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ER 8. 1926 I mt •T3RTY-FIFIH VEAR GOUVERNEUR. ST. LAWENCE CO.. N. Y.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 15. 1926. NO. 45 LOSS IN FIRE AT POPE* MILLS NEARLY $25,008 EXPIRED AT HER HOME ALONE AND WITHOUT WARNING MISS LAIDLAW'S ENGAGEMENT IS ANNOUNCED Lin r esidence, Store, Hotel, Ice- Life Had Patted — Resident of house and Barn Destroyed; GosjTerueax for 'Many Years—. Funeral from Damfhter's Home Mb. Uadore Foster-Eastoa Found Dead Local Young Woman Will Marry John by Her Neighbors a Few Hoars After L By Flames on Monday. Started Proa Soft Coal Fire Quickly Spreads —Aid Summoned From Gosrremeur and Morristown Sunday. Death claimed Mrs. Isadore Foster- Easton at her home in Wall street Bulger of Avalos, Mexico, a Former Gouverneur Boy—Date of Ceremony Not Announced. The engagement of Miss Cora Laidlaw of this village, and John i Bulger, of Avalos. Zaiebas, Mexico, was announced at a three table '• bridge party held at the home of Mrs. Donald* Peck in Rowley street 5 d *e n id re ill Thursday at a late hour in the af- i as t Thursday evening. The date of ternoon without warning, she hav- the wedding has not been announced. —Start Filed With Holiday Mer-ing expired without a struggle while Tne announcement came as a sur- \^^ •«—\- * *- pris(V t Q Mlss Lal( ji aW 'g friends. The alone in her apartment. For some house was decorated with bluebirds Loss estimated between $20,000 j years past Mrs. Easton had not been an d a Christmas tree stood in one and S25 000 was caused by the fire ' *n rugged health, but apparently of corner of the room. A gift for each -v<oK «« VnndRv afternoon laid late had been in better condition K ue ^ was provided by the host and •which on Monday aiteruoon iam . t .: the last to receive her gift was Miss waste Ave buildings in the village of than usuai. She had suffered with < j -aldlaw> wnich was her engagement Pope Mills, near here, and threaten- some form of heart trouble, and her ring, held to the tree by one of the «d destruction of the entire business sudden death is ascribed to that small bluebirds. The package also M w ». i . cause .contained an appropriate verse. \^^XJU* - e : | n.H„ .», a., M„. «,,,»h.d* M ™*\£^ '^ *T^l c °° l \' t *- • ^Lt?^ 1 80 .rj\\. e ,»!,! b . c C .!!f.1 ma ° ha^LoT^reatir\ Inhere Mr Bulger formerly resided in this vil- lage where he was born. He receiv- ed his early education in the village Frank Hastings\ general store, company store visiting with building and contents. friend, and had taken lunch at the Hastings hotel with furnishings. n0 me of her daughter, Mrs. F. F. Hastings ice house and barn. Drury. She returned to her home „ ,,„„,„ „„ A „,„„ „..,, „„„,«„„,, H f ^ m The property was totally destroyed shonly after 2:00 ghe had resided ^ool^and a^so. a. graduated from and ohly a small amount ot insur- i n an apartment on the upper floor ance was carried on the buildings. of a house soe owned in Wall street, \™^ h ; \J h^'was'^aduatTd The store stock was owned by Mr. and lhe tenants on the ground floor Irom \ tuch be * ab ^ raduated Gouverneur High school. He later attended the University of Missouri, in 192 3. after which .he went imnied- ately^o Mexico, where he is engaged Hastings' daughter, Mrs. Jack Gree- heard her as she tended the fire in ley, and was insured for a few hun- oer Kitchen, and otherwise- engaged iff dred dollars. in household afTairs _ The cause of the fire, although evening the occupants of the lower „.,,;,„ «,••„„,«„„. a „v^» <„ r<«., v « I still uncertain, is believed to have apartment missed Mrs. Easton. and wh / ,e ^ tend ^ n .?