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PAGEVW* twitew - *-$ t FORTY-SIXTH YEAR GOUVERNEUR. ST. LAWRENCE CO.. N. Y.. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1927 NO. 35 Gossip About Town i • The \BOYS OF '98\ V\ iit-n th e Republican s of the tow n of Gouverneu r gathere d on Saturda y for their annua l part y caucus, ther e apparentl y was som e inkling tha t a situatio n migh t develop. The public will seek, out a situatio n wher e they will not follow somethin g milder tha t .contain s not the possibility of a thrill. More tha n 2u0 persons, all voters , went to the Municipal build- in g Saturda y to \se e the show. \ The Buow was not as hlled with thrill s as it migh t have been but was ex- tremel y mild. Th e old ticket of of- fice holder s was renominate d withou t a break . Thei r nomination s were made unanimous . In th e town of Dekal b ther e oc- curre d a few upsets. These, upset s wer e unexpected, it is said, but not to some. Putting the m into force | wa s a matter of mor e or less for- mality . Frank Rich agai n was nom - inatta for supervisor . However , on th e office of tow n clerk ther e was a contes t in whic h Ir a W. Sayer, th e incumbent , wa s successful. Anothe r . contes t developed over th e office of i tow n superintenden t of highways , j Th e caucu s ther e furnishe d jus t th e [ thrill s tha t th e people desire. They do no t all admit it readily, bu t it was th e prospec t of a battl e tha t brought man y ot the m to th e caucus . ENTIRE G.O. P. Hard Coal MAIN STREET TOWN TICKET Freight Rate CR0Sm T0 Here Is Cut RENOMINATED BE PERMITTED | Full Slate Named Saturday by i Republican Caucus. Several of Officer* Have Served Many Terms—Mor e Tha n 20 0 Person* Out Expecting Sensation*. A Mil', -late Ot li.-p'.lbl'.v .i!l officer s of the t< nominal* caucus li vw n of Co •d a t the -eld a t the ilVertleu r W; Republican • Municipal is re- town build- Gouverneur Consumers to Benefit to Extent of SO Cents a Ton as Result of Reduction. New Rules Govern Traffic at Park and Main Streets, Top Row , left t o right—Ijawwnce Be-niiott, sub ; James Ferraii , tackle ; K. Payne , guard; Jerome Payne, guard; Kln«»r Lytle, end . Secon d Row—II. Smith , full back ; Nap B. I^alone, haK back ; Arthur H. Abbott , quarter back ; Robe** Clifton, half hack ; Herber t Clifton, end; Georg e L. Tait, Botto m Row—Bert Ledgw. sub; Jam** ^Yawi<r>, sub; F. Smith , tackle . Gouverneur Team Which I Here's Man who Th e weathe r durin g th e past fort- nigh t ha s been a deJIght to farmer s engage d in harvestin g thei r corn. The y hav e been somewhat late In thei r summer's wor k as the heav y ba y crop in som e Instance s ha s re - quire d double the, amount of wor k i _ tha t it ordinaril y does. Thei r grai n | •*- \\ \ harvestin g wa s set bac k abou t two I Football Tea m of Which George L. Tait Was Manage r Bac k in 189 8 an d Had Excellent Record Won't Forget the Wind Storm I | itiu in this village on Saturda y after- noon. Th e caucu s was attetuh-d by mor e tha n l'\*' persons, man y of who m ha d come expecting a little excitemen t such an ha d been furnish - ed by Republican caucuse s in the jpast . but ther e wa s not a deviation from schedul e an d th e caucu s passed I off withou t a ripple. Th e following slate was renom - inated : Supervisor . James B. Thompson . Tow n Clerk. H. C. Rogers . Justic e of th e peace. E C. Bab- cock. Trustees . Thomas L. Rutherford . Justic e of the Peace , Ear l I^aid- law. Tow n superintenden t of Highways , Leslie J. VanNamee . Assessor, four vears, A. H. Turn- bull. Assessor Merriman . Collector. Henr y J. Loveletss. Oversee r of th e Poor . Natha n E. Brown . tw o years . E. E. Osier, two years . Eugen e A tri-ight rat e reductio n of ap- proximatel y .