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WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 28.1927 f*CETWO GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 28, 1923 » AW^ 0/ the Past From the Files of the Gcuvemeur Free Press r TAXES UNPAID, MUCH PROPERTY UP FOR SALE TIiirt)-Fiv«\ Y^r* A|fi>. Sept. 2.V li»S«2. Misa Maud Lake spen t Tuesday in town. Rev. W. F. Skinner attended the Presbytery at Brasher this week. Miss Roee Clark of Rutland, Vt., Is visiting her sister, Mrs R. Mason. Dr. J. B. Carpeater is confined to the hous e with inflammatory rheu- matism . Charles Lynde* and Earl Bowman returne d to their work in Cornell on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J L. Grandy of Her- mon visited friends in this vicinity th e fore part of the week. Mies Walling has gone back to Potsda m for two weeks, on account of illneae Miss McCorniick take* her work in the schools. Mrs. Wm . T. Austin, wh o has bee-n spendin g the summe r in this vicinity returne d to her home in Council Staffs, Iowa, on Tuesday. Will Markwick came here Thurs- da y night on the 5:45 train, attend- e d the party at E. A. Jenne's and returne d to Philadelphia Friday morning. Again Gouvemeu r comes to the front. This tim e it is with swift nags. Mollie G. owned by A. Corbin made a mile in Watertown Friday in 2:20 V». the fastest record on any track in northern New York. Th e gathering ot-*»wwfr'twop>e at *tlie Incidence of E. A. 'Jenne on Thursday evening to meet Mise Ada Moeely was one of the most delight- ful affairs of the kind Gouvemeu r people have had the pleasure of at- tendin g in some time. In addition to social intercourse and games, a most charming musical program had ' been arranged, which was a source j of delight to all Those present were t Misses Julia and Mabel Foster, I Grace and May Morris, Kate and Eva i Markwick, Chandler Sparks. Wilson | and Mrs. Grant Wight. Messrs. Bo- dtoe, Bliss, Burdick, Taitt, Dodge, Skinner , Babcock, Palmer, Cushman. Markwick and Wight. Miss Grace Corbin left on Satur- da y for a visit of a few weeks with her aunt, Mrs. Julia Becar, in New York. The wedding of Miss Jessie Gard- ne r and Dr. I. Edwin Booth at the residence of L. M. Gardner of this place on last Wednesday evening was the occasion of calling out the elite of Gouvernejr. The bride was •dressed in white embroidered crepe de chine, en train, tulle veil. She carried a honiton lace handerchief an d a bouquet of white rosebuds. Miss Clara Chase, her bridesmaid, wore a n India silk trimmed -with lace. Dr. James Smith of Water- tow.n acted as best man. The guests presen t were: Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Boot h of Rodman, Miss Bruce of Low vllle. Miss Delia Smith of Water- town, Mise Booth of New York, Mrs. H. S. Wilson of Potsdam, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Laidlaw. Mr. and Mrs. . — .— . — • — ..•.• — .—. -.. — •,— •— • • • -4 Lwt of Property in Town* in Vicinity Henry Rii.-Jitoii. Mr and Mrs V. P. of Goeverneur. Abbott. l>r and Mrs. li F. Drury, owing to the wide interest ruani- Mr. and Mrs C. Dwiae, Mr. and Mrs. ft . 8ted by j^ree Press readers for M. R Sarkeit, Mr and Mrs. Frank publication in southern St. Lawrence Starbuck. Mr and Mrs. J. V. Baker. county of lDe y t Lawrence county Mr and Mrs Win. Whitney, Dr. and taX arrettrB jj 8t ot property on which Mrs W J Flint. Mr and Mrs. Lo- se*-, Mr and Mrs. John Elliott, Dr. and Mr* (rwrge Barnes, Dr. and Mrs C. B Hawlev, Mewiames L. M. Lee, F. M Burdick, W. H Whitney. Morris Starbu<k. Justice Pickett, S. T Dibble, A. L. Woodworth, Messrs. Ed Laix-rdee, T. F Whitney, E. E. Tait, A C Burdick, F. F. Drury, Will Graves, H C Rogers, John Bab- cock, Arthur Cushman, Misses Grax:e and May Morris, Nellie Burdick, Carrie Webb. Jennie and Cora Dean. Julia and Mabel Foster, AJida Mc- Falls, Ena Anderson, Ella Harris, Emm a Brainard, Hattie Sparks, Etta Drury, Chrystilania Cushman. Forty Years Ago Sept. 