„l c \°_°* l ^ Q ^Z e J, been an explosion from the kitchen . no t;ced that her apartment was not z:f c . Dnrine the in the engineering business. curing me The couple became acquainted Mr. Bulger had not visited range in the Hastings residence lighted. They summoned the next his home towh in some years unti The couple is reticent as to the 1 B where soft coal was being burned, neighbor, Mrs. Nellie Young, and to- th, ^ as i ®!? 1 ™ n ^ r Mrs. Hastings left her home and gether tney sought Mrs. Easton,! H ™*# °x^ i J!~i. M >,„. „ it „„ I went to the store to assist her son, ; finding her sitting upright with life ; **!* °L^l l J t f t & IL a ** k i U J,JLV-r Royal Hastings, in waiting on trade. ! extinct. , derstood that it will take place after She had been in the store only a; W ore Waite was born in Ham-!^ ^IIJ^^\*** i^J^i?! YM AC TDAM7 short time when a loud roar was m0 nd. N. Y.. May 30 1847, the i plan ! to vi8it his to J mer , h , ome - - A . f \ AMAxJ I KAl/£. Sard . It thou was diacovered thatj daughter of Sidney and Julia A ! l * r * h e ^remony, they will reside in' iUTl/lil 1lUWsU Che rear of the resident was aflre. | PoJld Waite. Her father was a na- { Mexlco - Aid immediately was summoned j tlTe ot Rhode Island and her mother | ' and soon a bucket brigade was pour-i came from Vermont, both parents OFFICERS ELECTED EVERETT PECK {CHURCH DRIVE PURCHASES THE OVER THE TOP GARDNER HOUSE , NG0UVERNE0R erally to Service Pension Plan and Total of $7,112 Is Raised. Former Home of the Late Mr. and Mrs L. M. Gardner Bought by Everett Peck Who wui Return to Gouver- Local Presbyterians Give Lib- neur and Modernize and Occupy It. A ival estate j»ale of importance has just taken place by which Ever- ett Peck buys the premises in East Main street long owned and occupied by the late Law son M. Gardner and his widow, the late Mrs. Mary L. Gardner. The late Mrij. Gardner transferred by gift this property to her friends, > Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rogers, and they ', having a pleasant home in Barnes; street which they have owned and j occupied for several years and not j requiring this property for a resi- j deuce, have sold it to Mr. Peck. The ! purchase price is something above! $8,000. J The house was built in 18 85 by' Jacob Bechhold, a dry goods mer- chant of Gouverneur, and was occu- ing water on_to the hjaae, but_with- j descended from Revolutionary an- E. H. BARNES HITS STRIDE IN VILLAGE out effect. The ore burned rapidly! ce stry. Of the family of four daugh- J I N and before the residehce had been ter8 and one gon igadore was next! umifAWC DCI ICC fADDC more than half consumed, the flames t0 t h e youngest. She attended school i WUlrlAPI J iVELldr l^\/lvrd spread to the store, which stood, in the district schools of Hammond! E . H . Barnes Woman's Relief Merchants Report Skoffren Are in about four feet away, separated only| and la . te r a tt—i»d Gouvgrnew Wee-i Corps elected officers for the ensuing by a narrow P^'Keway | e i yan seminary. ShortfT J«forc he\ ye . r at it8 regular meeting last eve- The Store ignited rapidly and al- ; twentv-first hirfhdav «h* «» nnltA«l ils__ » :-._- v„i„» ™-^„ „• **,„ Midst of HoUay Buym* With name of Bnauseas as Days Pass. Merchants of the Tillage of Gouv- ^^•^JS.ff^S!iiS P of JtS^wi!^ WGnt7 i r8t b iTS d ^ ,*?* W ^ 8 uni ^,ning, nominations being made at the Promise of Groady bcreaasd VoJ- thoagh a small amount o^ stock wa« . in mar riage with Wallace Foster.'of ume mee ting. Mrs. Ida M. Loveless j oarried out and into the Victor Gouverneur, and soon the family who has 8er ved for the past two years Sl«\Unni. E hu^g to aTso^l^ -eur durin, the n« several days J Vealedby Supervisor ^ James Thorn p- The blase soon spread and ignited! er 8 8D<) e CactorT , of Rochester, but %££[ H Z^SAV^SS^^'^^ T ^ T ^'^ U7 ^ cnaM ^ ^ m \^ n - V 1 ^ ^Va^ 11 !? I*** ih&n *l be t ^t>*otel which stood about eight jgave up *« occupation and became 1^ office Mr!? Ge^SuS^CoVbln I a 8 *** re » ult ot Chrlatrnv holiday | J« rate for 1»2€, which