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PAGE TWO GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 12. News of the Past From the Files of the Gouverneur Free Press i Thirlj -• •'!»«• V<vir> \fi<>. Ot t 111. 1V<_' Mi> MniK.irTt Kifi Of W.uiditiKtou is viritinp rfkuivt-x In row ii Gerald Kin>?.-UMKh of Home is vis- itin g Mr* Lort'ii St Claire and fam- ily. Mr>. Nileta • Mr.Mullin of ()*d«'ns- burg is iJif cueM of he r sister, Mrs Willia m Han Miss Henna X HUMS has returne d from Watertow n wher e she has b--en visiting friends. Myron Palme r of Prinretou . III., formerly of St. Lawrence county, is visiting friends in town Mrs. S. \V. Payn e arrive d hom e last evening after having si>ent a month in Washingto n an d vicinity. Mr. and Mr*. Gilbert Mann, of Franklin. N. Y ar e visiting their Bon, W T. Mann, the photographe r A reporte r of the New York Daily Pree e waa in town yesterda y to re- port Secretary Foster' s speech to ihat p-aper. Dr W H. Hoole of the New York Eas t conference will occupy the Methodis t pulpit next Sunda y a t the morning and evening services. Mr. an d Mrs. G. H Tallet t of Wa - tertow n an d Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lawto n of Oswego were in town last week to atten d the Reunio n of Bat- tery \D.\ Many of the Gouverneu r people who went to New York on the ex- cursio n hav e remaine d in th e city t o witnes s the great Columbia n cele- bratio n which began ther e on Satur - day an d closes today. ilili : In Gouverneur , Oct. 4, 1S92, to Mr. an d Mrs. Frank T. Hill, a daughter . Mr. an d Mrs. Fre d King. Mrs. Kev. B. C. Biaisdell and Miss Hattie Gar- lock of Depauville were the guest - of Mrs. Dr. Chee-sman. Drs. Hawley. Close. Allen and F. F Drur y attende d th e meeting of ih-j Northern New York Medical Asso- | tuition held at the St Uwreiitf siatt hikspiutl >»'sterday. I'lui-I>-Si\ \«XIIN \K«>. ; .Oct. 14. 1VU . Mi.v, Eme Drury is 'visitin g triend s in Canton. Mrs ('has Ives js convaleticinK from a run of typhoid fever. Mrs. Cornelia I). Bullard. of Nor- way. N Y , is visiting friends in town Th r returnin g New York excur- sionists report beautiful weathe r while there. Th e Presbyterian s hold a social at the resident e of Joh n Me Pe r ran, to- morrow evening. Th e Norther n Tribun e press*** ar e to be run by wate r power and the work of puttin g in a water moto r is j now in progress. I Mrs Andre w Irving an d little son I went to Haiti mor e last week where j the family will remai n until they go to Florid a for the winter month s j Messrs. Jame s and Arthur Spark s are enjoying a visit from their I brother, Thoma s Sparks , his wife an d ' I two children of Ix>ndon, England . Mr. Samue l Graves ha s opene d up a quarr y on his farm formerly know n as th e Haile farm. J W. Ormisto n in now runnin g two stores. He ha s the stor e re-, cently vacated by Hones t \John adjoining his own store, filled with a bargain stock. t Th e family of Gilbert Dodds of Russell has been sadly afflicted by sickness and death . Mr. Dodd s is confined to his bed with rheumatism . his wife an d daughters an d his son, William, were all sick in bed with lever. on Saturda y William di*-<l and w;i.