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'i't. TwT) GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS 'WEDNESDAY. JUNE 8. 1927. W$%+ News of the Past the Files of the Gouverneur Free Press SWAN SUGGESTS A MONUMENT TO PETER VAN BUREN i-'o>|f-—V-*IHJ>» Ago June 8, 1»7; The Fourth of July falls on MojJBay this year Judge Smih and family of Buffalo are In town. Hon. Geo. Z. Erwiu and Gen. N M. Curtis were in town last Friday. Miss Eva Austin left Monday for a 1 visit to her grandparents at Clayton. ' Depeyster now enjoys telephonic : communication with ber sister towns. Normal school girls will serve as , waitresses at the Thousand Island i Park hotel this season. j Mrs. A P. Kilmer leaves in a few j days for an extended trip west, visit- ing relatives and friends. | Mrs. Alda Palmer of Hammond, j is spending a few days in town, the j guest of Mrs. C. H. Bowne. j Mrs. Taylor U. Bopert of Scotland, ^ <Dk . is expected here within a few ' days, on a visit to her parents and friends. j Ex-President Hayes and his son passed through this place yesterday i on the 10:33 a. m. train on their; •way to Malone to attend the funeral I of Ex-Vice President William A. Wheeler. ' Mrs. Louis Eckmann had the mis- j fortune to receive quite a bad cut on ' the head yesterday afternoon. While sitting In the hammock the rope broke, letting a heavy piece of tim- ber, to which the hammock was fas- tened, fall upon her head. Robert Henry Adams, a brakeman on the O. & L. C. railroad, died in Ogdensburg last Saturday evening of lockjaw, which was brought on by an Injury to his hand about two weeks before. The remains were interred [ yesterday at Lisbon, where his fam- ily reeided. - , \ A young man named Frank White, formerly of Norfolk but who had lately been in the employ of Mr. Mc- j Carthy at Norwood, went in bathing In the Racquett river last Sunday afternoon. Getting beyond his depth be was swept around the remains of the dam near the old Union Mills and wjaa drowned., His body has not been found. Thirty-Five Years Ago June 8, 1892: Park Street has been improved by the addition of a good allowance of gravel. Miss K. May Mason of Depeyster visited relatives and friends in this village last week. Dr Stark of Ocean Grove, N. J., has been visiting bis daughter, Mrs. V. G Thompson L. C Sutton, editor of the North- ern Observer of Massena, was in Gouverneur last week. Several Gouverneur residents are putting their summer cottages in or- der for early occupancy. Among the houses which are being improved by a~coat of paint are T. J Whitney's, S. W. Payne's. Col. Keene's and Dr. Carpenter's. L. M. Gardner's house is also having the addition of a piazza in front. Cards have been received here by the friends of Rev. Thos. C. Miller, formerly of Hammond, announcing his marriage on June 16th, at Rut- gers Riverside church, New York city, to Miss Alice Eugenia Ketcham. Rev. Mr. Miller is now located in Binghamton, N. Y. He was an old time student of G. W. Seminary and old friends and classmates will ex- tend their congratulations. - Dr. C. \V. Barber has recovered from several weeks of sickness and is now settling again in his old of- fice in the Abbott block where he was located before going to Car- thage. Dr. Barber has practiced dentistry In this place for twenty years past, and he has many old friends and customers who will be glad to know that he has decided to locate here permanently. He is now ready to receive his friends and all wishing dental work done. Mrs. Levi N. Smith, 2d, is quite ill from the effects of the bite of a common spider received on her arm a few days since. A seal has bee* seen sporting in the waters of the St. Lawrence in the vicinity of Round Island. A long white plume has adorned the head gear of Hon. D. Peck for some days, announcing an emphatic- preference for Blaine. John L. MeBride is soon to open a baker's shop in the Abbott block. James Kennedy of this village has purchased a building lot of Miss Par- ker. j NATURAL DAM J ' Natural Dam, June 7.