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fftGESK GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 28. 1927 yWD URGE POTATOES ERAL OF ON DISPLAY AT ANTWERP GIRL IS BRIDE AT A RS. WOODSIDE DOWLING'S STORE CHURCH WEDDING GOOD FEED IS SECRET OF GAIN IN MILK ithly Meeting of Ladies' Aid t o Be Held Monday — Service* Resumed in Presbyterian Church. Ht-jvt-lioii S.-pt i'7 - Th e fuii-T- a! servi.-es for Mrs J F Woodside \why pas.-.e«l away at he r home here Tut^day afit-ruuun, Sept. liu, a t 1 UO w«*:»- held from he r late home Thursday afternoon a i 1. Th e offi ciatiUK i-lergyman w<ia lie v. A J Howeriiig. I'rtitjhv terian pant or, an d Kev lowering bviiig &s*i.sU-d at th e tiraw tvt*rvice by Kev. Er n sou of Can ten Intermen t wa s in Fairview cemetery, Canton She ««.< born in Heuvehon 6 7 year? ag o th e daughter of Mr an d Mr> Jaun* McKlroy. Sh e attended the Old Stone school hoixse an d also tbv «. :H- which now >tands. Then he r jMi-tms moving from here wet, t to t'arjtun wher. she lived fur some time Sh e aU o lived m Dt-peyster an.l Heuveitou. He r first husband wa* Lewis T. Hell, son of Mr. and! Mrs. Bel* Bell of thus plat.-. He! died about 14 years ag o Th e re- sult of this union was tw o boys and) OIH- girl, L«-on Hell of Syracuse. Harry Hell of I'anton, an d Mrs. Ern-j **»t Jarkison of Gouverneur. ; She is survived by he r husband. J. V Woodside. he r three children! and three grandchildre n an d a broth- er. A!, ert McKlroy ol Jordon , New York, an d a sister, Mrs. Mary Per-J cival of Detroit, all of whom were' present at th e funeral except Mrs. ' P-'ruva l who ha d bu t recently re- ) turned to I>etroit from a visit to 1 her s;ster. I The bearers were four nephew s of i Mr. Woodside, Oscar, Chester. Rob- ert , an d Fre d Backus, nephew-in- ; lavs. Leland Austin, an d George San- born. Mrs. Wyodside wa s a consistent and kindly Christian neighbor an d friend. An affevtionate wife an d mother. Sh e wa.< loyal an d true . Her Jhome wa s filled with sorrowing friend s an d neighbors wh o brought e profusion of flowers, tokens of ; their respeet. love an d esteem. Mrs. . Woodside wa s a sufferer from heart trouble for about five years, but wa s conhned to he r home mor e or lews lor Lhe past year, and to her bed for a few week s a great deal of th e time . Sh e seemed interested in he r surroundings until the last few ' hours, when sh e seemed to pass into & state of coma. Sh e will be grea-tly miesed by he r children an d he r neighbors i Mrs. Glen McBratne y went to Rome. New York, last Wednesday to I visit he r sister, Mrs . Fuller , wife of: Dr. Fulle r Mrs. Julia Humphrey is on the list of ill one* Sh e Is confined to • her bed howeve r only part of the time. i Mr. and Mrs . J . B Mcintosh of I Ogdensburg wh o have been spend- ; ing a few days th e guests of Mr. and Mrs. S R. McBratney, returned to the city Saturday. i Mrs William Love spent Saturday wit h he r cousin, Mrs . Lo u Holmes, who resides on th e Morristown road At he r summer home. I Miss Nina Smithers attended th e Sunday school convention held a t Depeyste r in th e Presbyterian churc h last Saturday. , Mrs. Winona Allen went to La - faxgeville last Sunday to spend a few days. ! J. F Woodsid e left for Martvillei near Little Mexico Saturday morn-; ln« Mr. Woodsid e has a farm a t j Itbat place. He will be absent a few days Hi s son , Herbert Woodside, is ( on the farm. i Maurice Gilbert wh o has been so j very ill the past winter an d spring has so fa r recovered a s to be out,' and with hi s family wa s a guest of jhis wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. , George Kinn y of this place last ' w#ek. i Miss Louisa Wilson is getting somewhat better under th e tender care of her sister . Miss Etta Wilson Mrs. Winona Allen attended th e church fair held in the Methodist Church at Kendrew Friday last. Mr s Alle n w-a-s on e on e of th e judg-es. in fanc y work . ! The regular monthly meeting of the Ladies' Aid s»*i»*ty of th e Meth- odist churc h wa s held Monday night at th e hom e of Mrs. Edga r Smithers . The fall meeting of th e District Gonfeerne of th e Method;*; chur. h •Wiii ':..- held at St Regis Fails < K - tober ll-]_\ Dr Marsh is anx.oa s t^ have th..» a memorable occasion. We,-;::~>.day '-Vf-niLe of this- week ther- is to b* qu.te a n *-%-••:: t in th e bazaa r to be h-: d :r. Odd F.-;ir ; ws Jia.ll by the ladies of th e Methodist Aid s-ciety. Ther e is t o be a thicker. I :«~ s'.ipper an d th e usual variety of 'tTITrrns that are u«**fTi an d omanr-i.- tai for sale. Th e pastor praised th e la^:ev for holding th e Nazaar outside of tb*- church. a> it added to th e &<»D' t.ty <if -he chur-'-h to hold these a>ffa;r> ou:-:de of th e obur<h A W. I):xon wh o r'-cer.ti.v under- went a n operation for trail .-tones is reported as mak.ng a cood re <iv- ery A:. 2r-w Rc-ui'tor. just.re of th e |i«*o' • f-. is ill witt stoma-h trouble Mr Rouistor. ha s not been well for some tjme an d rerer.-y bjiji a£ X-ray taker, to a.**TtAi:. his tru e condi- tio:. Hi s frw»r. I - t >pe remedies ma y hare a salutar y xjc; W H. Muihc'.iar.: M D r-^ently took a motor tn; in hi s n^w Hud- son super-si j w.tt son^e member s of £•*- family to Yjr.treal They report, th- trip a^ fdt-a. th e &.~n<-rj fit* &nd th e roads :f th e besr. S«-rv;c*-s »'fr \ a*ra:r. resumed :n ! the Preabyterta n <-h urr-h Surday on the r*tu-r of th e pastor. A G Bow- er;ng. frorr a f\>ur we-'-ks' vac-awon Mr Bower.r;*r v; f jted his old boie, Mrs. Clarence Celebrated - Game 6-11. Fine. Sept 2~ potatoes Powell's Birthday It Fine Wins Baseball Miss Cecile FuHuiftod of Antwerp J Increase in Rough age Is Neceaaity, Ac Weds Alton Byrns of Spraf aeriNe. cordin* to Dairy Experts. tias son K Y Uowling s st Weighs 1 4 lMJUtlds pound (in - potato would be rather tilling Mr. an d Mrs. Norman Murry came hom e last Sunday after passing the« summer in th e wester n states. Mr an d Mrs. Iveelie Colton and j daughter. Harriet of Potsdam were Sunda y guests at Mr. an d Mrs. ' Charles Titus' I .Mr an d Mrs. Milton Priggs were | guests of Mr an d Mrs. Ivan Thomp- ' son in Watertown last week. I Mr. an d Mrs. Fred Smit h of Nor- wood were guests a t Mrs Libbie Kil bourne's last week. Mrs. Libbie [ Kilbourne an d Mrs. G. C'ompo at - tended th e Home Burea u meeting at Gouverneur last Tuesday, Mrs. Jajnew Hillis visited Mrs. Walter! Scott an d Miss Keitha Kilbourne vis- ited Mrs. Morris Anthony a t Little York last Tuesday. i Kev. C. H. an d Mrs . Bowman of Ohio were quests of thei r son, Dewey and wife, last week and also visited other friends in town. B. F Jones an d helper s are clean- ing u p an d making extensive im - provements in th e Woodlawn ceme- tery in Fine Mr. aojd Mrs. Ra y French am sons, Leon an d Gregory, and Miss Doris Harmon of Russell were guest* at Nelson French's last Sunday . Charles Titus is gainin g slowly from hi s recent illness. Fine is looking up. Nelson French in having hi s house painted whit e His son , Earl , is doing th e paint- ing. Mr. an d Mrs. William Rorby an d Mr. an d Mrs. King of Norfolk were calling on friends in town last Sun- day. Mr. an d .Mrs. Abbot t of Oswego are staying for a while a t Leslie Johnson's house in Fine. Mr an d .Mrs Harry Jones were guests at Mrs. Nellie Hart's a t Gouv- erneur la*u week. Webste r Dart of Raymondsv lie passed last Sunda y a t hi s hom e in Fin e The birthda y of Mrs . Clarence Powell wa s celebrated a t th e home of he r sister. Mrs. William Laide, last Sunda y an d a genial good time was enjoyed by all. , Spiagu.