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SDAY. MAY 4. 1927. )om SS ate in e suits n't\ tell i used erCut th re- tesare /ill be :annot them 1S0N 5 iNT IMPANY B. H. VAIL fC. m%. FORTY.SLXTH YEAR GOUVERNEUR. ST. LAWRENCE CO.. N. Y„ WEDNESDAY, MAY H. 1927. NO. 14 GEORGE LTAIT Local Per s°ns Approve jCQ f ACCC AH I u TITTT1F EARLY IN JUNE Letters Tell of Plant for Final Sailing from England. T Feefcnf of Sympathy Had Developed for Gray Owing to Straightforward Testimony,, but Ail Agree Vedict Was J«st. Gouverneur persons who had fol- lowed the testimony daily in the Snyder-Gray murder case in New I York were highly pfcnased with the j about his neck {verdict of guilty rendered Monday The trial was short and produced jevening. [many sensations. Mrs. Snyder's tes- ' Interest ran high In the trial and I timony brought many to her CANTON TERM VILLAGE, WEDS admitted in confessions at the time • , ^ of the murdtir having killed Snyder | by beating him as he slept with a Many Case* of Negligence Are Mis* Bessiede! Pilcher to Be Listed for Supreme Court | His Bride on May 7. SXI.KS |».\V IS KKV1VK1) BY MM \1 . Al» (III* Tlie monthly R.ui Star Sales Day plan has jKiin l>e»:i inaui,'- urateil under 'lw anspirt-s of the. Gouverneur Advertising rlub. and the lirst sale w.ll be held on Wednesday, May l v The sales were, discontinued during the winter, the last sal.' being held in December indow sash and tying picture CHAUTAUQUA. TO SHOW HERE AUG. 8 WEEK Earl W. Campbell Is Elected ** President of Association. & newspapers were much In demand by local residents Three FataJitie* Have Occurred Among- Passenger* — Warm Weather Has Been Annoying. j every angle and development of the Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tait of, \™ **!<* * a o d Crea , ted a 9ensation this village, who are making a cruise th SJf R«th R w?' « „ Of the world, visiting nearly every ! *£± *»* */?*», *&*** • *•: country of importance on the globe, rril a LJL T i * Dd H .f nr y Judd will sail from England on May 28,.^' » ™ r ^™l*™?% *** •*\\- arriving in New York six days later. ' J^'lVhTr, ««?2 * 1 l £ h l £ e ? u „ rd \ r Letters to this effect have been re-i ° f * ^ r L*?I r der ' h h ™ h and of R , uth ceived by friends and relatives here. ?.TJ*£, ft 5 n *l er ' J* 0 f ° r some time M , and Mrs. Tait are now making ! ^^Z M^o^oatfnV ft?^ £UCENSE LOST, WEDDING HELD UP TWO HOURS Mr.. Pearl AdeJe Campbeti Become* Bride of Samnel Towison, Both of This Vitage. A mislaid marriage license, of which the bride had had the custody since its issuance a few hours before a trip through the Holy land and ex-, d occurred\ MI-IV poet to leave immediately for the aer occurred 6&r ^ final lap of their world tour. One letter received on Monday TIrs. Ella Woodworttt, cousin of Tait, was written on board the steamer California on April 12. It follows : \Left Columbo, Ceylon, last night at midnight and spent one day at Columbo. We motored around the city and had tiffin' at the Grand Oriental hotel on Sunday - and on Monday we rode 72 miles by steam train to Kanday where we visited a Budda temple. We saw the elephants In bathing, eight of them. They put on their stunts for the benefit of the tourists. We then motored back down the mountain to Columbo. This motor trip was truly wonderful. The road skirted the mountain, sides in some places where there was a drop of 3,000 feet. Luckily we had a good driver, a sengalese who spoke some English. We visited a tea fac- tory on the way down, one of the Lip ton plants and passed hundreds of acres of rubber plantations, both .old and new. The trees are tapped about a foot from the ground and the rubber flows out into little cups. It then is gathered and taken to the factory. We also drove through im- mense plantations of tea and cocoa- nut palms. We picked cloves, all- spice, nutmeg, cinnamon and bay tree leaves. There were also lots of Eng- lish and Brazil nut trees here^ also. It was a very interesting place.