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WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 12. 1927. GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS PAGE SEVEN OUR PANAMA CANAL LEADING BRITISH MAN TRAMPLED DITCH AT SUEZ IN TRAFFIC TONNAGE gy RUNAWAY IS IMPROVING John Griffith of HeuveKon Nearly Killed By Excited Animals. ^TRANSPORT\NORTHERN PACIFIC PASSING THR0U6H TMl PANAMA CANAL widow of the late Thomas Humphrey, NOTICE OF SALE IN PARTITION NOTICE j TAX OOLLECTIOII telling her of her marriage to II. W. Supreme Court. County of St. Pursuant to an Order of Hon. Cey-i Notice Is hereby given thai, I, the Stark of Lake Wilson. Laugh man. Lawrence—J. Herman McLear as Ion G. Cbaney, Sunogate of the undersigned tax collector, la and tor Florida. Dec. 25, at the home of the plaintiff, against Joseph Balmat. The County of St. Lawrence, and accord- the town of Gourerneur, New York* bridegroom. The ceremony was per- s y | via Lake Company of New York, ing to the SUtute in such cases made have received the tax roll and wa*- formed by the Rev. J. (). Campbell. Dallas ML Haselton. Northern Ore and provided. Notice is hereby given rant for the collection of taxes as- pastor of the Hancock Baptist Company, Greenhill Mining Company, to all persons having claims against' sessed upon sueh roll and will at- The event was witnessed by i nc _ t international Pulp Company, ;he estate of Mary A. Gardner, late tend at the office of Harry C. Rocera Union Talc Company of Gouverneur, ot Gouverneur, in said county, de- for thirty days beginning Monday, et at., Defendants. ceased,, that they are required to Dec. 27, 1926, and ending Monday, In pursuance of an interlocutory exhibit the same, with the vouchers Jan. SI. 1927, from t o'clock in the the church. a number of friends or both partus from the North country and south- ern friends. J. D. Stark, son of the bridegroom and two daughters of judgment of partition and sale duly thereof to the subscriber, at his morning until * o'clock p. m. each Pittsburgh. Pa. Music *.»» render- ma d e> April 21. 1923. by this court office in the Village of Gouverneur, day excepting Sundays and the. first ed by the three granddaughter*. Mr. j n tne above entitled action and en- in said County, on or before the 16th day of January, 1927 resident of tered in tfie office of the St. Law- day of June next. Henry C. Loveleee. Stark was formerly • & Brasher Falls. The decorations were renc-e Ceunty Clerk April 23. 1923; Increase of Freight win Panama Rout o, Largely Due to Oil Ship- ments, Indicate* Riae of United * State* to Leader- ~ ship of World's Commerce, By JUDSON C. WELLIVER One of the striking evidences of America's rapid rise toward commer- cial and Industrial leadership of the world. Is the Panama Canal, will al- most certainly handle more freight in ISM than will Suez. For several years ne two canals hare been in a neck and neck competition whose implica- tfcoas are the more Interesting be- aaas* the Panama ditch is owned by the American Government, and that at Sues by the British Government Of coarse both Canals are open to Hie ships of all nations; and the eompetition between them Is not only between the United States and Brit- ain, but In a larger and even more significant view It la competition be- tween old world and new world. When the Panama Canal was open- ed in 1915, Sues was already transit- ing about 25,009,000 tons of freight annually. Almost nobody believed Panama could ever attract anything approaching such a volume. But dur- ing the war fear of German subma- rines in the Medlterannean caused many vessels to take the Panama route between the tar east and Eu- ropean or American ports. This gave Panama its introduction and It has not only held but greatly increased tte business since the war. In 1823 Panama transited 6037 vessels, against 4621 for Suez; Panama han- dled 25,160,000 cargo tons against 22.