—A supper ' contesting of hot dogs and coffee, ice ) cream and cake was served at the M. | E. church Thursday night. The pro- ceeds were $11.00. Mr. and Mrs. Brayton Johnson and family of Lapeer, Michigan, were the t guests of Mrs. Johnson's grandmoth- 1 er and aunt, Mrs. Arvilte. Smith, and Mrs. Herbert Shaw for a few days. Miss Beatrice McPherson returned • home Thursday after spending two weeks at Edwards. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shaw enter- | tained Mrs. Wallace Gaines and Mrs. Adell Johnson of Talcville last week. Mrs. C A. Carpenter returned to j LOOK and LEARN By A. C. QOKDON D \My Sub*criptk>B for This Parpose b Waitiax the Start of Movement\ Formed Goavereear Resident De- clares. By William R. Swan The automobile has certainly b , ro . U .? b ^.! b fu. p . eo Sw„ °_..! b , e ™\* tr Z her home at Rochester\ last \Tuesday closer together. The rural districts af Y er spending\ a few \days Vit h Mr. are almost a part of our cities, so to and Mr B Fred s Hi , t8 and other 8 P eak - i relatives and friends. Today it is no great effort to run Maurice Bean and Dean Richard- over and Bee our cousins and our uon motored to Pyrites Saturday aunts thirty, forty or more miles dis- Mt8(g Josephine Easton entertain- tant, and it is no where near the ex- ed a numD er of young friends whl ertion and making of plans and ar-! enjoyed playing on her new merry rangements for a longer trip cover- maner w hi c h comprises a teeter- ing mileage into other states. | to ter, slide and merry-go-round. The tourists on pleasure bent visit j Mr and Mr8 Francis Tucker, of localities that were almost impossible Washington, D C . who are on their to reach without great effort and ex- honeymoon were the guests of their pense forty years ago. It is not c . 0U 8in, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stillman. wanderlust, simply our present gen- \ ] ast we ek. eration want to see and know their i p e ter Susie spent a few days at country, and it is easily done. j Carthage visiting his daughter. Mr. Wherever the new comer travels, and Mr8 Toney French accompanied east, west or south he is observant him home Sunday af the changes of country. The par-j Mr and Mrg Bert stillman enter- ticular thing that attracts his atten- tained their cousins, Clarence Tut- hill and Edward May Cumber of Cortland and Mrs. John Patrick and daughter, Madeline and son John of Rome. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corbine have moved back to Harrisville. Mr. Cor I 1. What president of the U. S. j fought a duel and killed a man? 2. Which travels the faster, rays : of light or waves of sound? 3. What are the names of the Ave Great Lakes in order of their size, largest one first? 4. Who was blind poet of England? 5. What is the largest country in the Americas? 6. How many states are there in the League of Nations? 7. Who wrote \Ben Hur\? 8. What metal requires the high- est temperature to melt? 9. Which railroad of the U. 8. burns oil exclusively for fuel? 10. What state had the name \Mother of Presidents\ before the Civil War? 11. What iB a twenty-dollar gold- piece called? 12. What state led in the produc- tion of tobacco in 1§26? 13. What is the average life of a horse? 14. W r hat country leads the world tion going through western Massa- chusetts is the Berkshire hills with their towering pine covered crests, and then when he ends the day's drive in some city or town, he is in- terested in some mark of distinction that Ptttsfleld has that Ptttsfleld has that we do not: bine will still retain his position with have, say in Auburn, N. Y., not mean-! tne Oswegatchie Paper company and ing of course the prison. There may; wil! board here. Thfe manv friends be some monument in the central of Mrs corbine regret her depart- square of the town to carry the mem-j ufe Although onlv here a short time ory of some patriot or local celebrity, as for instance that of Senator S. S. Cox in Utica. These things are im- pressed on his mind. He carries the memory in years after when certain places he has visited is dicussed, he will remark: \Yea that is where they have the huge great windmill atop the town hall, remember that, sister?