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PAGE FOUR GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 12, 1927. Cfcguvmuuv f m #vcs$ rvuiAs\ii:n KVKKY WKDNKSDAY uol\ i:u.NKi it N. Y. J. \V. MvFarlane. K.litur A: Publisher II. Douglas JuhiiMiH, A>.H)fiait Edito r 1 y r Entv SLBSClill'TlON KATKS $l.il» . 6 m us. 7,M', 4 JIHIS. lUC •II! :a.\p;iy.rs i:n ! in H'l'.v lb- •d tax. -< :a th e i- co:ijmn!ii«*nts furth'-r iiuT'-a: il costs would • •en cr»':it- It i., ira;t rig a treas prospect an n tfic. i u : .'ill oj.-cl . >u;a s ; ; -U'l- iTfl'f - N '•' • ! The it> that pni!;i»-.s ?S Of SUV'TIl- vit-w askanc e red >nd-cli man matter demands upon tb< A AKTV KKKOK Theodoiv. K.>os<v, it'» m-.-ni at - tac k on Governo r Smith is being up - held in publicity issued from the headquarters of th e Republican state committe e It is obvious that th e part y heads in New York state ar e upholding hi m i n hi s attack on th e upon tnat governor's Integrity an d honesty be-j cause they believe it ma y develop a '. . ±mmtmm , m good issue. It is no t believed they are sincere in th e matter. Th e at tack wa s a mistake an d scarcely a Republica n can be found wh o will agre e that it wa s a well chosen speech which h e made. Th e gover- nor is a Democrat. He ha s been run) osity. lint this fact is no excuse for at - temptin g to break down constitu- tional safeguard s for th e public treasury . It is public money poli- ticians spend an d plan t o spend an d the public will guard -jealously its constitutional right t o hold a check xpeuditure. ySb Views tf Other Editors repeatedly elected by th e people. Th e I [From colonel himself ha s been defeated at I No t i hi s hand s an d i t now appears unwise to bring these charge s withou t sub- stantiation . Th e speech wa s a mis- guided act . TH K KF.KIKS ONLY Pot Adam Herald-Recorder] ne for editorials o r anything now bu t th e world serie-s. ly longer than a good man y J an rfnnember. The change s \JACK O'XKIL RKTIIIKS [From Potsda m Courier-Freeman] A pood man y residents of north-j em New York will read with more j tha n passing interest notice of the ) retirement of \Jack\ O'Neil from the local railroad force. He ha s been a familiar tieuro there for con sid era W of u s which h e ha s witnessed in tha t per- 1 iod are Indeed remarkable. j Hundreds will congratulate Mr. j O'Neil on hi s retirement an d wish ' him man y years of life t o enjoy his - period of rest and recreatio n which ' has be*-n so well earned . I KNOWS OF FIKOI'FAX CONDI- TION S FIRST HANI) [From Canton Commercial Adver- ' tiser] .' j Harold I!. Johnson, editor of th e Watertown Daily Times, is back from several weeks in Europe where h e went with other editorial writer s of the United Slates, as a guest of th e Carnegie Endowment for Interna - tional Peace. Mr. Johnson now knows first han d what conditions ar e in Europe an d what th e feeling among various nations tha t only a few years ag o were a t each others throats. Whil e away h e wr< t e from \ week t o week artrrk-s for hi s paper the y believed would be forthcoming , that were educational, enlightening. The search closed in o n them an d entertaining. What h e will write in they abandoned th e bo y and fled, j ! he , f ! Kur f, °/ h a ™°*\ ^xf^? %^K • 1 ject t o all th e world—World Peace —will mean something . It won't be' superficial, rather it will be near th e fact. I A KIDNAPPER IN CUSTODY The arre-st th e pas; week of Stan- ley G. Crandall, known well in north- er n New York through hi s com- plicity in th e kidnapping in 192 3 of little Verne r Alexanderson . so n of on e of th e leading radi o me n of America , from in front of hi s home in. Schenectady, is pleasing to all wh o were Interested in th e famous case A yea r or more ag o th e oth^r figure in th& kidnapping. Harry Fairbanks, was taken into custody an d i s now serving a long sentence for hi s act. The arres t no w of Crandall cleans u p the ease. The kidnapping wa s on e of th e most discussed subjects a t th e time. It aroused th e sympathy of all and northern Ne w York figured promin - ently an d conspicuously in th e matter by reason of th e fact tha t it wa s t o , Theresa, Jefferson county, that th e • kidnappers fled with the boy i n hope, there of obtaining th e ransom which \ aas bee-i heard 'ijOV ellleii'. i Northern New York !»>•- .pm*'Ut L.-autie did n.'i.h good. .11 lay, but a few years ag o enthusi- asm b. gau to 'die down an d th e or- ganization went on th e retired Ii*t The New York Development Associa- tion, Inc., is supposed to take th e plate of th e old organization lt> officers ar e doing all the.y ca n to carry ou t th e aims an d purposes of the association but unless suppor t i- shown it ma y be impossible to carry out th e program . Massena is no t alone in needing some stirring up. There ar e other northern .Ww York communities in which more, community spirit an d less individualism is needed. W e cannot expect to develop this great North Countr y unless we ge t busy and do something. That does not mean joining a n organizatio n an d then forgetting about it. It means concerted effort on th e part of every- body to place northern Ne w York on th e map . It means forgetting jealousies between communities an d more of a spirit of brotherhood. Are we going to be content with drifting on ou r oars an d dreaming about the. future? Ar e we going to let th e power developmen t and othe r projects drift along for years without turning