\ We -ha d a warm time in Calcutta^ staying there three days at ti e C?randH5otel 'We saw the Hindus burning t many to her side, J but there was a general feeling that j ho followed closely j Gray's story of the events leading up j to the crime was a more straight- j forward truth. j His frankness and apparent lack of desire to save himself from the j electric chair brought many to his i side, although persons discussing the ! verdict on Tuesday expressed the! opinion that no other verdict would j have beer, justified. ! No murder trial in recent years has created as much interest as that in March. They j just closed SECOND LIBERTY BONDS CALLED BY GOVERNMENT Will Be Paid or Exchanged—Step* Are Taken to Inform AB Holders— Radio Used. Washington, May 10.—Secretary Mellon has called for payment on November 15, 1927. all outstanding thVhour set for'the wedding\ \delayed Second Liberty Loan bonds. Inter- a marriage ceremony here two hours est on these bonds will cease on No on Saturday night. Near pande- If n i£ € / * A ™ - monium reigned for a time until the II.• 00,000,000 of bride finally got her bearings and lo- cated the missing document which she had inadvertently dropped in her own home a few moments after ^ ,,, . she had signed it, together with her the^ Treasury will extend prospective husband. The bride was Mrs Approximately these bbpds are j winded on Ford street at Elixabeth. No arrests were made at that time. Other case* listed are two for false imprisonment. The'lollowing cases are on the cal- i endar: holders of the Second Liberty Loan ; St Lawrence Crystal Ice Corpora- Pearl Adele bonds an opportunity to exchange | tion vs Jonn H Boyer, action to re- Majority Will Go Over the Term, as Wedding Performed in St. Paul'i Opening of Court Reveals Only About Ten Cases Ready for Trial. Fifty-three cases appear on the su- preme court calendar for the May term which opened on Monday. May 9, at the county courthouse. Canton. This calendar is somewhat larger than that of last winter. Two cases scheduled to come up have been set- tled and will not come up. Judge Christopher J. Heffernan will pre- side. On Monday, shortly after the con- vening of court, it was announced that only about ten cases would be tried at this term, the majority hav- ing been put over the term. Among those listed for trial are actions for negligence brought by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Todd of Ogdens- burg, separately, against Gerald Nor- man, former Ogdensburg athlete. The Norman car and a ear occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Todd collided on the Morristown-Ogdensburg road. Norman was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated but plead- ed guilty to a lesser charge and was fined. Mrs. Todd was in the hospi- tal for some time. Another Ogdensburg case which will doubtless attract much attention is that of Edward Burns against Ja- cob Schwartxman, both well known Ogdensburg residents. Their cars Church, Brooklyn—Bridegroom Son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Turtle of Gouverneur. Word has been received here of the> marriage in Brooklyn at noon on Saturday. May 7, of Mis* Bessiedel Pilcher of Chicago and Leonard H. Tuttle, of New York. Mr. Tuttle for- merly resided in this village. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron J. Tuttle of Johnstown street. The marriage ceremony was per- formed in St. Paul's Protestant Epis- copal church. Flatbush, the Rev. Dr. Wallace J. Gardner, rector, officiat- ing. Jean Crombie of Montreal OWEN D. YOUNG ; PAYS BRIEF VISIT ! TO THE VILLAGE General Electric Chairman Is Accom- panied by Charles S. Brewer — Both ! Are en Route to Canton. Mabel Walker Wtfcbraadt, Assistant United States Attorney General^ i s Among Notables Scheduled to Ap- pear. Karl W. Campbell, Of the Spooner A: ('aK.pbell company of this village, was elected president of the Gouver- neur Chautauqua association at a meeting held in this village Tuesday hv7io*b l h * ^ ha \ tau <»ua- conducted r, .. t 'u y ,I h u Rtvl P at n Chautauqua, will b« Owen D. \ouug . chairman of the held here the week of Aug 8 board of the General Electric com-' Other officers of the local' aasocia pany, and Charles G. Brewer, chair- ; tion named Tuesday evening wW™- man of the Mohawk and Hudson Vice president, B. F Brown- secrwl Power corporation, spent an hour in tary. Dr. S. W. Close- treasurer Gouverneur last Friday evening stop-i Julius R Bartlett; grounds con/uiiti ^±j*:, r m ^ o 'b?rvi? ->i^ ~°=; -x^^ rru^r-- w * *«» veil held by a coronet of, university, of which both are mem-' at the meeting of Chautauqua sS- carnea berg , The meeting was heja satur-;-orsers; held Tuesday, and outlined now outstanding While the bonds will be paid on November 15. 