\ The writer of this has travelled some miles, not by automobile in particular, but he has been in many Mrs. Corbine has made many friends Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bean ac companied by Mrs. Ethel Richar were callers at Pope Mills Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Farmer and daughter, Doris of Pyrites, spent Sunday with Mrs. Delbert Foy and Mrs. Wesley Card. Mr. Norman Tyler and son, Merril, called on Herbert Shaw Saturday. James Allen who has been suffer- ng from a lame hip went to Canton states, and he has met a goodly j j a 7 t Veek and\ had \an X-ray picture number of people. It is always my taken of his hip which the doctor pleasure to t»Jk with new acqua tances of their native states, and of pronounced as being sciatica rheu- matism. Mr. Allen has suffered with in the production of grapes? 16. How old must a walnut tree be before its wood is suitable • for furniture? Is. What does the distress signal \8. O. S.\ stand for? 17. What ancient Jewish patriarch worked fourteen years for the wife he wanted? 18. What is a geyser? 19. What president of the U. S. was a tanner? 20. What country legalises a ver- bal marriage agreement? 21. How many lines haa a sonnet? 22. Who is ealled \The Virgin Queen of England\? 23. What is the shortest verse In the Bible? 24. What is liquid air? 25. Who said \Hitch your wagon to a star\? » 28. What is the name of the larg- est plexus, or network, of nerves In the body? 27. What is the name given to snakes that kill their prey by crush- ing it in their folds? 28. In what year did the Civil War end? 29. Which state is known as the 'Prairie State\? 30. What are the trade winds? An&weev to Las* Week'* O^teatioas i 1. Life Insurance. 2. Massachusetts tin 1852. S. Amerigo Vespucci, *n Italian navigator, who landed in ! America in 1499. 4. Hydrogen and < oxygen. 6. Grand Waterfall in La- brador. 6. St. John, the Evangelist. ! 7. Through water at 4,700 feet a second, and through atmosphere at 1100 feet a second. 8. London, Bng- I land. An Indian medicine man, who Ted the Sioux in the battle In which Custer and all of his men were kill* ed 10. Virginia. 11. Leadvllle, Col- i orado, with an elevation of 10,000 feet above sea level. 12. Benjamin j Franklin. 18. 69,12* statute miles. 14. Vlcksburg surrendered to Grant. |16. Dom Pedro, Emperor of Brasil, tin 1876. 16. The Bible. 17. Jeffer- son. 18. Twice in every twenty-four ' hours. 19. Copper. 20. Cape Horn. 121. By multiplying the diameter by 1 pi (3.1416.) 22. John Quincy Adams. j 23. Erie Canal, 363 miles. 24. Auto- mobile construction. 25. By Aldus Manutius, a Venetian printer, in the latter part of the fifteenth century. 26, The eagle. 27. It was named for Its founder, the twelfth pari of Der- by, In England, in 1780. 28.'Venus, Mars, and Mercury. 29. Gaston Doumergue, elected June 13, 1924. 30. The Tigris and the Euphrates. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 192 Of Local Int< Iter \Mason town. spent 8u i I • • GRALYN THEATRE We've Picked the Pick 0' the Pictures • Paul Ff*)Mjfcn has been lr. Falls on business. Mr. and MrgaL. C. Benthi Deai '• WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, Jane 8 and 9— THOMAJS MEIGHAN in I THE CANADIAN A smashing, virile successor to \Tin Godht\ The mighty drama of a man who had to battle for love and happiness against the very win—>unite J of N'atwe itoelf. — - Comedy—A RAINY KNIGHT the town or city from whence they j his'hTp foran\umber\of\yearsTHe* \isl came. I may know something of that town. \Ve will have a subject OLD STEAM LAUNDRY. SOLD DURING PAST WEEK. WAS FIRST HIGH SCHOOL HERE now receiving treatments at Canton. Mr. and Mrs. James McPherson that is pleasing to the memory of i and f am ji y visited Mr. and Mrs. Will both. Then it comes my turn to state Watson at Wegatchie where their son that I came from Northern New A i fred ls e mploved. York, and my listener may say, \I , George Getman. Gerald Richard- was up through that country tour gon > Maurice Bean spent Sunday at