\M* cents a ton on all anthracite coal enterin g th e village of Ctouverneur has been procure d throug h the efforts of th e Gouv. r- neu r Chambe r of Commerce , accord- ing to announcement today. Th e re- ductio n becam e effective on Sept. 2$. Wor d of th e success of the efforts of th e local chamber , which ha s been assisted by th e Gouverneu r coal mer- chants , wa s received by Presiden t Byron J Carpente r on Tuesda y an d he immediatel y notified dealer s of th e new schedule . Th e announcement cam e from th e office of Division Freigh t an d Passenge r Agen t F. L. Wilson of the St. I^awrence division of th e New York Centra l a t Water - town. The movemen t to obtai n a new an d lower tariff on har d coal to Board Adopts Regulation Permittht f Right and Left Turn s from Grore to Main on Red Light—Rule * t o Be Rigidly Enforced. Kith' A'.'.A '.*•!'• ? :r\.s on th e re d Grove to .Main stree t wa s >o:i Tuesda y evenin g by >f th e vi Hag*- b(*urd as a the traffic proble m at th e of Gouverneur . Oross- et will be made in th e green light. I i t lit !ri» divided member ; solution \busy corn* r\ ing of the strt futur e on the Crossing of Main stree t from Park to Grove street s also will be permit - ted in futur e on the gree n light on - ly. Ther e will be no left turn s fro m Par k stree t to East Main. Whe n the board convene d Tuesday evenin g th e members wer e confront - ed with a petition, signed by IS busi - ness me n an d resident s of Park stree t traffic proble m be reache d that would be sweh an annoyance t o the m as th e presen t system . The new regulation s wer e th e result . The boar d also decided that the new traffic regulation s woul d be rigidly enforce d and violator s wil l be apprehended an d given «ui r-v. oc t 0 r n I Gouverneur was starte d mor e than a ( ses to appea r in police ©own to ana - two years . Cheste r B. , „,__ w __ . w „__. i wer oharge9 of violation s of the or - •weeks through th e delaye d hayin g and the n cam e th e corn, a mos t im- portan t par t of th e farmer' s work . .. it is n.a» e ,» J v^- n ^ _*»flW4'2**ii Yararff i be don e before heav y frosts destro y , it. Many farmer s assist each othe r i in th e wor k whic h lighten s it all j around an d speed s up th e operatio n I materially . Fo r th e mos t part the' cor n is well in an d fall plowin g is ! unde r way. Many farmer s hav e al- j g^m e Which Contained Serera) Well Known Young Men of the Village. 1S9S Georg e L. Tait, now a local tea m journeye d to Potsdam know n retire d clothin g I n 4 well chan t of thi s viuage , \organize d a football tea m an d th e accompanyin g photograp h show s th e players . Th e pictur e wa s take n in th e C. C Cun- ningham studi o after the close of a mos t successful season . Th e tea m played four game s dur- ing th e fall seaso n of 189S. Its first with St. Lawrenc e uni- mer- wher e it me t an d defeated the m Gouverneu r in th e early day s ' boosted several excellent teams. Its 3 0 most complete d their s while other s \ versity will not haste n it for a time . Th e Gouverneu r tea m won th e game by a score of 5 to 0. The following Saturda y Gouverneu r play- ed th e Watertown Red an d Black Juniors, playin g the m in Gouverneu r to a scoreles s tie. Th e Watertown tea m wa s muc h chagrine d over the showin g agains t \little Gouverneur, \ an d invited it to go to Watertown th e following week for a showdown . Gouverneur went to Watertown an* faced an entirel y different aggrega - tion . Gouverneu r lost by a score of 30 to 0. Th e following week the tained in its line-u p seven player s who neve r ha d seen a football game before appearing in th e regula r line- up. Th e tea m wa s coacbd by Prof. H. DeW . De Groat , principa l of Gouverneu r High school wh o flayed in th e regula r line-up. On on e oc- casion the tea m played Potsdam at Potsda m an d wa s defeated 