1927, it is quite prob- able that during the next six months to the Campbell, and the bridegroom Sam- them for other Government securi-1 cover on goods sold and delivered uel Towlson, both employes of the ties 1 No announcement has as yet | international Pulp company vs. New International Lace company here. *\ \ J *~ * 1 \~ *\ \ ~* .-.--- The couple arrived at the parson- age of the First Methodist Episcopal church for the ceremony and the scene was laid. When the bride- been made as to the type of security i Yo rk Central railroad et al. negli- to be offered in exchange, or the date) ge nce; Roscoe C. Whitford vs. Hv- on which the exchange offer may be man saidel, alienation; William D. expected. The Treasury explains that i Belt vs . j am es G. Welch, a state .__ the terms of the bonds require that a j trooper, false imprisonment: Oswe- groom suggested that the bride pro- notice be given to the public 8ixig atcni e Light & Power company vs. duce the document, there was a months in advance of the redemption Freeman T. Read, action on account; .„... pause and finally a flat admission. date. The secretary's announce-1 George E. Wilson vs. The Club of \ . 'that the much-needed paper had been ment, therefore, does not mean that; canton, action on contract; Lewis D. t * ie ! r I mislaid. The ceremony was there- j tne bonds will be paid at the present j Dewey vs. National Surety company. and will! tract . dead and sacrificing goats at their, fore held up for a ghort time Fiaal temple. This temple was a tough )ly h 0W eT er> it was located and the! on notice that their bonds will be place. We had a native policeman we dding followed. The marriage was adeemed on November 15, with us when we went through the performed by Rev M. P Beach cease to bear interest on that date temple to protect us from the lepers ( Both the bride and oridegroom are If holders of Second Liberties de and beggars. I never saw such »b-i we u known here. Both had been I 8ir e to have<4b.eir bonds redeemed ject misery before and don t want tpi nrf»vinuRlv married. Mr. Towlson's ! they should present .them for pay see it_ag-»W ^.^e.o f QUJ o||pejg^ J| • AT * 1'Jfina\Cam'-nl^li I ment on November 15, 1927, but if time, but merely places-the holders \ action on contract; Charles Wiedy et vs. Frank La Rock, action on con- Johannah Murray vs. New- York Central railroad, negligence. Herbert G. Chandler vs. Frank Payment, conversion; Herbert J. Mr. Miller frtTm-^ from the train going to and was killed. One tourist was killed at Kobe, Japan, during • nyj i | mei Campbefl\ olS l ^& ejr desire other government obli- J'died some time ! gatftrrerfcL.. ^*ee of their Seconds, f . ago ine was Earl Camp s first husband son of Eugene they should wsTCct^\'^m&SL^ an- nouncement and notify their bans. \ \ Currier vs. Alger B. Markwick, breach of contract; William J. Gil- mour vs. Earl Joyce, goods sold and delivered; Fred Ormsby vs. Grant L. Akins, action OD account; Howard Kr?-P Natter vs. Edward Whitford et earthquake and one man died on the j Campbell. His' death~also occurred kee P them informed, of any exchange I jn'o, 8\&wa?. r '..J 0 ££p&- &?£- TSTSBI'- p55^i ng _ tha i may later be made by iliam Dean, damages to treee; Joseph boat. \We expect to reach Bombay Thursday at 11 a. m,, and that night we go by train 800 miles to Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located. We will be two nights and a day going and the same returning. W T e leave Bombay April 18 for Sues where we arrive April 26 after visiting Cairo, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the pyramids, etc. We then sail for Athens and Naples. We leave the boat at Naples and tour the principal Italian cities. then going to Monaco and Nice, then Paris and London, where we sail on the Berengaria on May 2 8 for New York. \We will reach home shortly after you get this letter. I had a letter at Columbo