years ago. saw lots of rocky ground Sylvia Lake. up there and cant understand why j \ The sparks circus which was held it is such a good agricultural part j at Gouverneur Thursday drew a large of the state, etc. Where did you say dumber from here. Some attended you came from? 1 \ 'I was born up the performance in the afternoon and I FRIDAY, Jane 10— THE PERFECT SAP with BEX LYONS and PAULINE STARKE Here's your clue to a thrilling evening of cemedy, mystery, romance and Comedy—PAPA'S PEST SATURDAY, JunelT^ I J& 9: £• there in Gouverneur, between Wa-! others attended at night. Every one tertown and Ogdensburg.\ \In Gouv-; reported a good time, . .erneur, yes, I was through there.] pe< e r Susie has purchased the | That is the town where there is noth-1 house belonging to the late Alex Rrirlr Rnilrlinff in John Street Wag Erected in 1826 at a Co»t i lng bu , 1 garble churches and a pretty cummings from his daughters. Mrs. MICK Dnuamg in jonn oa-eei nai crecied m lc ^n ai a ton. park right in the matn part of town] j Henrv M 6 aanaw and Mr8 B 0uy Chand . a beauty spot, that park.\ . \ er of \ Syracuse. He expects to move I donjt relieve a-Dyone^eyer visited ! hls family there in the near future. Erman charter of Elmdale spent of $873 Was Long Used as School Building. The Gouverneur steam laundry which for the past several years has been conducted \by Lawrence B. Parks in the old Gouverneur Union Academy brick building in John street, at the rear of the present Gouverneur Savings & Loan associa- tion, has been sold to Norris E. Marsh of this village. Mr. Marsh already has taken possession of the business. The sale was made through the H. C. Rogers agency. The sale recalled to older residents of the village and surrounding sec- tion the early history of the build- ing, which was erected as the first high school in Gouverneur. A history, prepared by Mrs. C. A. Parker and published in 1880, says this: \During the year of 1826, the ir- repressible desire for a high school or seminary, was gratified. The sub- ject had long agitated the gravest minds; parents were anxious for the future of their children, and having left homes where these privileges were enjoyed, they could be satis- fied with nothing lees in the new colony. Some there were unable to keep pace with the times, who were afraid of fostering feelings or arro- gance in the community by this up- ward movement. But in the words of another they lived to be ashamed of their fears and became the firmest supporters of the new institution. The people were still poor in purse. but privations had become familiar. and a judicious leader was all that was required to render the plan? feasible. The Baptist and Presbyter- ian churches were enclosed and a brick schoolhouse in course of erec- tion. Elwell E. Austin was contrac- tor for this building at $273. The masonry was done by Samuel Rounds^^find the carpenters were John Robertson and Levi Turner. The old clock dial was painted by a tnan named Haven, a cabinet maker then in town. That the work was done can be attested by a glance at the premises forty-six year? from the date of itp completion. After endur- . ing the battering? of teachers and scholars, the building is ftill in a good state of preservation, and hav- ing lately been sold ro Oliver Sprange Esq . he has fitted it up a* a grocery and dwelling, and the old birck walls have suli a comely look, -though pcnifvha; antiquated in style. \A s*tond ?t<\>ry was added to the original plan by private subscription. and by this mean.- mor* than f5\0 were raised, and late in the year the top of tb*- ei:rVe wa? devoted to acedemi< a*r-:rarM>. and called the Gonvern^ur t'nict. Academy.' \The first tea< h^r on the ground ftoor was M'R A Z Madison, form- erly Maria Vary who died in FYe- donia. X. Y , about one year since. In a letter from Mr Elwel'. E Austin kindly furnished us by Mr George Miller, we are informed that masons. carpenter* a^nd painter? are all dead; the contractor alone, with h.s ancient ^\flgMir* fnr-riTAg .The 4*4 Ui»4 ift- nSJ* in the possesion of G^:rt M,.