- buried at oxbo w the follow- ing day. none of the immediat e fam- ily being able to atten d th e funeral. One of the daughter s is not expected to recover and a son residing in the sam e town is also very ill. Mrs K. S. Smit h is visiting friends in Hammond WUNSCH GETS i 11-YEAR TERM ! BEFORE DOLAN Local Ma n Given Heavy Sentence — Shows Leinency in Case of Wound - ed Man . Canton , Oct. 11 —Severa l heav y sentence s were mete d out by Judge James C. Dolau. Gouverneur , in count y court , which closed its sprin g term Wednesday afternoon. Law- renc e Wunsch. Gouverneur . was sen- tence d to eleven years. Roy Wolfe to five years , and William Rock wood from not less than two years, two months and not mor e tha n five years in Clinton stat e prison. Lawrenc e Wunsch , 2 8, at th e tim e of hi s arres t on the charg e on which he wa s sentence d was out on proba- tion on a charg e of burglar y an d • ^rand larceny, on which he was ar- reste d near Philadelphia . Jefferserr county . His probatio n period ha d no t yet expired on the previou s of- fen«e. Considerabl e leniency was show n by Judge Dolan in the case of Ro y Wolfe. Judge Dolan gave Wolfe only a five year sentenc e in view of th e fact tha t h e ha d spent consider- abl e tim e in th e hospital, as a result of being wounde d by Chief of Police Harol d Brown , Potsdam , who m he assaulte d on May 2 5 last, while the police chief wa s attemptin g to serve a warrant on him on a charg e of assaul t third degre e Followin g tn e verdict of guilty bronigbt in by th e jury , Judg e Dolan sai d \Yo u are rathe r unfortunat e in havin g som e prior conviction.'' Th e judge stated tha t th e bad recor d stood agains-t him. but he believed tha t th e suffering in the hospital wa s --xmsiderabl e punishment , an d there - fore would show leniency. William Rock wood. 42. Stockhol m indicted iiri a charge of crimina l as- saul t Second degree pleaded guilty to a charg e of assault second degre e and v&s sentenced to not less tha n tw o year s and two month s and not more than five years ;n Clinton state prison . Raymon d J Williams 28. Morris- town , who is alleged to hav e passed a chex k amounting ;o approximate - ly 12 T,. pieaded euilty in court and wa s sentence d to six month s in the count y Jail. SUMMER DEATHS OF I INFANTS IN STATE LOW Healt h Ntw? :h~ a^kly publica- tion of the State Departmen t of Health, in its curren t issue state? that the health record of the stat e for the mont h cf August stand s out becaus e of the exreptionally low in- fant mortalit y Tt^re. were but 47 Infant death s for each 1000 liv;ng births , a remarkably low rate for a wmtD't month and due ::. a lessened number of death ? fr- m summer com- plaint, respirator y ar.d communicabl e diseases. Anothe r noteworth y fart in the returns of recent ypar? ;s the increas- ing relative important of still birth? In :he last ten years the still birth TM*<- that :« the numbe r of *:-.;: birth s in on* thousan d total ^;r-h« -rar>-' 4 . betw^n 4 1 and 4 3 Th* Jos* as compare d with the death s of infant s *ho ar* born al:T& :« how- eve r '•onstantly growin g T*>n year? ag o there w-r? In N*w York >•&'.? 44 •Ml h:r:hs • ;• 1 < c - death s r.f infants unde r en' year : last year the ratir was «1 wh.le is August of -h:s year the rate »a « S T a- d s 4 respectively In Acrust . 152 \ acre than fourths handred infants died before, dur.r.e or withfa on* -onth of b.nh-—'.- tiJte s u»e DO-b*r of death s which occurred :z infants betwee n T* Mont h and one yea r 0 f a g* j : :f ib«re -ha: pr-,rr»v« in sav. r.g lives AM b*-*3 siowe*; and it is with this 'tr>* of .r'-.z: iea'h that ccMical , •ciaae * ani xed;-a; ;rac-...-« should! glre its t;'-»a*;cg a'-e-t'.on CHKX srXG S 1JKE BTRT) La* »5>r.-« I ha', t %ai-y ch:\k Out mzt ..'re a >.r<i F-- sc-rr.