from Sterling (son of Mr. and Mrs. Tait) which was mailed Feb. 22. We expect more mail in Bombay. several years ago. Following the ceremony the couple j the Treasury left on an extended wedding trip after which they will make their home in this village. OLD AYERS CROSS ROAD ABANDONED BY TOWN BOARD > Long Has Been Unased Connecting Link Between Somervifle and Johns- ~ town Roads. In 1917 and 1918, it will be re- called, when the government was selling bonds of the several Liberty Loans, a nation-wide campaign was conducted, every available facility be- ing used to reach the public and sell the bonds. The situation is now parctically reversed, and the govern Fex vs. Frederick Dooley, damages to trees; First National Bank of Norfolk vs. Jennie Olmstead et ano, to set aside dee*l: Joseph Fex vs. FVank Dillon, damages to trees; Henry S. Onge vs. Benjamin F. Peck, false imprisonment. H. M. Kinsman Company. Inc. vs Albert McGregor et al, ment is preparing to redeem orex-j Dote; Virgil crwarrine r vs. wY.'ifum pearls and gardenias. She white roses and lilies of the valley in a shower bouquet. Miss Crombie wore a blond chiffon frock with a picture hat to match and carried tea roses. Herbert D. Tuttle, brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man for Mr. Tuttle. Ralph Brainerd, tenor, sang during the ceremony. Frank Chaffee, cousin of the bride, gave the bride in marriage. The bride was educated at the Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, and Mr. Tuttle was educated in Gouv- erneur High school and Colgate uni- versity. Following a wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle will be at home after May 15 at 7 7 Linden boulevard, Brooklyn. Mr. Tuttle is well known in Gouv- erneur where he spent his early life. He received all of his early education in the grade and high schools of Gouverneur, and about 1915 entered Colgate graduating four years later. He later became connected with the American Telephone and Telegraph company as an auditor ajid is still with that corporation. $454 RAISED BY RED CROSS CHAPTER HERE • ' —'\- - Additional Contributions to Flood Fund Are Received by Secretary Arthur P. Mason. •^i-^tajjof $4 5 4 has been raised by the Gouverneur 'chapter', American\ Red Cross, according to announce- ment made by the treasurer, Arthur P. Mason The money has been turn- ed over to the national organization to help relieve suffering in the flood districts of the south. ». i.uv. •=. ^* n e 8um of * 254 has been raised acJon on' Dy subscription among villagers. One n detail the plans for the 1927 show- ing. Among those scheduled to appear in Gouverneur will be; Anne Camp- bell, \the poet of the home,\ who writes a poem a day for the Detroit Daily News;; E. R. Root, bee expert; Royal Dadnaua, oeiearated barJto*©; Assistant United States attorney gen- eral. Mabel Walker Willebraadt; Frederick M. Snyder, former aacrs- tary of the Press Congress of the World, and other attractions of an entertaining nature. The 1928 Caautauqua will be tas 15th for the village of Oouvernaor ar.d each year an endeavor aas bean made to Improve on the nrevioms one. This year the management promises a more entertaining program tnan ever before. day. Mr. Young and Mr. Brewer were traveling in Mr. Young's automobile) and spent only long enough to have dinner in this village. They then proceeded immediately to Canton. Neither was prone to comment atj any length on politics, business or other general subjects, each passing' the question over to the other fori reply, and each in turn smiled and nodded and evaded all attempts to | ascertain their views. \I'm not in politics.\ was Mr. Young's only answer when pressed I for his opinion regarding A. Smith's chances and Calvin Coolidge's chances. \Ask Brewer,\ he added. \Brewer must know.\ To the same question. Mr. Brewer merely smiled. His comment was even shorter. \Business is excellent,\ said Mr. Young. Mr. Brewer concurred, but Mr. Brewer pressed his interrogator a little closer and asked: ''Do yoa! Mr8 s fl , Le onard Hull, 60. STrS»K\- m * e ° r bu8ine88 !wife of William W. Hull died at the in w a h r n^; a was explained that ^-\^<^^^™\» SrTwe^reptSa? 