- l«r. Esq.. and bangs n*ar hi* ;la^e of business, reminder :c ir,a:r a pn—crby of old*c time* and cider, -day* of school life and school sports ana of many who ar* forever fled from the early civic of G-ouvern*ur \Tne academic department waj ftrvt tMght by a penLleman named Snger. a brother of William RUITT 'compiler of P.nger « Antha-.*;;-- h.zt wm may here say :f th* get-tleirar: proved a* knotty &s-e'.s r-otter e isurfthsnetic we have at -his late date j* touuis of sympathy fcr th* --- jfoftanaU studects placed -.nder t : a %artloa. Is 182 1 the *cbr.ci wa,* -e- under the tit.^ of >:v- HLgk School Xin* tr^s'ee* ware ejected in April of that ymr rno. with his fas- foreaowt in th* ;nter<*t wa* one of the firrt «a* the £nst*tntioe. and the mt- Cfee tmateea. The others were H. ftsaith. David Barren. Aaron jMte* Watt. Alba Smith. it, Jee* Krjm and A> >£r. J«*a Spe ftr. h*4be*a i mond Madison. Isaac Green was the ; second teacher of the institution, but it does not appear that he made it a ' paying affair, although the school prospered under his care. The room ' in the brick school house did not [ long prove adequate to the demand, and a second building was soon 1 thought necessary for the wants of the community. As in the proverb 'The wish is father to the thought,' so in Gouverneur. The want is ever realized.' In 1829 the Regents of the university were petitioned for a l share in the literature fund which ' was granted and has ever been a source of profirt to the school. In 1830 efforts were made to raise funds for a new and a larger build- i ing, which might accommodate a greater number of students and where more teachers might be pro- '• fitably employed. We can not better , inform our readers upon thiB matter than by quoting a brief history of , the school, kindly furnished for our use. from one of the earliest cata- logues in existence. This little doc- ument contains the names of 55 la- dies and 103 gentlemen, many of whom are among us fighting the bat- tles of life, ano> many, very many, have laid off the armor. The Aus- tins. Barnes and Bownes head the ladies' list. Of the gentlemen, quite a number are familiar to us all. Lor- en Austin. Erwin S. Barnes, Almond C. Barrel). F. M. Beardslee. Erastus Cole. EzekiH Fospate, John Good- rich. Benjamin Leavett, C. A. Par- ker. Aaron Rhode*. Henry Sheldon, I. P. Smith and others are standard bearers of whom we need not be ashamed. The c*J»:a!opue reports the years of 1 ^32 and '3 3. The trustees of this time were William E Sterl- ing. Ed*in Dodge. L. B. Parsons. Sylvanus Cone. Jas. Averill. 3rd, Al- ba Smith. A. Z. Madison. Ira A Van Duzee and H. D Smith The teach- ers were Joseph Hopkins, A. Z Mad- ison and Mary A. Hopkins. The first report is drawn up by H D Smith, secretary, and is .n hU usual terse style. His own words are. The school or.jr.nated in the urgent neces- sity for such an institution in this, section of the country: 'was estab-' lished in 182 7. and incorporated in 1£2*. and has ever since been in successful operation ' \ For many years the building serv- ed as a private residence. It was first put to that use by the late Dr D H. McFalls in the late 1870's. DT McFalls bad come here from Roeale with hi* family and established a practice in medicine here He se< aside a portion of the building which he used as an office, which be main- tained there for many years. He renrodelled the building on several occasion* and finally, the story goes, when he received in a lump sum considerable back pension for his service in the Civil war. he started the erection of a block front- ing on Church street, whkh later **rved for many years aa^ihe village post %ff:ee UpoiT the rrrmpletion of the new block. Dr McPalls removed his family into the front apartment and also opened an office there He resided th#re anul hi* death with the exception of a few years when he made his residence in Salt Lake City. C'.ah, an3 dnrinir that period bu family remained in their peei- den<\& here The eld school buiiding wb'-re he formerly had re-sided pasj*^.