was about footway across a *™W- ,™ j wsoclated aa a salesmen with his {was ejected senior vice; Mrs. Jeanne; buying with the proepoct of a freatly | • 1 *' v - _ t d „,_ al „ . fcft t ._ „ ts Total Quota for St. Lawrence Presby- tery Falls Short of Amount Desired and Announcement Is Made That Only $23,595- Was Raised—Quota Was Set at $45,475—Drire to be Continued. Gouverneur went over the top with dying colors in the campaign in- augurated recently to raise its quota in the Presbyterian Service Pension plan and incidentally was one of the . . , , L ,,. lVw towns in the St. Lawrence Pros* pied for several years by himself bytery to exceed its mark and family Mr. Bechhold sold the, Announcement was made at the property to Lawson M. Gardner, who regular weekly meeting of the ex- not long before had come to Gouver- e.utive committee, appointed several neur from Edwards to reside. Mr. days ago to carry out the campaign Gardner built an addition to the that Gouverneur had raised a total house and otherwise improved the; of $7,112. There were 95 subscrip- pr »? ert r^ , w , ^ • , \ions. The announcement was made Mr. Peck had had ?ome experience at the Watertown dinner Tuesday with purchasing property in Gouv- '' evening. erneur. In mil he purchased and! The nation-wide campaign called greatly improved the Hawley house for a total of $15,000,000 for the in Last Main street, now owned and pension plan for retired Presbyterian occupied by \V. H. Loomis. He then clergymen. The St. Lawrence Prea- purchased the St. Lawrence Inn. and , bytery quota was $45 375 and re- being a hotel man of long experience ports submitted at the Watertown successfully conducted the Inn, fin- dinner Tuesday evenine showed n «i« ally selling it to G. M. Holmes who ,$23,595 raised'. ^ later sold it to Emmett Green. De-' siring a nice residence, Mr. Reck purchased a house in Barnes street, < formerly owned by A. F. McAllaster, and after greatly improving the premises with all up-to-date contri- vances -was tempted to sell for a goodly sum to H. Saidel. Mr. and j mately $3,000 above the unc, Mrs. Peck then lived during the sum- quota set and announcement oFflka m miA1M . m -« mer at their cottage at Sylvia Lake, success of the campaign here created THmlxANll and upon the comin * of lhe winter a great sensation at the meetina t* 1 nUUOrilll/ • season went to Fergus Falls, Minn, Watertown. The local cainpalMnwaa , where they had at one time resided directed by James O. Sheldon? nroai! <# jand where a sister of Mr. Peck now dent of the Bank of Gburernenr wno Approximate Fifwe Shows Decrease I HTea. Mr. Peck has arranged for ! was a member of the executive'com- the purchase of the Gardner house jmittee. Other towns In northern New York TAX RATE OF TOWN $12.50 The result was somewhat disap- pointing to the committee in charge, but an effort will be made to con- tinue the drive in this district in aa endeavor to \bring the sum an to the quota or above. ' Gouverneur's figure ,S of $1.40, Due to Use of Snrplms| whll e in ^gun Falls Now on Hand. The tax rate for the town of Gouv- erneur for 1*27 will be approximate- ly $12.50 p«r $1,000 it has been re- TEST LIGHTING SYSTEM IN BACK STREETS Lamps Wit Replace Present System When Power Plant b Completed— which reported at the meeting were: Hammond, with 95 subscription. f? 7 A ; n P ?4 8 *»n, 6» subscrfptloni »3.400;; Ogdejwburg. $2,400; WaJ dington Scotch PresbyterUn, $177« W ,t« ding i on ' PirBt Presbyterian* $269; Watertown. first SreahS terian, $4,796; Watertown, Ho?e Presbyterian, $517; Watertowia! .Stone Street Preshytertan, $1,615 The meeting held last erenlna* 'brings the active campaign ri;' to a close In this Presbytery though, as stated above. th« , 5?S stated above, the drrre Add. to the AttractiTeneas of ^i^. c ^«nued in districu to rem-oveapiano from a third story :the