1 *\ ^^ Mf 1 ^sday morning follow^g a lon | \Business is good all over. I un-' derstand that it is flourishing in northern New York.\' Both were much interested in the recent announcement of the revival of the marble quarrying business in Gouverneur and asked many ques- tions relative to the prospective op- ening of the old St. Lawrence prop- erty. | Mr. Young and Mr. Brewer return- j ed to their homes Sunday. j MRS. SOPHIE L mUL DIES AT SON'S HOME Mrs. Born in the town of Hermon, Feb. 14. 1867, a daughter of Cephas and Mary Williams Leonard, Mrs. Hull had spent practically all of her life in this vicinity. She resided a few- years in Greenwich, Conn., and for the past nine fears had made her home in this village. I Mrs. Hull was a devoted member jof the First Methodist Episcopal church of this village and as long as her health permitted was very active in all church affairs. She was also a member of Gouverneur grange, 303. I .Besides her husband, a son. Har- 1 rison \W: -JbLiill of this place; two grandsons. Carl srmJ Leslie HMPW this village: two brothers, Henry William Gardner entertained Leonard of Bigelow and Jtadaon MRS. GARDNER ENTERTAffltfTHF MOTHER'S CLUB the members of the Mother's club at Leonard nf p,J n »i,i, r^T' her home in West Main street Satur-, ff ur 8 i s te r8 . Mrs ' ' *** hundred dollars was given by the change some of these bonds. Whife j ^Parisian' , ^egligeiice- r Farris Ba™ ' Methodist Episcopal church and 1100 no such elaborate canvass is contem-| gasky vs. George Fayette, action on ' bJ^tne locaJ^Red_^ r ? 88 ^ ha P te ^ N R. G ury nevertheless is making a special j wiadyslawa Ratowski vs.\ Amedo' for ^ ) effort to inform the holders of Sec-, Cappione, negligence; William Ra-1 £• L. •-•*•* • ... . i »»..•._. 'Holland. Gouverneur Fire Depart plated for the redemption notice as J contract: Edward Bums vs. Jacob was undertaken in 1917. the Treas-! Schwartzmann et ano, negligence contributors to th© fund are: Brodit . Margaret R. Ruther- J. (.). Sheldo:;. Jennie McCloy, Gl^ason. Mary E. Hill. F. A. Frank Absalom, day afternoon together with friends St. Joseph, Mich.; Mrs. O. D. Par- of the club, for the observance of ker. Gulliver. Mich.: Mrs. Isaac Mother's day. 52 being present. , Pawley, Gulliver, Ilieh.. and Mrs. Program: Vocal duet. \Faith of's . J. Darrah of Baltimore. M(L, snr- 4^i ond Liberty Loans that their bonds will cease to bear interest on Novem ber 15th. towski by guardian ad litem Abandonment of an old road con- necting the Somerville and Johns- No one should take a trip of this ' town street roads, known as the kind unless he is physically perfect Ayers cross road, a short distance as it is a hard one. The heat on shore; from this village, was decided upon has been intense. We bought sun at a regular meeting of the town helmets in Hong Kong which protect board of Gouverneur Monday even- the head and neck. One tourist was ing. The meeting was held at the ^prostrated or. the Kandg trip. We office of Town Clerk H. C. Rogers. can always keep cool on the shipj The road starts near the Marvin when it is in motion. ' j Babcock farm on the Somerville road \This Anchor line steamer is un- and strikes the Johnstown road near der the control of the Cunard com-! the Robert BrcJwn farm, a distance pany with all Scotch officers and'of four miles. It crosses Malterner crew from Glasgow. I can scarcely ! Creek about midway. It has been re- understand some of tham. I was placed in recent years by another shocked to hear of the death of B. G. j cross road, a sffort distance away. It Parker. I shall miss him greatly. This Is the first letter as far as known received from the Taits since their arrival in Japan just previous to the earthquake. Some apprehen sion was felt at that time over their tsafety when news dispatches from ' the voting of the snm of $100 to the Japan told of the steamer California \ James Maloy post. American Legion. on which the Taits and other North-) • - • ern New York persons were travel- ETftDPCTCDC UA I Tl ting having been caught in the storm ru,vul \^ aVLJJ which accompanied the quake. Th«j ANNUAL MFFTINf i cable dispatches at that time told of TM TTO irtiY i ^r the death of one woman which oc-' Iff TH E VILLAGE curred when a gang plank broke dropping her into the sea. THE HONOR ROLL Amedo Cappione negligence; James J ™ e *\' ^ r ' frwar ° Jew-ey vs. *¥lo E Woodcock, action 1 ~» aI L fas.