2,\ 1SS' taxes have not been paid and which will be sold by the county treasurer at Canton on Oct. 6 at 2 p. m., a liBt has been made up of property in this vicinity and is re-published. It fol- lows: I Dekalb. : Roy H. Bassett 1-4 acre of land situate on West Main street in the village of Richville and bounded as follows: N by Herbert Overack- , er, E by Irving W. Johnson, S by Irving W. Johnson, W by West Main street. Amount due $11.61 £5. V. R. Hendrick: All that tract lor parcel of land in the village of | Richville described as follows: Lot Senator Knapp 13 as described on a plot or survey was in town last Monday made by Henry Thompson for J. C KKKIK8 » Ql'KSTIOXS 1—Wh y did Washington refuse a third term as President? 2—Why did Jefferson refuse anoth- er nomination after serving two terms? 3—Who were the Hunkers and Barnburners? 4—What was the chief item of dis- cussion in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates? 5—Wha t is meant by \Bleeding Kansas?\ 6—What two Presidents were elect- ed by the House of Representa- tives? 7—Who was the founder of Con- necticut? 8—What was the New England Confederation? 9—-Who made the first American Flag? Thomas Lunch is in town on a . Wiser in Oct. 1SS7 and recorded in I 10 —What has been the effect of the short visit. (Co. Clerk's office, Canton, N. Y., Mise Agnes Crowley of Potsdam situate on Wiser street bounded N started last wet-k for California j by Wiser street, E by Paige, S by where she ha s been engaged to teach , Bingham, W by Overacker. for two years. Amount due $8.00 The Cranberry Lake dam at the DepeyetftV. head of the Oswegatchie has been | New York Zinc Co.: Westerly inspected by the commissioners and J part of lot No. 4& bounded norther- ac\\eip\mT and the sltg*t defects j ly by lot 47, easterly by Chas. Forst- found will be remedied at once. i er lot, westerly by lot 8 8, southerly R. L. Taylor. who*for the past ten i by lot 49 containing 18.72 acres or twelve years has been connected more or less. with the different newspaper offices! Amount due $8.56 of the village as reporter and can-1 Chas. Forster: Easterly part of vasser, left last week for Illinois. lot 4S bounded northerly by lot 47, Miss Emma Conklin, th e elder easterly by Beaver Creek, westerly daughter of Rev. N. J. Conklin, was by New York Zinc Co. and south- married at her home in Rochester j erly by lot 49 containing 31.23 acres last week. The happy bridegroom is more or less. a Baptist minister and they will i Amount due $16.88 make their future hom e in Dakota, j Fowler. The Free Press extends its congrat-1 Frank Beerman: All that tract or ulations and wishes them many parcel of land described as begin^- years of happiness in their far-away j ning at the most easterly corner of home. Wm. Moore's 39 1-2 acre lot and in j As usual Potsdam had a good fair, j line dividing lot 146 and runs There was a large attendance and ' thence along said line S 47 1-2 deg ! the weather was fine. |E 34 chs 45 Iks, thence 35 deg W Mrs. C. W. Pike and daughters, i 18 chs 50 Iks to the east line of lot J Florence and Jessie of Somerville,' 14 7, thence along said line N 4S 1-2 have been visiting relatives and deg W 46 chs 74 Iks, thence N 42 friends in Canton. ! deg E 14 chs 60 Iks to the begin-' Monroe Doctrine on Western I Civilization? XAnswers in next week's issue.) j SERIE S ANSWER* (Answer s to last week's questions.) 1—Jefferson and Roosevelt. 2—Woodro^- Wilson. 3—Joh n Peter Muhlenberg. 4—British commander in the War of 1S12. Vice President under Buchanan. 5—Nathaniel Greene. 6—Nort h America and adjacent islands. 7—Major L'Enfant. 8—Joh n Stark 9—Claim s on Great Britain for de- struction of shipping by Con- federate vessels built in Eng- land. 10—Famous statesmen of South Carolina. New York editor, can- didate for President >D 1S72. SMITH'S CORNERS Smiths Corners, Sept. 27.