wife of Dr . F. F? Drury V Mabel [alT^nate^ t^Depa^^ auToVh oU'erfwm\ I ta'Sln'? Ul ^ ^^IO^** ,K W window. The hotel had long ago who became the wife of the late Ed-f Prior to the meeting a covered SffS.twit' *Jr\^j/»^VT«fJ- I * 6000 le88 than in 1926 > the de \ \ ' - been abandoned as a hostelry, but ward Taltt and wbo died I n 1901; dish supper v.as served, attended by P -j£ e ^ weathSr dulfne the week ' f rea8e , l> t i \ gdUe t0 ^ f ^ttbat the ; street _ occasionally a dance or social gain-. Carrie, who died at the age of four; thirty persons, including two of the ha8 brought many m ffonf Se TuTal i tOW V 8 t0 i U *X B K sur 1 P lu 9 which they oeen in ^ ering was held on the upper floor, vears . and James Bowne Foster, now comrades of Barnes Post. G. A. R. 5f st rict s as well al hun^redl S D °^ ba l el ? the baDk -, .K the past U where kitchen utensils and dishes of Hanford, Calif. ! Fallowing the supper a social hour SeiriV^lfiro^^ JH? . hlR i hWa> ^ff,* f °/ ^ e to f WD M trial Thurso lso were stored. On the ground; During the early years of her! was enjoyed and Santa Clans ap- 8n ^pnLg 1J? Christrnw^in the Gouv^ T bl< i b nn« ln add!tion , t0 A? 6 ° th ^ r! The ,i?hts floor were three pool tabies which widowhood Mrs. Foster visited rela-'peared and distributed gifts to which !™K?r ftoJI. I i 8 ' ° r a 8 8 ° n 6treet corner ^ also were burned^ tives in the West, and eighteen years each member had contributed some ^ e stores themselves durine the i° lla . r ° ne ~ ha]t a ™ ,n , more r , than points i \ H1 ' ,h , The first fire broke out at l:2o ago she was united in marriage with ..mall item. This was made the occa- Dast !*£ t aT f Sken on thJr ™ . ,l to&?*7 tax rate for 1926. Gouv- : Greets which ton. p. m. and had been burned itself out Henry Easton, a resident of Winne- sion for the Corps to surorise the P™Z \K\TI-- -«-.°-----L >\;i erneur has one of the lowest deci- have been greatly bnga.en-d failed to meet their quotas and • vigorous effort will be made „ nl „ lna ,ltlie total sum up to unicipal amount. \ \ h \ The Gouvern/ ... . . „. +o,*> first one of tu/ X * X / * ll t m&4> V.^.Ofrr wai> *\* \%Van add * through- \&&..AI.. ;• at a gathering U-I_ o.«?*^f. ..\. t0 _ b ^ °L Presbyterian men regular street lights operated by the Oswegatchie Power company were _ _ __ ^ 0 surprise the » r'h < t — A i ueur \ aa \ ur Ul .ahortly after 4. The roof of the bo- pe g, knd whom she had known since secretary with a'five dollar gold piece b^r7ot labor have^be^n^Dent^v m3lS * n th6 C ° UDty - tel collapsed about 3. A barn in her childhood. For seven years Mr. in token of appreciation of her serv- ? lerk b 9 an d stoJe emnlovel in makinr which was stored a small ammt of rad Mrr , Ea8tOL resl<rea in Winne-' ices, the gift beingpresented In the Sf g 9 ho 7 uf ac ^ e ^veraT hi\ ! FIIKI. MII • ^ MKI. • I . , , c u - /- -vu a man « «.«.«- machinery and tools standing behind pegf and theQ returned to this town , same manner as the little articles decorated thJ fnterfor of ti e storls r%J Yts MILLd flKt (continued until such time as the new , tioned. It provides am nie !2n^ the house was burned along with whCTe tDey occupied Mrs. Eastons supposed to he Umited to a value of J^g i 0 m*Y crevl naoer trimmed 1 RDl7As7QniTT AVCW municl P al lt ^ tln « P lan t work » n for retired ^resbyterfin cle™2 the house. A small building used former horn*. During one of his , ten cents. Z)\h «?; JSXi >!„ P ,1 P ^H ' JuSS!? BRtAH5 UU I ANtW which has been greatly delayed ow- lo carr ,* t ^ tSoJih A-ir IflST\? 6 \ as an icehouse which stood behind basip ess trips to Manitoba Mr. East- : . . j^ ^^^lo^JTmoS^i The fire which destroyed five build- J\* to the difficuHies experienced by yearV'iiSSoSt wSkttg'Vny &dSS the store also burned, . on was uken til and died. H,s widow Mrw ri ^^^ f fr , IWC , Itheir labors aSHuen^^^ l^; 3 !.