ou r hands to give them a n impetus? There is a great future ahead of the North Country, bu t it is going t o be a long tinie coming unless it s residents show more interest in it s developmen t than they ar e showin g today. LOCAL HELPERS SOCIETY HOLDS ANNUAL SESSION MACOMB GRANGE \ ENTERTAINS THE i CEDAR GRANGE Gouverneur Branch in Heakhy Conii- Mitt £aith JQ||M ^ Married 0ct g_ _ t.on—Name, of Local Contributor* Horace c> Turaer Wwb Hammond Given Out . The annual meeting of th e CK>UV- erneur Branch of th • United Help- er- Society waa held Friday after- IHHIII, Oct. 7, with th e president, Misa Mary McGregor, when reports for the past yeax were submitted an d officers elected for th e ensuing year. The secretary's report concerned ' Fyck. the work done durin*-- th e year, the! Mr an d Mrs William Johnson , D. sending of canned goods, money a t D. Hutchinson and George AshworUi Christmas, and th e assistance given by othe r organization s of th e village to this cause. The'treasurer's report wa s as fol- GirL Pope Mills. Oct. U.--Earle P. Brown ha s a ne w Studebaker coach which h e purchased last week. Mrs Lena Te n Kyck and son from Heuvelto n spout Sunday afternoon with he r sister, Mrs . Sherida n Te n 1 o w Koeipte li d Oct. 2, 192 6 * 1.08 Membershi p dues __ 180.00 Cuts in auras above $1 '' 0 __ 56.00 Gifts in sums less thar. $100 42.1 9 Proceeds from ru m mate sale 2 7.00 -Now both are i n custody. It is well that they are. THE FOUR YEAR TERM GOVERNOR •Amendment 6 will be submitted to th e people of Ne w York State on FOR Th e plan of a tour of this kind, \ wa s wise indeed! That a Watertown editor wa s selected a s the sole repre-( tentative from th e stat e of New j York, brings signal honor to North- son expression in the Times ha s gained th e ea r of those wh o observe and think. election day, November 8, 1927, an d , ern Ne w York an d th e man who wa s provides for a four year term for^aus selected. It means tha t John - governor with th e election held a t the same time as th e presidential \election. Vote \Yes\ on this amend- ment because : (1) Both political parties agre e .that th e presen t tw o yea r term is too shor t for the satisfactory de - d^m ADVANTAC.ES OF FOOTBALL [From Malone Farmer] To the minds of many the time, effort an d expense of training stu- ' n th e public schools in the! velopment of policies of administra- 1 playing of football—o r ajoy other ) Oon. Th e four year term for gover-! athletic activity—appears to be a n , .w,.. -Tin .,,•«,« • ».„ „*i.t~ r~„ , „wt~*^+\ utter waste. More tha n on e parent .nor will gtve the stkte more efficient L cotlUmded that ^ ^ nd ^^ ^government, children to school t o gain a know- ., (2) Both political parties agree ledge of th e thing s useful to them' that t o change the governor every 1 in lheir future life an d more than | •„.« „«„..., \„ n A* tn „,,*..„„„<,„„„« „^^' one taxpaye r has objected at th e use. two years leads to extravagance an d , of money for ath!etic activitie8 . , waste. Th e four yea r ter m for gov-j 0 ne reason that has been advanc-i will give th e state more ed for th e maintenance of athletic activities wa s th e prominence it gave ^ . ,.^. , ,. i th e particular school — its value a s (3 ) Both political parties agree adver 7 ising . win* there is some ba- that on e of th e chief causes for th e s i s for this argument it i s slight com- , apathy of ou r voters, is to o many an d pare<l t o the real advantage to be The four sai'ied ernor will give economical government. to o frequen t ejections. jyear ter m for governor will decrease the number of elections provided that the election be held in presidential years. M* Both political parties agre e A boy o r girl is sent to school to le-arn ways and meatus whereb y they may each take their place in th e con- duct of affairs, an d profit th e most from their Individual abilities an d accomplishments This struggl e is a s old a s the world an d grow s more that a larger proportion of th e voters , strenuous a s th e years pass, come t o th e polls at presidential. In thi s struccie on e of th e most elections than at an y other time. The four year term for governor will valued J*-&>ons\ that ca n be taught 1? the value of \fair play\ an d it is hard to conceive of a more practical permit a iareer number -.f voters to method of tea-h;n g this principal express theur choke provided that t than on th e at hie' :<•• field. tb -iden r :al ! election be held i t years. <ui Th * voters of N- w York State' have proved their ability to distin- guish between state an d national lsFu r -? in th e same election. There- for-, th e four year term for governDr will :r; no wa y prever.t th e voters from giving full consideration to State issues -Tea though ;h^ election be held in pre=:dir,tial y^ars. Vote \Yes\ on am^r-dnvn: six. THK Potsdarr. \rcrs •[From Potsda m <\oun-r Freeman] A> a result of th- caui us Satur- day, ther e will be several ne w mem- bers on th e P.itsdam town board af- ter next month. Th e i-aucus wa s pretty well attended, ther e wa s a fre^ an d cpen field an d no contest was close enough to rouse an y feel- ings a s t o what might hav e happt-L- wi ha d condition* b*-en other tha n what they were. HOT. Edward A Everett ha d n o oppos t.on for supervisor an d enters upon h:s ne w duties with a clear state ar.d ar. unanimous endorsement from th e electorate of th e town At i^aat there is every ir.di(\&.t.on tha t this w:;i h e The cas^ assuming noth- ing develop* bet*«*r. tow an d th e genera! election date Mr. Everett has ha d considerable '-xp-rience and it should certainly star, j hi m in good *hp&r> H« goe* to for sanction of tw o thirds of th- canroa with a verv definite belief THE FAIR A SUCCESS [From Potsdam Courier & Freeman] The Potsdam fair last week wa s a very successful exhibition a s it al- ways is whenever it is favored with good weather . Th e attendance th e two middle days of th e week was s-ueh a s t o indicate that th e residents of this section are no different from those of < ther sections an d are will- ing t o attend a fair in considerable numbers when a reasonable oppor- tunity is afforded them. The Courier an d Freeman reprints elsewhere a n account of th e Potsdam fair fifty years' ag\ . Ther e is no reason why the local exhibition can- not be made once mor e successful a s it wa s then. Co-operation an d whole hearted support are all that is need- ed. THE COUNTY FAIR ' Lette r to Ne w York Herald-Tri - bune: Your editorial \Once Upon a County Fair Time\ in yesterday's is-, sue, following closely upon th e adop-• tion lart week by th e National Re - publican Club of a resolution oi ap - preciation of th e value of th e county an d town tai^B in th e present educa- tion and ro<*reation of the dwellers in the smalle r town an d rura l com- munities , is most timely. While to-day th e farmer, the rural dweller, bear s no resemblance to hi s predecessor of early days a s depicted on th e stag e in that prehistoric com- petitor of \Abie' s Irish Rose,\ t o wit, \The County Fair,\ o r a s repre - sented by Denman Thompson in \The Ol d Homestead,\ thi s is no t to be wondered a t when w e remem-, ber that a farmer's son is in the' White House and that hi s brethren throughout th e land occupy places of trust and importance an d have edu- cation an d culture comparable to. those of hi s city cousins. i However, the county fair is still a.': factor in our stat e life and to-day ha * increased needs an d increasing opportunitie s for service in it s field of education, recreation and social- > istation. In ou r ow n vicinity during Labo r Da y week in Rockland County, ' when th e county fair wa s on , it was' difficult to find an y one except at the fair, at Orangeburg, where high and low, rich an d poor, farmer an d arti- san, white collar an d blue shirt, al l foregathere d a t a most creditable ex-, hibition. And so , to o at Mineola. a t I the most excellent Queens-Nassau County Fair \every one\ was there. 1 When we go farthe r afield into th e real rura l districts we find county and town fairs still playing their part a s th^ major attraction s of th e year, helpin g t o reconcile th e new- generation of rural worke r to his ; more or less humble lot, yet in th e sight of God and man probably the most important of all to th e com- munity , adding to his interest anj his pleasure s and stimulatin g hi s la- bors. The state of Ne w York, too, ha s continuously recognized th e value of county fairs by providing a part of the prizes an d reward s for excel- lence in product s exhibited, an d with the decreased purchasing power of the dollar an d the increasing oppor- tunity for serv: e it wii; no doubt continu e its interest an d support. OSCAR W. EHRHORN j Membe r of Executive Committee As - sociation of County Agricultura l Societies. > Ne-ar York, Sept. 2 i . 1 & 2 7. Total $306.27 Ev|MiKlititrQB Paid dues t o Mrs. Tallman _*180.00 Paid gift momev to Mrs . Tallman _\ 95.00 Christmas gift in cash .2 7.00 Expense sending canned goods 30 6 27 Balance o n hand 2.50 Total 1306.27 (k'nerous contribution s from some of th e townspeople made i t possible d spent Friday in Gouverneur on busi ness. . 1 D. D. Hutchinson, Mis« Viola Reed j and Mis* Mary Gilbert attended a churc h convention a t Morley Wed- nesday. Mr an d Mrs . Harol d Drummond I entertained the following company Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. E . J. Stevens; from Nort h Gouverneur, Mr. and Mrs. James Cooper and son , George, j from Macomb, Mr. an d Mrs. Will | Drummond and Frank Drummond from Connecticut. Mr. an d Mrs. W . B. Covell were gu**«ts of friends at Kossie Sunday. Mrs. Emerson Woodworth an d Mrs Jane MitcheJl are no t as well at this writing. Dr . Thompson from Momstown wa s called to see Mrs. 1 Woodworth Friday and Dr. Graves from Brier Hill wa s called t o see Mrs. Mitchell Saturday. The Misses Amy Covell and Ariei Richardson from Potsdam Normal for Gouverneur Branch t o sen-, *J\2.0 0 towards th e support of th e I wer e home over the week-en d and! Those who! during th e Teachers' conference, were a* fol- ' Mrs . James R. Covell and baby returned home Sunday from the Ma- ternity Home a t Ogdensburg. i Ou r teacher. Miss Stevenson, at - tended Teachers' convention a t Potsdam Thursday, Oct. 6t h an d Friday, Oct. 7th . Miss Muriel Richardson spent Sat - ( urda y an d Sunda y with friends a t The following persons gave th e Potsdam an d attended the Clarkson sum of one dollar ea.h: an d Troy football game. A H . Abbott, Mi>s Edn a Acker- Several from town attended th e man. Mrs . Man' J Ackerman , Allen , movies a t Gouverneur Saturday & Ritchie. i night. Mrs. John S. Babcock. Mrs. Ross Mr Cecil Collins Hom e at Ogdeusbur gave sums abov e $1 lows: Mrs . Anne Aldrich, $35.o0 : Mrs Anna F. Abbott . fl\.O0; George H. Holmes, $5.00; George S. Daw - lev, $5.00; Miss Helen I. Parker. $2.75; Mrs . Iantba La:dlaw, Mrs. A. T. Ells, Mrs . W. H. Cameron, J . C. Dolan and James O. Sheldon each $ Bame . Mr? Babcock, Mrs . C. W W. J . Barr, Mrs . (has. S. Bodnian, jr Bock us, Mrs . E. N. Booher. Mrs from Plessis is visiting hi s sister, Mrs. Archie Out- , Henrv Beach, man. Mrs. V. C.I Mrs . Franci Rice and daughter from Ogdensburg were callers in : O. Boyle, Mrs . Loraine Brasie, Mrs. 1 town Sunday. Maria Briggs, A. B. Brown. Mrs. j B F . Brown, Mrs. Scott L. Brown,' Miss Nellie Burdick. Miss Nellie 1 Bush, Mrs . R. W. Bush. Thos. N . Cardie. Mr-. H. B. Car- penter, Georg e Caswell. Nelson R. Caswell, Mrs . Henrv S. Chandler, J. C Clark , C. P. Collins, Mrs . C P. Collins, Olohosey & Sweeney.' Dr. W . R. Conner. J\hn G. Con - A few from here attended th e dance at Cedars Friday night. Mrs. Ma e Bellinger an d daughter, Georgia, from Ogdensburg called on relatives and friends here Thursday night. I Roy Knowlto n installed a tele- ' phone in Frank Mandigos home on e day last week. Mrs. Iren e Countryman is visiting stantikes , Miss Grace Corbin, A. E. Mrs . John Cooper in Heuvelton for Cushman, Mrs . Frances B. Cush- j a few days. man Mr. an d Mrs. Ernest Bottlin g from Mr. Davis, Miss Cora Dean, Miss, Heuvelto n wer e guest s a t Leslie Jennie Dean , A. H. DeGraff, Mrs . Love's recently. Glenn Dewey, Mrs . A. A. Dickson,; Miss Adah Hastings from Canto n Miss Grace Dickson, Mrs. George; spent Sunda y at her home Dillabaugh, C. C Donald, Mrs. F F. Drury . Ruth Easton, Clara Eckmann Mrs. L. EckmaJin, Ro y Enos. Miss Margretta Mills from North Gouverneur is visiting relatives here. Mr. an d Mrs . Glen Hess from Heuvelton spent Sunday wit h Mr s Mrs. F. H . Farmer, Mrs . H . G. j Hess' mother, Mrs. Mary' An n Mur - ton. Mrs. Mary An n Murto n an d son, Stanley, motore d t o Raybrook to vis- it Mrs . Murton's daughter, Mary, who is ill there. Miss Murton is re - ported t o be better which Is pleasing to her many friends. Miss Sara h Childs spent Sunda y at he r home near Kendrew. Mrs. Le o Kelly and Mrs . Tom Ma- loney from Gouverneur called a t George Drummond's Sunday . Macom b Grange No . 76 8 enter- tained Cedars Grange Thursday night. A very appropriate and inter- esting program was enjoyed and a elaborate supper wa s served t o their guest s and friends afte r th e work Farmer, Mrs . Alfreda Freeman. A. A. Gates, Miss Nellie Gates, Mrs. Carl Geisendorfer, Mrs. W . H . Gilpin, Mrs . W- C. Graves, C. G. Gray, E . A. Green, Mrs . Nora Grif- fith. Lott Hall, Hardy-Stowel l Co., W . W. Hardy, John S. Hance , D. M. Haz- olton, Mrs . Anna Herring, Mrs. Hew- itt and Mrs . Jones, Mrs . J . W . Hen- derson, Mrs . Edwin Hill, Mrs. Chas. Hillis. V. F . Honeycomb. Mrs. M. Ing . Mrs. George Jenne, Mrs . Johnus Jones. Mrs. Esther Kaplan, Mrs . Earl Kenyon, B. O. Kinney , Mrs . B . O. Kinney, H. D. Kinney Mi« Anvee S. Lavack , Mrs. Herb- and program. The program is a s fol- ert Lawrence, Mrs. Adelaide Leahy, j lows: Address of Welcome, W . B. 1 E. C. Leahv . George F. Leak , Mrs. | Covell; Song, by Grange: Reading,! M E Lehigh . Leonard & Fuller,' Mrs. Charles Snyder ; Chorus, by. Mrs Sarah E. Lvtle . G. A. Luenber-! eight members; Reading, Stewart! per \ Mitchell: Recitation. Mrs . India Miss Jennie McClov. Mrs . A. J. Murton: Instrumental Solo, Georgia ! McDonald. John McFalls, Mrs . Mc- Bellinger; Song, Adeline Brown;! Grane , Miss Marv McGregor. Mrs. J. ' Song, Mrs. Mae Bellinger; Song, | W McLean. Mrs\ Frances McOmber.; Charles Bellinger; Song. Adeline an d f Mc- Everet t Brown. Mr. Charle s Snyder Lecturer, closed the program by al few remarks. I A daughter wa s born t o Mr. an d Mrs. William Dashnaw Saturday AN INSOIND SUGGESTION An .r.sp.red new-pap-r dispatch from Albany credits Tammacv with aer:ou s consideration of a plan to wipe ou t presen t constitutional safe- guards governing th e =i.e -A bonds for th e state an d : o substitute :her*v- of p-'\M&m This e* us. K ma y b*» b*.ve no ba#is ir •he c:tilers of this i & re needs \z, b* a ration as :* ^\•••cts iea ma y be erron- utfair. an d it may fact, bu t i t exists atate leg.slature. an d approval of th e on * (rood p-ar: c thief executive township that t! The da y that any member of an y part y ?n-r<-ed« in foist.ng this pro- posal -po n th e electorate of Ne w York Ftate will be a sorry one for the taxpayers :•! th e commonwealth It w-.i: cpen th e floodgates cf th e #tat e treasury to th e ev;i? cf :n?tal- ac-:nt pian finance. It will pu t a • pres-inx e n pork barr«j lecuslat.or. orer which th e people will have no 1 WHY NO T «w>ME ACTION? contr-'. By : U p recesses a «.ng> • 'F--rr. Mas**ta Observer] ! overwhelming victory for Tajt —any According :-- w.-rd fro—, Gouver- •wlth iu consequent xajirtty ecntr-.; st - r *--* : T- :; ** e :s P°- n * T >t*' of both acsse* of th e state legisla- ar.d ha * grow- wronger th e pas* few year s Mr Erer'-' ma y ^rtainly be de- pended ti; r. :r> g*»t at th * ro*->t of this matter an d whatever h e find*. w.;; be known to hi« ^^ns*ituectn. th*>re n**-d v •• no doubt of that . NEW COURSE OFFERED AT THE HIGH SCHOOL A r.\W course in public speakin g and deba T » ha s been organized a? a part of th e Gouverneur Hir h school curriculum an d is be;ng ..ffered this term for th e first time. Th e course consists of public sp>eak:r.g I. public spiking II. an d debating Pupils who pass course II after having com- pleted course I w-.il b^ -r*-d:ted with ODP unit to be applied t o th e third or elective grou p of th e ne w aca- demic diploma. An additional half unit w-.l b e even to thos- who com- plete th e ;ocrse in debating. A *laas of rwen\v ha s beer, organ - :d~d for public tpe&feing I. under th e dire uo n of M;s« El-an -r Connolly. Several othe r pupils have signified their intention of enroling for these ro'-rsep r.