—-Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Snow of Lowville were Sunday visitors at William Smith's. Mrs. Fore*t Stalbird is ill with a cold. Several others have been sick with colds but are better. U'on Hill's family called at E. Whitford's Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Will Smith called on her sons at Lowville recently. Potatoes are a good crop but many- complain of their rotting quite bad- iy. Mr. RUSH put 3u bustoel in the cellar of apparently good sound po- tatoes op* Saturday and on the next Wednesday he could smell them and upon sorting them found ten bushel had rotted. Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Frawley of Gouvemeu r R. F. D. called on sev- eral old friends here Sunday. One topic of conversation seems to be the Tunney and Dempsey fight. Dempsey seem s to have as many who back Mni as Tunney. Ail talk there will be another fight between them in less than a year. Many went as far as Canton to listen in over the radio. Bower Whitford and three sons of Edwards were guests of Ed Whit- ford Sunday. Congratulations are to be offered to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan BurMngham of Gouvemeur. Mrs. Burllngham, for- merly Miss Mabel Frawley, spent her girlhood in this community. Last week's milk from Smiths factory Aug. 31 to Sept. 6 inclusive net the patrons $2,286 per hundred taking 9.7 pounds milk for one pounfl cheese. Tbe milk was sold to a New York firm Thursday eve- ning at a meeting held in Smiths Hall. It will be delivered a t fid- wards after Oct. 15, flat price for 3 per cent milk to be $2.75 and those testing more receive one cent a point more per hundred. Patrons to pay 15 cents per hundred for drawing. Mr. Fred Van Atter has been vis- iting at Fine and Edwards recently. Mr. Van Alters sister who is 80 years old, whose hom e is In Los Angeles, is here visiting relatives at Fin e and Edwards. Piano Tuning' and Repairing' Prontpi and Aocurata Servloa TALK1NS WACHINES OF ALL KINDS REPAIRED LIKE NEW MAIN tTHECT ALGER HYDE rHON*«»-W Leave owiera at Wallace's Muasc Store. ORGANIZATIONS - ANDCLUBSSTART WINTER SESSIONS B Gr A lUstfal Night on Lake Erto Buffalo and Cleveland 1 o n one of the palatial Steamer* of the C 61 B Line makes s pleasant break in your journey. Your tall ticket ia good o n our Steamer*, leavina each way, every night, between Buffalo and Cleveland •c 9:00 p. in-, arriving at 7:30 a. m. (Eastern Stand' ardTime). BIGELOW Bagelow, Sept. 27.—Mr. and Mrs. Vere Mix moved to Ogdensburg Wed- nesday and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wood have moved into th e house. J. B. Johnson, wife and family of ning contained 60.77 acres of land , tai M J d ^hl^sisteV ^^nd %Z' Gouvemeur, spent the Sabbath with according to a survey made by A. 1 Howard EUs aidI Mr and Mr* lio£ his mother, Mrs. S. Johnson, of Som- White in May 1822, being part.of lot! ^Hs o I Smon Sad.?' erville. ; 146 and part of 100.27 acres deeded Mrs , w Bi< ^. nTi r^t-.m^i tA • »,<, At the preliminary meeting of the by Helen S. Draper to Thomas 1 H *Dburn\mUrttot^aI?^d will C. L. S. C held Monday evening the Scott recorded in book 137-C of iff^ 0S0? MoSar He following officers were elected: ; deeds at page 1837. */* I! 1 !\'! hrlS'. JSf r>«™;,*~»,» u~ „ IT ™- tKK^+t „>„„ . *~e>v *vv . many hom e friends hope for a sure President, Hon. E. \ \ . Abbott, vice-1 Amoun t due * 13 - 89 and sneedv reooverv president. Mrs. Dr. Close; secretary,! Wm. F. Lavine: Wild lot contain-! Mr and Mrs O Givens and moth- Miss Alice Wilcox: treasurer, Arthur'j D g about 160 acres situate near L r Mrs R Givens\ of Svrarnae snent T. Johnson: critic\. Miss Hattie the road leading from Emeryville to lu'nda?