3 2 to 0, and th e stor y is told tha t whe n th e players returned to Gouverneu r on the following da y they left th e trai n before it reache d the Gouverneur station and th e player s too k bac k streets to thei r home s to avoid th e jeers of a crowd gathere d at the rail- road station to gree t th e tea m on its homecoming . In tha t line-up wer e D. M. Hazelton . F . Erwi n Cox. A. K. Abbott. Georg e L. Tai t Has it Brought Vividly t o Hi* Attentio n — Was On e of th e Wors t on Record . In Ireland , all date s in th e past 1 it ar e fixed . by o the. *X£&\ *#j£d s *9 r Th e win d storm , possibly mor e se- vere tha n an y eve r experience d in thi s section, left an indelible im- pression on th e race. All person s Willia m H two years , Georg e E. Sidney Foe- Th e weathe r throughout th e coun- ' try ha s been unusua l and St. Law - renc e county' s is no exception, al-' \though it is mos t unusual . . Th e | thermometer has . for many day s j past, range d withi n a narro w margin) ot summer heat , somethin g most ex- \ traordinar y for this period of the year . Report s from elsewher e show that thei r weather , too, ha s been ex- tremel y warm , in places even warmer tha n in mid-summer . Whether this is a good or bad ome n as far as the forthcomin g winte r is concerne d re- main s a problem , bu t a t any rat e th e longer th e warm weathe r con- tinue s th e shorte r th e fall an d winte r mu?: necessarily be. Merchant s ar e complainin g that th e continue d war m weathe r has delayed th e fall buying season and probabl y the y ar e correct in th. s statement . Bu t cooler w&ath- er will come an d buyin g will be faster. Ther e will be a scurr y for fail appare l and fall goods generally. SWAN SELS INTEREST IN CHICAGO HOTEL Former Resident of Gonverneor Now Residing in the L a Salle for the Winter Months, , Willia m R Swan, know n to man y t of ou r reader ? from his series of article s appearin g in th e Fre e Press durin g a number of year s past, an d wh o is a Gouverneu r product , havin g _ : been born in a small red brick house tha t stood on th e corne r of Main an d Gordo n streets , know n the n as the Anthon y corner, has disposed of his interns : ia the New Graymon t hotel in Chicag o which he ha« op- erate d with success. On October 1. Mr and Mr= Swan took up thei r residence a: the La Sal-*- hotel in Chicago, w-here they ma y remai n durin g the winte r or untii Mr Swan finds somethin g to his liking in the hotel line. fix- date s in Irelan d from \before ! th e grea t wind \ or \just after th e I grea t wind. \ Now, in th e lives of th e ordinar y individua l inhabitin g thes e part s a wind stor m is a win d stor m an d nothin g more . On e ma y get a par - ticle of san d in his eye which ma y seem as large as th e hea d of a ham- mer , or another ma y chas e his ne w Dobbs from on e end of th e stree t to th e other , but few mark tim e from th e wind storm s whic h ar e th e cus- tom in northern New York. However , on Frida y last ther e oc- curre d a win d stor m which will long I be remembere d by on e well know n I residen t of Gouverneur . Th e Fre e j Pres s rathe r hesitate s to give th e i matte r th e publicity it warrants be- : cause of the tendenc y on th e part of I th e public to criticise a periodical which repeatedl y feature s personage s in its columns . Only a fortnigh t ago thi s sam e perso n ha d a harrowin g I experienc e in the Sylvia lak e sec- tion whe n forest fires wer e raging , an d in tha t he prove d th e hero . His name , confidentially, is Georg e L. ; Tait. I Th e reaso n tha t th e wind stor m ! means so muc h to Mr. Tai t is really an aggravatin g matter to him . H e make s no boast s of it. but hi s plight was. to him , far from humorous, an d Mrs. Kat e Taylor, age d ~>\ years . , had not a friend happene d