^^^,^ C 0 0m ^T f ?°.^ 0 VJ ocal church or PresYy^ P Heln C^ATm all over the Presbytery.\ \The Th At L hat w dm e a p,e * was **<»* for T ? e the churches to back the pension move and it was at that time that left pending tbe try-out a\nd'will be anilnf^ euch^^i'a'n F* 4 ^* continued until such time as the new tioned. \ When It ?eas evident that the continued to live among her old [whole s^atfija was doomed, a call friends in Gouverneur. sef'rV'to Houxerneur for firej i n j, er church relations, Mrs. [fighting apparatus. The Gouverneur j Easton was a member of the Fres NEW FLOOD LIGHTS their contract with R. R. Stockham The amount raised In Goovernemr FOR SKATING RINK V post o«3r reports th. Christ-) anew during Monday night after vli- of ^eenwicb V. Y in ™gnM . r^-ts great credit ta **l2£ of completing tht Xge »- *«£•« P»aW»« .i» gg I aSumhU* 81 HYweverThe^ames' ^^^^^Sn^iilf SB'dT»»S m,tte * ^ mfimbe ™ ° f *\^ firemen deemed it inadvisable to take ; byterian church and when health * skating rink which has been built TJ^^LI^\ .TJ* l^A 91 ^ Ididnn further dimw and were and will remain so until the power v^ ^ im „^ tne members of which have b V d, !^; ,aboi -e<l \»rd to meet the quota^s? [the motor pumper over the hills ow- j permitted was active in the societies. > on the rear of the Dean [ing to the icy condition of the roads, jghe was a charter member of Gouv- property in Rock Island u f« B t u , tendency toward early malTinsT of did no further damage and were a ? Q w » 1 remain so umi me power, _ _ , High ^^l;2? t %\7kagel A %a iJent out a I Quickly put out by persons who had P lant I a P lat>ed , D operation and can ! rur ^ n „ c . Mpfc d V:tVrlll\^or ^ :iT r ZlT 0Wn c this ATHENIANS AND > o7 the ha,! niail early, and to some extent this 1™* » ew °V^\5 ° f *™ 0 ^. rr ^ i ^SSI.PW nr«» raM ,.i ««.« m ^i,h i MIMCDVAC 1 r X)S»G J9M $12,00 .$8.51 >RQfS •EACH J$2.60 .$4,75 ..$3.51 ...13c wchave t prices. „d ao two firemen were dispatched eYneur Morris Chapter, Daughters of been about completed and water has I ^. k i r H mor A «° f t to n ?° p J*2f SS? Ae new on bum of fire occurred Purpose. , m99mw * mw „ to the scene, together with hand the American Revplution. ^nd no been placed in the bottom of the biun^ 1 .^-^ to ^ The new ornamental system which I MINERVAS PLAN chemicals and other small equip- otfie r member of ?he organixation in to form a good baae for It. As haa b ^° ^\tiw 2 25t£? t^r ' Sg' ateadS throughout thS dr y !l »« ««™\d on for the first time on, \. ^T.vT^ snent. Garfield Bur ley -and r>\k |had a deeper interest in all that per-: »CK)n as colder weather arrives, the ua l^ *** ° ay Armistice day is still bein* used to J —.--.. Moore hastened to the village, but tained to the welfare of the organ- < entire rink will be flooded and iM-'^ 1 \^?^ erection. the fire had about burned itself out izat ion than did Mrs. Easton. As a mediately will be made available for • PPJ^^f\. •£}*I 7 ™] 1 „\ L.iS^S\ ' «••. ... before they arrived. However, sev- member of the Chapter said of her: skaters. | MeD particularly, the merchanU de ; IMniJSTRIAL LEAGUF eral firemen from Morristown arriv- j \she was filled with the Spirit of The donation of two large flood V a f e ' are . tne fJ 0 ^ \ no p . r ° T e ™. ' *' v ' fc ' '*** ** x»**wa- ^^^ ed in time to be of assistance and!'76.