-v lib', Sept 2 7. Mr. -Charles KuhK>m> rauk W \ r<lt '\ ; *™ Clarence Wor - on exhibition at : J fcU aml T'M vi'*' ? l °T*1 V ore. On e potato I V ' v,HUed Mr U orden h br \^«™- and another on e Lyle and week-end Mr H. L Clark an d Mr An abundance of high yuality feeds is of groat importanc e in ob - taining a good milk flow from dairy lne I cows. If profits ar e to accrue it is I necessary tha t th e feeds be cheap. Temple, Mr. Case u s U l *» generally conceded tha t milk J. Giffiu of Pittsburg. I *» produced most economically when Joh n Worden over Pa . spent Wedmesdav an d Thursday cows have access to liberal amounts or last week a t Muacalouge Lake of *»**& quality roughage that is no t n s hing | too expensive an d when only suffi- Mr. an d Mrs J Giffin of Pitts-! tient concentrated feeds to adequate- burg. P a wh o have been visiting at ly supplement such roughage ar e H L Temples returne d home Fri-' \»*\<* dav Mrs. Mary Penny, Mrs. Temple's! Th ® N ew York farmer then, wh o mother , accompanie d them. | Wl ->uld like to increase hi s milk flow The Misses Klnona an d Arline ! aild wfa t> *t>uld like to increase hi s Bowhall of Watertown, N. V.. were Profits, can well afford to consider the guests of in town over Sunda y i Mrs Ma e Bowhall i Th e marriage of Miss Cecile [iington , daughter of Mr. and George Fullington of Antwerp Mr an d Mrs. Clarence Powell mo - tored to Conifer last Saturday after- noon an d they visited a t Fred M. Stevens. They intend to visit Mr. and Mr s Bernard Cahill at Brand- eth before returning home. Mrs. Malinda Basford of Irish Hill was a guest of he r brother , George Silsby. last week Mrs. Eliza Mathew s of Canton has been a guest of he r sister, Mrs. Han - nah Clintsman. th e past week. Mrs. I>eon Flack of Gouverneur , Mrs. Eliza Mathew s of Can-ton, Mrs. Hannah Clintsman of Jones Corners, an d Mrs. Malinda Basford of Irish Hill were guests at Orlin Marsh' s last Friday. Mrs. Ivuella Snyder of Fall s Church. Virginia, was a week-end guest a t Mr. and Mrs. Charles Titus'. Mr an d Mrs. J . F . Evans, Miss Martha Gates an d Mrs. Emma Ken^- field motore d to Canto n and Gouv- erneur last Wednesday . Mr. Evans took the primary' votes to Canton. Mrs. Niles Bateman and tw chil- dren, Barbara an-d Walter , of Low- ville, Mrs . S. A. Davis of Carthage , and Mrs . Minnie Morrow of Star Lake were guests a t Nelson Muir's last Saturday- Mr an d Mr s A. M. Ross, an d Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Remington an d chil- dren of Newton Fall s were guests last Wednesday night of Nelson Muir. Mr. and Mr s Ra y FTench and sons. Miss Horne r of th e Knox High school faculty an d Miss Doris Har- mon of Russell wer e guests a t Nel- son French's last and Earl French. Sta Horner, an d Miss Harmon motore d to Star Lake an d passed th e evening. The Russell team played against the Fine team last Sunda y on Dow- line's Park an d th e score was 6-11 m favor of Fine Rev W. D. Marsh of Potsdam. Distr:' ; Superintendent , prearhed a good farewell --rrr.on on Sunday, th e C.\*h to a very int.-rest^d audience an-ti gavp The rr-vi hand of f^llow- sh:; af'er the .