\! :c o^h^r har.1? It sirred for mar.' year* aj a lacniry b*:nc owned by severa. individual*.. In-rluding Wailar* Ken- yen. F D KHiott. W H Hail, new \••'. Hecvelt-'H and by a man nam*d Lyl* 71* buildir.? 'or a a-rr.b*r r >f y«-*r? j>»s: aa= r^s ih* property of Attorney* A W Orr;* c ? this Ti.i&g* and H- W ?>&* of Albar-y Although an old ntr--t'tire :: hu been ke^t it good r*y*:r dewx through the year? aad >* eonsader^d J ;m a good state c* repairs at the pr*+~ | est time Its original shape has been retained and it preeetta much the my home town that didn't carry away a pleasing and lasting impres- sion of the park of my home, and i here is where I again say as I have many times in writing for this paper, that your park should be named Van Buren Park, after the man who made it possible. I see that a tablet is be- ing placed there in memory of Har- ! vey H. Noble. It is splendid that these things are being done; but why not a monument there to Peter Van Buren? The writer's subscription for ; , this purpose is waiting the start of ! the movement. j The park in Gouverneur was al-j ways the center of any public dem-' onstration. The natural place it was for great men to speak, and many have talked to Oouverneur people Thursday night with friends here Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith of Gouv- erneur spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lamore. Homer Gladel and family of Gouv- erneur are boarding with their grandmother, Mrs. Ella Gladle. Mrs. Orwin Crowder and children, Millie, Hazel, Oietta, Myrtle Crowder of Prescott were the guests of their husband and father, Orwin Crowder, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith. They returned to Prescott Saturday for a few days. Miss Bernice and Beryl Richard- son returned to Syracuse Monday af- ter spending a few days with their mother, Mrs. Ethel Richardson. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Seeber ac- I THE BIG HORN RANCH presents flj THE DESERTS TOLL | I • .with FRANCIS McDONALD Action—plot and counterplot—-deeert gold and desert dangers—intrigue and love—-they're all in this crackling, miloa-minute outdoor film drama! YOU MUST SEE IT! Comedy—SCARED STIFF anil GRALYN NEWS MONDAY and TUESDAY, June 13 and 14—2 BIG NIGHTS 2— i from the old band stand. Possibly not companied by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert the nationally great, but great men Shaw motored to Watertown Sunday Just the same. Gen. N. M. Curtis j while there they visited their daugh- was a great man. but the Democrats- te rs, Mrs. Pred Snyder, Mrs. Gordon of my country wouldn't believe it. j Jones and Miss Laura Seeber. The park in Gouverneur is dear to every resident of the town. It is very ! dear to my memory, from a barefoot' boy to the gray hairs of today; a pleasant memory always. If Jeff , Whitney was among us now, we would have a Van Buren monument ] or statue in old Peter's loved two j Maurice Bean has purchased a Chevrolet car from Seaker & Graves at Gouverneur. PSYCHOLOGY HARRISVILLE Harrisville. June 7.—Mrs. George Waugh, 67, died at her home at Lake Bonaparte early Tuesday morning. Her funeral was held in St. Francis chvrch Thursday morning at 10 o'clock t Mrs. P. Wallace has returned from a visi* with relatives at Utica. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bardo were called to New Bremen the past weVk by the serious illness and death of Mr. Bardo's father. Mrs. Millie Clarke has moved into! rooms in Mrs. Carley's house. [ Mr and Mrs J. Temple have re- turned to their home in this village after spending the winter in Haiel- ton. Pa. Kenneth A. Weekes arrived home Saturday from Syracuse university. Dr. and Mrs. Waiters, Mrs. R. A. Laide and Ava St. Lawrence spent Friday in Watertown. Mrs C W. Boyce returned to her home in Syracuse Friday afternoon. Miss Helen J. Weekes ls spending a few days in Syracuse wMh friends. Mrs. Anna Meade and daughter spent Friday at Gouverneur and Nat- ural Dam in the interest of the Wa- ' tertown Times contest. j Charles Russell was home from Albany for the week-end. [ Runa Kilbora has returned to his • work in Syracuse after spending a) few days with his family. I Mr and Mrs. fid Wheeler of Wan** akena are spending a few days at their home in this village. j Mr and Mrs Bernard Flynn were i home from Cortlaid for orer the week-end Merril Baaeetu. a ctodert at Clark- son college, is home for the week- end. Harlasd Sidman, Floyd Phelps and Donald Griffith spent Memorial day, at Ottawa Canada I Mrs Nathan Squares of Carthage ' spent a few days with her parents, the past week Miss Julia Breec who wentto Al- bany to ronsnl: a specialist will re- main for treatment. Miss Florence; La'ir-tr.E i* The substitute. ; Mr and Mrs David Senior spent s Fr.day in Watertcwn sarr.e *;;••«* ran re z>w that :; had vie; new Vr Parks plAU* f«r the futar* »r* indefinite although :: :e said he ha* sorerai propositions und*»r cos- wderatior. Mr Marsh is »?:! knows iB Gonvorneur Fcr many yean he wa# aasociatAd wvth his father, the late H T Marsh, in the conduct of a shoe business her* After the death oL his father he continued the operation of the store wit* by broth- er Roy Marsh Just found one more milk bottle back of Roy Enos' store; carried it around three days before I ran across a milkman to give it to. To guess, I think I have returned a huddred bottles withoutdirect reward. Found two pounds of copier wire this morn- ing. Bun will gellkquarter for this. Doing a lot of little jobs for peo- ple at about cast. Why? Well, I have a nice bisiness. making more money now tfcaV / am worth to this community add Wfew little stunts at cost or free 4onL hurt my earning power one Vj\ * never studied psychology f if kneVrtnter don't know how to spell ghisA word _it will be wrong, for I donV) nor I never looked up the mead^ng of it in the dictionary, nor no one ever told me, I just doped my understanding of it from the way other people used it Maybe I am wrong, but it wonT'be the first time I was wrong. I can back up and go the other way quicker than any man I ever met. I want some more coal orders. It is as cheap as it has been or will be so far as I know. W. S. CORBIN. I with GRETA GARBO and LARS HANSON Here it is—one of the biggeet productions of this or any other year! JOHN GILBEORfr, treat star of \The Big Parade,\ in this finest romantic role « part, only Gilbert can play. The moat dra- matic and moving love story the screen has ever seen! Don't mJse this one. Also COMEDY and GRALYN NEWS Price* for this special only—AiWU 30c, Children lfe WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, June 15 and 16— i joirxNY JUNES m STEPPING ALONG I I I I I ^ /* IP* r <» Sunday In Mr. and Mrs. Guy Sunday In Hhrtertowp. Archie Wagar of Watertoi on friends in Gonverneur If Prescott Loom is spent t end In Watartowa> visiting i Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stoog spendingt>a-' few days In Ni city. Mrs. Walter E. Lytle of lage spent 1*% weeM in Syra iting friends. * Mr. and Mrs. M. E. L daughter Gertrude and Marl holm spent Monday In Wats Lyman Rogers of Alexam spent the week-end at the E. C. Randall on the Somervi A son, Robert Flynn, a June 2 In this village to Mrs. Francis Flynn of Willi Pa. A party of Ufelv* St. i university studeffc Went tl end at the Forts* cottage i Lake. Mi«s Vera Dlmle of Chi spending a few weeks at the Mrs. William Storte on the •Ule read. Mrs. 8. H. Geyette and < have returned from Ballet where they have been spen past two weeks. , H. C. Rogers haa sold the house In Babcock street to Weaver. Mr. Weaver bnyt^oi and will occupy it. Mr. and Mrs. George Jg. and son, Carlton, rettftneff from a two days' mo toe-trip Central New York. -# Mr. and Mrs. H. Douglas and son, H. DouglqaJ||B,, panied by Gertrude Qgfflai Sunday in Watertown. * The Minerva Literary so Gouverneur High school : closing meeting of the year < day evening at the High sen The G. W. F. Birthday c be entertained by Mrs. Lynde, June 17. Refreshm< be furnished by the third dlv The Misses Pauline Wells Peacock and Gertrude Sim St. Lawrence university sp % Thursday at the home o , Randall. The regular meeting of t ning circle of the First Pres church will be held at the Mrs. W. F. Leonard on ' June 14. Miss Dorothy Prouty ai Doris Randall xif St Lawre irersity are spelling a few di their parAutsy before gra June 14. V\ A~ Marine Wsymo entertaii day lasAreek a number of h« frienjt/'it her home in Ha the occasion being h (^ r ->! I \ % +) IK 4 I 30 \GLAD\ H.00 BULBS for, —** Glowing crimson, flame apri- cot, giant white, radiant rose, sparkling salmon, lemon to cream, \earliest of all\ pink and •* golden giant gladiolus. 