\ lights for the rink was announced by delinquent in their shopping. Many GAMES ON THURSDAYe ** business section of the village as niad usedd a small amount of chemicals Funeral services were held Sun-«the committee in charge recenUy; boa^t from year to year that^ they UAJfiCJ UH lnUKdUAI ^„ _ ,.._.,_, _...,._» „ lagainst the flames. They also as- dav afternoon at 2:00 at the Drury and these will be put in place within : -.J 0 . t ? elr ^OPP' 11 ^ the night before The Industrial basketball leagu both p -d e .H of the village siste in preventing the fire from home in Park street. Rev. W. F. the next few days. It is planned ™*ristmag. a thoucb this habu is B arnes scheduled for Wednesday Ligh'«\ have b^-n placed at points reading to other buildings. Skinner, pastor of the First Pr#&by- also to provide a small skate house n °f_ a S.f,1^ raI as ' D foTmeT yearSl have been postponed until Thar^day about rn ,. village which n-ver Uefor* Tbe George Drummond residence terian church, officiating. The bear- on the property and provision for id the Mary Gilbert home, both ers were F. Erwin Cox, B. J. Carpen- this also will be made at once, situatedd close by. were believeds ter. Ed.t Leahys ande A. M. Jepson.e In-- • light the mam street of the village . f . HOLIDAY DANCES and will be continued until the vil- r An * ctl / e . MK ^' ; '™* ra m , la J* lage plant is in readiness. The lights P^P^-t during the holidays in U»U add greatly to the attractiveness of village and plans already are being — A - for the holding of two semi- the 7e^dontYarsec'tionV on f( / >rma l partes for the enterUlnment they dec;tre ELM TREE NEARLY 1 100 YEARS OLD [doome at one time, but blanket termen wa mad in Riversid ceme A r CI TCUlf AN'C PAITCfltf Unrated with water and snow piac- tery. *» **. \,UonmJ\n O lUUdift on the roofs saved them from : A gracious, kindly woman, of a DIF^ AT HARRT^RITRfi igniting. Other buildings in the vi- happy disposition, endeared to those UL *\ J iXl iiAlviviaovivvj inity also were saved In a similar who knew her w^ll, and one whose \Word »as rece.ved here Tnesiay ray. companionship was esteemed by all °f ^ p death in Harrisburg. Pa., that . When the fire was at its height, her associates. Mrs. Easton will be morning of Alfred Bash, a former „ wu , Ui uu _ u „ u C . M1 „„ .„ ... . ... ... .-. ..^. ,. r — the J&eat melted snow which sent a miseed not only in her immediate resident of this section, and a cousin lu m street on the property of Mrs. naa flroppea out ana win not com- 6< , m „ f ulure t irr,e to add mor<- lights .. [goodtreams stsed stream runnings downe the- familve but in churche and organixa-r of. Arthur E. Cushmans of thise village. L OCJ Turnbull., the tree havingg been* fT t e I n an J o T >tB ?*\«* . *• ffo [tsare to t j, e 9yst( . m a g occasion warrantsn (u rutterssting in the streete From thosee tionn and bvy friendsr and neighbors.., M r Bush?• death occurred following. condemnede a*f a menacem to pedes-m &*»nf:_made to^ replace. tne Legion ant j i t ; s planned eventually to make Village employes Saturday after- noon cut down an eirn tree ;n*Wii- of college «Tudei:t? and other former residcrit- whr w.;:- be spending the holiday-; -n the village. On Moridny > .ening. Dec. 27. the annual Ath<~niar, I i*. rary Society ball wi'l b- h Jd in Tmple hail. An if h-vtra of t-n pieces has been en- cap-d t.i fnrn!-h-mu?ic for the occa- ;.nd th' dance hall already is ^ ~, -a d'-corated with school pennants am. Announcement w„ ma *e ^ 'acdTe'powVr \iamV? Vnd'r^iSenta ™ \' Ao ™ ^ r Jhe^ent. which is one Tuesday evening that the Lerion ee nera']v have expressed plea.-ur-. ,f tDf l bee ^t of .he season each t*-am which bad entered the schedule Tne ii^v jtinp commission plai.« at evening because of the High srhool have ^ en ji ? b; e d. Mid-blocks, • iplay \The Toreadors.\ which will be which heretofore have been dark and Jb'-ld at the Graiyn this even ng Tbe dingv are now brightened to such an 'games on Thursday will bring to- extent that no point is cow dark. •g-;her the Firemen against the Rich- Several short back streets wher- uo 'v:ile Horton team and the Bu>:n«« s;rw . t lights have t^n provided in *'% IS TAKEN DOWN M \ D aFainsT tbe GouTerneur Honon the past have been equipp-d wj;h -»•- *' team with another * UJ M^ H-ti.*. MI ««- FORMER LOCAL ™-»»n B/%O.