aid they have been giving steps were in sway \ \ *' NOTICE rshopsi/tSntll April >pen^very Wed need The barber, 1927, will be, until 6 p. m.y Special to/Qlfrlstmas which com on Saturdays we will close at o'clock noon. Committee. CARD OP THANKS Wis. wish to express thanks to o neighbors and friends dvho kind assisted us during the jHlness death of ouyvjear 'hjfsjbsmlr at father. \*S*MA* Mrs. HffleiPBtile Mr. an j Mrs/ George 8tll< •*\/'•• and Mrs. Bertha Love and famil CARD OF THAXK8 We wish to fhank all who so kin< ly assisted us during the aicknei and death ol our,<hother. Also fc the floral offjerinjr and those who ai slsted at th4 firheral. I //In. Alta Dunkleberj I/George Bigelow. * Mabelle Bigelow. Mrs. Gladys Jenkins. James Bigelow Mrs. Letah wniiams. Rev. M. P. Beach, pastor, of-!* 8 ^ ni otn «r of the bridegroom -and I Mrs.\ Etta Whittaker the father of \LEMONS AND MILK Here is a story about lemons an milk and incidentally a sick man. _ \I had been having a bit of stom Bptb proved persons wishing\to balid their homes', j ac & trojible—eating too well and no popular and almost everyone present j n securing houses substantially built' w,8e!y Mo - physician recommended ; took part in both. ' a t a reasonable cost. ! mllk diet - DB t for *° me ****** ° At midnight the late supper was! The experience gained from many i other, milk and I didn't seem to ge served and it was estimated that ( vears of supervising and inspecting along. He then suggested that nearly 400 partook of that. It broke the construction of houses has en-. squeeae the Juice of a lemon into i up shortly after 4 Friday morning. aD]ed the9e associations to be compe-;S Ia8 B ° f mIIk «d consume a glaa and many were present who \carriedJ tent a^d clever judges of construe-' 0 ' th,s beverage at each meal aklng a vacation. :iyde Gray of Richville, haa sed the Frank Buck drug store in hville, and returned to his former pn\ until the last - A Lewis county case attracted much interest which has' in the wedding suit worn by Charles throughout' Staplin of Antwerp which he wore DR. WEBSTER. - SELLS 115 FOXES, { VALUED AT $70,000 The biggest shipment of foxes ever , shipped from the north country will, be made today when 115 select sil- ver black foxes from the Independ-! ent Fox Ranch of Sperryville, Lewis ! county, which is owned by Dr. George V. Webster of Carthage, are loaded into express can at Lowville (tion and cost and their advice is be- ling more freely sought by home 'builders thoughout the country. Ion G. Chane County of St. ing to the Stat and provided, to all persons the estate of of Gouvernen ceased, that In a week's time I was back oi my feet and feed. During the week however. I had occasion to make t trip to Philadelphia. When I \order ed my dinner In the dining car I ask ed the waiter to bring me a tallglasi of milk and a lemon cut in half When the food was delivered I no that the waiter hovered aboul -^Phere was a peculiar fas Itioa with the B. O. Kinney store £«• 4*W». action came befora when he was married 30 years afo| Md Rre 8tarte< j on their journey to exhibit the P. Mr Grav was married last tne Ijewii county court, in session at in this village. Tmar and about three months ago jLowille.Lowville. onn Monday.. Thee casee waaii Seventy-fivee attendedd the the Kinney store hers to take ***** of the P* 0 * 1 * against Mats r the Back store in Richville, ilrs. William I. Graf, formerly l Helen Dggart, of this village, member of the well known Trin- jrtrls' basketball team at Water- h, where she i s now residing. j Oraf, in a game pfatyvd la Wa- bwn last week, figured in an acci-jof tie* for the plaintiff I in which one of her team mates tvsd a brofcea none. . ,„ „ - _ , „ _ M ~ ..