-sermon Th e church at Fine i- reluctant to\\~i?\»ve hi m It-av- after his i;ve years' serving a> di-T>t superintendent M R Frenc h started last everr.r.e his series of revival .Ti'-»'t!i!sr.- which will last durine the w-fek until Saturday night an d pos- sibly loneer. beginning with a sor.e and praye r \\service a t T ?,<> an d pr-arhing at S •\ Th e paste r is his own evangelist in these meetings and those at East Pitcairr. Mr ar.1 Mr s Locke an d Mr s Locke's mother. MLss Ad a M Ben- nett an d Miss T;ttl« of North Ba y were, visitors at Rev an d Mrs. M R. French s last Sunda y Ful- Mrs. an d Alton Byrns, so n of Mr and Mrs . Willia m Byrns of Spragueville, wa s solemnized a t th e Methodist Episco- pal parsonage a t Antwerp Wednes day, Sept. 21. Rev. W. D officiated. They were attended by Miss Made line Byrns, sister of the groom , audi Leon Fullington, brother of the, bride. Mr. an d Mrs. Byrn s left im- ! mediately o n a trip into Canada. .They will reside in Spragueville. ri-T-beir rmww—friends extend con^rrat- j ulations. j Mr an d Mrs . Archie Cowan of j Natural Bridge. Mrs. Stella Grates, j Port Ontario , Mr. and Mrs. Myron Huntley . Gouverneur, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Byrns and son , Bruce, were : Sunday callers a t Mr. Lyle Worden's. ; Mrs. Gates remained for a few days. [ Mr. Francis Bidwell ha s been con- fined to th e hous e with grip for a few days. Mrs Charle s Flanagan of Low - vile. N. Y.. ha s been a guest of he r parents. Mr an d Mrs. William Lash- brook, th e past week. She left Sun-. day for he r home accompanie d by Miss Nellie Emerson. ! Mr. an d Mrs. Clark Emerson , tw o sons and daughter of Chaumont were guests at William Lashbrook's. j Ten members of th e Progres s Club j spent Saturday afternoon the guest : of Mrs. Henry Fuller a t Theresa. An interesting porgram was given after) p j ace which Mrs. Fulle r served delicious refreshments. (fiurch Xotag. Thi s is Rally Week a t th e M. E. how h e can : first, increase th e duction of roughage, second, ho w h e can increase th e Quality of tha t roughage; and third, how h e ca n d o these tw o things cheaply The limits of this article do no t permit a full discussion of th e var- ious points that might well be con- sidered. If a n attempt were made to Aubre y i do such a thin g it would be necessary j to write a t great length, as th e whole matter of dairy-farm field manage- men t Is involved, together with the management and malntainance of soil fertility, the planning of crop- ping systems, an d th e choice of crops. It. ts believed, however, that a few worth while hints can be briefly given. (.row Clover Well. For th e needs in mind, the old long term, timothy meadow which yields little an d that little of very poor quality for milk making ha s no place. Generally ordinary meadows give their greatest yields during their first, second, an d possibly, also dur- ing their third years. Certainly, within this period they produce th e quality of ha y that is most valuable for milk production. Th e problem then is to manage them so that for the period mentione d they yield abundantly at first of clover and late r of mixed ha y with a good percentage of clover. The management should consist of: first, th e use of lime enough to sweeten th e so . if it is sour, th e liming materia l being pu t on after th e ground is plowed for th e nurse crop with which seeding takes noiiiic use, sweet i lover ma y be grown in special rotation s for graz- ing An example of such a rotation is corn, oats, sweet clover. In cases where th e crops