* tins* I ti-uEh :t ^a* a r-,rd s.ng-.ngr Tb # io?« w^r* -.e*r &^d irasica ; ©OOSiS<:Eg -' s>*vera , r . qctck sc -- (sank*: Tfee r r«**r. M«d sorre '? tb« BO'.» -•*. the Eyk.:r *r.rl* ;a — y tre*« It f*«»: :.- a-rg »b*i a few Aajs >;d a r i k-^t t z-, '.or avtjt . *r- vteki wts*-n :- r^-'^a:> Q_:t i: Wise-j -x >. ->rood at :t» r.ft a&d stxf -*r:«f: ! T> h^ard n stErtn g :z fb+ t.cit Tl:» -t.ck iidtit stay **rr jzz-t wt-js -Jt» i»: aa d h«r Vro<><;\ but wa^der*<i of! aJcn^ whet 1 wwi. d kv-at* .: b r its latg'ifcx—Ida La R^». Frxa^ts Olrta —TTS* P»Ui- torfer ITALY FILLED WITH MILITARY, DECLARES DODDS Effect of Mussolini Rule Is Most Pro- nounced, He Says on Return from European Visit—Attended Legion Convention. The effect of the Mussolini rul e in Italy is very pronounced , declares (;. Wilson Dodds, of this village, wh o returne d on Thursda y from a two months ' trip through European ter- itory in compan y with Mrs. Dodds Mr Dodds was a member of the America n Legion expedition an d an alternat e delegat e to th e mammoth i convention held in Paris . \Th e whol e atmosphere in Italy is military,'' he said. \Soldier s an d Mussolini guards ar e everywher e in evidence an d the genera l feeling is depression. There is an evidence of suspicion with regar d to all visitors and especially America n an d French . •However, th e Italian population is behind Mussolini to a man.\ Mr. an d Mrs. Dodds wer e absen t from Gouverneu r two months . They sailed from New York on th e Cun- arde r Tuscani a on Aug. 5. landing nine day s hater at Plymouth . Eng - land. The y remaine d a shor t time ther e and then wen t to Dencaster. nort h of Sheffield, wher e Mr. Dodds wa s stationed with the 210th squad - ron air service, attache d to th e Brit- ish air force, durin g the ^Vorld war. They visited man y places in tha t vi- cinity which were entirely familiar to Mr. Dodds an d visited families he had become acquainte d with while ther e in 191S. The y then journeye d to Calais. France , and thence to Brussels. where they remaine d several days. The section abou t Brussels, includ- ing Louvain and Waterlo o also were visited at tha t time, and it way while quartere d in the Hotel Metropoie. Brussels, that a great Sacco-Vanzet- ;i demonstratio n was staged in the neighborhoo d of the hotel which was put down bv the police in short or- der Fro m Brussels they went' to Pari s and from Par: - toured the entir e hattie su-ction' about Nar.cy and T'- u! and then took an automobil e Ti p thro u eh the Frenc h Alps Ther e they stopped at Grenoble wher e giant cement and aluminum plant s are lo- cated They then crossed into Italy to Mento. which is situate d on the •oast Thre * or four days were spent •here and in Genoa an d Milan, after which they turne d into Switzerlan d stoppine at I>ake Lugan o Luzern e also was visited a t tha t time an d then the part y went by th~ Brur.;g pas? into German y After spendin g several days j-n German y the y re- turned to Franc e and mad e a mor e thoroug h tou r throug h the battl e zor.e wher e Mr Dodds also spent mu- h time durin g the late wa r The America n I^egion parade , ac- cording to Mr D^dds was the most spectacula r affair he had eve r seen Nearly 2e (\jo rti«T, were in line from all sections of the United State s The route of marc h covered nearly steven rr.iie* nearly every in<-h of which *a> artfull y and ex pert; y patrolled '*••;>\ French cavalry, infantryme n and ::;&•-r.:re gunner s Th e latte r were quartered in s:~> street s read y f&r action or, a