- 970,000 for Sues. This was the first >ear of Panama's lead. A Close Race The following year Suez barely ex- ceeded Panama's tonnage; and in 1925 comfortably held its lead. But reports for 1926 to date indicate that Suez is losing, owing to Britain's in- dustrial depression, while Panama is doing better and is pretty certain to resume the lead. The present, Suez Canal has been An operation nearly sixty years, Pan- jama only eleven. Although few peo- ple except antiquarians know it, the first canal at Sues was built more \than 3,000 years ago. It was in op- eration as early as B. C. 13S0; how , long before, is mere conjecture. Be- fore the Christian era began the ditch had been built, destroyed, rebuilt, silted up and built up again, time after time. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt the Ca- nal was one of the oldest of engi- neering work*. Between 1904 and 1915 the present Panama Canal was constructed. It cost about $400,000,000. Sues about ene-fourth that sum. But Sues is a Simple, sea-level ditch across a sandy nialn: while Panama is a lock canaL the greater part of its length lying 'AS feet above sea level, as that ssost ef the distance from ocean to ocean Is through an artificial freshwater Waham McCadam U IB and Under the Care of a Physician—Grange Hold* Its Installation. Heuveltcm. Jan. lit—The Ogdens- burg snow plow, which comes here often to keep the roads clear and in good condition for the auto as well as the sleigh, does good work, but sometimes doe* queer stunts. One day a short time ago as Everett Blair came in from Depeyster and got outj of his car, while standing by it the | snow plow came along and treated him to a storm of snow, half filling his car and throwing snow in all di-j I rection8. It is said that Mr. Blair' j is a very mild-mannered man us- i ually, but the way he greeted the affair might have melted some of the ! snow-cloud, but he shortly took the ; thing as a poke, but was convinced the plow was quite adequate to re- . move snow from the road. I John Griffith who so narrowly es- caped being trampled to death by the runaway horses Monday of last week is doing nicely and is expected home soon from the Hepburn hos- pital whence he was taken after the accident. Mr. Pike had his horses tied in front of the hardware store of Lytle and Zoller. one a colt, and as the snow plaw went through the street, the flying snow hit the team and frightened them so they broke the halter and fled madly down the street. Mr. Griffith coming over the bridge saw them coming and -made for the post office but failed to get inside. The team ran up on the step and broke the glass in the door and threw Griffith down on his back, his back coming across the cement step. The wonder of it all is how he es- caped being trampled to death. The team then ran up Water street, tak- ing a part of a fence as they went, but at last was recaptured a short the Suez route, while 24 nations were distance up the road, represented in the maritime caravan William McCadam is under the at Panama. ( care of a physician. He is suffering The World War was not the only *™m neuritis of the hip. but stlaat unexpected factor in bringing Pana-. ™*™. #S£ Fm'iSZ'Sfi • ma so quickly to equality with Sues. and complicaUon8 . H er sister, Miss nor the most important. The enor- Etta Wilson, who is teaching in New mous increase in Panama traffic in York, has been sent for as her con- 19*23 was represented almost entirely ditlon requires the best of care. At by petroleum and its products, mor« present Mrs. Emma Burroughs of Ing from California to the east coast Usbon is carta* for her. and Europe. In the year ended June , Mr - ' nd H ,\™V%A^JiSSn?8r' _. ,„„. *~„ .. »„,«,»*»*» tained at dinner Friday evening Mr. M, 1924, tolls aggregating 224,290,000 and Mnj L c Qray> and MlM G^. were collected, of which $9,071,000 trude Darrah and Frank Redick. was from tankers carrying petroleum. Saturday night was held the in- An even more striking statement of stallation of officers of the Grange. the matter is that for the same year Herbert Smith, county deputy, with exactly 50 per cent of all tonnage his staff of installing officers from B *»c«y w per cent, oi au tonus* Scotch Busn d i d the work in a very satisfactory manner. The officers installed were as follows: Master, R. H. Thompson; overseer, Newell Hutchinson; lecturer, Harriet Mcln- tons, or more than two-thirds was pe- tyre; steward, Everett McClure; as- troleum * It was of course chiefly sistant steward. Chester Backus; from California, en route to eastern chaplain ^^S^SS'sS^SS.\ _~«..