regularly grown for those purposes have failed th e sweet cloverjto»> be utilized for hay, silage, or green feed. When permanent pastures ar e being reseeded on lands J Bulled, to it, sweet clover ma y con- stitute a portion of th e seeding mix- ture. This practice Insures more j feed from th e new seeding th e first I year or tw o titan if sweet clover ha d not been used, an d also insures a better stand of th e permanent , grasses later by th e nitrogen accu- mulated by th e sweet clover becom- ing available. Aside from lime th e main essentials for success with sweet clover ar e first, th e choice of soils that are not likely to heave very much; second, th e use of scari- fied seed for spring an d summer sow- | ing, though unscartfied and even on - hulled seed ma y be used for fall an d j : winter sowings; third, th e use of in- ' oculating materia l on th e seed. j Other Special Pasture** j In those sections where th e grow- ing of sweet clover for temporary P 1 \^ I pastur e or even as th e main depen- | dence for grazing is not feasible, ; I other crops ca n be used. Among I such ma y be mentione d oat s an d j ! sorghum , or oats an d Sndan grass. Canad a field peas or various vetches t i or both may be advantageousl y added j to such combination s If th e soils are j not too poor o r to o sour. Such catch ( pastur e crops, if they do well will i furnish feed enough for a cow for a j period of six t o ei^ht weeks during j the latter par t of th e summer from ' each half acre to acre sowed if sole j dependence is placed on th e tempor- i ary pasture. Smaller areas , depend- • ' ffTlT cm how much rriiapre conitf frlT* placed upon the regula r pastures,' would be require d if th e «attle also j I had access to such fields. Meadow I ' mixtures, o r sweet clover ffrr grazing ! the next year when soils ire no t to o sour, ma y be successfully seeded In most cases with such temporary pas- tures. church. Thursday evening will be church night. Sunday School Board meetin g a t 7 p. m. Lesson discussion at 7:3\. Subject \Elijah.\ Rehearsal at 8:1 5 Friday—Young people's Rally a t Gouverneur M. E . church . Oars leave a t 7:3 0 an d 7:45. All youn g people are invited. Sunday morning Rally Service. Special mu - sic Sunday , orchestra in attendance. Reception of members. Rally Da y sermon . All are most cordially in - vited. Sunday is Hap-est Home Service at th e Baptist church a t 2:3 0 p. m. Monday evening. Oct. 3, an enter - I tainment will be given. Rev. G. Up - ' ham will give a chalk talk, \Facts i Faces and Figures \ The Phila Bap - tist choir will furnish music. Ice i crea m an d cak e will be served a t the I close of the entertainment. j dred pounds o r more of acid phos- I phate t o th e acre at th e time of seed-1 ling; third, the light top-dressing of 1 •. new seedlings with manure during j their first fall o r winter, if experi- ence show s that lime an d acid phos- j phat e will no t make average new j seeding hay crops of two tons o r mor e , of ha y pe r acre; fourth, th e us e of' hard y strains of re d clover seed; and j fifth, the us e of som e alsike clover i seed in all cases except on very well ' drained soils naturally well supplied J with lime. This treatment will in-1 sure good yields of ne w seeding ha y crops consisting mostly of clover, ' good yields of second year ha y crops with a considerable percentag e of _^ w _ v _e ^ clover and . if In extreme cages neces- ! The endeavo r has been to shoi sity demands, rood yields th e third year with more o r less clover. Grow Sonne Alfalfa Too. On all dair y farms where there is well draine d soil that is no t to o sour liar&u-^faw?U (Ho. HOSIERY Rollins silk he m to p also rib to p in 20 colors $1.00 pr. Rollins silk and wool hose he m top an d rib top , popular shades at ll.OOpr. Rollins pointed heel___$1.29 pr. Ironclad an d Phoenix all pure siljt. service weight full-fashioned for |1.50pr. Phoenix all pure silk to top, ser- vice weight full-fashioned, ne w price $1.7 5 pr. No. 290 all weight full PHre silk fashioned .