alon g an d a nativ e of England , died suddenl y • rescue d hi m from hi s bonds , he at th e home of he r sister, Mrs John-might hav e perishe d much in th e sam e manner as di d the babe s in Constable , Constable , Murphy . Constable , two year s Hayde n Constabl e Olds. Constable , two year s ter. I Committe e of three cies. J. O. Sheldon . M. j A. Dickson. ' Inspector s of election, District 1 m I E C. Babcoek. Norri s E. Marsh ; dis tjeJ.Uict 2. D G. Scholton . A. H. Tur n j bull; u. ^oe&rVic t 3. A. H. Abbott . W. A IStreeter ; listri .' \ Si 4„ R W. Bus h j Winifre d Wood ; distn,. *\\\m ,J V 5L W. A ; Storie, L. W Kitts . rain., fill vacan- Pierce , A. .>ear ago . Th e chamber sough t first! the intervie w with representative s of j dinance s the New York Centra l an d wa s im - j Th e Park , mediatel y assure d of fair treatment . The y negotiate d throughout last fall, last winte r an d even into th e sprin g an d summer with the resul t tha t ap- proximatel y 50 cents on each ton is saved for th e consumers of thi s coal. The reductio n likewise benefits Edwards coal consumer s an d thos e I a t intermediate points, as well as j consumers at Dekalb . Canton , Nor- I wood an d Massena. Rates a t othe r I point s are slightly in excess of Gouv- I ernemr' s rate , but th e proportio n of j reductio n will be substantiall y the \ same . I Th e old rat e on prepare d sires of anthracit e coal wa s $4.54 per ton. (O n pea coal, buckwhea t an d smalle r j grades , th e rat e was $3.66 per ton. ( Th e reductio n of coal freight rate s ,, 'rr iH -UJean an annua l saving to Gouv- Th e caucu s was opened with the •_• • l L con3U mers of approximatel y , readin g of th e call by TowD j$ inn0 . V It will mea n a correspond - i Clerk H. C. Rogers . M. H Pierce. ! *\ • l 'J; » to othpr looa iitie 8 Th e Republica n town committeeman, pre-1 *°* \m* ! sided. Nomination s the n wer e re- j J^\£ n Main an d Grov e intersectio n will be plainly marked so tha t no person s ca n avoid obeyin g the regulations . The'lnatter of making Mai n stree t a two-wa y stree t wa s discuased, bmi the boar d finally decided that with. turn s all way s a t th e comer, tfce school childre n comin g to an fro m th e Grammar school wer e ho t glrea sufficient protection . Tfcla *k«refor » was overruled . Police Chief Du«en « T. B&trpay presente d his monthl y repor t of ar- rests. It showe d ten arrests during September , thre e for peti t larceny , six for public intoxication and on e for assaul t in th e thir d degree . Chief Garfield Burleig h appeared before th e board an d set forth a re- quest of th e fire department to be permitte d to use th e secon d floor of the Municipal building for a priie fight. Thi s wa s overrule d by the board o n th e groun d that MRS. TAYLOR DIES AT THE WYATT HOME Sister of Mr*. Wyatt, Native of Eng- land, Expires Suddenly on Tuesday Afternoon. Northern New Yorker s galore this wee k wiii leave, for New York to •w.tness 'oae or two\ of the world her:** baseba.l game s as they put it Baseball interes t ;ncrease s each fall as the world s-eries t.m e arrives and person s who ar e ne t familiar w.-.h tfc fi affair? of the two league-leadin g team s become so well versed tha t by th~ tim e the series end s the y ar e able to carr y or. a real intelligent conver- astio n on the subjec t of baseball Thi s i* not tru e of all, as thousand s upo n thousand s follow the sport.n g pag e conscientiously throughout thf- aeaeon. bu t for the mos t par t the publ.c showa merel y a season-*nd Interest , which come? to a cMtsax \with the world serie s Baseball continue s to hold th e stag e with the America n public althoug h prir e aght - Izg periodically w.:i creat e an inter - est which appear s to surpas s th e in- terer t of baseball Bu t *oz a steady die: basebal l hold s sway ore r all ©ther rport s Bi.