moment' s notice Follow- ing the parad e ther e was pandemon - ium wh.ie the marcher ? were being dispersed ' >r. the r. rt T following the parad e a large banque t wa«= held in th* In- v&ie* at which mer e tha n 4.5 00 •r.er. sat dowr. It wa s g1ve E hy \he Frenc h Veteran s Fed- eratr-.r. and wa s a tremendous un- dertakin g Th e tabi*Hi were arrange d ahc*jf th-«> outrid e of the gTeat'Jraa- }uet hall, fifty being seated at each •able On the one iride cf tie long t*bl*w wer e »*>.atAd 5 5 Fr«n< * ret - erats whil e tfce remainder wer e forme r American soldiers Th e Fre r .'h wer e mo*: hospitabl e and warm toward s their vhntors an d tie whole affair tend*vi tc brin g the two nations closer togethe r Mr Dodds de-rlared CLOSE CHECK IS MADE ON DEER HUNTERS All Must Hav e New SpeciaJ License and Retur n the Coupons. Alburn ()• •'. 11. d>:;. :i, dicin g this year e.very person, and thi> includes ;he owner s and leasees of lands upon which the animal is taken, mu- ' tak e out a special deer license before he can legally go afield in pursuit of (iee.r On Januar y 1. 1^-7, there becam e operative in New York slate a law which provides that no person shall hunt , pursu e or kill with a gun any wild deer without first having procure d a special deer license. Th<-a licenses ma y be pro- cured from any county, city or town clerk in this state, or they may be procured in the mai n office of the Conservation Department , or in any of its sub offices in the principal cities of the state. The f«e fixed for a license, if a perso n be a resident citizen, is $1.25; if a non-resident. JlU.50; if an alien, $10.50. An | alien, however, must procur e his license direct from th e Conservation Department . > I To each license is attache d a cou- pon which i.s perforated in such way 1 as to allow the licensee to divide it into four sub-divisions. Upon the ! takin g of a deer thes e divisional part s mus t be attache d to the four^ quarter s of the deer. Th e coupon •marked \duplicate \ mus t be tilled 1 out and forwarded to th e departmen t j by registered mail withi n ivn days' after the takin g of the dee-r. ' Th e Conservation Departmen t Is urgin g all deer hunter s to take out ! these licenses and be sur e that re-j tur n of the duplicate tags is madti. Th e Departmen t desires to gathe r dnta concernin g the deer her d which will be the mean s of determinin g what is a biologi ally correct open season for de*-r in :hi< state an d h#*v m.iiiy deer ma y -afely be removed from the her d . a-. Ii yea r withou ' bringing abou t a condition of ex- haustion . Th e new law the Depart- men t hopes will be the mean s of 'supplyin g the, data necessary to es- tablish a prope r open season. I*' will be know n from the numbe r of | licenses -old how n.aiiy persons hun t deer in the stat e each year, and as return of coupon must be mad e it .will be know n from these re.turrs. ' how man y deer ar e taken With this information availabl e little difficulty, should be experienced as biologically . orrect, but which will be acceptable ( t o all persons intereste d in the pres- ervatio n of the deer herd of the ; state. j The open season this fail for the takin g of wild deer having horn s not less than three inches, com- i metier on October 15th and ends on Novembe r 15th, in the counties of Clinton. Essex, Franklin , Fulton . Hamilton , Herkimer. Jefferson. Lew- is. Oneida. Oswego. Saratoga. St. Lawrence , Warren an d Wash'ngton . In the countie s of Ulster. Sulli- van, Rensselaer . Delaware . Columbia an d Orange the open season for such deer commence s on November 1st, an d ends on Novembe r 15th. In Greene county the open season is from Novejnber 1st to Novembe r Sth. both dates inclusive. In Dutchess county the taking of wild deer is allowed from Novembe r 1st to Novembe r 15th. both date s inclusive. In this county, however, : the takin g of deer is restricted to , owner s or lessees of the land s upon which deer ar e take n and to the member s of their immediat e families. Ther e is a special law- regulatin g the takin g of wild deer in the town s , of Salem. White Creek, an d Jackson , in Washingto n county. The taking of these animal s in these towns is only allowed from Novembe r 7th to Novembe r 19th, both date s inclusive. ROSSIE HOW MUCH HISTORY ^ HAVE YOU FtlRGOTTEN? j: j; JIKMtY W. KLNON ;* ' (..Author |/ ^ History •( tkc Vmilti State* of Is aa4 Sidelight* • • A»eritM History y MKRIKS II—gi'KSTIONS 1 -What Presiden t f he U. S. wa « the son of anothe r Presi- dent? 2 What I'rv.sident was th e grand - son of anothe r President? 3 -Who was the author of \Liber - ty an d Union, one and insepar - • able, now an d forever?\ 4 -What stat e was the birthplac e of Abraham Lincoln an d Jeffer- son Davis? 5—Who was the inventor of the telegraph? 6 -Who laid the first Atlantic- cable ? 7 -Who wa s Dolly Madison? 8 -What President was born in Vermont an d elected from Massachusetts' ' 9 —For wha t is Mouticello noted ? 10—What stat e was the birthplac e of th e thre e hading northern general s of the Civil War? (Aruawers in next week's issue.) SERIES to—ANSWER* (Answer s to last week's questions. ) 1 —To the dispute between the Unite d States an d Great Britai n ove r the norther n boundar y of Oregon.*\ 2—Steuben and Lafayette. 3 -I regre t that I have but one life to give for my country. 4 —-A revoft against high churc h practices, in order to purify the church . r» -Drove thousand s to migrat e to Massachusetts , fi—Henry Wilson, elected with Grant in 1*72. Had his name BEN HUR IS BIG ATTRACTION ATTHEGRALYN Ramon Novarro and Francis X. Bush- man Take Male Leads in Feature Picture. The most widely publicized story ever screened will be offered at the Cralyn on Wednesday . Thursdav and Frida y of this w, t -k \Be n Hur\ is! th - title., and :t shouldn' t be missed Ramo n Novarr o giv^s a marvelous and unforgettabl e performanc e ai Ben Hur. Fran'i? X. Bushma n a: Messala is the living breathin g em bodmient of 'Jeneral Lew Walla. *•< famou s character , and Betty Bronsor give? a remarkable portraya l of the Madonn a which is a revelation of i wilfulness and spiritual beauty. Other famous s'ar s in the picture in lude May McAvoy. Kathlee n Key. and Carme ! Myers ) On Saturda y the featur e will be Hal Roach's \Th e Devil Horsa. \ in a western drama . Yakim a Canut ' world famous horsema n man y times , winne r of national and internationa l cowbo y tournaments, on th & rodeo | fields is the fading rr.an of the ras* Rex. is perhap s the most tempera - menta l star in th e entire moving' picture world. Rex is the wild. horse starred by Hal Roach, and , proof of the extent of hi? tempera - men t lies in the fact tha t no pictur e in which h* ha s appeare d has been cast w.thou : each me-mber Srst be- .ne introduce d to Rex This is a : pictur e worth seeing. j Or. Monday w-.i; be fh-.wn Lew ! Codv an d Rene e Adoree in \Adami ar.d Evil \ j She »a? a little ?pani- h actr^s H» was a hrar*- fisherrr.ar. And there was anothe r g.rl—*r.-- one he 1 loved but w r.ex* Th* ?