$2.00 pr. Outsize* in colors and white and Mack Rev S u :i •-! a AS WINTER APPROACHES HEED THIS ADVICE Promote fire prevention an d pro- tect your property and family. Las t year over $1,000 worth of property was burned every minute an d a life wa s lost every 3 5 minutes. Clean property seldom burnB—d o away with rubbish an d junk. Careless smokers burne d $30,000,- 00 0 worth of propert y last year. Kee p matches in metal boxes where children cannot reach them. Don't keep ashes in wooden boxes or deposit them agains t wooden buildings o r partitions . Don't change your electric wiring Sunday evening, without consulting a competent elec- anlev Todd, Miss Lri £. ian ; ^ , „ v Don t hang electric light corda on nails. Be careful with electric flatirons and always use with signal light. Use metal protection under all stove.-, an d protect woodwork where stoves or furnaces ar e close to walls Don't pass stove pipes through veiling, roofs o r wooden partitions. Have all flu -s cleaned, examined an d repaire d a t least once a year. Ev»ry open fireplace should have a s reen fxr, t connect ea.- stoves, heaters or hot plates with rubbe r hose. Don t use gasoline or benzine to cleanse clothing near a n open flame, light or fire. Use noninflammabie cleaner Don't af kerosene , benzine -or naptha :n lightine fires or to quick- en a si'-.w fir- D^n't use :.quid polishes nea r op - es i.ziit' Many such compounds contain volatile inflammable oils. Don't go into <-iosets with lighted mat<-h°s or randies R-••member that there is always danger In th e discarded cigarette an d r.ga r stub IncreaNing Permanent Pasture Yield* Permanent pastures ar e worth y of attention , for they produce very cheap feed. In sections where th e blue grasses an d white clover are more or less common an d wher e th e soils ar e derived from limestone o r quite well supplied with lime, top - dressings of limeston e an d acid phos- phate constitute th e best treatment, provided, ot course, there is som e grass to begin with. In other sec- tions where Rhode Island bent grass, or red fescue ar e common in th e pas- tures, an d where th e soils ar e poor in lime, top-dressing the fields with second, th e us e of thre e hun-j a portion of the farm manure supply, _>_ ___._- ,-...- aQC j witQ ac j ( j phosphate gives th e best response. Where the pastures I carry bu t little grass an d are badly > run ou t i t may be necessary to reseed ! them, du e consideration being given I to th e needs of the soil so that it I may be made fertile, an d t o the seed- ! ing mixture used so tha t plants are i chosen which are suited to th e par-! ticular set of conditions which the i local climate an d soil provide. i Summary | In th e preceding paragraphs a n | attempt has been made to show where th e problem of producing more an d better feed may b e attack- ed, an d to indicat e in the briefest ay som e of th methods involved. • that the problem ca n be me t and that there ar e several methods of attack , ' dependin g o n the genera l conditions prevailing in a territory and on th e situation of a n individual. Th e lim - a ,. v . . . ,„„ ^ „. , „ , it s of space d o no t permit a detailed !!?