-;us Rid-- Edna Ackf rman, M ring, on contract ;*Ervin Streeter vs. John L. Shultz Sons Company, Inc.. action on contrart; Leon G. Crary vs. Har- old Steele, recovery for services. Carl Palmisano vs. Joseph Mardo, damages for assault: Northern New York Grocery Company. Inc.. vs. Roy Fenton et ano. action on contract; Samuel B Slavin et ano vs. Andrew Lamendola. action on contract; Burt Boggett v=. Silas Ames, action on contract: Canton Cooperative Fire! 1 , 11 ? Forward H:ll, Victoria Mar- ale. F. L. Cox. -. Anna J. Her- Caro'.:ne T. Chandler. The Grammar and grade school honor list for April follows: Grammar Bchoofl. George Battersby. Mary Bockus, Gertrude Brown, Elisabeth Bulger, Mary Callahan. Francis Fox, Anna Glazier. Isabel le Graves, Isabel le Hazekon, JLames Hockey, Ormeline Jenack. Harry Kitts, Virginia Soiury. Grammar Grades. i ; ~ •\ \-—*i\— .\ 'X-./// \ ! deb Ruth Atherton. Betsey Caten. Rob- , Insurance companv vs. Leslie White, ert Caten. Beulah Clark, Virginia ( to recover mon^y obtained on false Davis. Betty Enos, Helen Freden- Pretenses: Ray E Todd vs. Gerald burg, Wallace Grandy. Peggy Greene. ' g- Norman et ano negligence; Dorothy Gmneiser. Lucille Haxeiton,' Northe ™ N * w ^ ork Grocery Com- CANCELLATION OF DEBT OPPOSED BY J. 0. SHELDON James O Sheldon president of the Bank of Gouverneur, writes as fol- lows in the Watertown Times, regard- th* cancellation of the allied erms of settlement with allies, the amount owed to the <-d State* in round numbers, is billions of dollars. While thi.- large- ?um of money it is sub- stantially less than the actual deb! our Un: ten Our Mother's.\ Mrs. M. P. Beach, Miss Ruby Fletcher, accompanied by Mrs. Grace Freeman; prayer, Gladys Leeson; cello and piano duet. \Love's Old Sweet Song.\ Mrs. Nelson Bowers and- Mrs. Henry Miller; \Tribute to Home and Mother.' 1 Mrs. John Wells; vocal duet, \My Machrens Lullaby.\ Mrs. Jay Seaker and Miss Ruby Fletcher accompanied by MTB. Grare Freeman: \The Old Home.\ was presented by Mrs. Harry Ban- croft, raiting the poem one verse at a time, while in between each verse. Mrs. M. P. Beach. Mrs. William Cor- bin sane \The Old Oaken Bucket, arf-ompan.ed by Miss Grace Fre«man. This sr^ne represented the home garden, the archway between the liv- insr room and dining room, had a white; trellis; trimmed w;th green fo',:aze dotted with pink and white 'carna'-.ons ba< k of the old arch the ; ear:'u n was represented with flowers, ' sn.all rreo- and a stone well. Green iligh - « w-r\ used and made an at- ' trai-'.lv*- netting Mrs Bancroft d Prayer services were held at the home of her son, Harrison Hull, Sat- urday at 2 p. m. and the funeral was at the Methodist Episcopal church at 2 3 0. Rev. Maynard^P. Beach., pastor of the church, officiating. Burial was made fn Riverside cemetery. HIGH SCHOOL YOUTHS BARELY ESCAPE INJURY A trurkload of young High school pupils from Gouverneur High school barely escaped injury late Friday afternoon when their vehicle failed to make a sharp turn near the High school corner in this village and crashed squarely into a telephone pole The truck was owned by Howard used by his son, Carl Shippee, a stu- dent, to transport several of his friends to the arbor day festivities held Friday at Black Lake. It driven by Gregory Clark, son of Mr. <^- s S. D. VAN NAMEE BURIED ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON Funeral services for the late Stephen D. Van Namee. aged 80 years, well known resident of Haies- boro, who died at his home there last Wednesday, was held from the late home Friday at 2 30 p. m. Burial »u made in Hailesboro ceme- Cery. Mr Van Names w&§ iwrn in Gouv- erneur. :b» SOB of Stephen Van IN&inee and Hulda Whitman. He resided in Hailesborc for 5 0 years \wbfrV\lr»—**ied as foreman for 2 0 years of a «s h and blind factory operated -Jiexe^Jby Henry Carp^mer Re also *i\ cxTTector of taxes of th\ €o*-s of Power f:r 30 y%$r? and fewar years ae* became a ci. i carrier which occupation fce followed until ti e time of bis last ..iness Mrs Van N&ni»* who fcrxerly wa* M:ss Amelia Rh^de*. died &everai year? ago and dar.ng his recent illness h° was csr*d for bT a aJ*ce Evelyn House ?! H^rk.rr.er Mr Tvz V&:»* «•*« a somber cf Go-=<rrm*ur '.o-ig? 21\ F 4 A M. for 3 4 7»*rs Tir iodr» officiated at h.s fanera: services oa Friday. He is mrr'.