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1PACETW0 GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY. JUNE 15. 1927. *»«• ***« News of the Past Prom the Files of the Gouverneur Free Press SUPERB BILL ' IS OFFERED AT i THE GRALYN f a J LOOK and LEARN 1 By A. C. GORDON J |k - ~ ... ; • , • •„.,. ,.-,,,, , ,,,,.. ,-a a Thirty-Five Vmn. -\go. , June 15, 1*92. —William H. Hall's .family Itvft today for Star Lake. Mrs. S. W. Harris leaves today for Chicago on a visit. Foster Hull formerly of Hailes- boro Is now clerking at McFarron & JHutton'e store. Prof Clarence Waldo and family have been visiting his parents here. Mrs. Waldo has just returned Jroui Europe. Prof, and Mrs. W. F. Sudds and Mrs. Maria Burton le.ft the first of the week for Cedar Island, Chippewa i Bay, where they will make a short istay at their summer home. Mrs | lit. J. A. Kega attended the Jeff- : erson County Eclectic Medical society ! annual meeting at Watertown Tues- jday. ( A party consisting of B. G. Parker, A F. Coats, Fred Fosgate of Gouver- i ne.ur and Peter Belmat of Fullerville, I are in the woods beyond Fine enjoy- ing the fishing. Our annual commencement week will be opened with a lecture before the- society of the Seminary in Union hall Friday evening by the Rev. J. S. Ainslie. Subject. ^\Struggling Up.\ Mr James D. Easton is building *tay » l lU ei r summer uouie. . urB . over his dwelling house In this vil- Burton will remain during the sea- \ a * e n f * ,\° nia , k * tw ° handsome fcon dwellings. One of them, we under- The name of H. Douglas Smith of J!*?*! w111 *** otcu P ied b y Seymour this village was inadvertently omitted taslon - last week from our mention of those j Trotting and running races have who had passed the Cornell exam- beer^. arranged for the Fourth of Steppiaf AJoof , The Great Gatsby, Flaauof Forest and Otfcer New At- tractions Are Offered. Johnny Hines' latest First Nation- al Picture, •Stepping Along,\ which comes to the Gralyn on Wednesday and Thursday is an adaptation of the original story, \The Knicker- bocker Kid,\ written by Matt Tay- lor, well known in motion picture literary circles and a brother of Sam Taylor who was responsible for a number of Harold Lloyd's past public? 1. What English major did Wash-, ington hang as a spy? j 2. What is the largest steamer un-i der the American flag? 3. Why can a bird stand on a charged trolley wire and get no I shock ? 4. How long is the great wall of China? 5. Who is the only living ex-presi- dent of the U. S? 6. At what battle were American soldiers ordered, \Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes?\ 7. Who of the ancient prophets went to heaven in a chariot of Are? What is Europe's smallest re- 9. How many inches are there in a, mile? f 10. What army officer was the, chief engineer of the Panama Canal? 11. What English statesman and American writer have the same I The marriage of Dr. W. J. Flint of this village and Miss Anna Good- fellow of Clinton takes place at the Methodist church at Clinton at 8 this , evening. A reception will follow at the home of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Starbuck and F. B. Harris left this morning to attend the wedding. A number of Gouverneur people joined the pilgrimage excursion to the famous St. Anne's in Montreal this morning. Those going from here were. Rev. E. C. Laramie, Joseph E. Amond, M. R. Baird, Lewis , Boulet, Henry Curtis, Minnie Leahy, Mrs. Peter O'Brien, Mrs. Joseph Lab- .