--eb*r. professional- iz e 2 i s r. \>: distasteful, bu t football ;i« aa ---a:.rely d:3 & ren t matter As 'jcr n as to * profess.aaa\. e>ia«»E: er.'er? f:-:ba'.l t^.- ;;;bl. - shew, a la.-k of :n*er-»- ~Tt* r a «»n .5 not clear, b-: it i- v as*-<; o r a ?k-\:^\i s 3i whic h th e pur.i c tas bee r led ••: her.eT- *x.«:# w>*:r.«ir .: T? 'h-re --r rot . Th* p.b'.ic likes baa*hall and tho** W B'- are not able '.a a'ten d :h* gaxe* conten t themselves. w-.ih •witching scoreboard * and sitting ta on radi o re^Li-r-r? follow th e gaaes in MILDRED GAUTHIER TO WED IN SPRING eneagemei. ; of Mis Oaiithier of New Rocheile of this village to Johr. F Wals h o. Ponphkeepsi^ . has be*-r. announce d accordin g to wor d reachin g in th:« viliae e Th \ mamae* tak * place r.«-xt sprinE it :? said. M.se Gauiiiir r is err.T'.oyed by the : ftriatir,r Guaranty Tr-« t compan y of N>-»- j Rirer«;d York Mr Water, is manager of :he Coro Cofca 'ompany of Poni<rhke*psie Mis* Gauthie r :s th e daughter of Mr* ; and Mr\ Willia m Gau*tr..*-r. former- ly of th>* vil^ajre Her fathe r for a j number of years crp*rate<i motion I pictur e theatre s m :hi? village wt»T« ;h*- family wa? well know- For a shor t tim e M.ss Gauthie r w*e en- , cared m the makin g of motion pic- ture, takin g par t in the prodwrtion White Rose, in which Mi- Marsh was rtarre d Wyatt , in Clinton stree t Tuesda y af- ternoo n Sh e wa s found dead in bed by Joh n Christian , wh o makes his hom e with Mr and Mrs. Wyatv Mrs. Taylo r ha d been in he r usua l healt h althoueh she ha d suffered .-onu-what from asthm a in recen t we*-ks- She went to h*-r bedroo m to lie down abou t mid-afternoo n an d at 4 ?,'> she was found dead. She wa s born in Grimsby . Ene - land. April 3<*. 1 *• 77. th e daughter of James and Susan Cotta m Christ - ian She rwid^d In Enelan d he r e«.r- ly life an d li year? ag o accompan - ied Mrs Wyat t to her home from Enelan d ait- r Mr? Wyat t had r.a.d a visit to Er.eland. She mad e he r home her^ sin*-** Beside* Mrs Wyatt . she lpav« two .'.dred i oth»r ?i«*ers. Mrs TV ma? Maiden of merly : Yorkshire . Eneland. and Mr? Susa c Wyd :.'>ws*r.shire. England . Funera l services will be held friends | Thursda y aff-rr.^on at 2 from th e 1 | Wya- t home . Rev V O. Boy>. rec- Trinit y Episcopal church , of- z Lntermer.t will b* mad e in emet°>ry ADAM LINK DIES AFTER SHORT ILLNESS Funeral day af:»rn( of Mr. and boro street serv.•-•**« w^re held Men >on a: 2 fr.-m th e horn- Mr? W«ibb Lnk Hai>s for Mr Link' s fathe r E.nk. whos e deat h <vr U r : -«•<••/ * CAR THIEVES CAUGHT IN WILKES BARRE. PA. C] uc a i in \ rnornme by Murph y of Barre . Pa c Msv. Gae c ill of -hat r •«• Ix-al p''l.-e ~Tr.~ •r.e -hef- on Wed -' a F-*d -onp * -T :A.-- F'.a.-k -•: * i - s*-.>n frcr . Vi : ?*re^' »t i-t»*.4i; r th e th Tn* tire* w^ Poli- e >st at Eue*n * W.lke = amon M ^ M-Car'r,v la-.n* of th* barre d «• th Th» resiainde T th * da.iy pre*a :i:< v.i'.ar* wh.- h ts rark.nc *pice ic >. M- F'.a<k TU •atTr e *rr**ted a : 1*? •e*t th - r*-* fe-- e 0 ; : v ^ It is ;r-bab> tha t :ity our-t back '.c th:* Tillage nmen t en the chare * War - ran - * haT - b»«-*?E swera oat and w-.ii be t-.rsed or*: to the d:«tr.-: at- torne y of St Lawreco e county ram-las \».£: or. Frida y last at th * state hosp. - ,-:! in r >?densbt:re wh*r* he ha d b**ri -oDfined for only a week R*v P D M&ng. M*thodist pastrr . offiriate i Intermec * was mad e j n F-ullerrille Mr Link ha d mad * his hom e j H GoBTerneu- f-r th* p»-t 2S year s He followed th e cx-rnpa - .,->r, of a day labore r most of hi? life H* was bnm Sept 2<; 1*5^ in> D*pey«ter Hi- fathe r was th e '.ate Ira Link Ab--ut **'' years ae* he wa»» marrie d •-. Mary Murpr.v T:,- , rerv-.-,--•« hi—. R-e-. ;;: hi « widow he .« -~. rv-;ve,\} by -h-ea t.-,- ; Clyde Link of F-w,er W-r.v !.;nk of Gouvemen- and V : r.