^rt t**rrr. or r.*-rt year. The :.m e is not far i:srtact when :nters.-holastic debates w.ll b* held among th e srhooli of St. Lawrence co-ucty m quite th * sarr.*» manner that athietic contests have been or- ganized It is probable tha t both courses : aa d H I w~.;; be -ffered n*xt spring an d that th e -ours^- .c debat- ing w-.;: v - becan n*xt fail M< Donald-Robinson . Mrs . A. J Quade. Dr A. B. Mark wick, Miss Helen Markwick, Mrs . W . D. Marshall. A. P. Mason. Mrs . C Mellen, Mrs . G. Me,llen, Mrs . D. M. Mills. Mrs . W . 1 night. October 8th . Th e baby ha s Morrison. Mr* F . W. Mott. Harold j been named Helen Elizabeth an d j. Murphv. Murphv & Frank. ! weighed seven pounds. Dr . Mulhol- J J. Newberry Co., Beatrice Wood land from Heuvelto n is th e attend - Noble • in p Physician. George E . Old*. Mrs . A. W.^Over-j Mis? Edith Johnson, youngest acker. Mrs . fJeorge Overacker , Os- ' daughter of Mr. an d Mr s Ivan John- wegatchi e Light & Power Co. son of this place an d Lloyd Baker J as. Papvanakoe, Mr s Dora Par - son of Mr an d Mrs . Arthur Baker , k-r Carolvn Phillips. M. K. Phillips, , from Ogdensburg were married a t Mioses Nina an d Carri e Pike . Paige Oed-nsburg Saturday. October 8th , Priest, Mr s Paige Priest . F . W . . &>' R- v Johnson of the Presbyterian Pruyn. Mrs. Eiloeen ^ Ravmond, Mrs. Don Ritchie. Mr s O. N . Ritchie , Mrs E S Roberts. Mrs Rodger. C R. Rod- ger. Mr s G. L Rodger. Mrs. Rosen-, bark-r. H H Ry«n tt Son. ! H. Saidel, S- Lawrence Pharmacy. >'t Uwren^ Ctilitiee. Mrs . S W . Saver, I. H. S.ott, Severanc e Bros.. ' chur.-h. Th e couple wa s attende d by Mr. John Page and Miss Evelyn G.bbs. Congratulations extende d t o Mr and Mrs . Baker for a long an d pro-perous married life by all. Mrs. Bak'-r ha s been a student in the Og- dfosbur p Free Academy fo r the past two year* Conrratulations are extended to WOMAN LOSES ! PURSE WHILE I SHOPPING HERE Mrs. Olive La Forty Sustains Loss While in Gouverneur Store—Other Items of Interest. 'liailesboro. Oct. 11 . -Mrs. Steven French of Gouverneu r wa s calliug on old acquaintances iu town Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Russell an d son, William Henry, of Scotch Bush , spent Sunda y with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steven MacAulay. Mrs. Olive La Fort y while shopping in on e of th e stores in Gouverneur Saturday ha d th e misfortune t o lose he r purs e with over $2 3 besides oth- er valuable articles. Mrs. LaForty laid her purse down on som e pur- chase s an d on turning around th e pocket-book ha d be*?n picked up. Mrs. Charles Hall of Edwards wa s a visitor at th e home of he r cousin, ' Mrs. Elmer Carpenter , Monday. S. W. Howe an d parents, Mr. an d Mrs. Elmer Howe, with Mr. Howe's mother, Mrs. Nettie Howe, called on John Austin and family at Antwerp ! Sunday afternoon. j Charles Reynolds returned Sun- j day to bi s hom e from th e Hepburn I noepital where h e underwent a very 1 serious operatio n performed by Dr. . G. C. Madill a few weeks ago . j Miss Jeasie Tripp of Richville an d 1 Mrs. Olive LaForty, accompanied by i Mrs. Or a Shepherd , visited a t Frank Payne's a t Clayton Sunday, stopping at Watertown for supper. | The death of Mrs. Fredenburg, forme' ly Cora Olmstead . a t Norfolk wa s a shock to this village. Sh e spent her girlhood iind school days in the town with her parents, both of whom have passed away. Mrs. B. F . Hull with Miss Hadel Dickson of Gouverneur attended th e funeral of their cousin, Helen Rog- ers, a t Antwerp Sunda y afternoo n Mr. and Mrs. Leonar d an d daugh- ter, Katherine, spent Sunday with Mrs. Leonard's grandmother, Mrs . J . E. Murphy , of Wegatchie. The Charle s Reynolds house wa s sold last week to Frank Jones, sr., who sold hi s farm in th e summer. Mr. Jones buys for a home . Mrs. Bertha Campbell and daugh- ter, Miss Mildred Campbell, employe s at the State Hospital a t Ogdensburg, were home over th e week-end. Miss Genevieve Campbell of Canto n spen t Sunday a t her home. On Oct. 2 0th th e Ladies' Ai d of the Methodist Episcopal church will give a Harvest supper from 5 until all are served a t th e home of Mr. an d Mrs. Russell Peck on the York road. Miss Gertrude Tibbet of Antwerp spent a few days in town last week visiting relatives an d friends. Guy Baker has recently painte d his residence o n Main street. Weekly praye r meeting will b e held o n Wednesday evenin g at the Methodist Episcopal church. A n in- vitation is extended t o al l by the pastor . Mr. and Mrs . W T. Clark were at Lake Placid last Week. Mr. Clark attended a meeting for school super- intendents. Mrs. Fre d Mannin g entertained he r brother. Eugene Murphy, of We- gatchi e an d uncle, David Hill, of Canto n Monday. Miss Neva Mowat returned Friday evening from Cornwall, Ontario, where sh e wa s called 12 days ag o by the illness of a n aunt. Mr. and Mrs . Claud e Turtle and family motored t o Prescot t Saturday where the y visited relatives. Rev. Phillip Matig, pasto r of the Methodist church, left Tuesday morning for St. Regis Fall s t o at - ten d a conference. Mrs. Amelia McAllaster of Gouv- erneur spen t a few days last week at.the home of he r brother, Willard Price. Mr. an d