£rdae, Sr. H. G. Lavallee, Simeo Lavalee, Abel Gerard, George Garand and wife and James Whalen. Work on the Gouverneur and Os- wegatchie Railroad was commenced on Tuesday morning by Liaut. Rich- ardson with a gang of Italians. • Although the fact is but little known to the outside world, Mr. P. R. Whitney of Gouverneur is a breed- er of fancy poultry and has birds in his yard that will score more points of excellence than those of some of the largest breeders. He Intends to make an exhibit at the World's Fair. Forty Years Ago. June 15, 18S7.—Rev. H. 6. Schwartx will preach, at Hailesboro next Sunday at 2:30. I July. The honored ones at the Seminary this year are E. C. Harmon, valedic- torian, and Miss Pearl A. Legate, aal- utatorian. Commencement begins with Rev. Ainslie's lecture Sunday evening, baccalaureate by Rev. Mr. Skinner in the Presbyterian church. Monday, Class Day; Tuesday, gradu- ating exercises. Ralph Rogers, Somerville's enter- prising cheesemaker, is making 14 cheese per day weighing 70 pounds each. B. Johnson, wife and family of Gouverneur made a flying visit to his mother, Mrs. John Johnson at Somer- ville. A son was born in Gouverneur June 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowman. Look at your telephone tickets. If they are stamped on the back, \Limited\ and the time expires July 1, 18S7, bring them te the Free Press office before July 1. We will take them on subscription. The last meeting of the C. L. S. C. for this year was held on Monday evening at the residence of Mrs. Dr. McFalls. The circle decided to hold i a picnic at Sylvia Lake Saturday. I Committee on conveyances, Messrs. j Abbott, Sayer, and Bolton. Refresh- ments, Mrs. Dr. McFalls, Mrs. Dr. I Close, and Miss Loom's, f screen successes. Pretty Mary Brian plays opposite Johnny in this rollick- ing comedy, full of laughs and danc- ing. F. Scott Fitzgerald's successful novel, \The Great Gatsby\ has been filmed and will come to the Gralyn name? on Friday, June 17. Warner Bax-! 12. How thany ciphers are there ter.Lois Wilson and Hale HamiltOHiin a sextHlion ? share equal honors in this story of j 13. How long have Popes lived in the jazz generation. An altogether | the Vatican? pleasing satire centering about a ro-: 14. What Spanish adventurer con mantle, mysterious personality, it isjquered the Aztecs of Mexico? by the director of \Beau Geate.\ 15. What is the science called Renee Adoree, heroine of \The Big , which treats of rocks as mineral Parade,\ will be seen soon at the j masses, especially with reference to Gralyn in \The Flaming Forest.\ a, their microscopic character picturization of James Oliver Cur-| 16. What is the Indian population wood's novel of the seme name, j of this country Renee plays the role of Jeanne Marie j 17. Who in the World War was while Sergeant Carrigan is played by j called the \hero of the Marne\? Antonio Moreno, hero of \The Temptress,\ \Love's Blindness,\ and other big pictures of the year. In the way of starting the week with a bang, the Gralyn does it next week by opening at the Gralyn for Monday only with \Valencia star- ring May Murray. This is said to be one of the most dramatic films of the year. It is gorgeously costumed and staged and is a real M\urray picture. The cast includes Lloyd Hughes in the leading male role and Roy D'Ar- cy as the villlianous governor 1?. What island is considered continent? 19. What is the largest industry in the U. S.T 20. Whjch city is the largest man ufacturing center of the U. S.? 21. Who said I would rather be right than President? 22. What story is the epic of the whaling industry? 2 3. Which Queen of England ruled for the longest period? 