- •-er.t Lnk -f Cleveland A da - :rt-*-r\ al=- «urv're * r-;t h c r addre« a ',» -c * V r Link was *r= - 5*r'ke*» ;'.! i'vv -wo ye^rs air-. Par - -•' th * - ;n« sr.-e h* ha? mad— h.= h->me w •-. his son Clyde at Fc«>: A wee'e - &z - h.» '-ond.t.on becam e s*r.- -\ns and he »u r fi rr.0T*d t- th e j-^-e msutatioc 5-iorrly tftej- his ar- rval h* ra?*red an sttawk of broachU l pn\*-mon.a whivb caused k:a deat h th e woods. George, himself a tidy body, cam e down from his Sylvia lak e summer home , on Friday mornin g He went to his villae e home in Rock Island street an d in enterin g th e yard he observed several loose branche s in th e top of a lhre * elm tree in front of hi? hom e whi*-h wer e hangin g by mer e threads . George s instinc-ts for tidiness immediatel y asserte d them - selves and so he sallied forth to th e cellar in search of hi s favorit e saw-. After standin g a long ladde r which had been in th e family for several generation s an d in whic h he ha<d utte r confidence, securel y aeains t th e tree, he mounted , saw in hand , to the top rung Ther e he gazed abou t Th e loos*- branche * which he sough t to remove , wer e several feet hirher tha n he could reach. What to do Geore e settled back for a shor t tim e to a stud y of the situation . Fin - ally h e decided that by hookin g th e saw handl e ove r a shor t branc h which wa s six to e.eht fe-^t abov e h.s hea d an d thu s re.*>asing hi s two hand s for othe r work he would be able to r*-aoh a point from wher e b e -ould fell th* offending limb Now. reade r understand . Mr Tait had no audienc e ar>d these farus ar e i given as h e afterwar d relaxed them. and this newspape r anumn no re- sp<\ nsibiiit r for thei r authenticity . Mr Tait. as his friends will at- test, knows hLs sawy. an d sn he hooke d ;t well abov e his he»d and af - *r f.xine a secur e plac e for on e of his fe*>t. h* edee d himself alon g up in the direction of th e afore-rneo- wer e re - ceived for permanent chairman and, G. Murra y Holme s was first put In Watertown. t_>. nomination . Mr. Holme s declined to 1 serv e an d th e name of Attorne y Ar- j thur T. Johnso n the n was placed in j nomination . H e wa s elected an d took . th e chai r James B. Thompson , superviso r of! th e town of Gouverneur . wa s pu t in ; nominatio n by M. E. Loveland . Mr Lovelan d delivered a prepare d j speech, urgin g his rennminatio n and I election on th e groun d tha t Mr. f Thompso n ha d serve d th e tow n well ' durin g th e pa-;t ter m He pointe d to * his sure ss in gettin g th e town des-1 ignate d for county roa d constructio n an d pi'inted to th e fact tha t town' taxes never were lower tha n durin g | hi s term . His nominatio n wa s mad e unanimous by the caucus . Mr. Pierr e tha n was called upon to serv e as chairma n while Chair- ma n Johnso n placed H. C. Roger s in nominatio n for the office of town cler k Thi s nominatio n also wa s mad e unanimous . Th e other s were renominate d an d approve d by the caucu s unanimousl y after which th e caucu s was adjourn - ed. Several of the officers hav e served th e townshi p man y terms . Amon g them is Town Clerk H C Rogers . Mr. Roger s h efficient offic I ^~-,v* v/ii iIIC RIUUUU mar t th e en - mad e is substantiall y th e trance s an d exits did not confor m t o at received last yea r by the requirement s of th e law pertain - \ •-*- ' \' ing to public gatherin g places. •r-mhage an d Clayto n SISTERS^!* \ n . AT CEREMONY I THIS MORNING JMRS.ALDRICHS MOtHEiTfiS'E ^ EVANS MILLS Rosanna and Elizabeth King Become Mrs. Venetria £. Converse, Afe4 85, Brides at Wedding Held in St. Expires at Her Home— Wat Wei James Church. ' Known Here. I Or.