-V *wr The ornamental system which has J ILIA H.«D BOWK TK>T y^^ ln operation for a month past : -ar Th:« will be followed on 'New ears -ve by the annual Minerva society ball. A large orchestra alao \the ^^\ghtervniage^n^onr- has ^ n «\«*« '° r this dance, and .$~-lJ:E village in nort lnp T ^ mple Da]] «- ber e ^^ also wfU will be given it* usual \trim\ ™^? : - Jern New York be h-id the villager who wer as Sh U survived by th daughte and » lon ^ illnes at the hom of his t rian traffic through fallin limb in the Ar fighting were abl go and b fou grandchildren two da ifbter Mr ^, MarT ^ Basb Houck ( Th section o Willia street fro ftPrirr p fi .. . . v ^ n get water to pour on the na»e*'*o n 8 and two daughters of DT. and 1 J** body will be brought to Rich- Main to South street waa roped off w r ,l ^rr^ • I «•»«i V _d buildings which they were en-.Mrs. Drury. . Vil J^ on Thursday morning at 8 and during the felling proceee as a pre- _ JILIA WARD Idesrroring to save from destruction. « j tak , en to tbe Barnum boB « «n that caution against accident. The regular meeting of Julia Ward was presented to the village by Ed- D , anned dur = ne thfi ho] •*.- „ *^ - 'village now occupied by Mr. and A count of the rings on the stump Howe Tent No 61. Daughters of ward J Noble and Robert P. Nobe. P'* nDe a ^r^* tne bol.days Mrs. Arthur E. Phillips where totaled about *0, which indicated ^ Veterans was held ln Odd Fellows president and vice president respect -'•on as the Athenian ball is held. Other »o<ial entertainments are May evening for Morristown where ey will snake their home with tfeetr |aengfcter. Mrs: Jack Greeley, wliose Inmskead ceaduets a store there, Mrs. a woman well past middle { was ina,greatly exciled «ate of ^ w . B^^ 2S of m ^^ i» the Baptist ^«*7 \ ^*™£ ind following tke tre and tor a mont areaM . ciaremont, N J. and RJS^II?VferTk*. Z2L/%ZZM£ me anxiety was felt hy villagers, Ui „ M a lyi Flnnimore. 19. of 256 SS^^r^^^tir^SSLISr-^X or her condition funeral services witl be held. Rev. ^at the tree had been in its plaee building Monday. evening. Dec. IS irely of Life Savers. Inc.. and sons' EASTERN STAR W F Skinner, pastor of the Flrsrt nearly a century .Eieetion of officers took place with of the ut e Harvey H Noble, former: ruiwrrniiAini. Presbyterian church of Gouverneur., , , tbe following offkers elected: Mrs. ' well known coal merchant of this, LHAr 1LK rlULUo GIRL TO WED CHRISTMAS DAY wilTVffrcIate. \\BnrTar'srill ^aae!de Ines Wallace president: Mis* Edna village The system was presented 9M KACH Ackerman. senior vice president; in commemoration of their father. ITS ELECTION years. CHRISTMAS TREES AT 6© CENTS TO *• Mtn Mrt BUnche Henderson. Junior vice The expense of installation of the Marble City Chapter. Order of the Balaam, cedar and spruce trees presidest: Mrs Mary Bush, trees- lights was borne by the village Eastern Star, held its annual His wife was_ formerly Mies are being brought into the village MT*T. Mrs Delia Hacker, chaplain, Turing the spring and summer ine Thursday evee.ng for the TvTtSre tbe etock et which was i to^ei'^erT^tMTaar 16 * B«tb*Irt Rub7 B * num of R»chviHe. Mr. daily for sal* aa Christmas trees. Mrs Carrie Scott, patriotic instruct- months next year, it is planned to tion ot officers and the submtaaiosi of wu#d by Mrs. Greener, had recently teachera. «»•*•'••/. *>vw -^ Bu*h wz* as ancle of Roy Bnah who The prices this year are about oa a or counefl_members No_l. 2 and l. u, c iade the village memorial arch, reports from committees and osB- for a nnmber of years was in the hardware business here bee* replenished wtth a large line of - M r Boof#r was born la Oswego. \hrtstmas goods and wosUd have in- i and ta the son of Charles and Mary eutorted larger than at any other ^«!.; n » Boefer MLte Flnnissore was .