24. Can a lion climb a tree? 25. What are the only three abso- Al Rockett has again achieved; lute monarchies in the world? success in \An Affair of the Follies,\ 26. About how many men served which he produced for First National j in the U. S. army in the W T orld War? The photoplay, which deals with col- orful phases of modern New York city life, features Lewis Stone. Billie Dove and Lloyd Hughes. It is com- ing to the Gralyn on Tuesday, June 21. TERRY'S UNCLE TOM'S CABIN *• HERE SOON Terry's Big Uncle Tom's Cabin tent show is billed \o appear at Gouv- erneur for one night performance on- ly Wednesday, Jun« 22. The Terry Company Is well known as the largest and oldest producers of TJnoIs Tom's Cabin the world has ever known, and are now in their thirty^third year of everlasting suc- osss. Terry's produce the time honored play in its entirety from the original manuscript of Harriet Ward Beechar fitowe, with a capable cast of fifty t talented actors, singers, and dancers, Including the south's foremost col- ored talent, genuine southern darkres and presenting a vivid picture of the picturesque old south before the war, •witb Ms old plantations, the Swanee \Mivmr by moonlight, with the sing- ism, dancing and darky pastimes, the faaiovs Louisiana Levee scene, the , thrilling steamboat rack between the ; Robert E. Lee and the Natchez, allowing the explosion and sinking of the Natchez, Legree's Red River 'plantation, introducing for the firBt J tfne in America a genuine cotton lin and press in full operation. The massive scenic equipment of the Terry Company is complete. .Never before has its equal been seen. The massive production is carried in their own especially constructed cars. Special attention has also been given to the bands and orchestra this season. Nothing but the highest class musicians being engaged for the musical contingent. Terry's concert bands will give a free concert on the principal streets at 7 p. m. Doors are open at 7:30 p. m. and the per- formance a half hour later. Do not confuse this company with any of the small inferior concerns which have been touring with a few motor trucks to transport their small out- fit. Terry's has no connection with any others, and Terry's is the orig- inal, and the only Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. in the world that travels in their own cars on account of the massive equipment and exceptionally large company. Rmember the date and see that your tickets read Terry's. Don't sprinkle the lawn; give it a good soaking, but only when it really needs one. These \ask-me-another\ fiends ought to have a good deal of sym- pathy for the inquiring youngster. 2 7. Which state is called the \gar- den state?\ 28. Which planet is nearest the earth? 29. What is the boiling point of water on the centigrade scale? 30. How many masts has a sloop? Answers to Last Week's Qneetlone. 1. Andrew Jackson. 2. Rays of light. 3. Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. 4. John Milton. 5. Lew Wallace. 8. Plat- 9. Southern Pacific. 10 Vir- dicated bv reports heard at the qua-1 K inia - J1 - ** An eagle.\ 12. North drennial session of the general con-1 Carolina. 13. From 13 to 14 years. ference of the Free Methodist church ' 14 - France. 15. About 100 years old. in session here, !16. '-Save Our Ship.\ 17. Jacob: 18. FREE METHODISTS MAY LIFT INSTRUMENT BAN Rochester, June 14.—Musical in- struments may again be permitted f Brazil. 6. 56 in Free Methodist churches, it'is in-! inum Musical instruments were banned from Free Methodist churches some years ago. Many of the older mem- bers still oppose them but sentiment for them is rapidly Increasing among younger members. The proposal to again permit their use is being con- sidered by one of the committees at the conference and a favorable re- port is expected. BRABAW FOUND GUH/TY IN PYRITES ARSON CASE Canton, June 14.