-red by one brother Charles B Van Name* of Goarer- ;net:r His o»n> iaugbtsr d>d son:* , *1Ile time age , P'-*c« I The high stand.ng con*. mm;ttee of .the High court of Eastern New York. ! Independent Order of Forester; held its annual meeting in the office of the High Chief ranger. Rob-r: L Kinney, this v.ilage or. Saturday afternoon Among the high state ofT.cer? present were John W Geaaway. former distr.-t attorney of Frank'.ia county and at present busine*.? xan- Ag^r of the Forester?' tuber-ulosis sanitarium at Rainbow lake in the Adirondacks. W. W Orertcu pa«t higA chief ranger of Ogdensburg. E. L Baker, district deputy -f Srra- ru«e. and R L. K:cney. high chief 'ranger of th* order On Mondav evecinr the iegr^e •earr. •»! C^urt Mar^* C:ty, 3?. sr i Court GouTerc»ar 62 0 wear to Watertowu to b* guest* of t.h* Wa- •ertcwo lode* for a bis me<='J-r E-riss M bert Ryan. Lincoln Sawyer. Louie Scalio. Elizabeth Scott, Norinne Seaker. Mary Seaman, Eleanor Stam- mer, Frances Storie, Sylvia Thomas. Gertrude Wallace, Helen Whalen, Richard Wheater. Roland Wight. Florence W^od. Marjorie Wood- worth. «ioath Sid* ftchool. Jennie Boshane. Edna Clark. Re- bah Clark. Elizabeth Dashnaw. Betty Simmons. Betty Steel\ WAAC Side Scbool Phillips Arnold. Alma Bancroft. Herbert Bartholomew. William Br^- see. Wilfred Bryan. Elwood Burls L:ly Barls. Velva Burl*. Eileen Car- rol!. Edith Curtis. Helen Durham-.. Dorothy Dygert. Elisabeth Evans. Ellw^od Garr.b>, B*rtha Gr:ffi«. Ward Grirr.shaw. Frances Ha'f-rd Donald Hampton r ariton Harder.. Eldred Jolly Dudley Kaley. Doris KentSe'.jl Vicc-^tt King. Gladys Le<e- anc. Rlrhard Lee*on. Rocena Le^n- •-'••z. Frances V'Xtre Edward P«-rr;r Ali^e Power?. Eleanor R**r;n!<3s. H^l»r S---Mt Sfurf»: Scot: Giib-»r. ?ha-:u<-k Leonard Wastburn Myrtle Wi.ehburu Wa>er Webster, Ray Wells •^ | < • ge istrator. distribution of decedent's estate; Rosa Olah et ano vs. Amer-i Iran Central Insurance company, ac-1 tlbn on contract. j Rota Olah vs American Eagle i . Fire Insurance company, action on 1 contract; Roza Olah et ano vs. City of New York Insurance company, ac- tion on contract: Catherine Bacon vs City of Ogdensburg. negligence: H Benjamin Chase vs. Joseph Zie- linskie, for leral gerrices: Fred Baich vs Catherine Romeo, to cover money loaned; Albert Ostrurr. vg Harold LaJui: alienation of af- fections t'nity Paper Mills vs Sam- uel Shu'.man. sr-tio on contract J Frank Sharp r* Victor E Quiri ac- tion on note: Charles D Roda et ano v« Franci? M^Kenna. for good? •told and d«-l:ver-d. Jeffer.v.n County National Bank T?. Frank Murray et gl forecl'T^ure \f Hoortgaee Augnstc F:asco v? Jo*»p* Fl a ccc . action on fv e Abner O Preston T? Herbert Ferry et al. Robert E Humphrey v? Emily V. Humphrey, divorce: Joseph LaDue et ano v= Jose-ph Howe, to discharge mortgage in the future, it should become evj. dent that a re-adjustment or cancel- lation of the allied debts would be to the economic advantage of the United States, then I shall favor such action, he present time I do not favor cancellation -ither on economic or moral grounds. CHANCELLOR FLINT OF SYRACUSE STOPS HERE ,r> ' W Fl.r.: r^ncel.or \>' ••;«e un;r-r*.*y. a< \orr.panied by = on Georp- Y . I:nt pa-sed :ch Go-jve.ro-:.r hy automobile Th.rsday if-^m^ n \n route to -S'-ld ?t La*'ren«e county, on \ ' * x;.\d.t:on. :t is an ardent Ssh- his »--n. The two Lawr-r.ce county ral years past and by Mrs Jay Seaker and Miss Ruby (Fletcher with Mrs Grace Freeman .' at the piano; recitation. \Laddie.\ by 'Miss Beulah Mullen, sunk deep into , the hearts of all present; pantomime. . \Somerime . Will Understand.\ TIC- tro.a musi- sung by Ernest.ne S'hu- (mann-Heink M;ss Nellie Brown and Miss Gerald.ne Gardner posicr a? • two angels be-fore :^P white cross on which hun* a wreath of flo»-»r= and a basket of fink and wh.'e carna-- •;on? Cello and p.ano due*. Mrs . Nel«r,ri Bowe r; an j Mr? Henry M.:-| ing? by the impact. The accident occurred near the corner of Rock Island and Barney streets, almost directly in front of the High ?hool. Clarkwas attempt- :nr - c- make the '•ornerN»-i»%n he lost control of -he vehicle with the result :ha: :; crossed the road to the oppo- r.te side of the street and struck tha po> late - Pier-efje^ . • a wet-K . J>i^ Char.