—-«. TostvsnnM ime of the^year The store had been 5^ t . Go«verneur. and is the ^\ fc ^O* 111 -^ 0 \* it tn shape for the hottdag rwah of daughter of William H. and Bertha r^^^ n aad deep regret waa tsH.v..h. SH.^.«. «*^. 1 .. Pupils 0 its deetrwrtion. .level of former years ranging Cross Mrs Ada Wells. Mrs. Ella Holland actuated in the village park, in the cars Of the reports, an exceptionally (S6 cents to $3. with large ones for and Mrs Carrie Love lighting system and a memorial interesting one «wma given by Mr*. jeharches sud other paMk gatherings The next regular meeting will be Hght also will be placed in the park. Sasie Baldwin, the b'.sterisn. »i \ ----- ..._ ............. . .._._. VOTED BY DIRECTORS OF LOAN ASSOCIATION Knight Ftaninsore. The ample aa~ The sarsi^ meeting of tht <* : «^fc >nr Ssvtngj k Loan Aaeocia ^s^ •id Tueedsy afternoor ax *\~\A*.\*V i« ts« reciOar dividend. *** 7T % 'hsvs** L The seer J^*W\M to***, v m asaal toarm^^^tate aa <*»fs#]»* «- aided for many years tim-ore for masy years was w the 8 B Tan Dnaee Manaxae- :sr-ia«r Company. They realsVad ta ^jistown street- AT faccording to th*tr six* held Dec IT. with ini:;stion, followed The entire plan is a part of the Noble The election of ofjeers reaulted tn GRALTS TONIGHT Train loads of Christmas trees by s program and Cnrirtmaa tree .gift to the vilUge the choice of Mrs. Ada Wetls. worthy the local high school Save passed through this village dur- _.____. __ _ • ~m I ' fnastron; B. frank Hall, worthy pas- rwM>»«*i *K-r « A .M h« B>rTbl t .* ^^ PT*»en: the msssicaJ comedy, ing the pest w-ek en route to large-. ^ ANTATA TU BK ui»a^ '^^——^ .^^^ ., RRmfiE ><» Mrs Luis Freeman aaeiataat f^o^Ibsfli ^^ t\™* Toreadors' la the Oralyn thea-jly inmmiaxed camter. where the tree. AT BAFtW o«Tr»a^H ^^^1^^^^^ OTTIWRKNC* »**™ Mra Ines WaUac*.^^ Ti^ r^iifmLr* t*~ih. t« wti* t* 1 * «**»*»«• I*\ •« ** ?<««Ulml aa la northern Pre|>arariens tor the presentation OVER *«« OT LAWRKNCm trtmt Mr§ Anna H , ]{u wl-I •- ^~~-.rriZ« ^^Zll To* comedy compriaes tww acta New York- One train carrying up- of a cantata. Th e Birth of the, Erection of an international bridge M ra Blanche Hartley f^TV. Z??!*!?*?/ ^* r 2.^* T «T*\ featunag s Spanish atmaenimtw wttk , wards of f ••• treea. eeming from Messiah. ' S«aaay mm at the rtr*t arrow the St^ Lawrence rver con- chal,_ its stteadaat colorfnl eeeaea j tma northern part ef St- La • 1 smce Bmpvtart Hierrh are betag made Jtii neesitg New York «jite and Ontario g^*_ker SupplemenUng the pupils m the*county, gaseed through tbe village, week Th* csatats will be given by «\-H become * reality if a movement play, wia be s chorus of If children Jane hsat week the rhosr mm*8f~the direction of Mr* 'started n Ottaws is succeesfal. ac- froa the first, second ard third' ' • ,* E w Rtl*^ ssstst^d by the Junior - :r lag to «vj received here. Irman of trastees Mrs. *4J a b***!/ W ax ot ^^ y^ 1 grades Tbe prfaction is being OOTTEstVaTTR TO PL.^T jorimsstea of the charch Other sp- traised by Mias Atn Hall, smnractor vrmmm r-Aww nmiT >-'pri4> Christmas metis also will ta music sad Mam EaeaaerCescnasly. •- nsmwu* t**Jisi rwsAi \ \ -nea-s orsri Eaglmb teacheg. Aa effort / ^eske<seW anil make a\ belated ^e»A« s*smg-eaade *^ •*- »* 0M *eeartsesJ - *Y|dsry sism 14, nrbea the deoeftomi. Pe-.-»5aw^ a doctor to nnd say^ax^^h ^^ .J^J tkm Th* site for the bridge tenta- T*4T located at or near Cardine*- b* fcag a: crttieaily UJ at Ijp the respsbv morning »a»». of Ogdemsberg_*NWEthee tbe hom« in Trinity avenae law awmW F1t£D B. VirLUBEL M*- « wtnrrrlonn of Fred l wk< -^tpcrrn& as beak < > the . The serv.cea on Sanday tsn osjsw &ui» hex tmstldmrxed by BmJiaUL fTTwJ FaSTa am Taeae is no vehicular ume past mositreal and Niagara ' said at tbe FulJar «g aamrexlnvateiy 414 : is gaiamg streavgtk smtt; ..p^i.—, rsjewwsry are mats

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