„.4 t- *i. „ J,„. WM . er, James Todd secretary, Ira Bris- refineries. In the succeeding year tol; organlgt> Mi8 B Marloil JenkiB . thi* petroleum movement fell off g^. gate ke eper, Ernest Martin; heavily: but for 1926 it i» again in- Ceres, Mrs. Hutchinson; Pomona, creasing and the increase is likely to Mrs. Ernest Martin; Flora, Mrs. continue for many years. But for the Thompson; lady assistant steward, petroleum traffic, the Canal would Mrs. Chester Backus. After the in- W. .ho.. . <Utf. I. w ,«, * *»r.'~X\XU\ ?£«„,,- \V 01 * , ^ . ; elton Fire company the following of- The enormous petroleum business flcera were elected: William Bell, ha* been in other ways advantageous chief of the fire department; assist- to Panama. A constantly Increasing ant chief, John Henry; foreman, proportion of maritime shipping now- James E. Mayne; assistant foreman. saarrTrses oil fuel. OiHrarning ships Fred Crawfo*d. The-Jre company ^ ro«. M on wh.O th„ can m«« ^Se^Voi ££, S a^o\ very tastefully arranged and In keep ing with the Yuletide spirit. Mrs. Humphrey Stark was a resident of this village for a short time. They will realde in Florida, but expect to come north during the summer. Mrs. which judgment was upon appeal to the Appellate Division, Third De- partment of the Supreme Court, duly modified and as modi tied duly af- firmed, and which judgment of modification and affirmance by the Stark has many friends here who 8ai d Appellate Division was entered extend the best of wishes for her i n t h e office of the St. Lawrence happiness. _. County Clerk January 3, 1924, and countv which said judgment of the said Ap- 7 Dated, December 4th. 1926. - I • Harry C. Rogers, Executor. Arthur T. Johnson, Attorney. Gouverneur, N. Y. 44w26 Dec, 22. 1926 Collector. 46wf NOTICE TKRMM OF ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY COURT Pursuant to Section 192 of the Judlctary Law, Trial terms of the St. Lawrence County, Commissioner of Elections S. R Pursuant to an Order of Hon. Cey- county Court Ion G. Chaney. Surrogate of the witn a iury for the year 1927, and of St. Lawrence, and accord- unt n the further order of thi* Court McBratney went to Albany Monday pe |j aU? Division having been on ap- ,n « to the Statute in such cases made aB( 1 notice, are appointed and will on business not returning until the Dea i t 0 the Court of Appeals duly * nd P rovlded - Notice is hereby given j^ held at tne Court House in the latter part of the week. affirmed, and which judgment of £/\ Sfl^L™ 1 ^ C L al ?l \*t l \\ Village of Canton 4J.fc.t- PENNSYLVANIA AT CHA6ft.£* RIVER. CROSS IN6 through the Canal was between the two ocean fronts of the United States, that is. 13.500,000 tons; ad of this, considerably over 9,000,000 cheaply buy oil; and because Call- chassis to put their chemical appar- the bunkers of vessels through the Pa'nama ditch, there Is a substantial inducement to prefer this route. This will in- creasingly favor Panama. and mill- tat^ against Suez, as the number of oil burners Increases. Moreover, Panama's advantage will still further fornia oil can be put so cheaply Into atU8 on so as to be able to reach fires in time to be of use. Mrs. Matilda Boothroyd and Mrs. Elisabeth Kendrew are both on the list of ill ones. Mrs. Kendrew came from Rensselaer Falls to spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. Booth- royd, at the home of Mr. Myliss Smithers. Mrs. Silas Best is suffering from a increase as the enormous oil re- hard cold as has also been Mr. Best sources of ..Venezuela. Colombia, and *>«* they hope to escape the grip that other South American countries has been prevalent here »™ d*vpk>t**j Mr - Cypher of Macomb who went are developed .hunting on the St. Lawrence last Great Service of Panama 1 week returned here a few days ago If cheap petroleum has thus aerrad wit * * ^e \ oi °' duc ^ s rm . , Panama so well. Panama in torn has ^^L^ff^^^l^Vr ift ., . ... . . . bon were visitors Sunday of Mr. aao equally served the American motor- MrjJ -rhon^ R^. 