Mrs. Benjami n Johnson are visiting their son , Ceylon John- son. Arthur Payne of West Fowler and Fred Manning finished thei r work a s jurymen Wednesday a t court held a t Canton. Spencer Hull picked Friday, Oct. 7th. a quart of tame re d raspberrie s from hi s bushes. John Jennery on Monday moved his househol d goods into room s in the Spilman block in Main street. Mr. an d Mrs. Charles King of Wa - tertown called at Mrs. Kathie Mow- at's Sunday afternoon. Mr. an d Mrs. Frank Ethridge an d son, Robert , and Jack Shea wer e a t Lisbon Thursday evening at Bert Akins'. Mrs. Clarice Taylor moved her furniture to Gouverneu r last Friday . having recently sold her house in Depot street to George Jerivick. The monthly meetin g of th e La - dies' Ai d was held last Wednesday afternoo n a t th e home of Mrs . Charle s Potter . Annual election of officers took rlace. Mrs. Blak e Spil- man wa s elected president with Mrs . Claud e Tuttle acting a s vice chair- man. Mrs . James Smith holds th e office of both secretary an d treas- DEKALB JUNCTION Dfkal b J auction, Oct . 11.--—Mr. iiul Mr?. Leslie Stacy, Mrs . Cath- •r;iH' Woodward , Mrs. Ra y Rowland aid little daughter, Emma, are vis - tnig relatives at Almoin au d Otta- va. Ontario. Mrs. i'hoebe Svutie is th e gues t of he r daughter, Mrs . William Par- ker, at Hlgelow. Mrs. Charles B. MacGruer enter - tained h<-r sister an d husband, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kerr, of Edwards. Mrs. Estelle Hurlbut ha s move d from th e Va n Delinder house i n Main street to the Cass residence i n School street. Jac k Coleman is i n Ne w Yor k fo r 1 th e week. Mr. an d Mrs . Robert Hayes have returned from New Bedford, Mass., where they hav e passed a week witJi relatives. Mrs. William Gilmou r paaeed th© latter part of th e weak a t Water- • town, the guest of her mother, Mrs . Margare t Parry. * Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Farr were at ! Potsdam Saturday t o attend the ded- ication of th e Snell Athletic Field. J Miss Irene Spencer of Syracuse passed the week-end in town with I he r father, Ar a Spencer. I Mis* Geneva Overacker who has 1 been th e guest of Mrs. Anna Haven 1 an d Mrs. Henrietta Thomas part of the week, accompanie d her parents, Mr and Mrs. Charles Overacker, who were Sunda y guests of Mrs . Haven't home t o Redwood, j Rev . an d Mrs. Allan Bowering and daughter, Lorraine, returned Sfctur- I da y from Watertown where the y Tis~ I ited relatives during the week . Mrs. Or a Tupper is the guest of . her cousun, Miss Cora Taggart, at Hermon. J Mr. an d Mrs. C. M. Wood and Mrs . I Emma Cook passed Sunday at Mas- sena with their brother , George Al - len. Miss Elva Kelhi of Tupper Lake ] wa s a week-end gues t of Mrs . B . H . Dever. Thomas Adrai n who passed part of th e week in tow n with hi s niece, Mrs. F. I). Sayer, has returned to Evans Mills. P. H. Leonar d of Plattsburg is visiting hi s brother, John Leonard, an d friends in this vicinity. Mr. Leonar d formerly resided here. The teacher s of the local High school an d rural schools were at Potsdam Thursday an d Friday t o at- tend th e Teachers ' Conference. Miss Laura Puffer of Watertown passed th e week-end with her par- ents, Mr. an d Mrs . William Puffer. There will be a n al l da y meeting of th e Dekalb Junction Home Bur- eau a t th e home of Mrs. Ellsworth Stevenson o n the Maple Ridge Road between Dekal b and Richville Thursday. The ladles are t o bring sandwiches and on e other dish. The annual membership drive is no w on . urer. A chairman for each month was also voted upon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ethridge and son. Robert, jr. , with Mrs . Henry Smith of Chippewa Ba y spent the week-end wit h a sister a t Schenec- tady. An al l da y meeting of the Home Bureau will be held a t their rooms Thursday, Oct . 13 . Each member i s requeste d t o bring sandwiches ; enough for two and also on e other dish, also tw o knives, fork, spoon , cups an d plate, as each member has the privilege of inviting a friend. Work will be taken u p i n designin g 1 an d fitting of cuffs and collars.' This , is th e first lesson. Al l wishing t o take I u p the work brin g tw o sheets of mounting paper, black on gray , aJso favorite fashion magasine, on e cata- r logue, shears, pa d and pencil. The vice-chairman will b e present t o take next year' s dues, 1928 . Clyde Bus h and Mrs. Charles Rey- nolds wer e in Ogdensburg Saturday. Mr. and Mrs . George MacAulay i an d family of Elmdale with Mr. and ' Mrs. Herbert LaForty with childre n of Gouverneur were Monday evenin g callers at Steven MacAuiay's. The Bo y Scout s went o n a hike Saturday morning under the guid- ance of Rev. Phillip Mang. The boys will cook their dinne r in th e woods. Mr. an d Mrs . Fred Manning and i Misses Eleanor and Allison were Sunda y guests a t Canton. Mrs. Florenc e Brown has returned to her home in town afte r being sev- eral week s with th e Missea Dean s of Gouverneur. Mr. and Mrs . Claude Tuttle and daughters, Freida, Marian and Elaine were callers a t Emery Tam- blin's of Nort h Gouverneur Sunday afternoon. Mr. an d Mrs. B. B. Spilman. Mrs . Jessie Mac Turk and Mrs . Jessie Roulston spent the week-end wit h Mr. an d Mrs. Chester Davy of Ful- ton. A progressive party wa s held by eight young ladies of the Gouver- neur High school last Thursday ere- ; ning. The Slumber Party was enter- ! tained by Miss Kathryn Farmer. , Those that were guests were the Misses Grace Downey, Helen Va n Duaee, Purdy Smith, Marian Free- man , Marjorie Woodcock, Helen I Swett and Eva Wright, al l of GOUT- I erneur. ah^-id w t h it s ini*p«iEd~nt oeve.