\ of the pretties* an d largest wedding s ever held in this village I took place at 7 thi s mornin g whe n i two daughters of Mr. an d Mrs. James Kin g of Wilso n stree t becam e bride s at a doubl e weddin g ceremon y per- . forme d a t the St. James Catholic [churc h by Rev. Father M F . Galli- | van. 1 Miss Rosann a King, daughter of Mr an d Mrs King, becam e the bride 'of Randolp h Joseph Girar d of Talc : ville, an d Miss Mary Elizabet h King becam e th e brid e of Frederic k C. Smit h of Syracuse , formerl y of thi s ! village. been one of th e most' The ceremony wa s performe d on ; th e town ha s had . | the altar of ^ fhurc h in th e pres- His excellent commende d in in which th e the Gouverneu r off best f on d lifted ;n E K. ()s!er has -••onstay ]'• for man y onriii'\. recently was an inspector s report . inspector pointed to t< e as on e of th e the stat e held th e off if e of ye^rs and alway s ha s rarriecj o.;t his du f ie s to the en- tire satisfaction of all. as has also Natha n E Brown, oversee r of th e pew-r. who has held th e offke several ve.'.;•<-' as o n e Re*:. QU!< :he Fu : -aucus it ha d been ru- - 'ircie-<» tha t som e op-i nrrur . but •' >ne de- he <au'i« we-.t down or. record. i fa>-* tha t the rtrr.er. - (•'. th e town ba> :;.p*d wi' h new ar.d up. nery bridge* and new he f.narria: condition , = m the best of shap e t all requirement s ar e Ir.s'e&^d of payin e in- : • 'r*:.-- ar e <• bl.sred to of <\K>Uverneur at the s .tj-e'.f drawin g inter- bank - ! *ncr> of mor e tha n ?,>>'> friends an d relative s of th e couple. Miss Mary Mason played Beethove n s weddin g marf h an d Mrs Cahill Rane In mediatel y afte r th e wf*ddinp <-er-:r.ony. a wMcldm? br*-rtkfa^ - was -erv- d for the weddint party, t^eeth - ••r w.*h a iarEt- number of th» i r in- timat e friends and close r'iatives , at th e hom e of Mrs- Theodor e O'Neil in Wy«ir, street , after which th e two couple* departe d for a week'* wed- din p Tip . M.ss Rosann a K.nt was attire d in a d; •»SS Of ;,E-h t •r.n.m.ed with yellow pic - ur e ! stocking s and s carrie d a show }Ier sister E.i; yellow at S ipt>er* •r Vr u ir»- - h M wore -.i.ver c. mfttch and j*-: ff roies. wore a rire^s :te w. - T. white w:*h biu* an d king s and she :ere the the we ticne d limb. Her e wa s traeed y happened—— Hardl y ha d he stepped f r top r.tr of his iadd*r . which said, had been m th e Tai* family for *•- many year s withou t anyth.nc of thi s na'ure bavinr pr**\.^ usly -vrur - re*d *h-: suddenl y ther- r-ame from tl-.e £:\•«• •~t-\>n of *he fa.rero-unds. a half-biork away , a s:ror.e btir*> - of win d Th * 1- ddcr tippled, toppled an d sur-*-d. and finally f«-il fiat to the gTv.-.l It i- rtC't diff.-jlt *- *^i> Mr Tait » predi-a-r.•.-.: Ther e :* w*vs ar-d -«-surl y wc .Id J--* «uil ti'. '•'? th e -:a:*ly arrval of K E LcTe'.i- 1 wh o hap;-*r.e.d past •-•yc hear d th * shonta frc-r. th e tr*-*•-• 07 In th e p&st Yr Tait, for saany y*-*-* an *i;-*r: tailo r ha d mad e :'.otb.-«ic fr Mr L*cv»iiaxd on nnrn*jr-.^» o-ca^ioa« bu- even » Mr bov*i*r.d der-..d*d to f^rr*t :*. an d let byrt>o«« be brroaea TOWN CAUCUS IS HELD' IN OGDENSBURG Th e f.rrt ran;-. - held by th e town of Owerat-hi* ?:r.-e it? divorce from the rity of Ogdensbur g was h*ld Sat- urda y aftern'-'-n at Heuveito n in F-rri- Hail It »a* one of the larg- --.-• eve r held in the town as more -han thre e hundre d bajlot? wer e ro-ed Ther e was but e'ne contest that f-.r the offi e of tow s «nper-in- •end'-r.\ rf hichway * Ther e were *hr*e -andidate s for the place. Ar- •hi- Burn* the ;re-^nt incumber - E-*rs-. n Lawye r an d Joh n Coope r V- Burr * wa« name d on th* 2r«t of pcrjdre blue p.- rg pictur e ha t trim rr. - d whit e shoe* an d sto a)»v> car-ie d a *h'.•»*.: Both r.r.deg ar e «< T^hey w»re bom and and have wpen - the. r entir e i.ves Gci,ve rr .eu r Mr Girar d Is em pi ed at Ta.cvil > He is the son Mr and Vr« Arthu r Gfrard of T Evan s Mills, Oct. 4.—Mrs . Vene - tria E Converse . 