39 \pep- py\ blooming site bulbs (1% to % in.) of these fine varieties sent, mixed, on receipt of II. 10. If planted this month these will bloom splendidly this year. FRED L. ASHWOBTH HEtTVELTON. N. T. LANDON'S CLEANERS —i DYERS WatsjrBVwn, ™. T. ^ Osr Representative Wm le\r.J Mondayi and Tkmiskyi TELEraon 27VJ * Wt Cai Fer md Sustained high speed ESSEX SUPER.SH *-pesa S Coach Coupe Sedan owed ft - « De htxc Sed*a_. • AMpri . • - 7» 73S 735 7*5 995 bM * a. a Dmtrmm. In the Krttained irimiiia, smootbnet* and durability of Etvex Saper-Six yoo see bat one of many advantage* for which the Super-Six prindpie tcooonts, _—— Here you have 50 mika an hoar aH day km^^ lax greater speeB if you want it—flying smooth- ness in action—dynamic appeals that win yon in a ride. ' _ This amazing Super-Six performance and quality arw-etx>nomical to buy and engineered to lowest operation and maintenance cost. J Home Bureau unit will thimble party and business at the home of Mrs. Herbert ^ in Rowley street Tuesday af flnne 14 at 2 o'clock. . V* Among those from this , U \listed by the state bureau c 1 v vehicles as having their am ' driving licenses suspended f lees driving was Marvin W. 1 R. F. D. 5, Gouverneur. Mrs. E. W. Phllput, mothei Charles Rainboth, spent a f in town last week. On Sun and Mrs.-Rainboth and Mrs. motored to Star Lake whe Philput expects to spend tl xner months. Th* Gonverneur W. C T. hold its annual meeting and of officers at the home of Mil McCloy In Rock Island str< village, on Tuesday, June 14 A in the afternoon. A covei ii %upper will be served. ** The Amphictyon Society c erneur High school held its banquet at the Club restav this villssff on Tuesday Forty-four sat down to the table. Several members of t! school faculty were in attent Mr. and Mrs. Frederick i of this village left Tuesday f< lehem, Pa., where they wll ten days with their son, Fi who is engaged in the draf partment of the Bethlehei company. They expect to b< about ten days. The Fortnight club of this which planned to hold its picnic at Cooper's Falls, near on Saturday, abandoned Its held a picnic party at the 1 ^ the MtssMB Carrie «Bd Nina Rock Island street ^Tfcare good attendance. % .-TP* Members of the Gouvernt Department last week receii uniforms. The parefcytjajn about four months ago an 1 planning to make th«*r.-£ra| ajoce i s them os June IS wl expect to attend the b*-conj vention betes keld at Mss»ftni The Btsfthen B. Tan Dm pital eommiuae held a sped Ins' at the Mmnicipal M& Monday evwnrnt to matters which k*d the past few daya. It ler one week at which tin Mitteea will make The QUi awe* troop No. 1 Lake. The Bckwarta, Marie OoaSheet, ] fee**, Vera Phase*, Artmm \ JUry Tohia Howard, Mate* Strr and Dei dall acting ae captain made iwty. Mies AIM Ftanecan, a •f the fradnating esaaa la tl talsesai eeheejb Oaatoa. has i a fjaattioa-at'lae Poet Grada prftal, New York, aad will k New York aa flaat. 1. Tl eeheei will be held oa 8 moralnf* neart de GRAFF BROS, > * Revival service, will be kel xhurch of the Nasarene. 21 Main street. Gowveraeax, b< Jane If and cJostnj July S. will he held each eveainx at ? Sundays at 11 a m . and 1 > m. Spaatal sinxlag wiU •ided. The afrrteee will he U of Rev. Waiter 8. MacPhersei of the eh off 8. Mrs. H. H Xoble will e Bern bert of GowrerneiiT Mori iter, D. A R-. oa Charter dJ IT. et the Xoble summer hoe leshry Isiaad. in the St. L rrver Peraoas bavtas; no • traaaportatkm are resraaasee City Mrs. Bert Wallace, Mac har m asked to hrtng har owi aaadwtebea aad one cjoaaiad a € i- -«*-,* MM&

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