£ff. i d rlf2?S? ^frnfJZZ £ discttwion of an y of the suggestions; to seven years long, the alfalfa occu-, * gricQltura i extension service of New . four o r five year s in , v B „ fc c ,„^ represented by Turn the key/ and your Buick Is Double-Locked No lock could be safer! One turn of the key locks both ignition and steering wheel. But merely turning off the ignition does not lock the wheel. You may shut off the engine and coast, if you like, and still have your car under perfect control. , / And no lock could be more cbnvenitot! It is illumi- nated and located within easy reach, where the steering column meets ttye dfsh. e^uusiTe Buick feature emctits which charac- The Bukk double-lock —one of many imports terize Buick for 1928. BUICK MOTOR CO] [PANY, FLINT, ••fW Mfrt Cff*rm$i*m MICHIGAN York State Farm Bureaus, Count y the Ne w York glad to fur- nish detailed information to an y in- dividual after h e has decided what direction hi s endeavors should take. —John H. Barron, agronomy depart - „^\' v \*i7£ i nient, New York Stat e College of Ag- crops with ! riculture — pying the land each rotation. Thi s method of hand i^^h^hL^r^hi Zi'lll 'LS ! State College of Agriculture a t It h fs° 00?^ ^leV^Tor^l 1 ^ *\ ™. \'» * *>* d t o fur yields for a short time. It also al - lows th e farmer to advantageously utilize th e accumulations of soil nit - i rogen with cor n o r other cultivated I crops, an d small grain which alfalfa may be reseeded. On • lands no t suited to rotatio n farming but still good for alfalfa, the crop may with prope r management be t , maintained for a long period in a j ' high state of productivit y an d good > yields of fair to good alfalfa ha y may | I be taken. j Special Sweet Clover Pasture*. j On farms situate d on limestone soils, o r where th e lime requirement ( is no t s o great a s t o prohibit its eco- . Lime Wheat Ground. Clover failure is often due t o soil acidity. Plan to lime sour soils prior to seeding wheat . Hav e you r soil tested through your Farm Bu - reau o r your College of Agriculture an d adjust your seed mixture and your liming practice to th e acidity of your soil. This is th e first essential for a good seeding of clover with wheat as a nurse crop. SedM»*1195fc>*199? ' * COOMB H195 to 18S0 Sport Modeb n 195 to *1325 jtBprit**f. o.». rimt, Jficfc, m * — tmf'ht midU. Tfa CM. d. C fimmtimg pUm. ** MK tmlMkh. it mm***. WHIN nrrn AUTOMOBIIJS AIM BUILT ... BUICK WUX BUILD nam BUICK>1928 SEAKER-CRAVES MOTOR CO. GOUVERNEUR, N. Y. .age - V •ncdiatd -Vrs. Bo-< er.ng ar. j iajeht^r v *•;*<• fr.rr.ds in S>v Jersey Ti & pasior fee.* th e b*:»5: of th e r**« ax d Lh» pleasure cf aga.r. i-*-^:r <& time fr.eade in fcis ca*:v* •'.»: The Ra.; y \>v~ek ex^~i*e« aid terr're* te'.i .L. th e Methods: oh-rrfc La«t week were of a very intereeunj character Th e men's banquet tha t waa advertiaed for TS'edxttaday night vu poetpojied until last Friday £i<tt There were no* aa many pre«- ec*. aa or. aoxe previous occaaiona. bet thos e wb c were there had a food time CBVKCH OF THE NAZARJKXE 29* W» Main Street Tfct;r»day Fraye*\ afe**l-g—?:!$ p m Friday. Tomng Peopte • M**ttnf—7.J« p. Sunday Bxi-iay S<±oc. — l v (•<< a. m. Pr-a%rhir.g—i: r - A a. m Taatira-oty Service—\ C-0 p . a. Eratpeiiaue S^rvf?*—g.»e p m Tba fxii cooper prea<*ed at eavch er w-..: tr.*r some m MacPheraoc, Paaxor HOMF.RVILLF. M>TE8 Somerv.iie. Sept. 2 \ —The Lad:-*»* Aid meeting of lhe Methodist Ep.