\ in F?ie SjTaCU8e ' 8p * Dt Church; committee on books, Arthur : Talcville being part of lot 14 9 and ' Cushman. It is desirable that those ' bounded N by Huckleberry Lake, E wishing the Chautauquan or Chau- by John Gaines. S by Frank Sprague, tauqua books should so inform Mr. w by Hiram Harris and Samuel Hen- Cushman at once, that the order dricks. may be sent and the books received Amount due $18.65 promptly. Freeman. T. Read:a Cottaged andd fa* provides Amazing Smoothness Silence andlbwer EXCLUSIVE OK THE OAKLAND ALL-AMERICAN SIX Conventional Cylinder Head G-M-R Cylinder H««d ANNIVERSARY OF SMITH FAMILY IS CREBRATED Mr*. Cora Fretfeaborf. Former Reai- •Wfit Serkmaiy IB—Mr.. ChurchiM Ghrca Postal Card Sfcower. -Natura l Dam, Sept. 27.—Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith were very pleasantly! •nrprlsed Friday night when several i friends gathered at thefr home in ! honor of their 15tb anniversary, j Dancin g and a good time was en-1 Joyed by all. Those who attended; were: Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ward an d daughter Irene of Edwards, Mr. j aad Mrs. Dan Webb and son Alfred. ' Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blevins of Ed-I wards , Mrs. Derwood Cole of Car- thage, Miss Alice Watson of Greer's Corners, Earl and Kenneth Whitford of Edwards , Mr. and Mrs. Delbert .Foy and son Weldon, Mr. and Mrs. Rodne y Matice and children, Doris an d Paul, Mr. and Mrs. James Mc- pherson and son Alfred, Gerald Richardson . Glenn Mear. Maurice Bean and Ralph Matice. Franklyn Getman of Carthage •pen t Monday with friends here. Mrs. Ethel Richardson was called t o Norfolk by the ?er;ous illness of he r sister. Mrs. Cora Fr«J&cburg. who is seriously ill at a hospital there. Her friends hold little ho;>*- of her recovery Mrs. Fredenburg was a former resident of this place and Gouvemeur With her first hus- band, Herbert Clapp. sh - resided a; Gouvemeur for a number of years Mr. and Mrs Clareuir* Bean re- turned hom e Saturday after end- in g a jreek at Syracuse with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sabourin. Tb<\v also called on Mr and Mrs. Neal Harris an d Mr and Mrs. 8:1:as Fox. former residents of Gouvemeu r Mr. Fred S. Hilts spent Saturdav wit h Mr. Charlie Hartley at Hailes'-, boro. Mrs. HerrhfcJ Mrlntyr? and chil- dren. Grace and Mayzard of Gouv- emeur called on Mr and Mrs David Premo Tuesday Mr and Mrs D*-:bert Fo y and Weldo n were Nusin^s? callers at •Waxertown Saturday Mr. and Mrs Edwin Jones and Rober t Thayer :f Watertown w*re ifuests of Mr and Mrs Sy;ves:-r Seeber. Mr. and V.r- Albert Lasibr-o k an d Joseph Paqc^tt *e:- ral>r* at Harrisv11]e and Cart^a?- Thursday Bernice and B^ry\. R..-'- ardson and lot No 7 at Sylvi Lake an boun ' e d E by Sylvia Lake, N by lot No. 6, W by Albert Gaudin, Bouth by lot No. 8 containing about 1-8 of an acre. Amoun t due $10.83 I Freeman T. Read: Cottage and lot No. 8 at Sylvia Lake bounded ! E by Sylvia Lake, S by lot No. 9, W by Albert Gaudin, N by lot No. 7, _ j containing about 1-8 acre. Amoun t du e $18.13 Tnottsawb of Insects Makutf Rarafeaj Mrs. Nelson Shampine: All that *_.;«** r«~l c fc_. ».-^-TpTece or parcel of land situate on Ararat roo d 3«ppoet — BMDCI . crystal Spring road and described Make Bif laroads on Forests. I a s beginning at the northeast cor- Syracuse, Sept. 27.—The man-in- ° er ot a former purchase by Ben J. sect war is reaching one of its cli-1 £ r088 ,and on the V> line of Wm . matic sta«es. The question whether : Mo °' e ? 9 fa . rm J?* r h un \ in « h tb * nc 5 man will save himself through pre-;*? S8 l ' 2 de * * L chs \°. tDe . road MAN-INSECT WAR REACHES A NEW STAGE venting the destruction of his food that runs past Wm. Moore's to supply by insect enemie s is becoming 1 ^ l \ m ^ 0 ' £ e ? ce v aI ^ g r Ba!< L road more acute, says the New York State : \ \\ ** * IK!. ,4 lki* S fJiinS° ? College of Forestry, Syracuse Uni- ! \\ \'\ deg J \ C J 8 l\ X **' tf ence S v * n 7i v ; 4 6 1-2 deg E 4 chs 75 Iks, thence N ver8lty - '2 7 1-2 deg E 12 chs Mrs. Alvin O'Brien has returned from a ten day's visit with her sou. John, of Watertown. Mrs. O'Brien has been in poor health for some time and will have to take a much needed rest. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Flemin g and Mr. an d Mrs. E. E. Mack spent Fri- day in Syracuse. Mr. and Mrs. H. Gilpin and Blance Mack of Copenhagen visited their brother, E. E. Mack. Sunday. Mrs. Ernie Botting and daughter, EJeauor, of Heuvelton visited Mrs. E. E. Mack Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beane and son, William, and daughter, Cather- ine, of Watertown visited their cous- in, Mrs. E. E. Mack, Thursday. Mrs. Emme s end son, Jack, Mrs. Livermore of Montreal, Mr. and Mrs. F. Miller of Great Bend visited Mr. and Mrs. C. Greenhlll, old time neighbors. Sunday. Ruth Bishop of Johnstown was called hom e Sunday by the serious illness of her mother. SOUTH EDWARDS South Edwards, Sept. 27.—Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Mall of Great Bend Tna<w rtpnrpd*tinni. »,.« Ki><*n \ **\ \Z\ T *\ \\\ \\, , ^ tDe spent Sunday at the hom e of Mr. and placed under P con1rol?n 1 die? . place ° f beflnn n « containing 7 1-2 ; if™. Alvin Hall, in other^ 1 it stJ 11TuncerSi^Vh?S-'I aCre9 more ° r ^ . - ., i Mr ^ d M \ DeJmer McCallum of in otners it is sun uncertain wnetn-1 Amount due $ 17.61 ! Cartha*e snent Sundav at Forest er insects have the upper hand or H ailesbor o Dairymen's League n£*^ not. And in still other cases Insects Inc . Cne€9e fact ory and lot de-1 undoubtedl y hav e won . W e ma y The Pope Mills ball team won scribed as beginning in the center fr0m puiierville 9 to 0 not know all the insects engaged in of the road leadJng from Hailesboro | this fight. There are thousands of to Antwer p N 52 deg E 4 chs S3 varieties. Not infrequently new m- lks from the g E corner of c c . | Pearl G . Simmons: . . .. . .— .-^ ^ w. v,. ^. ^. I Pearl G. Simmons : Lot on the sects are being discovered or are Carpenter farm and runs thence N j River road bounded N and W by St. brought into the country from for- 38 deg w 4 chg th&Dce N 52 deg E ; Louis. E by River road, S by Sim- r allowed to run 3 chs 75 lks t h ence 3^ deg E 4 chs ' mon s containing about 1-8 acre. o: Syra'*j=e ver* E:h«-: Richardson I>rake r^-druei Sun- a week'? Edward Drak< iiaests of Mr Bernic e and M day and Bery\. r^rr.&in^d TlstL Mr. and Mr- j3R«-;.h Paqu^tt ^E- tertained >nzih? r;gh: Mrs B«rt Stillman. Lawrec* J*rr:$. Mr and Mrs W:;; Mayh^w Frank C:wcj; arc j Harrey Tu't> Mr and Mr? Dav^d Pr-xo and daugt'er L:21:ar. were :he gue«*? of Mr and V.r? Rev rorb.n of Maple R:dg* Mrs Allen r>s:>y and Mr? Ma:.Ida Rryboa r of Go-veroee r ar^ fpeod:ng som* 1 time w.;h th»:r sister. Mr« Arrilla Smith and Mr and Mr? Her- bert Sha w Mr* A. E R.«> y and «on. Dane. wer e callers at Watertown Friday Cheater Crande'. sod l^~.n* Lash- brook of Cranberry Lak* spent Sat- urday with Mr and Mr* Albert Lash brook Mr. aad Mrs Bert S'illmas at- t—aa d tb* funeral of Mr Fttlltsar:'? •aat at Oortland laat week Mia* Welth a Shaw and Clara BMkey \rere traeata of Mr and Mra Lawya West, where they heid a lar*** party for a aassber of yoaag people »fco ar« '.earin*' for school in New ~ rk. •r. aa4 Mr* IHrld Preaao eater- eipn lands and rh^ir natural course would cause un told destruction to vegetation. The Gypsy moth and the spruce bud worm in the East and the bark beet' le*; in th^ South and West are mak- ing great jjaroads^upon the forest.'-. It is estimated that enough wood is destroyed by bark beetles annually to supply the demand of twenty mil- lion of our population. In oth^r words these inserts dispose of suffi- cient forest to supply thr<>e nations the si i f of the oneina l th;r'»en col- onies, or one-tenth a? much wood as the people of the United States cow consume annually Timber and forest products amounting to one hundred fifty million dollars are sac- rificed to :nsf-';s annualiy. Inserts destroy more fhaa fire. It ..- beiievc^ j n Maine that the ?pru<-* bud worm haj= laid waste 4\ per cent bounded f-f the total stand of spruce, enough Buck. S to supply pulp-wood for the entire United States fr.r three y^ars. By destroying the tr< 1 *'S insects are strik.ng .ndir^ti y a blow at the farm in making fundings more ex- ;*nsive ana water more scarce whi.'h means farming wiii b*- less ;.