1st who consumes most of the world's ^b e basketball game played here petroleum products For Panama has Saturday ni«ht last between Rens- broutnt the Pacific Coast petroleum selaer Falls and Heuvelton was won to the eastern market at eosts^whica, DT Jhe Istter.a but for the CanaL would be vastly \ greater. Thus the Canal ha* gtren the United States the cheapest pe- troleum products in the world, sad helped build the sutomobile and our modem hit hway system. Mrs. Ameli Carver's condition re- mains about the same. Mrs. J. F. Woodside who has been ill for some time with heart trouble is gaining. William Simmons who lived on the Dekalb road, a short distance from Thi* mutually helpful relationship this village, died at hi* home Friday night. Jan. 7. He had bees in poor health for some little time, but the immediate cause of death was a stroke. He is survived by several sons and daughters. Among other enterprises that Heuvelton has is our Home Bakery conducted by Mrs. Raymond, late of Wllliamsport, Pennsylvania. Mr. ^ u _^ ,,. B^S^KI- f„- -*»-«i Rsymond is at preaent engaged at could not be profltebl* for sereral the Model r^ry. I B t^ ^n^g M r between the Cans' and the petroleum users Is the more impressive when one realizes that it was not even re motely anticipated at the tisse Presi- dent Roosevelt started building the CanaL So late. Indeed, as 1910. when Admiral Evans wrote his articles about the Canal and decided that it gariy Pr*m» Unexpected JWhen Rooeevelt started building | decades at least, he based all his cat RVya7ondVin*g1ve\thrwhole~of his at Panama, neither he nor any other i eulations on the probable eo*t of coal time to the bakery business, putting for bunkering ship*. He did not in new machinery, making it a well dream that merchant marines were \equipped affair. Something of this oa the verge of the revolutionary *> r t has long been needed by the change from coal to oil So be figured %°g* L \ d _ onr beat wi8ae » '\\^ jprophet of optimism would have Aared suggest that within It* first (decade the Caaal would earn a profit. It* chief justification concerned the jnatkmal defense, and the estahlish- aaeat of competklou with the traas- coatinental railroad* Although both Canals are open to /snipping of aU nation*. British vea- ly tacreaaed share of shipping The °T sis family a* being as comfortable Mrs. Faro visited him that.'** there is practically no bunker coal in the countries bordering oa the Pacific, that ocean could not com- pete, by way of Panama, for a gr*at- their efforts. Richard Faro who went to the Hepburn hospital a week ago to be operated on for intestinal trouble is still at the hospital and is reported jsels constitute the majority of those of! development overturned the proph- ** possible using Sues (SS 8 per cent), while edes of .American vessel*, are 54 $ per cent of others who had those using Panama problems would For 1924. shfps of 21 nations used proStabla Admiral Braae. and of aU ^^ RaMQg who ^ ^ „ foresees that fuel TT*e advke of the thrift editor of the Tlftoa Gazette, giveso in rhyme, is to svn*<j getting \walloped by adverse ty \ He »r«— When you see s littie In*i*r< Nov oo •he Glacier National Park re*errati.*» •itting by a stream rnai&sririj be )* not pJayin? tw>key fr^m srhrtnl. No -Whc speo'l* hLs tnrotne a* it cowftj ! *e** In love with s B'a'-kfV** maJdv* aiid save* no •yrtematic sum* may I and he is tb*r* by the wreanj rrttnanti some daj find hinwHf in dutch sad I cany vo*rin* hf# tr<-.:h •» th*t the rush aeed bis moaey *ery nrorh. ; ing ws-em wi:; r*r-y t<» hi* **ff yea woukJ prosper and progr*** * the fet-** r.f bis s.-*irs desire and crown your future with tor CMS. ! She of escrse, lives s fe iaasfbaakSaf the hospital for some weeks i* home The operation seem* to :ave bees successful. Bladder trouble was tb* cause. The Ledie* - Aid of the Methods church met with Mrs L J Crayford Saturday afternoon at her home and planned for tbe*r basaar to be held n*xt fall. Tbey have six division? •with chairmen Mr* Crayford is pr**idext or 'hainnan of 'he whole Mr« I. C Gray chairman of the far.rr work. Mr? Thoina* Raby chalrsaaa of the tow*; work Mr» Rabr CreigHtoTi ehairciae of the aprot department. Mr* ?mither* of Milville. chairman of the haad- kereb>ef department Mrs. L C Fisaberk. eh*!rm*n of the fruit de- . parUBest and Mr* Vr%^k Creigh- Mrs. Chester Backus is quite ill affirmance bv the Court of Appeals th« »«t*te of Harvey L. Smith, lato of 0 n the 1st Monday of February, of nervous trouble. She has been wa8 ent ered in the office of the St. ?, ou . Te ^ neu^ , ln ™ li t co } 1 ^' d *f« M ? 