85 , die d at the hom e of her sister, Mrs. Eugene Child, nea r L-eraysville a t 9:4 5 last Thursday . Mrs. Convers e wa s born a t l-erays- ville Feb. 24. 1842 . a daughter of Ifeman an d Jemima Wafu l She liv- ed in the tow n of Leray , nea r Le- raysville. all he r life wit h th e excerp- tion of th e pas t few, which sh e spen t in Philadelphi a an d Gouverneur . She was marrie d to Alber t Moaner 1R iv5» . One child, the late Pamelie, E Mosher. wh o wa s marrie d to F . J. Phelp s was born to them . After th e death of he r first husband , sh e mar- ried th e late Edward Convers e in 1>79. A daughter . Grac e E. Con- verso Aldrich of Gouverneur . wido w of the late B. W. Aldrich , survives . other -urvivor s ar e thre e sisters : Mrs. Euzene Child of I-eraysville, Mrs. Lov.ra Fowle r of I-eraysville ar.d M r * Esthe r Martin of Water- •own. two brothers . I>ester Waful of Leraysviile and Charle s Waful of Eas t Roc-hester: thre e grandchildren . Mrs F C Anderso n of I-eray Man- sion. Irene Aldrich an d Edwar d Ald- ri> h of Gouverneur . two erea t gr:ir.dch;!dren. Mis- \':rsr;nia Ander - >f;t. of I^eray mansio n and Mrs L. G Wilde r of Carthage , an d se-veral ni'-'-« and nephew * The funeral wa s h*ld Saturda y at 2 I' 1 p m . frorr. th e hom e of he r granddaughter , Mrs F S Anderson . l-eray mansion . Rev M P Re-ach of <;ouv*meTjr officiating. Interment ta? mad e at Sbee-pfold. 1 k:.o» n here educate d h*re Several forme r acquaintance s and - -nds of Mr* Convers e in Gouver- r attende d th e ser» - ices She wa s 1 know n her e as she had risi'e d '• frequentl y V xeroa. .eft h-r mitr. former. y e &r-*l* - ' '. hi * L th e .-or.du-t }{-rjse for son . several ye^r? •a/ us* th e < Mr by 'h e Sy- Axotr rr*«nt we Sm: - h of Water - Smit h of Wa'er\ Arhur Girar d o Marv G.-ard . Talc -ird ' Ta> ville M ra.se Mr* Chi Ro-r.e Mi*** J-'nie L:rh ' r*sid«d her e •mcie. Frar.k of the C rr.- ,e tim e H* a*ro for Syra- f .* empicye d PRESBYTERIAN MEET TO BE HELD OCT. 14 o: town r%e?ts and Mr» Eurer. * wn Miss Isab*i re Mr and Mrs Tai-'ville M:«*s r-.:ie. CharU-s 1'):- iry G:rard r >f Sy- ri*» Ba*-rmar. of Baerrr.an Rorr * :a*r -andida a*> holla: R--S r-r* R - i ?ie r -.-rr. na-ed Sur-rv.*o r Dr ,erk Ira Brds-c. ire*.r,. i«».*or= and Joh n Ts£- » X**-~ Andre* H-t;tin-on as d Geo-r e M^r.r •• e.-n Va- <\ •--wec.- M-S P.. N*r.-i Th< Ms!.*-.-. Rem * Fran k Mc- »cwe;rr Mr and M-= Napol- o-f ort^r Edwari Ma'ctt , J-**-;r, y.'a- - hy <«wero; (rrc, (••uet- . ar.d Miss The th* S t held - v urr' \!• 14 F rig re is '*--•,- Lawr*nc the. - a :ur s Fr ..li'jtai- ^ e !>y t h 0 stage one 0 ! -f the D r M a •• f* - • r t * \te C h l^arr* Water- other , lir.er-. kfi »v . - I n tyre r .,-d :« ; .r h . n i * ' •- e a • i c ••r. (;•-•- ... • - ?.< *•- • r- ' a - Pr**hyt*ri !or= of the lay evening. '^p.^rat .or.* V-:,'s B-r • r r-»**- : • undertak e g'-.-inr hi- ; .-.-tin g - h * • me n or will be Ogdens - Cxtober are he- herhoo d ' ey»ntS 1 R-v. . r-i* and men -f - ar* -xpec - ei fr \a •ir-r:*t: Cantc n ar. l ev :rr J-hn Marquis . a' v of the b^&rd of and one ; f the -:' the pr»»< u y- 3 w .11 feature the K r o: *••% meet.n*: and e. * ?h1« ~\ -li m *h- M\RRI F f> .- \<,V II E\-f I«-- V.-y* I FJ> M*. • e« a i:>u..a- Ta: idde r i-a.--* rarne ^a-ua . Ti* stor y d'd not l**k '-u* lew - :4 hc.r? bBt Mr Tal : 1**<nd*<I to mak e a ciear. br* rh* thin g ind tier* it i» th*' ir»a. y k« Of Vrs G-iff- h W ;i .J izi •an -f Baidw-.r. L I r*t-m-d t- -r hom e Thursday af-er spendin g e pa«: :»: week* a* ga*st» rf he r 1 div hter V- —,ar* l.cens* a- Clerk H C Roce* Bla-t v -:m pare-;t! Joh n * as.d Mr« D M M Piarkburr . is h :^ cf Mr ar.d \f V>-., Tertte-! iaaftrer ->f Mr .--nr He Mr- Joaa and Mrs. 11* of Spenre r Mil** T tlve of Brld«e->or- ,e bride N\ T

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