-r-Stab> But :r. addition inserts • - aus* t-arh y^-ar d;r^--r damage to \iur f;>od su;p;y .n their devastation ••'f ' rops. estimated to be 2 1 ' 1 per cent of *otal crop value o r t2 4\ .<~<<<0 ,''\'J>J ar.nua'.ly A fnr'e i-t loos-- that un- der the be^t prevent.on we ] ab> to provide ;s now ah. ._ __ stroy about cne-fifth of the farm to the center of the road, thence S j Amount due $5.24 52 deg W 3 chs 75 Iks to the begin- Whitney Garage. Inc.: Garage and ning containing 1 1-2 acres more or lot situate at 36 John 6treet in vil- lees. ' lape of Gouvemeu r and bounded N Amoun t due $16.49 by Whitney. E by John street, S by Gomrerneur. , Whitney. W by Bush containing Mr? S. J. Bums Vacant lot at , about 1-2 acre. No. 11 Howard street in the village! Amount due $373.06 of Gouvemeu r containing about 1-S I E. F. Weiser: Mineral rights on acre bounded N by Parson, E by a parcel of land of about 8 7 acres Smith. S by Howard street, W by : on what is \\known as the Emerson Hardy. ' Ritchie farm on Scotch Settlement Amount due $5 54 . road bounded N by Dekalb town line. Susie G. Bogart About 3 acres ; E by Hermon town line. S by Jud- of land situate on Dexter street in j son Ells. W by J. Frank Cole es- the village of Gouvemeu r bounded ; tate. N by Oswegatchie river. E by Katz- man. S by Sims. W by McCuliough Amount due $6^6 Mary A. Ferran. Lot on Rowley street .n visag e cf Gouvemeu r N by Rowley street. E by by Venton. W by Stowe;; Ev«ryon« wb o driv«s the Oakland All-Ameriean Six marvels at the —iimth and whispering flow of K wer produced by the new G- -B Cylinder Head. Specifically, the G-M-R (General Motor* Research) Head accom - plishes three resultst 1. It reduces \detonation\ or •park knock t o a negligible factor mhitm using only ordinary g oao- Urm. 2. Itcompletely eliminates roughneaa or \thump\ — an entirely different engin e noise. S. I t provides great- er power an d my because i t allows th e spark to be ad - vanced t o the point of maximum efficiency. (Once set, the Oakland NEW LOW PRICES 2-DOOR $ SEDAN 1045 •park remains i n proper posit since it is automatically e trolled.) U-£a 10iS ££? - * 1145 The G-M-R Head is only one'of gp*rt «1075 riirtt M *1H5 the engineering advancemen U n« •••!•- *,»^ e whic h have created such wide- !*-«• « s^aaa «1265 awead favor for th e AIl-Ameri- nuJWWfbMrfoMiM Su. $74t — can Six. Come in for a demon. \%•**£&: t^SS t^ZZ •tration of the principles in - SSU lU^l. ST^TTk. cZZS volved! CENTRAL GARAGE JOSEPH ROTUNDO, Prop. GOUVERNEUR, N. Y. r, KLAND AMERICAN SIX PRODUCT OF CEM14L MOTOBS Amount due $24 13 Hammond . Major raccavajo: A lot of about 1-4 acre with cottage situate an the north weft side of Cedar Islan d in Chippewa Bay. St. Lawrgnce^-river. 4 Amount due T_\__^ 16 39 containing about 1-4 acre [ Mrs Chas Haskins- House and Arr.oun' due $lf' so ba m and iot containing about 1-2 David W. Griffith: House and iot acre situate on the corner of Cook at :57 Rock Isiand street in village and AKen roads about 1-4 mile from of Gouv~rne:ir Munda-d N by Wood. St Lawrence river and bounded by E by Rock Island street. S by Kei- said roai e and on the E by the s*r. W by Spraeue containing about ' Scbemerhorn farm 1-* acr^-. I Amount due $10.50 Amount due $25 41| Hope? Paimer Cottage and 1-4 Haroid Goddard Farm on the acr^ of land situate on the N W side Battle Hili road bounded N. S and of C^dar >land in Chippewa Bay. W by Morrow. E by Orweg-aicbie ?t Lawrence r.ver adjacent to cot- riv^r containing about 50 acr^-s of tare lot of MajT Caccarajo are be«n land Rneakv * to de- Amount due $26 CI Wm Cough^n W.\ i: rfarold Goddard Parcel .$26 CI of land the village >f Wegatchie bounded N by Crxbow crop and probably two-fifths of our on the Waik*r road bounded N by road W fcv Dame. Coughlic, S by forest Top is a menace of S*T:OOT Overacker. E and S by Bowles, W . Pearl Shaw E by Oxbow road con- proport.oos hy Biiiicgs containing about 40 taininr abo'jt 1 a<-re — ' acr*s j Aioact du^ $*£8 .