—The jury re- turned a verdict of guilty on Thurs- day in the case of Roy Brabaw, Py- rites, on a charge of arson first de- gree. Judge James C. Dolan did not impose sentence on Brabaw Wednes- day, but will probably do so before the present term of court drawl to a close. Brabaw is the second man to be convicted on the charge of ar- son first degree.nh connection with the alleged attempted burning of the Jukoski building in Pyrites. This does the work of 50 pounds of ice— and more —every day Be ready for make your ice I F YOU have any standard make of ice- box, you can have Fngidaire in stalled in it and from that time you can forgret about refngcratioG. Your meats, veget4t>les**nd o^er foods wilJ be kept 'tamer than you were ever able to keep them before Spoiled foods will be a thing of the past. Be independent of out- side ice ntppiy Or. ii you prefer a com- plete new cabinet, there are eleven Fngidaire metal cabinet models one of which will exactly meet jour particular require- ments. But whether vou hot weather— •box a Frigidaire ^ install Frigidaire in your present ice- ibox or decide on a complete cabinet model, you may be sure th a t vour inde- pendence of outside ice supply will be complete and permanent. Fngidaire prices are surprisingly low, offertn g va 1 ue made possible only through quantity 7»t5dx>ctit», General Mo- tors purchasing power, *G M. A. C. terms and a public preference that has placed more Frigidaires in \^sc than all other makes of electric refrigerators combined. Come in and let cs demonstrate Fngidaire to fou. y A boiling spring which frequently throws forth Jets of water and mud. 19. U. S. Grant. 20. Russia. 21. 14. 22. Elizabeth. 23. \Jesus wept.\ 24. Air that is seduced to liquid by high pressure and lowering the tempera- ture below the boiling point of its constituents, nitrogen and oxygen. 25. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 26. Solar plexus. 27. Constrictors. 28. 1863. 29. Illinois. 30. Steady, unvarying winds that cross certain parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; so re- liable that trading vessels were able to make fairly regular schedules by using them. M. E. DISTRICT CONFERNECETO OPEN JUNE 21 Rev. W\E. Qodsave of Watertown, Methodist Episcopal conference di- rector of religious education, will be one of the principal speakers at the St. Lawrence district conference in Bombay June 21 and 22. His sub- ject will be The Training School at Canton. District Superintendent William D. Marsh of Potsdam will preside and the host will be Rev. David W. Mc- Veigh. Rev. Francis E. Loan will be in charge of the music. The opening session will begin June 21 at 11 a. m. with a song Ser- vice led by Rev. Mr. Loan. This will be followed by a short sermon by Rev. J. W. Warren on the subject \What Precedes the Indwelling?\ Rev. C. E. Woodley of Malone will be in charge of the class meeting, which will end the morning service. Dinner will be served at 12:30. Rev. F. M. Harvey will lead the devotion- al service at 1:30. Speakers and their topics will be a s follows: What Attitude Makes the Indwelling Real? Rev. John E. Churchill; Visitation Evangelism, Rev. George H. Wil- liams, conference director of visita- tion evangelism; report and ad- dress, Rev. Dr S J. Greenfield; Training School at Canton, Rev. W. E. Godaave; Trenton Epworth League Institute, Rev M. E. VanOrnum. The devotional service at 7:30 will be conducted j»y Mrs. Daisie M. Culligan. Two sermons t»f 15 min- utes each will be delivered by Rev. M. D. Sill and Rev. George H. Wil- liams on What Proves, that Christ Lives in Che Heart? Dr. W. D. Marsh w\\\ give an exhortation to Present Faith. The Wednesday morally\ aerrfoa will begin at 8: SO with prayer ted by Rev. M. R. French. Fen ton W, Johnson will deliver a sermon on The Mystical Witness of Christ, the Indwellor. Plaas for the. district league will be discussed by Rev. L. Heatherington of Rensselaer Falls and Rev. F Clark of Heurelton