„. r. •. Denver, Colo. The shipment will be! thereof, t o o Monday Th cas waa Seventy-fiv attende the meeting-.accompanied byJ E Boat* of Den- office in the Village of Gouverneur, that of the people against Mats!A vocal duet was given by Misa Pau-| T0ft W ho will care for the animals In said County, on or before the l«th Schack of Denmark. So hack was i line Gingras and Miss Mabel Barker, durfna the trip i day of June next charged with violation of the farina and a reading by Mias Dorothy Fred- j^^ Taloe 0 7 ^ shipment is esti-i Dated. \December 4th, 1»26. * mated to be in the neighborhood of -, $70,0w*. Practically the entire ship- Art and markets law and was specifically; eaberg. Maurice Davles rendered aocnaed of watariug milk delivered: pleasing violin selection by htm to the Crown Brand mlik sta- led on the piano by Mrs. Davie*, tion at Denmark. The case was not j •- * • The state aaked 1100 and'cTTIAITlfT M IV The Jury rwtnmod a verdict! 3* UUBsl 1 rLAI LIKELY TO BE BIG lection of officers for the ensu- MASON-8 MKETI *OS Gonverneur chanter. R. A. held its regular convocation at M ita year will take place Monday eve- i lodjre room Monday evening. The at the regular meeting of Julia regular communication of F. A A. d Howe Teat, Daughters of Un- M.. 217, was held Tuesday evening Veterans. Nominations of offl- at 8. The third degree was eonfer- were made in November. Tues- red on three candidates. This was evening, Dec. 14, nomination followed by light refreshments eerv- • eleetion of ettcers will be held ed by the senior steward. J. R 8eak- tie regular meeting of X. H-: er. Plan* for the annual meeting Relief Corps. ; which will be held on Tuesday, Dec „ *—»».. *1. e>«re made. ie Goavemeer Arts club met oa » - Ly afternoon at the. home of FT*KRAL OF MR. VEIL . NOTICE j Pursuant to a.n Order of Hon. Cey- 1 Surrogate of the { cord- j ticed made [xbe table. otice iS/Hereby given cination about my order which liter lalms against i ally wouldn't allow him to depart. 1 Gardner, late .'tumbled that he was wondering what in\eaid county, de-f miracle I was about to perform with the lemon, for none of the food 1 had ordered, to his way of thinking, demanded lemon juice. \So I took the lemon, sqaeesed first one half into the milk and then the other half. I then looked at tha waiter. 'My Gawd, man. you sbo if going to die on our hand*.' was hie remark as he vanished r lfftt> the y are required to e. with the vouchers subscriber, at his \$l Harry C. Rogers, Executor. tbiir T Johnson. Attorney. meat of foxes was raised on Dr. steVs raaoh at 8nerryvflle. Dr. known celved Web- Gouverneur, N. Y. V. Webster is well in Gouvemenr where he re- his early education. His 44w2f j kitchen. Archibald McUatock. Old Funeral service? for the late Sir- scenes. fabrics were the feature of rtiis.n A. Neil. Macomb farmer, who Supplementing the play LIFT f\W* fix? iffAsf cvireo BM mmrij eoucauon, a ill 1 Ur XASUH brother, Herbert W Webster, reeid The students of the High School, at let Rowley street. under the direction of Mint Ann Hall • and Miss Bleanor Connofty are put- LOCAL PERSONS ting forth every effort to make the ^^^SUiu!