•! 1 Is A is hv *# 7-iecc: i-^a « th* o his wavw a 1 more * av Oct Tlg*T.\ sta r Vis 1*. \d br • 'Ve. and in which ->tber— Gralvn witness Mil ton STONE FALLS FROM TREE, STRIKES MAN ON HEAD MHoa*^ .iss or-. ! MUCH PROPERTY IS SOLD AT TAX SALE r \*~\?r '•-• II - Th e la-go*-- - AI jta> .- rer-c t y«ars w*« h*4d Tr-im.? .z -Jse *ap*rrl*i>r - — ~-TL at tie C*x- 'JDZ '*c^rt h*>-«* Tr.- *aJe TU CJA- dc<-t«^d by '\\oaaty \>«*«;r«>~ ~fcar'.e« V TaJ-t- A v,-sdf-r»M » izoitt cf ?\\-r-«rtT wa* nsr-o**^ of ac d *er- *ra, brad-**; p^rwr-Tj' vended Jse *a > Th«re »»r» z: o>c:jLsvod;BC tc btd :s <m.j a «iii; ancotsat C E ?ha w of Edwards, rnar-axer I of the H T Brayto n He^rs e*tate ha d a narro w escap e frtwr. serio :n>ury Monday rr.omitLg Wh •bakin g apple* from a tree in hi _ chard a stone weighin g over four' pound s TM dlslodre d from th e up- ; per tw-ajscte* *j>d fell t o th e grocad. ;ns: ni:»ing strikin g hire cm th e h*«d Mr Shaw bHiex«« tha< the «cooe n.« riaoed in th e tree maJiciQasiy I .r. stca a manner th*.t it would be! J .i*]r<z»<i wh-sr. ifc\ *re* w-a* afcaJtee •»h.i * h\ ha* rot repor-.ftd the mat - ter MJ- .sba* my* he >* axxiofis txs m«*< th» p*r*or. rvspr trrbee for the rrote b^izt p'»--ed Iz. the tree- . M- Shaw report s a fair crc p of} a*pc-'.*« ,->n the ?«n thie aemaoc. par- ticular! y '\•S the D«M M •c bl«r«is.car Russie, Oct. 11 \\ - .ire sorry to' hear of the death of Mrs Marie Ma- honey which occurred on Saturday, mornin g at Ogdeiisburg Tin re- mains Wert- brought to Ko.-sie by i'mb-rtake r Karl Kusii> Th e fun.-rai 'ook place at St. Bat rick s churc h Monday mornin g at 1\ Kev Fathe r i)cs .Jardiaji oniciated Mrs. Ma honey ha.- hi e n m \er y poor healt h for the past year. Mrs. C. J. Shoulett e and daughter , Mrs. Hoy (iravt-s, attended, the funeral of Mrs. Mahoney Mon- \ day ; The count y road is progressin g be- j t ween Rossie an d Oxbow. I The teacher s in this district spen t i ~ Thursda y an d Friday at Bolsda m at-! - tendin g Teacher s Conference. f Mr an d Mrs. Joh n Shoulett e hav e returne d from their wedding trip. Miss Rose Flemin g npent th e week-end with he r parents . Mr an d Mrs. Ernes t Gardne r spent Suuda y with relatives here . W S. Goodison is havin g a new well drilled. Jo e McLear is doing the work. I Miss Cor a Shoulett e of Ogdens- burg si>ent Sunda y an d Monday with he r parents . » Mis« Matthew s of Oxbow speatthe week-end with Muss Alice Leary. Miss Ida Spragu e spen t th e week- end at her hom e here. Mr an d Mrs. Ii. Wiggin s spent Saturda y evesii.Bg at Gouverneur . W e ar e all sorry to hea r that Mrs. W. J. Simon s is moving to Gouver- neu r to mav e he r hom e for the fu- ture . Mr. Willia m Robb is in very poor health . Rev. J. S. Pes Jardians is pre - paring for his churc h fair Oct. 20. 21 an d 22 for th e benefit of St. Pat - ricks church . 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More Praise from Owners of STUDERftKER'S ERSKIME SIX Under every conceivable condition of driving—over every type of road—up hills that would try the mettle of any car—month after month Erskine owners have been potting their cars to heroic tests of endurance and stamina. Because the Erskine Six has proved itself worthy of their praise and enthusiasm over thousands of miles of travel, Erskine owners have volunteered these convincing comments: f Couldn't Be Improved \The Erskine Six is the best car I have ever driven. I don't see where anv improvements could be made. It does evervthing vou claim, and drives and steers bevond all my ex- pectations. The comfort of the car is bevond all question. We think it is beautiful and the finest small car on the market.