will speak on the outlook of the confer- ence world service council. The yarioos pastors will give snort ad- dresses on The Most Important Thing That I Have to Present to taa Conference, three minutes being al- lowed for each contribution. The closing meditation will be condae&d by Rev. Albert C. Looeks. OSWEGATOTE LIGHT & POWER CO. CHURCH ST. fHOrfE 23 P%-\-*' i: FIRMS OF ALL CLASSES i INCORPORATE W MONTH Aibanr June 14 —The butcher, the baker and the cand<e*tick maker were all represented among the com-' panies that incorporated fn Sew York state last month, according tc a re- port jc«t ;s*-e<i ly Re ben Moses, secretary of state. N'e-w York state is going ahead ty leap* ac-3 bounds th«*e fiats is companies meorpcrat- icjr A;: it'.s meass act.*T-ity. OOIE- pat;** »r« being formed asd incor- po-at:s« :s th.« o.d state at a rate of better thas 2. r \'-*'- a month. The last *>• ^r.nn'bs baT* se«r I1.«S5 eoEp&nif< r*^*-:r-:nr -han^rs from tfcft **<-r«>*a77 of !*•*-* a ga:n of 14*' ever th» sajne p^r.M &>; j-ear New Ycrk •LU.: t :§ «**t:sr the pa*£ 'or the wi-> -w-''.i ti*-s*» -J&v-v AJ mirht b* •xp-f^-ted r**i «M«tAte an-l cor- ic: 'cntir-* :.- >ad Ail to'.d :h*-* *-*re 2.2«1 cos- paries af ai; sort? iseorporatad Osts*de oX New York Erie county led with 'r .companies. Naaaan and fcvery ^oinan In Northern New York Is Invited to Attend Gouvemeur's First COOKING SCHOOL MISS KATHERINE HOLY, who recently concluded a cooking school in Watertown, at which thousands attended, and who is now conducting similar schools in other cities, will visit Gouverneur Tuesday Aftefnoon, June 28th While Miss Holy is coming in the interest of electric cooking and especially at this time to meet the house- wives of Gouverneur, every woman will be interested to hear Miss Holy, whose recipes, whether cooked by oil, coal, wood or ele<ftricity, are moft tempting. We have secured the Gralyn Theatre for Tuesday Afternoon, June 28th, and you are cordially invited to meet Miss Holy. You will enjoy the Musical Program - 2l00 to 2:30 Letfure Starts Promptly at 2:30 P. M. Prizes In&ru&ions i '•'.•• - __ ^ ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY UTILITIES, INC as SUBURBAN WEEK SALE • Ogdensburg Bids You Welcome COME TO OGDENSBURG 4 OIIDIIDDIII MJCLU Monday, rune 20th to OUDUHDAII TV ten ^.^25,10^ Six Days Set Apart by Merchants of Ogdensburg for the benefit of IMorthern New York Shoppers n* *• SaWfcaa Weak S«W it a law fVa-ma kj As Tkaa Ever Mara, tW Taat W9 Draw Itiwuii mi Visfcsrs to a* *• Past Tva Taws. TaMaka THi Tsar's Salt a 0#sr $1,000.00 IN GOLD To Be Given Away- W*a rrrrj Mtj cert i—tasw, sr vM ermj itty t—Jb ptid m accaaat a cifis wM W frram. TVae eaapaas «9 a* B*iw*i m a n«»tarW praiiM f«r * • a pwtmmrmt plan aa Para ftoaet Oa Ssivaar nfkt, Jns 2Slk, cmwpmm mM U Amwrn. TW aaaasr mi Iks fr* aasaW Anw* wM ractfve SStt.tt ia f«U. TW baUtr W Iks sacaaa M»a«r arawa wM racttr. $2*0.M m fU. TW WUcr at tW tajra aamWr kiwi wfl racts-r* $!•*.*• ia gall t» tW aW* avar*, M4» m r*U w« W ftsiriWfetf aaJy. At ll:3t a. m. aaa 5 p. m. raw ca—aai w* W mnwm htm WL TW irst a«MWr *awa wM raccrra U%M m rsia. TW sccaaa Sit* * fmii; tW tkH $3 H aaa tW fWta $1M. TWas avar* f»W firca hrke a cay far *r« aars. Maa*y aaa FrMa? iadnr^ aW aa Satvfey tW SSHM. «*.« aaa $1«.M *»* <** w Al mkn mnwn wwrm? tW waek vfl W r*atpa#ia ia tW receytads. so taat all ml aarrjaaafet ia grnmi twara* Sararaay atfat . ,. -** Fraatjaay ta aay MMMJ mf tW Berckaats parfkipaliftf m tks sale vJ sf* Special pfb wkick wB Every aarbn»«rraf ia tfcss Sale is a*eac«W t» a#«r tW m~t aaasmaJ tkal W-M Waa pftacaa Wf sr* tW mmrmg fmkmx mi HarfWra New Tark WertAbsster aad naek ooBilea riaaiac aaek tfc 5€

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