*- coi'A. -hurr h will tak e place r.ext Wedneaday . Got 5 Th e monthly dinner wf.l be served a t noon. LAst Sunda y wa s rally da y in th e Methods Episcopal church an d Sun- day school ar. i *'&.« well attende d John Bennett revived word of th e death of his sister. Mr? Mary Ida C,-.:: w-.dow of William Gill H*>r b'-rne w&^i m G~onria an d it is un- derstood that buria. took place in tha- otate Mr an d M-s Harley Bennett are r-eiviLg <x>r.grat ulationa on th e i,:rth of & daughter la*t Sunday Mr? Bennet t is a t th e home of he r mother ;n Canton. Mrs Albert Shippee of Gouver- neur ha s been »peed;a g th e past week with friend* here Marie Dunkelberg of Gouverneatr spent Sunda y with her grandpar- ents Mr an d Mr s W^liam Barker Mary An n Newall of Goovemeatr apent Sunda y with he r graadparents. Mr an d Mr s R E Brigg s Mr ax d Mn Will Barker an d Mr. and Mr* Charles Barker apect Mon- day in w»;ertown 8PR.*QtTvTTI.LE GfR L T O WEI> Axuwerp Sept 2 \ —A marriare licesoae ha t beet i»ned in tie town 'clerk* off-re r.c Fr»d«r.ck Bart Ack- er of Waiertowx ac d Laabell Haaal Mack of aajra^uerUlq. j CARD OF THAXSfi L W^ dav r e tc *Lhatk zz: fnanda 1 an d aoU^Sora far rt»* beaatful flow- era an d a*ic- f: r th e ac.*iy kisdeesae* ahow» UJ In ^u r recent bereavement Mr an d Mr s L D. Oreracker * .Mrs Beasd* Johnson. iMr an d Mr a F A Rick \ COAL PRItT> I hear *J:at th e ccai rof-.i? serving this s*<tion have filed fre.eht rate s of i v >u: \ .-v-nts & net tr z. lesa than Lhe rate in effect since th e wa r .As the price of coai advanced to m e 2 5 c-ex*-s m Jul> i^st an d a^ain 21 cen'-s on S^pt 1. sr. th e freieh: drop about equal? :h* advai--ed .x>st on coal I did no : advanc e my ;,rc e a' retail at either of th e advaxices. partly be- oa.u*e I ha d som e inforrriaiuon of a contemplated drr-p m th e freighc So in so far a s I no w know I will continue my spring pr.--e through the wfcter Ir. 1*93 I ar.id a new comer t o Gourem^r his -oai a t my price af- ter quite a iot of dickering A few yearn before h e died h e told m e that he ba d bought every pound of coal of m e that h e ha d ueed After hi s demise, hi s daughter continued a s a customer After he r deavtfc th e moth - er continued huTina of m e When she paat\>d away the aoa who ha s , a n important position W.th on e of : our bicre*: <^rporatk>na, caane on t e close u p affair* and he continues as i t rastomcr • AB were totally lDdepeodeBt of I me. prompt pay , no r ha d they any- thin g to sell ma . One iwV.Vow doe* not naake a summer ' b^t T lxa-e a nasiber of customer * :ust a s loyal an d near long Maybe if TOO hitche d your chariot to m y bea d m«, ysi ' • m:rf be a little betaer aatka««d vftt f TWT POSJ problem a •W ? CORBIN i P S —The show .n th e Oralm las: night wa s th e •arg«*t 5& eenta wcr.h I ever go: la that house Claaa. •na;py axd everybody raally triet t o pk^aje If you g o tonight I thiaJk ro« , wiil like h . A. KATZMAN A3 SON Headquarters for Columbia Viva-Tonal Talking Machines and Records Cabinets Of two-tone brown mahogany, ^igh lighted and shaded, ii^ttad of walnut, i I dAt Bargain Prices X& COLUMBIA machines are as pleasing to the eye as to the ear. Motors of three-spring, latest improved type, which insures noiseless- ness, ease of operation and many years of service. u| o4 full line of machines at your own price COLUMBIA RECORDS are received ^ekly- cAll the latest sopg and dance hits and class- ical numbers, COLUMBIA— % * <4 TJfe Records Without the Scratch.\ |, t^-% '**' A. KATZMAN & SON ( Clinton Street Goiif6i ueixr

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