- - .^ \*. r.. _ • -J •• , Amount due $16.42 P^ari Shaw F&rm on th» Oxbow- a ..-A. .•>. . .'r...:. 5 j..i.;^-s iae..a an j Marguer.t- P--rr.o and Bianrhe Van San: of Gouvfm^ur Wesl Rodger D Jo: $16.4 2 Parrel of land Wegatchie road in «rho 0 ; district situate at \3 West Main street and No 3 hounded N by Oxbow road. E „ . v _ bounded N by Weat Main street. E by TeaJ road. S by Geo. Laidlaw and Mr and Mrv Fred Pratt and sons by Bigr.ea*. S bv Oweratchie river., W bv G*^ Laidlaw. eontainm g y and 'W.Iliam. ?p\ent Sunday w D T (y^*, containing abost 1-2 about If5 ac-e* w.th Mr. and Mrs Henry Aldrich at acre I Arr->unt *?* . __ -$122 «5 Oxb.-w Sunday. Arr.-^nt due $1144.' V**r\ Shaw Farm on the '~ar^^ W^sjey Card :« painting at Haile*- Thos. Pri'tie o#tate A iot situate bell rrad m school district Vo 3 ''o*- at No 4*- Jnhnstowx street In ril- boccded N ^7 r ha« AHen. E by Oe- y.' and Mr= Jaxes McPherson iag & of ~r^n**rz »ar bounded N by we-<-at.-hi« r *<r S by Cha* Store s p-n- Sunday with Mrt. McPherson's P*ar\. «tr*ev E by Collin*. S by W bv ^arr.pbell road roctamin g pa-»n:« Mr. and Mrt Edward Men- Johnstrw - rre** W by Fofcn* aboat 1!2 arr«^ •*rT..> »: '\^- jT vi!*a: where they con*aic:r.r abcut 1-4 acre Ai:;:t iz* - -.$4\ \t 'nt^r-ained -heir daughter? and has- Arr.o-r.t d«*> $S :« H K w- rh* «*tate Lot and w»- band? Mr ar.d Mr? Nea: Harri* G*orrta Ara a Reed Hottae as d ter pow*.- = th*» f J .!lar» cf W*g»t- Mrs Ida Bu-k'^y cf Syraruse. Mr '.V. a^ ?* Jofanst-wi: street tz. T-;n*r» rhie bcund*d N by th» Coole r 'XTZ.. axd Mrs. W;:y. aa a M-Cartha Jr of of 'Vi^rvur bounded N by Orwe- ? by the %rw*c»t^fc:e ri-rrr. E ry the •>w^gc m'.rf- -.T*T E by Vicomc S by Otwearavh;* rtvtr W by the \oarer Vax John stow s •tre^t W by Devdj con- frie- Mn C»fwefat-h;* rtv#r W by the farta. 'vrtrta!n!nr abor t 1-2 ar: Bur^s Chcrthi:: cf E'.sda!* r»rr»m- b*r«d h«j- w--h a ;-->*tal -xri iiow«* rr.itr Mr* Charrhi!\. ha* beex rrea-Jy =:s*^d tkrcttrh her receat :::se « at aerial r*ther!Br* her* _ _ _y „. .. _, .. . _ _, wh*r* her preaeore aiwayi added a Blackbcrr. W \by g t Lomla ooatara- by Woolee af rav of •onahlne Her aaav frteada iag about 1-2 acre a*T< hop* for a ti>eedy recovery Aaoaat dnr $SSt, Amoaat dat SI 41 taintz r iy-t 1-5 aor* « Axctat dae $2*45 Aioiat due $1S** H K. Wrdrat aetata- Saw »:\ lot B*rt Slmmoaa eatate Hooee and :a the v-iMag* of W*gatck}« bocad- iot ox the Rrv*r r-^ad bovaded N 07 ed X aad W by the Oa-wegatchte Smmona E b Rive r road. S by rtvr E by the GoBvenjear road. 9 ecmtaiafaa- aaoat 1 / <<I SOL KAPLAN'S >o Mew Arrival* SEE COATS ****** b afl tbe newest material*, shades and styles, and, best of all, they are priced most reasonably. Up Stairs Department Store Larfe Barfain Department on Second Floor Many Bargains are Offered in SHOES MEN'S OOTHING LADIES, MISSES' and CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS TINWARE • DISHES and many articles are continually being purchased and added to this department and placed on sale at prices that will appeal to everyone. THIS IS A PERMANENT DEPARTMENT and is reached from the main floor by a large new stajrway recently installed. Call and examine whenever in this vKmitv. Tkreakiaf Nearly Completed Here aaJ Silo Fittaf » Profre»a--Cli»ic to ftcHeftdo* October Z. Depeyster. Sept. 27.