4 ' vis: February 7th at 1:80 p. m. staying for a few days with friends Lawrence County Clerk July 24 that they are required to exhibit the On the 5th Tuesday of May, Tta: here. 1924, and in pursuance of a further !f me ' 7 ith lfc th * T o»cn«™ ta# % r «? >f ' *? May 31st at 1:30 p. in. Glen S. McBratney. one of our lo- order and interlocutory judgment of ?*/\jTf.f 1 ?.!;/ 1 ?• ^vSf 10 * °5 0n tne l8t Uon ** 7 of ( > ctober ' Tl « : ca! merchants and overseas veterans, partition and sale made by this „' Aruiur ,* er . In P* y 1H *«s of October 3rd at 1:30 p. m. ^ 4J Gouverneur, ln said County, on or Special Terms of the County Court before the 30th day of April next. f or the arraignment of prisoners and Dated, Octover 13th. 1926. > the transaction of other business, for Harvey D. Smith, Executor. C. Arthur Parker, Att'y. Gouverneur, N. Y. S7w26 XOTICK Pursuant to an Oredr of Hon. Cey- G. Chaney, Surrogate of the the year 1927, will be held at the Court House in the. Village of Can- ton y^ On the 5th .Monday of January at 1:30 p. m// On th>^4th Monday c*t May at 1:30 p. 4a. On the 4 th Monday of September fell on the Ice and dislocated his court at the foot of the above men- shoulder several weeks ago and the tioned Interlocutory judgment of services of a physician were required partition and sale, which latter judg- to replace it. His arm troubles much ment was dated November 22, 1924, of the time ever since it was injured an( j entered in the office of the St. while he was in camp in South Car- Lawrence County Clerk December olina before he went over seas, and so, 1924. I, the undersigned, the it doesn't require much of a Mow to referee in both above mentioned in- throw the shoulder out, and in a way terlocutory judgments of partition is quite a handicap when doing any- aD d sale named, will sell at public i o n M thing that requires much of a strain, auction on the 18th day of January, Countv of*St YawBence*and accn^i\ Friends of Arthur Stetson here 1927, at eleven o'clock k. m.. on thi i n °J\^ y th °J[ s£tu£7n*.uch casM mad* »t 1:30 p.m. . ^ ## « will be glad to lea-* that his health day at my i a w offices in the village - «V&oride? N^ *We! TermS ° f ^ e bounty COttrt for the is improving. He is in Florida where of Gouverneur. St. Lawrence County. \ a i? ll T \ln* having clafm. aAlnst hear ^ g «d decision of motion* an4 he has been spending the winters for New York, the premises described by the estate of Msrr Walker TSeI of a l , P eals iu clvil and «**»>»» acttona some time. Mr. Stetson was at one sa i d interlocutory judgments of par- Gouverneur in said countv deceased time principal in Heuvelton High ;UtlOB and 8ale to be sold and therein Sit fhsTaw scno °'- described as follows: same with Tonrhnni tbarnrtf tA tha Mrs. Everette McElwee of Hanawa ; \All the mines, ores, minerals, briber at the r^7id7nc* of OwrJ! Falls, with her baby daughter. Mary u i Ct talcous rock, asbestos, marble J? Holmes InL Sis VIllsS of Oour J., were guests of Mrs. McElwee's and soapstone, together with the ©rneur. in said County on or before aunt. Mrs. William Love, the past right to go on, search for, mine. dig. \he 30th day of April next week. Mrs. McElwee was formerly quarry, raise and carry away the Arthur T Johnson Att'y Grace Walker. j same in under and upon | ^..J M ^ \ .„_./ ..^t \ v * ^^1^^^'%\^*: \^'-^ J. R. Mayne, one of our most es- I All that tract or parcel of land. *^i and proceedings and trials and other proceedings without a jury are ap- -.^. ... . tV , . ;f\ j>oinfed to be held at the Coart House same, with vouchers thereof, to the ^ n C anfbn, for the year 1917 On the 3rd Monday of January, March. May, July, September, No- vember and December, commenelnff at 1:30 p. m. *• Dated at Gouverneur, N. Y. S7w26 the 29th of November, 1926. teemed citizens, was operated on for situate in the Town of Fowler, Coun gall stones at the Hepburn hospital ty of St. Lawrence and State of New last Friday morning. Mr. Mayne had York, being part of Big Lot No. 101, not been feeling well for some little in Township No. 7, Great Tract No. 3 Bmv a time having spells when he suffered of Macomb's Purchase, and described~^™ from pain in what seemed his atom- a* follows: | ach. However, Dr. Mulholland was Beginning at the southwest corner called to see him Wednesday last'of said lot No. 101 in the center of when the pain was intense. After the old Russell turnpike, 8 chs. 60 the doctor made an examination he iks. easterly of a small bridge; and told Mr. Mayne that he was sure he running thence north 22 deg. west was suffering from gall stones and 19 chs. 75 Iks.; thence north 67 deg. advised him to go to the hospital for j east 43 chs. 40 Iks. to the northwest an X-ray test. Accordingly they: corner of the Streeter lot; thence went the next day, Thursday, and southeasterly along the westerly line found the doctor's diagnosis correct, of the Streeter lot, 36 chs. 93 Iks. to Consequently he was operated on the the turnpike; thence along the turn- next day. Gall stones in number;pike, south 57 deg. west 33 chs. 88 from 25 to 50 were removed, togeth- ik». to an angle in the turnpike; and er with the gall bladder. The op-!thence south 89 deg. west 8 chs. 60 eration was one of extreme danger j lk». to the place of beginning, requiring the most careful attention j Containing one hundred sixty-nine acres of land, more or leas, as sur- veyed and compiled by Allen Wight in July 1892 and being part of the old John D. Balmat farm in Fowler, and is the same parcel of land con-: veyed to John D. Balmat and Peter) M. Malmat by Bliphalet Smith and • wife by deed dated March 12. 1823..§• land recorded February 26, 1827, In Gouverneur. N. Y. Dated. October 14th. 1926 George M. Holmes, Executor 4 8w3 St. James C. Dolan, Lawrence County Judge. and great skill. Mr. Mayne is a man well advanced in life and this may militate against him. yet it is thought he will recover, from all present appearances. His many friends here hope for his recovery, and if wishes help to bring results he will soon be restored to his fam- ily and friends GRALYN GOUVERNEUR, N. Y. Braaa New fragrant • Bsttar Taaa Evar Jai The funeral of William Simmons: Liber 9 of Deeds, at page 137, in St. who died Friday night were held \ Lawrence County Clerk's Office, and from his late home on the Dekalb j described in said deed a* containing road Monday at 2 p. m.. Rev. Heath- 190 acres, except forty acres on the erington, Methodist pastor from easterly part deeded to Jessup Rensselaer Falls, officiating. Inter-! Smith.' ment was made in Mount Alone { Excepting, however, about one cemetery. Mr. Simmons is survived tenth of an acre adjoining the turn- by eleven children. His wife died : pike, which was conveyed by John • some time ago. I WEDNESDAY, January 12— The Song and Dance -with TOM MOORE, BR8HTJB LOVE and HARRISON FOOD from GEORGE M. COHAN'S stage Comedy > .. - ., - - - \ARE BLOND MEN EASHFUL\ THURSDAY, January 13— EMIL JANXINGB and ULLIAN DAV1K8 in QUO VADIS Gigai»£ic drama set in spectacular splendor with a cast of 20,000 people; 300 Arabian horses; 180 wild African Jungles; three uisssmed balls and a horde of other Comedy --.--_- MANY GOING AND COMING UT MACOMB Desire .Balmat and Nancy Balmat, his wife, to the trustees of school district No. 2 of the Town of Fowler, Jnne 6, 1845.\ This property will be sold as Pro-j_ Tided ln the above mentioned judg- • ment*. subject to two leases, that is. I one lease executed and delivered by' David H. Balmat to the American Talc Company. dated September 3, 1892, of the talc and soap stone on i j the above described premises, with fAs* Ames In Canton an Jnry Dnty— j the right to remove theaaaia for a, 1 . i -r i L —.... i u %x P* 1,1 *\* of twenty years from October 1 Annaal Tekpaoae Meetinf b Held! is, 1910 to October 16, 1930, which At Macomb—Crowd Attends Ladies'JV*«» was duly recorded September j ... u 16, 1892 ln the office of the 8t! B - AM Meeting. Lawrence County Clerk in liber \m Macomb. Jan. 11.—Asa Ames is in 1138-B of deeds at page 689, and also • Canton this week on Jury duty. j subject to a lease executed and de- The annual telephone meeting was \ llvered to the defendant Union Talc held at E. A. Hurst's last Thursday. Company of Gouverneur by D. A. ! A good crowd attended the Ladies'j Balmat. Vernon Balmat and others. Aid at Mrs. Ray Hurst's last Thurs- ( dated October 15. 