-p - a-.»n: organization , formed a s a n tore could be translated into a con- outgrowt h \f a movement by th e ven»ext mandat* from tn - peopie to New Y--k Development Asacctat.cn embark cp-: a grandio** building Ir;'•• *\ & *-*b;:sh a Gocvernenr ==::. ^* Gv-iverneur foiks he. 3 a meecng program pledging th e state's credit for a hundred y^ars ;n i£-r±zz + Gosa:; :*»d:-« Governor Snt;th \with fattprng -t.s nnsoend scheme en tfc# p-inni that fr*sh botd is»a»i are r-*i^d wh.ch h * ioe * cot be - bsre It is politically expedient ptb- Ueiy to urge a;<.n th e taxpayers try the pre—et rvzbersotse. ba t earS- <otts st*Oiod of eoart^otioaai ajosaad- »*st a:wi public TOUR. Tfcti aeay well b e s o Th e ex- .ast vrk ;- disrafs an d formulate a p'.aa cf -juration. The Observer 1? no t cctnaentisr spcr G:^T*-«:: « action :n forming an '.niep*nd*-Et rrracisat.oa. How- ever Gc^vernear a t present sees* to be i-:ng «^asething. ax i that !.« x--' than -»-. b*- «& d cf th e St Law--—;* ft;: «^f th e N*v York r>v-.-;r.firt Association Irv. cr - ear.tei :z Ma«**na vfi. w«*t* ago ajid IsrjBuLcg in it s zc<MBiber»fafp Maa»e£a an d other eocQiesjritfef In this vicinity . w . ** *«sn»t wa s started b y tks stat s go-r«mj»eat bars in- g- w Lawreae* Cointy CtiL-Jes, lac FOUR TAKE PAUPER'S OATH HERE SATURDAY F:ur conv .— <>•; mm r::.:.T« w-r * given th e pa-p*r 8 oath before United S-it»* Co-zaiaaionar Dallas M Haxeiton here Saturday an d lat-r d:?'»arg*i Th e oath wa s adininist- -rei for n?n-payment of their fines >vie d i s United Stages cotrrt The f-.r wh o w»re d^'-h.arred were Anthcray J Zeno 11. single. of 1\ Cath°r.re street, Amsterdam. Chsr>« Ttoau. 36. znsrrted,- ef 14 \Jrotcn street. Hartford . Conn.; P*oy ? G-yett e 23 tinrle, an d a paper- caker Norwood R T D. 1. ani Ode Telle. 25 . single a laborer of Gabrte's N T Their fines range d frax IS5e t o ?5'0 The y were ac- cent panied t o GoswssBr by th e sheriff Edsoc Martin, of Caatoa . Wm. B Pim-rjs. Mrs Wrn . B Sim- ' Horse* Greeley Turner upon hi s ons. Mr s A r Smith. Mr s Jennie tnarr.axe t o Miss Stella Crandal l S:r, ith. Mr s r \ L Spencer. Mr s D 'r-'-rr. Hammond which took place a t F Sprague. Mr s D. L. Stafford, Miss Antwerp Monday, October 3. Mr. Maria Sterlirr, Mrs. Anna Stone | an d Mrs Turner are enjoyin g a mo - Mrs Thra l Mrs . Lucv A. Turn- 'or trip to Washington. D C. and bull Mrs . Martraret Turnhnill Virginia where they will visit M.ss Edith Vaiie, VanSlyke & friends T'pon thei r return home th e Curtis. newlyweyj? will resid e at the home C. L. Wi::i«», Mrs. J. J. Wallace of the rr-^m's parents. Mr and Mrs. Clarence Wearer. Alice E. Wilcox. F\red E Turner. Jer.r. : e G Wi ams. Mr s C M. Wil- Mr? 5 p. Neil an d so<n. Ernest son Mr s ki a \ Wilson. Miss Jenxie ' K^'-ly. =p.-.t Sunday in Ogdensburg M Wilson Mrs. John Wiisoc. Mr s • »iti M-? Neil 9 daughter. Mrs Ethel F B Wood. Mitchell. R M. York I Mr and Mrs. LesKe Love eoter - F-llowin? -h e reports e:e<-tioci of tain- d Mr an 1 Mrs. Earle Taitt from offi-ers wa* ;eld . resultine in the Bra^ie Corners Saturday evenin g rh'ire of th<-.=»e who ha d served th e Mr Bert Truax has a ne w For d prttioug vea - Miss Mary M<\Gre.eor ^ape president : Mr*. Ch*A HUii5. vice W e have enjoyed on e gnod rain present, an - \fise Hele n I Parker ' sr hich ha* been needed on accoun t sere<ary an _ 1 treasurer ** dr y well* an d ploughing A: th* r-irr«^ of the business ?e»- — • — •«• «ior rs*frestir*nts ^ere served ax d a T.UX7VILLE HOTSE 18 so** al time ^-;or«d DAMAGED BT PE&E The first -a-^rk planned for *hi* Ffre of unknown origin brok e ou t year is a n a:j>eal fo r corwtributio*!* ,u th e tenant house owne d by th e of winter v-e»table * an d potatoes Interaaticnal Pulp company at Tale- *nd an y roer.-*>TB o r frV-nd* wh o w-;:: T-,;;* abont 7 Wednesday evexmit an d five of th e «-;rplas of tlmr rarden? -nl y for th e strenuous effort? of a a.nd fields fr*- r«»qsested to s**nd their b-icket br.rad* fcrtred by n'-irhbors --n'ributioTut -,-v the home of th t t TW -he baikiing wonld have been de- ;• re*'dent. V-«. Charle * H11?i«. 5 5 ttrryed Th e house is known as th e Rowley «T<^- who w;i : arrang- tc 'ormtr Ear ! Baacrcf t house asd wa s forward th-r *o th e Home r-ntribu- occupied w y th * faafly of Marten vr-of sfcotild --» sect previou s to Oet. Hurley Th e blaxe seemed to have 2*. o a wfc -h date tk e astsnai tree*- originated ^cder th e stairway an d lag of it\ «v>et y wii b e beid at th e darrar- w-.r, ajaount to several ftf-!onsbt:-r haadred d-:urs_ PICKS TW.- C/UARTS OF fUCTl R.«3FBEKRTr> Fred Pewter cf Clinton street -r. vi«'t as h.'« -aspberry vise s »u rr.^-h rn-pr;«ed t o «s< then: briJMan- A BSAI OM-HTTTHMA N Tlbe mi—-ire cf Jt-hn J AW.'.a ind M.** Tr»e» M. Hitckxar.. both f tb» :;»: -f Fowle r wa j pe-fo-Tn- k d on FT: lay fvos'-f \MS: at th e with np*r.* J fraf t The yl«li par«cna*» of th * FT\: Methr>d:rt amounted t- xore than tw o gttarta. Episcrpa. -har-h Re v M P Bea.-h wbir h at thi s tim e of the yea r is pastor, offriattn g The roffple ex- pert* to rer.de rr foVier 1 ONEIDA COUNTY CREAMERIES CO. 1 I °Cs«»*« mi rw*caw w 1 Is^^r BUTTER 2 us $ 1.09| 1 S*lteSe* I CLAM 1 CHOWDEJt 1 1 1 ' 2 cant 33c 1 SmiD 1 FAB 1 9c Pkf 1 COFFEE lOoeco _ __ _45e |G*U CWd ..39c |S3T«T Cord __35c || 1 Baft 1 VINEGAR 1 4k|iL i Mueller's MACARONI, SPAGHETTI > or NOODLES | 2 pkfs. 23c Oneco Pastry 1 FLOUR 1 24>;tt>. H<± $1.83 7r«t Whole Mft CHEESE 31c lb. ! SPECIAL WINTER APPLES IT t«*« m T*m4 Bulk 1 COCOA 1 2 BM. 25c 1 cam UL 2Scl PAKOWAX 3 fkf. 2Scl JAR MKGS. 3pfcf Scl OspbeTt 1 TOMATO SOUP 1 3 cans 25c . 