---A •\**«£ prevention clinic will be held at De tWatBr etshool buUdiu« Monday, Oct. to bVing P all children of •*»»*£ knd upward*. Tre^tmeat Is Riven Free of charge to al f children in the tow n of Depeyeter. „,.,„. * Mr and Mra. R»3rmood Down tog BMA family Who have lived in the Holland inant aouee for jeveral year, hare moved U»u> J. »•£***„ Luw to Heuveatoa until thelr new Eouae now under conetruotio-n in Ithat place 1B completed «j lindav The Can-de-Pey-gatcfcte Sund«y »K>hool aeeociatlon met Saturday., Rant 24 in the M. E. church in this pTa?e wiih a large attendance. TJere . -iere inte««tto« torono« and alter-1 noon aeealona. About 1X5 ™*V£ZY ed u> dinner. The Kendrew Sunday Bchool again waa entitled to the ban- r^^ur^t^^cticK aU M°re. Ed Evans and Mra Roy^Mw- j dlgo of Piercea Corners «fent Fri day with tbe formers daughter. Mre F1 ^r ^ Mra Blaine Conroy of! JMward»?rile called at Mrs. Amber Conroy's Wednesday HaU Wednesday evening, Sept y. wh« n four candidates took their third degree. As u.ual there waa a •^Tr A anT d Mr? Thomas Rabey o^ Heuvelton and daughter. Mrs., George Harper of Usbon were din-j SeTluests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. j .^-i^^effi 11 !-- and T Xm«Tand lamily'o f Brasie Cor- a€ Mr and Mra- I^ Kirb J A ° d lazily Sent Sunday with *e^or- iner's mother at Oswegatchie. They Sd not find Mrs. Klrby's condition lm Klames Witherell entertained the Fish Creek Larkin club FH dav i~L£* a t Charles Morris' to listen !Ttn/ Tunney^Dempsey ft^M aver ^Mls^Mary Burk spent the week- end! T fueS of trienda in Ogdena- bU 2 UJ ouncementa (hAre been re- ceived from Wm ^ dr ^ r L £ ork th f n B be had oommenced n6r T°^ k t £* Xhigan training aa nuree In the J^piSil aa d rery much enjoyed tfce V °idUs Loi« L*Ue of .W^^ffTj th^ week-end wit h her parents in ^ »V*S* Mrs. Ray Dodge and daughter. BeUy, t CC ? mi ? n i^hto7 Pail Conroy and Irvln Crelgtoton. ipen t Saturday erenin g in Ogdena- ^Mr and Mrs. Arba Hill and graiddiinghter, Madeline, were in Heuvelton Sun-day. The ctoicke* pie aup^er \d ^egH table and fruit sale given in the Grange Siall Monday. Sept. 19. by rombs Mrs. Goodiaon remained all I SSt with Mrs. Thoma s SmHhers* 2nd epeniJ Sunday with her mother, nr.nM n w. B^Fl-tham ^torrJo^noe^^ and epent the day. , h Mr and Mrs. Thoma s Smithers went\ Sunday »n Gouyerneur, guests ofMr. and Mrs. Marvin Holt. Several young men from this place noufrST J Bdwards Sunday to piay ba o S. Wes t of Ogdensburg was in 'Taur^^onroy spent Friday in ° f ThreS?i r ni i» -earl y completed in U»i?lcSlity and silo filling » m progreea. As yet there has been no * neSo* /ontin who i . reapin , com in this locality spent the week- end with his family in He^velton^ Rev and Mrs. Lobb ot Renaeelaer Fans were in town Saturday Mr Abbott and three children of Ogdensburg spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Maynue Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berg and family of MorriStawn Center and SSe Todd of Mud Lake were dinner ruest s Sunday at George, Am <*. C Maynue waa in Ogdensburg Sunday evening. Pe v V O Boyle, rector of Trin- ity church attended a three-day ccav- f*4ence of the clergy of the *»<*\* !TASB7 la*t week, which proved Terv heialul and stimulating. Btaboj Oldham addressed th e clergy and ££reaaed hU *\****•*?!? It^ndsnce Bi«hop Booth of \er- ^oTt^ke on the' spiritual life oj the Clergy and Uw Rev G W Hobbi % the National Council of the ehurc i ^t^OQ^nUy of the Chnrch , Sogramme for this year »••. B h Retnheimer. secretary of the Dio- L. o Southerx Ohio, spoke on Dio Stan Organiaatxm for efficient ~r IT^ wt remarks were follow* S^elr a7 tne Biahoa *• deairout o frjrgeniaing our Dieeea* that \ £5 *fTnction more f*^^?? 5r r Cbnrch perlodicais \The ChurcJ ,!T Wo-k- a«T the Albany Church t?Vir. S eent next ysar tojjrer fJ^OB who subscribe* for M^M Cii:: iasore a wider circeietJoi It the Chuxchi Miaaionary work^ I ^rUadlo have a eimllar eon'er JT^ next year arcl also U> arran * max*, for th e lay-meo Th** aatum a me*<int of the A.^ i^rSuty Cbarca, *om*m-~ *™ 5av aci TT>m*T October ^ and 1- Se flerrj »si *? delegates froi 2^r iSh »- exited x attetw Tc-k will meet Tueeday aTjemow J.L n aft^r -he Archdeaxotr { *fr •• i' -cnr: = e«! M * banqni lex'whk-r ou'-ataadinf n>-akers w-i Bake '.I* iiin-m*^ rro'.*i -om le't *taad:ax '.a tl te'd astil a oat of the leaves a S»res mak- better silage than ttala e«: the ears are moat va»aab»«

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