£>JJ%k •*•••* production of the musical csnaedy., BEFORE COOPER. \The Toreadors,\ the theatrical hit of the seaaoa. Rehearsals are being held every afternoon attae the close of school and the play is that round- ing into presentable form. A musical comedy ia twe acta, ft r has & distinct Spanish atmosphere land Is marked by many colorful win be a lug. Mrs. McUatock a choice collection of her N>ii. »t Bdwards on Wednesday last which contained old Mexicaa following as Illnees of some time. Hi\ blaaketa, many of which were held from the sons home Sun- = ore than 140 years old. Mrs. day afternoon at lz.le. Rev. A R. Stosghtoc showed her own Myers, pastor of the Methodist Epts- jt;\OTi of ohi worea damask, imp r»p*i charch ef JUrwards. officiating red with old English prints on In term est was made in South Cottoa an rare Tt&lc*. cemetery Mr »il» wife. who. be- fore h»r marriage was Miss Elisa- beth Lore. d5*d ;n 1«*0 CASES COfTTDfUED' William and Lottie Bign««* of I GouTemear were in federal court st I Utiem Moaday afternoon charged I with a seeoad oCenae. violation of I the Volstead law. They pleaded not guilty thromfh their attorney. T A. I Hendricks of Watertown. They main- I tarn that the lienor wan seised fn a I *AVK 15 CKVTS—MAIL OR BRING THIS AD—SAV» 15 CKffTB CARBON V&RSSH Prevent Carbon Accumulation I SPEED Wiit Do iff ! tor snappy and fan I dip- died at the home of his son. Chester chores of 3\ first, second and third prtvate dwelling; Their Sl.eoe hail grade children whose singing wHl he was continued sad if they do not a real treat to the patrons of thts change their pleas, trial will he set if rg* Ives, ©wnvernenr taxi cab hurt in an anion3bile acci- J3 Thsr»day last when his soto- skidded aud oT^rrsrced on a mrr* at Coleesc. tea miles ef Central Square renamed fe • wa Monday He at:il \»uff«r» IT from the deep cat* and w%>eh he reeetreu in the it which pnrrsd fatal to TF-ACrTERfc ATTEXD PARTT Ar. Efnrraii party w&t held Thsr*- dsy \rfsrnr by Mr* J>aa KL Mark- wu'k asd Miss Rati Kvntra :>^-t*r« it the Grammar srhoo^. of tb;« v.;- lar» for all of the teach en in &'.! foar »rboots of Lfce v-.Jiage The Miss rsth*risg «-a# at the botae of Mrs. Martin ef Roeaie. Miss Mai- Mark wick :c Ma-j rtreei A prorra* eeth occmrred the day Ceilew- »f games a*** other forasi of eat*r- a huar fsrwetS- taiameat van provided, followed by sowed thar her a lunches* A bow: 44 show Ticket* are os «ale and are being distribated by **reral High School ptspili- Tte first verve row* on the main floor of the -.heater will he re- 9*rr*4 TVket.\ fo- this section may be soured by pre*--Ling :be general adffii^ot tirkets a: VanSIyke A Cur- tis S re and pavinr 25 r-nts extra for «•*.-» reserved s^at desired. The prese-tar.on w::: t* given at the '\trslvr for a later data Edward Mmrkwtfk of the Gotr- sewr hotel made a plea of aot guilty to possess!os and sain of liquor Aug- ust >« Attorney Hendricks inform- ed the court that a motion will he made fa the case. The ball was fix- ed at Sl.te* I I 5*5S! I - CS GOT Fret Prtm* rAFE\P*3tM LT>rR SALE* DAT- A •:*:*•-?.* ltr.-h asd par'*: post M > *;•] v fceJS re the Prmbr»r'jui :h-rcb parlors Wedaeaday. X>ec IS. Lnrdb wf;: be served from 11.1* a., nt rcti'. ti! sre served The meaa w:^ laclade m**t pie. rteed pota- donchawta. I 1 ***** &PEKD will keep your motor of pep. SPEED r«Utrm sticky vat HPEED cleans spark plugs. SPEED for spring lubrication. SPEED provenU rust; also spring breakimn. SPEED diaaolves raet. SPEED iooessM ranted bolts and nnta. gives door locks free action. coatains no acids or injurious eah> staace to either ear or clothta*. la a product yoa can safely recom- mend to roar friends. SPEED Is guaranteed harm leas to everything except carbon When applied it con- pietely eliminates carbon, leavis* enrtne clean and well lubricated. SPEED makes your motor start and run *aey. Wanted hi Every Locality Mowj Bmck Gwmrmmtetr AJD AXD am CEXTS WTU. PX*RTHAilE A 75c CV3i OW I Oniofi rVwSnyo^ fwetm UibDaTaw I IMHmg Umm Ukm 11 j ! M. E. GAMBLE. GOUVERNEUR • AT THE OFFICE OR II* WWBT JtJLXX

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