-^o: errnan a~» is have fshed s treams for A delicious sej-vetf a t Wh:' h motto was i-r^t-^ oldest memVers o: n:. ime r.-ed ipp--: wa? day the cow Fl.r at t t and their trip son. In registered for dinner \7h-jr«ufv which they ;r--ed ' their autom*b:> sea- f.rst this his son were I>awrence Inn evening/ afier d northward in XZ'-.£f-J?X£:-^ i ?'Zl.?%Z-lBS& STEVENS TO SPEAK , <--: *• K.mj .rcoxy.s!«1 rh? de- ^T GRANGE SESSION NO JUNE TERM OF U. S. COURT rr»e earn on this trip P*r was *erreA hv the Water led re Ms? M 1 J i leader ic ' rp*ak a- MISS SIMMONDS TO BE i BRIDE OF H. L OTXWJEL *[;> V- *zi Mr= ;?e-h Sdrrrrrndj announce lie engagement of their young**! daughter E-dytha Elisabeth :o Harcld E O'D-onnel of Reynoids- Pa T>* .a the aaa Barrage futare ~~'. ?*evens s — istan* «rs f * Ji*c.->r F.rtenei.-r. w-rk w-; 1 ; g« «v a ;Ar-;jr & r'= h^tir ditrins • -c:'v»:- » -.a Br»we- Ft-eld \a'-ion. Saturday at:--a tag. •th *r. -lu v work for ?.rl? M^ny rr%r.g» ax d h^me bureau rr-u;-« in \* -'urt'T hare been n- tere»ted in riuh w-rk for r.ris and th j •> an --pp^rtuairy for them TO wd\ take* Sad o^t EAT* about how to help . rar t a dab ia tieir awa coasmaEity. WILL BE HELD No June -term -f ourt w... :e held it BLneharr.ton this year or. ac- count of «ncrtage of IuBd# acr^rdiHg tc word re--e:Ted from Federal Judge Fraak r^^r by John W Kahn ->rk to the --urt A foar-day sess-.oa wi;; be hefV'.a »r-va** «tarting May 2* at whfch oalv criaSt'tal cases w.;i be dealt with Tne acxt term of oonrt wtfl be held ia Aubjjra '.a Octobar. GREEN STOCKINGS TO BE PLAYED ! FRIDAY EVENING j Ail preoeri-.c n= f-r th- rr-=*e-- ; - iOn o! Green St>~k.ng? \ by m a r-- ! V>rs -if the ?.c-z.or --iajis of O-cuT^r- necr High s<h->ol at the Gralrn thea- *r« here Fr.day ever.iac of th-s week have i>ee- zzh \> Ani the :rc-du'::on • pronoi«e* to attract a iarr c crcwi. The cast ha.« been holding daily rehearsal? and has been whipped in- to sbap« for the appearance Fr. dAy There are twe'.re <n the cast and each carries a heavy part la the play a com»dy. 300 AT ARBOR DAY OUTING AT BLACK LAKE . G0uvfe.--f.3r High school attended '.he '-ree-planting held at the Cox pr»- :»erre R-^^JJ I^k- on Fr.day Arbor • day In connection w.-h the tree- jl planting, a Se'd day a.~o was h-id ,i?.ad \he mijor.'y of the studfer.t? ;-ar- |'ti-;pavd in a-hle;;- eve-ts of all ' descriptions. The -ree* were furnish- ed by the state and arr.ved here a few da y aro from one cf *he state nurseries $2.39 APRIL PRICE PAID BY SHEFFIELDS Tie ^0 ;- f;: Apr: : S;' pa.d Sheff.eld p-'du-e-sr Tor 3 per '-ent grad- B milk :n - ae 2'. 1-2:' m.^e. xcz- .§ !2 \5\ per hundre-d pcuads w.th -he usua. fr»:gh: &nd butter fat differentials 7h s is e;uiv- alen: tc *2 5*3 for 3 5 m'.lk MOTORIST RAMS LIGHTING POST IN MAIN STREET An ex-ited ::, ot :r.st on Monday -ven.nr clipped off a concrete silent policeman :n the lower end of Maia street, opposite William, when he was ej^aroriu g to cross to Clintoa «re»t Caught between automobiles «-..ng .n both dire.-tions in Mala -ree-, be sought a Quick way out of bis d ff.-ulties and inadvertently cut a-r-*«? t.-.e street strdkreg the upright. \1\*-.^ lam; »a; ext neatshed and the :•-•-• knocked frona its mooring* but othe-m.^ -here was little or ao damare Kt« -ar was not damaged, iv ir-TKrs COI*RT M:iton Thar*-- -f .-eka.h was ar- -%.srr.-d before J--*:!-* c f tie Peace .* r :. u: H A b r>-1 • here on Tosaday •-harmed w.;i re-k *<«« drlring of his 'ante-mobile He w».« naed |1« aad ic: ve- a -fc-.-tr Jays' suspeflde^aent- \-•-<•• •;- c- 4n; -- j 4 ; He paid . v Ye>.- s*:\»r »* J ia»d 119 ia aon- - -..on w-.th th* ifeapte d theft ol a -an of motor o.l fr;si Adorphas Sh^ L.-u:« He a:*- *» ' givem a 1» J*7 x< ?u«i*aded sentence ^aat- Pred and James Sayars aaa* J-la ok burs were givsa ts-iayi •-nten-es in the eaaa :c fatox.caooa. **i_rr:*;i

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