\ C. H. A., Milford, Dei. A-I Service \Mv Erskine gives me A-l service. I have driven it over 5300 miles in ten weeks. This is giving it a real test and that motor is the best light fix motor I have vet to ride behind.\ P. G. W\, Elkhart, Ind. Beautiful Motor \As I am constantlv working with all tvpes of automobiles, more so than perhaps the average owner, I know what I a m talking about when I praise my Erskine. It is one of the few—yes, verv few—medium priced cars in which I have seen such a beautiful motor. It is also the first car I have ever owned that Mrs, F. feels she is fullv master of.\ H. B. F., Davton, Ohio Bard to Beat *'Evervbodv comments on the ap- pearance of mv Erskine. Hard to beat for the monev.\ J. E. P., Brainard, Neb, Excels at Its Price \The car, to my mind, meets all the requirements and excels in every respect anything on the market at its price and man v at a greater figure. This is mv fourth car, all of them Studebaker products, and I a m well satisfied.\ T. C M Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Runs Like New *'It is the onlv car I have had which I didn't have to grind valves and clean carbon everv 1,000 or 1,500 miles to keep her pulling. Runs at smoothlv as she did when new.\ Dr. W. D. S., Steubenville, Ohio Smart Enough for a Queen \The lines are perfect; it is good looking and just the sue that I have alwavs wanted. 1 can manage it with little or no trouble; no expense to operate it and smart looking enough for a Queen!\ Mrs. G. S. N\, Union Citv, Tenn. Lore Its Comfort '\We now have over 2,000 miles on our car, it is working fine. It at- tracts a lot o( attention and everv one asks us how we like it. Everv one stop* to look at it. We love its comfort and appearance.\ Mr*. R. L~, Pontiac, Mich. Wonderful Car \Trulv a wonderful car for my busi- ness. The longer I drive it the better I like it.\ Dr. C. B. H., Charlotte, Mich. Easy to Drive \Easiest car to drive I have ever handled in my sixteen yean' expe- rience in driving.\ I. C, South Bend, Ind. \I Know Cart\ *1t is a pleasure and something to look forward to, to sit at the wheel of mv Erskine. Mv mother, brother, and I took a 1,500-mile trip with comfort in the Erskine Coupe and I am six foot. I am talking Erskine to evervone who is interested in automobiles. I am an automobile draftsman and I know cars.\ E. H. G., Cleveland, Ohio Car on Market \I think the Erskine is the best car on the market for the monev. Mine has given me far more service than I ever expected.\ O. J. IC, Aiderson, W. Va. Very Muck \The more I drive mv Erskine, the better I like it. My mileage to date is 3,300. It is fine and I am very much pleased with mv car.\ A. J. J-, Williamsport, Pa. Drive an Erskine—Let It Speak far Itself See for yourself how Studebaker has designed and built into this small, fine car all the character and quality gained from 75 years of honest manufa%*> mre~~smart, aristocratic lines, luxurious comfort, tilrilling,six<ylinder performance, bumpers, four- wheel brakes~-all at these new low prices made postiblr only by Studebaker*. $104,000,000 of NEW LOW PRICES Coa*om Sedan (4~door) Sport Coape , for 4 . • Coupe, for 2 . . . • Sport Roadster, fvr 4 • Toorer *lf CLINTON STREET GARAGE W. E. LTTLE, frwp. PH0ME 51-J C0UVE1NIU1, M. T. tfo-t ba- , i k2o-k » in b* ^rt«4

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