1910 of the talc day. The proceeds were 310.50. and soap stone on the above describ- Mrs. George O'Leary was an overjed premises, with the right to re- night guest of her parents, Mr. and • move the same for a period of twenty Mrs. C. J. Hutton, last Friday night.'years from October 15, 1910 to Oct-! Luava and Kenneth Fleming spent'ober 15. 1930, which lease dated' a few days last week with their sis-j October 15. 1910, is a modification ter, Mrs. Howard Knowlton at Black ! of the aforesaid lease dated Septem- Lake. her 3, 1892. and both of which Leon Raren and son, Donald, Mr., leases are now owned by the defend- and Mrs. Fred Horton and Mrs.-Xury j ant International Pulp Company as Finley motored to Ogdensburg Fri-' leasee. ;• day. They called on Mr. Ravens 1 Dated, November 24, 1928. i| son, Albert Stanley, at the Hepburn Arthur H. Abbott Hospital. As Referee. Milton Horton spent the week-end 'Pnreell, Cullen A Pitcher, I FRIDAY, January 14— - RICHA I Say It RICHARD DIX ia Another fast and furious Side-Splitter, iron twice to come to this one! Comedy - •- - - - - SATURDAY, Jaimary 15— The Phantom Bullet i r- Ws HOOT GIBSON ia HOOTS here again in the fastest you ever saw. Comedy - \HONEYMOONING WITH MA' and GRALYN NEWS MONDAY, January 17- Attorneys for Defendant, Northern we Company, 620 Wool worth Building. Watertown, New York. with Emery Evans. Leon Putman and family spent Sunday afternoon at Eugene Flem- ing's. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Devendorf and daughter, Marjorie, and Bill Perry were supper guests at Clinton Har- rey's Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horton and family, spent Tuesday evening at George O'Leary'*. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Putman and family spent Thursday evening at Floyd Finley\ s. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Evans and family were supper guest* at V. F. tkr~ land'* last Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. X. Finley drove to Gouverneur Saturday and were over night guest* at Eugene Turn bull'a. George. Florence and Mary Bailey viaited their uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs. James Simons at Rossie Have nem at^no Sunday. I IjmTr o^^r, Mr and Mr*. Leon Raven, eons t ^ tomr 227-W Donald and Douglas, and Fern and P™^\^ Edna Bailey motored to Ogdensburg REFERENCES TO THE PEOPLE OF OOUVERMLURf Those who were to let me know whea they were ready to have tbear avwlng aukchinns cleaned and repair- ed, ads© aayoske else who woriild like aacfa work doae sbowld send in their order*. Those Irving in the coancry will provide transportation to and no msw- tried to nx p prarticaJJy for services. Rowley St., Sunday and visited Albert Stanley Mr*. J Raven, in the hospital. On their return home they called at Mr*, Rav- en's mother. Mary Ana Murton and family, at Pope Mill*. Mrs. Amber Conroy returned to her home in Depeyster after spending the past few weeks a: the home of her father. J A. Ames. down the gears*; of the rit-*iet and. be Is at this very moment seated sa the hank thinking the that ahaerb asav L<r*e _saa, *** pillow case department. is just a* sascr ssasag the bv - Mr » J.JU Humphrey of this place ssaas as tt Is whea ft taaa* naaasssssa recerred s letter from her sister-tn- ef the pals far* jiati i krw. Mrs. Frances Humphrey Stark. STATE TROOPERS ATTEND SCHOOL OF HORSEMANSHIP State Tr<->o;-*r* V F> RAJ-** a-d r aar!*« Wood, who have been sta- •.:one\J in thi* •*-;'.;***» left on Sa*.nr- lay f-r Trey wh*r* •Jiey w.li attend the >-*i* Poh'-e ^hoo; ->' Hors*-- rr.aa«h;p- aad Mark«maa«t:p beta* heid :her* The coarse w.i; l*#t six w&ek« Tb* srbool 'a rs -harre o! Ueatenaxt A. B. Moor*, who fors- er!y served a* •ergenat in Troop D and who was well know* through cm: aanhera New York. Sergeant Con | w*y wit! reavaia ia charge of the local patrol and aa ssslstsst will hraaght here front Maloaa wtthin the I I I I i I I I REAL ESTATE! ) BONDS I 1 hare a rood nqmijro*^ J hand fm^oer Jan. 1st !| v bto-est Rate ^6 aid 6» j% L/HANSONS ^ OLLY C. C Donald; Rutherford. 213 West Main 8t_: E. G. Coats. R. 4; Pat Foley. Depot St- F. D. No S. H. GALE BOBOTHT :?J& MACaLAtUi \%g -PAGE ME- TUESDAY, January 1^— I>0\ <-HA.\EV a*d PKESTUAJk DKA3T ta I R.W^USH | I Outside the Law UAL ESTATE and lOttttt 4Twt

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