1 C^kkr 1 ONIONS 1 S2.1IW 1 1 WEDNESDAY. OCTOBKR 12. Of Local Inter Schools ar.' closed today in bratioii of Columbu- day. Robert Hiiohnum arrived from New York city on Snturda Juliua BartKtt spent Sunday his parents at their home in A( Mr. an d Mrs. D. O. Foster of tertown were in Couverneui Sunday . Mrs. Robert Hltchman .visiter grandmother over th e week ei Ogdensburg. Leon E. Forna y who is worki Cranberry Lake spent th e weel With hi s family. Roscoe Davis an d little dau* Mildred, were in Baldwinsvill business Saturday. Luella Graves of Potsdam sp few days with he r friend Ge r Forney, 12 1 Barnes street. Mr. and Mrs. C. F . Rush , a< panted by Mrs. Pearl Turnbull tored t o Buffalo on Tuesday . Mr. and Mrs. W . B . Stoughto turned last week after spending •ral day s a t the Lake Placid Miss Madeline Dellapon t of Lake spent last week with N Rhena and Ruth Forney a t Barnes street. Miss Marian B. Taylor of class of 19 27, Gouverneur school, has entered the Watei Commercial school. Herman A. White, a former dent of Gouverneur. Is visitinj Bister, Mrs. T. D. Ormiston an d friends in th e village. Mrs. Roscoe Davis and dau* Marion, visited i n Ogdensburg urday an d Sunday an d attende< football game o n Saturday. Mr. an d Mrs . Loren Wast leave today for Mexico t o visit Washburn's sister, Mrs. J . S. Pu and other relatives in Oswego. The G. W\ F . Birthday club meet Friday, Oct. 14, with Mrs . tie Torrey . Johnstown street. ber s please come prepared t o The regular monthly meetir Ladies* Grange club will be h e the home of Mrs . Byro n K i Somerville road, Tuesday after Oct. 18 . Mrs. Charles Dellapont an d Ton y an d Mrs. Louis Brigg s of Lake wer e tha Sunday guest s o and Mrs . Leon Forney a t 12 1 B street. There will b e a supper a t the Baptis t churc h i n this village or urday, served by th e women of S of the church. The public 1 Tited t o attend. Herbert Bartholomew, C I Phillips, Le o Eckmann, Milton F and John Plunkett went t o New to attend the World series ba£ games last week. A chest clinic was held In office of Miss Helen a Johnston i Municipal building o n Friday. Johnston is town health nurse , eral wer e examined. H. C. Rogers has sold the CI O. Wood farm near Hermon t o Imerson of Rensselaer Falls, 3 Mr. Imerson gets 22 0 acres an cows an d takes Immediate possei Mr. and Mrs . L . G. Garai Bridgeport, Conn., have been 8 ing several days a s the gues Mr. and Mrs . E . S. Labardee at home In Barnes street. Mrs . Gi is a sister of Mr. Labardee. A rummage sale will b e he the Municipal Buildin g o n We day, Oct. 19, under th e auspic the Margaret Turnbull Sunday s class of th e First Presby t church. A daughter, Doris Eva Webb born o n Wednesday, Oct. 5, t( and Mrs . Grant Webb of Edw The birth was recorde d o n Frid the office of Town Clerk I Rogers . Rev. W . F. Skinner's Bible will hold a picnic supper ic Presbyterian churc h parlor s M( evening, Oct. IT , from 6 t o which al l class members are ( ally invited. Miss Gertrude Lovelan d re t on Saturday from a month's In Rochester. She wa s accomp home by he r parents. Mr. an d M. E . Loveland. wh o have spending th e past few days thei The Home Bureau unit will Its clothing class o n Monday, 17, a t 1:30 p. m. a t th e Mu n building. Th e millinery class meet Tuesday, Oct. 18 , at 2 a home of Mrs . Watson Carp< Clinton street. The Ioka birthday club ol Bomerville road me t o n Friday noon wit h Mrs. Ra y Overacker. excellent program was given, lowed by refreshments. The meeting will be held with Mrs. Clark the first Thursday in vember. The Spooner-Campbell comna this village, distributor s for th< autos, delivered last week tw o \V school bu s bodies, mounted oz speed wagon chassis, t o the co dated schools of St. Regis, ibuses will be utilised for the tportatlon of pupils t o and froi (school in the consolidated dli ^whlch includes several school! toertr operate d individually. The Alpha Ms class of the h (list Episcopa l churc h of this v will meet with Mrs . Ray Over ©n the Somerrille road on T u evening. Oct. 18. There will Hallowe'en progTam in chari Miss Helen a Johnston Refresh! will be served in charg e of George Bartholomew. Person tending ar e requested t o bring own dishes and as many othei sons wh o fish to atten d a s pot George Skinner, son of Re v Hrs. W T ?knner. wh o ha s •pending th * samrcer month guest* of h:? pa rest* a t the ' •and Ula n is iefc iset Frtmay »• for Ne w T-rk H - has been € in g a motor trip through th e •ftdacks with h.s old classma PTlneeton. F B Carer of Hu i ton- L. L Fo r th e past yea r h jfceen a tearh* r .z the Sa n Doi «ehooU. an d ha« be* - retain* jBh* same capacity for th e « jremr. He will »a:l fro= New To October II. A a saber of iffeadf rather 3Mrs, Irwin Gardner* ks-» I t plain street, Fr.dav *T=;.-? :i fcaaion being Mrs. Gaxdz-r ? blrt Thers wer e abcu! f = rty pr Sevan taMes oi eeAto we-\ ; S=d th e Irst ?rix++ wer - civi Mr a»d \ flbsa. Leal:* Larzb L-liaa Siting an d Nelaoi Blair g-r*n tht flsnasd srtse* Mrs. t?r wa s give s a purse of n ft* freshmen as ware served wh.:a th e frteacfc of Mrs . Ga left for their fcoaee* after en } A ptaasajrt evening.

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